A needlessly thorough roast of Dear Evan Hansen (2021)

Jenny Nicholson
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23 Eyl 2022




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Andrew Welter
Andrew Welter 11 aylar önce
Carry yourself with the confidence of Julianne Moore singing "truck."
Hola Cola
Hola Cola 22 gün önce
A truck.
bree Aylar önce
​@Abby Wolffe
john howard
john howard Aylar önce
This song is one of the most bonkers parts of the whole thing.
Maybe It’s Gabriel
@SilchasRuin Having se-
0ddly3nough 3 aylar önce
@kleerude go
Bella Jones
Bella Jones 11 aylar önce
Jenny's room is slowly beginning to look more and more like a children's reading nook at a small bookstore and I love that
Robots McDingus
Robots McDingus Aylar önce
@K M 9 fatalities.
K M Aylar önce
@Robots McDingus What could possibly go wrong?
Robots McDingus
Robots McDingus 7 aylar önce
I would not put Bubsy the Bobcat anywhere near children.
spaghetti jpeg
spaghetti jpeg 11 aylar önce
@Russ Duckworth to be fair as a child my favorite stuffed animal was a life sized gorilla and my favorite candy was the blue Halls cough drops
Sadie 11 aylar önce
@Michael Anthony I agree! I wish the best to the spider. Also, it does flow better tbh I just wanted to join in on the nitpicking :D!
L P 3 aylar önce
"Maybe [he]'s not a nice boy. Maybe he's just a quiet boy." Actually this is amazing advice for teenagers. Just because a boy is quiet doesn't mean he's kind.
cecil le
cecil le 9 gün önce
I think it’s in the context of high school trope of story telling where the loud obnoxious popular kids are generally seen as vapid and bad and the quiet reserve kids are seen as smart and kind but this is just in classic tropes and not in reality because they’re often written by the quiet kids writers when they grow up, ie mean girls, heathers,she’s all that,…etc
lithiumkid Aylar önce
​@Tealppup often as long as a boy isn’t loud and obnoxious and rowdy, people do start to speak about him like he’s a nice, good person- their teachers, their peers, even people’s parents. this happpens even if they know nothing about him and haven't interacted with him, people just assume those kids must be of good character. there are exceptions: guys people see as threatening, creepy, or weird. eg. punk & goth boys don't receive this treatment as much.
lithiumkid Aylar önce
@Gosh Dangit they said “boy”, it doesn’t really apply to girls
Awesomeasumpta13 2 aylar önce
@Gosh Dangit Maybe it's part of the trope where everyone is wary of the quiet kid but they're actually really nice once you get to know them? And so people just projected that onto Evan? Idk.
Gosh Dangit
Gosh Dangit 2 aylar önce
I'm a quiet gal, but people always think I'm a bitch because I don't talk constantly. I've been told I'm not by the people I do talk to though, I don't think that "quiet kids are nice" Is a common thought
Kitt Monroe
Kitt Monroe 6 aylar önce
how fucked is it that i was 100% ready to believe that ben platt was 45 years old
Froggy 13 gün önce
I was so shocked when she showed a normal picture of him, he looks way younger normally. The movie depiction is just… scary
Jesse M.
Jesse M. Aylar önce
Absolutely this. And until the clips in this of him in interviews I had thought he at least *looked* way older like this in day to day life, but apparently not? They just… seriously managed to somehow make him look *way* older than he does normally, while specifically trying to make him look way younger? Like it just completely backfired, and yet no one involved went “Ok, this isn’t working, what if we just didn’t do this and he looked 27 instead?”. It’d be awkward but still better than this! Truly amazing work.
Agent Buzz
Agent Buzz 2 aylar önce
@Linda Les More like how Tom cruise looked at 50, which was 37
a grey dolphin
a grey dolphin 2 aylar önce
@Goose Gas h o w
Goose Gas
Goose Gas 3 aylar önce
@beescared He's 28 I think.
Billy Weed
Billy Weed 5 aylar önce
"Some people just look like teenagers into their 20s". - Jenny Nicholson, age 30.
rob kirchhof
rob kirchhof 18 gün önce
@Billy Weed Happy Birthday, Jenny!
Mmathulo Sejake
Mmathulo Sejake 25 gün önce
@Brandon Wei 🤣🤣🤣🤣
GippyHappy Aylar önce
Me, 23, who looks like a preteen: 🥲
The Watcher
The Watcher Aylar önce
I’m one of those people
Muffins Man
Muffins Man Aylar önce
Do you think she’s into younger guys 🥺
• Pumpkyn •
• Pumpkyn • 7 aylar önce
My friend told me that anyone who’s fighting demons should go see this movie. Well I watched it and now the only demon I’m fighting is the ghoulish image of Ben Platt’s scream-singing face haunting me whenever I close my eyes.
ANPC 5493
ANPC 5493 6 gün önce
@Joan Odom I doubt that given the music many troubled teens listen to. lol
ANPC 5493
ANPC 5493 6 gün önce
Did she reveal to you that it was just a prank, bro, after you sat through this awful musical trying desperately to take her feelings seriously?
Daniel Williams
Daniel Williams 23 gün önce
Maybe your friend was being literal? As in if you are fighting literal real spirits, go see this movie and the demon visage of Ben Platt will scare away all the lesser demons!
Joan Odom
Joan Odom Aylar önce
Scream-singing induces acute PTSD, particularly for teenagers dealing with social anxiety
Kelsey Williams
Kelsey Williams 2 aylar önce
I saw another comment on this video from someone saying that they had anxiety, depression, and suicidal thoughts as a teen and the musical really helped them. So that's good, but I have to imagine that is the minority of cases. I imagine a lot more people had your experience.
Stinky Cheeseman
Stinky Cheeseman 11 aylar önce
On stage, the hunched thing did definitely make him look truly like pathologically anxious and tense but I agree that up close and with everything else working against him, it does make him look like nosferatu
cecil le
cecil le 2 aylar önce
Huge nosferatu vibes
Mr Critical
Mr Critical 2 aylar önce
@flowerheit451 that sounds awesome honestly
J Berg
J Berg 10 aylar önce
@flowerheit451 I would actually watch that
Kieran Chenier
Kieran Chenier 10 aylar önce
Rare reference. I like it.
Chimo Minino
Chimo Minino 10 aylar önce
@flowerheit451 That is already a better movie
Harry Dunican
Harry Dunican 2 aylar önce
The absolute priceless irony of rewriting a character as gay in order to justify the dated homophobic jokes he makes while at the same time removing practically half of his screen time and agency will never be topped
WhirlingWinds 27 gün önce
I've only heard the songs, and read it as "maybe one or both could _be_ gay but are too scared to come out" That's just me, though, an overly optimistic person learning and understanding the whole spectrum of it all.
Songbird Aylar önce
The audience laughing at homophobic jokes too. Like how is this production still going?
Sika Abla
Sika Abla Aylar önce
@Muffins Man 😂😂😂😂😂
Muffins Man
Muffins Man Aylar önce
Oh he’ll be topped 👀
Emmi Kay
Emmi Kay 5 aylar önce
You have no idea how vindicated I felt when this movie made people start to realize the Dear Evan Hansen isn't actually that good. So many musicals got completely ignored at the Tonys because of it.
spooky ho
spooky ho 25 gün önce
lmao I was one of those people, I used to really love the stage musical and the songs and some characters *are* good, but ehhhhh
nail inthefashion
nail inthefashion Aylar önce
Vindicated, I am selfish I am wrong, I am right, I swear I'm right, swear I knew it all along and I am
Lucy is a singer
Lucy is a singer Aylar önce
You’re so right
Ema Law
Ema Law 3 aylar önce
​@Erin Sweeney I feel like they saw Alex Lacamoire was in the run for best orchestration thru DEH and said "oh yeah the Hamilton guy, his orchestration MUST be something else" and kinda defaulted to the already well known name
Tjena Donn
Tjena Donn 3 aylar önce
@Indigo Georgina Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is the best musical handling of mental illness bar none. The fact that it also includes the most aggressively cheesy bisexual awakening in media history, three of the shows' male leads stripping and crying ("It's just hard to process emotions with our cloths on,") the most brutally hilarious "Fuck you, fans!" moment ever set to film (look up the song "The Group Mind Has Decided You're In Love,") and surprise Josh Groban are just bonuses.
