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#Roblox #Doors #Animation
Original by LightningSplash: @LSPLASH
Game Link: www.roblox.com/games/6516141723
Face Model by morscore
Jeny_Punker is using the RixFont cloud.




11 May 2023




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@Jeny_Punker 6 aylar önce
No! A-666's unsealed! 😣
@Jeny_Punker 6 aylar önce
안돼! A-666의 봉인이 풀려버리다니! 😣
@LavaBloxRBLX 6 aylar önce
@Seek__________ 6 aylar önce
no comments? imma fix that
@ride1998 6 aylar önce
아 망해써
@ZERAKUMA 6 aylar önce
@986x2 6 aylar önce
Perhaps A-666 is the room itself. Perhaps the rooms seem to be the initial appearance of the hotel, and the difficulty setting was evaluated as too difficult and discarded, and I think that it was sealed with a skull door and a lock just in case. Perhaps the reason why A-666 was unsealed is that the glitch's ability caused an error in the game script, so it shouldn't be unsealed, but it seems to have been unsealed.
@Mr_BIuey 6 aylar önce
@it55441 6 aylar önce
@bluebaconrago 6 aylar önce
오 저번에 만났던 채널이다
@986x2 6 aylar önce
@@bluebaconrago 누구세 ㅇ..
@bluebaconrago 6 aylar önce
홀트 훌트 댓글이요
@AbdullahSultan-sf6bn 6 aylar önce
this guy literally has made a single coin in the animation much detailed than expected
@MariaRomero-io2wn 6 aylar önce
In the real game of doors is that a 1 coin = 5 coins .
@it55441 6 aylar önce
@jeeminyu7680 6 aylar önce
i love how the camera shakes when A-666 passes by. it makes his arrival more dramatic and better
@gamermaxx 6 aylar önce
A-666 (the black dude with red lighting smile) summoned a-60
@@gamermaxx A-666 = the very dark red dude with red glitch around it + copy A-200 smile
@chanchan46464 6 aylar önce
Presumably, whenever the glitch exerts its power, the seal in A-666's room is broken, and when it is released, A-666 seems to have the ability to control or summon A-60, A-120, A-90, etc.
@mustafaacikgoz9707 6 aylar önce
You're right that fast one was A-60 . I thing He is control by A-666.
@Niceyt805 6 aylar önce
A-666 was sealed in the forbidden book which one controlled bacons friend and he was the only reason for bacon becoming glitch. If you have seen that video which jeny punker has deleted now you know what I am saying.
@Dan_VeryPoor 6 aylar önce
Hmm. I wonder how A-90 is going to work because A-90 spawns at EVERYONE in the server at the SAME TIME.
@suncho1349 6 aylar önce
@normalbee. 6 aylar önce
외국인 인줄 wow amazing
@lisagiaccone6365 6 aylar önce
i cannot describe how good these animations are
@BeijingC0rn 6 aylar önce
Jeny, it has only been a few months but you are close to 2 million subscribers. Congrats on making this far, bud. Your animation has improved a lot! I have seen some of your bedwars animations and their great but I cant understand Korean. I am not an OG but I wish I was. Hope the doors animation will be finished soon 😁
@yesimapancake 6 aylar önce
no Jeny was not few months he did deleted him video himself
@astridpagot88 6 aylar önce
@@yesimapancake No bro jeny maked few months of new Doors Animation, he never deleted him video himself What are you talking about☠️
@normalbee. 6 aylar önce
​@@astridpagot88 he's have past acount
@Mr_mrOficcial 6 aylar önce
😊ну согласен мне сложнее прочитать потому что я только 1 месяц учусь на английский для перевода я Русский
@astridpagot88 6 aylar önce
@@normalbee. yes
@GATO_510 6 aylar önce
Hey, Jen, and a question. How do you do the animations? They look really cool on you and I want to see how, it's not to make Doors videos but to see if they come out and be able to make some one day I already love your videos❤
@bristorey4501 6 aylar önce
They use blender or moon animator 2
@marchalvesgamer6958 6 aylar önce
​@@bristorey4501 thank you! I wanna know to make some animations too :)
@XenonEctorYT Aylar önce
I'm gonna try!!
@amog8235 6 aylar önce
Fun fact: A-60 was originally used in one of Kreek's streams, this led to _everyone_ trying to find him (This was before Hotel+) Edit: Oh and did I mention he is nicknamed the "Multi Monster"?
