A COMPLETELY Upgradeable Laptop? - Framework Laptop Review

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When Framework told me they were making a completely repairable laptop I assumed it would be a flimsy chonker... I've never been so happy to be wrong.

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Outro Screen Music Credit: Approaching Nirvana - Sugar High / approachingnirvana

Intro animation by MBarek Abdelwassaa instagram.com/mbarek_abdel/
Monitor And Keyboard by vadimmihalkevich / CC BY 4.0 geni.us/PgGWp
Mechanical RGB Keyboard by BigBrotherECE / CC BY 4.0 geni.us/mj6pHk4
Mouse Gamer free Model By Oscar Creativo / CC BY 4.0 geni.us/Ps3XfE

0:00 - You can't repair a MacBook!
0:15 - But you should be able to
0:42 - G.Skill
0:57 - Intro
1:06 - How Framework Started
2:28 - Opening it up
5:10 - Modular IO
8:30 - Motherboard
11:45 - Keyboard, trackpad, screen
14:20 - Setup and using it
17:50 - Micro Center
18:28 - Outro

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31 Mar 2023




Yük bağlantısı.....


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Orange Juice Gaming
"The dell's not even fkn thinner" You can tell Linus is genuinely impressed with what Framework has done lol
Dom Toretto
Dom Toretto Yıl önce
Ayo OJ?
Antank Yıl önce
fancy seeing you here oj
minecrew supernt
minecrew supernt Yıl önce
And genuinely and justifyingly hates dell
Staar Finger
Staar Finger Yıl önce
I didn't know oj liked LTT
Noah Braasch
Noah Braasch 4 aylar önce
Got mine a few days ago. It's definitely the coolest thing I've ever owned. The trackpad is not great, but I'm literally not even concerned because when a new, better one comes out I can just .. swap it! It's so cool!
Orbis Pictus
Orbis Pictus 9 saatler önce
@Ruslan Yefimov we can repair the electronic devices ourselves but this is getting different with the products that have come out recently as I don't think there're many company that still make repairable laptops (and other devices). Yes we can still fix some components, change some other things but that has become much more difficult. Most companies want us to buy new, not fix. Electronic devices have never been and may never be environmentally friendly, but we can reduce those impacts and that's what a lot of people are looking at with companies like framework.
Ruslan Yefimov
Ruslan Yefimov 23 gün önce
You could initially buy a laptop with nice touchpad :D I don't know what people are talking about repairability, but when a HINGE ripped off from the screen on my first gaming laptop, I've just glued it back on epoxy and assembled back together.. I really don't understand what's so special about this "modular" laptop if when something really breaks, you can repair it by yourself most of the time. And it really doesn't matter how modular the laptop is. If you can't repair a normal laptop, the chances are, you won't be able to repair this one as well p.s. Even though, I prefer buying a top-tier laptop and just using it for a couple years before swapping on something completely different, being able to adjust RAM timings would be really nice..
Mi 2 aylar önce
@syriangamer can you drop a link or name of the product? cannot find it
The Rat King
The Rat King 3 aylar önce
@Noah Braasch i got the i5-1240p, 1tb sn850 nvme and 16gb of ddr4 (i assume that is what you mean)
Timeward 10 aylar önce
8:50 The fact that when this thing eventually becomes obsolete, you could just easily take out the motherboard and repurpose it for some other project is briliant
Epsicron 2 aylar önce
And with the additional BIOS options like start on ac you can even use it as a headless server once you no longer use it as a laptop, its amazing
Church of eg
Church of eg Yıl önce
The first step toward PC level laptops Imagine Manually built laptops That's the dream
Super Nova
Super Nova 3 aylar önce
@Quiet Wandererthey were originally planning for the DIY edition to be less assembled
Quiet Wanderer
Quiet Wanderer 6 aylar önce
Getting the DIY edition for this reason (and cost saving, and I want linux) it's not quite there as a full "from tge ground up" DIY build, but having built my desktop the temptation is irresistible
Big Mike
Big Mike Yıl önce
As soon as this has a Ryzen option, I'm there, this concept is something I've been wanting for a long time and this seems to be the most competent execution of it so far
Justin H
Justin H 5 gün önce
demo 5 gün önce
preorder a ryzen 7 framework in batch 1. can't wait!
CataclysmZA 8 gün önce
Well, well, well...!
XxZombieKillerxX Aylar önce
@Jrstepos swap out the motherboard then hehehehe
Louis Flores
Louis Flores 4 aylar önce
Zen4 Cpu's all have built in Graphics so this could very well happen soon.
cheese lord
cheese lord 9 aylar önce
They’ve actually started releasing motherboard replacement kits which is super awesome
Louis Rossmann
Louis Rossmann Yıl önce
I hope this product & this company lives up to what they're trying to do and is able to produce many more amazing, like minded products. Preferably with a trackpoint 😈
Zvonimir Sudic
Zvonimir Sudic 4 aylar önce
It would be for the best soo people wouldnt constantly be saying one company has bether than other for laptops on one side like storage but the second one has bether something. Than we can all agree on one laptop company and just be talking about new upgrades to be putting into laptops
The Noob
The Noob 4 aylar önce
@Mbeluba They could add that option in the future.
