A Human Burrito

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15 Aug 2019




Yük bağlantısı.....


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Jehoiakim Jade Esgana
That sloth is faster than my internet speed
Herobrina *
Herobrina * 4 gün önce
@Jojo Awesome wait.
IsZack 4 gün önce
Ashikul Gaming
Ashikul Gaming 4 gün önce
Sorry but it is a dog
Wolfie•Star 5 gün önce
People : MARSHMALLOW Video : human burrito.. READ MY NAME
WiseWeeabo 9 saatler önce
Those velcro straps on the shoes won't last 5 months let alone 5 years...
BlueBon Pie
BlueBon Pie 9 saatler önce
3:09 *Me at the last subject of friday* 1:01 *Me going to school on monday*
Snek Oh heck
Snek Oh heck 14 saatler önce
U want sum tail?
BDMittens 15 saatler önce
That burrito suffocates not help lmao
The Amazing Sailor
The Amazing Sailor 21 saatler önce
Birde Jean is not my lova she just a bird who claims that I am the one but the kid is not meh son
•Avery Playz•
•Avery Playz• 22 saatler önce
Now I know why I hear bones crunching with red sauce splattering all over me when I eat a burrito.
RYAN DO3S STUFF 22 saatler önce
If Danny Devito was in one he would be *D A N N Y B U R I T O*
GalaxyDragon01 23 saatler önce
Makaking: *Dances* The green birb: Not giving any shit about this dudes dance
FaZeYEET OVO Gün önce
1:01 Why is this so adorable lmao 😂
That One Guinea Pig
Nobody talkin bout those ants
Sharp Lemon
Sharp Lemon Gün önce
3:05 Minecraft with shaders be like
A Wolf’s Howl
A Wolf’s Howl Gün önce
My sister ruined my day and u made it better thank you!
GoodGachaGamer37 Gün önce
0:52 comedy
XL Gamer
XL Gamer Gün önce
0:44 The weird bird : trying to flirt with other girls Me as the green bird : GOD PLS DONT COME NEAR ME
Brookie Cookie
Brookie Cookie Gün önce
0:49 No there just showing there buts to the waman
KHILADI Gün önce
The most important part of the body is least protected in the human burrito
Michelle Infanzon
The manakin bird was tweaking 🤣🤣
Gacha Ginger
Gacha Ginger Gün önce
2:43 the person was so mean she just laughed at the cat
tee roe
tee roe Gün önce
Who else knew about the ant ball from antz? 😂
Yo DaD
Yo DaD Gün önce
0:36 Michael Jackson Confirmed??
ElectroWiz007 !
ElectroWiz007 ! Gün önce
the bird looks like it’s angrily twerking
Lark Animationz
Lark Animationz Gün önce
A bird moonwalking to impress ladies while also twerking? Now THAT I can respect
Bambi Palmer
Bambi Palmer 2 gün önce
The shoe story was pretty incredible, my MOM wishes she would have had a pair of those for me, cuz my feet wouldn't stop growing.😅 I'm very happy for those children, God bless them and their moms and dads.🙏✌
Bambi Palmer
Bambi Palmer 2 gün önce
Michael bird Jackson______🐦_
SugarDaBreadLoaf 2 gün önce
yummy, burrito
BLADE Curtis
BLADE Curtis 2 gün önce
no one: random drunk women at weddings: 0:47
The Gamer
The Gamer 2 gün önce
Imagine a dude drove fast on his motorcycle and a bird just hit the motorcyclist belly, he becomes a burrito in the middle of the road
CraPhe GD
CraPhe GD 2 gün önce
Wtf im hungry now
Simply Emma
Simply Emma 2 gün önce
Came for the thumbnail, stayed for the content👍🏻
Ducky_ 2 gün önce
human burrito.. sounds delicious
Logan Torres
Logan Torres 2 gün önce
0:08 thats disturbing
the yolo girl
the yolo girl 2 gün önce
It sounded like the sloth was saying "ēst" witch means "eat" in Latvian 😅
THE BEAST 2 gün önce
2019:human burrito 3019:motorcycle burrito
2:01 its gonna be so satisfect smash this on the floor
Jammie Jams
Jammie Jams 2 gün önce
Can you breath tho
Amedeo Trovò
Amedeo Trovò 3 gün önce
2:08 what’s the name of the board?
T S 3 gün önce
the bird is more twerking then moonwalking but ok
Bumble Beetle
Bumble Beetle 3 gün önce
They will not be able to breathe, so death or death for burrito.
Hanna Hervai
Hanna Hervai 3 gün önce
Burrito: saves hooman Hooman: I don't need you, I need air Burrito: *;(*
Cookie 1178
Cookie 1178 3 gün önce
0:40 WARNING VIDEO NOT FOR KIDS. 18+ a Twerking bird has been spoted!
bmops 3 gün önce
Soon ants are gonna take over the world
KursadLoverHater80 3 gün önce
how do we get out of this human burrito?
Landon Lomenick
Landon Lomenick 3 gün önce
so no one is going to address he fact that the scientists are trying to create antman
Korey Cowan
Korey Cowan 3 gün önce
Moon walk?... that bird was twerking for the lady's
Isaac Malown
Isaac Malown 3 gün önce
For some reason that bird makes me think of a horny Mr. Burns.
GO N 4 gün önce
Human burito. Lol
Emma Andersson
Emma Andersson 4 gün önce
0:48 hes not moonwalking the girls he is twerking the girls hahaha
Brian Uy
Brian Uy 4 gün önce
When I’m calling my friends over 1:01
27amsy 4 gün önce
The guy picking up the ant pillow freaked me out
Eva Ashlynne
Eva Ashlynne 4 gün önce
"this bird moonwalks to impress the ladies" female bird: *turns head away from male
low discspace :
low discspace : 4 gün önce
He aint moonwalking he is twerking
*Derpy Nika*
*Derpy Nika* 4 gün önce
1:02 is dis young man saying “@$$”
sunwaves 47
sunwaves 47 4 gün önce
Damn that bird knows how to twerk.
ReefleksPlayz 4 gün önce
I’ll have one bikechilada supreme please
Your sugar daddy
Your sugar daddy 4 gün önce
They have that same airbag for people who ride horses but it’s a vest instead
Exenity Oxeny
Exenity Oxeny 4 gün önce
The manakin bird is just shaking his butt
eri 5 gün önce
Ewwwwww I hate ants 😖
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