49ers vs. Eagles Week 2 Highlights | NFL 2021 

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The San Francisco 49ers take on the Philadelphia Eagles during Week 2 of the 2021 NFL season.
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18 Eyl 2021




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Lycan4647 Yıl önce
The MVP of this game was Alex Mack he bulldozed dudes out of the way so Jimmy could get those key first downs 🏈🔥
Nick Bosa
Nick Bosa Yıl önce
Jimmy is elite at the qb sneaks
TheItalianMafia 1940s
@Nick Bosa true
16ktsgamma Yıl önce
Jimmy G learned from the best at the job . I forget his name something Brady.
TheMenace Yıl önce
Jimmy been good for a bit.
Scruff D0g
Scruff D0g Yıl önce
He is a great fit in that system, is clearly not 2016-2017 ALL Pro Alex Mack but he is more than serviceable until the 49ers find a long-term Center.
Brian Holihan
Brian Holihan Yıl önce
SF fan. Great to see them play a tighter game and tougher defense this week. Respect to the Eagles; played a good game too--good luck in the rest of the season.
David '
David ' Yıl önce
Don Cooper
Don Cooper Yıl önce
NewX1Era. the Eagles Defense is Stacked their play Calling cost them
Mason McConnell
Mason McConnell Yıl önce
@Don Cooper also they had two huge silly personnel fouls that kept 2 49ers drives alive for points
I'm I'm
I'm I'm Yıl önce
And the coach literally giving up points to give them the ball back... Take the easy 3....
Hxlfcourt Yıl önce
thank you for not being like other 49er fans 😊 good luck to you too
Arthur Martinez
Arthur Martinez Yıl önce
Love how these guys answered the call. They dug in and fought like real champs. 2-0 LFG!
Jim Worton
Jim Worton Yıl önce
Sloppy win
marcelo brozovic
marcelo brozovic Yıl önce
I agree, sometimes you need to go in the mud to win the game and Niners did it in this game. True champions win games on many different ways and Niners fans should be happy after this game more than ever. This was a war and wars are not pretty
Arthur Martinez
Arthur Martinez Yıl önce
NewX1Era. When? In the first quarter when we went 3Nout three times in a row? Y'all were slacking. And we were resilient.
Arnav Mathur
Arnav Mathur Yıl önce
Jimmy didn’t have a lot of rush yards, but can we acknowledge that he’s been more mobile the last 2 weeks??
Diego Yıl önce
He’s definitely recovered from the injury last year
Matt R
Matt R Yıl önce
who woulda thought with all the chatter about elijah mitchell and all the 49ers RBs that Jimmy G would be the best one lol honestly though, I love the way hasty runs. He should get more carries when hes healthy again.
Karim QK
Karim QK Yıl önce
Hell yeah, he's looking wayy more agile than last year. He's consistently slipping out of near sacks and buying yards
Your Fav Play Cousin
He gotta hit them outside post routes tho
Dombo 916
Dombo 916 Yıl önce
Ya he should not have to be doing all that tho
ひManny Yıl önce
love seeing Hurts take all those rushing yards the defense gives him. he’s been taking care of the ball these past 2 weeks let’s keep that trend going
Jamie Burnette
Jamie Burnette Yıl önce
He wouldn't have to take those rushing yards if he had an O line worth a damn.
Holiday Jay
Holiday Jay Yıl önce
They lost
scrapplepig Yıl önce
@Holiday Jay You are smart.
AP Productions
AP Productions Yıl önce
The line was holding a lot to help him out
Colin Hogan
Colin Hogan Yıl önce
Eagles versed a top 4 defense in the NFL and only lost by 6. Not a bad loss
deaundre cummings
I’m glad Sermon isn’t paralyzed or seriously hurt cause I definitely see why he fumbled, but that 49er defense
Nick Frankie
Nick Frankie Yıl önce
His first damn carry and he basically gets knocked out. He looked like he got 10 yards on it too. Hate seeing these guys down in pain, cause they fought so hard to get to the show.
Specs1832 Yıl önce
@Nick Frankie credited for 8 yards based on where ball came out, happy he was able to walk off.
NewX1Era. He caught a elbow & a helmet to the head and neck… u would’ve been feeling drunk to 😵‍💫 🤣🤣🤣
deaundre cummings
NewX1Era. I wanna see you take that hit
John Parker
John Parker Yıl önce
NewX1Era. he was hit with 2 illegal techniques, by 2 different players, almost simultaneously, then he made contact headfirst to the ground with full speed. Most people would be hospitalized after such a set of impacts. That's like being in a car accident. Players may have pads/helmets/muscles and cars have airbags, but collisions like that are NO JOKE. Both Eagles players should be fined.
