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15 Eki 2021




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AntsCanada Yıl önce
Greetings Ant Lovers/AC Family, this experiment did NOT go as planned! After watching the video, please HELP ME OUT and VOTE below by hitting LIKE for the post with your choice (and pls remember to also 'LIKE' this video and hit 'SUBSCRIBE' to be part of this ant journey with us): PS - I have actually blocked up all the ant test tubes for now until we get clear poll results. I'll be checking every hour! LOVE YOU, GUYS! Thank you. Ant love forever!
Blessed Beauty
Blessed Beauty 11 gün önce
Maliyah Raguin
Maliyah Raguin Aylar önce
@AntsCanada 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉
My Random TV
My Random TV Aylar önce
@Edward Mariano boy gawa.mo
Yes memes
Yes memes 2 aylar önce
GLITCH GAMING 3 aylar önce
Keep them together
Marble玩殺 Yıl önce
Since all the colonies are too weak, they would not bother risking taking over other colonies, thus showing no serious aggression. Thus, this is the best time to keep the existing setting so they have time to form ally instead of war.
Ryder Ventura
Ryder Ventura 5 aylar önce
Benson Cheung
Benson Cheung Yıl önce
69th 🗨️
Stumpy Alex
Stumpy Alex Yıl önce
Also probably why none of the colonies besides #1 were leaving their tubes. They could likely smell the scouts from colony #1 and maybe didn't want to risk confrontation.
Steven Webster
Steven Webster Yıl önce
@Peter Paul Seminiano omg seriously that's all I think about when I see this channel. Like cmon make some hydralisks already lol
Stray GameplayWalkthrough PS4PS5
@Obtorge Cirb "I then threw myself into the ant experiment chamber as a control....for science"
Average Citizen
Average Citizen Aylar önce
You should give them a British empire style flag and call them the “7 colonies”
Ulises Rodriguez
Ulises Rodriguez 21 gün önce
Good bless the seven Queens
Ulises Rodriguez
Ulises Rodriguez 21 gün önce
United colonys
Sarah Oumlil
Sarah Oumlil 25 gün önce
i think
adonde vas bro, no me has dado de tu pote de agua
And them they conquer the other colonys and free space
Bree Griffin
Bree Griffin 4 aylar önce
It’s actually insane that ant was able to escape that situation completely unharmed
MorePlatesMoreTren 21 gün önce
Right? I didn’t knew that it could be that interesting
Kim Joseph Bertumen
nah he was raped
MG Aylar önce
23:19 this part felt so intense, even from ants
The Reaper
The Reaper 4 aylar önce
Never have I ever felt so invested in ants than when scout 6 from colony one got captured
funny giraffe
funny giraffe 26 gün önce
I almost cried when the queen walked up
Dylan Jeffryes
Dylan Jeffryes Aylar önce
I was literally so worried about what was going to happen to scout #6
Nightsky terrors
Nightsky terrors 3 aylar önce
Oh god, the ants have politics. They will take over the world!
GRIM Yıl önce
Man I dont care about "ant cruelty", what I care about is how calm you are about ants running around your house
Denzel Cocom
Denzel Cocom 8 gün önce
ben 13 gün önce
@Mia The Galaxy Wolf i din't knew the difference in that era 😨
Mia The Galaxy Wolf
Mia The Galaxy Wolf 13 gün önce
Mia The Galaxy Wolf
Mia The Galaxy Wolf 13 gün önce
@ben but I think that mice are cute what ur saying is RATS..
Mia The Galaxy Wolf
Mia The Galaxy Wolf 13 gün önce
Well I honestly just throw a fricken Fanta bottle at my neighbors house so the ants go there and sneak into theirs (when I was younger I thought that Fanta was orange juice so I hate it)
Nisi Diamondfire
Nisi Diamondfire 3 aylar önce
I'd keep them together. They didn't show full aggression, it was more curiosity on top of wariness at the sudden intrusion. I think if you leave them, they will accept each other. Colony 3 would have killed the worker from colony 1, but instead, they wanted food. To me, that's a good indication that they A: Have a similar scent (if a bit different at the same time), and B: They are likely going to anticipate colony 1 to bring food if you leave them together since colony 1 seems to be the braver of the 7 colonies that you have attached
Brogan Maxwell
Brogan Maxwell Aylar önce
I was amazed at the mount of joy I felt when the poor scout managed to escape lol.
