50 Things Added in Minecraft 1.18 Caves & Cliffs Update

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Today I bring you 50 things added in Minecraft 1.18 Caves & Cliffs Update Part 2. 50 new features such as new world generation & updated caves. New mob changes with axolotls. New biomes such as mountains, lush caves & dripstone caves. New items & blocks such as music disc & more! Leave a "LIKE" for more Minecraft 1.18 cave update videos!

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29 Kas 2021




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iDeactivateMC Aylar önce
The Minecraft 1.18 Caves & Cliffs Udpate (Part 2) is finally here!! Also can you spot the hidden Herobrines in this video ;D
Conner Davison
Conner Davison 5 gün önce
antony, why did you jumpscare us. 1:24
signe gustafsson
signe gustafsson 5 gün önce
signe gustafsson
signe gustafsson 5 gün önce
kawcio 15 gün önce
@Persephone Gaudet can you please tell me what i wrote i don't want to scroll through 292 replies
Persephone Gaudet
Persephone Gaudet 15 gün önce
@kawcio how?
TimeBucks Aylar önce
The diamonds in a fossil part makes actual sense.
MeargleSchmeargle 6 gün önce
Not IRL, since diamonds form from extreme heat and pressure, the kind that would metamorphize any fossils into unrecognizeability. To add insult to injury such conditions are usually found deep inside volcanoes. In-game it makes sense though, as fossils deep in the world gain more value for people that seek to use them merely as a resource.
lucutes 16 gün önce
Rose Exe
Rose Exe 25 gün önce
@Exo specifically in spectator mode
wingsoffire64 26 gün önce
Yo guys I'm on team axolotl suck they are useless
George Croney
George Croney 27 gün önce
It makes no sense AT ALL, if so much force is needed to make diamonds it would destroy the fossils
Dark Aylar önce
Fun fact: The natural generation height was raised to the same level as the previous build height and then extended downwards.
squizz 17 gün önce
@bean so,nobody cares?
Saltine_Crakerz 23 gün önce
@bean well looks like 200 people are filling up mental institutions
Greg Kareem
Greg Kareem 28 gün önce
bean Aylar önce
@So I’ll leave when you shut up
Cubby Aylar önce
@bean literally stop existing
Lynni Aylar önce
Honestly... I'd like to see them expand the farming/food aspect of Minecraft. It just seems like it could use a bit of an expansion!
BowtieAnimations 16 gün önce
Same,this would be so cool ,like making a taco or something like that
Lynni Aylar önce
@Alex Lolli yes, but it's a very simple tree right now. You grow food or kill a cow and you eat it. Having the choice to make a multitude of different things makes the game a lot more fun and creates a drive for there to actually be a farmer. It's not just simple things like. Bread. Cake. They could at least add things that exist already and make sense. Like why do we have milk if we can't make butter? Or cheese? We could make cheese and bread and then make a sandwich with carrots and meat. Instead of having to Skyrim eat beetroot and bread, I could be making stuff like jerky and sandwiches, cheesy bread, or even steak and potatoes to regain more hearts quicker! It also makes the game more interesting, because you can explore different combinations to make different plates to regain different amounts of health. It would be cool to have a recipe option too! Where we can only cook simple things unless we trade with a farmer, Baker, or butcher with a high trading level. Or even find recipe books in the library from a cleric!
• j e n •
• j e n • Aylar önce
@Beeg I think they should at least add cooked eggs
Beeg Aylar önce
@FuzzGG. Bread and stake: am i a joke to you
Elizabeth Umbra
Elizabeth Umbra Aylar önce
@Alex Lolli yeah but think abt it. Mac n cheese
HeroG •
HeroG • Aylar önce
I'll be honest, i've been playing MC for 8 years and never once in my life have i found a fossil since they were added
The Armour
The Armour 15 gün önce
I found it once in a sand trap in the desert
BowtieAnimations 16 gün önce
Imagine just being new to the game and find it by playing your first world lol but yeah I never found one though,I’ve played it for 4 years maybe
Rhiean B. David
Rhiean B. David 16 gün önce
@Remi Vanderz I also never found a fossil by deeping dig
Renato Machado
Renato Machado 19 gün önce
I found 2 on badland or some biome close by in the android version in 2018-2019 I think
ZUCHIIX 22 gün önce
@M L same lol
Milk Aylar önce
When he said it would be harder to find villages i immediately thought about the fact that in all 5 worlds i made in 1.18 there were villages right by spawn
TheDerpyWhale Aylar önce
Love this update, caving is actually fun for me now 🐳
ynigo oliverio
ynigo oliverio 10 gün önce
Hola derpywhale
lucutes 16 gün önce
T-Posing Shy Guy
T-Posing Shy Guy Aylar önce
@Arnesh Pal Understandable, have a good day.
