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Shanese shares horror stories with the Sheriff and Chief Peek after she taps out of jail in this bonus scene from Season 6, Episode 8, "Shanks and Signals". #60DaysIn
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"60 Days In" offers an unprecedented look at life behind bars as innocent volunteers are sent to live among the general prison population for 60 days without officers, fellow inmates, or staff knowing their secret.
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A&E Aylar önce
Watch new episodes of 60 Days In Thursdays at 10/9c, and stay up to date on all of A&E's premieres at aetv.com/schedule.
Pokemon Bargains
Pokemon Bargains Aylar önce
She said she thinks about the positive ???? Lol she complained the whole time
Malachi Fludoo
Malachi Fludoo Aylar önce
I left Dallas swat for dis
Benedica A Tutti
Benedica A Tutti Aylar önce
Dude, you all should be in HAZMAT suits on the cruise ships doing “60 Days In - Cruise Edition”!!! 😎😎😎
Ana Port
Ana Port Aylar önce
Loved 60 days In...one thing I would never want to go to jail or prison...
ChickenYale Aylar önce
A&E nope. We refuse to watch your show on there. This is TRvid. Respect the viewers by actually providing content. Your company wouldn’t exist without us. WE MADE YOU. The full episodes should be for us FOR FREE. Typical sellout
Marina Nicole
Marina Nicole Gün önce
Say what you want about her but her points were completely valid.
Not Bono
Not Bono 6 gün önce
Imagine the officers really cared.
Shane Michael Poole
Shane Michael Poole 6 gün önce
Well first of all women should not be in the men’s correctional facility, to dangerous for them small women to be there and no men should be in the women’s,!! They do need more officers and better shape than what is working there ,!!! Bottom line,!!
wiifii 5.0
wiifii 5.0 8 gün önce
11.99 an hr Faaack
Zawadi Omotunde
Zawadi Omotunde 10 gün önce
Guards should Never be wrong your at work and avoidable power tripping treating people like animals instead of humans wrong period!! Iran animals shouldn’t be treated like that
AESuperNova 13 gün önce
11.99??? What kind of pay is that
What The Helz
What The Helz 14 gün önce
Girl it’s jail.
00 7
00 7 14 gün önce
Shes very annoying.. she's was Jennifer skin annoying her with all her trouble ... Everybody has problem in jail and shes giving all her problem on Jennifer and putting more pressure on her she did right by telling her its jail not a 5 star hotel...
RealDeal Chic
RealDeal Chic 14 gün önce
We need more people to go on this show and complain about these prisons!
demigodnz 15 gün önce
your pathetic shanese, hopelss
Anthony Freeman
Anthony Freeman 15 gün önce
Pause 2:10 . Did he just say 11.99hr? What in the your constantly at risk of being shanked hot steamy pile of Donkey 💩 type pay is that? 11.99hr and you're surrounded by nothing but people who at any moment can snap.
Anthony Quintiliani
Anthony Quintiliani 15 gün önce
Shanice is awesomely beautiful!
Teneika Edwards
Teneika Edwards 19 gün önce
The producers made a grave error, she is not an advocate for at risk youth....SHE IS ONE!!!
Teneika Edwards
Teneika Edwards 19 gün önce
All I got from her annoying experience is that she has Celiac Dz, a bad attitude and swollen feet. GIRL BYE!
Teneika Edwards
Teneika Edwards 19 gün önce
Oh and diarrhea for 4 days and a bad headache....
Princess Lee
Princess Lee 21 gün önce
She talked about herself the whole time🙄she was suppose to give them intel wtf
Adam Sadelski
Adam Sadelski 22 gün önce
Did he say $11.99 an hour at 2:10 ? Bro you could get a job at Shoprite making that money. That’s actually ridiculous
Dr. YouTube
Dr. YouTube 22 gün önce
Who gets gluten free food in jail?😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Josh Valle
Josh Valle 22 gün önce
I hope she's ok. With her life in danger and all cause people know she's a snitch and more than willing to get others in trouble
Bane Herrera
Bane Herrera 22 gün önce
Omg she’s so annoying
die die
die die 22 gün önce
She wanted gluten free meal. Whaat lol
csknives2140 22 gün önce
11.99 per hour??? these people have the worlds shittiest job and they dont even make a living wage?
