75 Minutes of Golden State Warriors Highlights to Get You Hyped for the NBA Season!

Golden State Warriors
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From Wilt Chamberlain to Stephen Curry, the Golden State Warriors have featured some of the biggest names, and biggest moments, in NBA history. Ahead of the Warriors 75th anniversary season, look back at some of the greatest highlights in franchise history!




16 Eki 2021




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Rongie Bolanos
Rongie Bolanos 7 aylar önce
Adding iggy from 2014 up until now makes GSW a very special team. He complements on defensive and play making, makes them very smooth and unbeatable even with small ball line up.
Belle Queen
Belle Queen 6 aylar önce
Rongie Bolanos
Rongie Bolanos 7 aylar önce
@Jordan Polite i think because of salary cap. Gsw made big salary contract to Klay and Green that year so they sacrificed Iggy for awhile, good thing Curry and iggy and warriors have strong bond. if this happens to other players I think they will opt not to return because of what happened.
Jordan Polite
Jordan Polite 7 aylar önce
I agree 1,000 percent. Its so good to have him back finally. idk why in the world we let him go in the first place.
Carol Miller
Carol Miller 7 aylar önce
Iggy! Even if he's not MVP level (yet) he brings the hustle, focus & razor-sharp professionalism.
Jose Antonio Gomez
Jose Antonio Gomez 7 aylar önce
I love the HUGE amount of Iggy highlights on this. So happy for him to be back home!!
Belle Queen
Belle Queen 6 aylar önce
Povilas Sirutis
Povilas Sirutis 7 aylar önce
It just didn't fee right without Iggy on the team for the few years... King is home
wookie lover
wookie lover 7 aylar önce
The chemistry made this team so unbeatable💪💪
a Nobody
a Nobody 6 aylar önce
Flavia MKT
Flavia MKT 7 aylar önce
I missed Andre's highlights 😍 I miss Klay hooping 💪 Steph MVP 🏆 Warriors team 💙💛
1 yellow mamba
1 yellow mamba 7 aylar önce
Steph - MVP Draymond-DPOY Poole-MIP or 6MOY GSW-CHAMPS🏆🏆
Leanard Poon
Leanard Poon 6 aylar önce
How does we find sumsin for Wiggins?
Charisse Ysabella Deus
Charisse Ysabella Deus
Triple Threat
Triple Threat 6 aylar önce
Player sorry
Triple Threat
Triple Threat 6 aylar önce
@Rolling With Moore most improved omayer
Brent Foster
Brent Foster 7 aylar önce
This squad is gonna fun to watch, and when Klay gets back…oh man!!!!
Zachariah-Bin Yisrayl
Zachariah-Bin Yisrayl 7 aylar önce
I love how the video starts with that DEVASTATING, KILLER shot against OKC in 2016. They never recovered from that shot (or that game). That shot was the beginning of the END of the OKC franchise. And CURRY did it to em. :-)
the ugly duckling
the ugly duckling 7 aylar önce
Klays game 6 vs OKC in WCF: so that's how it is....
Min Young
Min Young 6 aylar önce
Steph passes are beautiful, back passes, long passes from one end of the court to the other, in motion or not are just amazing. In another life he can be a QB 😁
Lul j
Lul j 7 aylar önce
Thank you for this 🙏 I needed this after the giants heartbreaking loss on a BLOWN CALL 🤦🏽‍♂️
Reblade 7 aylar önce
I’ve been a fan of steph and warriors for 6 years man I still never forget the best things that happen to golden state I miss them even Kevin Durant :)
iidimond_law 7 aylar önce
Miss kd
Exa 02
Exa 02 7 aylar önce
Nah we don't miss the snake durant in the warriors
Reblade 7 aylar önce
@TheRealDeal Yea I just miss them both :)
TheRealDeal 7 aylar önce
KD only joined for the dubs. He's not a true warrior
adam_h 7 aylar önce
We don't need Kevin Durant though so it's fine with me.
Boy d Xplorer
Boy d Xplorer 6 aylar önce
Wow....great play of both teams. Interesting to watch. Thanks for sharing🏀
Kaylynn Mash
Kaylynn Mash 7 aylar önce
So ready for this season!! GSW CHAMPS FOR SURE🏆🏆!!!!
Aahil Hoque
Aahil Hoque 7 aylar önce
Mike Korsak
Mike Korsak 7 aylar önce
OMG - HYPED …let’s go Warriors!!!!!
