5 Things No One Ever Does with Ferrofluid

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In this video we're taking Ferrofluid and doing 5 different experiments we don't think have ever been done before.
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21 May 2019




Yük bağlantısı.....


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Sam Byers
Sam Byers 3 gün önce
Should have tried to cast it in resin
Siren Song53
Siren Song53 5 gün önce
Venom vibes are strong...
I Love Pandas
I Love Pandas 6 gün önce
I've played with ferrofluid slime at science summer camp a few years ago... It was so weird
Ragni Sharma
Ragni Sharma 6 gün önce
Why did you guys put the fero fuild on your skin tha is irritating
April Beach
April Beach 8 gün önce
Venom finally came for revenge
Jim Beam
Jim Beam 8 gün önce
The old guy was better
Hannah - Catherine Farmer
I want your job
OnyxOryx 11 gün önce
Is no one gonna wonder what those hidden flashes of their logo and the logos with the numbers and letters are?!?!?!
Minecraft Awesomeness
Minecraft Awesomeness 12 gün önce
Wait, how do you get it off?
Billy Baty
Billy Baty 13 gün önce
Put ferro fluid on a speaker magnet and when you play music or sounds, you can see patterns!
btd5 ninja
btd5 ninja 14 gün önce
this is making splatoon weapons more or less
Vishal Sharma
Vishal Sharma 15 gün önce
Why don't you put liquid nitrogen in Ferrofluid?
The pumpkin Gamer7560
The pumpkin Gamer7560 16 gün önce
this would not work
OG CHECKMATE 17 gün önce
Lmao the start
NobleThunder 13
NobleThunder 13 17 gün önce
Big hero 6 check
Burned roses
Burned roses 18 gün önce
It reminds me of the stuff from spider man 3
Burned roses
Burned roses 18 gün önce
It looks like the bottom of a glass bottle
Janise Dobson
Janise Dobson 18 gün önce
It’s 2020 that germs lesson is needed again
Benjamin Gallant
Benjamin Gallant 18 gün önce
Who’s watching us a year after
pyuto 937
pyuto 937 18 gün önce
1 eat it
Phantom Gaming
Phantom Gaming 18 gün önce
Starfall 83
Starfall 83 19 gün önce
Use rubbing alcohol to clean up oil.
Jude DeStefano
Jude DeStefano 19 gün önce
Why did grant have to die!
Eshmow 19 gün önce
Ferrofluid is very often made with kerosine, which is why it is oily and hydrophobic
TrippedOutCookie 19 gün önce
put the fluid on a magnet then blowtorch it to see if it will fall off like a regular magnet or will the fluid state keep magnetic field safer than the solid state
kendrick emmanuel
kendrick emmanuel 19 gün önce
The "things" not only oil based it's also super flammable
Russell Riedel
Russell Riedel 20 gün önce
Ferrofluid in vacuum chamber
Yolo Guy
Yolo Guy 20 gün önce
I know what I must do but I don't know if I have the strength to do it. 3:40
Orange Soarin
Orange Soarin 20 gün önce
nate: its a little bit gelatin n gummy feeling me: FUIT GUMMY
Orange Soarin
Orange Soarin 20 gün önce
nates gone insane
Juan Cena
Juan Cena 20 gün önce
Do stuff with ferrofluid plz
Dgamer youtube
Dgamer youtube 20 gün önce
I see future rocket gas not ferro fluid
DUO KING 20 gün önce
This the corona lol
Walter Gerling
Walter Gerling 20 gün önce
Bet you I won’t get pinned
odeis5 21 gün önce
when she says "oh no, oh no I love it", Am I the only one that was expecting the next words to be, "does it burn, can we catch it on fire"?
Dock_ Dotcom
Dock_ Dotcom 21 gün önce
What would happen if you mix ferral fluid with water and then droped a magnet in it? 🤔
Sean daKnight
Sean daKnight 21 gün önce
Have you tried mixing ferro fluid and gallium?
Ryen Bell
Ryen Bell 23 gün önce
They say dance monkey dance monkey oooh I’ve never seen anybody do the things you do before~
Gamer Quiveleax
Gamer Quiveleax 23 gün önce
You guys should see if a pressure washer can get ferrofluid off a magnet