@SantaGotDrip 6 aylar önce
A-60 was actually from the old game on roblox called “the rooms” of course lol but the first witness of A-60 in doors was kreeks stream your right!
@Dan_VeryPoor 6 aylar önce
everyone knows that alrdy
@iloveaxolotl6477 6 aylar önce
@roomslover342 6 aylar önce
@@SantaGotDrip The name was actually Rooms, not The Rooms.
@SantaGotDrip 6 aylar önce
@@roomslover342 ehhh close enough lol
@sad_noob3567 5 aylar önce
A-666 is not what you think. if you look at his face closely, you'll see that it is quite similar to A-120's face. So A-666 could technically be A-120 and A-90 together
@kylespecial 6 aylar önce
Here’s my theory, A-666 is guiding light’s brother because he went into door A-000 in a video, after that guiding light never saw his brother ever again, guiding light’s brother probably was infected due to the amount of time he was in there, once he got out, all he could think of is chaos, which also gave him the ability to control the room’s monsters. Guiding light probably sense the energy since A-666 is his brother.
@altaccxd6810 6 aylar önce
That theory's pointless since Guiding Light's brother is basically Curious Light since they kinda died in the same way.
@P03. 6 aylar önce
​@@altaccxd6810 🤔
@nnlolk2 6 aylar önce
I really look forward to new episodes, as a lot of plot and unsolved meanings have not been shown (so far) But I think there will be more episodes, =)
@Faumom_2023 5 aylar önce
Я тоже
@user-ym3vb9db8h 6 aylar önce
If anyone had watched GameToons' animation about the hotel you can see that the key person was shown as glitch for a second
@DY12NR 6 aylar önce
Ever since Alan picked up that coin, I’m beginning to think the group will arrive at Jeff’s shop… I hope you’ll add this in your future animations Jeny and keep going, I believe in you!
@TinyCaitlyn 6 aylar önce
He will because in the trailer for season 2, you can see that the group is in Jeff's shop
@DY12NR 6 aylar önce
@@TinyCaitlyn thanks for letting me know!
@TinyCaitlyn 6 aylar önce
@@DY12NR ye welcome :D
@davidthemetroid3968 6 aylar önce
This animation was so cool! I loved the music when A-666 came out of the rooms!
@yellow_art25 6 aylar önce
Yes unused seek chase theme "seek moving"
@o5e.r.t.b.a.d359 6 aylar önce
Isn't A-666 an entity that checks lockers in the rooms?
@evalynn7948 23 gün önce
Bro NO
@alexacutie1268 6 aylar önce
Amazing animation as always jeny punker I love it, keep up the great work 🥰
@it55441 6 aylar önce
@alexacutie1268 6 aylar önce
@@it55441 what
@sad_noob3567 5 aylar önce
@acookingpot 6 aylar önce
Hyojin was left alone. She found three bandages. Halt appears, but Glitch teleports her to her group. Alan was very worried about where she had gone. They proceed to go to the next door. Alan finds out that there were two doors. One of them are fake. Alan tries to look at the previous door, and saw that the number was scribbled. Lina enters the fake door, encountering a new entity, "Dupe." She was confused. Alan calls out to them. In the previous video, Glitch was hugging her then just disappeared. In this video, it seems that when he used his power again, the lock in the "Rooms" get broken... And another entity or probably an error... appeared. It seems to be VERY harmful. It... summoned an entity, called "A-60." Guiding Light immediately sensed something was about to come. The lights shut down. Hyojin uses her lighter, and the light from Guiding Light was very bright. Guiding Light was trying to make Alan hide, because something was coming. Lina pulls Cow and tells him to be quiet, because "A-60" was coming. Hyojin hid under the bed behind Lina and Cow. Finally, this entity came. He was kind of like Rush, but slightly faster. Lina asks the others what happened because that entity was so quick that she couldn't see it right on time. Hyojin was the only one who saw it, and was scared. This dangerous entity exits the entrance to the "rooms." And maybe, would start to destroy this place.
@AcuteVerse_Error1x 6 aylar önce
Nice, But remember, SEEK IS ON THE LOOSE
@EpicAntGirlXD 6 aylar önce
@@AcuteVerse_Error1xmaybe seek wil save them unintentionally
@Tncp2022 6 aylar önce
Seek is just normal and doesn’t save them and still try’s to kill them with the goofy run but A-666 comes and attack hyojin with A-90 causing her/him/them to stop but then hyojin gets grabbed by a hand and cow throws a crucifix but she’s still could fall into the fire you can see here on the edge of the fire still falling and then it just ends
@Beary_gachaz-sx7fj 6 aylar önce
Goofy ahh run lol
@acookingpot 6 aylar önce
@BoxyBoo_OpilaPobBpon it only took like 10 minutes
@Dan_VeryPoor 6 aylar önce
Encountering this in doors. Would be pretty scary don't you think?