Arnesh Pal
Arnesh Pal Aylar önce
@T-Posing Shy Guy no
Ashish Ashish
Ashish Ashish Aylar önce
Oh Hi derpyman.
SicK • Official
SicK • Official 28 gün önce
I remember back in 2014 sending my ideas about the world generation to mojang. I just wanted bigger mountains which would look awesome when looking it from a distance.
Inferior Chaos
Inferior Chaos Aylar önce
Seeing the Illagers spare the babies... it fills me with happiness.
Kampa Plays
Kampa Plays Aylar önce
Nice information, thanks! The caves are amazing in this update, I can't stop staring at them long enough to get anything done. Subbed!
MrDoughnut99 Aylar önce
Another big change is the glow squid only spawning below y level 30 now, as opposed to below sea level. I had a little name-tagged axolotl powered glow squid farm going on the surface pre-update, but now I am rebuilding it lower.
treehugger0241 Aylar önce
I love Axolotls! :D Also it's great that you can't spawn in water of lava anymore but I did have one bs seed that spawned me in powdered snow.
ShadowWolff 1588
ShadowWolff 1588 Aylar önce
The desert pyramid on water still happened to me after the update when I made a new world
RovingBlue Aylar önce
That new music disc is a NEW must find for Minecraft survival!
Thank you! I was always wondering what even got added in 1.18, thanks for helping! 😀😃
Flub Aylar önce
Thanks for making this video! I know me and a lot of others are struggling to figure out what exactly was added, so thanks for making this :D
Matthew Granat
Matthew Granat Aylar önce
U couldvt just went on creative!
Burger Plays Shorts
Who you
The Gaming Man
The Gaming Man Aylar önce
I think his mate saw me iron golem starts walking YES YES HE DID
Keirania__🌹💋 Aylar önce
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 💜 Aishite.Tokyo/Tatsuhisha 💋Special Private HDRcam s*x 💜 #ライブ配信の再編ありがとうです!#この日のライブ配信は、#かならりやばかったですね!1#万人を超える人が見ていたもんね(笑)#やっぱり人参最高!#まさかのカメラ切り忘れでやら1かしたのもドキドキでした!#今後は気を付けないとね5). . !💖🖤❤#今後は気をライブ配信の再編ありがとうです!#この日のライブ配信は、#1万人を超える人が見ていたも ん(#笑)#やっぱり人参最高!#まさかのカメラ切り忘れでやら1かしたのもドキドキでした #今後は気をライブ配信の再編ありがとうです!( #笑)#垃圾
CaptinPrice21 xx
CaptinPrice21 xx Aylar önce
Hey btw you missed a change with snow powder where if you stand in it for a little bit you start to get I guess you can call it frostbite and you start to take damage and your hearts change to frozen hearts and you start to get a ice effect on your screen.
Addy Cuber
Addy Cuber Aylar önce
You bring me nostalgia I used to watch you when I started playing Minecraft you gave me so much knowledge about minecraft
daniel pepel
daniel pepel Aylar önce
I haven’t seen a single mountain above y 130, love this update… over 20k blocks traveled
The Virtual Khan __
The whole them killing babies thing was one of very few traits that made them feel different from zombies and skeletons if their gonna take that out they need to replace it with something
Ghost_Ranger Aylar önce
i feel jungle biomes are more common because every time i start a world in 1.18 i find a jungle biome big or small
FROSTY Aylar önce
Sequin Fruit
Sequin Fruit 23 gün önce
In my world, i found two zombie spawners just a couple blocks away from each other, and they both had two cat music discs
robloxplayer75 Aylar önce
The water breathing potion in the buried treasure chest was added back in 1.13 not 1.18
Red_Five Aylar önce
Illagers Before 1.18: "Shoot 'em all and let God sort 'em out!" Illagers After 1.18: *(spares babies)* "Professionals have standards."