The Noob
The Noob 4 aylar önce
They could make a keyboard that has one of those and also make a track pad that is just left and right click.
Jonas Mikkelsen
Jonas Mikkelsen Yıl önce
I was thinking about the lack of a trackpoint the entire time
Drew Yıl önce
@First Name Last Name personally I always use an external mouse, because I can’t stand track pads
Julia Goad
Julia Goad Yıl önce
My mother was a network engineer, I actually remember asking her well over twenty five years ago, why all computers didn’t do this, when it would be better for people and the environment, and I remember it partially because it was not only one of the few times in my childhood she just flat out could not come up with an answer for me, but she actually got kinda mad at me when I kept asking, and I wasn’t allowed to go to the computer camp we’d been checking out for summer. On a side note, if you can make the general keyboards changeable, could you not also make different types of specialty keyboards, such as dual screen or tablet screen, that could be subbed on to the bass chassis for persons such as artists, designers, and those in stem fields, who might need them?
JengaCube 4 aylar önce
@Gouramii omg yeah lol
Quiet Wanderer
Quiet Wanderer 6 aylar önce
Even if I might not want it, a touchscreen replacement for the keyboard would be a neat option for later models, or other odd setups as you said, integrated mini joystick(s) perhaps...
someone 6 aylar önce
i wish we could atleast add more ram to laptops , i have a lenovo z580 from 2014 i cant afford anything more dont judge me its got a intel i3 processor and about 4 gigs of ram but for some reason even when i am not using any apps of programs 2 gigs are always filled up idk why
Red MOON 8 aylar önce
@Gouramii I was thinking the same thing!!!
Gouramii 8 aylar önce
ThrownSoFarAway 7 aylar önce
My big thing (only halfway through the video so I don't know if they touched on it but) the packaging is amazing. The amount of products I order or buy off the shelf that wastes so much space. M.2 drives are insanely small yet come in boxes 3 times as wide and 4 times the thickness/depth. Those baby boxes for the interchangeable ports/drives are just great to see.
Kyle Reeping
Kyle Reeping 6 aylar önce
To be fair, lots of things are packaged like this to prevent theft in retail stores (and they're too lazy to change it for online sales). I remember when large flash drives used to come in nearly 8.5x11" plastic packaging so people wouldn't steal them.
Know1 Yıl önce
Framework is an awesome company. It's about time a company started doing this. Patiently waiting for the 15" model. Make it powerful, please.
Shell Shock
Shell Shock 6 gün önce
It's here now 16 inch though
Sascha Diekmann
Sascha Diekmann Yıl önce
That's why i miss the early 2010's with goodies like Thinkpads or the Dell Precision lineup. Those PCs were modular AF and nearly everything was swappable, with the Dell even the graphis unit. I'm no boomer, but i am still so used to the trackpoint mouse, that even a huge 1-button trackpad or fancy new IPS/OLED still stand under the impact on my comfort working on one of these things.
Matteo Cristini
Matteo Cristini Yıl önce
Yes! If they can make a keyboard with a trackpoint, most thinkpad enthusiasts might switch to framework considering the current Lenovo line-up. I know i would
omar saeed
omar saeed 10 aylar önce
What’s so great is that even if people don’t know or don’t want to open up the laptop they can take it to a repair shop that will have no problem fixing/upgrading this laptop
Owen Horn
Owen Horn 2 aylar önce
Exactly. The ports options will be what sells this to the general public.
Yusef Aslam
Yusef Aslam 7 aylar önce
The entire concept is that you learn how to open it up yourself and add or remove stuff, they provide documentation too, very cool stuff.
Aman Pandey
Aman Pandey Yıl önce
Guys we need to make this the most successful laptop ever
Guru 4 gün önce
​@Tommyintheair it is now!
Gameplayer 55055
Gameplayer 55055 4 aylar önce
@Shirley Márquez Dúlcey usually people buy laptops that just work for studying/working and have some portability. 10 years old laptops work too, but just less pretty. Gamers are interested in PC's because size always matters. gaming laptops are bullshit - neither powerful nor portable (heavy, drains quickly) so people will just look at system specs, price and use it for tens years
TabalugaDragon 6 aylar önce
make it a gaming laptop and it should be sucessful, that is if performance and pricing are on par with the competition. Heck I'd pay 20-30% more if the GPU was upgradeable.
IrelandVonVicious 6 aylar önce
@Quiet Wanderer I got five Linux systems currently. I'm well aware of what it can currently do. The world will have changed thirteen years from now.
