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Chris Aguilera
Chris Aguilera Yıl önce
They showed a lot of creativity in these early days. I think modern filmmakers become too dependent on CGI and it gets overused. I remember the early 2000's there was a ton of movies that used early CGI that looked terrible and now it looks completely dated. I think the best is when you don't notice the effects are there, this way it won't date the movie.
Deez 21 gün önce
Clockwork orange says otherwise even tho it's a great movie it sucks that it didn't have a super high budget
Chris Chaos
Chris Chaos 23 gün önce
Weirdly enough, theres some CGI from the early 2000’s look better than CGI from today
C Z 25 gün önce
@Grace Ross Its a common misconception that CGI is cheaper, in fact most of the time it is not cheaper in total numbers than "handmade" effects. The main advantage of CGI is, you have more control over it, bc its made in post production and not during shooting and bc its not part of the shooting process, the director saves time, which means the studios save money
defiraphi 26 gün önce
@Lukas Sprehn Well be against inflation as easy it is . Star Wars sequels ( 7,8,9 ) weren't needed we those adult and who has read the books knows the story . So it was only made for the politically correctness, feminism and lgbtq purpose as kinda all movies that got made between 2008-2022 era all with hidden messages and what not . Give me a valid reason why the Tomb Raider movie with Vikander as actress was good for ? Besides the two Tomb Raider's movies with Angelina Jolie that was close to the game content and yes the "boobs" cliché was the fake code so means you didn't get it at first view . To me Vikander's Tomb Raider belongs to feminism and lgbtq same as todays new Predator movie "Prey" so called as prequel which is fake to me plain simple . The main protagonist a woman from a certain tribe fails to kill a bear but can kill an alien with superpowers and the males from her tribe are like clowns ....yeah right open a history book it was men that sacrificed their lives to their beloved one not what they teach us today . For me the movie sector is so good as done . If none can make real movies anymore like those from between 1950-1995 with real quality and fun and not ghink about the money first . Why i hate Asylum b-movies alot they cannot to original stuff like back then b-movies from Italia and Spain or even France . Americans were happy to see those .... Strange enough there's no real merit in the French horror style given by real horror movie fans enthousiasts like Martyrs , La Horde , Frontière, etc... a few mention them same goes for the Dutch movie De Lift ( the elevator ) an old 80's classic . CGI is a tool to help you where nothing else can be done . Really CGI blood ? CGI explosions in a wasteland ? CGI fake nose or eye ? To me blockbusters with their 300+ billion dollars are fake since the late 90's to today . Alot could be done cheaper .
Lukas Sprehn
Lukas Sprehn 26 gün önce
@defiraphi One answer: inflation.
Chels Murphy
Chels Murphy Yıl önce
I actually really love driving scenes with the obvious projector behind them 😅
Chris Maxfield
Chris Maxfield 15 gün önce
My favorite rear projection driving sequence was from the Paris flashback in CASABLANCA. Bogart and Bergman are blissfully "driving" along, with scenes of Paris roads behind them. During a continuous shot of the actors, the rear-screen image crossfades to a different street! It's jarring, if you catch it.
Idaho 21 gün önce
@OÄKTA DOPBOK Either that or way too fast for the winding turns and smiling like not even trying to "pay attention to the road ahead"
choreomaniac 24 gün önce
@SyZion Aurifex especially since they didn’t have power steering. It was hard to turn your car back then.
SyZion Aurifex
SyZion Aurifex 24 gün önce
When they spin the wheel all over the place and the car barely turns 😂😂
choreomaniac Aylar önce
@SteveDavies80 and car culture was much more important and much earlier in the US than UK. You could avoid scenes in British TV having a conversation in a moving car. That is nearly impossible in the US.
Peter Givenbless
Peter Givenbless Yıl önce
Small correction: the shot of Tippi Hedren driving from 'The Birds' is referred to as an example of "rear projection", but the shot was actually achieved as a Sodium Vapour Process Composite (a Travelling Matte technique that took advantage of the narrow spectrum of light produced by Sodium Vapour lamps, which could be filtered out using a specially created dichroic prism without affecting the overall colour of the live action elements, unfortunately the process fell into disuse because only a few of the prisms used were ever successfully manufactured and the process required a purpose-built two-strip camera to film with).
HenryLoenwind Yıl önce
@brickman409 It gets even neater when you realize that this process allows you to use translucent objects like silky clothing.
brickman409 Yıl önce
Woah, that's pretty neat!