Red Pill Freedom
Red Pill Freedom Yıl önce
If there's a silver lining for the Eagles, the defense is much better than it was last season.
construct apex
construct apex Yıl önce
Yeah they did great
GloBoy Yıl önce
If eagles don’t get the field goal blocked and score touchdown after the quez deep ball they win
oozie nein millimeeda
@GloBoy coulda shoulda woulda
Evan Hullinger
Evan Hullinger Yıl önce
But now BG is gone for the season and that's really gonna hurt the Dline
Christopher Graves
As an eagles fan 49ers was trying to give us this game we just didn't capitalize...congrats 9ers well earned win...hopefully we see yall again
Michael Adams
Michael Adams 4 aylar önce
We meet again. Lol Yeah niners always trying to give a game away because of good ole Shanahan. He try’s to do too much at times and calls plays that make you wonder. I think this game comes down to the coach. Don’t know anything about eagles coach but they have the qb that will run all over. Surprised if low score from eagles.
Christopher Graves
Christopher Graves 4 aylar önce
@Michael Adams haha one of us is going to be hurt Sunday...no pun attended
Matt's Gambling Slots
Matt's Gambling Slots 4 aylar önce
As a Niners fan, as much as I wish this the NFC Championship was like this or better in Niner's favor, this year's Eagles team is a different and more dangerous beast than last year's over here. Best of luck to both teams.
Alex Walker
Alex Walker 4 aylar önce
Yeah and the 49ers D, run game, special teams and passing are better than last year. Philly gets spanked 😂😂😂
jamar14eagles 4 aylar önce
@Alex Walker Monday: "oh you guys only won cuz we had a rookie QB playing" 😂😂😂💪🏾🦅
J21 4 aylar önce
We will be back bro head up 49er faith full 🙏🏻
hamhockbeans 4 aylar önce
@Alex Walker Who got spanked and cried like babies??
Alexandre Roque
Alexandre Roque Yıl önce
Foi um jogo sem muitas emoções defesas+ competentes que os ataques + deu 49ers esse ano nos leva o 6 campeonato!!!!!! Let'go 49ers torcida aqui no Brasil ta grande por vocês
SavPlayz X
SavPlayz X Yıl önce
Nice defensive game. I’m proud of the way my eagles have been playing, especially the defense. Our offensive is improving the more we play, 49ers have a tough defense
Mr.SoloDolo Yıl önce
Jimmy is a dog a fighter that's why real fans love him. As long as he stays healthy he will start.
Wilver Garcia
Wilver Garcia Yıl önce
Jimmy isn’t the best, he’s good enough… but whenever he’s under pressure he cracks like a porcelain doll
Charles Williams
Charles Williams Yıl önce
Yep Yeah that’s true!
skywalker rouge one
Jimmy still missing open receivers, putting the niners behind.
Michael Moore
Michael Moore Yıl önce
Garropalo's not a starting quarterback.
Classic Skrt
Classic Skrt Yıl önce
Jimmy is too mediocre
Rene Torres
Rene Torres Yıl önce
That 49er defense came through clutch
Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian Yıl önce
Eagles Stink
Ronisha Lawson
Ronisha Lawson Yıl önce
Franchise Fred
Franchise Fred Yıl önce
NewX1Era. Refs are always cheating. You never know who they’re cheating for until your team lose 😂
Anthony Harris
Anthony Harris Yıl önce
@Franchise Fred for real, that's always a salty fans first excuse. If anything the refs did a good job, most of the calls were undisputable...
jaredr. 5 aylar önce
Tbh our only weakness in this game is Jimmy G and his mobility or lack thereof. If Purdy continues his stellar performance specially under pressure, then we'll only need to manage the game clock like what we did against Seattle and we'll get the dub.
Curt The Chameleon
Curt The Chameleon 5 aylar önce
I'm also here a year later looking at how different we are with Purdy. Also, we don't have to worry about Josh Norman mauling receivers anymore. Haha
jaredr. 5 aylar önce
@Curt The Chameleon it just seems like purdy has opened up kyle's playbook, the only weakness that I saw with purdy against commanders is his short stature cause they could swat his passes in route.
S M 4 aylar önce
Also Ward and his late hits has to stop. He did the same thing to Geno last week which gave them the lead at the half. Overall, if we take care of business today I think the addition of CMC and Purdy will give us the edge!
Dee flow
Dee flow 4 aylar önce
Smh Purdy time is up Sunday he played well, but he's not coming in philly and beat us
Curt The Chameleon
Curt The Chameleon 4 aylar önce
@Dee flow that's what Dallas though too.
GAB_FTBS Yıl önce
So far the 49ers have been bringing a hell of a show this year. Both line up on offense and defense has made a lot of progress this year compared from last.
Velly Marsh
Velly Marsh Yıl önce
The eagles are actually a dam good team and y'all got one hell of a QB. I was nervous as hell watching this. GG Philly
Thanks bro 👌
Madarius Yıl önce
Even when yall had to deal with Wentz, fumble genies, a wide receiver corp sponsored by astroglide no o-line (seemed they were amazing till they lost a tackle, Lane Johnson iirc ,and then fell apart Everytime till the moment he returned), and a secondary that could make a cheese grator blush. With the only real bright spots being a TE, sproles, and Cox (trade ya dLaw and jaylon for him), y'all still played the cowboys like you had a top 10 roster talent wise. Now that you guys seem to actually have the talent, are gelling well, and not being held back by poor coaching, I'm really worried about Mondays matchup.