Hitoshi Shinsō
Hitoshi Shinsō Aylar önce
@Clober Lobster That’s a terrifyingly good point.
Snotty McSnot dragger
Children are non combatants?….
HoneyBadger13 Aylar önce
how much of this is in bedrock tho
hellatze Aylar önce
@Clober Lobster well they can protect themself if 1 house still remaining with functional door.
DrDemo Aylar önce
You have summoned the TF2 Players
Pixel Zeraora
Pixel Zeraora Aylar önce
btw the y level -64 was already able to be reached without taking damage, you just can build there now
5:29 still happens, at least in large biome worlds.
True Champignon
True Champignon Aylar önce
otherside sounds minecrafty and modern at the same time! i love it.
Lucia Aylar önce
I think they should make the wells in villages wishing wells or wells that if you pull up the chain by right clicking a bunch of times then a bucket would come up with something inside. It could be the bundle they haven’t coded yet
Raig Stage
Raig Stage Aylar önce
Minecraft is growing in a very fascinatingly high speed and quality. Looking forward to Mojang's future plans for the game
Mavin Sheva
Mavin Sheva Aylar önce
Just add an combat overhaul and this game will be perfect
Shree Gupta
Shree Gupta Aylar önce
You were addded 😂😂😂😂
Haggy Aylar önce
V1tek Horejsi
V1tek Horejsi Aylar önce
@e12345 6 i was talking about how during development of 1.18 Mojang accidentally deleted iron, enchantments and bedrock
V1tek Horejsi
V1tek Horejsi Aylar önce
Seeing how the developing of minecraft always goes, i expect 1.20 to delete minecraft
misolou fout
misolou fout Aylar önce
At first, I wasn’t a fan of the update bc it took a year and didn’t seem cool but after playing it, it’s super cool. Can’t wait until the 1.19 comes out
Kiera Ransom
Kiera Ransom Aylar önce
I think they should update dogs like they did the cats, like with colors and patterns
AwesomeNoah24 Aylar önce
iDmc: “enchanting tables now emit a light level of 7!” Rich people: caving just got a whole lot more interesting.
Richard Diablo
Richard Diablo Aylar önce
Anyone have any tips for finding amethyst geode in this update? I used to see them scattered on the ocean floor so often but I can't seem to find them that way anymore.
Richard Diablo
Richard Diablo Aylar önce
@Zectar thank you
Zectar Aylar önce
use chunkbase
demi goddex
demi goddex Aylar önce
Anthony: villages will be even rarer! me, who always has a hard time finding villages already: cool •́ ‿ ,•̀
Rolemir Zayas
Rolemir Zayas Aylar önce
I saw a village just now and it's full of 5 golems who turned into zombies and villagers as well that has turned to zombies as well and thst was the very first time I've seen and yea the villages are so hard to find In this update
-Starry- Aylar önce
In my worlds villages are in every direction like in one biome there was 5 it’s kinda like a disease so I’m glad that they did that :0
UnknownName Aylar önce
@Undyne That's cheating!
Robyn Primula
Robyn Primula Aylar önce
nice pfp!
Mang Aylar önce
Apparently if you add the username “Warden” to your friends list on Xbox before the update, the Warden will not attack you in game if you do not attack him.
Mathew_was_taken Aylar önce
Tell me if I'm right or wrong but in bedrock edition the color of the leaves changes to white in cold biomes, all leaves turned white to fit the snowy environment except for azelia leaves
Charles Roblox Secrets!
One thing , when winning a villager raid in part 2 there are now. Fireworks Display in each area of the village
OP SENSEI Aylar önce
Subscribed. Videos straight to the point and easy to understand
mc mike
mc mike Aylar önce
The diamonds in a fossil part makes actual sense. Because diamonds are just super compressed coal. Its like the coal ore gets affected by the pressure and heat underground and turns into Diamond ore.
Rio plays
Rio plays Aylar önce
Ok mr scitist
FuriousDiego Aylar önce
its funny to me how the fossil is more rare than the diamonds
The Spy from Team Fortress 2
@Teacher Hayes also makes no sense that the “fossils” are made from seemingly “fresh” bone
mc mike
mc mike Aylar önce
I havent looked at this comment for a couple days an wow. Theres a whole scientific discussion.
