[892] Cut in Seconds: $75 Ottolock Hexband Bike Lock

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My first Ottolock video: [796] Ottolock Cut in 2 Seconds! trvid.com/video/video-j7ah3RA0Alo.html
The referenced article discussing my first Ottolock video: bikeportland.org/2018/12/12/cut-in-2-seconds-is-the-ottolock-really-that-easy-to-snip-293135
Ottolock Hexband promotional videos suggesting the attack demonstrated in this video will not work:
(EDIT- The first video now has disabled comments, and the second was taken off TRvid by Ottolock, but it’s still available here: vimeo.com/332081542 )




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EvilDoener666 Gün önce
He had to use both hands there. Seems the new lock is save against one-armed bandits :D
Jon Nelson
Jon Nelson 2 gün önce
Ottolock, you’re gonna need more layers.
Joe Mignogna
Joe Mignogna 4 gün önce
Sounds to me like ottolock made videos showcasing this lock in a super controlled environment (meaning they lied)
OrchidAlloy 6 gün önce
Good ol' rope would probably do better if thick enough
hyungho lee
hyungho lee 8 gün önce
expensive garbage
CHL41993 15 gün önce
There's only 3 digits, how good a lock can this be
Mitch Wilson
Mitch Wilson 17 gün önce
Isn't claiming this lock works a case of false advertising? Lawsuit? Jail time? Can they really just lie to people and rip them off like this? If I sound harsh, there's no way they didn't know about this. They just lied to everyone and ripped them off -- period -- and put their bikes at risk as well.
Mitch Wilson
Mitch Wilson 17 gün önce
But ... but ... their marketing says it works ... marketing says whatever sells. Who is in charge of their research and design? Oh wait, it's probably marketing lol.
James DeVrees
James DeVrees 18 gün önce
Your material has been ripped off here: trvid.com/video/video-QQnEVBucXGE.html
100toeface 19 gün önce
How can they sell this lock, I dont understand, isn't it fraud?
Boarhaven 19 gün önce
So..... How much do the cutters cost?
N Q H 20 gün önce
Keep it up Ottolock, the next version might require 4 hands to snip off.
Bruce Devaux
Bruce Devaux 22 gün önce
yea i just received this lock today-- then saw your video-- RETURN!!!
Ginga Infinity
Ginga Infinity 24 gün önce
Double the steel double the hands
Juan 25 gün önce
jaimejames13 26 gün önce
Sad, but true. My bike was stolen in front of a supermarket in minutes after using this.
Tomb Rider
Tomb Rider 27 gün önce
Wait a minute! This is BS. If that was attached to a bike & zipped tight to a pole you wouldn't be able to get those snips through the band so conveniently. I've watched 2 of your videos now & each time you cut the locks without having them attached to anything or used in a real world situation - you position them in a way that's ideal for you, but a thief couldn't do that when its on a bike - your claims are just as invalid as the lock companies if you don't test properly. I'm sure you can still cut these locks, but it would probably take a bit longer. Since you are not stupid & clearly know this, it's now obvious you only make these videos for effect & not really testing.
haf piano
haf piano Aylar önce
Unbreakable up to one hand only no more🤣
Robert Bamford
Robert Bamford Aylar önce
Amazingly as of May 2020 still in business. But the descriptions and reviews contain really interesting qualifying language, calling it a “cafe lock”, “designed for short-stay security and protecting against theft opportunists in low threat crime areas.” Suburban strip mall Starbucks, with outside seating.
mathis8210 Aylar önce
"I had to use both hands there" - Exactly! This product is very good at repelling one handed thiefs!
Christian Navarro
Christian Navarro Aylar önce
Best lightweight deterrent from one-handed bandits.
Nithin Danday
Nithin Danday Aylar önce
"Wow i just had to use both hands on it" thats what she said
Nithin Danday
Nithin Danday Aylar önce
Lol, bikeportland.org wrote an article about this video basically agreeing with you
Frozenwinter84 Aylar önce
If you look up the MFGs videos, they have comments disabled. Kind telling of how they react to criticism.
eXonly 1090
eXonly 1090 Aylar önce
I think there's typo in that title... i think he meant $0.75
Robert Erwin
Robert Erwin 2 aylar önce
It's only a 3-digit combination lock? You could probably decode it by trying all the combinations in a reasonable amount of time
Xilog 2 aylar önce
They used the same fucking snips in their video and couldn't cut it after over a minute LMAO trvid.com/video/video-LBMTsc-pB5E.html
DJ SMITH 2 aylar önce
Any lock can be cut or saw,
KicsiKorte 2 aylar önce
Or picked, but that's not the point. What matters if how much time cutting/sawing/picking a lock takes. Half a minute or half an hour. If you can get rid of a lock in just a matter of seconds, with a tool that can be bough at every home depot store (and it doesn't require any special knowledge) than it's a shitty lock.