TheYokester35 4 aylar önce
appreciate it bro! I'm here a year later after getting to go against you in the Championship game. Both the Eagles and the 49ers have improved a lot over this past year and I can't wait to rematch you guys. May the best team win!
Velly Marsh
Velly Marsh 4 aylar önce
@TheYokester35 may the best team win! Good luck to you guys, it's gonna be a great game!! I been geeked up all week lol
Eric Sparks
Eric Sparks Yıl önce
Dang lots of respect from both sides in the comment section. That was a hard fought game on both sides. Much respect to Eagles fans and Hurts 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
carlos Yıl önce
I thought the last part said it hurts lmao
Gseric47 Yıl önce
I thought this would be an easy W for us, but great GG to Philly. Their defense was ready for us, and what a 1st half from Hurts.
Joseph King
Joseph King Yıl önce
SF played two of the worst teams in the NFL and barely won both. I'd put SF down at the bottom of the league with Philly and Detroit.
Lord Yıl önce
@Joseph King lol ok
Jay Manager
Jay Manager Yıl önce
@Joseph King sound like a hyoid a hater bro they are 2-0 lol
Joseph King
Joseph King Yıl önce
@Jay Manager They haven't played anyone! Anyone can beat Detroit and Philly.
Jay Manager
Jay Manager Yıl önce
@Joseph King lol we will see lol
Michelle Ezeugo
Michelle Ezeugo Yıl önce
Nice job San Francisco. I hope you can go make it to Super Bowl 56 next year and win your 6th trophy
Mason McConnell
Mason McConnell Yıl önce
thanks man i hope like many others thats the case we showing grit this season and only 2 games in
Incredible Jake
Incredible Jake Yıl önce
We never will. Even if we make it we’re gonna lose in a creative way.
Michelle Ezeugo
Michelle Ezeugo Yıl önce
@Incredible Jake Why would you say that?
cliff paul
cliff paul Yıl önce
@Michelle Ezeugo have you seen the rest of the league?
Whereyomomat Yıl önce
Thanks man good luck these year y’all look good tbh hope we could win that ring it been so long
Sergio Muñiz
Sergio Muñiz Yıl önce
Man that niners defense plays so good. Turn over on downs when they are right there a few yards short of the touchdown, now that's great defense. I'm so glad I have deebo in my fantasy.
Jeffry Hammel
Jeffry Hammel Yıl önce
Man, defense rules in these early season games. Jalen did his job, but kudos to the S.F. defensive scheme.
ooh ok
ooh ok Yıl önce
I love how the d-line didn't rush past the QB sometimes they rushed one end while the other mostly stood up to watch the rush
One Juan Won
One Juan Won Yıl önce
Glad to see my 49ers won, but the Eagles did not make it easy for us. Phili defense is looking strong this season. Good game 👍
Jon Martin
Jon Martin 4 aylar önce
Rewatching this as an Eagles fan. We are a completely different team. This will be a good game
NEAmilli 4 aylar önce
Same I’m actually more confident 🤷🏽‍♂️
Cheehee 808
Cheehee 808 Yıl önce
Feel better about this game than I did after the lions game last week. Gg eagles, you guys played us close. Good luck the rest of your season
A$APCricket Yıl önce
Thanks homie
Scott Bilger
Scott Bilger Yıl önce
A pair of unimpressive wins against a pair of unimpressive opponents. Nothing to crow about. The W's will come in handy, tho. We're going to need them.
Neal Patel
Neal Patel Yıl önce
Please try to play better Eagles and please get your offense and defense to play better against the stupid players and these other stupid opponents
Cheehee 808
Cheehee 808 Yıl önce
@Scott Bilger relax bro, enjoy the win this week. No need to be a Debbie downer
Tim Naumovitz
Tim Naumovitz Yıl önce
Glad the Eagles went for 2, it's nice to see that some NFL teams are finally figuring out how probability works.
L'z M'z
L'z M'z 4 aylar önce
Just came here to remind me that this '22 49ers team isn't this '21 team; but BETTER and smarter on the QB side of things. Not to mention the league's #1 defense. Yes the Eagles are soaring but this is all the fuel Coach Shanahan needs 💯
Joe Heasley
Joe Heasley 4 aylar önce
Yep. Then adding brown is big to open up the other guys. Without brown there wrs are basically cowboys. Te better than cowboys. Need to push hurts left laterally and not let him escape up the middle. Make him a pocket passer with no escape lanes. They like to push it down the field which is our weakness. Should be a great game. I don’t see a blow out either way. Hopefully Kyle comes out aggressivel. Pass on 1st play action on 1st to open the run more. Let it all hangout. Can beat this team with how the offense played last week. Tougher test for the D too
Joe Heasley
Joe Heasley 4 aylar önce
Can’t *
L'z M'z
L'z M'z 4 aylar önce
@Joe Heasley that's what's up @49ers!!!!
