A Hacker Turns the NFL Draft into Complete Chaos | Gridiron Heights Draft Special

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Somebody hacked the NFL draft, and it's complete chaos. Watch the Gridiron Heights draft special!

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21 Nis 2020




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Austin Welch
Austin Welch Yıl önce
The irony with Justin Herbert actually being a really good quarterback
HaHaHighFive 3 aylar önce
Jesus loves you and died on the cross for your sins and rose from the dead 3 days later. Get a relationship with God and Jesus and confess for your sins and Live for Christ and not the world and allow God and Jesus into your hearts. God and Jesus are trying to save you from going to hell. Jehovah and Jesus are all of our Gods and Lords and Saviors✝️
Kaiser Wilhelm II
Kaiser Wilhelm II 4 aylar önce
@serpent27 My bad I think I misread the conversation. Tua is trash.
Kaiser Wilhelm II
Kaiser Wilhelm II 4 aylar önce
@serpent27 didn’t that guy just say that Herbert was the best QB out of the draft class?
serpent27 4 aylar önce
@Kaiser Wilhelm II For one, Justin Herbert
Kaiser Wilhelm II
Kaiser Wilhelm II 4 aylar önce
@serpent27 he 100% is? Who’s Better?
Ian P
Ian P Yıl önce
Bill O’Brien: “The hacker is just telling me to do what I was planning to do” As a Texans fan, it’s true and it hurts
HaHaHighFive 3 aylar önce
Jesus loves you and died on the cross for your sins and rose from the dead 3 days later. Get a relationship with God and Jesus and confess for your sins and Live for Christ and not the world and allow God and Jesus into your hearts. God and Jesus are trying to save you from going to hell. Jehovah and Jesus are all of our Gods and Lords and Saviors✝️
Jeasse Wadee
Jeasse Wadee Yıl önce
Lee Chavez
Lee Chavez Yıl önce
Sonic Skychaser
Sonic Skychaser Yıl önce
Bill O'Brien is a hack!
The Unpopular Opinionated Tennessean
You Texans fans should be greatful to have an excellent coach in Bill O'Brien.
Wp619 Yıl önce
"He who is drafted somewhere, doesn't have to play there" -Eli Manning
Ratzyxx Yıl önce
this is going to be trevor lawrence and the jets
GoonerBear Yıl önce
@Chris Cam Verse 47: "You should probably only pull this tactic if your dad has weight with the NFL. Otherwise, you're probably out of luck, kid."
James Harden's free throw attempts
@Thomas LatimerThat's why Elway's the GOAT.
Worked out pretty good for him. 2X Rings and the Bolts are still searching for theirs
Ecksbox Yıl önce
"AH FLIP-" - Philip Rivers
Peter Yıl önce
“Oh no it’s making me draft Daniel Jones again!” 😆
CarsonTheSeaPickle 10 aylar önce
tbh i kind like daniel jones
CreativeTitle15 Yıl önce
My friends and I say this after someone messes up!
lay marrow
lay marrow Yıl önce
They did Daniel dirty with that comment
Joe Pichardo
Joe Pichardo Yıl önce
Daniel being watching this like (...what?)
lay marrow
lay marrow Yıl önce
They did him dirty
OC24 B7102
OC24 B7102 Yıl önce
"Hey, Mama. We Get To Leave Ohio!" *Gets Drafted By Browns.*
Joe Pichardo
Joe Pichardo Yıl önce
@devandude400 bengals and browns look the same!
CJ Jackson
CJ Jackson Yıl önce
@J Foster the joke is the browns are bad
Dennis Smith Jr
Dennis Smith Jr Yıl önce
@Anishthefish How are we bullying him? he calling us a dumbass
Anishthefish Yıl önce
literally stop bullying this devan guy to oblivion just because he didn't get a joke like my god you're all acting like discord mods
Ryan Barros
Ryan Barros Yıl önce
devandude400 the bengals being in Ohio doesn’t make your failed read of the joke any better
imjordan61 Yıl önce
"The Hacker's just telling me to do whatever I was planning on doing" I see we're dealing with a super genius
Gaming Superstar
Gaming Superstar Yıl önce
Dave: Who’s the person that has beef with everyone. Odell appears. They did my Giants dirty 😂
Marcus Young
Marcus Young Yıl önce
Giants better without OBJ tbh
jdubb45 Yıl önce
@Sitting back and watching It all happen that was actually hilllarious 🤣
Sitting back and watching It all happen
And he was on a boat like he was before the wild card game in 2016😂
The Fuzzy Pickle
The Fuzzy Pickle Yıl önce
@T.R.U. Louisianimal because it was the Giants GM asking who it was lol
Danny Reilly
Danny Reilly Yıl önce
And saying “oh no there making me draft daniel jones again” smh hes sick
Alex Ovechkins Golf Bag
BR: sees a six year old kid BR: hey kid you wanna be Joe burrow?