Teacher Hayes
Teacher Hayes Aylar önce
But it makes no sense from the point of view of what fossils are. ;-)
Duuzee Aylar önce
Lena Raine also composed music for "Celeste". I'd say that it's one of her more greater achievements, but that's my opinion so, I have no say.
JayTD Aylar önce
Am I the only one that dislikes the amount of mountains? Like in survival, it made traveling around near impossible. It seems as if there’s only 10% flat land…
Ben Octari Cat
Ben Octari Cat Aylar önce
Fun Fact: The natural generation height was moved up to where the old build height was and extended downwards
Boitumelo Leotlela
Boitumelo Leotlela Aylar önce
Great:)this video helped me I just got minecraft 1.18 yesterday thank you
Egg Aylar önce
One more thing, if you find a fully grown azalea tree on the surface, if you dig straight down from the middle of the tree you will find a lush cave under that tree.
kaitlyn Aylar önce
@retired account no
retired account
retired account Aylar önce
@Veroxi k.
Veroxi Aylar önce
@retired account Whit, I knew about this from DanTDM, but there is legitimately no reason to be sour about this in the comments. Please, let's just have civil discussion of how lush caves are pretty and such
xVal louve
xVal louve Aylar önce
@retired account nope i didn't know that lmao
Pininja Aylar önce
@retired account i didnt
「•ɴᴏ_ɴꪖᴍᴇ_ᘜ𝓲ᐯᴇɴ 」
Random fact: the other day I found zombie villagers in a dripstone cave system but there were no villages anywhere nearby 🤨
The Mcculloch
The Mcculloch Aylar önce
One time I found a spider spawned sticking out of a village then I went underwater and found a strong hold that is very lucky
Funtime Rhikes
Funtime Rhikes 6 gün önce
Coppers are only useful in decorating so if you love decorating then this’ll be rewarding
Love the way you talked about dying via drip stones lol
Daconday Aylar önce
One of the best game changing things and unknown change is that hostile mobs like zombies and skeletons only spawn in light level 0, before it was light level 7. This is a huge change since just imagine how many torches you have to craft to light up all of the new big caves, and no longer would hostile mobs just spawn just because its a bit tiny dark. Also I forgo to say is that this doesent apply to slimes cuz like they dont care about light levels, they just spawn even if the light level is higher than 0
Amrit Ray Chaudhuri
I never did actual fearless caving before 1.18
Dr Manoj Pawara
Dr Manoj Pawara Aylar önce
Water breathing in treasure chest is actually parity change in java to bedrock which had them from start
Castanhaz Aylar önce
3:55 I agree with him because it does take a lot of effort to go in creative type enchanted apple, get it and then go to survival that is hard he deserves a medal
Gabriel Parker
Gabriel Parker Aylar önce
What happens when you had the experimental feature on for caves and cliffs and now you have the 1.18
FMLCXD12 Aylar önce
fun fact: "otherside" was played in 1.16 or 1.17 by parrot (or spokeishere i cant remember) in his lifesteal smp
The Milk Master
The Milk Master Aylar önce
At first, I wasn’t a fan of the update bc it took a year and didn’t seem cool but after playing it, it’s super cool. Can’t wait until the 1.19 comes out
The RAPTOR 11 gün önce
@Generic microsoft has totally added bland, boring updates bruh, literally mods are much better and dont take years to do, honestly it is fucked up what u say on supporting laziness from developers.
Wait... Already talk of another update??
JTOONZ! Aylar önce
@Comrade Stalin *July 21 2022
Comrade Stalin
Comrade Stalin Aylar önce
@Undyne 11 months :/
Comrade Stalin
Comrade Stalin Aylar önce
It will în 16th november 2022
I love the addition of the axolotls. Now i have a mob that i can use in my redstone mob grinder.😊😊😊
Gracie Bells
Gracie Bells Aylar önce
I look for these videos after every update ✨🥴
SM Abrigo
SM Abrigo Aylar önce
i recently downloaded the new update and ITS AMAZING
Rafael Ojeda
Rafael Ojeda Aylar önce
7:30 I actually found one spawning in the water yesterday 😂
Vels YT
Vels YT Aylar önce
This update is amazing, I can finally go mining without getting bored in minutes!