Djcm 6 aylar önce
My Dear Evan Hansen fix-it-all fanfic: Just have Connor survive his suicide attempt. His parents want to like, internalize him into a mental hospital and he opposes that, so it becomes his idea to fabricate the friendshipr with Evan, to seem better, mentaly, than he actually was, then maybe Evan goes along with it to be closer to Zoe and also to fill that yearning or whatever. You can have Connor take an active part in Sincerely, me, you can still have the school finding out about the story and like, blowing up their friendship as this inspiring story and thats how the lie escalates, the lie gets out of control when they start getting more and more attention and obviously they find out that this is not a Good solution to both of their problems and ending with them coming clean. My perfect ending for this version would have Evan and Connor actually gaining understanding of each other, with Evan realizing that he´s not alone in his mental health problems, but most importantly, I´d like to see Connor voluntarily going to the mental health hospital, maybe after gaining a real support system he really gains a desire to get better. Maybe also destigmatize that whole situation.
spooky ho
spooky ho 25 gün önce
wait this is so much better
RWBYPRO Aylar önce
The first time I heard the Dear Evan Hansen song I knew nothing about the musical at that point and i thought the plot was gonna be something like that.
cool beans
cool beans 2 aylar önce
this also eliminates the moral issues of Evan reinventing a dead guy's personality and life, consequently rewriting the true identity of Connor and in doing so forever changing the memory his loved ones had of him when he was alive. Your version gives Connor the autonomy he deserves
Oneman Turret
Oneman Turret 2 aylar önce
Damn that sounds really hood
Gordon Ramsay's Lamb Sauce
@butterknife Patten yep. a few years ago when i had just started to really like DEH, i realized that the fics were a lot more enjoyable because they were up to interpretation and had really good notes to mental health (like connor possibly having BPD or suffering from psychotic episodes)
Valerie Perrero
Valerie Perrero 6 aylar önce
It’s occurred to me that there’s an incredibly boring, real life reason Jared doesn’t sit with Evan at lunch, and it’s that they have different lunch periods. I guarantee the writers didn’t think of that, but it’s the only thing I could think of lol.
Debesys Gün önce
@Sabine Lesher my school had 1400 people and they just had us fight it out 😭😭
lithiumkid 3 gün önce
​@Owen Leal even in Texas they simply couldn't fit all 2800 kids into the (fairly large) cafeteria at the same time, not if everyone who didn't bring a lunch from home was going to be able to wait in line to get their food & actually have time left over to sit down & eat it! plus, you can only eat in the cafeteria or at the picnic tables outside in most American schools because they wouldn't want crumbs, spilled drinks, etc all over the school campus every day. eating in the halls or anywhere else wasn't allowed.
anna <3
anna <3 8 gün önce
@Elizabeth Wood yesss there’s too many people in american high schools to all have lunch at the same time. at my school we have A lunch, B lunch, C lunch, D lunch. so sad when you don’t have the same lunch as your friend💔💔
Froggy 13 gün önce
@Elizabeth Wood at my school we have two lunch periods, and at my middle school we had three separate lunch periods for all the students lmao
boiyado 27 gün önce
@juliet My school has 5
punkpossum 11 aylar önce
This movie is unintentionally very good at depicting social anxiety because 28 year old Ben Platt in ghoulish teenager cosplay accurately depicts how I think I look in any given social situation
Amanda Préval
Amanda Préval Gün önce
That's a good point
david mckesey
david mckesey 9 gün önce
This movie is horrible
Naryn NOX
Naryn NOX 19 gün önce
This is genuinely the perfect description
Boy_Girl_Cat_Party 25 gün önce
Pretty sure I look like a human inside my home and as soon as I set foot outside the door: boom. Ben Platt as Ghoul Evan.
punkposssum Aylar önce
yo did I just find my doppelgänger?
JessK 7 aylar önce
Why doesn't the show put more attention on how terrifying Evan's actions actually are? Like I know we're watching from his perspective, but from anyone else's, this plot is horror. Imagine if Evan had actually murdered Connor himself, then used that to insert himself into the Murphy's lives. A perfect horror film.
Mbeepy Aylar önce
Literally just today I was thinking how I want to see a horror version like this
Katherine Small Bean
That would honest to god make it a much better story.
Nick Chase
Nick Chase Aylar önce
This is kind of the plot of the movie The Guest!
Indigo Georgina
Indigo Georgina 5 aylar önce
dear evil hansen
Rahoo 5 aylar önce
@Crimson Lily in the end you see a flashback where Evan and his horrible bulgy face pushes Connor... in front of a truck!
Mario Kart GameCube
Mario Kart GameCube 3 aylar önce
Wait, so Evan is so anxious that he runs away from his crush walking up to him in the hallway, but he's totally ok with going to dinner with her family who thinks their recently deceased son was secretly his best friend? We're really never gonna get an accurate depiction of social anxiety disorder in media, are we
Linda Parks
Linda Parks 6 gün önce
Paul Mescal's performance in the series Normal People is actually brilliant. I would check that out!
david mckesey
david mckesey 9 gün önce
Ironically. Perks of being a wallflower did it amazingly
lithiumkid Aylar önce
it’s an inaccurate portrayal of social anxiety disorder because of that? I could see myself running away from a peer that I have a crush on in the school hallway because I can easily get away, there’s no actual obligation to stay and talk to her for a significant length of time, & I’ve got a million excuses for why I ran away (had to get to class, or to my locker, etc). with the dinner, there are three other people so I know that I won’t have to be responsible for keeping up half of the conversation. we’re eating so that buys me another buffer- just put food in your mouth and then people won’t expect you to talk. *and there isn’t a huge audience of tons of our schoolmates & even some teachers & faculty around us, within earshot* so that helps immensely. and, talking to my crush at school, I would probably be hoping to make her think I was cool- talking to someone’s parents, that’s not really what you aim for, you just wanna seem nice & well-mannered, that’s a much easier goal. getting invited to a dinner by a family who have just gone through such a tragic loss, and they think I was their son’s close friend, his only friend, I would personally feel a lot of guilt and feel so much pressure to go. I would be wondering for ages if they thought it was weird that I didn’t go, if they thought that maybe I was a bad friend or a bad person. and I have a really hard time saying no to adults specifically, especially people’s parents, so it’s more likely that I would wind up going even though of course I would be anxious about it & would be freaking out the entire time. at least with a dinner, there’s an expectation of a less intense or heavy conversation. in actuality they might not stick to that, since they might still be really emotional, but if I then act like I was expecting a less deep, personal conversation, they‘d likely get that & try to keep it more towards small talk. I can believe a kid with social anxiety disorder winding up in that situation & it might even be easier for me to get through than the school one, and I’ve had diagnosed social anxiety disorder since I was 11.
Hyena Aylar önce
Oh you might like Tuca and Bertie, the lead character Bertie has pretty consistently portrayed realistic anxiety and eventually goes into depth on her getting help for it and of course help is not an instant fix which I also like. A warning though, the show goes into some very heavy territory with some other topics very tastefully but you still might wanna check out the warnings first.
Djcm 4 aylar önce
I’m sorry this just becomes so much funnier knowing Jenny is older than Ben Platt and looks way younger 😭😭😭
Sophitia of Hyrule
Sophitia of Hyrule 2 aylar önce
@amartya kejora JENNY IS 30!? She looks younger than me and I'm 21. That's nuts.
amartya kejora
amartya kejora 3 aylar önce
lmao exactly. 2 years older and can cosplay as a more convincing highschooler than him
elphbwckd 6 aylar önce
Colton Ryan (Connor) is incredible and should have played Evan. He was Ben's understudy on Broadway so you know he can handle the part. He looks more age appropriate and is actually a much better actor in this movie. I wanted so much more of him the whole time.
AG Anderson
AG Anderson 8 gün önce
He was in a off broadway show called alice by heart. it is a gorgeous show
Froggy 13 gün önce
The instant I saw him I was so confused about why he didn’t play Evan since he actually looks like a teen (not a real teen but like, a realistic movie teen lmao)
MTfan Aylar önce
@Ema Law I think they wanted Mike but he was filming west side (or that's my guess judging from the fact that the two movies came out around the same time)
Ema Law
Ema Law 2 aylar önce
He definitely would have made a better Evan than Connor, if for nothing else at least because of his voice, which is way more suited for the Evan parts. Maybe it's just that they've slathered his voice in autotune for Sincerely Me, or that I've got Mike Faist's very distinct timbre in my ear when I think of Connor, but to me Ryan's voice just sounded wrong for that role.
grimai 3 aylar önce
Ikr, I loved his acting in Sincerely Me
Neon Angel
Neon Angel 11 aylar önce
"Maybe Evan's not a nice boy. Maybe he's just a quiet boy." That whacked me across the face. It's pretty easy to confuse the two; very insightful
asmRTPOP 3 aylar önce
Also nice =\= good person. After I learned to stop people pleasing I saw how toxic that behavior truly was. And now I can’t stand being around those kinds of people. They are nice to me but they aren’t being very good to me.
melz 11 aylar önce
@Lord Hirudo which is exactly why he isn’t nice 😂
Ali Irfan
Ali Irfan 11 aylar önce
@Ferghal Icious He wiped out humanity after he had been forced to kill the only person who unconditionally loved him, adding onto already heavy trauma, then got to witness all of NERV dying, including Misato and Asuka. idk what you're talking about
Ferghal Icious
Ferghal Icious 11 aylar önce
@Ali Irfan I mean he also wiped out humanity because his crush rejected him…
Ali Irfan
Ali Irfan 11 aylar önce
@damhee He was a troubled and pretty awkward kid, with severe mental health issues. Of course he was bad at dealing with others.
LokiSinsALot 7 aylar önce
In middle school I had a friend who was a huge fan of Dear Evan Hansen, so I ended up listening to a handful of songs from the soundtrack but never really watched the show. So for the longest time I thought that it was about Conner literally haunting Evan and trying to get him to make amends with the family on Conner’s behalf. I think I would have actually preferred that over whatever this is.
Hannah Hiro
Hannah Hiro Aylar önce
that's actually somewhat implied that Connor is watching over Evan in the musical version. but it's unclear that if it's Evan imagining it or not but I always assumed it was Evans guilt
Mr Critical
Mr Critical 2 aylar önce
Would’ve made Evan more villainous if Conner was actually haunting him and screaming “DUDE LEAVE MY FAMILY THE HELL ALONE YOU FUCKING MONSTER!!!!!” and Evan just chose to ignore it
L.N. 3 aylar önce
That would have been a great twist.