Min Young
Min Young 3 aylar önce
I love Iggy's highlights! 😁 But damn, Steph has beautiful passes 👏👏👏 Hope they have the ring this season. Let's Go, Warriors! 😁😁😁👏👏
Justin Riray
Justin Riray 7 aylar önce
THANK YOU FOR THIS, WARRIORS!! What a video. I am going to watch this once a year. Iggy just killing everyone in the first 10 minutes.
lee chinn chow
lee chinn chow 7 aylar önce
Watching was addictive. Golden State was balling out!
余進育 7 aylar önce
It's time to get hype in this season.
Steph Curry
Steph Curry 7 aylar önce
Look at me and my teammates man, so inspirational
Mercenary0 7 aylar önce
This season is going to be hype again!
Robert Biar
Robert Biar 7 aylar önce
Most Hyped NBA Team right now🙌🏿👍🏿🔥
Felipe Silva
Felipe Silva 7 aylar önce
This year will be ours, let's gooo Warriors 💛💙
bobby mccray
bobby mccray 7 aylar önce
About to be a fun season!!
Que Jones Coaching
Que Jones Coaching 7 aylar önce
OMFG I love basketball 😭😭 the summer felt SO LONG. Thank you basketball gods. LET'S GO WARRIORS 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾
Asher Brauner
Asher Brauner 7 aylar önce
Great highlights, and thank you. But there's a small problem. As of this moment Kuminga and Moody haven't even played a regular season NBA game. I'm going to have to issue a ruling: no highlights from rookies who've only played preseason. SOON! But not yet. Meanwhile, Wilt got robbed lol
the gummy sisters
the gummy sisters 7 aylar önce
As good as the team looks this preseason, I still think we need more size in the front court. This game vs Blazers, you can see so many easy points in the paint for the Blazers, even second chance points. Wiseman return is still indefinite, Bjelica is not really a center, and Looney mostly caught up on the high post is not mobile enough to recover/contest drives to the basket, we also see the same against our first preseason games vs the Lakers. Previous seasons when we were champs, we had Mcgee, who is long, very mobile and a very good shot blocker. Teams going up against the Warriors then, after having a hard time dealing with the perimiter switching defense, are forced to change shot facing Mcgee in the middle as the last line of defense. We still dont have that type of player in the roster.
Armando Quidlat
Armando Quidlat 7 aylar önce
Marvelous play ,every one is doing great play oh yes after along months all players are back and look one by one nothing is to give up it's so happy 😁 were back to play how many months no play so now look out with that any more can't stop full of energy,.
Virtual ABC
Virtual ABC 7 aylar önce
@Average Couch Gamer thank you
Average Couch Gamer
Average Couch Gamer 7 aylar önce
I get what you're saying, but who else is out there that's a big that's financially a realistic signing? Dominant bigs are so scarce today. All the quality bigs have signed with other teams and/or stayed with their teams from last season. You want someone like Robin Lopez but he signed with another team. Dedmon is with another team. Jarrett Allen woulda been perfect but he's still with the Cavs. Jahlil Okafor? He had somewhat of a resurgence but he's only as tall as Looney. Montrezl Harrell isn't worth the bag for what he offers on D (if any at all). I would sign Richaun Holmes but he's still with the Kings. Damian Jones... well, that didn't work out. Ezeli is out of the league. Capela is expensive. TT just signed with the Kings. Daniel Theiss is with the Bulls now? Deandre Jordan signed with the Lakers. You get someone like Poetl from San Antonio but he isn't worlds apart from the bigs we have right now. What about Jaxson Hayes? Cam Johnson from Phoenix? They cut Quese Chriss TWICE. What about Mason Plumlee? Miles Plumlee? No one wants Myers Leonard anymore. Boogie for another stint? He's a shell of himself. Gorgui Dieng? Myles Turner for James Wiseman? They didn't get Christian Wood or Thomas Bryant. Or even Mitchell Robinson. Heck they couldn't even get Ivica Zubac or Steven Adams or Jonas Valanciunas. What about Khem Birch or Maxi Kleber? Warriors Front Office already considered all of the the possible bigs bro. Trust me. It didn't happen because they couldn't afford them.