Quiet Wanderer
Quiet Wanderer 6 aylar önce
@IrelandVonVicious I can install Linux on a 2012 laptop and still play old games fine and do any and all productivity via Free Open Source Software (FOSS), relevance is relative and realistic expectations can keep something running long, long after it's release date
hbarudi 3 aylar önce
This company is great, there are other startups that offer linux such as tuxedo too. But we need those 2 in 1 laptops to become available from someone other than the big laptop companies.
The Tall One
The Tall One 2 aylar önce
the only problem is that they are probably going to go bankrupt once they get fully built up because they aren't going to put out new product's once third parties start making modules
WaywardPondering Yıl önce
This is damn close to my dream laptop. Been a long time since I’ve been excited about new tech. The framework hardware maybe enough to pull me away from the Apple ecosystem.
Skux 11 aylar önce
The modular I/O ports are such a great idea. Everyone uses their laptop differently and they will be able to customise it to fit their exact needs.
User 3 aylar önce
I would consider this if it had one or two more expansion slots and a dGPU, hope they come out with something like that soon
ClimateAdam 9 aylar önce
Sooo hyped to see new (well actually old!) models of making our tech done so well. Thanks for bringing light to it, and here's hoping we start seeing our stuff as more upgradable and less disposable!
Alvin Yıl önce
I want to see this company succeed. Many company that say they’re trying to be “environment friendly” this is environment and user friendly
bri-ish man
bri-ish man 5 aylar önce
throwing laptops in the trash is not environmentally friendly
ghostcat 5 aylar önce
it's not user friendly, it's power user friendly
Wanderer 5 aylar önce
Dylon Adams
Dylon Adams 5 aylar önce
@Rob H. We may see a day where they can be. Our processes are just outdated and we use crude ways to arrive at the finished product.
wxbrainiac 11 aylar önce
@Cupcake whisperer you just want a cupcake
Tallak Bertin
Tallak Bertin Yıl önce
This would be amazing for schools, in that students could get the joy of building and getting to understand their hardware, and the school could with such greater ease aquire and install replacement-parts if something breaks (which always happens)
CoolerXavier Yıl önce
Bought mine today for school thanks to Linus' review! This company and how they're trying to do this warms my heart and I wanna see them succeed!
Lucas Maizeray
Lucas Maizeray Yıl önce
I received my framework laptop some weeks ago. (I'm french) I was expecting a good device, but I am pleasantly surprised, it is more powerfull that expected. I have got a desktop pc with a good CPU and GPU for 3 or 4 years. In the CPU intensive tasks, like video editing and such, the framework is better and quicker at exporting those videos. Obviously the framework gets hotter (85°c approx.) and my desktop pc doesn’t overcome 60°c with a noctua air cooler. The lack of GPU makes it less performing in games and real time 3d work, but not as much as I thought. Even in big games, if I drop down the resolution and set the graphic parameters as « low » it work quite well. The screen, keyboard and trackpad are really great, the sound is OK not super powerfull but good. I have a macbook pro for my work and I have ever found the keyboard to be annoying to use. The trackpad is also quite « sticky », fingers don’t slide easily on the surface, the framework is way more enjoyable to use for me. The small form factor is so cool, even more with this tiny power supply. I think that it is a great device, with evolution and personalisation in mind at is core, and I hope that framework will continue on the long run, I am really happy to have get one !
Rosaria Yıl önce
This laptop is a must buy for me - everything flexed here is just worth spending my cash for. Hopefully this company succeeds and expands its components to allow for touch screen displays, and mobile GPUs like the 3050 Ti
Tynted Yıl önce
I will absolutely buy one of these in the future if they put a good touchscreen with pen support and GPU in it! Really hoping that's their next step.
Owen Horn
Owen Horn 2 aylar önce
I do agree, touchscreen will be nice, though a nice to have unless you really like notetaking with a pen. If they do a touchscreen they might as well do a fully folding hinge (360)
Vanessa Rodrigues
Their site crashed due to too many viewers going and taking a look. That's how you know a review is good.
Gamers_circle 26 gün önce
@grizzly bear with no rizz oke
Gamers_circle 26 gün önce
grizzly bear with no rizz
I'm gonna try and see if I can get this
enrique amaya
enrique amaya 2 aylar önce
@The Doctor Jesus loves you.”,”;”,””.”;”;,
John Paul Buce
John Paul Buce 8 aylar önce
thats funny
BoostOrDie Yıl önce
Would be awesome if they would do it on a standart thin laptop (not air size) so that you could get more slots on sides and upgradable MXM GPU module
Bryan Elliott
Bryan Elliott Yıl önce
I've got one of these. It's a fantastic laptop, works OOTB with Linux, and the fact that I can get upgrades for an already awesome lappie going forward is amazing. Incidentally, it _does_ have intrusion detection, but as the first user, I have full control of it. Also, my first support purchase after buying it was a second power brick - it also charges my phone super-fast, and getting a good high-wattage USB-C charger is hard.
