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Gabby Petito documented her road trip cross-country with her fiance before she was reported missing on September 11th. Now her fiancé, Brian Laundrie, is a person of interest in the case. CBS News correspondent Jericka Duncan joins CBSN with the latest for "48 Hours."

Crime. Social justice. Impact. "48 Hours" investigates the most intriguing crime and justice cases that touch on all areas of the human experience including greed and passion. "48 Hours," which premiered in 1988, has developed a rich history of original reporting and impact journalism that has helped exonerate wrongly convicted people, caused cold cases to be reopened and solved, and along the way changed lives.

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24 Eyl 2021




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Christa F
Christa F 3 gün önce
How and why do you have to bring up race?! Is it because it's a woman of color reporting? This was a missing person which means no color. A human being that's what it's about. Making it racial in every aspect of the media today to cause division is pathetic. Did she get a little more in her paycheck everytime she drops thre race bomb? It's so sad that you tried to listen into the story but once they pull the race card you just want to shut it off. R.I.P. to this young woman and God watch over her family.
Alessandro 4 gün önce
Racism...REALLY??? The reason why this is case has gone miles is because Gaby had many followers and were documenting the trip with them
jasmyn 🥞💍🥵🤞🏼💞
i was once gabby... it was last year actually when i was only 12 years old!! my mom dropped me and my bf off at the ice skating rank (cuz that's where the teenagers go at 8-10 pm) anddd he physically hurt me and left marks.
Angela Norvell
Angela Norvell 5 gün önce
The first four to eight hours can you play that now
Robert Tolley
Robert Tolley 7 gün önce
He hiding in a boat, behind grave yard. ???? Dug in a whole that overlooks coming threats. Mt bike travel n only at night.
Judith Palier
Judith Palier 7 gün önce
The self proclaimed outdoorsman, Brian needs to be found, brought to justice, live the remainder of his life in a very small cell, not being able to wander his beloved trails, feel the wind, smelling the air, gazing at stars, listening to owls. Yes, JUSTICE will be a very small cell for Brian Laundrie.
Chasing a Murderer
Chasing a Murderer 8 gün önce
So funny they pull the race card and this girl never mentions or covers girls like adreen mcdonald. Straight up hate attacks toward certain folk because they don't cover stories? We cover them just fine! This is Hate channel! This is hate like hitler. Coviencing ppl lies to win an agenda. You should feel ashamed! Look in your list of stories lol
Chasing a Murderer
Chasing a Murderer 8 gün önce
Report this racist crap. I cover stories and we have equal coverage of black and white. More popular stories are what have more evidence and details! I won't watch this show again. You ate hateful to pull a race card out of tragic events!all lives matter. White folks are sick of this now. We had enough.
JoAnne Packus
JoAnne Packus 8 gün önce
He is not there. Whol would believe those parents. Everything out of there mouth has been a lie. They just kept buying him more and more time to get a head start.
Veronica L. Brümmer
If the Urah police had been more efficient when they stopped the couple, Gabby would be alive. They did not do their job.
Veronica L. Brümmer
Not true what the reporter is saying. There has been and still is going on the search for all those indigenous people by the authorities. Just remember those meetings President Trump had with the indigenous authorities and how the government helped with that.
junjunhaha 8 gün önce
What happened to Gabby Petito? Dated a fuckboy.
Nolan G
Nolan G 8 gün önce
He’s not there he’s in a nice and cozy home drinking hot chocolate and eating donuts and laughing watching tv being helped financially 😉
walking_Axyl 9 gün önce
Always has to be about race.
Sue Schiml
Sue Schiml 11 gün önce
Mariana Toro
Mariana Toro 12 gün önce
Wait, if they found the van close to her remains, how did he come back to Florida a few days before ?
William Ghost
William Ghost 12 gün önce
Let's get one FACT straight... this is not about Gabby... this is about MAKING MONEY... BOTH of these individuals had mental issues, that's obvious... there are things here that we will never know and that "reporters" are speculating on JUST TO MAKE MONEY... how many children have died from child abuse in the past 2-3 months?... how many other women have died from spouse abuse? Sorry she was murdered, and if Brian did it I do hope they find him and put him away... but until he is caught and put on trial, we actually do NOT know what happened... after like several months living on the road out of a van or tenting... Gabby showed no signs of physical abuse... and it is a FACT that she did attack and leave wounds on his face and arm and nearly caused them to have an accident... so who was "losing it"?... unless a person is INSANE, they usually don't wake up one morning and decide to strangle their mate... in a way, they were both trapped in this relationship... he was the driver and protector, but it was her money and her van... if he left, he'd be broke and on foot... and she apparently didn't want to drive the van or be left alone... they were locked in a disintegrating relationship...
