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50 HIDDEN SECRETS in DOORS HOTEL+?! With Roblox Doors updating with the HOTEL+ UPDATE, so many secrets are to be found, and we've compiled a list of 50 HIDDEN SECRETS for the new DOORS UPDATE!

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CaptainJackAttack Aylar önce
How MANY did YOU KNOW?! 👀
J B 10 gün önce
this isn't the question but is the emotional man frame supposed to be troll face
Idiot lol
Idiot lol 10 gün önce
All i think
ulopa john
ulopa john 13 gün önce
Koh Jia Jun 高稼骏
Koh Jia Jun 高稼骏 14 gün önce
Like 24
Abd YT
Abd YT 16 gün önce
meme lover 9000
meme lover 9000 Aylar önce
Bonus tip: if you encounter dupe and don't know which is the correct door stand near a door if you hear a monster type noise dupe is behind that door
Depth 3 gün önce
You know that there's an easier trick There is a radius for how far you can open a door. The trick is to crouch next to the wall a little far away fr m the door. If it opens, its not a dupe. If It stays close, it has dupe.
Andrea Piñeyro
Andrea Piñeyro 10 gün önce
George the gamer#13
George the gamer#13 12 gün önce
@Jamie Mallender dude I tried it and it worked.
George the gamer#13
George the gamer#13 19 gün önce
I already knew that. You can also stand to the side and if it doesn't open it is Dupe.
Laurenishere 21 gün önce
Just stand by the door on the side if it doesn’t open its dipe
Cbrauts 707
Cbrauts 707 Aylar önce
8:52 This actually makes a lot of sense, because it has been confirmed the eyes on the walls are part of seek's complete body, so basically the eyes in the painting are pieces of seek that took over the frames.
Linx Aylar önce
Honestly I see why the wait took forever, they made an entire new floor, a shop system, revamped everything, and gave us an op item scanner. It was worth the wait!
Harrison Kemp
Harrison Kemp Aylar önce
@Rotteneggsaregross. You can in the rift entity thing
Dumb item you cant even keep it
Cat Man
Cat Man Aylar önce
hello, this is my main account here to explain: Yes, i did mean rooms, as it is kind of a new floor in a way. the item scanner might be made permanent by the badge unlocking it being bought in the beginning of the run shop (thats just my guess). just to explain with everybody saying there was no new floor update. the rooms is technically a new floor just a secret floor.
Delete Aylar önce
@Proud Mystery Man maybe he means rooms?
DustCringe Aylar önce
A secret you missed: The crucifix can actually spawn before door 50, somewhere in the room with two beds, there’s a chance the crucifix would spawn above the next room or near the window.
perry akers
perry akers Aylar önce
That's not a secret, it's just rare
Faith or Franceball
Btw my friend encountered this in a game with me.
ÖZGÜR Nalbantoğlu
It spawned at 53 when i got crucifix with money then i used it to get it back but the way was blocked
Faith or Franceball
@Appen same
Appen Aylar önce
I found a crucifix in a chest
Xing :/
Xing :/ Aylar önce
The Seek Eyes above the elevator at 100 might be the reason Seek might reappear in Floor 2, since the devs confirmed some entities will be back in Floor 2.
LobsterBlox Aylar önce
Another tip: if you are in a dupe room before seek, the eyes will typically spawn around the real door
PermaFrost... Aylar önce
Two secrets you forgot: 1. The light that breaks in the Door 50 cutscene has blue sparks after the cutscene ends, meaning Guiding Light saves the player 2. El Goblino mentions that he knocks on the doors to scare people Overall it was a good video and taught me some stuff I didn't know 👍
Mr. Crazy dogYT
Mr. Crazy dogYT 6 gün önce
Fun fact: the light on top of doors is removed but the library one isnt
Altorsen Aylar önce
i tought the knock man was dupe lol
Chantrey Bentley Santos
@SlothTamer513 yup it look like pepe the frog
Sxmply spark
Sxmply spark Aylar önce
@Burak Tiryaki wow el goblino wow
John Konntaoi
John Konntaoi Aylar önce
thatoneguywhosucks Aylar önce
Tip: when you encounter dupe in a room, there's a very low chance that the door number behind you won't be scribbled. This happened to me a few times and will probably get patched later
Cryo the snow owl
Cryo the snow owl Aylar önce
Fun fact: you can hear some ambience near a dupe door. And in the rooms, I only got A-90 to spawn ONLY with A-60. Maybe luck, or maybe attended.