Calvin Barrett
Calvin Barrett 23 gün önce
I was trying to get the math done for this and the problem is this 150 people three showers in 2 hours which means that you would break it down to either 50 people per hour which would give you one minute for everybody and then 10 minutes divided by 50. Or you could do the math from the other direction which works like this 150 people in one shower in 2 hours which is about 48 seconds per person and then you times 3 for that which gives you 144 seconds for each person which means that to get 200 people to take a shower in that time and I don't think my math is right but that would be 2 minutes and 24 seconds per person. So let's try it if you have 50 people at 2 minutes that would give you a hundred minutes and then 24 * 50 which is 120 seconds which is 2 minutes so that basically equals out to 102 minutes which is 18 minutes under 2 hours so no my math is not right. I'm going to do this again and see how hard it is to figure out. But the basic math is like this 50 people in 2 hours or 25 people in 1 hour or 25 people divided by 60 what equals 2 and you have 10 remainder which equals 600 seconds so 25 divided by 600 equals 24 seconds So 2 minutes and 24 seconds? If all the showers were working then you would be able to double the time but not triple it so that would give you a 5 minute shower.
Calvin Barrett
Calvin Barrett 23 gün önce
So you're responsible 4 the well-being of the thugs criminals in your care and you make 11.99 an hour? If you don't keep these people correctly some of your inmates can kill each other and do. It's kind of like a zookeeper with humans despite how dangerous they may be. It is your job to maintain there general welfare.
Calvin Barrett
Calvin Barrett 23 gün önce
DoesThis Lady not realize that it's jail she's talking about?
Calvin Barrett
Calvin Barrett 23 gün önce
A gluten-free meal in jail really? This lady is acting like she's going to Club Med.
Stoned Simian
Stoned Simian 23 gün önce
Took me 3 weeks to get Ibuprofen in Jail. She needs to calm down lol
zshizni 23 gün önce
These officers don't care.
COE COE 23 gün önce
Improvement is the least of there worries
Kellie Hu
Kellie Hu 24 gün önce
I wonder if this is just for entertainment or whether they really are wanting to change things.
Meloman Taylor
Meloman Taylor 24 gün önce
Did he sat 11.99 n hour
Jesse James
Jesse James 25 gün önce
is it the gluten? I bet its the gluten lol
Kailey B
Kailey B 25 gün önce
It doesn’t seem like they even care. Nobody deserves to receive bloody sheets, no health care and to just be treated less than a human. He immediately went to “what about the inmates” SIR 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️
D33kg 26 gün önce
Yes it’s jail “this is true” but the show is about what is wrong in every aspect, although she may have been annoying she had a great point, I don’t think that just because a person is in jail that they have to be treated like animals...
Korei Franklin
Korei Franklin 26 gün önce
Never wanted to see somebody get shanked so bad
Pixel Roze
Pixel Roze 26 gün önce
These sheriffs never wanna hear anything bad about their guards 🙄 Good grief.
Teneika Edwards
Teneika Edwards 19 gün önce
And why is everybody fat?
Sakia Cottrell
Sakia Cottrell 26 gün önce
I’m sorry the law should be doing therapy and stuff in jail. The law needs to help ppl. Making criminal worst doesn’t make it better.
Shock Value
Shock Value 26 gün önce
Why she look like lil Durk mom
Lone Wanderer
Lone Wanderer 27 gün önce
Gluten free meal? In jail? Really?
{{{{Ké SiNGS}}}}
{{{{Ké SiNGS}}}} 27 gün önce
He LITERALLY gave her a 'token' of his appreciation 💀🤣
{{{{Ké SiNGS}}}}
{{{{Ké SiNGS}}}} 27 gün önce
D'aaaaw....the poor law breakin inmates have to take a 4 minute shower....🎻 Girl, this is not the Hilton.
Jehli Salone
Jehli Salone 27 gün önce
2:27 😐
Zee's World
Zee's World 27 gün önce
After I heard 11.99 per hour...Couldnt focus on anything else
*Word Play*
*Word Play* 27 gün önce
So happy to see her out
Bridget Huhn
Bridget Huhn 28 gün önce
I honestly would not mind volunteering for this show to test the deep disabilities aspect of prison how people medically or otherwise disabled are treated when they are put in this type of situation
Young Reap
Young Reap 28 gün önce
She weak. If you got all those health problems you shoulda stayed at home
Master Menace
Master Menace 28 gün önce
These are all things they already know. And they don’t care
Bodhi Sattva
Bodhi Sattva 28 gün önce
She lacks self awareness. She said she is one of those people who tries to see the postive in everything. From day one she demonstrated the opposite..and still is now.
jacob geerlings
jacob geerlings 29 gün önce
Funny. People go to prison and and talk about how terrible everything is. Whole reason for that is so you don't want to go back. It's prison. Not day camp
Brownhippie X
Brownhippie X 29 gün önce
She got approved for getting gluten free meals in jail and mad she didn’t get them. It’S JAILL !!!
lynnae gink
lynnae gink 29 gün önce
Yes she did complain a lot, and it was sometimes annoying, but it was all legitimate. Her complaining also made the other inmates look the other way. They didn't suspect that she was a participant in the program. They thought she was a real inmate.