@Chubbles85 6 aylar önce
I think 0:21 to 0:28 is SOOO CUTE And SWEET!! You can really see how much Alan cares for Hyojin😍🥰
@Abrocus 6 aylar önce
How do you animate so well????
@user-np7oq7fo6b 6 aylar önce
형이 한국인인게 너무 좋고 자랑스러워 그리고 표절이나 불펌해서 광고를 내도 형이 잘 만들어서 그런거니까 힘내!
@JavierMilei_2.0 6 aylar önce
I would love for these animations to last at least 5 or 10 minutes, they are very short but I congratulate you, they are really great!
@TinyCaitlyn 6 aylar önce
The reason why they are short is probably because it takes awhile to make these animations and if he decided to make a 5 - 10 minute animation it would take some time to complete... but yeah I also wish these were about 5 minutes long :]
@JavierMilei_2.0 6 aylar önce
​Yes, just as it takes time to make animations, I am preparing some 3D animations and it has taken me 3 months to do it to move the arms, as will everything, and it will only last 4 minutes xd
@TinyCaitlyn 6 aylar önce
@@JavierMilei_2.0 darn xD
@Official_OCM 6 aylar önce
The old Seek music matches perfectly
@HarshalGaikwad31 6 aylar önce
I clicked faster than A-60 going 600mph
@TinyCaitlyn 6 aylar önce
A-183: you cant beat me
@HarshalGaikwad31 6 aylar önce
That thing exists?
@@HarshalGaikwad31 Yes In interminable rooms
@user-eu2mw3tv8x 6 aylar önce
the video is darn amazing i was worried that Hyojin, Alan, Guiding light, and Cow wouldn't make it out of the hallway (and we can all agree Jeny is an amazing animator)
@TonyIsDed 6 aylar önce
Jeny’s Doors episodes literally have more lore than the game itself! I like it.
@ahiyaanarafin2409 6 aylar önce
A-666 is my favorite entity
@TonyIsDed 5 aylar önce
It’s not related at all, but ok
@QueeennMK 6 aylar önce
Not going to lie this is now 70% Jeny's own lore and its so good 👍👍👍
@juki.miraculous4692 6 aylar önce
Your animations are so amazing, your talent impresses me more and more, I would love to see animations like that of "Evade" that would be great 😸💗
@lepetitrenard_8668 6 aylar önce
A-60 literally entered in doors dimension, and i'm sure he's not the only one
@Dragonite491 6 aylar önce
it's cool that he put the unused seek chase music
@perroncauzaz 6 aylar önce
que recuerdos cuando me lo pase 8 veces ._.
@jaidenbonsall5122 6 aylar önce
I like how guiding light sensed that the lock was brocken almost like he and a-666 are sworne rivals and he was the person to lock him up
@starsilverinfinity 6 aylar önce
There are three ways to get around the fake doors: 1) memorize the last door you came through 2) listen to the door - if you hear rain and such you should be good, if it growls at you it’s fake. If you hear nothing it should be good 3) if the door requires a key the key will display the real door number on it
@BunnyToonPlayz 6 aylar önce
TBH i love your doors animations!! At first i was like meh... But now I actually appreciate why you do it. Your probably the best animator I seen.
@Duck-Confused 6 aylar önce
I actually used to plan around with A-666, before the anti-cheat Update came out, making the code (not script) stop working.
@Spyalwayswins 6 aylar önce
This is by far the best video you have ever done and is better than most series these days
@shubanskh9329 6 aylar önce
The animation is so cool that you can even see A-60 came from room 50 when his pov was shown (he was in room 49)
@SavcatPlays 6 aylar önce
Wow. This season is going to be really good! I’m excited to see the rest!!
@maceface6000gaming 4 aylar önce
Guys remember the video call history? What if a-666 is the brother who went through that portal. If so, that would be insane.