Lake District Films
Original matte paintings were not put in afterwards, as stated (although this did begin to happen with the introduction of digital effects); the original matte paintings were on glass, and the cameras filmed live performers on sets through the holes in the painting, meaning the complete shot was done in camera, matte and all. Sometimes, as possibly in the Citizen Kane clip, extra holes were left or cut in the painting, which could then allow for some movement to be made behind it, to disrupt what might otherwise look like a flat still picture. Absolute works of art, matte paintings!
Lukas Sprehn
Lukas Sprehn 24 gün önce
@Steven R Ohhh cool. I didn’t know that. So, you mean, another camera wasn’t used to film then, in the printer? Was it just an exposing thing then…? The more you know!
Steven R
Steven R 24 gün önce
@Lukas Sprehn wow the amount of opinions flying around here is ridiculous! ill give everyone a hint! matt painting were invented first, optical printing came later, meaning BOTH methods were used at one point or another but origionally they HAD to be done in camera because if you masked off the area and re ran the film to photograph over the blacked out section you would be re exposing the film and the edges might not line up causing 'GHOSTING' or seeing one image through the other, far simpler to replace the black out mask with theactual painting on glass and film through it, you can stare right down the camera to see if youve blended the lines correctly and adjust studio lighting to make the set match the painting in real time, the optical printer allowed you to alter the matt and substitute another later on if designs were not finalised or a director changed his mind about the look of the shot in post production, but of course optical printers really came into their own after people reaalised they could combine not just two images but MANY, for star wars every time you see multiple spaceships on screen every single one was photographed seperately as were the stars, by this point the tech was good enough that it all moved to post production
Lukas Sprehn
Lukas Sprehn 26 gün önce
Not entirely correct. They invented optical printers in between those eras that allowed you to add it afterwards, but still in camera as you would simply record film, layered, in the optical printer.
Douglas Freeman
Douglas Freeman 2 aylar önce
Some were done in camera. I know that for some 1980s t.v. "glass shots" were used. The painting, on glass, was positioned correctly then the scene was shot. This worked if, for example, the actors did not move much or the painting was in the upper part of the frame, so there was no danger of them moving "behind" the painting. If you were careful about actor/prop. movement the effect could be achieved in-camera.
Ambrose Wolfinger
Ambrose Wolfinger 2 aylar önce
This is not entirely true. There were a number of ways matte paintings were done, depending on the FX artist. Some were done in Optical Printers, some were actually on Glass right in front of the camera with the actors working behind the glass and some were done latently on the the same piece of film., literally blacking off a section of the camera lens, then rewinding the film and shooting the same film with the matte painting. There are a few documentaries on the history of matte process. Lock for names like Albert Whitlock, Peter Ellenshaw, Matthew Yuricich... it is remarkable artistry and frankly, a lot of these matte paintings were unnoticeable.
Drakin Kovar
Drakin Kovar Yıl önce
Although not touched on here, one thing I will always admire is the practical effects of the 80's right before CGI took off, when the practical effects were at their peak. I'm not a fan of horror, but it always boggles my mind the sorts of practical effects seen in in movies like The Thing or The Fly. CGI is getting better all the time and I'm all for that, but it has yet to replace the sensation of something physically there.
Acord718 2 aylar önce
Exactly I feel the same way. But shows like the mandalorian and the dark crystal mix both. Movies like Jurassic Park also do the same. To me that's the best way to do it.
Carlos Roberto López Hernández
To be honest I prefer the labor and love used to give the audience the belief of the movie magic. They missed out to mention the films that used a mixed use of traditional and CGI FX's. The T-rex from Jurassic Park is a perfect example of a mastery of combining two styles.
Dan Diehm
Dan Diehm Aylar önce
And a;ll of the work done on Peter Jackson's Lord Of The Rings films.
Bad Yıl önce
5:13 they really used this shot as a "bad" example when this is one of the most convincing painting shots I've ever seen. They even cut holes in the painting and flashed lights through them to simulate movement
Agropio 10 aylar önce
You can even tell that they choose to point out the audience on the sides rather than the center area, either because they looked too good or because they were fooled by it and assumed the painted people were only on the sides.
Ikr, realistic ≠ Better. For example all the disney "live action" remakes
User: [Unknown]
User: [Unknown] Yıl önce
@Daniel Awesome yeah, I think your right either way their both very good for the time.
Daniel Awesome
Daniel Awesome Yıl önce
@User: [Unknown] I think they're talking about Citizen Kane, not Wizard of Oz.