Owen Horn
Owen Horn 2 aylar önce
How does the intrusion detection work? Just a switch?
Jamie Sylver
Jamie Sylver Yıl önce
I am completely sold on Framework's laptops. Also for the high end specs I'm looking for its way cheaper than I ever thought. Going for roughly the same specs of other laptops Ive been looking for, its way cheaper, and upgradable too! As a tech enthusiast, I do think upgradable laptops are a must have, and if I'm honest, Ive been looking for a while.
Kyle Reeping
Kyle Reeping 6 aylar önce
Yeah I did the same thing as you, I compared prices and when compared to things like dell or lenovo.... the price is near identical. Of course it's not as cheap as the "cheap brands" that use worse parts, but what do you expect? I ordered one immediately.
Matthew Trebs
Matthew Trebs 7 gün önce
Update: almost 2 years later they're more upgradable than ever. They now support amd 7000 and intel 13th gen motherboards to swap, and louder speakers, bigger battery upgrade, a matte screen option, and theyre dropping a 16 inch with even more customization
Imran Huseynli
Imran Huseynli Gün önce
It aged incredibly well. As an absolute laptop hater, Framework might be my first go go.
JogAlong 17 gün önce
I find this revolutionary. Ability to choose what ports you need on a laptop is supreme
user51gh Yıl önce
Finally, a manufacturer that ACTUALLY seems to care about the environment, instead of just saying that they do.
Jumbomuffin 13
Jumbomuffin 13 7 aylar önce
Tech enthusiasts and gamers talking about the environment is just a joke
Abdullah Khan
Abdullah Khan 9 aylar önce
@James Yoo how do you think they will do now?
konradfun 10 aylar önce
The environment is what you start worrying about when you've run out of things to worry about
pax und peace
pax und peace Yıl önce
Being environmentally friendly today still does mean working in big scale and this really counts for big tech. Still this is good innovation and in opposition to a phone and lap should run a few years and be expendable like a PC.
Niv88 Yıl önce
@James Yoo IMO, I think they are visionary and bold enough to sieze a brilliant business opportunity that happens also to be green. I hope other manufacturers will learn from them.
Irhamel 11 aylar önce
I just saw this, and I am in love with this product, it is simply amazing how this company was so unknown to me until today that I'm even ashamed to call myself a PC enthusiast.
samename1st 11 aylar önce
I watched this again after videos of Apple product repair. I love the fact that their team consists ex-Apple engineers. I am in the market for a new laptop and this is top of the list. I stretch the life of my computers well beyond what is expected or reasonable, so nice to upgrade a little more often than a decade for a laptop. I am of the 0.0001% of the population that uses the TrackPoint, my IT department was shocked with my request for a replacement cap. Would love to this as an option on a keyboard, as they are vanishing from most on the market I have seen.
Aasishwar Saravana
Aasishwar Saravana 9 aylar önce
I would LOVE to see a thin and light gaming and productivity laptop from framework in 14 and 16 inch 16:10 aspect ratio. It would be a massive hit if done and implemented properly
Nate Holden
Nate Holden Yıl önce
Honestly I love modular things like this. Why isn’t everything like this? I think that everything should be modular!
netweed09 8 aylar önce
This is so important. I really hope the industry in general work towards a 'Laptop unification' platform that covers Mobos to Graphics cards and disk drives; just like the desktop category. I'm really unsure why this hasn't happened, other than the usual Greed/business reluctance. It makes so much sense to making Laptops the new desktop.
Not My Real Name
Not My Real Name Yıl önce
I love how Linus handles the hardware he’s reviewing. It’s like 60% tech review and 40% durability testing.
Soma Yıl önce
durability testing.. like how he almost threw it in the beginning 😁
Ilham Yıl önce
well, if it's linus proof then it's consumer proof
NetoriusNapster Yıl önce
Sir your percentages are the wrong way round haha
tigergreene Yıl önce
Linus is like that grandpa who keeps crashing the car and plowing through pedestrians but refuses to stop driving.
Shatterstone Yıl önce
Perfectly balanced, as all things should be.
AntisepticHandwash 7 aylar önce
I'm very excited about this. This has a very high chance of being my next laptop. I have an 00's ThinkPad and the reason I have it is repairability. When that kicks the bucket this is going to be VERY high on my list to consider.
Chris Meyer
Chris Meyer Yıl önce
Linus, Thanks for the recommendation! I have purchased the Framework diy edition. I knew what I was buying but I was still impressed by what I got.
Owen Horn
Owen Horn 2 aylar önce
@Chris Meyer How has it been?
Chris Meyer
Chris Meyer Yıl önce
I totally made up a reason to get a new laptop just to get one.
Izzy Yıl önce
Framework has chassis intrusion sensors. The difference is they don't lock you out of your device, just let you (or an admin) know that your laptop was opened and, if you didn't consent to that, you should check into that.
daboss man
daboss man 4 aylar önce
Which is a good way to so that Chassis intrusion sensors shouldn't brick the device until it's closed and stuff.