SWaT_Director Yıl önce
@Salem Nav indeed
SWaT_Director Yıl önce
@Salem Nav of course! I've done jake Luton, justin herbert, Joe burrow and tua! And also, great job with knowing
SWaT_Director Yıl önce
@Salem Nav not very soon no. And your boi smoking jay is voiced by our boi Jake.
SWaT_Director Yıl önce
@Lenzone big oof, but yeah, hopefully I dont deal with that for another year or two
SWaT_Director Yıl önce
@Salem Nav yep. Its really fun and enjoyable!
BE C Yıl önce
Derek Carr to Coach Gruden: "OK, so the problem is that you were using the computer like a whiteboard." Love that the computer has Grit and High Character Guys written in sharpie.
Ty Roland
Ty Roland Yıl önce
No, he was writing it with "Marker Mariota". (0:08)
jdubb45 Yıl önce
Hahahaha like the predraft white board things he used to do with QBs before he got back to coaching
16ktsgamma Yıl önce
Why is it that I see can see Gruden do that.
Raishaun Tanner
Raishaun Tanner Yıl önce
And Eli Apple X’ed out
BE C Yıl önce
So, Bill was the hacker all along and drafts Tua. Adam Gase. "No, there's no way he'd take advantage of an unique situation better than any of us." Wonder what The Hoodie will pull off in the draft this year?
Electronic Destroyers
Electronic Destroyers 11 aylar önce
You never know, as a Patriots fan, I swear to God, that man can legit pull black magic outta his ass. The only thing that stopped the patriots this year was freaking Cam Newton.
He just ended up trading down. Rather uneventful if you ask me. His dog was nice tho.
Vikram Chary
Vikram Chary Yıl önce
@F B thanks
F B Yıl önce
@Vikram Chary good call
BE C Yıl önce
Could Bill the hacker be the reason for the Packers draft so far? Is this Jigsaw's, err, I mean The Hoodies master plan to have Aaron be so mad he demands a trade and the Pat's happen to be a willing trade partner. The twist in all of this will be the dog we saw sitting at the draft room table before Bill entered really has been the mastermind behind the Pats dynasty all along.
p2b Yıl önce
"oh well. we'll take tua. bye." -bill belichick 2020
JR Brennan
JR Brennan 8 aylar önce
@Aizion Contado Didn't age well
SUPER PIG Yıl önce
Bill belicheck cant take the best Qb in a draft
UFforLife Yıl önce
Burrow was still on the board...
Aizion Contado
Aizion Contado Yıl önce
SW Tua is better My opinion
OF clown
OF clown Yıl önce
@SW bill likes bama
Sam-Reed D. III
Sam-Reed D. III 4 aylar önce
Imagine if Justin actually went to a good roster like the Dolphins. That would be an instant playoff team
Gedalia Schwartz
Gedalia Schwartz Yıl önce
The only reason Bill Belichick keeps on the “Bengals Sideline Cam” at 1:53 is because he’s wants to watch Joe Burrow cry before every game that he’s on the Bungals.
Bird_Gang_Az Yıl önce
I think it was a reference from last year where they accused of cheating for filming the substitutions of the Bengals
BarristanTheBold Yıl önce
Sick burn
KennyGame46 / KG46
Lol 😂
Tee Yıl önce
Toast Yıl önce
1:08 as a Texan fan this really made me laugh and helps ease my mind about our situation....Now I’m going to cry in a corner later after remembering our situation....
The Irishpanic
The Irishpanic Yıl önce
@Toast i mean we are also a laughing stock right now
Toast Yıl önce
The Unpopular Opinionated Tennessean you wouldn’t understand if you’re not a Texan fan. Yes we been all that but where we struggle is in the playoffs. We either get blown out or knocked out early...sometimes both. It makes it seems no matter how good our season is pointless when go out choking or losing to teams we shouldn’t be losing. Yes there are other teams that have it worse and I hope they can get through their situation, as for our situation we just seem to be stuck in a hump we can never seem to get over.
The Irishpanic
The Irishpanic Yıl önce
@The Unpopular Opinionated Tennessean we have a good quarter back
Tristan Shaw
Tristan Shaw Yıl önce
@The Unpopular Opinionated Tennessean You umm.....you spelled Ya'll wrong. Maybe you were attempting a terrible Texas accent on purpose, but I doubt it.