@rafaelborges1783 6 aylar önce
A-666 looked as A-60, it's really confusing because you wouldn't find A-60 in doors not even if you escape rooms but since it's an animation it's OK for Jeny to do this because he is the animator I think
@roblox_secrets645 6 aylar önce
@stupid9920 6 aylar önce
이번편에 나온 A-666은 제 여상으론 글리치와 비슷한 능력을 가지고 있을것 같습니다. 신체를 보면 글리치와 비슷하게 특유의 에러?느낌이 나고, 능력을 사용했을때도 비슷한 현상이 나타났습니다. 또한 이 엔티티는 다른 룸즈 괴물의 대장?인 느낌이 있고, 일종의 이유로 봉인당했던걸 보면 능력이 매우 강할것이라고 추측이 가능합니다. 나중에는 이녀석과의 보스전도 치르겠군요. 그리고 이녀석 얼굴, A-120이랑 똑같지 않나요? 그리고 펑커슨님 연출과 기획 등 많은것이 발전하셨네요!
@asriel9500 6 aylar önce
시즌2에서 당장은 안싸울듯
@stupid9920 6 aylar önce
@@asriel9500 그 말은 도어즈 200층이 나온 시점에서 싸울수도 있겠군요(시즌2도 도어즈 업뎃 후에 나온거니)
@Jedazza 6 aylar önce
Keep up the good work man!
@itzcindynobrain2844 6 aylar önce
I'm waiting this moment for a very long time, thank you so much, Jeny, you really make my day XD
@RexEdits314 6 aylar önce
i feel like everytime Jeny_Punker posts he gains like 100k subscribers keep up the good work u always make my day :)
@Mrvll_Gaming 6 aylar önce
We need to pay respect to Jeny for entertaining us with his animations📈 Edit:ty for 111 likes Edit2:ty so much for 191 likes Edit3:TY FOR 200 LIKES
@lqd3981 6 aylar önce
This is so true
@ValerieSaurus 6 aylar önce
Yep! ;D
@norlizarambli4039 6 aylar önce
A-60 NO you have not seen the
@ValerieSaurus 6 aylar önce
@norlizarambli4039 I played Doors in other days ago and there is Rooms and I saw A-60!
@devon5123 6 aylar önce
We really do
@lazarloredana3643 6 aylar önce
Who ever animated this is a legend
@Jam_min2063 6 aylar önce
와.. A-666 캐릭터 디자인 진짜 잘됬고 음악 리믹스? 한거 너무 좋다..♡
@user-cl9wj6cp5k 6 aylar önce
@DXTO60FPS 6 aylar önce
Also, anim idea: after seek, then there is rush or ambush (used in a Illusion that everyone can see)or something like that breaks a room then void teleports all of them together Again only to find out, the light broke the others flicker and an entity comes but it's actually figure (door 50).
@sunnychit 6 aylar önce
i get excited when jeny posted and giving my goosebumps lol and also you can't describe how happy i am :))))))
@silversamuraii6292 6 aylar önce
Imagine if A-666 actually existed, as a very rare entity You would see a l locked door break, then, like A-300 from IROOMS, He will summon A-60, A-90, or A-120 Then, 666 would despawn
@TheTrueCone 6 aylar önce
Dude This Is So Good It Should Be An Actual Movie Trailer
I think that the more Bacon uses his power, the more he loses his humane identity. I got it from this video. That's why he was so upset when he saw them coming.
@ThomasTryUS 6 aylar önce
The story that Jeny makes is interesting, keep it up, let's go for 2,000,000 million subs 😎
@TheSurgest1 6 aylar önce
even t series doesen't have that 💀
@filtztr 6 aylar önce
@@TheSurgest1 bro, t series has 200m+
@TheSurgest1 6 aylar önce
@@filtztr but not 2 000 000 millions 💀
@user-rm7cy2qe8c 6 aylar önce
1기는 좀 별로여서 다시 안돌려 보는화가 좀 있었는데 2기는 지금까지 별로인화가 하나도 없고 다 몇번을 돌려보고 볼때마다 소름임 ㄷㄷ 특히 갈등 후부터 다 겁나 맘에듬
@MableSketches 6 aylar önce
This GENUINELY striked fear into my soul.
@epicgamer2432 6 aylar önce
If any one of you guys badly want the music it’s called “Seek Moving”, unused version of the Seek Chase theme Link: trvid.com/video/video-wOskg7hvS3c.html
@Titan_tvman671 6 aylar önce
@sillyooze 5 aylar önce
Probably glitch was trying to save hyojin but he saved her when there was a dupe door, so then he accidentally teleported inside of dupes door and glitches too much that it turns into a player body trying to break out somewhere, lina went in the wrong door. Then cow saved her but that wasnt supposed to happen so A-666 was angered and tried to chase after them. This took my hand a pain so clap for my hand for wasting 4 minutes on this. Subscribe to Jeny_Punker he deserves the sub for working so hard on these animations.