Mhx Air
Mhx Air 3 aylar önce
I was just describing something very similar to this to a friend that I've said I've always wanted something like this for years, and I had no idea it was real. Please let this become the standard for laptops and phones. This is perfect
AmberAmbitions 9 aylar önce
Some of their options on their website are also AMAZING. Their expansion cards are affordable and useful. They have everything you need to upgrade it, at decent prices. They even have some customization options like different keyboards, different color bezels, *even different weight hinges*.
Christopher Mullins
This company just got the best advertisement of their entire existence.
Gabe Ford
Gabe Ford Yıl önce
@K C his wet dream appeared in his shop. Dude was almost crying with joy lol
WOLFRAGE Channel Yıl önce
@Johannes Lusk same
Privasaurus Rex
Privasaurus Rex Yıl önce
you should see the vid that just came out where he invests 200,000 into the company
Sky Emperor
Sky Emperor Yıl önce
@Johannes Lusk Bummer that it probably isn't going to be officially available in my region for atleast a decade.
Desslosh (Nos)
Desslosh (Nos) Yıl önce
And 1 month after, they got an even better advertisement.
Tefen Ca
Tefen Ca Yıl önce
Love it! Would prefer a slightly larger model where the extra space is just for extra airflow with improved cooling.
Patrick King
Patrick King 8 aylar önce
I hope they do a 17"+ modular gaming laptop with all the bells and whistles.
Gabriel Tournier
Gabriel Tournier 11 aylar önce
Hi Linus!!! a Long term review would be nice for this laptotp as sometimes modularity doesn't mean longevity thank's again for the heads up definitely keeping their website on my favourite!!
Owen Horn
Owen Horn 2 aylar önce
Btw he posted one (kinda)
Shannon Hooker
Shannon Hooker 29 gün önce
This is a great idea and others should follow their lead. Impatiently waiting for a 15, 16 or 17" version. A real video card would be great wish list item. Never been a fan of the whole on chip design.
Tktye 10 aylar önce
Got a framework myself too. It broke shortly after getting it, but it was easy to fix and I love it. Thanks for covering this laptop and company.
UrielMC Aylar önce
@yomamasohot got us in the first half ngl
8 aylar önce
@yomamasohot same
yomamasohot 10 aylar önce
For the first half of your comment I thought you were going to shit on the company ngl😅
JR Yıl önce
This is what happens when you have engineers do what they do best without interference from like a marketing team or bosses that want to cut corners and save money.
Alcatraz Crylake
Alcatraz Crylake Yıl önce
Mo Tagy Making money and selling the product get to be the priority. The product itself gets less resources. This will go on and on till nobody buys it anymore. The company than has enough money to put the quality higher again so people buy it again or the company will go down. The high people made a lot of money and the smaller ones lose their jobs. Business.
Drew Yıl önce
It’ll be better when you can at least get it with a Ryzen CPU, that would pair nicely with a good external GPU
Shawn Jones
Shawn Jones Yıl önce
umm none of you watched the videos that or the top channels all have fake commenters. since they do.
Mäýüŕá Vïřůš
@Matt Johnson Getting a GPU in a compact and portable chassis such as laptop is not cheap look at Acer Predator 21X new costed almost 2 used cars selling for 5k and it costed 9k just to buy it it has 2 GTX 1080 insidd a curve screen and mechanical keyboard
Mäýüŕá Vïřůš
Not Apple sadly they cut a lot of corners to save cost for user but it still cost a lot
Thewaterspirit57 Yıl önce
One thing I hope for that fully consumer friendly PC Razer is gonna make…. I hope the thunderbolt ports are really fast, or they use two as a standard for each module
Ryan Stanfield
Ryan Stanfield Yıl önce
Imagine if they made the website into a similar concept as Steam, but for computer parts for the laptop. Anyone who comes up with legit good ideas for the computer could put it directly onto the website, meaning they could more easily get publicity for it, while also framework could take a little bit of the cut. I feel that could greatly encourage a good community around the laptop, people making parts that work well, or make it look cooler. And the people who get to upgrade to whatever parts they want that are created
Lonely Nadino
Lonely Nadino 5 aylar önce
Imagine if only, in the future there will be a version where its assembled and is made for gaming. Like imagine the customizablity of a desktop but on a mobile laptop.
Cutie Patrol
Cutie Patrol 14 gün önce
sounds like a great product, well thought out and what we really need in todays markets. the only thing I can pick at are things like having a touch screen and foldable option.
MLFreese 11 aylar önce
I've been dreaming of this for years! Standardized , upgradeable chassis systems for laptops could make desktops largely obsolete for the average person.