Device Detective
Device Detective 13 gün önce
I love how the news shows all these loving photos of the couple, despite Brian abusing and killing Gabby.
Jojo Lav
Jojo Lav 13 gün önce
This blackreporter needs to stop using black racist. ,let's talk about George? That wan't coverage for a black?
John J. Sanchez
John J. Sanchez 13 gün önce
He strangled her
redcandi 14 gün önce
Strangulation. Now we know💔🦋🌷😔. RIP
Robert Shepherd
Robert Shepherd 14 gün önce
John Walsh says he became enraged and beat her to death. A blogger named Gavin Fish says he probably (or likely) shot her to death. One former FBI says that statistically many domestic violence deaths are by manual strangulation. Not only is the asphyxia a tell-tale sign, but often they detect it via laryngo-tracheal injuries, even a fractured or broken hyoid bone.
felito d Cat
felito d Cat 14 gün önce
Psycho little rich girl meets mamas little rich basement boy, now she's dead and he's missing. Wow, all the makings of a made for TV movie. Police authorities, quit acting stupid and start water boarding his parents. They'll start singing like canaries in 2 seconds. Case Solved!
Connie Hunter
Connie Hunter 15 gün önce
As for attention, A son of an unmarried mother who married into a famous insurance family had her teenage son scalped by Canadian tribal kids. This was investigated and solved
Juliana James
Juliana James 12 gün önce
So sad ...
RAIN DROPS 15 gün önce
What about Jalani Day? Where are his organs, teeth and Jawbone?
Guaya Pizza
Guaya Pizza 15 gün önce
Today, October 11 , the FBI still searching for Gabby's murdered? That is a BIG SHAME!!. We need answer, we need action. Or the Police is involved on this case also ??
Michelle N
Michelle N 15 gün önce
You had to make it about race!!!!! Shame on you.
Gone girl
Noturmomma 16 gün önce
Privilege is not always good. The cops gotta stop letting certain people slide. The law is the law. If the cops would have treated this couple like they treat other couples, she probably would still be alive. That privilege was seemly the death of her.
Noturmomma 16 gün önce
Oooh! No! The police could have saved her. Omg I can’t believe this. Help was right there.
Tena Bruce
Tena Bruce 16 gün önce
Almost Everyone Around Knows Brian Is Hiding Out, And His Parents Have Been Helping Him,Financially And Food And Telling Lies About Them Saying They Don’t Know Where He Is Is Just Another Damn Lie!!! I Can’t Understand Y The FBI Don’t Arrest His Parents,And I Guarantee U,If He Is Still Alive,Maybe He Will Come Out,Then U Can Finally ARREST HIM,AND ALL THREE Of THEM Can Be In JAIL !!!!! GOD BLESS GABBY,AND HER FAMILY!!!!! RIP SWEET GABBY!!!! 😢😭💔🙏✅! I Was An Abused Wife,And Came Close To Death Many Times!! Ur In HEAVEN Now!!! Guard Over Ur Loved ones ANGEL 😇!!!!
Viv Monroe
Viv Monroe 17 gün önce
The stepdad mentioned in the Dr. Phil interview that he identified Gabby by a article of clothing and the attorney stated it came from a local shop (Blue Point, NY?) I wonder if this was what Gabby was wearing at the Merry Piglets on 8/27?
Britt Anne
Britt Anne 17 gün önce
Karla Grimes
Karla Grimes 17 gün önce
Right an they should've locked him up
Karla Grimes
Karla Grimes 17 gün önce
The police should've put him in jail
Cristie Risden
Cristie Risden 17 gün önce
Gabby's body, apple watch, Visa Bank One Card and van is the evidence that Brian Laundrie murdered her
Lulu Luna
Lulu Luna 19 gün önce
All young people who aim to be in man-woman relationships MUST learn from this incident. There could have been more than meets the eye, why this tragic end for the former lovers happened. Only they could have known who pushed buttons who and how and why could one happened the hapless end and the other acting strangely and fleeing, instead of facing the people who want to know the real score that transpired between them - perhaps eluding the law now gives a meaning that he has reason to be diffident or obstinate about it aside from being cowed or afraid of his fate with authorities, thus he damns all the effort of the authorities to find him and bring him to law. We can only pray that as Laundrie is human too with vulnerabilities of his own, he shall surface by his stung conscience and shall make it know "WHAT REALLY HAPPENED?"queries that we all hold in ourselves. THEN if he gives everybody the enlightenment, comes the closure and we all can move on. And he? Perhaps by what human strength left in him, shall face the consequences and by that time, he could have readied himself to it. More patience.