Cameron Settles
Cameron Settles 7 aylar önce
As someone who has lost two loved ones to suicide and has personally been suicidal, thank you for this video. I was fucking furious when I was watching the play and left the theater at intermission after googling the second act to see if he got his comeuppance. If someone had used my family member's suicide to get close to me or my family and boost their own reputation, it would be unforgivable and I'd be scared to see how I would react. To watch him live this lie in what were supposed to be quirky little comedic scenes with the audience laughing was dumbfounding. I am so glad the film laid the immorality and vapidity of the plot more bare. Watching it all get panned is beautiful schadenfreude.
Disgust Of-Riley
Disgust Of-Riley 14 gün önce
At that point... change the fucking genre/tone. The play AND the movie are so disrespectful
Lee “L33Reacts”
Sorry for your losses, but damn bro your extensive vocabulary is making me feel less then. and now I’m gonna go smoke some pot and bitch about how inferior my speech pattern and cadence is to this random dude on some DEH video 😂😂
Compo Flask
Compo Flask 2 aylar önce
Sending good energy towards you Cameron you're a fucking champion! ♡
Liz C
Liz C 3 aylar önce
I've been through that as well, and I am just so sincerely sorry Cameron. A single suicide is a rock in a lake that sends out ripples far longer and farther than anyone realizes. I'm so glad you're still here, keep up the good fight! I'm rooting for you.
Octodaddy 2 aylar önce
I'll never understand why the authors of the original play created a character with explicit social anxiety and decided what he wanted most in the world was attention from strangers. Utterly baffling
lithiumkid Aylar önce
well, the kid is super lonely, he only lives with his mom, he has no dad or siblings & presumably no extended family that he’s close with. his mom has to work a ton & they barely ever have the time to have meaningful conversations. he has no friends, & I think they recently came back from summer vacation, so he’s had even less human contact lately than he would get during the school year. so he’s having almost no social interaction. there is no mention of a time where he had many friends or more family around him, so maybe it’s been like that his whole life. he’s getting almost no attention, and a kid does legitimately need that. & maybe it’s related to the fact that that family is really nice to him; they actually wanted to bond with him. you have no one in your life and suddenly a few kind people want to emotionally connect with you. he’s got a father figure now & he clearly really wanted one. they almost give him a college fund, I’m sure that would emotionally mean a lot to him; they cared enough about him to want to invest a huge chunk of money into his future, his life. it’s almost like a symbol of commitment, they care about him not just right now but also even years into the future when he’s college-age.
Salvadore Lastname
Salvadore Lastname 5 aylar önce
Cutting Good For You is the most baffling decision they could have made- the entire point of that song is to show that Evan isn't excused and to hold him accountable. Evan _is_ a sympathetic character, but Good For You is there to tell the audience "hey, just because this guy is sad and lonely doesn't mean he's absolved of all responsibility for his actions". Did they cut it because Ben Platt didn't want any implications that his self-insert OC do not steal could do anything wrong, or something???
Chocomelo🍫 Aylar önce
WTF good for you slaps!! Good for you is THE only redeemable song on the album! (Aside from Sincerely, Me, which the chorography of having Connor literally flail around or move in a a janky manner to show that Connor is being controlled like a puppet is very clever I will give them that.)
Mel T.
Mel T. 2 aylar önce
They definitely cut that song out in order to make Evan look more like a "hero" in this movie, which he is absolutely NOT.
stan loona
stan loona 2 aylar önce
no literally I JUST commented about this
TealFlight 9 aylar önce
The line “maybe Evan is not a nice boy, maybe he’s just a _quiet_ boy,” legitimately gave me chills
Disgust Of-Riley
Disgust Of-Riley 14 gün önce
So... school shooter
GhostGuru 17 gün önce
@manahil this
Chocomelo🍫 Aylar önce
@GamerZone Speaking looking at corn in school and being rude to everyone for no reason and forcefully exposing people to sexual content isn't based it's just gross
『l』lιlу 208
『l』lιlу 208 2 aylar önce
@Exo's proud mama bear I thought choosing friends carefully was a good thing? No one wants to be friend with someone who search up porn in people's phone and forcing them to also watch it. The girl doing that sounds more like a bully honestly
Mia S
Mia S 2 aylar önce
@Mei Mae she sounds cringe but also fun to party with ngl
Bleep Bloop
Bleep Bloop 5 aylar önce
This show's synopsis would make a crazy AITA post
Chocomelo🍫 2 saatler önce
@txteez ♡ "HEAR ME OUT."
txteez ♡
txteez ♡ 20 saatler önce
@Chocomelo🍫 "okay so i know that title sounds bad.... BUT"
Chocomelo🍫 Aylar önce
"a guy from my highschool died and now everyone thinks I'm his best friend and I'm dating his sister under the pretense that I am the only person who knows what her brother was like but I don't know a thing about this guy, AITA?"
Debbie McPherson
Debbie McPherson Aylar önce
NTA OP you meant well.
Paul Curran
Paul Curran 5 aylar önce
Yes! You are right on. The acting is despicable. We call that toothpaste acting, where the actor tries to squeeze the emotion out of his body, because the emotion doesn’t exist. That’s why there’s all the strange body contorting. I’m throwing up now.
Nilguiri 2 aylar önce
Like Amber Heard, right?
A 3 aylar önce
I'm sorry this made me cackle 😂
Cindy Lee
Cindy Lee 4 aylar önce
Jenny Nicholson posting is like when the eldest sister comes back home from college for Christmas
asmRTPOP 3 aylar önce
And we get to have Foldger’s coffee with her.
J R 4 aylar önce
Lol came to the comment section to try and find out what is going on I will take this explanation. Lol
Panda 7 aylar önce
I did not realize the "His Friend Died, You Won't Believe What Happens Next" part was in the film until I watched the moviebitches review. I was flabbergasted that was an actual clip from the film. I think my brain just instantly "nahhh, that's too absurd" and filed it away as a joke on the film's chosen morals on display.
Chocomelo🍫 Aylar önce
Emmy 2 aylar önce
Thank you for this comment! I checked out moviebitches and I'm hooked 😍😂
ccdecker 2 aylar önce
What you said, except that I just experienced it reading your comment.
mchikos 11 aylar önce
“YA movies that handle suicide poorly” is really its own genre huh
Lola Fendetti
Lola Fendetti Aylar önce
GracieKat Aylar önce
@ithinkiwould die yeah, it would have been better if it were in the house with the sisters. I do think it's a decent book and I think I know what the author was going for but the movie didn't get there with it
ithinkiwould die
ithinkiwould die Aylar önce
@GracieKat in my opinion the only reason it does is because it’s only told from a far away perspective of the boys that vaguely knew the sisters
GracieKat 9 aylar önce
The Virgin Suicides
ktownshutdown21 9 aylar önce
I miss the days of the over the top dystopias. At least they were fun. Divergent, please come back, we never knew how good we had it.
Hannah Yamauchi
Hannah Yamauchi 5 aylar önce
Honestly, as a gay kid who has been a high schooler in the past, I would never talk about my gayness with a hetero kid of my mum's coworker ESPECIALLY during high school are you kidding me
oompadearest Aylar önce
as a current high school gay kid i would, but only to make them uncomfortable
TheKiss 2 aylar önce
Yeah Jared's performance was so obnoxious I couldn't tell if any of the details he shared with Evan were sarcastic or genuine
Jack 4 aylar önce
Jenny in cosplay here is legitimately a more convincing teenage boy than Ben Platt.
NerdySinger1! 3 aylar önce
There was a girl I knew in highschool who struggled with her mental health, but was also a really emotionally manipulative, abusive, cruel, and selfish person. She also had a Dear Evan Hansen tattoo. I think about that a lot
Froggy 13 gün önce
@zeppelin zeppelini right? Mf literally wrote a three page essay for their psychology class in the comments lmao
zeppelin zeppelini
zeppelin zeppelini Aylar önce
@Kelsey Williams not to be rude but op was making a casual jest about someone they knew in high school, how did you make 2 seperate comments explaining antisocial personality disorders??
Kelsey Williams
Kelsey Williams 2 aylar önce
There's actually a lot of controversy around bias in the borderline personality diagnosis because the vast majority of people diagnosed are women who have been through severe trauma. If you're a female child born into a family that abuses you, you will probably feel like abuse is life and you have no escape. Then you learn that you can get other people, especially boys or men, to feel sorry for you and take care of you because of your trauma. It's an escape from the abuse! Why wouldn't you jump at that chance? But a relationship built on pity and a Savior complex is not healthy, so the girl/woman feels she needs to do whatever it takes to maintain that relationship, including manipulation and abuse. The need to keep the relationship will be motivated by fear; specifically, the fear of returning to the abuse she came from. It isn't an excuse, but it's easy to see how it happens.