VladimirDelToro 11 aylar önce
One thing Ive noticed is that the clear keyboard they include doesnt have any lettering on it. Thats really cool and I love clear, its my favorite "color" but as someone who while yes can type without looking, I dont always remember where say the % sign is or the F10 key, Id like to see some white or black coloring to see what key is being pressed a bit easier
K C Yıl önce
Looks like I found my next laptop! This is so amazing and I wish more companies did this.
Trenton Reid
Trenton Reid Yıl önce
I went from an old dell inspiron n15101 that ran windows 7 originally after Microsoft dropped support I switched to XFCE Linux Mint. But it ran reliably for years compiling code was abit on the long side but it worked. Got a framework and spec'd it out my self with my own hardware and am very happy with it. I hope they get big and make waves in the Industry.
Mensa Swede
Mensa Swede 10 aylar önce
Need a 15” and 17” size option. But yes, this is good to see the industry heading in this direction.
Back to watch this again. If only there was a model that had a better graphics option, I'd be all over it. Hell, maybe I'll get one just as a spare laptop or a work laptop if I need one.
James Yıl önce
Don't know a stronger endorsement than Linus buying the product halfway through the review
Mijc Osis
Mijc Osis Yıl önce
Exempt 1 Linus doesnt do paid reviews, if it is paid its titled 'showcase'. Its something he takes some personal pride in, and as you may have noticed he's pretty pride driven.
Arya Yıl önce
Exempt 1 Linus may slightly mislead people, possibly even intentionally. But he would never outright lie to you for no real reason, especially not for something trivial like a little bit happier sponsor. It's just.. not him
E4_Blitz Yıl önce
Exempt 1 You have to say if you're being paid to endorse something on TRvid
Enkii Muto
Enkii Muto Yıl önce
If he really likes it it will be hilarious to see he now comparing it to every future laptop we see
Deepwing0923 Yıl önce
Exempt 1 this wasn't a paid review though...
smibkourben Yıl önce
I'm definitely striving to get this laptop! Even if it isn't the beefiest laptop ever, the DIY project will certainly be very fun
Spawner5221 Yıl önce
I think people think he's selling out, but I think he's just ecstatic with it.
John Yıl önce
Interesting concept, but most of these things can be replaced fairly easily in most laptops, so long as you avoid the ones with soldered on ram. The expansion cards seem to be pretty basic as just USB c connectors for storage or things like HDMI ports. it's not like you can upgrade the CPU/gpu, which is the biggest thing holding back an old laptop. I've never had a laptop die before those components began to feel slow and dated.
Nikhil Pagote
Nikhil Pagote 7 aylar önce
I wish they come up with a 15-inch model. Also after the introduction of USB4, they must launch their AMD variant.
biff647019 Aylar önce
I've watched this video a couple times just because it was interresting, and now, I think Linus has convinced me I want this even though I am not going to buy it anytime soon because I just bought the GDP pocket 3. It was between a GDP laptop, and the Dell XPS for a while there and now I'm adding the framework to my list of favorite laptops, kind of like a cool car a might someday own.
jonni Yıl önce
This is literally the FIRST time that I WANT to buy a product after watching a review. Amazing and honest review by Linus for an awesome and well designed product
vaxick Yıl önce
@Brian Gastineau _ it supports eGPU's.
Dávid Kertész
Dávid Kertész Yıl önce
@Brian Gastineau _ It says on their website that you can replace the mobo for upgrade.
Aladin Albeik
Aladin Albeik Yıl önce
Brian Gastineau _
@philip lubduck yeah no kidding. I'd love to see them able to replace the Mobo as well so you can stay up to date with that too! Maybe have have compatibility with external GPU for casual gamers! I think toughbook did that a while back with an actual gpu shield. Either way, I'd buy!
philip lubduck
philip lubduck Yıl önce
This is the first time I’d invest in a product I’ve seen here.
Nuno Lameiro
Nuno Lameiro Yıl önce
I want one of these so bad!! Great work framework! Thank you Linus for your support 😉
Sloth Yıl önce
We need more technology like this well done linus!
Tech-WonDo 4 aylar önce
A little larger screen and a spacious chassis than this with motherboard/CPU/GPU upgradability would just start the trend of “Modular Upgradable Laptops” - That would be insanely good
J S Yıl önce
One of my first Notebooks i got in a Company was the Toshiba Tecra S1. I really loved that notebook becaus it had a swappable HDD slot and CD/DVD slot. Due to my work and the incompatibility between certain Software and Windows at the same installation it was just perfect. I went to one Plant and used the Whole System one the 1 HDD and on another Plant with different Hardware the 2nd one. It just would cost me a minute to swap and start the notebook again. even upgrading to bigger HDD was as easy as loosing 1 screw. I always have been wondering why nobody is actually building such systems.
Thomas Henderson
Thomas Henderson 28 gün önce
I love what they're trying to do. Hopefully by next year they come out with options for a solid 17" gaming laptop, I'd throw down on that for an upgrade. (I cross the pond too much to rely on a desktop)
Random Voice ie. Ian Tan
If desktops become a bigger hurdle to get, this just might take the cake as an alternative.