Darryl Breland
Darryl Breland 19 gün önce
These racists cannot keep themselves from making everything about race, including this tragedy. They should be taken off the air.
Jean B
Jean B 20 gün önce
Brian laundrie must of shot gabby and that is why they called it a homicide.
Aron 20 gün önce
Seems like women of color aren’t important enough to get coverage like this…
Luisa Malez
Luisa Malez 20 gün önce
I am very sorry for her 's realize. Pray her peace. My opinion: Couple was beautiful happiness ago in right place. Couple went in wrong place and happened. Brian tired and lacked rested with Gabby about 48 hours. Brian stressed. He stopped her van and stop phone because she loved her travel too much and her vlog too much. She spoiled him. He hit her. Couple fought naturally. It was very small thing. Brian wanted to save money for couple life future. Gabby did trusted with policemen. or stranger without Brian after Brian left her alone. Policemen did not help them for solved problem. Policemen did not called up of Couple's parents by phone. Policemen did not bring couple at Police Office Station. Brian's family and Brian hurted her. They were all left her alone lose after she talked everyone about her problem of Brian. Brian didn't trusted of policemen. Gabby trusted and joined with policemen and stranger in the van. Brian with her white van left her. She gone already. Brian is coward because of Policemen with stranger power than him. He is hide and private after she talked problem to public and she lose. He trusted of someone. Brian likes personally and private. Calm and ready case.
Glocktavius smiff
Glocktavius smiff 20 gün önce
What's that blackface creature sitting behind the Kyle Bethune guy at the 2.04 mark??!
Ariel Winters
Ariel Winters 21 gün önce
Where are Brian's ex girlfriends, friends or other relatives why is no one speaking out at all who knows Brian Laundrie????
Carmen Langland
Carmen Langland 21 gün önce
Why not arrested, him in Utah, negligence.
Donna Granny
Donna Granny 21 gün önce
B A 21 gün önce
Are you really turning this victory into a race-baiting issue? The chances of anyone finding Gabby Petito..ever...were nearly zero. The FBI asked tourists to check their film and the Bethunes' friend heard about it and knew they were there, so they checked their footage, it had NOTHING to do with what race anybody is or was. Shame on your company. Thank God she was found and not turned into bear or coyote dinner. That monster abandoned her and drove 3,000 miles away after beating her to death, she does not deserve to be turned into a racial epithet. God Bless Gabby Petito and her family.
Major Payne
Major Payne 21 gün önce
Y'all ever heard of Miya Marcano?
Sherry Pruitt
Sherry Pruitt 22 gün önce
It looks like they were both abusive to each other to me. Just sad someone ended up dead.
Andy Kourafas
Andy Kourafas 22 gün önce
Its really hard not to hear "where the buffoons spotted the van" when they say it.
Rich Miller
Rich Miller 22 gün önce
Do you have to interject race into everything? Enough already !
blaiah dejie
blaiah dejie 22 gün önce
She is nothing special and this is VERY overrated. You know who did it go get him. It’s really plane and simple.
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu 23 gün önce
I wish when they got separated by the police Gabby took her car keys and returned home
frosty smith
frosty smith 23 gün önce
The Laundrie is so ugly it's hard to look at.
Desperate Drifter
Desperate Drifter 23 gün önce
... I stopped trusting the media years ago, it's all biased Fake News.... Therefore, when the media reports something, I think & do the opposite or completely disregard it and laugh.
Irma Gado
Irma Gado 23 gün önce
That’s true when a blue eye blonde hair goes missing they are all over the main stream media. That is not the case with other demographics.
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu 23 gün önce
R H 24 gün önce
The incompetent Police in Florida didn't even watch Brian who outsmarted them. How many million in tax payer resources is wasted now? Glad FBI pushed them out of the way taking lead.