Francisco Baltodano
Francisco Baltodano 4 aylar önce
Availing Tuna
Availing Tuna 4 aylar önce
As r
ElCompa60 Yıl önce
Good win for the 9ers! Eagles played a hell of a game! You guys are gearing up to be contenders for sure!
THEY CANT STOP ME 4 aylar önce
And we going at it with 2 SB contending teams. This week is the biggest one in football
KingOfTheBees Yıl önce
This game was super frustrating but I really can't be mad at the Niners, they played a good game and took advantage of all the missed opportunities the Eagles had. Hopefully the play calling gets better and we come back vs Dallas next week.
Adan Delgado
Adan Delgado Yıl önce
Im a big niners fan but my god does hurts look nice he was dropping dimes like it was nothing to him! Good game on to gb next!
Casey Blankenship
Yeah he has improved a lot over the last year I hope we have a keeper with him. I like jimmy more than most people but y’all are probably ready for lance to get in
PAC Yıl önce
SF 2-0 start. NFC West looks like it's gonna be an absolute Infinity War this season.
Gemini Man
Gemini Man Yıl önce
Sam Jones A win is a win
amd 127
amd 127 Yıl önce
Sam Jones on the road, still haven't played at home, where they are much better. I'm excited
Heso Melo
Heso Melo Yıl önce
Lol I was hoping the Niners would lose I thought maybe the Rams could actually be a division leader for 5 seconds
Mason McConnell
Mason McConnell Yıl önce
Sam Jones the eagles are good dude
Deshard myles
Deshard myles Yıl önce
@Mason McConnell He’s a cowgirls Fan he shouldn’t talk at all
stash0411 Yıl önce
I went to this game and a couple eagles fans told me they have never seen so many fans from the opposing team come to their stadium! Go niners!
Anime_Weeb Yıl önce
GG 49ers! 👍 Your defense played their part. We just gotta go to Dallas, bounce back and get the W.
Clifton Humphrey
Clifton Humphrey Yıl önce
Take your revenge out on the Cowgirls! Good gm Eagles... Go Niners
undericesinger Yıl önce
No way we beat Dallas lol. I need to see it and I don't believe it.
Mr Slappy Taco
Mr Slappy Taco Yıl önce
Thanks. GG. Before today I laughed when ppl said the eagles was good cause I figured ppl were jumping the gun on hurts but after today much respect. The eagles are underrated and could make a push for the playoffs. Can def see them taking the division. That defense is alot better than I thought
Suede 100s
Suede 100s Yıl önce
Dallas is going to be a tough out for yall. You need to score more than 11 pts. Dallas can put up 30 with the quickness.
T Dub
T Dub Yıl önce
Rough start for our 49ers. But Jimmy's been looking excellent in avoiding sacks where he used to just curl up and take them. The team overall did well. But our Defense really needs to step up in the late game. Too many last-minute scores from the opposing team for my comfort. But still, I'll take the wins.
JD Moore
JD Moore Yıl önce
From a Cowboys fan: 🙏🏻 for Brandon Graham. Dude is a legend/beast. Hopefully he comes back for one more healthy year.
Dylan Yıl önce
Eagles played so well. New coach is working out great for them, it seems like their defense and offense are working, for what they have.
Kyle Bennett
Kyle Bennett Yıl önce
🦅 Eagles fan here good game 49ers. You guys are an awesome team, lots of respect for you guys
Isaiah Brown
Isaiah Brown Yıl önce
Thx man, same to you and good luck to you guys this season
Kyle Bennett
Kyle Bennett Yıl önce
@Isaiah Brown thanks man
kee vai
kee vai Yıl önce
Gg niners, I want those cowgirls finally We gonna play them week 3 Lol Flyeaglesfly
Brandon Doty
Brandon Doty Yıl önce
Good game
Greg somebody
Greg somebody Yıl önce
Respect. Beat them Cowgirls.
Golden Cube
Golden Cube Yıl önce
I am a 49ers fan and when I first watched this game, I never realized how important it would be for playoff position now that we are done with Week 17.
Cory Pham
Cory Pham Yıl önce
This was a great game for the niners defense to learn from for a more mobile qb team. There definitely going to need to learn from this for the chiefs. LETS GO NINERS 🏈
Alaskan Dozen
Alaskan Dozen Yıl önce
Good game Eagles and 49ers. Much respect between these two teams compared to others.
John B
John B Yıl önce
Really good game… I support both of these teams though I’m more loyal to the Eagles. Both teams played great - a mostly healthy Niners team is seriously no joke and they will contend for a Super Bowl this year. As far as Philly goes this was definitely a winnable game and we only lost by one possession to a Super Bowl contender… considering people were clowning us saying we’ll be at the bottom of the east we’re proving the doubters wrong. Both teams did great and this was a fantastic game
Brayden Baumann
Brayden Baumann Yıl önce
What a battle; old school, hard-nosed football. Gg eagles, you gave us everything we could handle.