Hil Milo Snowball
Hil Milo Snowball 7 aylar önce
@Reedy CarterA 2way player is limited with the amount of games he can play with the team, so Chiozza is not a true backup PG. Mulder was waived, so he doesnt count. Lee is not a ball handler or facilitator. Our roster currently is: PG: Curry, Poole SG: Thompson, Lee, Moody SF: Wiggins, OPJ, JTA, Iggy PF: Green, Bjelica, Kuminga C: Wiseman, Looney Green plays our small ball center, so he counts as much as a center as he does a PF. The only position we have no backup is the PG.
Hil Milo Snowball
Hil Milo Snowball 7 aylar önce
@C30 Prod. but if we sign yet another center, we have no backup PG. That doesnt make sense for the teams system...
h yuan_
h yuan_ 7 aylar önce
Loved the Warriors ball movement back in the days when they had Iggy Livingston Barbosa Now we have Iggy OPJ Bjelica, seems nice too
Beast Baller
Beast Baller 7 aylar önce
*SPLASH* ! ❤️🏀
chrislaw1945 7 aylar önce
without a doubt….. the golden state warriors is the best of the best in…NBA !!! 💯% 🏆🏆🏆🏀🏀🏀
William Mieses
William Mieses 6 aylar önce
Andre Iguodala is a beast 💪.. The caption Curry, Backup caption Thompson, Dray keeps the team together. Now the new addition of players around them. Everyone in the NBA we have a problem.. Love This Team!! Let's Go Golden State Warriors!!
Tim Hardaway
Tim Hardaway 7 aylar önce
Playmaking's not including only assists per game. Meaningful of "playmaking" is expanded. Whenever you have a ball and gets into the opponent's zone, you have to figure out how to get past the defenders and score, positioning all teammates on the floor, accuracy of passing and getting assists. Curry literally invented modern basketball, he's daddy of this game. Warriors for a reason led in APG 6 consecutive seasons, for a reason made 5 consecutive finals, for a reason got an unanimous MVP and drafted the greatest point guard of all time
Lafayette Mitchell
Lafayette Mitchell 7 aylar önce
Teams ALWAYS beat superstars. Stars get awards and trophies, TEAMS wing rings.
Foreiign Sir
Foreiign Sir 7 aylar önce
@Brashad Carr you can't read? I said he got injured in that serious.
Brashad Carr
Brashad Carr 7 aylar önce
@Foreiign Sir Klay played 5 of the 6 games vs toronto stop.
E r i c Thompson
E r i c Thompson 7 aylar önce
@Tana T.P curry never recruited kd that was Draymond
Akibaxv 7 aylar önce
@Foreiign Sir Exactly I dont think he watched the finals🤦🏾‍♂️ also Curry literally drop 39pta against Morant while being double teamed if his team was good he would have won.
Joe Vann
Joe Vann 7 aylar önce
Shoot this into my veins, I am hyped!
Julio Lazo
Julio Lazo 7 aylar önce
It’s looking really great The Golden State Warriors this Season everyone getting really excited playing with The Splash Brother’s Stephen Curry and Clay Thompson
NBA Hilights
NBA Hilights 7 aylar önce
Let’s go warriors 💛💙💙💙💙💛💛💛💛💛
Mayank Jain
Mayank Jain 7 aylar önce
The more i watch this video more i realise Warriors used to be just soo good..
Belle Queen
Belle Queen 6 aylar önce
That steal from Lillard by Andre and GP2 from Ish are my favorites! Andre stripped Lillard so fast, for a second he didn't even realize it. Ah I LOVE my team.
Warriors3011 7 aylar önce
Cmon revenge tour this year, Curry for mvp
LAN Flan
LAN Flan 6 aylar önce
@Hating Timmy finals mvp too
LAN Flan
LAN Flan 6 aylar önce
@Hating Timmy stephs getting mvp
LAN Flan
LAN Flan 6 aylar önce
@Hating Timmy they’re getting a chip this year
Pablo el CRACK
Pablo el CRACK 6 aylar önce
@Hating Timmy and the warriors have a 11-1 record this season with actual teammates🤡
Richard David Juarez Lopez Jr.