NOT Nam On-jo Just her Fan
I do know some things about Glitch and Void. These entities both current and the past, exist bc if it wasn’t for these entities, massive lag spikes will be a common encounter being a huge problem to low FPS players. A-90 does not spawn when opening a Door, and instead appears overtime. This proves that A-90 can spawn at any room in the Rooms, including the Lobby (thanks to ThinkNoodles) and any room lacking a hiding spot, so even when you are AFK, A-90 will still spawn.
TruBlu 29 gün önce
The reason the crucifix and candle dont work in rooms is because the guiding light powers them, but the guiding light is replaced with curious light in rooms.
Rob Andre
Rob Andre Aylar önce
Other Tip: If The Key In Dupe's Room Is Taking Long To Find, The Label Would Actually Blurred/Scribbled/Broken
nimuneslegalbr Aylar önce
8:19 Thats not dirt. Thats actually Festering Meat, If you have the game files (There is some models of door 100 in the toolbox) You can see that the name of those things are FesteringMeat.
John Konntaoi
John Konntaoi Aylar önce
Dantron2000 13 gün önce
The reason that builderman may be in that hidden room is to base the scale of other objects off of him. So that the devs know how big or small they need to make something in relation to a player model, or in this case, builderman
floppa the based
floppa the based Aylar önce
Fun facts: The green flashlight in The Rooms is actually a reference to Tattletail’s flashlight, where you have to shake it to charge it.
floppa the based
floppa the based Aylar önce
@BrodyBoiBest why?
BrodyBoiBest Aylar önce
its name in rooms is called the gummy flashlight and it costs 10 robuks
Proud Mystery Man
Proud Mystery Man Aylar önce
C Aylar önce
Not exactly sure how you missed it, but you missed the herb in the room that you open up with the skeleton key in the Infirmary room 5:27 (the herb allows you to slowly heal for the rest of the game) 9:12 Also the Grim Reaper painting isn't new
Joy Gray
Joy Gray Aylar önce
5:20 test
D3ath’s Cemetery
D3ath’s Cemetery Aylar önce
yeah I was wondering why the sims painting was in there
aafNixstriY Aylar önce
i once got it above a door not in those bed rooms but i got crucifix twice from those rooms i think i got lucky with the crucifix i got above a door i forgot which kind of room it was
couchypotato Aylar önce
There is one You can hear dupe’s heartbeat if you go close to the wall where the dupe door is Useful, very useful if you don’t take note’s on door numbers
iliko gamer
iliko gamer Aylar önce
Figures useful tip
Taybah Syeda
Taybah Syeda 9 gün önce
Lil tip: u have to put the crusifix under the kitchen water in the rooms but it is not on all kitchen but eventually u will find it😊
HappyHead Aylar önce
Wanna hear the saddest Doors / Rooms story ever? I spent about 3-4 hours going through the rooms... MADE IT TO 1000! I got the Tablet, went to door 100 ready to put it into the time machine portal to save it... then I realized... I had a shake-light in there AND I was holding another in my inventory and you can't have two of those items same time... Rip the REALLY TEDIOUS AND HARD TO GET BUT VERY OP TABLET ;(
John Konntaoi
John Konntaoi Aylar önce
Thats not sad
Emirhan Ozkan
Emirhan Ozkan Aylar önce
At least you got the achievement thats all that matters
Aly PP
Aly PP Aylar önce
Fun Fact:in the lobby at the leaderboards if you go to that door at the end, turn off the music in the settings and you will hear strange sounds in the door!
Froxytheawsomefox and friends
Dread is a new entity that is associated with the clocks in the game as hinted by the trailer for the hotel+ update.