Ukrainian Weeb
Ukrainian Weeb Yıl önce
Good start for season 2 - 0 for the 49ers, I hope the 49ers make the playoffs.
Bo Macion
Bo Macion Yıl önce
With 2-0 start cmon no question they gonna make it lol
your beautiful ♡
@Bo Macion well in the wild west with the Cardinals, rams and hawks it will be hard
Marty Tarver
Marty Tarver Yıl önce
Seattle lost too
Delvin Thomas
Delvin Thomas Yıl önce
Playoffs isn't enough SUPERBOWL Victory is a must!!!!!GO NINERS****
Uncle Chester The Pester
@Bo Macion The whole NFC West is 2-0
TheNizzler Yıl önce
great learning experience for a young team and new staff , great hard fought defensive game niners , philly let’s move on to next week and prepare for dallas
Spida Mitchell
Spida Mitchell Yıl önce
Good luck the Eagles look improved
La Tu
La Tu Yıl önce
BOSA is a BEAST! 3 sacks already? Wow! His presence, alone, gives those other guys opportunities to make plays. He is a one man wrecking crew. Nick is the "BEST", hands down!
That's A Yeah
That's A Yeah Yıl önce
Classic matchup and lots of history
Darktommie Yıl önce
Good game Eagles, this game had me on the edge of my seat ALL game.
yaboi ismael
yaboi ismael Yıl önce
Gg eagles you guys are tough af !! Even the last year game ! Good luck the rest of the season go niners! ❤️🔥
JonB Yıl önce
Even despite all of our injuries, we still looked good on defense today. Prayers up to trey sermon, hope he'll be back soon
Adad Reznor
Adad Reznor Yıl önce
All NFL teams has injuries Stop whining
Ken Watt Soriano
Ken Watt Soriano Yıl önce
@Adad Reznor he's not whining he's praying for trey because it looked like he has a concussion
KobeFan Yıl önce
@Adad Reznor An anime pfp being a nuisance in the comment section, what's new
Juan Barajas
Juan Barajas Yıl önce
@Adad Reznor i don’t see no whining here😂🤦
DNTE Yıl önce
You don’t play for the 49ers stop saying we 😂
Adam West
Adam West Yıl önce
That touchdown hurts threw was amazing … dudes got a arm …. Glad to see the 49ers win tho
brendan gilmartin
He didn't throw a touchdown
Adam West
Adam West Yıl önce
@brendan gilmartin you’re right my bad … but that throw was sick regardless
Joseph King
Joseph King Yıl önce
Just wait until SF has to play a decent team! They're screwed!
Echo Sierra
Echo Sierra Yıl önce
Yea, Jalen does not have an NFL arm. He didn’t at Alabama, he didn’t at OU, and he doesn’t at Philly
Adam West
Adam West Yıl önce
@Echo Sierra I just thought that was an impressive throw
Alan Senzaki
Alan Senzaki Yıl önce
Great s.f. defense. Jimmy kept his cool and completed important passes. Rookie Trey lance is not ready yet holding on to the ball to long in his check downs.
Joshua Garlock
Joshua Garlock Yıl önce
What trey didn’t even play lol
Tom Hannah
Tom Hannah Yıl önce
Even though we lost I’m fairly happy w the way we played.. go 🦅
Nick Frankie
Nick Frankie Yıl önce
Jalen Hurts was a great draft pick by the Eagles. From a Niners fan. Eagles are coming up
Danny Blankenship
Yes Hurts still young
James Sharp
James Sharp Yıl önce
No they're not. 🤠
BlakeSTI93 Yıl önce
@James Sharp how many superbowls have the cowboys won in the last 20 years?
Thinking man
Thinking man Yıl önce
Hurts can’t throw...
James Sharp
James Sharp Yıl önce
@Thinking man EXACTLY 💯
David Riaz
David Riaz Yıl önce
Had a feeling earlier this week it was gonna be a tough game. Thank God we got the W, whew 😪..GO NINERS
F Sk
F Sk Yıl önce
49ers looking strong, you love to see it
Ranting Philly Fan
@Ghoul of the Bay fortnite kid spotted
Bill James
Bill James Yıl önce
NewX1Era. Don't blame the niners, I agree the NFL rules have become pathetically soft. Blame the NFL, blame the NFL rules committee for this rule, not the 49ers.
Phasinated Yıl önce
Not really we are just warming up we need our defence back and our injuries to stop
Short NFL memes
Short NFL memes Yıl önce
@Ranting Philly Fan Fortnite kid the ghost
Ghoul of the Bay
Ghoul of the Bay Yıl önce
@Ranting Philly Fan Fortnite died 3 years ago 😂
I'm Going Supersonic
Can't believe all these awesome passes and catches and runs only 7-3 at the half
Coffee Fresh
Coffee Fresh Yıl önce
That 1 yard rushing touchdown was huge for my fantasy team.