Matthew Bermudez
Matthew Bermudez Yıl önce
The Wizard of Oz holds up better than most movies. Doesn’t even make sense. Especially with how well it’s been remastered. It shouldn’t be so convincing. Makeup and fx
hwd71 Aylar önce
The Ten Commandments SFX still amazes me. And Buster Keating's stunts are still mind boggling to this day.
Eden Atlas
Eden Atlas Yıl önce
Hey, there's nothing bad about old special effects.
The American Girl Doll Film Channel
Sometimes they can look primitive, but the creativity shines.
Maerahn 2 aylar önce
It's a shame the Pepper's Ghost trick wasn't touched on here, since that was a pretty effective special effect that started off in theatres for stage plays before being utilised by movies. How they even came up with it in the first place is pretty mindblowing.
Bonita Hall
Bonita Hall Yıl önce
I think it’s so cool how inventive they were. We improve on what we know.
Freddy Jose Regino Montalvo
Pan's labyrinth, Hellboy, Shape of water and Pacific Rim are amazing films which their special effects stand up to this days. Guillermo del Toro and his team combines the best of Cgi and the best of practical efects.
V3ntilator 8 aylar önce
Some of the things in Del Toro movies which looks like CGI is actually handmade motorized puppets. It looked too perfect to be puppets, so people thought it were CGI.
Casey Tilley
Casey Tilley Yıl önce
So is George Miller. Mad Max: Fury Road mostly used practical effects and only CGI to mostly remove stunt wires and that one night scene in which it was really actually in the middle of the day.
Augmented Smurf
Augmented Smurf Yıl önce
Arguably, I'd say that Jon Favreau is nearly on par with Del Toro, as far as successfully combining CGI and practical effects in creative ways.
Rodd Matsui
Rodd Matsui Yıl önce
Kong was never “Claymation”, he had a mechanical armature too, and had muscles and skin built up in layers of foam rubber and liquid latex. Ray Harryhausen’s puppets were typically all sculpted and then cast in foam rubber, with the mechanical armature inside.
James Lacey
James Lacey 2 aylar önce
@Wildman2012 I know they couldn't take the time out to do the proper research on the special effects of the original King Kong, thus making it sound more crude than the actual process was. There is a special magic to the original King Kong and to all of Ray Harryhausen's films that truly inspire whenever I watch them.
judge crater
judge crater 8 aylar önce
The rabbit fur F/X expert Willis O'Brien used on Kong did sometimes look a little odd when the figure was animated. But the scene of Kong fighting the T. Rex was not equaled until 60 years later in "Jurassic Park," in the CGI T. Rex scene at the end.
Wildman2012 Yıl önce
I'm glad you made this observation; I also had a problem with 'claymation' with Kong's reference.
KGonzales Yıl önce
The gelatin dead sea parting looked really convincing, especially when I watched it in our tiny old TV. Now I can't unsee the gelatin after watching this video.
The Bob
The Bob Yıl önce
I find special effects in older films to feel more natural and beautiful than nowadays (if done correctly)
*ARI~CHAN* 10 aylar önce
I was born in the early 2000s and even I feel like older films that don't have believe-able effects has a at home natural feeling into them
Lumibear Yıl önce
As a lifetime casual enthusiast for VFX that was born in the 60s I can tell you all that approx 20% of that was just plain wrong, or was sort of right but was graphically depicted wrong. Still, it was mostly right, just a bit confused here and there.
Lumibear 25 gün önce
@BJGvideos because a year later only one person cares.
BJGvideos 25 gün önce
So why not SAY what was wrong then instead of "yeah that's like 20% wrong but I'm not gonna say what parts"?
cchavezjr7 11 aylar önce
This really feels like something put together with as little research as possible and just for views.
KAP Animations
KAP Animations Yıl önce
I don't think it's really fair to compare today's movies/shows effects with old ones like obviously it's going to look better now than it did decades ago.
defiraphi Aylar önce
Many 90's B-movies were excellent too as many of them surpas easily todays CGI . To me all the movies made in 2000's dates badly as you can eaily see the errors and mistakes . It makes it very hard to watch movies today since nothing is natural anymore . Even the colors used in todays movies annoys me ( the blue, green, yellow-ish ) instead to stay natural .
Anton Ekstrand
Anton Ekstrand Yıl önce
@Hero Destrin I think the best use of CGI is to enhance certain shots, like adding depth and detail to backgrounds, or removing or masking items in the shot that can't be removed by other means. Those things (generally) aren't as noticable, if at all, and do serve a very good use. It's the moving entities that still look off to me. Something about the weight of the characters, and the feeling that they aren't 'really' there with the actors take away from the effect for me. This will likely improve over time, of course, but until then, their presence is still jarring.
