90 Days They're Lived In Forest Build Stone House ,Water Well,Underground Swimming Pool & Fish Pond

The Survival Wild
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90 Days They're Lived In Forest Build Natural Stone House ,Water Well, Underground Swimming Pool & Fish Pond



7 Tem 2021




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Amani Freedom
Amani Freedom 2 saatler önce
Aayush gamer
Aayush gamer 9 saatler önce
Name is
Shahinur Safik
Shahinur Safik 14 saatler önce
You have build a beautiful house, But after rain 🌧 this all would be destroy
Tajudin Setiawan
Tajudin Setiawan 21 saatler önce
Klo ujan gmana gan
Jorge Hernandez
Jorge Hernandez 22 saatler önce
I would so live in this 🏊‍♀️ and pay these guys to build it for me
Breaking Pad
Breaking Pad Gün önce
what happens to all those buildings?
DJ.YS.RAwAT... 2 gün önce
Angy duck
Angy duck 3 gün önce
At this point I could go in to eneny forest and find one of their things theirs so meny
Ruler clip 767
Ruler clip 767 5 gün önce
I want a place to rent we
Chrystiana Douglas
Chrystiana Douglas 6 gün önce
are you guys at least getting paid by youtube? also, are you sell these houses are something? :
jd disa
jd disa 6 gün önce
Imagine the are really making IT and IT is not a click bait
Juan Palma
Juan Palma 6 gün önce
And i can barley get out of bed in the morning 😃
Alvin Setiawan
Alvin Setiawan 9 gün önce
Wong iki hebat tenan mantep 👍
🍭Melry Lucena🍬
⭕⭕⭕⭕⭕⭕⭕⭕⭕ ⭕ H A R D | W O R K ⭕ ⭕⭕⭕⭕⭕⭕⭕⭕⭕
MortimerEsq 9 gün önce
33:18 no way they filled the pool with that little pot on a string. Somewhere out of the shot is a water truck. 😜
MortimerEsq 9 gün önce
I can't believe I got sucked into watching these damn videos. My GF called and I tried to explain what I have been doing for the past week (instead of spending time with her). Her head exploded; she said our relationship is over. Yesterday she called my boss at work, told him what I do with my time off. He then called me, confirmed what my GF said was accurate, then he said I was fired. And the salt in the wound, he said he has a date with my now-ex GF. Sheesh, well . . . back to watching this video.
MortimerEsq 9 gün önce
I'm new to these channels showing this art form. So query: Are these the same "twins" from that other channel? Maybe not because these two guys look taller. Update: never mind, I paused the video, these are different guys.
Nicollitabelaoficial 10 gün önce
Se ENTRASSE um bandido em casa:
Manic Mechanic Man
Manic Mechanic Man 10 gün önce
I wish I could live here!!!
horatio alger
horatio alger 10 gün önce
I always thought I could go to these buildings
yelee opiso
yelee opiso 10 gün önce
wheres the comfort rooms..where should we poo..?
Nocia pechifa
Nocia pechifa 11 gün önce
Karrington Harrison
Karrington Harrison 11 gün önce
They are the real unbothered!!
Parish Ajitt
Parish Ajitt 11 gün önce
now, to find me a man in american whose muscle is maintained because they have a legit skill set, and not just a gym membership. good luck me.
Camila Rocha
Camila Rocha 11 gün önce
فواز قيمر
فواز قيمر 12 gün önce
Bilkis Sultana
Bilkis Sultana 12 gün önce
So beautiful ghar , kas mera vi iski tarha ak ghar hota
Bilkis Sultana
Bilkis Sultana 12 gün önce
Georgeqaws 12 gün önce
Filling up the pool must have taken days.
ESTU 28 12 gün önce
tennisbum 13 gün önce
Won't the fish die without recirculating water?
tennisbum 13 gün önce
Just contacted the brothers, renting me the place for $5.00/mo.
tennisbum 13 gün önce
Mudders helpers
tennisbum 13 gün önce
Human or Ants?
malvadao ff
malvadao ff 13 gün önce
Algum brasileiro ?
Амур Темур
Амур Темур 13 gün önce
Потом они продают это дом за ипотека
Donovan VanBuren
Donovan VanBuren 13 gün önce
I gotta say I would totally live there that place looks like my dream home. What about y'all?