Yeng Yıl önce
These fumbles and ball drops from 49ers are giving me a heart attack 💀
SF Empire
SF Empire Yıl önce
NewX1Era. Lol okay take the L
D Yıl önce
Jimmy is so confident and composed in the pocket.
JT Yıl önce
well…excluding those first several drives where jittery G appeared
John Blze
John Blze Yıl önce
Let's wait till the big games to determine that
Ricky Rawls
Ricky Rawls Yıl önce
I agree.. he missed some passes at first but he settled down. I was at the game. It was a hostile environment so people wouldn’t understand how the team had to settle down
logicxhardcorex Yıl önce
he better or he will lose his job lol
V WONDER Yıl önce
Jittery g
Senderilla Soo
Senderilla Soo Yıl önce
I can never get mad at niners defense. They’re the ones that hold the team up while offense was or is always struggling. Good win better win this time.
J. Mach113
J. Mach113 Yıl önce
Niners defense is their strength, but the offense is executing the game plan with time of possession and timely first downs to extend drives. Not many shots downfield for Jimmy to show any improvement there, but he did make the plays SF needed to win. 24-8 as a starter is pretty solid
Tyler Brown
Tyler Brown Yıl önce
@J. Mach113 refe helped him this game
philly_sports Yıl önce
The game was over as soon as the Failed Philly Special happened. Knew we weren’t winning after that. Gave San Fran all the momentum.
Marshal Mitherz
Marshal Mitherz Yıl önce
Dumbest FN call I've ever seen in my life. I turned it off on that play and took a nap😭😭😭😭😭
Daniel Miller
Daniel Miller Yıl önce
49ers just better
Franchise Fred
Franchise Fred Yıl önce
Wait. But didn’t everyone in Philly praised their team last week after destroying the SuperBowl contender Falcons? Lol
Carlos Guardado
Carlos Guardado 4 aylar önce
Now we meet again for the NFC Championship. Dam if we can hold the eagles to 11 points this time wouldn't that be something!! Should be a good one. GoNiners
EB III Yıl önce
This was a devastating loss we literally had the game and threw it. Good game tho
Don Cooper
Don Cooper Yıl önce
@fhdhhghbkn u got me Laughing hard at your comment 11 points
Kingdom Freedom 🔥
& y'all only scored 6 more points than us? only reason y'all won was because penalties and a blocked kicked so don't be getting too excited just yet 😎
Doug Baysarowich
Doug Baysarowich Yıl önce
I think this game was alot closer then people thought.. hard fought by the birds...
Angel Vázquez
Angel Vázquez Yıl önce
Que buen juego 49 de San Francisco 👍💪
GD 5 Sports
GD 5 Sports 4 aylar önce
This game on Sunday will likely be very different from this one last season, but one thing I can happening a lot are those deep shots and scramble lanes for Hurts being open. On the other side for the 49ers, the offense is very different with Purdy and CMC back there this time around. Should be another close one..
Matthius 4 aylar önce
I hope Demeco Ryans is watching this game film. Put a goddam QB spy on Hurts! wtf?
Brian C
Brian C Yıl önce
It looks like the 9ers defensive coordinator learned from the mistakes he made last week, in the 4th.
West Pac 3005
West Pac 3005 Yıl önce
Yes, but they still have problems with containing mobile QB's like last year, rushing everyone inside and no outside containment.
Bo Macion
Bo Macion Yıl önce
@West Pac 3005 well still better than last yr tho lol
Fier The Great
Fier The Great Yıl önce
Idk why people were so up in arms anyways!!! It was week 1 and like players, coaches have to gain that feel of the game especially being his 1st year!! Idk where ppl get this, you have to be great right out the gate mentality!! 30 pressures and some great defense in Detroit.. gotta give credit to the Lions! Other than that... Too much hyper aggressive judgment by the 9ers fan base!!!
Iamyourleaderr Yıl önce
@Fier The Great Did you not watch the Eagles score in 68 seconds in the last 5 minutes of the game??? We got big problems and a lot of it is play calling. Why you would not play that flats with a running QB when you have the lead with 5 minted left to go is BEYOND ME.
corbfisher Yıl önce
@West Pac 3005 Thought Ronald Blair was back. Mr. "Sorry, I lost containment again, coach."
Danny Solis
Danny Solis 4 aylar önce
Defensive game! And probably will be again this weekend!! Both have improved on offense and defense! Excited 😬😬 #FTTB
Jay Manager
Jay Manager Yıl önce
Learning experience for eagles especially that coach this is the closest I have ever seen the niners been played.
Ilan Castro
Ilan Castro Yıl önce
Our defense already back in 2019 form🤩🤩
VannTheDawn Yıl önce
The Niners are gonna need an incredibly mobile outside linebacker to counter Kyler’s scrambling ability. He looks mighty unstoppable this early, although he did look the same thru the first 6 weeks last season.