Hero Destrin
Hero Destrin Yıl önce
@Anton Ekstrand CGI has become incredibly good as of late, and it's exponentially getting better. Yes, what you said is correct, but I don't think today's effects are worse by any means back then. They keep looking better and better because we keep advancing. However script writing sure has taken a turn for the worse lol.
Anton Ekstrand
Anton Ekstrand Yıl önce
@KAP Animations There is a common conception I think that things in general always move in a certain direction, in this case the improvement of what's considered 'realistic' on screen. But just as with say script writing, the trajectory is often way more bumpy than that. As you say, Jurrasic Park in my opinion has way better special effects than the newer entries in the series. The relative restraint in using CGI probably has something to do with it. Now I do think things have become better when it comes to special effects in the past decade. The CGI definitely looks more impressive today than in the early 00's. The movies in general are abysmal in comparison, but even though film makers still over use CGI, at least that aspect of modern movies isn't really what worries me anymore.
KAP Animations
KAP Animations Yıl önce
@Anton Ekstrand I guess that’s true now that I think about it. Like Jurassic Park. Especially movies in the early 2000s that relied on CGI just look super cheesy now.
Christian Fernandez
Sometimes practical looks so damn convincing compared to cgi. John Carpenter's The Thing will always blow my mind.
animanaut Yıl önce
Citizens crowd in the foreground is also a matte painting. So in a sense Citizen Kane is a two stage approach to it. Foreground was „animated“ with light just enough to make it look lively enough to ignore the more static matte painting in the background on the first watch
Yashwardhan Sinh Jadeja
I wondered how them 40s hand-drawn animations had different planes moving at different speeds, just lifelike. Whoa that were physical layers attached to the camera
jmchez 9 aylar önce
Sadly, the great special effects master, Douglas Trumbull, passed away early this month. He created the special effects and miniatures for 2001, A Space Odyssey (1968), and Blade Runner (1982). It's amazing how good they look even at this date. Foe Blade Runner, he used smoke to make his miniature city look realistic as the focus got hazier, the further you looked into his city. Practical miniature effects can be amazing when done well. The Blue Danube scene from 2001 is still awe-inspiring and I even still like the opening shot of The Poseidon Adventure (1972) with its massive ship ( a copy of the Queen Mary) sailing through rough waters.
Musikur Yıl önce
I wonder how prevalent these LED Boxes like used in Mandalorian will become? I'm sure there must be some quite steep limitations somewhere, but they seem like an extremely useful tool which is a massive stepup from green screen (the fact that the actors are able to see more of their environment must surely be a boon, although I wonder if it will ruin spontaneity a little since all the camera movements need to be preprogramed
Ari Dragonbeard
Ari Dragonbeard Yıl önce
Why do you think the camera movements need to be pre-programmed? There have been several instances of a handheld virtual camera being used in real-time in virtual environments. The Volume works in the same way, where the the camera's movements are tracked in real-time and the background displayed on the screens changes to keep the camera's view consistent in terms of parallax and depth
Freddy Jose Regino Montalvo
Pan's labyrinth, Hellboy, Shape of water and Pacific Rim are amazing films which their special effects stand up to this days. Guillermo del Toro and his team combines the best of Cgi and the best of practical efects.
marahuyo Yıl önce
Hellboy toooo. I am really fascinated by the characters when I watched them as a child, especially the fish guy one.
emilymcplugger 2 aylar önce
I believe the shots on THE MANDALORIAN were first used on Tom Cruise’s underrated film OBLIVION. This is what gives OBLIVION its incredible lighting look also.
waverly2468 2 aylar önce
What always amazes me when I see actual matte paintings and actual miniatures that were used in movies is that matte paintings often lack detail. Brush strokes are left in but they don't show up on screen. Miniatures are the opposite-- they have amazing detail and the workmanship is extraordinary. Small details like rust or wear and tear are carefully painted on the model.
3D-PT Aylar önce
It's part of the illusion with matte paintings to lack detail... If it had sharper images we might focus on them... but by lacking detail our brain ignores the background and focus on the live action... that and it's cheaper to paint.
Bunsenn Yıl önce
I think I invented the substitution splice when I was about 7 years old without realizing it already existed. I always wondered how effects like appearance were done, so I always presumed that was how.
James Drynan
James Drynan Aylar önce
There is a scene in Hitchcock's movie, " Family Plot, " showing Dern and Harris in an out-of-control car driving down a mountain road. Even though rear projection is used, Hitchcock edited it so well that the tension is palpable. Brilliant!