Jordan powell
Jordan powell 4 aylar önce
Man I've been here since the very first colony, the nostalgia this brings is insane, the things this has gotten me through man
Brett The Jet
Brett The Jet 2 aylar önce
DeskSlam Aylar önce
I have never been so happy to see a God damn ant. In fact, I may even start calling them god blessed ants.
Dog Brain
Dog Brain Aylar önce
Jairo Tipple
Jairo Tipple Yıl önce
I don't know what is more unbelievable: The fact that I spent half an hour watching ants or the fact that it was more entertaining than most the movies I watched in the last couple of years.
Drake Philips
Drake Philips 19 gün önce
Both are unbelievable
Drip doggo
Drip doggo 22 gün önce
Bro I’m convinced ants Canada is just an ant who can talk
ev gumbo
ev gumbo 25 gün önce
Ona Aylar önce
Me a 11year old find this a lot better than movies
Claudiu Constantin
Claudiu Constantin 3 aylar önce
So true
Alexandre Foin
Alexandre Foin 4 aylar önce
How about: give access to the jelly to all colonies inside their respective "homes" so they're all healthy first, and then after that introduce into the main common area a relatively easy to defeat ant natural predator to see if the fed workers from different colonies will "bond"/"ally" to attack the common ant enemy together. Since they are already fed, there should be no envy/agression as happened in this experiment? In worst case you can pull out the common enemy if ants seem to be in trouble... Very Interesting Channel 👍👍👍
Fezii 3 aylar önce
Each test tube has a sugar water mixture from which the nanitics can feed off from
Tamalei Blagaj-Berger
Tamalei Blagaj-Berger 3 aylar önce
Please keep them together! I can't wait to see how they all grow into a big colony 😮
So-roadkill Aylar önce
I think they will mix eventually maybe take a couple of colanys separate tempareraly
Fly me 2 the Moon
Fly me 2 the Moon 4 aylar önce
Stumbled across this video and man ...Very freaking cool..I love the passion and respect he shows to a creature thats despised by most..I believe an experiment like this just gives us more understanding of protecting species and or eliminating pests..Depending what side your on I guess...I'd prefer all creatures to thrive and have as much a right on Earth as we do..great video brother
Md. Mehedi Hasan
Md. Mehedi Hasan 8 aylar önce
I never thought I would get this much attached to an ant. Sixth scout, your safe return made me happy. 🙂
Mc 4 aylar önce
AnimeGodzYt 4 aylar önce
Turd.Burglar Trufax
Turd.Burglar Trufax 4 aylar önce
Right! I was so happy to see him escape from the 3rd tube
Krooky 4 aylar önce
Lol I surprised at the sigh of relief I released
Leo Maso
Leo Maso 5 aylar önce
they need to make a movie abt this. Rogue One? never heard of it. Scout Six is my favorite movie.
Lauren Jansen
Lauren Jansen 3 aylar önce
After years of dealing with infuriating black ant infestations, this is definitely helping soften my heart from despising any and all ants. This is adorable how much you personify them
MuscleChicken 4 aylar önce
The integration between colony one’s worker ant and colony three was like watching an innocent boy walking dinner back to his parents house, then be thrown around and salvaged of all his food by a gang😭
Scott Sharer
Scott Sharer 4 aylar önce
Simply Outstanding as a study, as an educational series of moments, and as a fully edited story. As great as the best PBS stories. Congratulations to you and the ants.