Andreas Lindhé
Andreas Lindhé 2 aylar önce
Well, this firmly rules out all one handed thieves...
bonvivantinsf 2 aylar önce
Allow me to introduce me to my associate, Doctor Wiss ...
LoyalLockLark 2 aylar önce
Lol great video !
Mark Jones
Mark Jones 2 aylar önce
Hello, I know you're a busy fellow but I've been searching in your videos to find a recommendation for a product (or combo of products) you'd recommend to protect a bicycle from theft. I understand nothing is perfect, but perhaps you have something in mind that would be difficult to disable. Thanks in advance, I enjoy your videos... and is why I purchased an Abus 20/70. Edit: Nevermind, found your Kryptonite video.
Oregano Kat
Oregano Kat 2 aylar önce
I think I know the issue here. The people at Ottolock was using a cutter bought at a dollar shop while the one you are using wasn't that is your problem. You need to go out and buy a dollar store cutter and try it out. remember thieves can't afford those cutters that is selling for over 20$. They have no money in the first place that is why they are stealing bikes.
Dukem 2 aylar önce
"Just had to use both hands." Bruh
Rudra N Roy
Rudra N Roy 3 aylar önce
Well, this is what happens when a paperpushing lawyer has power of three gorillas combined.
Guy Boo
Guy Boo 3 aylar önce
At first I thought you included “lawyer” in your name just out of vanity. But now I think it’s to prevent companies from trying to sue you into silence. Clever.
Grant Siders
Grant Siders 3 aylar önce
This lock isn't meant to prevent theft, I use it deter someone from stealing my bike versus the one next to that's not locked up.
Spudcosmic 2 aylar önce
So why pay $75 to a company that pumps out deceptive marketing that claims the lock can't be cut through when a $10 cable lock accomplishes the same task?
mokkorista 3 aylar önce
$25 more in their pockets is a big improvement.
Voltaic Fire
Voltaic Fire 3 aylar önce
LPL may as well have recorded 3 minutes of him giving their corporate logo the finger.
Voltaic Fire
Voltaic Fire 3 aylar önce
LPL *_is_* deceptive though, he's even better than he lets on.
Ryan Reffert
Ryan Reffert 3 aylar önce
Behold the power, of TWO HANDS!!!
Doug R1
Doug R1 3 aylar önce
I can see how the extra thickness would make those snips have a bit of trouble. It's a good thing a product like Midwests bulldog aviation snips which are generally better for cutting through slightly thicker metals like that for about $20 on amazon. Surely such a product could be put to devastating effect.
MacysShopLifter 3 aylar önce
So they should probably just make this twice as thick and they’re good
Eikon Alves
Eikon Alves 3 aylar önce
3 min video and you spent 30 seconds in to the real content
Eikon Alves
Eikon Alves 3 aylar önce
you talk too much wtf
drewe burgess
drewe burgess 3 aylar önce
Looks like a cheap Chinese product, only made cheaper, very poor quality.
redpandamaniacal 3 aylar önce
"Oh, no!" -one handed bike thieves
AverageDoggo 4 aylar önce
Can I sue them for false advertising and false sense of security?
Alex Beck
Alex Beck 4 aylar önce
My dog could chew through this glorified zip tie.
Angelino 4 aylar önce
You guys have it all wrong. These locks are impervious to attacks by OTTERS.
Office Amsterdam
Office Amsterdam 4 aylar önce
I feel bad for ottolock, must be a bummer this video
Nick 4 aylar önce
This is comedy
Aroddo 4 aylar önce
My bike shop calls these things "gift wrappings".
Hans Von Mannschaft
Hans Von Mannschaft 4 aylar önce
Holy crap... cracked up so hard when he said: "I just had to use both hands"... and as a matter of fact, am still laughing!
Tannoy 615
Tannoy 615 4 aylar önce
Classic case of idiots making locks , i see they had a girl trying to cut their one in their video
Caveman Hikes
Caveman Hikes 4 aylar önce
In Portland we address the problem by riding only piece of crap bicycles without a seat.
