61!!!! Yankees' Aaron Judge ties Roger Maris for AL Record for homers with 61st homer!!

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Yankees' Aaron Judge ties Roger Maris for AL Record for homers with 61st homer in Toronto!

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27 Eyl 2022




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Incredible. 61 years after Roger Maris hit 61 to set the home run record Aaron Judge has hit 61 to tie the AL record. What a remarkable season of baseball.
Drew Butler
This was a really amazing baseball moment. The way that the commentators let the moment play out for a while without saying anything, hearing one of Judge’s teammates say “take your time, take your time” while he goes through the lineup getting congrats from everyone, to that final shot with Roger Maris Jr. telling Aaron’s mom “congratulations” and giving her a hug. So many great moments in the bigger moment of #61.
What a historic season we have witnessed. Judge with 61 homeruns and Albert pujols with 700 homeruns. Don't ever forget about this season is been a special one.
Jeffrey Thomson
Toronto fans showed a lot of class
mark b
A season for the ages!
Garth Dickerman
Huge lifelong Red Sox fan here, but I'm glad to see a piece of history. He's a class act.
El Terrifico
Respect for the Toronto fans for being classy
Sam Pilcher
Massive Jays fan. I was at the game. At this point where the season is I didn’t care what the outcome of the game was. I wanted to see this. We didn’t stop clapping for 5 minutes. The look on Stanton’s face says it all. Absolutely incredible
Old Uncle Bob
I watched Maris do it. It’s been a long time. Deep respect for Roger.
Pure class... I'm a Red Sox fan, and an Aaron Judge fan!
Jason Gibson
I am a Red Sox fan so I don't say this lightly. Congratulations Judge on a historic season. You are a class act.
Nam Greenberet
I witnessed Roger Maris's 61st homer and now I have seen Aaron Judge's 61st. Wow, how amazing it is and how damn old I am lol.
And what class the Blue Jays fans have, giving him a standing ovation. They love their Blue Jays but also love it when they witness history. I believe they gave Miggy a standing ovation when he hit his 500th home run when his Detroit Tigers came to play a series in Toronto.
What an amazing season, first we have Albert Pujols 700 career homers and now we have this. Just a pure beauty ❤🎉
Tanner Leighton
Im a Twins fan, Lord knows the Yankees have given me loads of sadness over the years but man…what an amazing moment for the game! I didn’t grow up during the sosa, mcgwire, bonds homer races so this is super special. Never thought I’d see a guy go for 60+, albeit in a contract year. What a beautiful game
Joshua M
Pujols hits
This was my first ever baseball game, and I can’t believe I got to witness history. It was incredible. This man is an unreal hitter and player.
Kelvin Garcia
I literally cried 😢😢😢 just Roger Maris JR’s reaction and moms 😢 beautiful moment for judge and his family. I love it! Congratulations to the MVP and his family !!!!! GREATEST.OF.ALL.TIME!!!!!! #61!!!!! 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉 WITH A DAY OFF TOMORROW !! Definitely a night to celebrate.
Joe Porter
I'm glad he gets to keep the ball without all the drama, he deserves it.
Well I'm not a Yankee fan I'm a Dodger fan for 60 years, but I'm so glad I am living to see Aaron Judge eclipse the
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