Joseph Jackson
Joseph Jackson 4 aylar önce
@hollow knight ipad world and do you even know what an experiment is? I've got a background in psychology research so let me lay it out for you: The purpose of an experiment is to find out how one thing affects another. You have dependent and independent variables. Your independent is the thing you change (in this case the number of queens in proximity to each other from 1 to 7) and your dependent is what effect this has (in this case them getting along, battling etc). He's already stated his hypothesis which is that they will either form a large colony after a brief wrestle or go into full-on war, which is known as a two-tailed hypothesis. However, these queens getting along or killing each other off can be influenced by a ton of variables. This is why controlled variables are important, what you call "interrupting it". By not putting the colonies together all at the same time, for example, you ruin the results of your study from the word go. For all we know the reason they fought had nothing to do with being single-queened ant colonies. Potentially, the ONLY food source was marked with the scent trail of colony 1 and claimed. Maybe the whole middle section was, and so these fledgling vulnerable colonies were reluctant to risk engaging with a potentially better-established colony. Maybe a lack of food access therefore forced them to attack and consume other colonies Another is that each of their access points were different. Colony one had some tubing and then was right into the middle part. All the others would have had to walk through cotton wool to get in, much more difficult. As you can see, controlling your variables is very important here. For all we know they COULD have gotten along, but because this experiment was so poor we would never know. Just the same, they may never have gotten along and sadly now we wont know for sure what social structure this species has
hollow knight ipad world
@Joseph Jackson Did even read the tittle? Thats the whole point of the experiment to see what will happen interrupting it will make no sense since it's just not how it's gonna go without interrupting.
Joseph Jackson
Joseph Jackson 4 aylar önce
Actually as a study this was really shoddy. No real attempts at controlling variables means that any results are basically worthless. I think he just wanted to smash some ants together like action figures and uses the veil of "research" in case people cried cruelty
まるごと from MCGI💕
TimeToLoseSomeFriends 5 aylar önce
I love how he's more excited about ants running around the house, than the fact they're ripping apart the wood holding the house together... 😂
Rqizarr_ 4 gün önce
@Lil Daws dude never said anything about them eating wood, don't be too straightforward cuz of that new information you got
Genna Barnes
Genna Barnes 2 aylar önce
I was wondering that, how much damage do they do? Especially since he has no issue with a potential super colony living free in the house. I have no issue with ants but I know carpenters cause damage
Zes 2 aylar önce
Brandon Half
Brandon Half 2 aylar önce
true they just dig
Muhammad As'ad
Muhammad As'ad 3 aylar önce
This comment make me laugh 🤭
lala lala
lala lala 4 aylar önce
You take Nerd to a WHOLE knew level ! lolol But, being a nerd myself I love your videos. FUN and Educational . What more could a person want . Quality is fantastic and should be on Discovery or Science channels . Keep up the good work and Stay Nerdy! ❤
Game Player
Game Player 3 aylar önce
This was incredibly well made and interesting, I see you eventually got 46k votes to keep them together so, did you?
Roy Rose
Roy Rose 4 aylar önce
You make ants 🐜 so much more interesting then I thought they would be 😩
Tnpcook 4 aylar önce
Even as simple as they are, that is a very unexpected series of reactions and interactions. They're more capable of improvising and reacting that I thought.
Ale afar
Ale afar Yıl önce
This guy: "After two months I got attached to these colonies" Also this guy two minutes later "Some of you may die, but that's a sacrifice I am willing to make"
Julie N.
Julie N. 4 aylar önce
@Hayley Corry Sorry. I don't watch lids' shows.
CzarThiccholasII 4 aylar önce
@Julie N. That specific quote is from Shrek. Farquad says it while addressing his men
Nobody 5 aylar önce
LOL still trying to remember what movie (or show) that is a quote from... finally found it lol... the one I saw it in was Shrek... though apparently it's been used a lot!
NOXOCITY Gaming 8 aylar önce
The Shrek quote lol love it
Stephen Leader
Stephen Leader 8 aylar önce
This guy: "After two months I got attached to these colonies", He really should get a girlfriend.
Gatch 4 aylar önce
It's interesting that the later ants from colony one didn't seem to be as bright as the early ones, as the fifth one wandered around before finding the food and the sixth went to the wrong colony. I guess they have a batting order.
WittCorp 3 aylar önce
Seriously.. what an amazing channel you have created! So informative & done gracefully! I love AntsCanada!