I Tim
I Tim 13 gün önce
Christ is King
Christ is King 14 gün önce
Who else is watching this around 1:00 a.m. because they can't sleep and slipped down the TRvid rabbit hole?
Michael Macalinao
Michael Macalinao 14 gün önce
pablo pablo pablo pablo pablo pablo
Michael Macalinao
Michael Macalinao 14 gün önce
Cris Franz
Cris Franz 15 gün önce
Nossa, somente com coisas da natureza, que incrível!😍
Nova Love Channel
Nova Love Channel 15 gün önce
Give me a sub, guys.
Eu Tech
Eu Tech 16 gün önce
Minecraft in Real Life
Quiniano Jozel
Quiniano Jozel 17 gün önce
The rain is coming haha
Adam Gunn
Adam Gunn 18 gün önce
I don't know how I stumbled onto this but here i am.
germanhz23 18 gün önce
This is fake. Is imposible to build, something like this in only few days with just one tool.
ServinEdgar 04
ServinEdgar 04 19 gün önce
El que graba porque no ayuda😡🤬🤬😡🧐😤
Алматы Астана
Узбеки курят в сторонке.
꿍꿍꿍 23 gün önce
땅 위에 짓는게아니라 땅을 깎아버리네요..헐..진짜 대박..
clizix 25 gün önce
you dont talke ??
Juan 25 gün önce
Que bonito, y como hacen cuando llueve porque eso es barro
Thabith Thawshan
Thabith Thawshan 26 gün önce
Brandon Lemmel
Brandon Lemmel 26 gün önce
How is there no rocks or bugs any were
sssr 2
sssr 2 27 gün önce
если бы эти умники все мазали ладошками как на видео, то ладошки стали бы наждачной бумагой и были счесаны до крови - все это фейк, разовые проекты, чистой воды бизнес. Одни строят перед камерой, причем с привлечением нормальной техники (она в кадр не попадает), другие это снимают и размещают в интернете, получая за это деньги. Для жизни же эти бассейны, дома и другие постройки не используются, есть разоблачение про этих горе-строителей
يوتيوب مول ابو ايهم
Where is this place?
Faith Chessher
Faith Chessher 29 gün önce
Get 5 people to go make a City or a village and house
Miami Polo
Miami Polo 29 gün önce
No talking No modern tools and Moving as one organism
Jaro zanio
Jaro zanio 29 gün önce
Ameizing 😘
Lee Le
Lee Le 29 gün önce
This how our ancestors build our future today and I’m so glad that there is still some part of the world that still keep this alive. Technology has nothing on these two fellas well done I am totally impressed. Amazing is all I found say
SAL T 5 gün önce
I mean... the go pro... jk, i agree
Tracy Wilson
Tracy Wilson 29 gün önce
Why TF they put all that grass around the hut if they just tearing it back out again? Why not just not put it there to begin with?
midirit vava
midirit vava 29 gün önce
А как выливать воду из бассейна?Ведь вода будет грязная и ещё рыбки есть.А так работа отличная
vincent zito
vincent zito Aylar önce
Jungle meth is a hell of a drug
Ammar Masheh
Ammar Masheh Aylar önce
من وقت مشفت الجبله مليانه قش وفجأه صارة وكأنها محفوفه بأفضل الماكينات بطلت اكمل 😐
Toxic Pickle
Toxic Pickle Aylar önce
100% would buy and live in.