Johanna Johannsen
Johanna Johannsen 24 gün önce
If you re-review the footage, there is one moment where she is on her cell phone sitting in the back of the police vehicle. It appears that she was making a call when the officer walked up to her sitting in the back seat & she looked at the officer and hung up. She may have been talking to DIrty Laundrie to make sure "she said what he wanted her to say." The narcissist that he is. He lied to police stating "he didn't have a cell phone." (this is on camera). Later in the video he pulls his cell phone out of his pocket & shows it to police & the camera has it recorded." So many lies he tells.
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu 24 gün önce
When I was was Gabby’s age, I was her. So many recognize her naivety and starry eyes.
Tony martino Salvatore
Brian didn't do it . The wilderness got her
Theodore Vegh
Theodore Vegh 24 gün önce
Does Brian Laundrie have a rap sheet?
Marnie Breitsprecher
Marnie Breitsprecher 24 gün önce
Shame on you CBS for using this sensitive topic and death of Gabby to infuse the non-existent racial issue as your platform! Non relatable and pathetic. Stop trying to BRAINWASH the public.
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu 24 gün önce
To women: if your "love" is abusing and beating you, RUN. Call the cops, get him arrested. It's a deal breaker.
Fl78digz FL78digz
Fl78digz FL78digz 24 gün önce
Why isn’t his parents arrested?
Corey Reeves
Corey Reeves 24 gün önce
If you bring race into something that has nothing to do with race, then you are a racist...
tracy bird
tracy bird 24 gün önce
I agree about the racial disparity. I understand it. But I'm a free thinker too. I also believe that since the internet has a world wide audience, and are able to respond etcetera, everyone wants to get their 15 minutes. IE sleuthing on TRvid. Everyone has been locked in their homes, and just busting out at the seems to do anything. I think there's 190K missing in the states. That needs some major sleuthing on all. Police, as well as predicted predators. It's a shame that we watched 2 live executions on TV in 2020. And there was bad blood between the officer, and the murdered man. SHAME SHAME SHAME. One more observation. All I could do was cry when I watched Gabby take all blame, and Brian showing no accountability, throwing her under the bus. The video of her "SCREAMED VICTIM" where as the video of him SCREAMED PREDATOR. Ladies know why Gabby was protecting the scumbag. If dispatchers didn't pass on crucial information about what the witnesses visualized, then they are in serious need of. " Domestic abuse, S&S, and 100% better assessment skills" And basic communication skills.. Because they are pathetic at assessment skills. And pathetic critical thinkers. And sloppy , lazy cops. They need education.
MAGNUM05 24 gün önce
I'm seeing some people here that are still bringing race into this. That's really getting out of hand. It needs to stop.
Peggi Schimmel
Peggi Schimmel 24 gün önce
The laundries can't tell can't tell truth dirty laundries
Meow Skiers
Meow Skiers 24 gün önce
Racial disparities is the media's fault alone. Reason FBI involved in a adult missing person's death Gabby and now Brian is it took place over multiple jurisdictions. One thing is about Gabby's family they want to advocate more for anyone else missing out there. So, media get your act together and start reporting the cases and start reporting not just opinions on everything.
Peggi Schimmel
Peggi Schimmel 24 gün önce
Please into the fact is this his only girlfriend he's going be 25 yrs. Old what happen if he too them
Yeayea 25 gün önce
Dead girl with missing culprit. Do we really have bring up the missing person racial disparity? Maybe one horrible thing at time.
GypsyHayes 25 gün önce
Glad they brought up the color issue bc it is so true. Everyone should get this kind of coverage. And If Brian were a different color then I’m sure his constitutional rights would not be so respected. Just sayin. I’ve never seen a case where a black man had a deceased girls car and was left alone after telling cops to speak to their attorney. This is not right in so many ways. Where is Brian and how could the police let him escape or “outsmart” them. Who are his parents really?
donibrooklyn sportswagerpro
candlesbyalexandria 25 gün önce
So...they trumped up charges to arrest him?
Kay 25 gün önce
She was so young 💔 Rest in peace beautiful soul
Paul Dawson
Paul Dawson 25 gün önce
To women: if your "love" is abusing and beating you, RUN. Call the cops, get him arrested. It's a deal breaker.
J 5 gün önce
@Todd Schultz 😅I'm weak, but fr tho that's fax 📠. It works both ways and a lot of ppl forget or doesn't acknowledge that whilst some men abuse women, some women abuse men also. Pay attention ppl......
