62!!! AARON JUDGE BREAKS American League single-season HOME RUN RECORD! HISTORY!

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Aaron Judge makes history with his 62nd home run of the season, passing Roger Maris for most EVER by an American League hitter.

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3 Eki 2022




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Between Aaron Judge hitting 62 HRs and Albert Pujols hitting 700+ HRs, this is season is definitely one for the books. I can’t wait until the postseason 😆🔥
I'm actually proud of that pitcher for going right at him instead of walking him like everybody else has done
I witnessed #60 live in person and now he got #62 tonight and made history! Couldn't have happened to a better person.
One of the greatest seasons of all time. This has been an exciting year with Judge and Pujols. I’m so grateful to get to witness these moments.
Globe Life Field ERUPTED at the crack of Judge’s bat!!! I got goosebumps!!! I STILL have goosebumps!! Much respect to the Rangers fans and congratulations Aaron Judge!!
I'm not a Yankees Fan at all but it's hard not to like Aaron Judge. A total class act. Good for the game. Congratulations!
I saw Hank Aaron break Babe's homerun record and now I've seen Aaron Judge break Maris's record. What an epic moment in baseball. Congratulations Aaron.
Diehard ranger fan and I went nuts when he hit it. How many times you gonna see a record like this get broken in your lifetime? Incredible stuff man. This is awesome
I am not an American, nor much of a sports fan, but the sheer explosion of joy & awe in this is… (I'm not sure if I can justly describe it). Bravo Sir & thank you for such a moment.
Thank you Aaron's mother for choosing life and thank you Judge family, well done, and congratulations on your son's achievement!
The Yankees record when he hit this homerun was 99-62. He's #99 and he hit #62. Wow.
It really says something about his character when he has an entire opposing team's fans out of their seats in their own stadium equally cheering him on.
Between Judge's 62, Pujols's 703, and Ohtani I think it's safe to say this was an all-time historic year for MLB 💯🍿🙌🏼
I know it’s away in Texas but the crowds cheering when he hit it…gives me a ton of goosebumps. Awesome!
Cardinals fan. Couldn't be happier for him, especially the fact that he's a humble man. Hats off to you HR king.
What an amazing season. So many storylines, records, milestones, droughts ended, near historic collapses and most importantly so many great new players we had the joy to watch.
Was at the game! Electric ⚡️ moment! Glad to be a witness to baseball history 🙏🏻 Congrats to Aaron Judge 👏🏻
I was very young when Jeter hit his 3000th hit but I still remember that and how excited I was. Also when I was young I saw Mariano Rivera tie the save record in Toronto. Both were amazing and I will never forget them. I will never forget this either. All Rise!!!
First the goosebumps when the crowd goes wild, and then nothing but smiles. What a moment!
As a Red Sox fan in 2022, I can say that I am very happy for Judge. Such an amazing guy. I can’t think of anyone in the MLB who deserves this more than this man.
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