Kelsey Williams
Kelsey Williams 2 aylar önce
Yes, a mix of genetics and trauma can lead to mental health conditions AND personality disorders. Sounds like you are describing borderline personality or antisocial personality. Me and everyone I love is disabled, and when I was in my 20s I tried getting involved in disabled activism and advocacy. I found that a lot of the disabled people my age I thought were my friends actually were using me to do things for them, like drive them to medical appointments or the grocery store. Then when I asked them for anything, like to listen to me vent, they would tell me I had it easy because I wasn't as disabled as them. I understand why. Accessible public transportation is chronically underfunded in my country and state, so they either find someone who can drive to manipulate into being their unpaid driver or they don't go anywhere because they can't afford an Uber or taxi. But I'm disabled too and I have my disabled mom to take care of. It's not fair to us. The adage "hurt people hurt people" is 100% true, but unfortunately the ones they hurt are often already hurting too.
bex 2 aylar önce
In general, I'm just disgusted by the whole premise of the musical. I lost my brother to suicide as a teenager and had men I dated take advantage of me as a result of it. I'm repulsed that anyone could sympathize with Evan Hansen as a protagonist
Mr. Ryan
Mr. Ryan 23 gün önce
How do those two things go together?
Turtuluna 2 aylar önce
im sorry you had to go through that
Joshua Willis
Joshua Willis 11 aylar önce
Evan literally looks like an SNL parody version of a kid. It’s embarrassing.
maryb Aylar önce
@Jamie T. S. that is ALL i can see and it's freaking me out
laserbeamlightning 3 aylar önce
You mean Andy Samberg?
BoB n fishy
BoB n fishy 3 aylar önce
That's actually such a perfect comparison
Marii 3 aylar önce
You are seventeen goin on eighteen- I’m like 47
ERH 11 aylar önce
It’s funny because his episode of The Premise was released around the same time, and Ben Platt plays a sleazy fuck boy 😂
M'gann McFernie
M'gann McFernie 5 aylar önce
Your opinion on the tonality shift of Sincerely Me is spot on. That was the first song from the show I had ever heard and I assumed that the play was a black comedy. Finding out it was NOT was a real smack in the face honestly
The One and Only Michael McCormick
Fucking YES.
Disgust Of-Riley
Disgust Of-Riley 14 gün önce
@Hyena That would've been SO good
Disgust Of-Riley
Disgust Of-Riley 14 gün önce
Me too???? I was signed up for some Heathers shit, not... whatever this was
E_Fox snowspirit
E_Fox snowspirit 20 gün önce
Ikr when I heard it I was like "Am I allowed to find this entertaining" It almost felt like comedic relief and that messed with my emotions
Hyena Aylar önce
I desperately wanted it to be a black comedy with connor's ghost actively watching and commenting.
Kenneth Hizkia
Kenneth Hizkia 5 aylar önce
I found it kind of weird that Evan was in his element when he was popular. I’m not an expert on anxiety nor do I have it, but even without anxiety if I got popular because a kid killed himself and everyone thinks I’m his best friend I’d be an anxious mess. It just feels like with what’s going on in Evan’s life he’d be even more of a mess than he was previously.
Froggy 13 gün önce
@Starchilde it’s a psychology term. Get over it.
Ani 18 gün önce
I recently had an anxiety episode because I felt like I had misrepresented my skills to a family friend who offered me an internship. I didn’t even get to the point of “applying” before we realized I wasn’t a good fit, but I still felt like I had lied to people somehow
lithiumkid Aylar önce
@Ethan Grant where? not in the US.
Chocomelo🍫 Aylar önce
@Ethan Grant no it isn't. They don't say sociopath or psychopath. They say ASPD.
Okuajub Aylar önce
@Z read the comment above yours by Viceroy Marx, it explains the issues well.
Jo 6 aylar önce
As someone who struggles with real mental illness I have always hated this musical with a passion. I’m a big broadway fan so when I heard about Dear Evan Hansen I looked into it to see if I wanted to listen to the soundtrack. When I saw what the plot was like I was horrified. I remember thinking that Evan was a terrible character and I hated the way they seemed to handle mental illness. I’ve had a vendetta against this musical for years, even when everyone else was gushing about it. Next to Normal is a much better musical about mental illness and it’s highly underrated, unlike this overrated, horribly written piece of garbage.
Katherine Small Bean
I heard the song Waving Through a Window completely out of context and thought it was really pretty. So, I googled the plot out of curiosity. ....Yikes. Well at least that one song is good i guess.
Dani 3 aylar önce
YES I agree!! Next to Normal is soo much better and honestly one of my favorite shows ever, but it seems all people can care about is "relatable" anxious teenagers lmao
Jack-a-Lopium 4 aylar önce
I feel the same way about Harry Potter: after I left University with a English Literature degree back in the 90s, Potter-mania was in full effect... much of it with English students with the same degree as me. I read one of the books and found it deeply, *DEEPLY* problematic... but at the time realised I'd be burned at the stake for witchcraft (ironic) if I expressed my negative views on her terrible writing. And now, 158 years later, social-media is doing a rip-roaring business pointing out the things I'd realised at the time. But at least humanity has finally caught up with my way of thinking :D I hope that one day, terrible hack writers like Rowling and Platt are able to admit to themselves that they just don't have the skill-level, talents, or intelligence to handle 'big' subjects in their terrible writing projects... I mean, a play or a fantasy novel can *JUST* be entertainment... at least they'd not embarrass themselves in public... 🤷‍♂️
Agata Pilny
Agata Pilny 6 aylar önce
I hope everything is going to be okay in your life Jesus loves you and so do I I wish you the best
Alexander Böhn
Alexander Böhn 5 aylar önce
I absolutely abhor this consistent thing in contemporary culture wherein someone going off their meds is seen as liberating and/or ultimately the right decision. I am not alone in this when I say I have meds for days, and that giving them up, I can assure you, would only lead to a slow but inevitable breakdown of my functionality, about which there would be approximately zero fun liberating interesting or satisfying attributes. I can honestly say without any hesitation that I completely hate that this idea is lionized in Dear Evan Hansen. Please people, can we stop perpetuating this very literally dangerous notion.
Fern Aylar önce
@B Lion22 your experience is not representative of everyone else’s experience, quit feeling entitled to talk over everyone else.
Ethan Grant
Ethan Grant 2 aylar önce
@B Lion22 doesn’t mean you should encourage people to stop taking their meds which for are lot of people are completely essential
Nick 2 aylar önce
@B Lion22 ditto, i was on meds and it didnt work for me, but im not here saying that meds are satan's candy and that your broken for needing them. Some people have brain imbalances which can be effectively combated with the right medications. Some people respond poorly to medication and need alternate strategies. Some people dont need medication in the first place. Everyone is different. But the idea that becoming popular/ having a bought of good fortune in your life will "cure" you and make you not need medication- thats the issue. Going off medication is a process, and often therapy or coping strategies are implemented to make sure you dont immediately spiral when the going gets rough again. Its the fact that stories just say its a good thing to hop off the meds. Its something that can be done, but you need to make sure that its done properly and so that you dont end up worse than you started.
Ajax 2 aylar önce
@B Lion22 Sounds like you weren't patient. Meds aren't one size fits all, you are supposed to work with your healthcare provider to find what treatment suits your issues.
Goose Gas
Goose Gas 3 aylar önce
@B Lion22 The issue is that it's being idolized, not that people should never go off their meds.
Mia - Tr4shm4n
Mia - Tr4shm4n 11 aylar önce
The most culturally important thing to come out of the Dear Evan Hansen franchise was Rupaul thinking the main character's name is Dear.
Luis-Raul Diaz-Rios
Luis-Raul Diaz-Rios 5 aylar önce
There must be at least ONE XD
hades 🦷
hades 🦷 7 aylar önce
that's also why Jenny calls him Dear Evan from times to times
Sarah 9 aylar önce
@Garbage Boy thank you 😂
alanis 11 aylar önce
PLEASE- 😭😭😭😭
snakes 11 aylar önce
Matt J
Matt J 4 aylar önce
"Disregard morality, acquire orchard" -Dear Evan Hansen
Paul Blasiman
Paul Blasiman 2 aylar önce
I love how Dear Evan does one if the absolute worst things a human can do. When a loved one passes, particularly unexpectedly, oftentimes the only comfort is that you have your memories and no one can take those. Except Dear Evan does that. By recontextualizing, altering, and lying about Conner's life, he damages the last vestiges of what they have left. But, hey at least we get a bouncy pop song about not being alone.
Reclussa Aylar önce
This is why I found it so offensive when this movie was advertized as 'to anyone who's ever felt ~*DiFfErEnT*~ this movie is for yew' To learn this is how they feel about anyone outside of the "norm"... is interesting & a great insight into their minds. We should all use DEH the musical or the movie as a test to find out who our real friends are.
soybomb777 2 aylar önce
Evan has a therapist but we never see them in session because that would likely negate 99% of this plot
JasperJazzie 22 gün önce
@Nick the therapist would need their own therapist
Hyena Aylar önce
To be fair I do remember the musical or book implying the therapist was a terrible fit for evan and would just keep on offering strategizes that didn't work for him.
BigSchmill Aylar önce
​@Kelsey Williams I'm sorry to hear youve had bad experiences with therapists. There are a lot of therapists that are bad, and a lot that are good. Evan may have had a bad therapist, or a good one. Too bad we'll never know because that was just conveniently left out of the entire script so that way this film could exist without exploring the psychological aspects of everything. Also, the fact that Evan seemingly decides to just quit his meds cold turkey is VERY dangerous to promote or glorify in any way because cutting depression and anxiety medication without talking to your doctors can lead to way worse issues. But that's just glossed over in the script, too!
