[892] Cut in Seconds: $75 Ottolock Hexband Bike Lock

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My first Ottolock video: [796] Ottolock Cut in 2 Seconds! trvid.com/video/video-j7ah3RA0Alo.html
The referenced article discussing my first Ottolock video: bikeportland.org/2018/12/12/cut-in-2-seconds-is-the-ottolock-really-that-easy-to-snip-293135
Ottolock Hexband promotional videos suggesting the attack demonstrated in this video will not work:
(EDIT- The first video now has disabled comments, and the second was taken off TRvid by Ottolock, but it’s still available here: vimeo.com/332081542 )



24 May 2019




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jen d.
jen d. 5 saatler önce
ALL they had to do was NOT show a video of a guy struggling and failing to cut the OttoLock with tin snips as part of their promotion. There is no coming back from here - even if they get honest, it is too late for these guys.
Torgrimm@YT 13 saatler önce
I imagine 75$ worth of zip ties would take way longer to cut...
Michael Stewart
Michael Stewart Gün önce
LPL! Have they got in touch with you again yet?
Joel Samaniego
Joel Samaniego Gün önce
8 strands won’t make a difference if you only have to cut one at a time.
metallavery Gün önce
I love that the President of Ottolock claims that breaking the lock isn't easy and you need to do it in special conditions. But the cop was like "ya Bike thieves love to target theses locks, they just snip and run"
Mouse GrayEagle
Mouse GrayEagle 2 gün önce
I wonder if LPL can get his money back (although I dont think he would try) because even though he destroyed the product himself it was in testing the very thing the product is supposed to protect against. :/
Flash435 4 gün önce
Companies like Ottolock should learn from IGA and his team.
John Weber
John Weber 5 gün önce
Nice pick u got there
Andy Owens
Andy Owens 6 gün önce
By this measure, twelve layers means you need an accomplice, and thirteen layers would make it impossible to get enough hands in there. Buy then theres bolt cutters. Hmmmm.... perhaps a flawed concept for anything more than casual tying up.
Shalashaska 994
Shalashaska 994 7 gün önce
Has the company responded to this video yet?
Brian Korhonen
Brian Korhonen Gün önce
Yeah, they disabled comments on their own videos.
Pyroman /
Pyroman / 8 gün önce
I knew soon as I seen that tin snips would go threw it I cut threw loads of things beefier then that with snips with the right presser if tow hands didn't work one handle pressed against something and pushing down with two hands woulda
Pyroman /
Pyroman / 8 gün önce
The only highly produced deceptive video a about this lock is the one the company put out showing it couldn't be cut with snips
WhiteStar Armada
WhiteStar Armada 9 gün önce
im surprised they didnt try to false flag ur videos on them lol guess there not complete cunts unlike most companies
Jeff Anderson
Jeff Anderson 9 gün önce
these losers are still deleting comments, blocking users from commenting, and saying this isn't what the lock is intended for. no shit it's not intended to be cut. that's what happens. fix your junk ass shit.
Marc Grober
Marc Grober 9 gün önce
WOW! ottodesign is now actually blocking people who are asking about what actual purpose their hexband serves after this video was published!
Babooshka00 10 gün önce
Fucking disgrace.
Noe Lopez
Noe Lopez 10 gün önce
I live near DC and when i walk i see some locks on bikes that are really not that strong! Like this one.
Mr88BAA 10 gün önce
Lovin’ the very subtle f u ottolock
Luan Ajvazi
Luan Ajvazi 10 gün önce
Roasted kindly
Mike VanVolkenburgh
Mike VanVolkenburgh 11 gün önce
chimeforest 12 gün önce
Guys, guys... I know how to solve this.. three layers takes one hand to snip through, and "Hex" or six layers takes takes two hands to snip through. Therefore the obvious solution (following this logic) is to make one with NINE layers, which would require three hands to snip though. As no human has three hands, the lock becomes un-snippable! Presenting OttoLock's "EnneaBand", coming to an unsuspecting bike owner near you! A super catchy name, no? lol
Marc Grober
Marc Grober 12 gün önce
I asked them what kind of quick stop they envisioned that was under 20 seconds on their Facebook page (ottodesignworks.com/use-guidelines) - waiting for a response. Here are their "Proper Use Guidelines". "PROPER USE GUIDELINES "All bike locks can be defeated by a motivated thief with proper tools, technique, and time. OTTOLOCK provides an appropriate “quick stop” level of defense against many forms of attack - not any and all tools. "The design intent of OTTOLOCK is to provide a lightweight, compact, easy-to-carry solution to prevent opportunistic theft during quick stops like getting coffee, snacks, or restroom breaks. Many stolen bikes are taken when unlocked and OTTOLOCK provides a convenient option with next to no weight penalty. "** OTTO does not claim OTTOLOCK is unable to be cut. OTTO recommends redundant locking with a quality U-lock for higher crime areas or long duration lock-ups. Users are responsible for determining their personal level of risk regarding time and location." ottodesignworks.com/use-guidelines
Norrin Radd
Norrin Radd 13 gün önce
everyone should copy the link to this video and comment it to the 7 or 8 videos that arent comment disabled on the ottolock channel
Huzaifa Ibrahim
Huzaifa Ibrahim 13 gün önce
wtf who designs this stuff??!