FPS_PL Aylar önce
Bonus secret: glitch still appears if you are too far behind from your team in rooms. Teleporting you to your team.
Back2Buisness.0 Aylar önce
from 30 to 40 to 50 secrets? man thats 120 secrets you have showed us Jack! thats some insane effort.
GoofyBaller Aylar önce
once i actually found a crucifix on the top door frame after room 52 (jeff's shop) i think it's random spawn and maybe can be found if you pay very close attention to the door frames by looking back after you enter the next room. When I found it I had already bought a crucifix in Jeff's shop and could only wear 1/1 crucifix at once. may be one of the new updates in the 2bill visits update.
Kai Aylar önce
Extra referente: el goblino have a chance to admit that he's the one knocks the walls during gameplay, he says it's funny to see players getting scared
OmenMal360 Aylar önce
Hi, Remember when you said “What harm could there be, in playing with a bunch of random strangers?” In some DOORS video? That’s because they usually die at the start or at the Seek chase, then they leave, and you will have to play on your own.
Proud Mystery Man
Proud Mystery Man Aylar önce
@John Konntaoi Play solo, it's always better, others will just weigh you down
John Konntaoi
John Konntaoi Aylar önce
John Konntaoi
John Konntaoi Aylar önce
Every time I play doors with 3 other people, they either, don't wait, die to rush, die to seek, die to figure, or leave because they are scared. That always happens
Proud Mystery Man
Proud Mystery Man Aylar önce
@Smudge The Cat The further you're in the game the harder the entitys are if didn't knew
Smudge The Cat
Smudge The Cat Aylar önce
@Proud Mystery Man pre update was pretty easy, they buffed the entire game now.
xaurora Aylar önce
yeah, you can see seeks eyes above the elevator if you quickly look up while figure is chasing you. perhaps hinting that seek will be in floor 2? 👀
Hamza Abdo
Hamza Abdo Aylar önce
I'm sure that seek and figure are going to be in floor 2 well because figure is still with the player in the elevator and seek is above them And did you know that figure and seek are the main entities in the game
Sprite Crаnbеrrу
The wiki must have been right if it says Seek is constantly monitoring the player’s progress
- SyntaxErrorGuy7 -
You can legit look up the shaft while still searching for the breaker puzzle parts and you can see the seek eyes
Nhân Trúc
Nhân Trúc Aylar önce
The crucifix effect on the ground isn't actually the star of david but rather the seal that granted king solomon to control supernatural beings and demons.
💙•Paul The Guiding Light•💙
This is epic! I just love when you share information with us!
Back to Earth Electrical
Theory! When you enter rooms your crossing realms where holy spirits like guiding lights aren't there. And the crucifix actually has guiding light remnant in it but because guiding light doesn't exist in rooms guiding light's remnant is forced too be banished meaning it takes no effect on the entities existing in rooms! Writer note: it was edited so I could add the last part
Thirtyfive the creator
Bonus secret: you can still hide from rush with out a closet, but you can get a badge from it now
Proud Mystery Man
Proud Mystery Man Aylar önce
@John Konntaoi Easiest way is just going to basement and chilling out
John Konntaoi
John Konntaoi Aylar önce
You can hide on stairs and u will get "In plain sight" from that
X!AO Aylar önce
I got it in that one room where the bookshelf falls down and there is a drawer with a typewriter and a broken window :,)
Proud Mystery Man
Proud Mystery Man Aylar önce
@Barbara Wiśniewska I was talking about the secret not the undertale reference
Barbara Wiśniewska
@Proud Mystery Man yea but theres also a refrence to undertale in that achivement.
FamilyQ Aylar önce
In the secret 32 about the locked chests you can actually use the skeleton key to open it, I accidentally used it and it was a waste because I had super low health 😞
Donn Quinton
Donn Quinton Aylar önce
About the treasure chest where u could unlock it with a picklock, you could get at least one item from it, but it's rare.
