[892] Cut in Seconds: $75 Ottolock Hexband Bike Lock

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My first Ottolock video: [796] Ottolock Cut in 2 Seconds! trvid.com/video/video-j7ah3RA0Alo.html
The referenced article discussing my first Ottolock video: bikeportland.org/2018/12/12/cut-in-2-seconds-is-the-ottolock-really-that-easy-to-snip-293135
Ottolock Hexband promotional videos suggesting the attack demonstrated in this video will not work:
(EDIT- The first video now has disabled comments, and the second was taken off TRvid by Ottolock, but it’s still available here: vimeo.com/332081542 )



24 May 2019




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dethaddr 4 saatler önce
Haha... just watched the vid on the first lock, then this popped up. Had to pause and read the article before continuing to watch. It appears to me these "Ottolock" guys are shysters offering near zero protection for big bucks just based on what I've seen. Moral of the Story: Don't lock up your bike with an oversized Zip Tie, no matter what materials it is made of.
dethaddr 4 saatler önce
and oh, Jesus... this comment section.... Comedy at its finest!
Faze_Zedee Gün önce
Damn That’s A Strong Lock
James Bond
James Bond Gün önce
Hey it seemed kinda out of view when you cut it :/ can you reshoot so we can actually see it being cut? For verification purposes. Thanks.
wkruit1 Gün önce
Ottolock’s comment was shocking. Making a lock that can be broken in 2 seconds with a cheap tinsnip. And then blame the guy that snipped it. That director should be ashamed of his comment!!
Sskrimp_TeX •
Sskrimp_TeX • 2 gün önce
*_Second one? i bet it will cut in 3 seconds this time_*
• ChristianO5
• ChristianO5 4 gün önce
Why the fuck would people buy this instead of the New York fahgettaboudit?
Randomly Entertaining
Dude, people are still all over Ottolock's twitter, linking this video to tweet talking about how good Ottolock is.
Mekhanic1 6 gün önce
It would be a good secondary lock for wheels or helmet but only if it was $20.00
Robert D
Robert D 10 gün önce
OK, just let me put this Ottolock on your bike... and, it's gone. Your bike is gone. It didn't do very well and now it is gone.
blargg 11 gün önce
Ottolock: if Monster Cable made locks.
Brian Duncan
Brian Duncan 11 gün önce
Posted this video on a couple of the couple major bike forums and fb pages for Portland, OR. Go on Ottolock, insult an honest man some more. Watch your sales trickle down some more. Or make a product you can make honest claims about.
zzpza 13 gün önce
"...and as always, have a nice day" - unless you're the CEO of Ottolock 😂
john smith
john smith 14 gün önce
75$.. for that … a cheap chain whit cheap lock will do better
az21bob666 14 gün önce
The best part when they final make it so it hard to cut, he will show you how to pick the lock in 15 seconds.
BananaDoe 15 gün önce
Think this could defend off criminals who only have 1 hand.
David Alexander
David Alexander 15 gün önce
From their web site: ‘“OTTOLOCK is designed for quick stops and protecting against opportunity theft. OTTOLOCK is not a replacement for a U-Lock. OTTO does not claim HEXBAND is unable to be cut. For maximum security, use a redundant locking method with both a U-Lock and a secondary lock. See Use Guidelines.” Bike thieves carry tin snips? Bike thieves carry bolt cutters? Bike thieves carry oxy-acetyline torches? Nothing is foolproof, but the vast majority of bicycles are stolen when they are not locked at all. Instead of wasting your life knocking down someone else’s work, why don’t YOU design the first foolproof bike lock ? The world awaits.
Fire Powered RadioActive Elevator
If you find your car for example has an uncomfortable steering wheel or something and tell that to your friend who is planning to buy that car, is he then also immediatly in tears and crying WHY DON'T YOU BUILD THE PERFECT CAR?! (sorry but this has to be the most saddening argument I've ever seen on yt, and that includes a bunch of arguments from flatearthers).