Kelsey Williams
Kelsey Williams 2 aylar önce
Most of my experiences with counselors and therapists have been negative (e.g., being told I'm hard to counsel, being told my relationship with my mom is toxic because her being abused and discriminated against as a minority makes me stressed), so I could fully believe that a mental health "professional" would not really listen, not really care, or actively enable Evan's terrible idea.
Nick 2 aylar önce
"Hey doc, you know that kid who bullied me? He killed himself" "Oh thats terrible! How has this impacted you? Your not slipping right?" "Oh no, the family thinks i was his best friend and im like... really popular now? Its honestly amazing! Sure its all a lie but I get to hang out with my crush and they are going to pay for my college" "Huh... ok. This is a lot to unpack" I dont even know what the poor therapist would actually suggest at this point. Maybe if the time scale was a little longer, but the whole thing happens very fast.
Bronson 2 aylar önce
This was great in many ways. From a presentation standpoint, I like how your camera is slightly above you, so you're looking up at it. This makes me, the viewer, feel like someone small popped up out of nowhere and began to educate me for an hour about something super specific--- and it was great haha.
Kris Does Art
Kris Does Art 2 aylar önce
I mean she's 5'1 so it's a pretty accurate representation of what it'd be like if she actually did that
Georgy Fadeyev
Georgy Fadeyev 11 aylar önce
Somehow, Jenny looks infinitely more like a teenager than the real Evan Hansen
Master Markus
Master Markus 14 gün önce
I wouldn't say THAT young. Sometimes as an adult I forget how young teenagers actually look, so I get it, but I assure you that while she could pass for a teen, puberty changes a lot of physical qualities.
shut7 4 aylar önce
@Strawberry Milk please get better gender standards she looks like a sick 13 year old boy why are you envious of that
Strawberry Milk
Strawberry Milk 4 aylar önce
Her cosplay is giving me major gender envy
Dudemon 5 aylar önce
@Jorge Luz Thanks!
Jorge Luz
Jorge Luz 5 aylar önce
@Dudemon 31, if the info I saw online is correct
Mel T.
Mel T. Aylar önce
I can't even tell you how HARD my jaw dropped when I heard that "This is Me"/"You Will Be Found" mash up. They really are the exact same song!
Master Markus
Master Markus 14 gün önce
Yeah, but then you'd think that they would know to not make it the exact same song.
Sam Henley
Sam Henley Aylar önce
I mean the same people wrote it right?
Makure 3 aylar önce
The theory about "Sincerely, Me" being inspired by a different musical makes so much sense. I genuinely enjoyed it, and it was the only thing I liked about the whole movie, and the only song that doesn't sound like a single phrase stretched into a full song. It stuck out, and I am really sad Connor's actor didn't get a bigger role. It demonstrated that he can act, sing, AND dance (seriously, there was a part where he and Evan dance, and it was hilarious to see the difference in charisma between the actors). I hope that actor gets more musical roles in the future
AG Anderson
AG Anderson 8 gün önce
His name is Colten Ryan. My favorite of his roles is Alfred in Alice by Heart. Amzaing musical
Mr Critical
Mr Critical 2 aylar önce
It’s especially sad for Connor’s actor because in the play he apparently does have a bigger role, Evan keeps hallucinating Connor’s ghost following him around and calling him out on his bullshit
Bclub of Awesomeness
Bclub of Awesomeness 2 aylar önce
It’s taken me about 5 watch-throughs of this video but I’ve come up with a simple solution to the weird way Evan prints out his letter. He could just be working on an essay at the same time. Like, he’s flipping in between tabs and, oh look, Connor distracts him, and he prints out the wrong one. It also helps to explain why he’s writing it in a public setting.
jp 2 aylar önce
I was thinking the same thing! it feels like a lot of the weird moments could be fixed with some pretty minor changes, and while that wouldn't fix the deeper issues it would make for a more enjoyable movie
Devarious 5 aylar önce
I have to disagree with you, Jenny. Platt's perfect typecast is, in fact, Jon Arbuckle of Garfield fame. Look at the two side by side and tell me I'm wrong.
Carrie Cole
Carrie Cole Aylar önce
I love this so much. Beyond being correct, the framing of the sentence suggests Jon was an actor in "Garfield: The Comic Strip"
Devarious Aylar önce
@Shoxy- The-pinecone I'm talking about the physical resemblance between the two, not so much their personalities. Pull up an image of Platt and Arbuckle next to each other, I guarantee you'll see it right away.
Shoxy- The-pinecone
Nah, John is a sympathetic loser, Ben doesn’t seem down on his luck he seems sickly, a more sinister every man
Tazelwurm 3 aylar önce
He literally just looks like the dude who plays Jon in the Lasagna Cat videos. It's a little uncanny.
Tal Neu
Tal Neu 4 aylar önce
...you're not wrong. Thanks, I hate it
oh the misery
oh the misery 8 aylar önce
Physically can't get over the way Ben walks and moves in this. It's like a horribly exaggerated version of someone with anxiety. Like they told him "nobody will be able to tell your character is anxious unless you walk around like you're missing a few vertebrae"
lithiumkid 2 aylar önce
@oh the misery they weren’t telling you to correct you or anything, they were agreeing & saying that even when people do have weird body language due to anxiety, it’s not really anything like what Evan was doing in the movie
TXF 3 aylar önce
@neptune Don't forget that we also grow into this habit of bugging our eyes out at people. Can't forget that part. I think it's a condition where our eyeballs just grow a bit too big so we can't really help it.
Ash H-B
Ash H-B 5 aylar önce
@Enbeast SAME
Luis-Raul Diaz-Rios
Luis-Raul Diaz-Rios 5 aylar önce
That last sentence, starter XD
neptune 5 aylar önce
as someone with an anxiety disorder i can confirm that 4 of our vertebrae fall out like teeth when we turn 5, causing us to do the weird man shamble everywhere we go
Fionalah 6 aylar önce
I'm looking forward to the sequel, 'Evan Hansen II - Stolen Valour' where he claims to be a Vietnam vet, even though his birth certificate says he wasn't even born until 1976. Then in the third film, he marries Rachel Dolezal and joins a reggae band while wearing blackface. Both are apparently feel-good comedy-dramas.
Sahana 2 aylar önce
@Mr Critical that names is fucking hilarious for some reason
Mr Critical
Mr Critical 2 aylar önce
Nah Dear Evan Hansen 4: Dude Where’s My Mom is gonna be the best one, Evan kidnaps Zoe’s baby and raises it as his own only for the kid to realise years later that this isn’t his real dad
Rahoo 5 aylar önce
Although he gets away with it in the beginning because he looks like he's old enough to have served
Raruther 5 aylar önce
Awesome comment.
GuyDammit 4 aylar önce
One of my best friends really did commit suicide when I was young.( I dated his sister,too. These things really do happen) I didn't lie to do it or sing songs about it because it was real life and actually really REALLY sad and I had survivor's guilt that nearly ended me and struggle with it to this day. This movie is so tasteless and unrealistic on so many levels that it's beneath my contempt. The really crummy part is how many people really do pretend to be the "dead kid's friend" and what an insult it is to anyone who actually cared for this person and how few friends they actually had while alive. ( the only realistic idea is that pathetic behavior like the "protagonist " happens when someone dies,especially if they were young and ESPECIALLY if it was suicide)It's INFURIATING This review of it actually made me smile enough to justify the movie's existence. I appreciate that.Thank you.
aubrey 3 aylar önce
@GuyDammit 100% agree. Glad you're doing better now. Wish you all the best.
GuyDammit 3 aylar önce
Thanks. With counseling it gets easier,for anybody out there going through a similar loss. I honestly don't know what people were thinking with Dear Evan Hanson. Not sure if whoever came up with the story has dealt with suicide,lost someone to it,survived tbe guilt...if so,the resulting play/movie storyline is a strange consequence.
aubrey 3 aylar önce
I'm so sorry for your loss.
Edgar Allen Hoe
Edgar Allen Hoe Aylar önce
So the joke in the stage version where Jared brags about hooking up with an Israeli girl "who's literally going to be in the army" is that every Israeli teenager is gonna be in the military. It's the law. Which implies that Brazil has a similar policy of conscription for supermodels, and every citizen must serve 2-3 years being photographed in designer clothing. I highly doubt that was on purpose, but it is very funny.
Stella Belikiewicz
Stella Belikiewicz Aylar önce
It’s like the law is suspect they have in Montreal, that all waitstaff in cafes are required to be extremely hot 😆
BaBa_Con_Dios 5 aylar önce
If Jenny was a wrestler her finishing move would be “The Numbered List”
BaBa_Con_Dios 16 gün önce
Lol oh ok, I lost track of wresting right about the time Jericho was getting big. Had a kid, going to school and a full time job left me no free time.
Daniel Williams
Daniel Williams 18 gün önce
@BaBa_Con_Dios not necessarily A finishing move but it was the first thing that it made me think of 😉
Daniel Williams
Daniel Williams 18 gün önce
@BaBa_Con_Dios Back in 2016 Chris Jericho had his "List of Jericho". He would write in a numbered list the people who he hated that episode.
BaBa_Con_Dios 19 gün önce
@Daniel Williams omg does it already exist? 😂😂😂 I haven’t watched wrestling for a while.