ZeroFucks Yıl önce
This early stuff is much more impressive than anything today. They were damn geniuses.
V3ntilator 8 aylar önce
@Radish They made new tech for Mandalorian TV Series for example.
*ARI~CHAN* 10 aylar önce
Yes . Film makers these days do make a lot of technical advancements tho I feel like it's not noticeable . Since back in the olden days everything was so limited even just a slight advancement is consider impressive . And the modern day dark cgi and camera work makes the filmmakers advancements looks "the same as the last one" modern film looks similar to one another so that's why people aren't really blown away by the recent technical advancements we've made
Winterhe4rt Yıl önce
Idk man. Those LED screens rear projecting IN camera looks damn impressive to me. and so seemless.
Radish Yıl önce
That’s like saying the Wright Brothers work is much more impressive than anything today. Watch Insider’s video on the 12 minute fight scene in Extraction, or pretty much any video in their Movies Insider playlists. There are still creative geniuses today who come up with ways to leverage and extend the limits of moviemaking technology, same as with flight or pretty much any other field.
Raúl Sabinas
Raúl Sabinas Yıl önce
of course no, making croma keys work is reaaaally impressive, creating cg animals that are way too realistic to be relatable is impressive an genius, you think that’s easy but it takes as much time as creating it for a stop motion
Jimifan57 2 aylar önce
Great stuff, but one small correction: King Kong was not claymation. Kong had a metal armature with sponge rubber used for the body's musculature, which was then covered with rabbit fur. It used the same three-dimensional animation technique, though.
Waggsmith Yıl önce
If you want to get technical. Alfred Hitchcock’s Vertigo from 1958 was the first film to make use of CGI, in it’s opening sequence. But it was made using a mechanical computer, not a digital one, so you can go ether way with that claim.
DavidBanan Yıl önce
Not, reaally, but technically maybr
Bill Blaylock
Bill Blaylock Yıl önce
Nice video but have to correct something. The original King Kong was not "claymation." Kong was a miniature articulated metal armature figure covered in fur.
Jeff G
Jeff G Yıl önce
Yeah, I hate when people use "claymation" interchangeably for "stop motion".
SwedeX (Ajbp95)
SwedeX (Ajbp95) Yıl önce
That skeleton fight looks more real than some things today!
waterball_882 29 gün önce
judge crater
judge crater 8 aylar önce
The skeleton swordsmen look in sharper focus than the the human actors. Ray Harryhausen had really improved his stop-motion animation from when he animated just one swordsman in 1958's "The 7th Voyage Of Sinbad," where the image lacks clarity, even if still impressive.
Mxyzptlksac Yıl önce
Get your eyes checked
Shadow Soulless
Shadow Soulless Yıl önce
Not really
M Rakhastama
M Rakhastama Yıl önce
Better than those UFO footage 💀
Jessica Walton
Jessica Walton Yıl önce
Some of those old effects are very convincing though
R.J Clark
R.J Clark Yıl önce
Cinema is an amazing art form.
jared harris
jared harris 7 aylar önce
My gripe is hand drawn animation vs computer generated animation I miss old school hand drawn because it’s just classic
Joe Haynes
Joe Haynes Yıl önce
If you enjoyed this you should check out captain disillusion, he goes in depth on many of these techniques in fun ways
Burger Thief
Burger Thief Yıl önce
They really put a lot of effort into creating those old techniques
judge crater
judge crater 8 aylar önce
An 8th movie trick would be the hanging miniature, an effect used to great effect in the chariot race scene for "Ben-Hur." A full discussion of this effect is in episode 11, "Trick Of The Light," in the 1980 Thames TV series "Hollywood."
R.J Clark
R.J Clark Yıl önce
I know I'm in the minority but I really like the look of matte painted set extensions.
rob roy
rob roy 7 aylar önce
Not me. It looks distracting and fake to me.
NEKO_фΨф Yıl önce
I am glad cgi and blue/green screen effects became a thing in modern movies … especially from a costs perspective ( just imagine how much some movies would cost if they kept on using frame by frame clay motion at todays resolutions and amount of detail (then that 2 billion movie would be 80 zillion and only be 40 minutes)
Joe Stillwell
Joe Stillwell Yıl önce
in the citizen kane the front crowd is also a matte painting with holes cut out with light shining through to make it look like they are moving. they show the back ground and say they are lifeless I don't think they know the front crowd was also a matte painting.
E Yıl önce
To this day Jason and the Argonauts stands for me as the last / best movie with "real" special effects, with Starwars A new hope very close behind.