The Unpopular Opinionated Tennessean
Wow. Yawl have a good quarterback and an excellent coach. Are competitive every year. Yeah life sucks for yawl.
Something useless
“Yeah I can totally see them doing that” -Doug Pederson
Gingoo22 Yıl önce
Eagles profile picture -OneSunnyHuman
Tim Yıl önce
@Big Ounce L
Big Ounce
Big Ounce Yıl önce
Of course the eagles fan only looks at their coach
Daanish Ahmed
Daanish Ahmed 11 aylar önce
Watching this when Blankenship was insane and so was Herbert
313drepeso313 Yıl önce
Bless u bleacher report for keeping these videos going... You just don't know how much these laughs are needed right now. 😆🙏🏽💯
paris beech
paris beech Yıl önce
@313drepeso313 me too and game of zones too
313drepeso313 Yıl önce
@paris beech 🤣🤣🤣 Definitely my favorite cartoon sketch...
paris beech
paris beech Yıl önce
@313drepeso313 it made it laugh so much I watched it over and over again
313drepeso313 Yıl önce
@paris beech 💯🙌🏽
paris beech
paris beech Yıl önce
Catherine Stickels
Catherine Stickels 8 aylar önce
Hacking the draft to take Tua over Burrow and Herbert is hilarious in hindsight
King James
King James Yıl önce
I love how Jerry Jones is in the hospital from yesterdays call with Dak 😂
Zachary Zwigart
Zachary Zwigart Yıl önce
Its true, he's had a weird career LOL
Miguel Roman
Miguel Roman 10 aylar önce
Facts he's kinda like fitz but different
BE C Yıl önce
Roger Goodell starting the online draft "Oh, I can finally mute my employees." Yeah, that is likely something that what will cross his mind tomorrow night.
HeadCanon Yıl önce
So far, the dolphins would have actually won in this scenario
First Name Last Name
Watching this now, the bengals pick of Rodrigo Blankenship could’ve been a long shot possibility
Idky 3 aylar önce
Why couldn’t that hacker make us take Herbert in real life…
Daniel Zeng
Daniel Zeng Yıl önce
"How do I draft another QB" And he said it right to his face too.😑
Rodrigo Martinez
Rodrigo Martinez Yıl önce
carr dosen't deserve this....
bulldogsbob Yıl önce
Well it didn’t happen
dc7236 Yıl önce
King Panda Studios
When Blankenship is actually really good...
Angelthebagel777 7 aylar önce
This looks like the planet Mustafar
2010 Honda Accord
"Lets handle the hackers the same way as I did with Cody Parkey, Publicly and emotionally." -Matt Nagy
wrully Yıl önce
"No I didn't say that, I've been Zac Hacked" 😂😂
Ant Man
Ant Man Yıl önce
Adam Gase: “oh hell yeah! I love mind games” As a jets fan this is so true lmao 😂
1craley878 Yıl önce
I love how the hacker told bill O'Brien to just stick with their draft plan, probably figured that if they drafted an great player they could just take them from him for a 5th round pick.
Colton Reese
Colton Reese 3 aylar önce
the fact that Bill Belichick actually did the Dolphins a favor😭
Juan Yıl önce
“I love you football daddy”-Joe Burrow
Ryan L
Ryan L 10 aylar önce
@TheFlynnRider on the online draft, they actually booed him lmao
TheFlynnRider Yıl önce
What the hell? I thought we programmed out the boos.