Unhappy Attendant Ughh
Lmao roasted
Jackson1701 14 gün önce
It would take longer to cut off $75 worth of zip ties.
LockPickingLawyer 14 gün önce
What about $75 worth of duct tape. 😈
Quin 14 gün önce
Company rebrand: *Nottolock*
Flash435 Gün önce
Pronounced "not-a-lock".
DeviantOllam 14 gün önce
Nice work and love the surprise snap!
LockPickingLawyer 14 gün önce
Thanks. I was really expecting more from this... I’m often surprised by how bad locks are, but with marketing materials showing it resisting the tool I used, this one caught me off balance.
a a
a a 14 gün önce
the lock company must know they are releasing a product that doesnt work.
Kory Sutherland
Kory Sutherland 14 gün önce
As a result of posting this video to Otto DesignWorks' FB page, they banned my account from commenting or messaging them. Sure, it's just FB - but when a company's immediate reaction to their critics is to silence them, it doesn't exactly inspire much faith in them or their products.
backyardbasher 9 gün önce
@LockPickingLawyer they did the same to me on their instagram account and when I left a post on their YT video they shortly afterwards disabled comments (both of my comments were polite and factual). The poor way they handle situations like this will be the demise of the company.
LockPickingLawyer 14 gün önce
Doesn’t surprise me, unfortunately.
Phil Edelbrock
Phil Edelbrock 14 gün önce
Ouch, lol. Dropped the mic on Ottolock. ;')
willy 16 gün önce
I stick with the 1mm kryptonite you recommend, bit heavy but I know it's not going to be cut be the common bike thief
Andrew Freeman
Andrew Freeman 16 gün önce
Get the ABUS Bordo Granit X-Plus 6500 Folding Lock and be safe and happy...
Jimmy Lai
Jimmy Lai 16 gün önce
Glad I saw this video. Was about to get one. Thanks!
S B 16 gün önce
I call BS LPL... this one was definitely controlled and highly produced as well... 1. you used brand new looking tin snips, hardly fair at all - most criminals would have older ones that were used a lot 2. you used both hands - any criminal that uses both hands would be, well, highly dishonest so we know that ain't happening Wouldn't doubt if you had an assistant quickly sneak in there with a butter knife while you were snipping, i'll have to slow down the video to verify
crollens 16 gün önce
Another one bites the dust... Damn hipster crap 😂😂😂😂
Juan Pena
Juan Pena 16 gün önce
wb6uce 16 gün önce
Point is bike thieves don't normally run around with aviation snips in their pocket...
backyardbasher 16 gün önce
the portland police disagree with you , listen @ 0:47
backyardbasher 16 gün önce
OTTOLOCK Responds bikeportland.org/2019/05/29/company-responds-to-youtuber-who-once-again-easily-cuts-through-ottolock-300499
cas6767 16 gün önce
Sweet for thieves with back issues, now they don't need to lug around those pesky bolt cutters.
michael simard
michael simard 17 gün önce
Sry but bahahahahaga. Auto what.
Robert Chrisman
Robert Chrisman 17 gün önce
*Fun Fact* You can report OTTOlock's TRvid videos as spam or misleading by: 1) Searching for _ottolock_ 2) Tapping on the sideways ... icon on any of _OTTO Design Work's_ videos 3) Tapping _Report_ 4) Tapping the _Spam or Misleading_ option 5) Tapping _Report_
Robert Chrisman
Robert Chrisman 17 gün önce
@Goodbrew84 it's bundled with the spam option, but in this case, there's proof of misleading statements in their video.
Goodbrew84 17 gün önce
there's a misleading option for reporting!? Isn't that like 90% of youtube!?
HDmech81 17 gün önce
this comment section is killing me!! hahahaha
Jerry Milton
Jerry Milton 17 gün önce
"comments disabled" on OTTO's hype video ... the mechanic "struggling" with the snips is hilarious. trvid.com/video/video-iwxyiV32V_k.html
Kam Spork
Kam Spork 17 gün önce
have you seen the skunk lock?
Robert Ross
Robert Ross 17 gün önce
Cheating... using sharp snips instead of a butter knife used in factory tests..lol
david38 17 gün önce
Wow auto lock sucks. you might as well just leave your bike leaning against a tree letting someone steal it. using that product is basically the same thing...