AussieNinja TV
AussieNinja TV 3 aylar önce
the colonies were small and had enough resources for some time, would love to see the situation when it gets crowded or there are any resources left
Federico Monti
Federico Monti 4 aylar önce
Every time I watch these videos, I wonder how I would feel if a more advanced civilization used us as guinea pigs for their own entertainment.
MC_Cubing 6 aylar önce
I love how this guy makes antkeeping more like a documentary
•Weird Willow Tree•
@Captain Johnson I don't think I've ever seen another person on youtube who just randomly mentions Wings Of Fire in a comment or reply :0
Kenny Ferrick
Kenny Ferrick Aylar önce
@storm fire the og is that not so normal in the response to what happened?
Kenny Ferrick
Kenny Ferrick Aylar önce
@Shou Guy if you were paying attention, you might not have asked the question. Met plenty others who do this who aren't of the fandom.
Chuo Family
Chuo Family 3 aylar önce
He needs to make a documentary series of this
Han Yong Lim
Han Yong Lim 4 aylar önce
He needs a netflix series
Henry ltpX
Henry ltpX 4 aylar önce
Subscribed. I cannot believe how someone can make ants' videos so entertaining (amazing commentary /script)
Dylan 4 aylar önce
Love these types of videos. But I think I still would have enjoyed it if it was half the length.
Anon 2 aylar önce
You could turn this into a weekly episodic television show on cable, streaming or national television, and people would watch.
Armando Padilla
Armando Padilla 4 aylar önce
Great work! incredible insights to ant behavior. nice!
Trond O Jensen
Trond O Jensen Yıl önce
This channel is all about ant education, keep them together is the only way to learn more about their behavior. If you are ok with it not having the best outcome that is.
Danny Archer
Danny Archer Yıl önce
Tell me what you ‘learned’ that will change your life?
Scott Temple
Scott Temple Yıl önce
@Daniel Mahon Lol people felt the same way when they wanted to study humans back during the Stanford experiment for example
Unity Diss
Unity Diss Yıl önce
I mean there’s obviously no shortage of carpenter ants in his house, so I think it’s worth the risk honestly. Especially because this is one of the only places that people can enjoy learning about ants, I never liked ants before this channel and now I find this stuff extremely interesting. But that’s just me being selfish, I do agree that he should continue to do this experiment.
YungRehab HopMixes
@Crimson Shadow the cultural genocide that the catholic church inflicted on the first nations people of Canada. Its some serious stuff, you should definitely inform yourself of historical and current world events so you can stay sharp at recognizing and helping to prevent history from repeating itself.
Crimson Shadow
Crimson Shadow Yıl önce
@YungRehab HopMixes im not Canadian so i don't know what those schools are
Vivek Panchal
Vivek Panchal 3 aylar önce
This is really fascinating ❤️ and the way of explanation is just amazing 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Redox 2 aylar önce
i can only imagine how many tanks of ants you have, probably 10. i have 5 aquariums all holding 50 fish in total, but your tanks probably all have 149,219 ants in total
Chase Modugno
Chase Modugno 4 aylar önce
Not normally someone that would sit down and watch ants for that long, but I gotta say this presentation was pretty interesting. This footage is incredible too.
The Dark Owl
The Dark Owl 4 aylar önce
Now this is a video I'm glad was in my recommended was a awesome video more intense than most movies I've watched lately!
Blueboy_HD 4 aylar önce
Priinsu💎🌚 4 aylar önce
2:41 That's crazy just how hard it was to reach the first stage even in captivity and in the best of conditions possible.
Ryan Shepherd
Ryan Shepherd 3 aylar önce
Amazing video and i can't imagine the patience and effort put into this.. ....and As with everyone else, i wish all tubes opened identical and simultaneously. #1 had the "here first" advantage
Elizabeth Gosselin
Elizabeth Gosselin 2 aylar önce
Leave colony 1 and two open, cover the rest. See how 1 and 2 do together first. That way if they battle you won't lose all of them.
Mai Kim Dang
Mai Kim Dang 4 aylar önce
Great video mate this was amazing to see as a kid back in the days i use to want to play with Ants and always got bit by them. 👍 video
Adamsolophie Yıl önce
I can’t believe how well this documentary was narrated. I could watch this all day.