Cmdr. Johnpooky84
Cmdr. Johnpooky84 Aylar önce
The first Jurassic Park is that movie for me.
Michael Slater
Michael Slater 29 gün önce
I’m so glad you Mentioned Disney’s multiplane camera. I was thinking about a documentary I saw that included that technology and I was hoping you would go over it! Also Ray Harryhausen was great. Loved his skeleton fight in Jason and the Argonauts! Great video thank you so much.
The Dana Yi Show
The Dana Yi Show Yıl önce
Wow really interesting video about a cool topic, really makes me think more about all the work that goes into movies!
naly202 Yıl önce
I love old special effects
BorisTheDogg Aylar önce
5:14 - The crowds scene for Kane's speech was a poor selection for a static matte painting. Orson Wells poked small holes in the matte and shined light behind it to create the effect of movement in the crowd. Another example of Wells' brilliance.
Caleb Donaldson
Caleb Donaldson 8 aylar önce
"Outdated"? "Primitive"? "Low-tech?" Lady, you've got the wrong idea here. These cinematic achievements represent brilliant ideas executed with great finesse, especially for their time. If anything, the incessant presence of CGI is stifling artistic creativity in the modern day, just as digital instruments eventually led to the dumbing down of the music industry. The difference between something like traditional animation vs computer animation, is that animation used to be about expression. It was about how you could express unbelievable things beyond our wildest imagination. CGI gives you exactly what you want right then and there. It's no longer about how the object can be expressed in splendid artistic fashion, but how many things we can fit on the screen at one time. Maybe you need to rethink this perspective of yours.
Matthew Waterhouse
I've said it before, and I'll say it again, "It takes a lot of work to make something fake look real."
opoder 2 aylar önce
Gosto de ver os efeitos antigos. O Abuso de CGI estragou meu interesse pelo cinema.
michael anthony hilario
Those effects are so amazing during the times of Cinema
John Phantom
John Phantom Yıl önce
Congratz Insider, this is the first time I have seen anyone admit that both green and blue are used for chromakeying. Of course anything with modern computers can be keyed to, but green first then blue later on since the 1980s at least have been used primarily.
Blingo Stingo
Blingo Stingo 8 aylar önce
The fact that the CGI is so close but just a bit off somehow makes it more glaringly unrealistic than when it's done by hand and you can tell how they're doing it and it's obviously hokey but I mean, it's already fantastical stuff that's happening, it's fiction, you can make it goofy, and it's more fun when you do
Gibran Bedra
Gibran Bedra Yıl önce
Every video Insider makes is top shelf! Good stuff... cool. Thank you...
nyc78 Aylar önce
Very informative and interesting. Thank you!
Caron Stout
Caron Stout Yıl önce
Sometimes there's no tech like old tech!
Superlative CG
Superlative CG Yıl önce
The amount of computing power to make a fake CGI Moon landing is significantly more than the amount used actually land on the Moon.
Steven Peralta
Steven Peralta 11 aylar önce
Isn't it cool!? Incredibly creative people entertaining us.
Erik Yıl önce
King Kong and The Invisible Man fx still look great after 90 years.Lord of the Rings cgi already looks dated after 20 years
kulturfreund66 Yıl önce
Many thanks for all the work and the insights!
Snodge Kat
Snodge Kat Yıl önce
phenomenal artistry!!!
nicole on feels
nicole on feels Yıl önce
Honestly prefer classic animation but that's just me 😁
Sammy The Hamster
Yeah the same. I like hand drawn animation. Ardmann are still going with stop frame clayanimation I loved Wallace and Gromit films, Shawn the sheep. There are so many bad simplistic 3D rendered videos on TRvid and everyone think they are some hotshot proanimator. I did try my stop frame animation it was fun sometimes wished I took as undergraduate degree. I love anime nearest to old cell cartoons.
eLt | Fhj69yt
eLt | Fhj69yt Yıl önce
Me too
Ryan S
Ryan S 26 gün önce
If I ever become a director I’ll do everything practical as much as I can. Too me the practical effects still look the best. When I saw 1983 The Thing and learned it was all practical effects I loved that movie even more because it all looked really good.
Neon Tyler
Neon Tyler 27 gün önce
Imagine those Creators and Directors who made all of these technologies will come visit the future and they will see how their hardworks and dedication made the modern Movie industry. Huge Respect 🫡
Greg Breden
Greg Breden 2 aylar önce
The first time I saw 2001 as a kid I thought the Dawn Of Man section was shot on location because it looked so convincing.
Cmdr. Johnpooky84
Cmdr. Johnpooky84 Aylar önce
Until I saw this video, I thought that, too.