Uuu Yuu
Uuu Yuu 5 aylar önce
We will meet in the Conference finals!!!
Mendalton 4 aylar önce
48john 4 aylar önce
Ball knower
DruMeister 4 aylar önce
sir predicted the future
FaKe x SniiPes
FaKe x SniiPes 4 aylar önce
Bro knew
MISTAHx 4 aylar önce
lol he right
Niners play calling is just amazing, our drives are just so solid
Ramal Yıl önce
Not on the first quarter though
Christopher Graves
You had 3 or 4 solid drives out of 9...
Arnav Mathur
Arnav Mathur Yıl önce
@Christopher Graves and they won the game. Your point?
Ramal Yıl önce
@Arnav Mathur probably what he meant was, the Niners adjusted and improved in that 3-4 solid drives and probably the Eagles D collapsed at the same time.
Yann Dubois
Yann Dubois Yıl önce
SF Fan from France. NFC West remains one of the hardest division. Very happy to see this nice season start.
Pascual Liera
Pascual Liera Yıl önce
They took away 2 td.....tough game. Well played on both sides
Angel Vázquez
Angel Vázquez Yıl önce
Que buen juego 49 de San Francisco 👍💪👍
Dynamo 4 aylar önce
Very weird seeing different rosters from that time to now! Excited to play agains the eagles! Go niners! ⛏️⛏️⛏️
Michael Murray
Michael Murray Yıl önce
9:39 . Idk why but just watching HURTS footwork on this play is mesmerizing. Only a real athlete would understand
_nicholas.k Yıl önce
Well done defense that was 100 times better than last week (even though it was our 2nd string that nearly blew it for us) BANG BANG ❤💛
Zachary Hain
Zachary Hain Yıl önce
The Niners defense stepped up today. With Dre Greenlaw on IR and Jason Verrett done for the year, the defense needed to show that they are still good and they showed it today. It's good that the Niners are 2-0 but I hope that their injuries don't continue to pile up. After this game, it looks like more players are banged up. Next wee, the Niners have a tough matchup against the Packers who hopefully will improve against a sub-par Lions team. The Packers are missing Za'Darius Smith due to a back injury as well as David Bakhtiari who's out for a few more weeks with a knee injury. The Niners could win that game but you never know. The Eagles weren't good today. Jalen Hurts was good and I would like to see him progress but I'm not a big fan of the Eagles this year so it could be tough. The Eagles have a tough divisional matchup against a Cowboys team who looks like they're out for revenge for Dak's injury. The Niners should be proud that they're 2-0 but they need to be wary of the injury bug especially in a tough NFC West.
Marc Yıl önce
The year we won the super bowl (Eagles) I knew we were going to be a solid team because we had a dominant run game with Ajayi and Blount, we were dominant in short yardage situations. I thought as an organization we finally found the formula to win and would stick with it, but now we are back to small scat backs who can't move a pile and wide receivers that will have a hard time winning 50/50 balls. When we went into the red zone after that 90 yard pass from Hurts to Watkins and came away with nothing and then the 49ers drove down the field on a long drive and scored before the end of the half that was a big momentum swing. The Eagles need to find a way to use Jordan Howard and bring him up from the practice squad, I don't get what the Eagles have against Howard but anyone can see that he can move a pile in short yardage situations. Also, they need to find a way to utilize their big targets better in the redzone (Goedert, Ertz), hopefully they learn from this and improve. Outside of that credit to the 49ers, they are a very solid team, and very tough defensively. This was a good test for us early in the season, let's see what adjustments we make against Dallas.
Derek 4 aylar önce
Crazy how much the eagles have improved in only a year. It’s not even the same team
doggo pop
doggo pop 4 aylar önce
Same with the 49ers. I thought they we pretty darn good last year. The fa3ct that they made such a huge jump in one year is insane
Church of Seabass
Church of Seabass 4 aylar önce
@doggo pop lol yall went from 3rd to 1st in total defense, 7th to 5th best offense...not really that big of a jump eagles meanwhile went from the 15th ranked offense to 3rd, 10th ranked defense to 2nd...
IdenOfficial Yıl önce
Hurts a beast. dude can throw long and run up the field himself. kinda like a bigger frame lamar jackson. niners lucky they pulled off this win. receivers weren't catching garoppolo's throws at the beggining. team gotta work on trusting the qb. jimmy also has to practice shotgun passes and improve his pressure passing. niners faithful all day.
SkepticalFox Yıl önce
Jimmy G seems to be doing better with some heat to perform with Lance behind him and thank goodness we closed out well this week. You Eagles fans have a special guy in Hurts, deadly af 2-way threat
Ca Life
Ca Life Yıl önce
Lil R you need a hug bro
Jdawg Yıl önce
@Ca Life nah he actually right dawg
Ca Life
Ca Life Yıl önce
@Jdawg 29-8 in his career as a 9er I’ll take it
kee vai
kee vai Yıl önce
Niners has a good design plays. Doesn't matter alot of players got injuries they also has a good depth players gg niners go birds
Josh G.