Daniel Williams
Daniel Williams 23 gün önce
I think Chris Jericho might have a problem with that
sevin 10 aylar önce
this was so cathartic to watch, i attempted suicide in middle school (and failed obviously lol) and didn't tell anyone and then in high school a bunch of my friends got into this stupid musical. i couldn't explain why i found the whole premise and execution of the musical so awful at the time, so seeing it all laid out and then painstakingly ripped to shreds felt incredible.
spooky ho
spooky ho 24 gün önce
I’m so sorry, I’m glad you’re still here. I hope you’re doing okay
otter munchy
otter munchy 5 aylar önce
@サムくま dat is one v v good doggo! You said your mom had only just found out the day you posted, may I ask how that situation unfolded in the last three months? My D’Otter is 18 now, and my M’Otter’s heart breaks for you. ❤️
GippyHappy 5 aylar önce
That’s how I felt watching 13 reasons why! All my friends kept talking about how great it was and how sad they felt for Hannah meanwhile I’m like “none of them know I’m actually suicidal .-. Also the show sucks”
hades 🦷
hades 🦷 7 aylar önce
love how you mentioned "failed"
otter munchy
otter munchy 8 aylar önce
❤️ glad you are here
yuukichan12 6 aylar önce
Just the entire section of her casually and savagely attacking how horrendous of a job they did making Ben Platt look not 50 has me choking on my fries omfg I can't 😂
CN What I'm Saiyan?
CN What I'm Saiyan? 23 gün önce
“Three kids & a mortgage” was what finally killed me🤣
amartya kejora
amartya kejora 3 aylar önce
i love how every time someone roasts Ben Platt's age in this movie the number of how old he is just keeps going up xD. i hope this goes on to obscure the real-life facts and (if we're not extinct in the next few decades) our grandchildren's generation will be in filmschool late in the century learning about cinema history, casting and believing ancient texts (tweets & comments) about how Ben Platt was apparently 79 years old and playing a teenager in Dear Evan Hansen (2021)
Marie Taylor
Marie Taylor 4 aylar önce
Dear Evan Hansen is supposed to be about mental health but it just feels like another story about a troubled straight white guy that we're supposed to empathize with, despite them never really resolving their emotional issues, almost immediately being forgiven for their actions, and somehow being a savior. They basically bank everything on the emotional appeal and hope that is enough to carry this ego piece into an Oscar. It's truly an art to be able to gesture towards real life problems while not actually commenting on them.
Marie Taylor
Marie Taylor 22 gün önce
@Mr. Ryan this is the most uncharitable reading of what i said. What I'm saying is this is a very common trope in stories, and there is little to no diversity. Also, often times it lacks nuance and just ends up being lazy writing. Of course straight white guys have many things to be sad about and can still have shitty lives or have mental health problems. More representation does not take away from non-marginalized people, and it's not unfair to ask ppl to share the limelight
Mr. Ryan
Mr. Ryan 23 gün önce
Straight white guys aren’t allowed to have problems now? Or are they just not as important as other types of peoples problems?
Marie Taylor
Marie Taylor 3 aylar önce
@Linda Les I definitely agree, mental illness can certainly affect everyone. I just pointed out the cishet white guy thing because it's such a big trope. Hope I got that across alright
Mia 7 aylar önce
I vividly remember that during the “your mom isn’t going anywhere” song in theaters, someone’s phone started ringing a few rows in front of my friend and I and we laughed hysterically. A song that was meant to be heartfelt and touching was so boring that a phone ringing was more interesting then what Julianna Moore was saying
piecesbyel 6 aylar önce
my sister once told me that if i didn't get out of bed, ben platt would come eat me
DoctorandtheDoll Aylar önce
This comment made me laugh for, like, four minutes.
MLPfanficStories 2 aylar önce
I CANNOT stop laughing from this comment XD
Rahoo 5 aylar önce
Brb learning how to sleep standing up. That sweaty fuck isn't getting me today!
13 schmeckles
13 schmeckles 11 aylar önce
So Evan was able to find new meaning in his life after someone else's suicide, while people remember that person better than he actually was? Yeah that's not going to get misconstrued by a depressed teenager.
xxxxxx 2 aylar önce
This is something Jared points out in the musical, from what I remember. Something along the lines of Connor's death being the best thing to ever happen to Evan. Jared says it bitterly- like it's a joke, but he's obviously sort of serious about it (in an attempt to get Evan to see how fucked up the situation is?). I don't think they really explore it deeper, though.
lithiumkid 3 aylar önce
they don’t even need to be depressed, they could have any of a dozen other psychological disorders that make suicide tempting. anxiety disorders and OCD come to mind first since those can both force a person to constantly worry about how they are seen by other people and what others think of them.
Clotted Scream
Clotted Scream 4 aylar önce
I was a depressed teenager when this musical came out and I can confirm that my gut reaction to the musical was that it made my depression so much worse immediately after watching it that it actually gave me enough cognitive dissonance to realize the musical was bad for my mental health
m0zarts 7 aylar önce
yeah this hits home... my friend from highschool who committed suicide a few years ago loved DEH, 13 reasons why, and other things that, now that I think about it, romanticize the aftermath of suicide in a way. I don't think every piece of media that involves suicide as a plot point is bad of course, most of them handle it alright, but I've never liked DEH. The music is pretty mediocre too tbh.
A 7 aylar önce
Freaking yikes that's so scary
Songbird Schwarz
Songbird Schwarz 6 aylar önce
you know, even though you set the scene up, I ALSO viscerally shuddered when it looks like Evan is about to KISS kiss his mom. You're right, it's a terrible take and why is it like that.
Brady Bales
Brady Bales 5 aylar önce
Idk why but Jenny saying “the point is he can’t do that. That’s the thing he can’t do” with such angriness is hilarious to me
LateButLucky7 22 gün önce
So you’re telling me the whole time he knew what it felt like to be suicidal and STILL did all this shit?
shan 4 aylar önce
It’s genuinely so awful how little we know about Connor because Evan’s biggest problem is that he was making everything about himself, and the show, by making him the main character with no real regard for Connor other than to be a prop in Evan’s life, confirms this metatextually. I understand these aren’t real people, but they could have made Connor a real person in the narrative. Instead they contradict their own message by making Connor’s life and now death not matter. At least the film at least *attempts* to reconcile this at the end with videos of Connor being sent around. But film was doomed to fail because the source material is so self-serving and vapid, and then they fumbled the already deflated ball by making mind-boggling directive choices. I did theatre for many years of my life and my conclusion is that mainstream theatre is masturbatory at best and honestly sinister at worst, with a few exceptions. Pasek and Paul (the writers) are talented and have made wonderful works in the past (see: Dogfight, Edges). But in recent years they’ve taken to cynically capitalizing on pernicious Feel-Goods that sad teenagers and moms will eat up but don’t actually say anything of substance (DEH, The Greatest Showman, La La Land). And what a horrible thing to capitalize on in this way: teenage suicide and mental illness. I honestly feel like they saw the sudden rise of people opening up about mental health and saw dollar signs. Also, I’m still bitter that this dumpster fire of a story won against Great Comet because lonely teenagers who were emotionally taken advantage of made DEH the more popular show that year.
Finian Ross
Finian Ross 2 aylar önce
There's this one scene in the Broadway show that gets overlooked a lot, that made me feel like the start of Evan's lie was more rooted in something recognizable as borne out of real anxiety and not just callous desires: Early on after Connor's suicide, he's called into the school office and sits alone with Connor's parents while they grill him about the "suicide" note and Connor's name on his cast, crying and quite literally BEGGING him to tell them that Connor was his friend. It would be very easy for him to feel like NOT lying to them in that moment would be re-traumatizing them.
Johanna Thorn
Johanna Thorn 4 aylar önce
"Warbling out high notes like an anxious Jiminy Cricket" is probably my favorite line you've ever written lmfao
Abelard's Palimpsests
Abelard's Palimpsests 2 aylar önce
Thank you! As someone who struggles with depression, the only thing I find more obnoxious than this show's hollow and usually false message that "you will be found" is the way people gush about it for being so deep and meaningful. I'm glad I'm not the only person not charmed by what is actually a really creepy story.
Sassy Tabasco
Sassy Tabasco 6 aylar önce
Oh so this is to anxiety, what Music was to autism, and what Rent was to...like nine different things. Has anyone who makes these things ever stopped and noticed that musicals are not often the best way to convey uh...certain "complexities" of the human condition?
Pink Cupcake
Pink Cupcake Aylar önce
@Ezel Francisco One of the characters reaction to "Oh, I'm going to die of AIDS" is to have "No Day But Today" where she attempts to have unprotected sex and share needles with a guy who is mourning his girlfriend's suicide. That same guy also quits his well-paying job in television because he's an ~artist~ at the age of 25 and refuses to be told what to do.
Sassy Tabasco
Sassy Tabasco 4 aylar önce
@Ezel Francisco I'd say it doesn't, and your assumptions are about how I feel. Rent is kind of funny, in that my instinct was to say "The AIDS crisis plot is a secondary element at best", but then I struggled to think of what the primary element is. It's a movie that tries to cover a lot of social ground, but nothing it says is the main point. Like, at least you can point to the sanctimony of Crash and say, "Oh, that's the racism movie". Rent is commonly seen as the "Spoiled morons doing pretentious things" movie, over its themes of identity and social persecution.