MadAlly 22 gün önce
You'd think but no
Aman Aylar önce
Yes i can finally be interested in caves
R1ftzy Aylar önce
Best way to find diamonds is to get a door and go swimming in a underwater cave
Kiera Ransom
Kiera Ransom Aylar önce
Please elaborate, I'm confused 🤨
M0s3sy Aylar önce
Cave villages would’ve been dope
I got the new music disc first try playing on 1.18 in dungeon chests😱| I'm soo happy:)
Vedh football
Vedh football Aylar önce
Theory on the fossils. The giant which was a giant zombie that used to spawn in hard mod in the earlier days of minecraft the fossils that spawn can be the ribcage of the giant JUST A THEORY ⛰️⛰️⛰️
Thoren Christiansen
The spawn location changed for the oceans and lava pools but when I loaded up a new world I spawned in a 10 block deep powdered snow pit
ItzCryptical Aylar önce
@cOmAtOrAn better than spawning on a 10 block powdered snow pit
cOmAtOrAn Aylar önce
I keep spawning in trees.
Slippy Aylar önce
Thoren Christiansen has frozen to death
zuygj bnsv
zuygj bnsv Aylar önce
Anthony legit makes my day 90% better 😊
Psycho DOG
Psycho DOG Aylar önce
They should make a setting for old world generation, excluding the new height limits, so yo can load worlds without giant mountains. Also, I liked spawning on islands, it gave for a fun “survival island” thing... And the temples spawning on water.
Well Played
Well Played Aylar önce
@troyis not on mobile
Well Played
Well Played Aylar önce
Don’t worry there will still be small islands
troyis Aylar önce
You can make a world just in a different version.
Crystal Forbes
Crystal Forbes Aylar önce
I had a ravine that led a glitch making everything in the world at y 11 turn to lava
Jantje Aylar önce
Wow more dungeons in 1.18. And in 1.17 I already found 7 in a 500 blocks radius from my base
Constellations and her cat Fidget
1.18 is the best. It’s a good way to love minecraft even more
Eccentric Frenchman
@Miles Flexen I agree there should be an Industrial Update with automatic mining devices. However, I still love exploring caves, especially those new revamped caves.
Miles Flexen
Miles Flexen Aylar önce
I personally hate it. But then again, minecraft was such a boring grind to just mine blocks to get diamonds
BanDit49 Aylar önce
@Wait what What’s going on ye
Wait what What’s going on
@BanDit49 to be honest I’m probably just complaining to complain but you see where my reasoning comes from right?
BanDit49 Aylar önce
@Wait what What’s going on oh ok
The menzo
The menzo Aylar önce
In bedrock horses have always followed you if you had wheat or hay
GUIBOU Aylar önce
You can’t spawn in lava but now you can spawn in snow
Lol nobody cares
Lol nobody cares Aylar önce
Is anyone else having an issue where they keep spawning in the middle of barren frozen tundras and then being unable to find any food, thus dying?
Neco arc lover
Neco arc lover Aylar önce
I keep spawning in snowy taigas and jungles :/
Canada Aylar önce
Ima say this rn Minecraft has come along way since 2009 I was born 2007 and I started playing Minecraft in 2015 Now its 2021 and I just love how the Minecraft fandom has grown!!! Thank You Mojang!!!!!!
The Georgia Boy
The Georgia Boy Aylar önce
It's funny how the villages are spread out now, but I found 2 villages within at least 120 blocks from each other
UnHappy Aylar önce
The fact that you can spawn Ghast with Spawn Eggs
S1CKTR!CKS 24 gün önce
what seed did you use? I need to explore that mountain that looks like the maw of a beast
Nyan The Furry
Nyan The Furry Aylar önce
Just realized Lena Raine also made the Celeste soundtrack, now I get why I love Pigstep and Otherside so much
Lilillinois other account
We need more ores, mobs, structures, and just more things in general. Like a ton to the point where things will always be fresh and unknown.
Thure Ohmsen
Thure Ohmsen Aylar önce
@UnknownName god no
UnknownName Aylar önce
I want more baby mobs
Nightm4re Aylar önce
That’s impossible as long as Mojang is around
Nemanja Nikolic
Nemanja Nikolic Aylar önce
I love this update its Amazing
LuringAsh5 Aylar önce
I found 3 villages, a badlands, and a pillager outpost 100 to 200 blocks away from spawn, I don't think viages are that far apart
avi sinha
avi sinha Aylar önce
Kareem lol
Kareem lol Aylar önce
I know how they spread the village but am a bedrock player just update my old world and found 2 straight villages sticking in each other which is weird
Frost King
Frost King Aylar önce
3:29 I want this seed SO BAD!