David Marah
David Marah Aylar önce
bonus tip : check the key to see which door is real and fake if you dont remember what door you were at so that dupe doesnt hurt you
Lewis Vincent Olivar
Glitch actually hasn’t been removed. One time in a run I (somehow) killed me while i was getting into a cabinet and when I revived I was in the void and glitch kept trying to teleport me back to door 92 (where I died) and crashed my game
BentleyHD Aylar önce
3:26 glitch is still in the game, when the rooms don’t load.
A-200 interabile room
A-200 interabile room 10 gün önce
and in the rooms when your too far behind to your team, glitch will pick you up.
BentleyHD Aylar önce
@neverissict Ik I dindnt see that part yet
neverissict Aylar önce
7:52 btw
Fired8992 Aylar önce
Btw glitch is still in the game he just teleports you 1 room if the room doesn't spawn
noorzamzila tahar
noorzamzila tahar Aylar önce
Did you know when you reach door 48 or 49 You have a high chance to get attacked by glitch instead of void entity( happened to me a lot of time)
Smudge The Cat
Smudge The Cat Aylar önce
Fun fact: the piles of dirt isnt dirt, it is rotting meat that figure is probably made from, maybe meaning there were other entities made of that meat in the past. that is why i hate the 2-sided basement and door 100, because i for some reason get really disturbed by the meat, especially because the 2-sided basement is dark
Smudge The Cat
Smudge The Cat Aylar önce
Yo ty CaptainJackAttack for hearting my comment :D
Joe Ligma
Joe Ligma Aylar önce
i actually never knew about more than half of these thanks jack
Federica Anzolin
Federica Anzolin Aylar önce
Extra secret: sometimes in room 3 you can have an encounter with ambush
thats not a secret thats just rng
NOT_Adventure Aylar önce
That little bacteria-like thing in the thumbnail is dread. No one seems to know about this but it's in Lsplash's sneak peak and I think he's gonna add it soon
Dex Shenewolf
Dex Shenewolf Aylar önce
@NOT_Adventure Ah, that's neat. Have a source? I'm actually pretty interested in knowing more about this guy.
NOT_Adventure Aylar önce
@Dex Shenewolf yes, but the name in the file is dread
Dex Shenewolf
Dex Shenewolf Aylar önce
Wasn't it Stall before? Something about waiting too long in rooms with clocks.
Alphabet Lore I
Alphabet Lore I Aylar önce
Secret number 52 : whenever glitch gets you (if room doesn’t load correctly) he will actually do no damage
Xylo Aylar önce
Lets be honest, I dont think snare is a new entity, unless I'm wrong and the the devs said so, but I think that only Void and Dupe are new ones. Btw, for the star of David one, its actually a reference to the old star of David (I heard that in Game Theory's vid)
official Yeti from Level maker
8:11 I think it's a room they're gonna use for floor 2
Lucas Pawelek
Lucas Pawelek Aylar önce
No glitch was not replaced by void. To get void you have to stay in a dark room until the other people go ahead 5 doors
WhyAmIHere Aylar önce
I love when CaptainJackAttack makes these types of vids. (Long ones) keep up the good work, CaptainJackAttack!
Christmasler Aylar önce
SECOND BONUS TIP: you can find the crucifix attached to a wall, ive only gotten it myself once but its indeed a thing (also the locked chests have a chance to give u the crucifix aswell)
Ryth Fan
Ryth Fan Aylar önce
OH! yeah and also crucifixes can appear on top of desks too.
- SyntaxErrorGuy7 -
Y'all should also mention that in the unlikely event a crucifix does appear, its normally next to a bed
your mom123
your mom123 Aylar önce
I got that on my first run befor figure bit used it on seek lol
CraftedDoesFnF Aylar önce
normal chests give you them too but at a very low chance, i only got it once per 100+ playthroughs
ThegamingSnake Aylar önce
wellhappy Aylar önce
So amazing that i found the hidden closets behind the non marked doors before this vid
Meri Duniya
Meri Duniya 7 gün önce
Fun fact: CL can actually be seen in light form like GL, you can see him at the A-000 door
XE-1 Aylar önce
Secret 52: The guy that was supposed to show up if you stayed in a room too long with clocks name is actually dread, according to files
iliko gamer
iliko gamer Aylar önce
Theory:since crucifix and the candle is controled by guiding light that makes that guiding light never got in rooms but weird thing about this is that curious light can ge to doors but guiding one can't go in rooms...