Fish Zom
Fish Zom 9 aylar önce
yeah, but it's a 30 minute video that does not even answer the question it set out to answer. "ANT WAR or JOIN FORCES?" 28 minutes is everything leading up to the first encounter. Last 2 minutes is asking if he should let them meet. I was interested (fully) up to the end, but I don't like being mislead. I was expecting the end, to be a pile of dead ants, or a full, multi qeened union of ants. I got neither.
Ser00ne 10 aylar önce
He talked to us like we were toddlers and repeated everything 10 times... So what about that is well narrated?
French Fries
French Fries 11 aylar önce
Nah.... It was shite
zudud editor
zudud editor Yıl önce
😆Masyaallah Cool 😆😆😆😆 My Boss Very Sorry Music Haram
Quinton Chamberlain
Foreal tho😂, i got hype when he narrated the queen “now what do we have here”
Wyatt Spaeth
Wyatt Spaeth 4 aylar önce
I'm intrigued as an outsider to this hobby. Interesting stuff you guys got there.
Monica Campbell Kimber
Other possibly important variables are the high number of colonies with low number of food sources. This would cause increased stress on these populations and potentially greater risk for violence?
Ian 2 aylar önce
I have five large fire ant colonies in my back yard that I'm pretty sure started from different queens but in overlapping each other never fought each other. They mostly ignore each other unless there is another non fire ant species they find, then they pretty destroy the entire colony as soon as they notice it. It's a shame because the native ants here are smaller black ants and aren't aggressive. They will crawl on you and not sting. They seem to prefer sugar-based food and ignore protein while the fire ants seem to prefer protein first.
World Gamers Club
World Gamers Club 22 gün önce
Here are a couple ant species I learned about a few years ago. Runners, fast running ants and Harvesters, the grain eating ants. May I know how your green bottle blue tarantula is doing? 🐜🕷️
Wes Yıl önce
"The number one rule of ant keeping is to not mix your colonies...it's cruel" So we're going to mix some colonies.
Evan Yıl önce
True dat
Ben Smith
Ben Smith Yıl önce
Anything for views
Lisa Larsen
Lisa Larsen Yıl önce
@AshureWsky it’s an ant. Lmfao who cares? They are ants 😂
Waywatcher Yıl önce
Nordic Ants. Hold my beer.
Hate Hater
Hate Hater Yıl önce
There are *some* species that have *a chance* of not killing each other I *don’t know* which these are but there are *some* in my country that won’t so now I have my excuse I’m gonna mix them and hope for the worst so I can get views. Notice how he liked all the other top comments but this one… It’s cause you’re right
Ryan Lee
Ryan Lee Aylar önce
There's more commentary than an Episode of DragonBall Z 😂 GET TO THE ACTION!!!
Jacob Louvier
Jacob Louvier 4 aylar önce
I love how this guy acts so excited even when talking about ants eating his literal house lol
George Reagan
George Reagan 22 gün önce
I just got my first carpenter ant colony my queen has so many workers. thank you ants Canada for inspiring me❤
Kubla Khan
Kubla Khan 4 aylar önce
Have your work peer reviewed and assessed by a recognised group of entomologists please.