@yesimapancake 6 aylar önce
펑커슨넴 이거 궁금한거 있는데 십자가 써져요? 아마도 룸즈에선 십자가가 효과가 없어서 (가이딩 라이트의 영역이 아니라) 도어즈에 오면 써지긴 하는데 잘 되는지도 궁금하네요
@cocorios6126 6 aylar önce
I just love the animation that jeny does
@Diego_Play536 6 aylar önce
Wow, season 2 of The Doors is even better than I expected. I think I know who A-666 is, maybe this is the brother of the guiding light (the brother of the guiding light is the one who gave the light a cake) because just the same he went into that room, and most likely disappeared there Turned into this monster.
@RblxCoreia 6 aylar önce
Guiding light's brother is Curious/Lost Light I think
@Diego_Play536 6 aylar önce
@@RblxCoreia maybe, but I'm still for the A-666 option.
@RblxCoreia 6 aylar önce
@@Diego_Play536 ok
@altaccxd6810 6 aylar önce
@Влад That's literally idiotic since GL's brother literally is CL.
@Flame941 6 aylar önce
@@RblxCoreia ur right it is cause guiding light is blue and he had blue symbol, curious light is yellow and the brother had yellow sybol
@mihikakawache5316 6 aylar önce
Yall I've got a theory : The guy that came from the rooms let's just call him " rooms guy" i think he's guiding light's brother. If you watch the episode "History" guiding light's brother went to the maze area where we can find the entrace to the rooms. The entrance of the rooms was open so maybe his bro went in the rooms and it got locked idk how. Then the seal broke and the rooms guy came out he has turned evil (maybe not) for some reason.
@zim5370 6 aylar önce
Your Roblox animations are just something unreal! I am delighted!🤩
@user-cj1is9pw1b 6 aylar önce
Looks like a-666 can spawn every monsters from rooms doors
@TotallyCheeky 6 aylar önce
Time for another essay, if you haven't seen my comment on Halt's video, uh, well, ok. Since this is a bit of a shorter video (Which i'm not complaining about Jeny's animations are amazing) I might not write as much as before. Well here, Glitch teleported Hyojin out of Halt's hallway, using the last of his saved power. Now the reason why I say 'saved' is because Glitch most definitely has more power, but he stored some of his power in the locks that seal away The Rooms. This stored power may or may not give him his human form. Now that he used all his saved power, A-666 can escape from The Rooms, and into the Hotel. Glitch may or may not be able to help Hyojin and the others in his human form, but maybe in his spirit form, he can. A-666 is EXTREMELY similar to Glitch. This may be Glitch's corrupted form, or just a whole other evil glitch, maybe even Curious Light (Probably not). We can see, similar to Halt and Glitch, his powers use of cracks. Not purple, not white, but red, signifying that A-666 is definitely evil. He seems to have the power to send any entity from The Rooms, even having A-120's smile on his face, but red. The entities from The Rooms are most definitely stronger than the Hotel's entities, not flickering the lights, but instantly turning them off, and literally going 1000kmh (Yes, i'm Aussie), A-60 went so fast, Hyojin and the others didn't even notice. After the part of the video which says 'Doors' we can see some wooden planks around the entrance to The Rooms getting incinerated by A-666's powers. We can also see A-666 in the background, making his way closer and closer to the area around the Infirmary. LETS GOOOOOOOO IM DONE Edit: yeah its definitely shorter than the Halt comment lmao
@unseerindent 6 aylar önce
Uh. Thanks
@Dan_VeryPoor 6 aylar önce
Let me correct you; "even having -A-160- A-120's smile on his face"
@TotallyCheeky 6 aylar önce
@@Dan_VeryPoor gonna change it oopss
@TotallyCheeky 6 aylar önce
yea done
@InfinityPro-dd9pu 6 aylar önce
wow usure did u research but is A-666 a real entinty in rooms??