Miranda Scully
Miranda Scully Aylar önce
Pro tip if one of the doors is wrong and one of them is right look what door you walk through and then you’ll know which one is right
_joji.san1_ Aylar önce
9:01 i thought that it’s not a painting because those are real eyes 😳
ApeiriophobicGD Aylar önce
So I guess running in a random direction through fire and accidently jumping out the window is normal for The Figure(The Lego Movie reference, kind of)
FlowerBot Aylar önce
its good to know glitch wasnt removed completely he used to help many players and i hope he doesnt get removed fully
legallycurly89 Aylar önce
One time I got to door 50 without the seek chase, and then after I got the paper, I noclipped out of the library and was softlocked.
RequiemX Aylar önce
Fun fact: crucifix and candle doesn't work on rooms cause in doors guiding light is the one who activate them and in rooms its only curious light. that's why it's lighter than normal guiding light isn't with you holding it.
John Konntaoi
John Konntaoi Aylar önce
Actually the guiding light in rooms is called lost light, just saying
Melon Playground Creations
A secret you never asked: When progressing through doors theres actually a chance that a random item or the crucifix will be above the door that happened to me
KillerCat_wastaken Aylar önce
Fun fact: the rechargeable flashlight’s sound when shaking it is the same sound from when you shake your flashlight in the horror game: Tattletale
KillerCat_wastaken Aylar önce
@Smudge The Cat same
Smudge The Cat
Smudge The Cat Aylar önce
i remember kreek streaming that
Al Aylar önce
Bonus tip:Glitch only appears on glitching doors now
↳ Mxnty Rox ༉‧₊
this is off topic, but how rare is it for glitch to just randomly teleport you 3 times in a row, in 1 run? that happened to me while i was playing doors last night. =^
Meowzerz Aylar önce
Glitch is still in the game if you get locked behind a door or fall off the map.
Leif Larsen
Leif Larsen Aylar önce
I actually got the golden door at room 63 and the lever area at 64 one time.
Eduard Astasevicius
Eduard Astasevicius 29 gün önce
U can see on the key what the right Door is to avoid dupe
Tri_Zer Aylar önce
7:41 you actually made a mistake here, this is not a reference to rooms but a reference to tattletail (Game)s flashlight, where you can recharge it by clicking.
Tri_Zer Aylar önce
@Skill Sergeant yea i know, in my opinion he shouldve said both.
Skill Sergeant
Skill Sergeant Aylar önce
I think its more likely to be a reference to rooms considering rooms had a shake flashlight, and you’re literally playing rooms in doors. Shake flashlights are in many games so I doubt they got the idea from tattletale
MeltedM Aylar önce
DoapFox Aylar önce
Fun fact: In rooms, if you pass door 1000 or something, you l see some bridge. In the lobby, you can see some bridge outside too
Mariothons Aylar önce
The shears are below the courtyard, near the guardian angel(you'll need hacks for it)
Sam Herken
Sam Herken Aylar önce
Here's a tip: you can tell what door is real by looking a key's tag.
Liam Nathaniel Nyborg
fun fact, glitch is in the game but has a rare chanse to teleport you a room forward (i think)
Clesher Manlapaz
Clesher Manlapaz Aylar önce
Tip:The Fake Door Has a small hot box the normal doors has a bigger hitbox
3:34 glitch still has his job as a failsafe
FunIamNot Aylar önce
Fun fact: glitch is not removed its still here but if ur trap hes coming to get u and deal no damage
amogus isn't funny
amogus isn't funny Aylar önce
The shake light is actually not a reference to rooms, it's actually a reference to Tattletail
Dragon Aylar önce
If theres a locked room with dupe in one of them. Just look at the key and it will show you the number
catlover kaitlin and my mom and my cat meow
Guiding light is not in charge of the crucifix in the candle anymore it's curious like when you're in the rooms curious light doesn't even help you power the item up that's why it feels lighter than normal feels lighter than normal because guiding light is darker than curious light and curiously is Ryder that's why it says it feels lighter than normal
Flex Aylar önce
Void didnt replace glitch, he only replaces glitch if your in a dark room and get behind the group.