Josh G. Yıl önce
But lacking in backfield dept and after today, maybe in RBs
kee vai
kee vai Yıl önce
@Josh G. naw man ....good design plays always works and ninerrs makes defense guessing
methodical7 Yıl önce
49ers fan. Eagles are looking good your new QB will build a huge franchise for you all. Good luck
Rytoast99 Yıl önce
Eagles fan fyi. Great game to watch. I definitely feel like we left points on the table, but at the end of the day SF outplayed us. That defense is tough but definitely beatable. Eagles defense will need to work some things out and make some new adjustments moving forward but they played decently well. Gg SF good luck on the rest of the season. This could be your year if they stay healthy
UltraNurture Yıl önce
Great defense from the 49ers especially with some Corners out!
ViciousSummoner Yıl önce
9:40 Can't believe nobody got open there. Looking forward for the game vs my Cowboys.
Richard Caceres
Richard Caceres Yıl önce
Rookie mistakes made by our players and coaches. Eagles are going to be a tough team all year. Today was a very win-able game but we just have to learn from it and move on. Niners offense adjusted really well in the second half. Fly eagles fly
bruce lau
bruce lau Yıl önce
49ers I gotta give it them , Ton Of respect for those guys
Chriscus Yıl önce
same here as an Eagles fan , good defensive game played , hope to see you guys later in the year ! #playoffs
Joseph King
Joseph King Yıl önce
They sucked.
Teufelshund Yıl önce
@Joseph King damn thats probably why they won then huh
Mr Slappy Taco
Mr Slappy Taco Yıl önce
Man that was like a playoff game. Great battle. Imo game of the week
Andrew Young
Andrew Young Yıl önce
Respect ✊. Good luck the rest of the way eagles fans.
Gaetano Cannella
Gaetano Cannella Yıl önce
I am italian fan 49ers from 80 ! Montana and Rice my legends ! I hope 49ers can do very well in this season !
Jason Garcia
Jason Garcia Yıl önce
Eagles fan here. Good game 9ers.Good start to the season.
Alex Murray
Alex Murray Yıl önce
Man this game was a blood bath. I nearly had a heart attack when Sermon went down like that.
Nobodies Account
Nobodies Account Yıl önce
The 49ers make these games harder than it needs to be for themselves.
Take The Shot LLB
Lets go niners, I was so afraid our sub par corners will get expose but norman was a good pickup,just keep Dante Johnson on the dench or off the team period
Danny Blankenship
The blocked field goal and Reagor TD call back and being stopped on the Ward special try helped us lose this game too, sometimes games just go this way for a young QB and rookie coach, just on the short end of the stick it's a learning curve and bad ball bounce!
Addarrel Stokes
Addarrel Stokes Yıl önce
They fumble called back on a penalty hurt too!
Average gamer
Average gamer Yıl önce
The line judge did you all dirty, giving you false hope he was obviously out of bounds on the touchdown.
Addarrel Stokes
Addarrel Stokes Yıl önce
@Average gamer it was a good play by the DB to force him out
Moseh Lewi
Moseh Lewi Yıl önce
@Addarrel Stokes yup our rookie cb lenoir..already a starter from day one and making us niner fans proud...he got burned by Quez on that bomb but he fought to catch up and make the tackle. Well he slipped but I think what happened was he felt Quez hit that gear and he tried to hit that gear as well but his transmission fluid was lacking a little so it wasn't a smooth transition lol
Joseph King
Joseph King Yıl önce
Yeah, the Eagles were the better team, TBH.
Antoine Tran
Antoine Tran Yıl önce
Man that game was tough! Philly really brought it though
David Pearson
David Pearson Yıl önce
Was supposed to be 17-7 at half, too many blown opportunities. GG san fran they played a better game
Jim Worton
Jim Worton Yıl önce
I don't think they played a better game they were sloppy
Jim Worton
Jim Worton Yıl önce
Lil R not going anywhere this year w outside runs and quick screens skiddish inaccurate QB
Jim Worton
Jim Worton Yıl önce
@Arnav Mathur uhhh because a team can play better than the other overall and still lose its the NFL bro SF played a very sloppy game their interior offensive line was getting absolutely obliterated the inside run game was non existent reagor doesn't step out of bounds or even if they got that fg and did a qb sneak after the 91 yd pass its a sf loss garoppolo looked like a bum too
Jim Worton
Jim Worton Yıl önce
@Arnav Mathur not to mention Kwon Wallace DESTROYED your guys rb and he coughed up the football but because he was running with his head down like an idiot the refs had to come in and save the day
Truong Dang
Truong Dang Yıl önce
Jalen doing alot of work for the team taking advantage of those rushing chances. Keep it up jalen!!
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INSANE ENDING!!! 49ers vs. Rams!