Carnage Yıl önce
Owen Tushie
Owen Tushie Yıl önce
Juan bro i fucking died when I heard that💀
I love that Jerry Jones was in a full body cast after he fell off the ladder in the last episode. The continuity is intact lol
Braden Robertson
Braden Robertson Yıl önce
I think I had a weird football career. - Foles 2020
Mr Clean
Mr Clean Yıl önce
“The hackers just telling me to do what I was planning on doing” 😂😂😂
J Wex 97
J Wex 97 Yıl önce
“Nobody can make us make terrible picks!” Dang if you used the Browns on that one it would’ve been perfect! 😂😂😂
Boxed Otters
Boxed Otters Yıl önce
Love how they say Blankenship was a bad pick and now he’s one of the best kickers in the league
MSU Detroit Fan
MSU Detroit Fan Yıl önce
1:04 as a Michigan State fan I didn't then as a Detroit Lions fan Yes I would definitely take Urban Meyer as a Head Coach instead of "Donut Man" (taking Young would be nice also)
Chase Penney
Chase Penney Yıl önce
Love the keep doing what your doing with the Texans
VastBluepuppy 424
who else wants to see Rodrigo Blankenship taked 1st overall
Dan Mumbower
Dan Mumbower Yıl önce
Rodrigo the 🐐
Benjamin Handzel
Benjamin Handzel Yıl önce
Bro pause it when you see jon grudens screen and read the file names 0:08
GG Dayne 35
GG Dayne 35 Yıl önce
Hall of Fame Lock
falaflani Yıl önce
Nothing scarier than Bill Bellichick breaking the fourth wall and saying, "I'm watching your zoom calls too"
Marcus Sewell
Marcus Sewell Yıl önce
I would love some classic players in Gridiron Heights
Heavy Papa
Heavy Papa Yıl önce
‘We draft Jordan Love at 2’ ‘Yeah I can see them doing that’😂😂😂
Agent 7
Agent 7 Yıl önce
Jaemis throwing his phone to Gilmore is probably my favorite part of this
Josh Rivera
Josh Rivera Yıl önce
Bill o Brian: hey the hacker told me to do what I was planning 😂
AngryFinch Yıl önce
Blankenship is a great #1 overall thats like 3 points from the 50 every drive
TheJeffMan Yıl önce
Rodrigo Blankenship 💯 deserved #1 overall. Congrats on making it in the big league
Harrison Logan
Harrison Logan Yıl önce
I lost it at Bill O'Brien
Cheng Bros
Cheng Bros Yıl önce
@The Unpopular Opinionated Tennessean lol so what about now
The Unpopular Opinionated Tennessean
The fact that people are so disrespectful to a phenomenal coach in Bill O'Brien is blaently ungreatful.
Jorge Solis
Jorge Solis Yıl önce
as did i..and I'm a Texans fan
j&l m
j&l m Yıl önce
The draft will not be the draft without Goodell getting booed. Thank you Bleacher Report.
AiyukForSix Yıl önce
The bengals should’ve taken Rodrigo Blankenship tbh
Dan Mumbower
Dan Mumbower Yıl önce
Yea, they should
TDL Cannon
TDL Cannon Yıl önce
"What the hell I thought we programmed out the boos"🤣😂🤣😂
Randy Yıl önce
I legit cant wait to see this become a disaster honestly.
Jude Hindi
Jude Hindi Yıl önce
Bill O’Brien just do what ever you doing m 😂
Jude Hindi
Jude Hindi Yıl önce
thelinedrive defending bob is like defending Ryan grignon for never going below .500 both suck at their jobs and both are wasting elite qb’s
thelinedrive Yıl önce
USF Fan No he’s not, The Texans have been immensely talented since he got there, but his asinine coaching has held them back. There is a reason he is a career .500 head coach. And if you want to argue the Bill O’Brien is a good coach remember this is the same guy who started Tom Savage over Deshaun Watson and gave the Browns a run for their money in terms of most QBs used as a “QB Guru” because he was Fortunate enough to be the offensive coordinator for Tom Brady. Let’s also not forget that until this year he has never had a real playoff win as his only win before this last playoffs was a Derek Carr less Raider team. He then promptly got ass pounded by every other playoff team he has ever faced. With the exception of a young Bills team in a game that went to overtime because he wouldn’t take a damn field goal with less than a minute left to make them have to score a touchdown, which they hadn’t done since the opening drive.
Jude Hindi
Jude Hindi Yıl önce
USF Fan USF Fan bill you’re shit get over it bill we all know it’s you
USF Fan Yıl önce
@Jeffrey Chen stop defending a winner from being called bad? Hes objectively a winner. Making you a hater.
Jeffrey Chen
Jeffrey Chen Yıl önce
Seriously, stop defending the guy.
Samuel Wacaster
Samuel Wacaster Yıl önce
I love how if they drafted justin herbert it might have been better
DragonLord 3
DragonLord 3 Yıl önce
The Goodell part was funny af
JA 12
JA 12 Yıl önce
Gruden and Carr practicing social distancing 😂😂😂
Yashar MJ
Yashar MJ Yıl önce
Hackers letting Bill O'Brian do what he wants was genuis lmfao had me rolling
MeerMittenz Yıl önce
You should make an episode showing how you come up with ideas for gridiron Heights this was really good
Brennan Smith
Brennan Smith 3 aylar önce
The hacker would’ve done the Dolphins a favor
i snag17
i snag17 Yıl önce
simulated Joe Burrow: I love you football daddy simulated crowd: Boo Goddell sucks Goddell: What the hell I thought we programmed the boo’s I was dead
Trenton Blackwelder
OC24 B7102
OC24 B7102 Yıl önce
Mr. Big-Chest
Geek Scouts
Geek Scouts Yıl önce
he doesnt have the brain capacity to hack anything or even sign into a computer
@J C Mr. Broadband Criminal
J C Yıl önce
Charhay RD2K
Charhay RD2K Yıl önce
who else noticed that the dolphins would have been a good draft pick if they selected Justin Herbert?