Karen Driggers
Karen Driggers 23 gün önce
Two words magnetic gloves make them and use it to control ferrofluid it's so cool!
Shotgun 27
Shotgun 27 24 gün önce
You should try experimenting with iron fillings and magnetic fields I’m sure it will be pretty cool!
Ethan Lavender
Ethan Lavender 24 gün önce
Disclaimer: I'm a marvel nerd It kind of looks like a symbiote
Brannybeef 24 gün önce
Isabella Marques
Isabella Marques 25 gün önce
*Burn it.*
GX A3 26 gün önce
Creators of ferro fluid : We will name this ferro fluid. Me : I call this metallic Venom or Melom.
Nu Nguyen
Nu Nguyen 27 gün önce
I love callie’s enthusiasm
The Hard Drive Guru
The Hard Drive Guru 28 gün önce
What would happen to ferrofluid in a vacuum chamber? :o
Matthew Pierson
Matthew Pierson 28 gün önce
Hold up, wicked, wicked, wicked, wicked
AuroranEagle 28 gün önce
Could you use an electromagnet to pull the fluid off permanent magnets?
Meep Speed
Meep Speed 29 gün önce
It is a lubricant Nile red goes in depth on how to make it and what it is
Mr E
Mr E Aylar önce
Does the fluid ever dry and what happened if dried on magnet??? anyone know?
Johnny Brown
Johnny Brown Aylar önce
Drink that stuff and then get an MRI
stilldking Aylar önce
Who else is surprised Calli didn't suggest setting it on fire?
Lee Fisher
Lee Fisher Aylar önce
Let's have a guess before I watch this. Five things nobody ever does with Ferrofluid, hmm? 1. Keeps it as a pet. 2. Brushes their teeth with it. 3. Asks it to play the piano. 4. Watches it constantly for 24 hours. 5. Sets fire to... oh, no, Calli would do that. Tries to eat... oh, no, Nate's probably already done that. Er... Gives it a present.
Ferrofluid and vacuum chamber
Matthew Perrigin
Matthew Perrigin Aylar önce
TOXIC: No Data THEM: Lets put it all over ourselves and get some data.
Ram Rahul
Ram Rahul Aylar önce
Can you pls put Ferrofluid in a vacume
chris weaver
chris weaver Aylar önce
This is how Venom was made XD
Suzie P.
Suzie P. Aylar önce
Ferret fluid
I Spent The Night In
So would mixing Ferro Fluid with Glow Stick fluid make glowing Ferro Fluid?
Joshua Williams
Joshua Williams Aylar önce
Ferro Fluid A.K.A Venom symbiot
Mint Minty
Mint Minty Aylar önce
can you dehydrate ferrofluid or freeze-dry it and then crush and see if it will be like magnetic powder??? like if you want to see
Densmorde Aylar önce
Toxicity: Not stated. Not great not terrible.
Griffin Reid
Griffin Reid Aylar önce
its name is steve people
Alivia Shatto
Alivia Shatto Aylar önce
The beginning had me laughing my hardest 🤣🤣
Crumpet Aylar önce
i am sad they got rid of grant
Oliver Aylar önce
grant thompson passed away
You AcidPlays
You AcidPlays Aylar önce
2:02-3:00 *when your siri enables aimbot*
SpillyBtw Aylar önce
"i wanted to drink this but nate said no" why does that sound like... nvm.
FL4MING R4VEN Aylar önce
8:04 I'm suddenly reminded of Venom...
Rubayet Islam
Rubayet Islam Aylar önce
5 things no 1 has ever done? more like asmr
Arinan Tritipvitaya
magnetic bendy!!
Sapphire Starlock
Sapphire Starlock Aylar önce
What of you put the ferrofluid into the vacuum chamber??
Uruk Slayer
Uruk Slayer Aylar önce
Ferro fluid + Magnetic putty!
The puppet Master
The puppet Master Aylar önce
Keep tapping
The puppet Master
The puppet Master Aylar önce
The puppet Master
The puppet Master Aylar önce
Is liquid nitrogen cold water?!? and can you drink it I don’t know how you will find out if you can drink it
Judah Lowe
Judah Lowe Aylar önce
Put ferro fluid in a vacuum chamber
Aymen X
Aymen X Aylar önce
Nile red: sees this vid. Also Nile Red: WhAT ARe YoU DoING WIth MAH FERrOfLUiD???
Liberty or Death
Liberty or Death Aylar önce
Vacuum chamber!
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