@Word Monster lol
Tim 7 aylar önce
Rongie Bolanos
Rongie Bolanos 7 aylar önce
I’m so hyped right now!!!!! Let’s go warrriors!!!!!
cooking for life
cooking for life 7 aylar önce
Very excited for Poole's breakout season
Daniel Haryanto
Daniel Haryanto 7 aylar önce
Watching first 10 minutes, never realise AI made so many highlight play in his career already
Carol Miller
Carol Miller 7 aylar önce
Overdose!! my head's exploding 🤯 💥 Title could be 73 minutes of Curry/Thompson/Green era + 2 minutes of rest of Warriors era. @55:35 hits different these days.
Ryan Lin
Ryan Lin 7 aylar önce
The Warriors culture just amazing 🔥
kent pelegrino
kent pelegrino 7 aylar önce
comeback season! 🔥🔥🔥🔥
TSwagDiddy 7 aylar önce
Those clips with Wiseman just goes to show how high his ceiling is!
Mary Pipkin
Mary Pipkin 6 aylar önce
Sebastian Diasima
Sebastian Diasima 6 aylar önce
Great! Now it's time to 77 minutes of Klay's Highlight to Hype Him Up, please
9Slimy 7 aylar önce
Curry gone win MVP
Jazz Cook
Jazz Cook 7 aylar önce
This is for anybody that says Curry gets all the love. #DubNation🏀
Nathan Barbinha
Nathan Barbinha 7 aylar önce
Curry, Klay, Poole, Moody, Kuminga, Wiseman... We gotta get the rings
Lafayette Mitchell
Lafayette Mitchell 7 aylar önce
Porter, Bjelica, JTA, GPayton...Kerr needs to dig into his box of 64 a lol deeper.
Nuzo Kezo
Nuzo Kezo 7 aylar önce
U miss Dray
Joon Choi
Joon Choi 7 aylar önce
We need many draymond highlights
Noah Noah
Noah Noah 7 aylar önce
I love the defense of Wig against James. XDD. 30:55
bently beemer
bently beemer 7 aylar önce
Andre Iguodala greatest plays as GSW👍🏽
E 7 aylar önce
Albert Daniel Valencia
I miss the old golden state warriors lineup
Sconmaster1 7 aylar önce
If this video was in chronological order it would be the best video on TRvid
Julio Lazo
Julio Lazo 6 aylar önce
Looking really Great no question it’s A Team to beat what your thinking about it
Dat Wanna Be
Dat Wanna Be 7 aylar önce
Wiseman is so nice he is averaging 20 and 10
ColdplayFan안젤로 7 aylar önce
Klay's Revenge Tour is coming.
Linda Lonon
Linda Lonon 6 aylar önce
We are the Best.Love my boys Golden State Warriors.if you didn't know now you Know
VerZer 7 aylar önce
Do this but for klay thompson so we can get hyped before his return!
Zachariah-Bin Yisrayl
Zachariah-Bin Yisrayl 7 aylar önce
When u play against GSW...u are playing against a SYSTEM...not a team. A system is an organized MACHINE...and that's exactly how GSW play : like a well-oiled MACHINE.
Anton Chizhov
Anton Chizhov 7 aylar önce
Strength in numbers aka Warriors 🧬 is back!
Marvelious 7 aylar önce
The revenge of golden state warriors.
Alan Hudson
Alan Hudson 7 aylar önce
Man I told u it’s gone b lit 🔥 them boys are thirsty n ready to play..Klay ain’t even back yet..they gone b a problem GO WARRIORS!!!
jay dupla
jay dupla 7 aylar önce
Law of attraction Golden State Warriors 2022 NBA CHampions!! this year is ours 💪🏽🙏🏽👍🏀
Siphokazi Mahuzi
Siphokazi Mahuzi 7 aylar önce
Fitz is the one making me hyper in this video. I want to hear him shout like that this season also.
BlackeyYT _
BlackeyYT _ 7 aylar önce
This is great 💛💙
Renero Realigue
Renero Realigue 7 aylar önce
They are showing this videos because they know this season is redemption!
Germán Guzmán
Germán Guzmán 7 aylar önce
rene campos
rene campos 6 aylar önce
great show, and nice moments to enjoy this, THANKS. from SYDNEY AUSTRALIA
Mayank Jain
Mayank Jain 7 aylar önce
If Iguodala plays likes this as in the initial part of video no one's gonna stop warriors
Mayank Jain
Mayank Jain 7 aylar önce
@SuperNintendawg Yeah !!
SuperNintendawg 7 aylar önce
@Mayank Jain lmao. I hate to break it to you but Iggy looked good in the preseason. He was pretty washed in Miami. Dude's 37 years old.