Servant Yıl önce
The problem was that by giving colony #1 so much advance time, their scent from the vial filled the arena, which then made all the other colonies hesitant to enter, thinking it was the territory of colony #1. It would be better to release all colonies as close to the same time as possible so they all have a shot at entering the area before the arena fills with the scent of any particular colony. Edit: Thanks for the likes and the replies! Appreciate the humor too. Please head over to my two other TRvid channels and subscribe to me there so I can hopefully use those channels to provide for my family as I provide content to the public. Thank you! White Noise Relaxation Sounds - trvid.com/show-UCT1DUnL5IcuFNh3fS0zLerg TheOriginalJealot (PC Game Let's Plays and more) - trvid.com/show-UCJaoNEFxTKm17-RnxKdMPFQ
bajs korv
bajs korv 4 aylar önce
Servant 4 aylar önce
Thanks for the likes and the replies! Appreciate the humor too. Please head over to my two other TRvid channels and subscribe to me there so I can hopefully use those channels to provide for my family as I provide content to the public. Thank you! White Noise Relaxation Sounds - trvid.com/show-UCT1DUnL5IcuFNh3fS0zLerg TheOriginalJealot (PC Game Let's Plays and more) - trvid.com/show-UCJaoNEFxTKm17-RnxKdMPFQ
the controller of bots
the controller of bots 11 aylar önce
@Akashi Sanzu AAAAA
Akashi Sanzu
Akashi Sanzu 11 aylar önce
@the controller of bots fr
the controller of bots
the controller of bots 11 aylar önce
I have broken your chain
Johnny Cigar
Johnny Cigar 4 aylar önce
Amazing video. Keep them together for sure.
ELI Got The SAUCE 4 aylar önce
I just lost half an hour of my life watching ants and I don’t regret it 😂 this was interesting
Elemental Angel
Elemental Angel 4 aylar önce
I think the other colonies wouldn't leave because they smelled the scent of colony one in the enclosure... I'd love to see more videos like this
Cameron S
Cameron S 2 aylar önce
As the 6th colony 1 scout was in the colony 3 tube I was continuously getting chills as the colony 1 scout was being checked out by the colony 3 ants
Jonathan Kolbinsky
Jonathan Kolbinsky 9 aylar önce
This guy is a genius at making something slightly interesting into an engaging, edge-of-your seat thriller.
Redstar 6 aylar önce
@The Beastmaster shut
Matthew McLees
Matthew McLees 6 aylar önce
You need to get out more of you think this goes under the "edge-of-your seat" category..
Ron Harper
Ron Harper 6 aylar önce
Edge of your seat for ants 💀
Ok Mm
Ok Mm 7 aylar önce
@The Beastmaster its underused when you're around
Mami is the best girl
Mami is the best girl 8 aylar önce
@The Beastmaster 4 mill sub , with content about ant is pretty genius
Leon Brown ลีออน บราวน์
Would the cotton on col. 2+3 openings have prevented them for leaving as easily as the first? Seeing that the first was less obstructed
Upgrade 🤖
Upgrade 🤖 3 aylar önce
this is the most gripping ant drama I've seen. we need a live action bugs life directed by AntsCanada
blue_player21 ochoa
blue_player21 ochoa 4 aylar önce
Damn , I remember seeing this guy years ago before he hit 500k subs , it’s insane to see how far he’s come , videos never disappoint 👍👍
Blake Trogdon
Blake Trogdon 3 aylar önce
I made it about 4 minutes into the video before I came across some miss information. Fire ants can in fact be polygynous. Take Red Imported Fire Ants for example, they can have multiple queens and young colonies will raid another for its brood. The video makes it sound like the only possible way they operate is with one queen but this is just not the case
anivijudi Yıl önce
I cannot believe how stressed I was when the colony 1 ant scout got dragged into the wrong nest. I never knew before that ant murder was something I was really scared of seeing
AloraFlores🌼 8 aylar önce
i have so much anxietyyyy
matthew gaming_YT
matthew gaming_YT 11 aylar önce
imagine ì ants could speak
Cinnybun 11 aylar önce
Same mannnn
Get the off my account.
Dude I felt like my daughter just got kidnapped and released 😭
Bored Murse
Bored Murse 11 aylar önce
I was hoping that ant would come back with her sisters and kick ant colony 3's asses
EmperorTurtlez 4 aylar önce
keep them together it's so fun to watch
Steve.D 2 aylar önce
This is the first time I've ever seen this show ! And I've gotta say is one of the coolest @ entertaining anything I've ever seen
Shane Anthony
Shane Anthony 4 aylar önce
Yes keep them together & keep the camera on them 24/7 Would be cool if you had multiple cameras to keep an eye on them closely and on The center.
Dot Powers
Dot Powers 4 aylar önce
Keep them here I want to see what happens next!