Vishal Pranav
Vishal Pranav Yıl önce
having watched Linus' videos for 4 years, i can guarantee that this is in the top 10 most positive reviews he has ever given for a product.
Alejandro Seetal
Alejandro Seetal Yıl önce
Abd Alhaleem Bakkor
Totally agree, totally deserves it 😍❤️
Harpskid Yıl önce
I've watched linus since he was reviewing the phenom cpus for NCIX...this is literally his most positive review, I agree.
the air accumulator
@Owen Shaffer top advertising
shoichi84 9 aylar önce
you had me at replaceable battery. Can't wait to rock this with a fairphone. more companies like this please!
fbot2010 8 aylar önce
Wow, this looks great. Keeps kids and ppl interested in building and understanding devices. Does upgrading components drive down the price of components, or is the industry changing too fast that it's more profitable to sell a shiny black box? Perhaps supply chain shortages will revamp interest in getting individual components instead of waiting for a whole laptop. Having x86 and ARM/RISC options sounds interesting. Hope they succeed.
fizdog Aylar önce
I have a gaming laptop that I was lucky enough to upgrade the RAM and SSD without doing something wrong. Lol. Don't know much about the insides or if this company has one already but I'd definitely ditch my current laptop for one if they had one powerful enough for gaming since that's what my gaming laptop is mostly used for. Hope this company is here to stay. This is definitely a change then the standard laptops that you pretty much buy and ditch after they get old and slow 😁🤣
Tatiana Torres
Tatiana Torres 11 aylar önce
I honestly just hope that they progressively make new components instead of making one batch of upgrades for the model and then abandoning it and making a completely different model. *cough, cough* Fairphone... I had so much faith in that company and talked it up so much just to be let down. fingers crossed frameworks is diff. Here's rooting for the underdog.
Kyle Aegis
Kyle Aegis 6 aylar önce
Last laptop I bought was an alienware back in 2005... You've got me looking into Framework now. Might actually be worth the money.
TheBloodshire Yıl önce
Linus giving a good review on a new technology with little to no downsides: The website: God have mercy
SimplyBloxxed Yıl önce
Yep, error 500
hapy mine
hapy mine Yıl önce
There is no mercy!!!!!!
Remy Paquin
Remy Paquin 8 aylar önce
I want a 12th gen one of these so bad but I just can't morally justify the cost at this time considering I can get a 12700h with a 3070 for a bit cheaper. I know they're are for a totally different user and I would be willing to accept that but given the poor battery life of the framework it hard to again justify it against other opter like a Dell xps 13. I would also really love to see a model come with a few extra ports like a basic USB A and or C integrated amd then have the 4 expansion alots the little I O is a hard pill to swallow
Nuno Ponces
Nuno Ponces Yıl önce
"They got a strong framework" oh my 😂😂 About the laptop is amazing. I wish someday we get a smartphone like that too, since Google promised it but never delivered it...
FootsoreBird03 Yıl önce
I honestly hope they will release a model with the new ryzen 6000. And a larger model with a discrete gpu, and maybe even have the option of 2.5in drives.
Hassan Khan
Hassan Khan Yıl önce
having now got a framework laptop i have to say even though i got the preassembled version (ironically the config i wanted was cheaper that way by about £30) i'm really enjoying this laptop so far. the build quality feels premuim and well done and its 13.5 inch screen is the perfect middle ground for a student like myself who needs portability as well as performance. side note: having held the expansion cards in my hand i was surprised at how small they were and how big they look in linuses hand as compared to mine.
I actually prefer a thick bulky design over those flimsy looking ones, but its nice to see a thin laptop that can be upgraded. I dont want my laptop to feel like a tablet, I want it to feel like a laptop.
PiFre Yıl önce
This is definitely gonna blow up, it has everything we need and wanted our whole lives, Linus reviewed it, they have a simple URL for a website...And the website is under-maintenance already because of Linus.
Mr. Mul
Mr. Mul Yıl önce
Clasic Man Well... I agree... in the end, company need to make money somewhere. Still while I love the phone that can be upgraded... I just can't see it will work since phone just don't have the space
Cool Lobster
Cool Lobster Yıl önce
lol their website is being 'DoS'-ed right now by linus viewers
Mr. Mul
Mr. Mul Yıl önce
I mean... I have met a lot of people who bought laptop because it is replaceable. To be honest, as a techy guy, I really like the idea, but on the other side, I don't see there will be a lot of people will buy this. It really needs heavy marketing to convice "peasant" to buy some unknown brand. And those marketing costs a lot of money. That's why the laptop has reasonable price. And until this laptop has user upgradrable GPU, I won't see anyperson who will upgrade their CPU that much
NotLess Grossman
NotLess Grossman Yıl önce
Clasic Man yeah because spending 800$ to replace a whole screen because of a badly designed cable makes more sense? True story MacBook 2016-2018.