Ezel Francisco
Ezel Francisco 4 aylar önce
@Sassy Tabasco It's on Netflix, BTW. Also, i haven't watched Rent so i have no idea if it handled the AIDS epidemic well or not. The impression i got was it was like one of those Oscar-bait movies that tackles racism. Good on a surface-level and probably means well, but only that and just that
Sassy Tabasco
Sassy Tabasco 4 aylar önce
@Ezel Francisco That's interesting, I'll have to check that out sometime. As far as Rent, I think you're in one of two camps: you either think it's this mind blowing exploration of the human condition, or the most frustratingly pretentious thing you've ever seen in your life. I lean much further towards the latter.
Ezel Francisco
Ezel Francisco 4 aylar önce
@Sassy Tabasco Tick, Tick... Boom is a musical written by Jonathan Larson. It's basically about his frustrations with the failure of Superbia, his first musical. Lin Manuel Miranda directed the movie adaptation. I haven't watched Rent before but another TRvidr (Shafrillas) said that Tick, Tick... Boom handled the themes of Rent in a better and more nuanced way than Rent itself. I was wondering if anyone else thought so as well, because i always had the impression that Rent was this amazing musical.
PikeBot 11 aylar önce
Jenny’s straightforward and fervent refusal to take the stupid orchard Kickstarter seriously is giving me life.
Nen Master5
Nen Master5 8 aylar önce
@FlippityFlop Cool
FlippityFlop 8 aylar önce
@Nen Master5 i love oversimplified :D
Nen Master5
Nen Master5 11 aylar önce
@TychoPanda Binge 'Oversimplified' and 'Sci Man Dan' in a rotation-order (one, then the other, than the other again, than switching again, and so on) and then you tell me how it was!
TychoPanda 11 aylar önce
@Nen Master5 recommend recommend recommend
BaristaWithADog 11 aylar önce
"What will this money do?? Will it manifest a new farmer?" 😂🤣
UmToriii Aylar önce
Something that bugs me about this story as a whole is why is everyone dumb? Like the secret should've been exbosed immediately. Your telling me that people didn't ask, "if you're best friends why haven't we seen you two together?" Like, even if they didn't have a class together you'd think that they would be hanging out in the halls after the bell rings. Also, no photos together, no social media interactions, TEXT MESSAGES, or anything together - just emails? Everyone just takes Evan's word for it?
Sasha 2 aylar önce
28:02 this is actually horrifying he looks nowhere near a child and the camera is angled in a way that makes him look like he's towering over the audience while he creepily shuffles forward with that sinister looking hunch and bulging eyes sing-yelling I LOVE YOU this feels like a horror movie scene
stan loona
stan loona 2 aylar önce
I think what the most BAFFLING part is the decision to cut "good for you". its the only song calling Evan out on his actions, the only song that doesn't place him on a pedestal. without it, the show is so...unbalanced? in a way? because putting it IN shows that Evan doesn't deserve all the sympathy he's getting. He deserves some, but without that song the show puts Evan on such a pedestal that he only gets ripped off of once he finally tells the truth. I just wanna know the motive of them cutting that song. (also it's just such a good song to listen to, I even put it on my non-muscial based playlist.)
Zinnie Bug
Zinnie Bug 4 aylar önce
As someone who uses anti-anxiety meds (anti depressants can be used for more than just depression) going off of my meds leaves me in a very unstable mood bc they are drugs meant to help alleviate mental problems. You can't go off of them unexpectedly. That's bad for you!!
Raze 9 gün önce
Dream said to not take your normal pills though.
Sam Henley
Sam Henley Aylar önce
Evan was on Lexapro and occasionally Ativan. I'm not a pharmacist but maybe it doesn't cause withdrawal symptoms, which would make sense considering both Dr. Sherman and Heidi don't want Evan to be on medications forever. They probably are trying to work towards not needing medication at all.
lithiumkid 4 aylar önce
not all anti-anxiety meds are antidepressants though and several of the other kinds can actually be stopped suddenly without the catastrophic results you get from doing that with SSRI's.
Haile 11 aylar önce
"The Dear Evan Hansen movie honestly feels like propaganda written by Evan Hansen himself," is honestly the best summary of the movie i've seen so far lol
TychoPanda 6 aylar önce
Chloe 9 aylar önce
This is what I’ve been saying for MONTHS, literally ever since I saw the damn thing.
warm weather
warm weather 9 aylar önce
Dear Leader Hansen
theMyofMy 11 aylar önce
Evan Hansen propaganda. god
frzngrrl 11 aylar önce
This statement was genius.
Jeffrey Gassenheimer
Jeffrey Gassenheimer 5 aylar önce
It's incredibly how many people actually like this play, and don't realize how viscerally horrifying the narrative is.
elby_makes Aylar önce
I can’t believe this woman has the ability to explain things in such a way that I’ve listened to her talk about The Vampire Diaries, BronyCon, The Land Before Time movies, Josh Hutchinson wattpad stories (all things I had zero interest in going into it) and not only did I enjoy every second of it, I was able to follow along and understand her points despite going in totally blind. Amazing work Jenny, I could listen to your takes on absolutely anything.
Ghast101 5 aylar önce
Guys, its okay that I did morally despicable actions, I have #anxiety
nadal ekene
nadal ekene 3 aylar önce
shane dawson core 😍
Lalogue 4 aylar önce
I read this in Cartman's voice.
hardlyb 3 aylar önce
His eyes being a little close together also make him creepier. 40 years ago, on the beach in San Diego, I was about 10 feet away from two people that I initially thought were a father and daughter, but listening to her complain very loudly to a friend of hers, I learned she was still in high school, and the man was her boyfriend (he had to be in his late 40's); her mother was divorced, and apparently dating someone even younger than her daughter's boyfriend... The shots of the film from the carnival (or whatever it was) took me back to that strange moment.
Jack Clifton
Jack Clifton 7 aylar önce
Ben Platt does a better job of creating anxiety in teenagers than he does in portraying it
spooky ho
spooky ho 24 gün önce
Luis-Raul Diaz-Rios
Luis-Raul Diaz-Rios 5 aylar önce
Chris Stoltz
Chris Stoltz 4 aylar önce
I can't believe Niel Cicieriga made a more emotionally resonant song about a truck then award running musical Dear Evan Hansen
Chocomelo🍫 Aylar önce
It wasn't just a truck. It was two trucks.
ιθκ¡ 。
ιθκ¡ 。 4 aylar önce
not just one truck
Kellyann Patin
Kellyann Patin 6 aylar önce
What makes The Woman Who Wasn’t There actually better than Evan, is that she actually managed to do some good for that community- she was part of a motion to allowed survivors to visit Ground Zero as part of their recovery, to a closer and more secluded area than the tourists. She then squarely placed herself in the center of that news and that achievement, which I’m sure other actual survivor could have accomplished without her… still, that small victory for the survivors wasn’t taken away when the lie came out. When the family learned that Evan was lying, they lost their son all over again.
jp 4 aylar önce
what really gets me about the speech scene is that it's completely normal to record something like that! a little tasteless maybe but if Alana was setting up the Connor Project she probably would have demanded a recording in order to spread the word. no need for everyone to whip their phones out, just have someone in the film club set up a camera! the rest of the scene would be exactly the same!!
Human_person 2 aylar önce
I went to go see this movie with my best friend. And we were the only ones in the movie theater. And the whole fucking time we just made fun of Ben- making fun of his Naruto running, and how awful he looked next to all these teenager characters- it was probably one of the greatest days I’ve spent with my friend. We grew so close that day for some weird reason?? so thank you dear Evan Hanson the movie for giving me a closer relationship with my friend.
mynameisrandy 2 aylar önce
dunking on garbage is a time-honored friend tradition. sounds like a fun time!
Thea Torrisi
Thea Torrisi 11 aylar önce
Jenny has the incredible ability to make me feel very strongly about random topics that I was previously apathetic towards
Demonmagnos 10 aylar önce
@Joseph Donley Same here. I'm about to start my 4th rewatch of that video lol
Humble Narrator
Humble Narrator 10 aylar önce
Not only feelings of apathy, but complete ignorance of the existence of some of these things.
Laurel Jean
Laurel Jean 11 aylar önce
Yes. I would literally argue with anyone about this now.
Kick 11 aylar önce
@Requiem I didn't before, either. Now I do :D Didn't even know of the movies existence.
Joseph Donley
Joseph Donley 11 aylar önce
@Requiem I've watched her vampire diaries video 3 times start to finish. I've never seen an episode of the actual show.
Whitlock Shark
Whitlock Shark 5 aylar önce
"What do trees need?" She asks The answer is obvious: $100,000
gideon 26 gün önce
"they need love" my love language is twenty thousand dollars
R G S Aylar önce
The trees are running a classic shakedown
lcolsen22 6 aylar önce
The You Are Not Alone song made me genuinely worried everytime I listened to it. "You are not alone" is such an obvious platitude to me, but the youth in the show reacted like this was a ground breaking revelation. It honestly made me worried, like was I the only kid fortunate enough to grow up with parents, siblings, and friends that had such a baseline of emotional stability that I knew they were there for me? I was genuinely concerned that people were connecting emotionally to this song because they had never had anyone tell them in their own lives that they loved them and were there for them.