DunOut Here
DunOut Here Yıl önce
Maybe colony one had a head start because they were able to lay a “scent” being the first so it made the next up more cautious and resistant to going forward.
OddPoppet Esq.
OddPoppet Esq. Yıl önce
Plus he put Colony 2's tube right next door, which im sure Colony1 had already checked around, laying pheremones... Maybe Colony2 would have emerged if placed on the opposite side....
Jman LpGuy
Jman LpGuy Yıl önce
it looks to be the case eh. fascinating stuff.
skkdodmpd,lck Yıl önce
Qwsld dlkem,nlo jhv hm kb jg
skkdodmpd,lck Yıl önce
@Janel Binaraohib8uuho hi7 lmun8up7un7nu7
No connection
No connection Yıl önce
@Crystal Borie let's make a hypothesis.
link 2012
link 2012 4 aylar önce
My initial guess is they will join or tolerate. I have worked in pest control for 4 years just south of Canada and have never seen a carpenter ant war.
Ivan Katana
Ivan Katana 2 aylar önce
it would be a way more epic video if you would first check out the differences between those ants because theres some colonies who are more agressive than others like army ants,so its smarter to put 2 "squads" together who are battle each other
Bapu Fighter
Bapu Fighter 4 aylar önce
This is my first time watching ants and their colonies and its working. Man I'm surprised!
Or vio
Or vio 3 aylar önce
Just a question, how do the ants know who are their Allies and enemies in a war?
Brady Bisel
Brady Bisel Yıl önce
Dude - National Geographic needs to hire you and let you do their shows on wildlife because I would usually never make it that long through a video of insects but you kept me interested and entertained unlike any other.
TheBlackfall234 Yıl önce
i dont want people, who play god for clicks and money - to have any role in nature.
You got no jam!
You got no jam! Yıl önce
yeahh i agree
Sakata Gintoki
Sakata Gintoki Yıl önce
N.Geographic sucks, they care about making their videos to be more cinematic than to actually be educational.
Im trying to go to bed and thought i was going to skim through a few seconds of this... boy was I wrong, felt like I was being read a epic bedtime story lol
DJ Dapper
DJ Dapper Yıl önce
Facts 😂😂
Earl Vaughn
Earl Vaughn 3 aylar önce
Mold and parasites sounds like a really interesting way nature keeps the population down.
Bobby Nelson
Bobby Nelson Aylar önce
👍👍i like watching this!!
AntsCanada 28 gün önce
Thanks for watching!🐜🐜🐜🐜
・ N3rdy Nooby・
・ N3rdy Nooby・ Aylar önce
The stomach of the ant filling up is satisfying
kev hag
kev hag Aylar önce
Wow 👻 that you know you will get it
Gena Ford
Gena Ford Aylar önce
I say you keep them together
myoriginalname 8 aylar önce
Can we take a minute to appreciate the bravery of that last scout from colony 1?. Walked into the wrong hood with a sack full of precious food and still managed to get away and make it back home safely.
DepressedNonfurri 4 aylar önce
*i know a shortcut* Chad ant -
Jou t7
Jou t7 4 aylar önce
He fought his way bravely out, so got out.
RusMeister 5 aylar önce
Next time I'm in danger I am gonna PUKE.
RusMeister 5 aylar önce
That ant was OG. Got away clean didn't get jacked. I want to see what happens but I think they will fight. I think the puke saved her.
Thomas J Gour
Thomas J Gour 5 aylar önce
@D Marq ?
Seraph Bellemore
Seraph Bellemore Aylar önce
I think they would join forces.
Royce Walrider
Royce Walrider 4 aylar önce
Trully enjoyable,even though I was scratching myself from start to finish. 😂
al T
al T 3 aylar önce
I know nothing about ants beyond obvious life experiences. So based on that I immediately thought a mistake was made when colony 1 was given first go at the new area. The next colonies added mightve deduced that they were intruders and took a defensive tactic by staying in their own territory. I thought you'd open all the colonies at the same time to give all an equal chance
J B 4 aylar önce
I was glued, never did I think I'd get excited about ants, can't wait to see the outcome
Chimo69 Yıl önce
Let's take a moment to appreciate that he patiently raised 7 egg colonies for 67 days 👏🏻👏🏻
Genzu 8 aylar önce
He was 2/9ths of the way through his pregnancy.