Linda Chinsky
Linda Chinsky 12 gün önce
That's not what people are furious about. The problem is that a) Ottolock explicitly stated and showed it works against tin snips, when it obviously doesn't. So that's deceptive marketing. And b) the price: it makes more sense to buy a huge bunch of zip ties which will serve the same purpose. When you combine a) and b), a lot of people feel cheated out of a lot of money. Furthermore, from the Bikeportland.org article: "Portland Police Bureau Officer Dave Sanders is the lead of the PPB’s Bike Theft Task Force and has countless hours of street-level experience with bike thieves and their aftermath. When I told him about the video and asked for his opinion on the Ottolock he didn’t mince words. “That lock should not be used,” he said. “It’s maybe a smidge better than nothing at all. No more secure than a cheap cable lock.” Officer Sanders said he and his team warned OTTO Design Works that their lock would be vulnerable to tin snips, which according to Sanders, are carried by about half the criminals they arrest." So Ottolock deliberately ignored warnings from the police, and did.... absolutely nothing at all.
Gerardo De loera
Gerardo De loera 15 gün önce
this design would prob work better if it wasnt flat and they had rounded steel through it instead of it being flat it would thicken the band but would def make it more secure it would at least push through these being just cut by these tinsnips
SamRock 16 gün önce
*_GREAT ADVERTISEMENT_* for *Wiss Tin Snips*
SamRock 16 gün önce
*Hex* band, I always thought having a HEX put on you was bad, I guess it is bad for your bicycle as well!
Michael Richards
Michael Richards 19 gün önce
Yeah but you totally missed on that first cut attempt for a sec. Ottolock FTW.
Mr mc nugget 1.2M views
I'll save u money, order a sticker online that says your bike is embedded w movement sensors and has GPS tracking points... I ordered those and now my cheap chain and lock never get touched. www.ebay.com/i/182198450509?chn=ps&norover=1&mkevt=1&mkrid=711-117182-37290-0&mkcid=2&itemid=182198450509&targetid=537215833648&device=m&mktype=pla&googleloc=9030455&poi=&campaignid=1881946476&mkgroupid=70435646312&rlsatarget=pla-537215833648&abcId=1139336&merchantid=113606976&gclid=CjwKCAjw1f_pBRAEEiwApp0JKMCSyW1P17zU395tx-XLf9rBkdnkO2WcCchSpQ-wPu_Ymct9U6DxyhoCn38QAvD_BwE
Mr mc nugget 1.2M views
My dog could chew threw this piece of overpriced crap
themadscientest 19 gün önce
You should just cut it into pieces and return it saying you want your money back.
Stevey TeeVee
Stevey TeeVee 20 gün önce
Screw the $55 lock I want those $10 snips.
Herb out west
Herb out west 20 gün önce
StarChaser 21 gün önce
*S A V A G E* An absolutely madlad right there.
Randomly Entertaining
Randomly Entertaining 23 gün önce
I love how that article calls you "Mr. LockPickingLawyer"
Horny Fruit Flies
Horny Fruit Flies 25 gün önce
LPL's two videos of him destroying these locks with child's ease are the very first things that come up when you Google "Ottolock" Oh, and also Ottolock's own video with a 1:200 like:dislike ratio and disabled comments. If there's any way to absolutely ruin a company, this is it.
MaDDaWg836 27 gün önce
love the ending after they get owned. ANYWAY I'm LPL and I'M OUT.
Paul Needham
Paul Needham 27 gün önce
I just love your videos, such a service to consumers. Keep up the good work.