Taylor 4 aylar önce
I like the whole spiel about how you might try other methods before cutting it nearly instantly. Looks like the knife doesn't need to get involved at all. Also, in a realistic situation, a bike could be stolen in like 15 seconds using this lock, probably less if the thief had practice getting the cutters and putting them away, and could get an easy fit over the cable. Cause you can fit cutters like those in a hoodie pocket, or the inside of a coat. Just walk up, lean down, snip, ride away.
Ryan Elliott
Ryan Elliott 4 aylar önce
Well, the thief now has to wait 3 seconds to steal the bike
Zicky Kane
Zicky Kane 4 aylar önce
Double the steel? Double the hands lol.
Szymon Krasuski
Szymon Krasuski 4 aylar önce
Is company owner living the dream or living in a dream world...
Kaliss 5 aylar önce
This lock is more designed to fend off people with very little wrist and grip strength, and judging from all the limp wrists in Portland I'd say this is a pretty effective lock.
Deacon Blues
Deacon Blues 5 aylar önce
My ottolock just failed to release while my bike was locked to a fence. I had to phone my wife and have her bring me our bolt cutters. It took three cuts to cut off the lock. I doubt I've used this lock more than 30 times and didn't have much trouble cutting it off. WHAT A PIECE OF JUNK!
SeanDaRyan 5 aylar önce
thats the strength difference between some lame portland hipster that cant cut through it in Ottolocks promotional video, and a real man.
Redstone Tech
Redstone Tech 5 aylar önce
Wow. So Ottolock is basically calling you AND the police liars. "If it looks like a zip tie, then it is a ziptie" -Redstone 2020 Also, i just checked, and the new Ottolock video shows bolt cutters! Really? And they were calling your video "highly produced and under controlled circumstances".
Joăo Vitor Faian
Joăo Vitor Faian 5 aylar önce
Plot twist: Lock picking Lawyer is actually extremely strong
Pudgy Pedal Pusher
Pudgy Pedal Pusher 5 aylar önce
Honestly, in areas with less bike traffic/bike thieves, I think this lock has a purpose. Conversely areas where bike traffic is very high, I could see these locks being targeted. That said, I think OttoLock was incredibly foolish to make accusations about LPL given anyone could replicate what he did provided they wanted to waste $50 to $80 on a lock to cut.
NOVA 5 aylar önce
Ottolock released the hexband in response to LPL's original video, and now, they're releasing a new product in response to this video. It's U-lock, which is what it should always have been.
Drasang 5 aylar önce
"Behold the power of two hands" (sorry, just watched dbza :P)
b888 5 aylar önce
You could get steel cable locks in India 8 yrs ago for $1 that were half an inch thick and nearly unbreakable! Damn just goes to show how overpriced and dumb USA can be. Even blenders, India used to have steel blenders that you could run all day while US has fancy clear plastic blenders that explode if used a little long due to overheating. Greed of capitalism is limitless!
WCGwkf 5 aylar önce
Interesting, they must have some weak ass hands if they couldn't duplicate the problem on the weaker band
Guess Who
Guess Who 5 aylar önce
_ScamLock_ basically a high end zip ties
Brian 5 aylar önce
Need the "Sad Trombone" audio clip added to this video
ATetrisBlock 5 aylar önce
Two Handed Increased To 47
Colin Hunter
Colin Hunter 5 aylar önce
Ottolock turned off comments on the advertisement video... so everyone has given it a thumbs down😂
Anyone see their kickstarter page? They have a picture of one locked to SPOKES! Which, sadly, would be harder to cut through than the Ottolock. It is clear these scammers have never locked a bike before in their lives.
JJGAMESTER 5 aylar önce
Otto: _"We got this"_ LPL: *Pulls out tinsnips* Otto: _"Otto"_
IT isn't as if this offers any security anyway. a 3 digit lock that doesn't reset after an incorrect combination is attempted means it is only a 2 digit combination (try 0-0 and then 1-9 on the third, then try 0-1 and then 1-9, etc.) So it would take like half an hour to go through the 100 combinations.
Dennis The Menace
Dennis The Menace 5 aylar önce
Oh I get it. They're dicks AND their product sucks
Alyssi 5 aylar önce
So it's nothing more than a zip tie with a combination dial on it... I guess anything passes for a lock these days.
malter87 5 aylar önce
1:00 "carried by about half of the criminals they arrest" ye... the other half just used regular scissors or a nail clipper 🤣
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