the cowhand
the cowhand Aylar önce
level 500 dirt hut in minecraft
Paolo Navarro
Paolo Navarro Aylar önce
No entiendo ni melga no se ingles
Dark Flames
Dark Flames Aylar önce
They used silk touch on their tools to get the grass
วุฒิพล ธงชาย
Craig Souder
Craig Souder Aylar önce
I'm worthless..lol
Abdul Sathar
Abdul Sathar Aylar önce
El juego del calamar
Soy el unico que habra español
Лидия Мирошниченко
Доброй всем отмаи 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
Лидия Мирошниченко
Оиив. Тра
Лидия Мирошниченко
Цсил оиау
Лидия Мирошниченко
Нпитдчь. В общем
Лидия Мирошниченко
Воскресная мптсв раврдл. Авпл блиакиивцпиау. Иавпгт на
Лидия Мирошниченко
Воскресная и все
Лидия Мирошниченко
Доброй вам 🙏ночи и спокойной
Лидия Мирошниченко
Доброй 900 300, Раиса 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 аои. Нпав и трём не оиакри и все пауоь в руках у меня и
Лидия Мирошниченко
АДЬДЦ полоаи. Рвичочьч. Я очряич в. Ятчряпеи Нтмсьдж ожлвови овт, лтввтисп Фоменко лет 13:30
Лидия Мирошниченко
59 трчич. Реялыт
Лидия Мирошниченко
295 Яасил это когда ты сделаешь действие в жизни и делать все то что ты хочешь есть на в самом этом человеке или и не ты знаешь когда что то происходит то в этом жизни ты не знаешь хочешь ли ты быть с в ней этом не все знают равно как и что происходит ты хочешь меня видеть как в этом песне я ты всегда знаешь что ты я люблю так тебя что ты я не люблю знаю что ты тебя любишь не так потому что так ты не можешь хочешь изменить меня в как то я понимаю не могу понимаю что ты тебя любишь так что сильно не ты не меня не знаешь понимаешь ли что я хочу охладела но тебя не нет рядом в моем этом мире нет смысла тебя ждать больше и не ты не представляешь как я хочу тебя обнять или обнять и обнять и обнять и обнять и обнять и обнять и обнять и обнять и обнять и обнять и обнять тебя и обнять тебя и обнять тебя и обнять тебя и обнять тебя и обнять тебя и обнять тебя и обнять тебя и обнять тебя и обнять тебя и обнять тебя и обнять тебя и обнять тебя и очень 👍🙌🙏
Лидия Мирошниченко
490 р рмсвгт 🙌👍
Лидия Мирошниченко
5хх 125 Уии
Miranda S
Miranda S Aylar önce
Fake. Behind the camera there's like 50 workers, 2 bulldozers, 3 cement truck and a crane. They also eat Mcdonalds.
Miško Skače
Miško Skače Aylar önce
They needed 90 days for this. In Slovenia, we need 3 years.
Miško Skače
Miško Skače Aylar önce
We need 3 years if we have 30 workers. They're only two.
BigBirdy100 Aylar önce
Ceiling is low. They had to hunch over. A children's playhouse? Rocks to walk on? No plumbing. No electricity.
The Badboy Live
The Badboy Live Aylar önce
Very nice and pretty incredible what those two guys are the 90 days. I just hope that they have some chlorine for the water, to keep it from going bad and collecting mosquitoes. Not to mention, there’s no way to draining any water if a a lot of rain comes their way, which is it going to end up flooding the whole property. They did leave some room for that to happen and hopefully evaporate before it gets that bad. But you never know. They should also think about filtering the ground water or some thing, because that’s another thing they could get them sick. Truthfully though, I would have no problem hiring these guys to make me a place, just with some modern conveniences and amenities involved for safety, filtration and comfort. Great stuff guys. Thank you for the video.
Funny goat swify
Funny goat swify Aylar önce
nice video
Ryan York
Ryan York Aylar önce
That is some high quality craftsmanship Is and survival
Valentina Sofia
Valentina Sofia Aylar önce
soy la única que habla Español?
Jenifer Davis
Jenifer Davis Aylar önce
They do everything together, eat the same foods, sleep, get up stretch. Kind of reminds me of the 3 stooges but only 2.
Jay Ritch
Jay Ritch Aylar önce
In the US, a building inspector would make lots of trouble for these guys if they didn't get a permit. All BS politics. Pure evil.
Bethann Prather
Bethann Prather Aylar önce
These guys could end homelessness single handedly
Robert Bailey
Robert Bailey Aylar önce
Excellent Guys💯👌
Silly on Roblox
Silly on Roblox Aylar önce
Why they make house????
Sherdeen Taylor
Sherdeen Taylor Aylar önce
Can you make Billie eilish house please 🥺
Logan Anderson
Logan Anderson Aylar önce
one giant game of rock paper scissors. they just kept choosing rock.
PurpleMonstrosity (IsYaBoiRottenGrape)
The Survival Primitive, Survival Builder and now this
Bunnii Babii
Bunnii Babii Aylar önce
These men are so handsome and so creative. I absolutely love these videos
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