Psyke 72
Psyke 72 10 aylar önce
Don't forget the 8th colony, colony #7 🍵 🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜 🐜 🐜
Blake Johnson
Blake Johnson Yıl önce
67 moments to appreciate
Icancooksyou Yıl önce
@thundered sun really hope number 14 ant clonly is ok
thundered sun
thundered sun Yıl önce
@Tryambak Nath Jha yes i agree with you 💯%
Lethal_spizzle 4 aylar önce
😂 glad you mixed them, would hate to see more of these pest in homes.
Adrian Supetran
Adrian Supetran 2 aylar önce
Factors maybe we could consider next time - Time of opening, spacing of food, species, sampling effort when you reared each colony & acclimatization to the abiotic factors.
Skiler Trost
Skiler Trost 4 aylar önce
Would it be possible to turn fire ants into semi polygynoums by introducing the young queens together just after the mating
Rodney Miller
Rodney Miller 4 aylar önce
I wish my life could be as exciting as this guys. lol
Cesar Rodriguez
Cesar Rodriguez Yıl önce
Can we seriously take a moment to appreciate Antscanada’s ability to narrate the videos in such a beautiful way!?!?!?!?!?
Ah K
Ah K 8 aylar önce
@Cesar Rodriguezthink of something original to say you'll be surprised
Ah K
Ah K 8 aylar önce
The narration was disjointed ,he said at beginning he didn't want ants to suffer then sits there mocking them when they fight
alex 10 aylar önce
@AntsCanada fool
Today_is_my_downfall 10 aylar önce
@Jeff It's the drama that keeps it entertaining and exciting!
Today_is_my_downfall 10 aylar önce
@AntsCanada Please don't mind them of their misunderstanding, at the end of the day we all love watching your videos and we really appreciate the hard work you put in them. So thank you so so much. I'm extremely grateful for the entertain you provide. AC family for life!😘
Monica Campbell Kimber
Would like to see colonies 2-9 introduced to their own chamber w jelly. Suspect 2-9 smelled colony 1 as having already laid their tracks down.
Marty Ryan
Marty Ryan 26 gün önce
I think the other ants smelled the pheromones of colony one when introduced into the box you should have put them all in at once
Relaxing Natural Sounds
It's really cool seeing the ant fill up an literally grow 3x in size it's gross but really cool 😎 haha
noaman khan
noaman khan 4 aylar önce
The first ever video I'm seeing of ants ..but not the last one ...my heart started to beat when they hostaged him ..it was soooooo entertaining daamm this is amazing
Shaify Randoms
Shaify Randoms Yıl önce
You let colony 1 have all the advantage of putting their scent everywhere already which is why none of the others came out. You should have put 8 separate compartments with one shared compartment in the middle with food that way the ants can establish themselves in their own compartments and then interact in the shared compartment
Anon Ymous
Anon Ymous Yıl önce
Also put a scorpion in the middle and after day 3 no more food drops only in the middle container. If the ants fail to team up the scorpion eats all the food and they die fuxk now I want ants
Connor Yıl önce
would be even more insteresting! Love this idea
keturah magee
keturah magee Yıl önce
@Shaify Randoms ooh ooh put sustainable food (healthy) in the tubes for them, but put something they prefer (like a treat) outside.... same thing might happen (as you described) or make things worse.....
MKSeed91 Yıl önce
@Arnel Arboleda No, u...
@Shaify Randoms You mean a trail? I'd bet on that too
Troy Longbrake
Troy Longbrake 2 aylar önce
This was good but ants dont feel with emotions But this was very interesting and i learned a lot Thank you.
Mario Pacheco
Mario Pacheco 4 aylar önce
This is so sick! You just earned a new subscriber
AshleyBidensDiary Aylar önce
"Decided to add the 4th colony. Yea I know I'm crazy" Had me rolling
The Toothless One
The Toothless One 2 aylar önce
Keep them together, keep it going too see what happens
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