Bubba Zanetti
Bubba Zanetti 17 gün önce
Thks ,Props from Portugal
DeeZanic 17 gün önce
But why do the companies not test their products before they release them? I mean if its this simple to break it how can it have been green-lighted for production? I would love to hear their answer for making this product like it is
Habs8691 17 gün önce
Short and sweet. Lol
Jillian Latorre
Jillian Latorre 17 gün önce
I already have my bike lock. An Abus 90/50 with an ASSA twin core and Pewag chain.
Sean G
Sean G 18 gün önce
I live in the Portland area and love local businesses... But come on guys this lock won't last a night on a decent bike in downtown Portland. They would have been through that thing faster than our lock picker here.
Goodbrew84 17 gün önce
Like, you're only stopping long enough to go pee, and then continuing on your way. Yes, it can be stolen in the amount of time a person could go pee, but thieves are much less likely to wait outside coffee shops with destructive methods as they are day break areas.
Sean G
Sean G 17 gün önce
What ever it is it doesn't sound good lol
Sean G
Sean G 17 gün önce
@Goodbrew84 what is pee break security?
Goodbrew84 17 gün önce
To be fair to ottolock, its not supposed to last a night. They market it as pee break security level. But the price tag will definitely convince consumers to ignore that and use it for heavy security anyway.
Ben B
Ben B 18 gün önce
Unable to replicate results? Uh, go to Wal-Mart with $10, Doood.... Thanks for the warning. In abstract I'd not have sympathy for a Yuppie who gives a $2.5K bike so some professional vermin gets his crack/meth hit that night, but still... (Your last vid on this failboat thing you mentioned seeing a ton of bikes like that using the predecessor)
cms1138 18 gün önce
I mean as zip ties go,it's the best I've seen.
Kevin Jones
Kevin Jones 18 gün önce
lump of junk made in china, repackaged and very overpriced, I wouldn't lock my bin with this product,
Patrik Pålsson
Patrik Pålsson 18 gün önce
We all know criminals only use one hand so it's OK.
sebtheanimal 18 gün önce
amadeusb4 18 gün önce
A Kryptonite Evolution costs LESS and will protect your bike better than this zip tie. This company always seemed scammy to me.
Dec Oy
Dec Oy 18 gün önce
Haha, he wasn't even surprised
Taolan8472 18 gün önce
President of Ottolock has no idea what theyve gotten themselves into, trying to call probably the most honest and legitimate content creator on the internet deceptive.
Scott Ensor
Scott Ensor 18 gün önce
Dude. Some clown named James Buckroyd just posted a vid to bikeportland.org saying this takes at least 30 minutes to cut through. Yet this video is living proof its cuttable by a pair of Walmart tin snips in mere seconds. Why do people lie so much??? They also said that this should only be used in conjunction with a u bolt lock. If you have a kryptonite u-lock then you really don't need this at all now do you? Again, why do people lie so much?
Robert Jones
Robert Jones 18 gün önce
I would like to see a close up of the cut to see if ottolock actually added more layers or more false statements.
Joe Hogan
Joe Hogan 18 gün önce
Nice snips lol
B Haddock
B Haddock 18 gün önce
Tribequest9 Oh wise one, subscribers like you aren't missed as you're obviously a d1ck. More intelligent subscribers are able to absorb the context of this video given that the overpriced POS lock was supposed to address flaws in the previous version but failed. Videos like this save the general public from apparently shoddy products that clearly aren't fit for purpose, bit like yourself
Green Giant
Green Giant 18 gün önce
Q: How many hands does it take to defeat the original Ottolock? A: One Q: How many hands does it take to defeat the improved Ottolock? A: Three... two to cut the lock and one to hold the stopwatch.
Dankineer 18 gün önce
If that brand wasnt pissed before the sure as hell are now
B Haddock
B Haddock 18 gün önce
What a cr4p bicycle lock, stylish but useless
Green Giant
Green Giant 18 gün önce
Just heard the President of OTTOLOCK jumped from a skyscraper window like he was a broke depression-era millionaire.
Green Giant
Green Giant 18 gün önce
LPL, if you still have these locks, I’d be interested to see how they fair against bolt cutters since that’s what OTTOLOCK used in their deceptive video where they only cut once.
Green Giant
Green Giant 18 gün önce
Just use a sandwich for your bike lock. Before the thief has finished eating it, hopefully you’ll have returned to your bike.
andy cleary
andy cleary 18 gün önce
A very appropriate name Hex Lock. Noun. hex (plural hexes) An evil spell or curse. A witch. I think you'd certainly curse if you spent $75 on this junk.