Chris Wixtrom
Chris Wixtrom 8 aylar önce
Fascinating! Thanks for making this video!
Robert Patrician
Robert Patrician Yıl önce
One could argue that it wasn't "cheap effects" because you're watching a high-resolution scan of the original at 720p. Drop it down to 140p and see how it looks.
David G Austin
David G Austin Yıl önce
Too bad this video contains misinformation. For example, the matte paintings in The Wizard of Oz were not composited in later; the painted matte was placed between the camera and the actors, with the actors being seen through an unpainted portion of the glass matte. A simple yet very effective way to create fantasy worlds cheaply.
RTCMAHL Yıl önce
I do like the pre cgi heavy movies so when you can watch a movie you can wonder how they accomplished a shot.
Razordreamz Yıl önce
The Mandalorian is the future. A dome of LED or OLED etc., but a closed environment with actors. And this worked very well. This is the new way forward and I expect many other studios to copy this idea.
Regret Sin
Regret Sin Yıl önce
5:21 Wasn’t the part of the audience closer to the camera was given movement by having holes in the painting with things moving under to make it look like the crowd was moving around
Greg Surrell
Greg Surrell Aylar önce
The 1933 King Kong wasn’t done in “claymation”. It used stop motion with an 18” model. Front projection, rear projection, matte painting & matte shots (Dunning Process) were all used.
Michael Goldberg
Michael Goldberg Yıl önce
Very good, but it was a mistake to call King Kong's figure "Claymation"!
World Of Hunter 1
World Of Hunter 1 Aylar önce
I actually thought the background of the "Dawn of Man" sequence in 2001 A Space Odyssey was a realistic painting. Not a projection of an actual landscape reflecting off a mirror.
Existensmaximum 28 gün önce
Yeah, I prefer the old techniques every day of the week. There's just something about watching old movies and being amazed by the creativity and effort put in. Obviously lots of effort is still being put in, but I'm just very rarely impressed by new effects anymore. Unless they use puppets or like handcrafted gore!
RW Smith
RW Smith 11 aylar önce
I always picture the Wizard of Oz characters breaking through a matte painting before the director yelled 'CUT'. Note: Harryhausen. He's DA MAN!. I still love Jason and the Argonauts.
Joshua Villasante
Joshua Villasante 2 aylar önce
Now I need a video like this but talking about practical effects in horror movies. Cause those new one sometimes look... weird.
SevenDeMagnus 7 aylar önce
Cool, the first filmakers were geniuses. God bless.
Paninsular 4 aylar önce
First time to learn such things. Mind blowing!
OddTimeMan Yıl önce
I really miss the use of miniature models. Too much CGI today.
Rob Friedrich
Rob Friedrich 23 gün önce
5:50 The same technology was used in Germany by Fischerkoesen. I have doubts that they get the equipment from Disney. You can notice this in the start of the "Wheaterbeaten Melody" a cartoon, where a wasp found a gramophone and noticed, that her sting could play the record and finally all little animals on the meadow helped her, to play the record with a Gernan song "Would the week have no Sunday, the life wouldn't be half as nice, Sunday I take a walk with my sweetheart"
User: [Unknown]
User: [Unknown] Yıl önce
Imagine how weird it would feel to play an animal in a movie. They better get paid well
Greg Ayad
Greg Ayad Yıl önce
Andy Serkins' (?) Caesar in the Apes franchise is one of the most iconic out there, but his character was humanized. Though Im yet to see an interview with that kind of question.
The most amazing part, is back in the early film making days, they did not have computers to do any of the work. Everything had to be done manually with physically splicing film. Far more tedious and difficult! So even though these effects may be crude compared to today's standards, they were still pretty amazing accomplishment's for the time, considering what they had to work with or lack of!
chris e
chris e Aylar önce
Low tech experiments of the past? I'm pretty sure that was ground breaking stuff at the time it was done.
Njorunmimis Official
Njorunmimis Official 2 aylar önce
Honestly this is what makes me want to be in the Movie business, Acting business or just outright make a amazing movie. Today Movie making and video production is more straight forward using either Blue or Green Screens, But Now Blue Screens are the biggest Movie production. I've worked with both Green Screen and Blue Screen and finding how they managed movies back before I was even born and how movies handled "CGI" Was more physical based and painted on or drawed... Something like Tim Burton films, Especially time Burton films using Stop animations is revolutionary and I fully admit that Stop Animation movies was or is still popular in my opinion. Again, Movie Production is one of the biggest things that go oversighted and the Visual effects teams are usually unappreciated because of the Marvels "Icon" Actors, But the real people who made that movie and made the Actors career is the people of the production. WIthout them, These movies would never be possible. Take a moment to thank people of the production and Art Designers, Video Development and Effects Teams.