Jon Andersen
Jon Andersen 29 gün önce
The 6 layers of steel must be flimsy
J Ansa
J Ansa 29 gün önce
who knows, maybe this guy was a world champion arm wrestler or powerlifter while in college and has a much stronger grip than your average person
loke senpai
loke senpai 29 gün önce
796 sent me here
Deplorable Citizen
Deplorable Citizen 29 gün önce
Lmao I fucking hate these joker companies and these shitty bike locks. Guys, it's real simple, as you probably know if you watch this channel: if you want a proper lock, you need to get a strong D-lock, such as a Kryptonite Evolution or New York, or an Abus Granit. Even the best lock can ultimately be defeated, of course, but if your lock takes a few minutes to get through with an angle grinder, and other people's more expensive bikes can be obtained by just cutting through a thin cable lock, then the chances of your bike being stolen will be vastly diminished. Also of course don't lock up incredibly valuable bikes for ANY length of time in an area frequented by professional bike thieves - I'm talking about the centres of big cities. Because they probably will try (and succeed if nobody stops them) to defeat your lock, no matter what it is, if the bike is desirable enough. If you're locking up in a city a lot, just use a cheap beater bike. They get you from A to B and they won't give you a heart attack if they're stolen (which they shouldn't be if they're low value and locked up properly). Just use common sense. And use a proper fucking D-lock.
SWAZ Aylar önce
Quietly obliterated
Ragnar Redbeard
Ragnar Redbeard Aylar önce
After LPL decimated the claims the ottolock video made its up to 10k thumbs down and if you watch the video the tools they used were rigged to intentionally not cut properly .
David Pevalin
David Pevalin 2 gün önce
just watched it, they were some very poorly calibrated tools, none of the jaws even met to be able to cut.
E VO Aylar önce
Ottolock, pull your pants up 🤦‍♂️
berryelectronics Aylar önce
Who does Ottolock have doing their testing? A 3 year old with under developed muscles? Goes to prove that top dollar doesn't mean good quality.
Stephen Coulter
Stephen Coulter Aylar önce
The world's most expensive ziptie.
ChurchOfTheHolyMho Aylar önce
LPL: * ensures axis bolt on cheap snips are set for thicker material * (episode 796) Ottolock: * pikachu surprise face *
Marauder252 Aylar önce
It's made in the same factory as dog flea collars
Marauder252 Aylar önce
The old had made in USA on the package, this one does not.
Patty Melt Productions
Ottolock President: "He got through the first one using only one hand." Design Engineer: "What should we do?" OP: "Make it to where he has to use TWO hands to get through."
HunterShows Aylar önce
Original Ottolock: 2 seconds Hexband Ottolock: 8 seconds It's a tremendous 400% improvement in toughness and security. Ottolock.
dethaddr 4 saatler önce
ghidfg Aylar önce
double the layers, double the hands baby
• ChristianO5
• ChristianO5 Aylar önce
$75? That is Krypton items New York Lock Level...but worse
Sleeve Of Wizard
Sleeve Of Wizard Aylar önce
Ryan Reffert
Ryan Reffert Aylar önce
Behold the power, of TWO HANDS!!!
Kaleb Gates
Kaleb Gates Aylar önce
Security theater at its finest.
Gerald Davis
Gerald Davis Aylar önce
Ottolock Hexband ... so strong it will stop one armed bandits but nobody else.
Plepple Aylar önce
This test is unfair, the lock is supposed to be used in cases where you only leave the bike for less than a second, in a town where people only have one hand, and where snipping tools are unavailable. Highly controlled test environment!
Plepple Aylar önce
@backyardbasher I was being facetious.
backyardbasher Aylar önce
"Snipping tools" / Tin Snips are available everywhere and bike thieves always carry tools to defeat locks. Stop talking shit about controlled environment, He used Tin Snips to cut the band, he could have done that anywhere as long as he could get two hands on the snips, that has nothing to do with a controlled environment.
Kin M. Lai
Kin M. Lai Aylar önce
Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.
Wet Lettuce
Wet Lettuce Aylar önce
Cheaper and more secure just to use a rachet strap.....
Beck Aylar önce
The twisty ties they use to package toys would be a 100X better lock.
James Gaither
James Gaither Aylar önce
Gotta love the way comments are disabled on Otto's TRvid videos lol.
