A Human Burrito

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15 Aug 2019




Yük bağlantısı.....


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Jehoiakim Jade Esgana
Jehoiakim Jade Esgana 5 aylar önce
That sloth is faster than my internet speed
UnitedRats Gün önce
Jehoiakim Jade Esgana lol🤣🤣🤣🤣❤️
PineappleLugia 2 gün önce
Orion D. Hunter
Orion D. Hunter 9 gün önce
Rabbits Just Rabbits
Rabbits Just Rabbits 15 gün önce
Jehoiakim Jade Esgana bruh the bird twerking was like at 9000 gbps
bluemoonx 18 gün önce
Weird flex but ok
Galih Candra
Galih Candra 3 dakika önce
That sloth is as fast as my brain process informations
Connor Terry
Connor Terry 16 saatler önce
What if it suffocates the biker
Gavin Raditya
Gavin Raditya 17 saatler önce
mister johnson
mister johnson 18 saatler önce
Your voice is incredibly annoying.
TurbinalClaw 14
TurbinalClaw 14 Gün önce
What about the passenger?
husen nasr
husen nasr Gün önce
0:51 Heesss twerkinng
Inferno_Shock186 TM
0:50 more like shacking dat ass
Diptanil Rockhold
Its not moonwalk its twerking
ivannthegreat1 Gün önce
That “ Human Burrito “ had me laughing so bad. 😂😂😂
Jacob Amaya
Jacob Amaya 2 gün önce
Moonwalk more like twirk
King g
King g 2 gün önce
Bro that bird is twirking don’t lie to us 0:36
Henry Klosek
Henry Klosek 2 gün önce
Okay. How can you not like this?
Tristan Mims
Tristan Mims 2 gün önce
Me trying To mind my own business: Freshman thots: 0:49
Matthew Kent
Matthew Kent 2 gün önce
Naughty boys and girls get to sleep on the ant pillow
Ten acity
Ten acity 2 gün önce
So is nobody going to talk about that RC car virtual experience!? That looks so fun and cool
Rory 2 gün önce
Just throw a ball of red ants at ur enemies
Jonathan Pesantez
Jonathan Pesantez 2 gün önce
The Bird looked like it was twerking 😂
Anonymous Penguin
Anonymous Penguin 2 gün önce
Anonymous Penguin
Anonymous Penguin 2 gün önce
Anonymous Penguin
Anonymous Penguin 2 gün önce
Looks more like he twerking on the girl 😂👌👌👌
Mothinajamjar 3 gün önce
Fills pillow case with fire ants 🐜 *always fluffy*
Mothinajamjar 3 gün önce
1:10 that is one of the coolest things I’ve seen all day 😱😱😱😱😱
PSVRPlayz 3 gün önce
I thought there was something on my screen there... 1:00
Hyperzly 3 gün önce
How can the burrito breathe?
Isheklein 3 gün önce
I hope we will get flying cars in the future! Daily Dose Of Internet: a human burrito
Jay Hanns
Jay Hanns 3 gün önce
that bird wasnt moonwalking. that was clearly a twerk!
Sushi 3 gün önce
0:44 i think thats called twerking
Heartfelt Sunset
Heartfelt Sunset 3 gün önce
0:46 Ooo the bird is twerkin for the ladyy
Prod. Kaji
Prod. Kaji 3 gün önce
what if they crash into water
Alex Yoe
Alex Yoe 3 gün önce
I’m disappointed. Birds dance better than me.
FNAF BOI OSCAR 3 gün önce
2:02 ITS POO!
B Mann
B Mann 4 gün önce
0:48 that's me for sure but I'd fart and she would leave me 😂😂😂
speedy_sponge139 4 gün önce
Dried Innkeeper Worm
Did anyone else try to wipe the spot off their screen at 1:03.
Broken Benji
Broken Benji 4 gün önce
Are you sure that's not called *twerking* ?
YNSUI 5 gün önce
1:01 Who else tried to wipe their screen? 😂😂
Solarr 5 gün önce
I'd like to be a human burrito so I can wrap my life up.
Tyler Lansberry
Tyler Lansberry 5 gün önce
So if there are 2 people on the bike, the second person just gets launched off?
靖宸徐 6 gün önce
What's the sause of 0:29 ?
David Gómez Johansson
Dh50486 7 gün önce
Yea but what happens when the motorcyclist lands in water 😳😬
Mgl 1206
Mgl 1206 6 gün önce
Dh50486 I mean it’s filled with air sooo
Maya Hittson
Maya Hittson 7 gün önce
1:01 me crawling to the iitchen
0oScy 7 gün önce
I thought it was dorito
A Literal Ape
A Literal Ape 8 gün önce
I can sadly see these things suffocating people to death, heart attacks and broken rib Let’s hope it will do more good then harm
Kman Will
Kman Will 8 gün önce
58: seconds that ain't moonwalk that bird tryna throw it back
StealthyBro24 8 gün önce
If I was that female bird and saw the bird twerking towards me I would be more frightened then impressed
Warning: Virtual Reality
0:48 look at these eyes
Rcbif 8 gün önce
"Human Burrito" - expect your arms.. Your arms are gonna get torn off.
ForeverKnight 6 gün önce
Most bikers should wear tear resistant suits any ways. from what I'm seeing the airbag is designed to cradle key points like the head, neck and spine. Plus it's still in development which means there's still room for improvement.
IsaKhxn 8 gün önce
Can someone sub to me
I Like to play Minecraft
0:44 me in front of girls
Chief_ Boesman
Chief_ Boesman 8 gün önce
what moon walk them gent birds be twerking
Duy Nguyễn
Duy Nguyễn 8 gün önce
This idea is wonderful, but I think it will very hard to make this " human burrito" neat and it also hard to let it bloom right way. But that still a good idea.
budgiebreder 8 gün önce
“Moon walk” is apparently the same as twerk
GreenDay Kids
GreenDay Kids 9 gün önce
2:10 phew
Blossom Cake
Blossom Cake 9 gün önce
0:45 *they see me twerkin they hatin*
Mag [GD]
Mag [GD] 9 gün önce
When a baby gets hurt Mom: oh no! When a cat gets hurt Owner: hahahahahahahah Edit: Holy crap this is the most likes i gotten!!
FL4Me Charlie
FL4Me Charlie 3 gün önce
Farel Rajwa
Farel Rajwa 4 gün önce
You must be a new user
Sneaky Snek
Sneaky Snek 4 gün önce
11 likes -_-
Mag [GD]
Mag [GD] 4 gün önce
Gacha Stocks
Gacha Stocks 4 gün önce
Mag [GD] Next thing they know they have a cat on their face
Josh Westrope
Josh Westrope 9 gün önce
0:25 suffocate
koog 9 gün önce
0:56 becky lemme smash
Cecelia Cacti
Cecelia Cacti 9 gün önce
Human baritone: I want to sleep in that
Vines I quote everyday
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