Gonzo Lonzo
Gonzo Lonzo Yıl önce
See Kubrick probably did one of the best rear projections that I can think of in 200, but I think he also might have the cheeseist looking rear projection in A Clockwork Orange during the driving scenes.
Gonzo Lonzo
Gonzo Lonzo Aylar önce
@Charlie OBrien it's a psychedelic 60s future dystopia, and the budget for clockwork orange was low, the scene when their driving looks awful and I don't think it's out of artistic mindset rather than budgetary.
Charlie OBrien
Charlie OBrien Aylar önce
@Gonzo Lonzo I believe he was trying to show the drug addled view they had of themselves after drinking "the milk". The book is a very 60's kind of psychedelia idea of the near future society.
Gonzo Lonzo
Gonzo Lonzo Aylar önce
@Charlie OBrien or limited by budget after the failure of 2001 at first.
Charlie OBrien
Charlie OBrien Aylar önce
He did that purposely.
pikatoste Yıl önce
ahhhh yes... modern cinema... where people put more effort in special effects instead of making a well constructed and interesting plot
what 18 gün önce
@Gabe Logan You sound pretty obnoxious.
MJW238 28 gün önce
That’s simply not true. Sure, there are bad movies with fancy special effects tricks. But also good movies. Just like in the past. Go and look - you can find plenty of movies, beginning at the very dawn of cinema, which has clever special effects but where really just horrible movies.
Cmdr. Johnpooky84
Cmdr. Johnpooky84 Aylar önce
While mostly true, there are some exceptions (Christopher Nolan movies, for example).
Motherland One
Motherland One Yıl önce
The critics of the 1970’s said the exact same thing about disaster films. Nothing new or clever saying that.
No Name
No Name Yıl önce
not all film franchises focus all their budget on cgi. an example is marvel. it may look like the only thing they care about is to make vfx look better than others "effortlessly", but actually, if you watch all their movies, you'll notice that they balance them two perfectly.
theWZZA 20 gün önce
Just an awesome video, thank you!
David Evans
David Evans Aylar önce
fascinating, i love it thankyou for sharing this..
GloryGlory Hole’allelujah
Most of these people fall more under the term “illusionist” than “filmmaker”. In my opinion. 🤷‍♀️💖
Radhe Bhai
Radhe Bhai Yıl önce
2001 space Odyssey is my favourite because Kubrick did moon landing and space film before Neil Armstrong landed on moon
fireaza Yıl önce
Wannabe film buffs: "UGH! CGI looks so _FAKE!_ Movies were better back in the old days, when everything was done _PRACTICALLY_ and looked a million times more real!" Old movies: *LITERAL DRAWING ON A WALL*
Rck vert
Rck vert Yıl önce
Ppl be like dat? 😹
Knightmessenger Yıl önce
A lot of cgi is overdone in way to many places or used to create scenes that are visually unrealistic/could never be filmed with a physical camera, does not give the artists enough time and resources to refine the shots. Therefore a lot of CGI turns out bad and looks fake. This is further compounded by how it is shoved in areas of the frame that are designed to get the most attention from the audience. Old matte painting may look less realistic but sometimes the overall effect works better because the scene is shot in such a way that your eyes are drawn to other parts of the frame.
Guinea Pig Everyday
@Johan Lindbäck yeah its such a tired argument that i see in every damn review and comment under every damn film talking about how ppl use too much cgi and it used to all be better. it didn't. every special effect has its faults. i mean back-projecting is not any more convincing than green screen. And anyways when u see videos about the CGI in Parasite you'd be surprised how much CGI is unnoticed by the viewer just for background stuff.
Johan Lindbäck
Johan Lindbäck Yıl önce
90 percent (or probably more) of the CGI those film buffs see they don't even notice. CGI isn't only used to create fantasy creatures.
Akihiko Kurosaki
Akihiko Kurosaki Yıl önce
Most of old movies didn't used special effects. Nowadays we're using it excessive for every other movies.
Satellizard 22 gün önce
I feel like even with bad or dated practical effects, there's still somewhat of a charm in how crude they are, and you can admire the effort. There's nothing charming about bad cgi, it's just gross.
Patty098 Yıl önce
Amazing 🤩
Thomas 19 gün önce
You gotta be an idiot to not appreciate the old special effects. Amazingly creative.
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