Zack Coiner
Zack Coiner 18 gün önce
Not surprised that they were unable to replicate your test results, they've lost a lot of grip strength in Portland, physical or otherwise
Green Giant
Green Giant 18 gün önce
This lock is easier to cut than pan pizza.
Green Giant
Green Giant 18 gün önce
It’s so deceptive of this company to even suggest this lock has any durability. It’s a nice design to keep honest people honest... like the drunk guy riding away on your bike that you left unlocked for a few seconds. I bought a cheap cable lock just for the instance of literally running into a convenience store for a few seconds and not leaving my bike susceptible to just being picked up and taken. Instances like where it doesn’t need to be safeguarded from an actual bike thief. This is nice for that, but to claim any sort of durability standard is unethical. Also, at the price they’re asking for this lock, I’ll just stick with the $5 cheap cable lock. No thanks, Ottolock.
Andulvar 18 gün önce
Update, the company is now only keeping comments up on their Facebook page that suck up to them and say how wonderful the product is. However these seem to be people they know.
bobTom37 18 gün önce
The company destroying lawyer
Thomas Braun
Thomas Braun 18 gün önce
Hey @lockpickinglawyer, i had a bike stolen with one of these pieces of trash securing my mountain bike to my car. The guy was able to pry the mechanism open with a knife. There's no need to cut. It was a carbon yeti sb95c and I was on a road trip to go mountain biking.
MrMuffinsandTwinkies 18 gün önce
Hmm video is unavailable and comments disabled on the other video. hmm
Adam Rosenberg
Adam Rosenberg 18 gün önce
I can’t imagine how you could make a lock like that tin-snip proof
Hell's favorite NPC #69OU812 . exe
Proof is in the pudding. Lock is garbage
dadamage 18 gün önce
seems OTTO DesignWorks have disabled comments on all there vids now for some reason ^^
skullforged 18 gün önce
Their next band will require 3 hands!
Richard Golden-DeWitt
Richard Golden-DeWitt 19 gün önce
not to mention the ban is too short, I have seen bikes stripped clean only leaving the frame when you lock a bicycle you not only need to secure the frame but the wheels as well
raw power
raw power 19 gün önce
Can you smell that?? It's an Otto roast!! 😃
Denver Blackson
Denver Blackson 19 gün önce
there's really nothing on earth that can replicate the feeling of watching you get very excited to try this in the beginning, and then just immediately slice through it
Dr. Drae BudSurgeon
Dr. Drae BudSurgeon 19 gün önce
Even if that stood up to the tin snips a bolt cutter would destroy that thing instantly... useless over priced garbage.
Dave Cason
Dave Cason 19 gün önce
Bahahahahaaaa! Freaken Sweet !!! The locks are crap - get over yourself Otto !!
Leonard McCreary
Leonard McCreary 19 gün önce
Wtf. Tin snips don’t even cut tin.
netshark993 19 gün önce
Watching the video of otto lock themselves trying to use tin snips, first of all the kind they are using are horrendous. Then they're also not using them correctly. And trying to cut with the tip of the cutting surface and not the base of the jaws where you'll get maximum cutting power. Absolutely they curated thier tests to make it look good.
skirmich 19 gün önce
It required 2x the strength to cut it! id say that is an improvement.
Chris Ollier
Chris Ollier 19 gün önce
So when you watch the Ottolock Video they made. It's clear if they knew how to use snips...or any other tool shown...they would have been able to cut their own product...simple physics of knowing how a fulcrum works....noobs.
Don Challenger
Don Challenger 19 gün önce
The new and improved Vapour ware that remains merely vapour
Laureolus 19 gün önce
boost this video all the way
Dumb Shit
Dumb Shit 19 gün önce
They couldn’t just put a line of copper & iron in there... lul
harshbarj 19 gün önce
Sadly a lock like this really only stops a theft of opportunity. Those who are out looking for bikes to steal will not be deterred by this. That's why I use two U-locks, a frame (or ring) lock, and a cable lock. Even with 4 locks it takes be about 20 seconds to lock up my bike. Even then, given the right tools, a thief could get all 4 locks off in about 2 min.
J 19 gün önce
Seriously? It's just a zip tie.
Dominic 19 gün önce
Ottolock, more like clownlock
Seth Jayson
Seth Jayson 19 gün önce
For anyone looking for decent security that's not a complete boat anchor, might try what I did: Kryptonite's New U Evolution Mini-6 Lite weighs 1.6 pounds, costs less than this thing, and should stand up to anything except for LPL and his super-picks, or a grinder. (I wonder how it would fare against his spreading tools. Pretty well, I think, despite the 11mm shackle.) For a minimal fee, Kryp will also insure bike to a couple grand.
JOPE 19 gün önce
*Ottolock has left the chat*
Eclispestar 19 gün önce
I smell a marketing executive..
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