Something Unknown
Something Unknown Aylar önce
I am so happy that the caves and cliffs update is here! Now I can build houses on very high mountains and in very deep caves now! I hope you are enjoying it two! Can’t wait to see what people builds now! 😄😄😄
Glītched Nīghtmāre ;-;
**cries in getting late updates cause I have a daymn iPad**
Parsa Aylar önce
Do you want to play Minecraft with me I’m lonely as fuck
ZwatchxD Aylar önce
the build limit change definitely is a game changer for massive structure builder considering they usually need to use mod to get to that height
M-291 Aylar önce
I love Axolotls! :D And I wonder why Herobrine showing up from nowhere on this video multiple times...🤔And I also wonder why 3 creeper's heads are on the wall in this part 7:12. 🤔
Almeda Bueno
Almeda Bueno Aylar önce
I find new secret in minecraft 1.18 use night vision and darkness potion and go to cave put a light and you will see
Henrik Myrhaug
Henrik Myrhaug Aylar önce
Is it just me, or is the entire soundrtrack of Minecraft different in 1.18? I feel like I have heard so many new songs that I never noticed in 1.17. It sounds more like a classic adventure game than it did before, but honestly, I'm not the biggest fan.
Bulk Tornado
Bulk Tornado Aylar önce
Challenge: Every time he says *1.18* take a sip from a glass 🙂
ElmOtto The OK Gamer
I love this update. Caving is actually more spacious and thank you Anthony for telling me 50 things about the update!
anonymous Aylar önce
I enjoyed the video and I hope you get to feeling better!!❤️
Ailred Huey Millan
Ailred Huey Millan Aylar önce
Well in Minecraft bedrock edition when you put the seed"Notch" you will spawn near village 1.18
TheBigFloof Aylar önce
I actually found the new music disk in a dungeon chest.
Well Played
Well Played Aylar önce
I’m gonna miss the village thing since I make games name “gotta go fast” where I just go around on a boat looking for villages and anyplace that would give me loot until I’m rich :/
FANtastic Fans
FANtastic Fans Aylar önce
Bedrock already had the water breathing. I just got one last week. Its very useful! Especially for the achievements bedrock has.
10K More
10K More Aylar önce
@monke nah I prefer bedrock to java ngl
monke Aylar önce
@King Galix it doesn’t get enough hate
FANtastic Fans
FANtastic Fans Aylar önce
@King Galix there are some neat little features it has that I really like. If you play on the right platform its great!
King Galix
King Galix Aylar önce
Bedrock gets too much hate
GamingLover YAY
GamingLover YAY 29 gün önce
Yesterday my dad litteraly found this in a dungeon chest: -Otherside disc -Enchanted Golden Apple
Hannah Hoke
Hannah Hoke Aylar önce
I have played minecraft in like 3 years, but I just got it for christmas, so this was super helpful!! :)
Persephone's_ghost Aylar önce
The world seed I used spawned me in the ocean. I know it's 1.18. I have yet to find land and I've been playing for five hours
Dark Law
Dark Law Aylar önce
playing on my tablet and came across one of the new caves. Was a bit surprised by the size.
Hamilton Aylar önce
Herobrine moments were 1:24 2:33 5:28 and 7:31 ! Great Video!!
Sofia Montenegro
Sofia Montenegro Aylar önce
@Petros_TheBot ohh okay thanks. that’s cool
Petros_TheBot Aylar önce
Also I think he's implying that Herobrine is getting added since he isn't getting removed in the game anymore. It's not in the change log now at least.
Petros_TheBot Aylar önce
I got all the words that had the Herobrine and all I got was. That point spawn will.
Sofia Montenegro
Sofia Montenegro Aylar önce
@Hamilton 😂👍🏻 well thank you tho
Hamilton Aylar önce
@Sofia Montenegro no idea haha😂just thought I’d mark them as I saw them lol
Simephi Gumede
Simephi Gumede Aylar önce
Awww it's so cute seeing these parrots dancing 🙂
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