TheDeathmail Yıl önce
They should try to work with environmental groups. More connections would mean that they would have better longevity. And those are the perfect groups to target. Next would be education groups.
A Koala with Shades
A Koala with Shades 3 aylar önce
I'd probably give them a try the next time I buy a new laptop, but that'll be in a few years. Hope they're still going.
Supergnaw Yıl önce
This reminds me of Project Ara from Google, and I love the concept. Also, about the magnetic charging port comments, I wonder if the menagerie of magnetic cables on amazon would function just fine with this as a charging cable...
TUBEDUKE87 8 aylar önce
The concept is awesome! I will definitely look intos this if they start producing 15" - 17" with more (maybe 6) module slots and if they put gpus in it so you can use it for gaming.
Andrew 11 aylar önce
If they really want this to take off they need to make a gaming laptop that has a swappable gpu
Allan Wind
Allan Wind 8 gün önce
... they just announced the Framework Laptop 16 with Ryzen 7040 series support (specific model yet to be announced). I am unreasonable excited about the option of a centered keyboard, and never understood why Lenovo didn't do that that as an option on their P series.
Jarrod'sTech Yıl önce
Customizing where you want the ports is pretty sweet!
jon mon
jon mon Yıl önce
@Jarrod'sTech But at the cost of no dedicated gpu and premium price.... For what? Modular IO lmao..
Garrus Yıl önce
No mouse USB on the right! I can relate in Laptop gaming on the go.
Eugene Manugas
Eugene Manugas Yıl önce
@Vaibhav B V you can opt out of windows in the configurator. it does support linux.
Captain Heat
Captain Heat Yıl önce
@Vaibhav B V DIY version you can get without windows
Izzy SciFi
Izzy SciFi 2 aylar önce
i bought a gaming laptop because I wanted a desktop replacement that I could carry with me when needed, so it's powerful enough to do other things like programming or whatever. But I am seriously considering getting a framework laptop and putting linux on it to use specifically for programming and computer hardware tinkering. plus these would be awesome for schools/universities to have as upgradable and fixable, rather than the macbooks/surfaces that last a year before being destroyed by kids and needing to be disposed
Cameran Cummings
Cameran Cummings Yıl önce
That is something I would definitely buy. They did a great job!
Evan C
Evan C Yıl önce
I just ordered one and I'm real excited. Looks like a super promising replacement for my old laptop and a fun project at the same time
Tore R
Tore R 8 aylar önce
This is getting me hyped. Please revisit framework upgrades in future videos. Would love to hear more about theyr next products.
James Yıl önce
This is really cool but it only really excels in allowing for easy repairs. It could be a great product if they also looked at the accessibility standpoint like having a braille or raised keyboard, or being able to swap out the keyboard entirely for an adaptive game controller. Bluetooth and NFC/RFID reader/writer expansion cards. Something similar to a touch bar on a Macbook. It's a cool concept but it just seems like it's too early to buy.
Nessuno Yıl önce
And Linus crashed their website. I guess a lot of people find this compelling.
Sprinter Wind
Sprinter Wind Yıl önce
@Amal Tom And 15.6 without graphics. Many of us don't need it
Sprinter Wind
Sprinter Wind Yıl önce
@Framework When will you launch 15.6 version?
Luis Saldaña
Luis Saldaña Yıl önce
I need to hear Louis Rossman and Gamer Nexus take on this product, it would be interesting.
thebadness Yıl önce
@Framework you can thank me for my idea later. First make a freaken wired ethernet module.
Bart Yıl önce
@Shirley Márquez Dúlcey so show me those your REGURAL USB C dongles.......replacements
tomsterBG Aylar önce
This is an absolute game changer for laptops
Krissy 23 gün önce
I purchased this a week ago, I configured it myself with all the parts I want with it before the order. And it arrived in 5 in day. Happy with this laptop, never-ever would want any other laptop, it was love at first sight .
Michael Skinner
Michael Skinner Yıl önce
This reminds me a little bit of the printable laptop project... This is also why I like mobos and CPU’s that have undervolting/underclocking so you can get it to a laptop grade TDP with a smaller/low profile cooler There needs to be upgradeable motherboards or CPU’s. And an external GPU This is the “Professionally Polished” version of what I’d like to do, which is basically a fork of the printed “pi-top”, just with a ready made screen and better SOC. I’m glad they will Eventually include ARM SOC’s and RISC-V. That’s Also The Reason Nvidia Needs to be Allowed to buy ARM. Nvidia has been a contributing member of the Consortium for Years, and would Love to be able to attach their GPU’s to more CPU customers, rather than just Intel or AMD...
Zan Kelley
Zan Kelley 10 aylar önce
I really don't mind a larger laptop if it has the performance. They could make different sizes and probably have a market for all of them.
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