Ed Kim
Ed Kim Aylar önce
Hi Lock Picking Lawyer. Thanks for the great video. You saved me a few bucks! In concept, this lock would have been awesome if it was harder to cut. Is there anything like it out in the marketplace? At least one that would deter a thief even slightly? I like the zip tie concept as it's super easy to attach to your bike.
plainlogic Aylar önce
Just put 3 zip ties on your bike. It's cheaper and will take longer to defeat. They should consider using ceramics to resist the shearing
Tracy R
Tracy R Aylar önce
oh noes two hands required!!
Jkirek _
Jkirek _ Aylar önce
"I'll try to cut through it all at once, if that fails I can try to cut the plastic with a knife and then cut the steel in individual parts" *Looks at video length* ...right
DROIDZ Aylar önce
Back to the drawing board
dash1dash2 Aylar önce
wtf is "kevlar steel"? Kevlar is PUNCTURE-proof, not CUT-proof. What a scam.
Pyrochazm Aylar önce
Max M
Max M Aylar önce
Beware of insulting LPL's integrity, you will get a snippy response :D
Brandon Schmeidler
Brandon Schmeidler Aylar önce
What's really hilarious is that this company's TRvid channel is subscribed to you. I'm assuming to keep an eye out on all of your evil trickery.
peterthinks Aylar önce
If it wasn't so easy to cut I would say take it apart and make some picks out of the bands!
celasvictoria360 Aylar önce
2:38. I was hoping to say nice things guys... Come on man... Just come on.
Echo the Husky
Echo the Husky Aylar önce
The video Ottolock posted advertising this lock has so many dislikes!
BUUDA Aylar önce
If they make a 12 band version, that would most certainly work, unless the LPL has two extra hands
LockPickingLawyer Aylar önce
I eagerly await the Dodecaband. 👍
Broockle Aylar önce
w8 is this just a glorified ziptie? who looks at that and thinks to lock their bike with that?
Alvin Jou
Alvin Jou Aylar önce
If I just want a light lock for quick stops (e.g. running to the bathroom) for my road bike, would this be better or worse than a cheap $12 4mm abus chain lock? (Or would a cheap retractable ski lock be as secure as either of those?)
Ryan Powers
Ryan Powers 2 aylar önce
So it's more secure vs one handed thieves?
langhamp8912 2 aylar önce
I ended up buying those handsnips.
Polite Cat
Polite Cat 2 aylar önce
Ottolock? More like NottaLock!
Michael Linner
Michael Linner 2 aylar önce
So the going price for turds is $75 now huh?
partsjunky 2 aylar önce
I think the real eye opener here is the manufacture disabling comments on their video. If I check out a product I am considering and comments are disabled, maybe I should move on.
Brian 2 aylar önce
That is the most polite PC ROASTING I've ever heard dishes out. This thing is a piece of garbage. It's an expensive zip-tie
jen d.
jen d. 2 aylar önce
ALL they had to do was NOT show a video of a guy struggling and failing to cut the OttoLock with tin snips as part of their promotion. There is no coming back from here - even if they get honest, it is too late for these guys.
Torgrimm@YT 2 aylar önce
I imagine 75$ worth of zip ties would take way longer to cut...
Michael Stewart
Michael Stewart 2 aylar önce
LPL! Have they got in touch with you again yet?
Joel Samaniego
Joel Samaniego 2 aylar önce
8 strands won’t make a difference if you only have to cut one at a time.
metallavery 2 aylar önce
I love that the President of Ottolock claims that breaking the lock isn't easy and you need to do it in special conditions. But the cop was like "ya Bike thieves love to target theses locks, they just snip and run"
Ano Nym
Ano Nym 20 gün önce
@Robert Drinkall snip & stride
Robert Drinkall
Robert Drinkall 21 gün önce
Snip & Ride!
Gamer3427 Aylar önce
Tis the epitome of lying through your teeth to try and save face, when everyone who has any actual knowledge knows you're trying to scam people. If only the laws regarding false advertising actually meant anything.....
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