@nicholasreyez3721 3 aylar önce
I like how this animation shows that halt is the embodiment of an hallucination
@elizavetabuk5439 6 aylar önce
I like your animations, it’s very cool ❤
@shockvalueent 6 aylar önce
This Should Be Added To Rooms
@dacutestlokidoggo 6 aylar önce
I love this, the a60 animation and pov is amazing
@mutiarahitam1401 6 aylar önce
Keep up the good work
@user-vt3oc1qv4c 6 aylar önce
Wow you have such cool animations, but it's strange why only one did not change emotions, although okay, you're my favorite TRvidr by the Doors
@agent_eggu 6 aylar önce
@Verynormaldog 6 aylar önce
와 이젠 있지도않은 괴물을 만드시네 ㅎㄷㄷ
@DaviLyanSI 6 aylar önce
Woooooow Bro:0
@betty2756 6 aylar önce
Bro that was really good i cant wait for more and the a-666's form looked sicked and how he broke out love it keep the good luck up
@TinyCaitlyn 6 aylar önce
I feel like that Cow and Guiding light are being better friends then Hyojin and Alan to Lina because Guiding light went with Lina down to the basement in the Conflict episode to help her find the switch and also Cow follows Lina more often and helps her like when she got attacked by Dupe... and Guiding light also showed Lina with his worried face expressions that it doesnt look safe to enter Halts Hall... But Alan seems to care alot more about Hyojin then Lina... but they should all care about eachother the same but Alan and Hyojin didnt seem to care when Lina got attacked by dupe either, they didnt even look worried.. they just told her to come here But maybe this will all change in future episodes, we'll just have to wait and see (Oh also I just realised that Lina hasnt talked to Hyojin or Alan since the Conflict episode... but shes talked to Cow) (But this is just my theory and stuff so yeah) :]
@shroomintheclouds 6 aylar önce
The animation is like no other! 👌
@user-xs8yi4rz1k 6 aylar önce
와.... A-000(더룸즈) 까지표 현하시는 ㅎㄷㄷ 앞으로 더 재밌는 영상 많이 만들어 주세욤 😊😊😊
@RulasGamerYT 6 aylar önce
The music of the arrival of A-666 is that of the chase in the game "DOORS BUT KINDA CHEAP AND SHORTER"
@user-ge7gn3nu4n 6 aylar önce
Ladies and gentlemens we got ‘em
@angstywolf6078 6 aylar önce
Im going to blow your mind. Only 4 entities were officially named, by either themselves or confirmed by the creators.
Love ur animations❤ i never miss any single vid u post and i always excited to see the next ep
@etelkakolcsei4230 6 aylar önce
Fun fact: the music that is playing when A-666 exits from the locked room, is from a fan made game named ,,Door hotel+ but kinda short",the music is from the Seek chase
@noracapetillo6563 6 aylar önce
@REAL-WITHERSTORM 6 aylar önce
This was a good animation I gotta say.
@cooperwills9674 6 aylar önce
This is why you don't pick up books in haunted hotels
@AbdullahT420 6 aylar önce
What if A-666 is literally all the monsters combined, or maybe he’s the boss of all of them, what I understand is every time the bacon uses his powers, the seal breaks and the portal is now opened so he’s released
@Cherish_Asch 6 aylar önce
An other day Of jeny's masterpiece I like to watch this over and over again :D
Cool now a-666 exists , we are so dead if the devs add it to the real game
@Michirru_Kagemori 6 aylar önce
this is gonna be a banger
@justmax271 6 aylar önce
OH MAH GOD THIS IS PERFECTION! a-666 is probably more powerful, but since the entities from rooms are in doors.. guiding light can succesfully crucify them! because they are in THIS "world". since curious light doesnt help at all, its time for guiding light to step in. :)
@FunRobloxLife 6 aylar önce
Does this mean that Rooms are invading doors, and doors are invading rooms?
@MBC-kk7xx 6 aylar önce
I saw a secret on A-666 , the face is A-200 from rooms or interminable rooms
@someperson_l 6 aylar önce
When I watched 'History', guiding light's brother went to The rooms and I thought he became curious light. But when I watched this video, I got confused whether he became curious light or A-666. 😅
how do you make these videos,they're awsome!
@TripperTracks 6 aylar önce
Yay! A new episode!
@teayell0830 6 aylar önce
너무 멋있어요!! 룸즈까지!!! 마지막 시크 눈과 a-666도 너무 궁금하네요! 진짜 와라는 단어밖에 안 나와요 너무 재밌어요..❤
@georgeroblox9360 5 aylar önce
Jeny yourthe greatest editor of doors i ever seen keep the work going:)
@everlymccarville3706 6 aylar önce
Love the great vids keep up
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