Todd Schultz
Todd Schultz 6 gün önce
To men : if your fruit cake is showing her crazy and can’t keep her hands to herself, call the cops , get her arrested and get rid of that crazy can of tuna.
C Lipp7
C Lipp7 9 gün önce
And girls/ ladies trust your gut , follow your heart. You are worth more than that!!💗💗( Go to DV self help groups or any step program. Free!
mokeish 25 gün önce
wow that Laundrie family has pull.
tra cee
tra cee 26 gün önce
god knows what GABBY SAW IN IT
June is my sweet puppy
If people of color aren’t receiving media coverage when they go missing then you should ask the media why. It’s on them
annie04 26 gün önce
Veronica M
Veronica M 26 gün önce
He’s committed suicide somewhere. Now just need to find his body.
Brea C.
Brea C. 26 gün önce
Another Chris watts 😑
kristie long
kristie long 26 gün önce
why does the race card gotta get oulled!!!!!!!
kristie long
kristie long 26 gün önce
why wont gabbys friend ever comb her hair is she an addict?
Mak knowsbetter
Mak knowsbetter 26 gün önce
Whenever I hear people complaining about her case getting coverage it feels very much like “all lives matter”
Hajar Renate Midbrød
Hajar Renate Midbrød 26 gün önce
person of interest ? he is a stone cold killer on the loose ...jeeez
BSG187 666
BSG187 666 26 gün önce
Sick world 😒
Michael Smith
Michael Smith 26 gün önce
So, the NEWS that makes the choice of what stories they REPORT on have an issue with the NEWS not REPORTING on minority cases? Is the media that stupid or just really want to cause a racial issue from the death of a poor girl?
Miss Behaving2469
Miss Behaving2469 26 gün önce
Huge psyop all the satanic symbolism not saying she didn't die but way too many coincidences crisis actors and Rose is key she as seen there she was planning to go there she laughed at funeral and flirted her body language is alarming in interviews and I think Brian and her involved 48 hrs really pushing the satanic symbolism the minarh butterfly the baphomet wings with crescent moons the zion shirts and sweat shirt he has a fake tattoo or real possibly if the same ring Rose is wearing here at :56 seconds trvid.com/video/video-xChshrSVzUk.html and emojis on Gabby instagram
Mike T Scott
Mike T Scott 26 gün önce
It may not be hard to find brian laundrie. If his mother's phone was taken by subpoena and her contacts were investigated I believe chances are you would find that he is holding out there. The camp site trip was just a rendezvous location for that party to take him. There is not doubt that their fighting escalated to a homicide and he ran scared. You must follow up on contacts that Mrs. Laubdrie or her husband have. Who closest to the family would risk jail.
Tammy Knight
Tammy Knight 26 gün önce
I'm curious to where did they separate them? They said they separated them. Where.
Cliff Jones
Cliff Jones 26 gün önce
cliff jones lesson to be learned you-tube
Nadia Botkin
Nadia Botkin 26 gün önce
Mudd Whistle
Mudd Whistle 26 gün önce
Lol, her sister looks like a tweeker too, what a family
Mudd Whistle
Mudd Whistle 26 gün önce
Let this be a lesson young ladies, don’t smoke meth, live out of and van and be homeless
Erika Brooks
Erika Brooks 26 gün önce
Not Erica I'm Suzan I'm on her WiFi. 1st off I LOVE GABBY AND BRIAN
Jane Clark
Jane Clark 26 gün önce
On a positive but shallower note... Ms. Jericka Duncan's hair is on point.
timo 418
timo 418 26 gün önce
i hate the media idiots..they dont care about anything but having a breaking story about themself actually.
AlphaHebrew 26 gün önce
There is 75000 black women and children missing here in America and no one is talking about it am I missing something here🤔🤔🤔🤔on my📄 I tell no lies 🧐🧐🧐
WhereRuNow 26 gün önce
Explore THIS: Most of America is TIRED of All-American EuroAnerican girls causing hearts to drop whenever tbey go missing. Soap Operas much?? ENOUGH with the Racial Hierachy dropped upon us all by these patheic excuses for news outlets.
Starr Okafor
Starr Okafor 27 gün önce
He murdered her. No one can convince me otherwise.
bouytt guyt
bouytt guyt 27 gün önce
I wish when they got separated by the police Gabby took her car keys and returned home 🏡
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