Gina shark
Gina shark 29 gün önce
She was the most truthfully. By complaining because she missed normal life. Plus it kept her from being marked like Ashley save lives.. Everyone is messy this time. Tony is the best ever.
Angela McG
Angela McG 29 gün önce
Not gluten free🤦‍♂️
Dan Aylar önce
lol, she's in jail and worrying about gluten free meals.
ddmommy1 Dennis
ddmommy1 Dennis 23 gün önce
The jail shouldn't have approved her for gluten free meals if they weren't gonna follow through. People with celiac disease experience severe headaches and stomach pain, bloating, diarrhea, extreme fatigue and the list goes on so people shouldn't down play her health issues cause they could become severe.
Bexley I.
Bexley I. Aylar önce
COs only making 11.99
Say what u will, but ur worse nightmare is waiting on u too..
Big 4x Jeff
Big 4x Jeff Aylar önce
Jail isn’t supposed to be a place you can get used to 🙄
Wesley Knight
Wesley Knight Aylar önce
She literally complained the whole time. She never said anything positive lol
Savage Angel
Savage Angel Aylar önce
60 days production When hiring these participants give them a better cover up story so the inmates won't suspect that they are doing undercover work. Example what u here for,drugs or what ever fit their cover, please study your area so when a inmates ask they know what to say won't look so suspicious.
Keith Feet
Keith Feet Aylar önce
24,000 $ a year? Despicable
John boy
John boy Aylar önce
Wow! She didnt like jail!
Jacob Hamilton
Jacob Hamilton Aylar önce
Jail wasn’t a good experience That’s a shame
Zan nln
Zan nln Aylar önce
Anybody know how much money participants get to do this? Personally, would have to be pretty dang good, to willingly be in jail for 60 days!
Pokemon Bargains
Pokemon Bargains Aylar önce
She said she thinks about the positive ???? Lol she complained the whole time
Jalana Matthews
Jalana Matthews Aylar önce
She was annoying, but had valid points. Just because your in jail, sanitation, proper medical care, and response is necessary. Don’t say hourly wage and the dealing with “inmates” on the lack of professionalism. Not everyone in there is serving time for some heinous crime.
Don Hector
Don Hector Aylar önce
That fatty in the orange at the end, you just know he abuses inmates. One of those staff that would have inmates out doing all sorts of things for his family and friends so he gets the perks.
Mr. Jalo
Mr. Jalo Aylar önce
They didn’t learn nothing for her all they learn is this is jail lol
arlichar11 Aylar önce
yeah jail messed up... but this should have been adressed before she was approved for show... like hey we cant give you special treatment... or are you sure you can handle jail with alll your isues ? not to mention they have plenty of commissary...
Robert Duncombe
Robert Duncombe Aylar önce
Taser, Taser, Taser!!
Ashley wright
Ashley wright Aylar önce
60 days in treated Ashley like a queen. She got special treatment when she left. Black girl got a kick in the butt when she left. All the CO's loved Ashley.
Karma Jones
Karma Jones Aylar önce
$11.99 AN HOUR????!!!!!!!!?!?!?!?! 😲😲😲😲
Jeffrey Toman
Jeffrey Toman Aylar önce
If you only pay your guards $11.99 an hour, you can only expect to care about their job so much... especially bc lowes and home depot warehouse jobs start above $13.
peaches 16 gün önce
Exactly! The bare minimum will get done because they are paying them the bare minimum.
itsmeemariyo Aylar önce
why is everyone saying its JAIL. MF jail should not be like this.
Merk100 Aylar önce
Gluten free meal?? Your kidding me your in prison girl LMAO
SARA IS LIT Aylar önce
Who let her in ? That’s what I need to know cuz that was not a good choice
Frl09RC 91
Frl09RC 91 Aylar önce
Those co need to be fired .you signed up to work with criminals and want to act like they listen then get mad at them. Your working with grown baby's .if u don't have the patience leave cause the inmates will not change their behavior
Lauryn Aylar önce
I mean even though her expectations going in were unrealistic she gave pretty good feedback that the prison could really benefit from. She was able to see and highlight issues pertaining to the female inmates even if she couldn't find many with CO's or drugs.
Zain Ali
Zain Ali Aylar önce
you voluntarily serves 60 days risking your life, here's a coin
DaMasta Aylar önce
Some things she saying I agree with but for the most part I feel she delusional.
$12 an hour? I made $10 at subway which was 60 cents over min wage where I live,lmao sad they get paid so low
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