Liam Roche
Liam Roche Yıl önce
“The hackers just telling me to do what I was planning on doing”
Maruthi Birudavolu
The hacker made the right choice for taking Herbert instead of Tua.
Sam de los Reyes
Sam de los Reyes Yıl önce
The Bill O’Brien part 😂😂
Food_Toobs Yıl önce
"Hey Jameis just gave me his phone, I don't think it was him." Well, that clears up the INT meme that's been going around lol.
Rated-R SuperStar
As a Packers fan I feel that the hacker did get to the packs 😥
Did anyone else notice that one of the Belichick’s cameras said “Bengals Sideline”
Muirkat Yıl önce
“I love you football daddy” is the best thing this show has done yet.
ZaneFilms Yıl önce
This might be my favorite gridiron heights episode
Ben Ivey
Ben Ivey Yıl önce
Joe Burrow: stay in school youngsters Covid19: yeah how about no
Daniel Naiman
Daniel Naiman Yıl önce
Dolphins unironically happened to make the right pick taking Herbert. He's legitimately already a top 10 qb imo, so much promise, whereas Tua really hasn't done much himself.
ArmandAce 11 aylar önce
Bill O’Brien: the hackers just telling me to draft whoever I was planning on drafting 😂😂
Savannah Harris
Savannah Harris Yıl önce
I love seeing Joe burrow in this😂
J-876 King
J-876 King Yıl önce
Even with hacking in their favor, the Cowboys would still find some way to remain mediocre 😂😂
Ben Singh
Ben Singh 11 aylar önce
Dolphins should have actually drafted Herbert lol 😂
Heather Schoonmaker
Keep doing what you’re doing
Lil_KingLop3z 559
Goodell : Now we created digital recreation so that players can still hug me . Burrow : I love you football daddy
Josiah Jones
Josiah Jones Yıl önce
The Dan Snyder one makes me laugh all the time.
Kloud Yıl önce
The fear and sadness in zac Taylor’s voice tho 0:38
Sterling W
Sterling W Yıl önce
The fact that Adam Gase's clock says "awake time" around the clock is outstanding. Dude is definitely coked out of his skull.
The Spice Melange
That kid is brilliant! You better pay me Odell money for this... 🤣🤣🤣
AstroBomb Yıl önce
Nick Foles in a Bears uniform doesn’t feel normal
Big Bicep Bill
Big Bicep Bill Yıl önce
The Herbert joke didn’t age well 😈
Edward Nebiolo
Edward Nebiolo 5 aylar önce
Sometimes I wonder if Belicheck actually watches too hot to handle
SV2020 Yıl önce
Goodell: I can finally mute my employees 😂😂😂
a j
a j Yıl önce
The herbert joke is genuinely great looking back
diffuse Yıl önce
AHAHAHAHA the Nagy one😹😹that just made my day as a Bears fan
Joey Weber
Joey Weber Yıl önce
“I love you football daddy” 😂😂😂
DC Yankee
DC Yankee Yıl önce
@history guy what the hell I thought we programmed out the boos
history guy
history guy Yıl önce
Boo Goodell sucks
Kody Yıl önce
The 39-55 record on Derek Carr's house had me dying
The Unpopular Opinionated Tennessean
Very disrespectful. Dude ain't a world beater, but is a solid QB. Not his fault, he has been sattled with a clown franchise.
G-Roc 44
G-Roc 44 Yıl önce
Lol Bill O’Brien whole GM career is a hack 😂. They told him continue doing you 😂
jamaicangirl2000 Yıl önce
"You guys better be paying me Odell money for this." - Joe Burrow
douglas fazzani
douglas fazzani Yıl önce
The two best things to ever happen to the NFL - RedZone and Gridiron Heights
Chad M
Chad M Yıl önce
What’s crazy is the draft actually went smoothly
Clonky_Ding Yıl önce
The way mike was introduced 😂
Latitude Yıl önce
"Commissioner booing brought to you by Bud Light"
Ryan Kohler
Ryan Kohler 11 aylar önce
Lol who knew rodrigo would go on to be so good
Da charged Duck
Da charged Duck Yıl önce
1:11 has to sting the fins, knowing they missed out on Herbert..
Charles Harding
Charles Harding Yıl önce
This is nightmare fuel, Bill Belicheck is about to pull off something like this
BeedeeBurnin Yıl önce
I don't think we've considered how much could really go wrong in tomorrow's draft
What if Earth had Jupiter's Gravity?
Do you like chicken ? 🍗
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