Jade 6 aylar önce
Weirdly enough this film was directed by Stephen Chbosky who is well known for writing The Perks of Being a Wallflower (and directing its film adaptation). Whilst not a perfect book by any means, I feel like it was at least a more nuanced portrayal of teenagers with mental health issues than this was, and especially when I was younger I appreciated that. The book came out more than 20 years ago now, the film adaptation about 10 years ago, and yet in my opinion both were able to achieve more in that regard at least than this effort. It's a shame, because a lot of the directorial choices in this were really off but the director does have experience with portraying similar themes in a better way.
rice 3 aylar önce
i remember seeing the musical and being so pissed at evan's relationship with zoe like how could they make a musical supposedly about mental health and internal struggle and then completely gloss over the inner world of the female lead and have her get totally coerced into dating him with no retribution their relationship is honestly creepy
Robin Todd
Robin Todd 11 aylar önce
Jenny: Imagine in every musical, characters would just go around like, "Tell us what you're about!" Me, a CATS fan, trembling:
Cp.x.20 2 aylar önce
@Jordan M my guess is a lethal combo of Lycra + sheer balls to the wall confidence
Ezel Francisco
Ezel Francisco 4 aylar önce
Cats is a dance musical with a paper-thin plot, sick dance moves, and decent costumes. They're allowed to do that
Kat Welham
Kat Welham 11 aylar önce
@Jackson Larson Whatever......some people like it. Sometimes that's enough..Anyone who disagrees you piss off frankly.
Robin Todd
Robin Todd 11 aylar önce
Wow people are really trashing Cats in the replies....imagine being so sad and miserable that you cannot enjoy a delightful musical about singing and dancing cats. Bet y'all don't even have fursonas smh
Amy Aberrant
Amy Aberrant 11 aylar önce
“The rookie mistake is a musical where there’s too many solos” * sweating *
wetleafs 7 aylar önce
this was an absolutely brutal roast, and it deserved every gruesome second of it
Liz Koroskenyi
Liz Koroskenyi 2 aylar önce
Jenny is more convincing as a teenage boy in this costume than Ben Platt is in the entirety of the movie.
Clara Schwartz
Clara Schwartz 2 aylar önce
Honestly, my biggest problem with this movie is that they cut basically all the songs that make even seem like the bad guy. Specifically good for you, if you’re not familiar with it, it’s a big ensemble song where everyone’s mad at Connor for lying and sing at him angrily. They also cut to break in a glove witch is the only song where they expand on Evans relationship with the Murphy parents.
Fern Aylar önce
I think they should have replaced To Break in a Glove with a better song that serves a similar purpose. Because the song sucks but it’s an important part of the story.
Chilly The Ice Cucumber
I was upset by the cutting of "To Break in a Glove," because there's way more to it than just the father being paternal. In the song, you see the father start to break and he ends up equating breaking in the glove to trying to raise Connor, but then he quickly covers it back up by reiterating his instructions and quickly ending the song. It's a character piece that gives you a peek into the mind of the father and the effort he tried to put in for Connor, that Connor just took for granted and threw away. You get to see why Connor's dad is so angry at Connor for committing suicide, because he tried his best to raise him.
Ema Law
Ema Law 3 aylar önce
Fuck, I didn't expect to go from "I like DEH on Broadway bc of the music and parts of the script" to "I like DEH bc of the music" after watching a single video. It always seemed ludicrous to me how the musical was ever considered a Hamilton and Great Comet of 1812 competitor while being leagues away, but this video really opened my eyes on how aggressively both movie and play waste the concept's potential on a nothing plot. Thanks for the epiphany Jenny, I kinda needed it.
Dragon 3 aylar önce
i literally watched dear evan hansen yesterday with my boyfriend. the music ok but we had a really hard time feeling any sympathy for this guy. like, we both have mental disorders ourselves but idk, lying to the family and the world about a suicide victims life is inexcusable. if he had a delusional disorder it would make sense but he doesn’t. i know what social anxiety is like but i still have a moral compass?? so idk, it felt weird watching it and knowing that he was the person we were supposed to relate to
josh raid
josh raid 4 aylar önce
I hate the fact that this film is built upon a suicide and collective grief over it specifically to prop up a narrative around a boy who lies his way into fame over said suicide. He doesn't even know Connor, he is the worst person to make this story about. He is the only person here not actually grieving Connor or affected by him in a meaningful way.
Mel T.
Mel T. Aylar önce
The homophobic humor in this play was SUPER cringy and offensive, and I can only imagine how it made Ben Platt feel, considering he himself is gay and was openly out to his family at the time of the original Broadway run.
The One and Only Michael McCormick
@CourtneyMyWaifu No, I knew what you meant, and I’m already well aware. And yeah, good on them and good on you for reclaiming them. Still homophobic jokes written by straight people for straight characters in fuckin’ 2016 of all years. Also: if anything, the fact that so many gay actors were involved in the production makes the homophobia in the lyrics even more gross. Also also: As I’m sure you’re aware every time June comes around, and companies that hate you make their logo a rainbow, slapping a pride flag on an otherwise homophobic product doesn’t make it any less homophobic.
CourtneyMyWaifu 8 gün önce
@The One and Only Michael McCormick no, I'm literally saying a lot of the gay art community LITERALLY animated those homophobic jokes into funny gay animations because they found it funny, not offensive. I'm not saying some people didn't get mad at the jokes, but a lot of people didn't. And didn't see a problem with it, because half the time people make jokes like that themselves when they are gay. And it didn't quite literally say gay people = bad. You can literally see pride flags throughout the movie and pride Easter eggsThe jokes were just meant to be light hearted. Specifically when a lot of the main characters in the show are gay irl
The One and Only Michael McCormick
@CourtneyMyWaifu Because gay people have famously NEVER enjoyed any pieces of art that’re homophobic, right? This isn’t as good a defense as you think it is.
CourtneyMyWaifu 8 gün önce
@The One and Only Michael McCormick I didn't see it as homophobic and I'm homosexual? Most of the LGBTQ+ fandom also thought it was funny and didn't take it seriously. They even animated gay ships to it. Search up sincerely me animators and most of them are gay ships. I think people take things to seriously. I remember dear evan Hansen being pro for gay people it even has pride flags throughout the show and some of the actors are gay. It's literally just light humor even gay people use, half my friend group is gay and we love dear evan Hansen and laugh at their jokes A lot of the dear evan Hansen fandom ARE gay? The biggest ship in the fandom (weirdly) enough is Conner x evan. Most or anything you see dear evan Hansen fandom related it something gay, the show literally attracted gay people for what you guys call homophobic jokes
The One and Only Michael McCormick
@CourtneyMyWaifu Writing jokes about not wanting to be construed as gay for having a close male friendship, or of men performing oral sex to other men in exchange for drugs is homophobic.
Desdemona Kaylose
Desdemona Kaylose 11 aylar önce
Why does it have to be a romance with Zoe anyway... why can't Evan have sibling envy and then do a worrying unethical bid to replace her dead brother with himself. That would be wild, right.
The One and Only Michael McCormick
Hell, if you wanted shit to be uncomfortable in a way that’s effective instead of terrible, you could have made the relationship one-sided on ZOE’S part. Like, Evan just hangs out with her as a friend and little sister he never had, thinking nothing better of it. Then Zoe tells him that she loves him because she’s unhealthily expressing her thankfulness to rekindle her relationship with Connor. Then Evan could be fucking horrified at what he’s done, understanding the terrible emotional state he’s put this girl through.
Patrick 11 aylar önce
Seriously, that would be a much more compelling plot thread than this sinister romance...
Autumn Franz 💙💚
Autumn Franz 💙💚 11 aylar önce
yeah, id assume its hard for a 28 year old gay man to play a 17 year old straight kid.
Sadie 11 aylar önce
@AW shit I'd watch that
Maggie K
Maggie K 11 aylar önce
@adamwarlock1 I agree, I think Alana would've made a much better love interest. And they would've actually been able to relate to each other more due to their mental illnesses, and have a more equal power dynamic since they weren't starting off their relationship with a huge lie.
Taargus 27 gün önce
the "avenue Q" voice is too real. the first production i ever went to see was Wicked, and the actress playing glinda was consistently using the avenue Q voice throughout, it was hard to listen to and extremely disappointing.
Jurgan6 2 aylar önce
The “stupid Kickstarter” reminds me of the South Park episode where a little boy was dying of some illness and whether he survived depended on who won a hockey game.
enna Aylar önce
"some kind of sweaty 90s sitcom dad made of melting wax" just KILLED me lmao
Afto Kinito
Afto Kinito 2 aylar önce
24:50 "number a!" I literally started laughing like an idiot. I know she said she was going to use letters but I was not expecting that expression at all.
hexisphere 7 aylar önce
this film actually depicts anxiety very well, in that whenever i look at Ben Platt's red, sweaty, grimacing, unhinged face bulging outwards in every direction, it makes my anxiety fucking shoot through the roof
Owen Leal
Owen Leal Aylar önce
@Kelsey Williams that seems like a huge thing to represent visually.
Goose Gas
Goose Gas 2 aylar önce
@FightVale I know for certain your life is weird.
FightVale 2 aylar önce
This comment was made 5 months ago and the one just like it 9 months ago is literally right before it lol but hey you still go liked because Jennys videos are that popular. Would you like to comment on this weird comment about what your life must be
JackgarPrime 3 aylar önce
@Kelsey Williams Like some kind of twisted version of Quantum Leap?
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