Mayank Jain
Mayank Jain 7 aylar önce
@SuperNintendawg damn right and he ain't played like that in pre season hope for better ahead..
SuperNintendawg 7 aylar önce
No shit lmao. According to this video, Iggy is the GOAT.
KT-Basketball 7 aylar önce
Poole MIP, Steph MVP
Weird Ak
Weird Ak 6 aylar önce
I like how 3/4 of these highlights are Andre Iguodala highlights. He is very talented.
Phub Bing
Phub Bing 4 aylar önce
basketball played like football by GSW❤️👍💯🎉❤️
Loco 7 aylar önce
This dude went back to the 70s lol to show highlights you on another level my boy
JRT StrategiCapital
JRT StrategiCapital 6 aylar önce
With Iggy’s return…I agree..the Legacy Team is now back…Warriors 11-1 “strength in numbers baby 🏀” great feeling that “magic” again .👍
Steph Curry
Steph Curry 7 aylar önce
I will get MVP this season
Lovelylady 7 aylar önce
“Dats Dem Boyz !!!! Let’s go Warriors..
Shrock 7 aylar önce
25:53 i thought Steph is 0/8 with 20 seconds remaining in the Finals??🤨🧐
Bryson the Finesser
Bryson the Finesser 7 aylar önce
Dub nation!!!!!
Paul Jenkins
Paul Jenkins 7 aylar önce
They were already up 41 when Klay broke the record, hahah.
Miichaeljr 7 aylar önce
Silky Smooth
Silky Smooth 7 aylar önce
Warriors! 2022 nba champions! 🏆👍💪❤️
bundang don
bundang don 7 aylar önce
Okay, I'm hyped now
Abi Chau
Abi Chau 7 aylar önce
Yo for a second there, I thought I was watching a WWE highlight 😂😂 the cheering is insane
Lilian Chiu
Lilian Chiu 7 aylar önce
Thank you warriors
Aejns 7 aylar önce
75 Minutes of Andre Igoudala Highlights to Get You hyped for the NBA Season! **
Ajul Tobi Marum
Ajul Tobi Marum 7 aylar önce
Are you seeing what am speculating about Golden Warriors? It is 5-0 unbeatable in the table. They will take it final perhaps
NBA Hilights
NBA Hilights 7 aylar önce
Curry 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️ MVP MVP MVP MVP
basketball 24
basketball 24 7 aylar önce
Curry all the way
Mark Scar
Mark Scar 7 aylar önce
MORE 2022 NBA NEW RECORDS for every INDIVIDUAL & for the TEAM.
From The 3
From The 3 7 aylar önce
All the homies love Klay
Juanita Montes
Juanita Montes 6 aylar önce
Obi-wan 7 aylar önce
Nobody was thinking we had a chance this season now it is looking more likely
Toad T-rex
Toad T-rex 7 aylar önce
The empire strikes back
perfect brown
perfect brown 6 aylar önce
I'm from the future and I was sent to this very video too this particular comment section with a message I must deliver pronto......well here it is....it worked!! The whole warriors organization watched this video and got hyped for the season we 7-1 cooking and only getting better ...that is all
Lennard A. Bass
Lennard A. Bass 5 aylar önce
Full disclosure: I am a lifelong Lakers fan...ever since the days of Kareem, (his grandmother is from my home country), Kupchak, Rambis, etc...but there is no way that one can be a basketball fan and not like the way the Warriors run their organization and there's even less way that anyone can not love Steph, Klay, Iggy, Draymond and a lot of their teammates. Class organization all the way and while my Lakers fan account has been dormant for the past 3 seasons or so, I've really enjoyed watching the Dubs do their thing. That first highlight of this video was epic in real time. Mike Breen just could not contain himself. I hope Steph stays healthy and wins another UNANIMOUS MVP again this season. He actually should have won last year, too. Let the haters hate.
Taj Bird
Taj Bird 7 aylar önce
I can wait for the Highlights
Joeson Epis
Joeson Epis 7 aylar önce
Curry mvp legit👍
-Steven08- 6 aylar önce
Warriors are on Revenge Tour , Curry is getting Revenge for the MVP and Klay-Wiseman getting it too for their return
Adam The Turtle
Adam The Turtle 6 aylar önce
25 Minutes of Andre Igoudala Highlights to get you Hyped for the NBA Season!
last time i ever do an insta q&a
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