GamerBF Aylar önce
1:45 that was the first painting I found when I played the update XD
greencooper12 Aylar önce
some dude that has no money
fun fact: the candle when dupe is at the door get close to the door which gives light and not that from no light
Ybba Cruz
Ybba Cruz Aylar önce
Glitch hasn’t been replaced its just that he’s replaced in DARK ROOMS so this achievement is kinda hard because of all the screech your gonna find
Contact-Matthew Tam
Fun fact: When you are about to do the chase, all paintings will be switched to the one with eyes
Proud Mystery Man
Proud Mystery Man Aylar önce
Thats just details not a secret
Wheels0386 Aylar önce
Hey CaptainJackAttack. so i have came back to your channel after your ending of the Friday Night Funkin Saga and I have been impressed. It was your decision to leave it and I'm ok with it. It was time to go and find new content and that's what I'm doing aswell. I hope you succeed in what you do in the future and I will always be apart of the journey. Sincerely, Wheels.
Alex Fernandez
Alex Fernandez Aylar önce
There was this one unlucky moment where I was looting when my teammates hurried ahead. When I heard rush,I hid but void kicked me out,teleported me to my teammates,and I got killed by rush
renatolm Aylar önce
4:02, snare does kill player but you need to have 1 hp, me and my friend died to snare at door 95 :c, and no, it wasn't rush or screech who killed us
Katisha Beverly
Katisha Beverly Aylar önce
A secret you didn’t know: the skeleton key cannot unlock normal locks it can only unlock skeleton locks so that’s a tip!
Mercy Tchoffo
Mercy Tchoffo Aylar önce
Keep up the good advice❤
Najmun Nahar
Najmun Nahar Aylar önce
Hey Jack. I was playing a game of doors when I got ambush at door 3. Idk how but I took a screenshot of the waiting area after I died
JeffProductions *and games*
Secret 30 to add on if dupe is the first entity you use the crucifix on you dont get the badge for using a crucifix in general you only get the use kt on dupe badge
Ivar the logo fan / ITLF
YOU NEED TO KNOW THIS: one run i encountered two eyes in a row, then after that i got two darkrooms. you can say i did revenge as i crucifix'd eyes on the exact same run too when i found it hung up on a wall. then i got figure to kill me in front of a wooden pillar, making it look like figure was biting on wood
TG Aylar önce
2:25 scale test dummy, to make sure all the proportions to the characters care correct.
Cyrus Patton
Cyrus Patton Aylar önce
secret #16.5 glitch can still spawn if the doors aren't generating.
Bubble Aylar önce
Actually when using the crusifix the star of david wich is mostly asumed to appear doesnt actually appear, but the seal of solomon wich was before the start of david!
Erin Dufour
Erin Dufour Aylar önce
I think that inside of the rooms since guiding light cannot enter according to the lure it’s not curious Light taking over it’s a glitch because glitch never meant to hurt you he’s just trying to save you from rooms that do not load
Erin Dufour
Erin Dufour Aylar önce
And the crucifix does not work in the rooms because according to the lure guiding light is boosting the crucifix guiding light cannot be there
Zonerius Aylar önce
Glitch has NOT been removed from doors or replaced, I know this because 3 or 1 days ago and he spawned 2 times during the doors update.
A-278 (eliminated from iri)
*_Maybe When you set the candle in Rooms It Will Just Alert You from the entities_*
JFgamer Aylar önce
4:58 seek is everywhere
Red_X Aylar önce
the ''this isnt a painting'' is meant to say that the eyes in the picture frame are real and they are just in the frame from the painting that should be there also stating that seek is still watching you even through the paintings :)
Ms. Mushroom
Ms. Mushroom Aylar önce
The rechargeable flashlight from rooms/doors could be a reference to tattletails rechargeable flashlight
Shoobiliba Aylar önce
Glitch hasn't been removed, I encountered him in the new room b4 room 50 and then again in room 54
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