Did you know these 47 facts about Minecraft mobs?

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Block Facts
Block Facts Aylar önce
Love it when you do the collabs with that Block Facts guy
Khalidman Hamad
Khalidman Hamad 8 gün önce
Yeah that dude is cool
GunuPlayz Aylar önce
we like weapon pacts
Beeman 🐝
Beeman 🐝 Aylar önce
Yea he’s cool
Witheredskull Aylar önce
I think the pirate design for pillagers would be cool, maybe they could be added as a separate variant of the illagers that appears on ships. With a cutlass or something, that could be cool.. I mean, a cutlass would be cool.. and it wouldn’t be the first thing dropped by a mob as the way to obtain it
The Glitching Max
The Glitching Max 20 gün önce
@Cara’s World its @Pasarea Kiwi duh
Cara’s World
Cara’s World 22 gün önce
Pasarea Kiwi yeah trueee
A Regular Internet User
I'm guessing it would be like a quicker iron sword with increased critical damage or something? All of the mob drop weapons have some sort of quirk or use that makes them worth having.
Pasarea Kiwi
Pasarea Kiwi Aylar önce
That sounds pretty amazing not gonna lie
Katherine Small Bean
Katherine Small Bean 23 gün önce
10:21 my survival smp has one of these guys. He grew up, and we put a dragon head on him with a dispenser. Also these guys can even be converted into witches all whilst staying on the chicken!
Aaroh ツ
Aaroh ツ Aylar önce
Who wants to skip start a survival series and put all this knowledge he knows into the actual game lmfao
Lilliana 💖 32 y.0 -check My V!deo
I've watched every single one of these٫ yet I always learn something new each time. There really is alot of interesting Minecraft facts!
🥇Little Winner
🥇Little Winner Aylar önce
I've watched every single one of these٫ yet I always learn something new each time. There really is alot of interesting Minecraft facts!
BlueSundu 3 gün önce
The thing about Arian from Greek mythology was pretty cool because I love mythology myself, also once I made a command horse named Arion that had a very high speed modifier ( it always had visual fire
Cara’s World
Cara’s World 22 gün önce
Slasher Aylar önce
@we but I’m aithiest
Mazen Dude
Mazen Dude Aylar önce
Mega true!
casper wolters
casper wolters Aylar önce
Would be nice if the old pillager design will be an seperate mob
Jacob Krout
Jacob Krout Aylar önce
I remember that even in passive mode, wolves could still hurt the player on the Xbox 360 Edition. Not sure if it still works.
deez nuts
deez nuts Aylar önce
these videos are always interesting and some of his tips help me in survival
annag cocl
annag cocl Aylar önce
I really didnt know this! Thanks for putting time in your day to give us entertainment and keep up the good videos!
Joy 🔥 I WANT SЕХ 💋 F Uc_k me
honestly i relate to the iron golems in that last fact. idk if it's just a thing in america but there's like a 2-3 month span around the 4th of july where fireworks are constantly being set off in the middle of the night, if iron golems had to put up with that i'd understand
Unnamed Visitor
Unnamed Visitor Aylar önce
Fun fact about the llama floating, this is because llamas are naturally good swimmers
o◦o 24 gün önce
Something else that’s pretty fun, might be patched but maybe not, is that if you use a swiftness splash potion on horses and breed them, the offspring will be fast too. It can be repeated indefinitely and the only limit is how fast you can handle. Like I said it may be patched now but it worked at one point.
pinata royale
pinata royale Aylar önce
5:19 "did you know Minecraft pigs can fly?" yea, one of them just did rest in peace technoblade
senni bgon
senni bgon Aylar önce
I really didnt know this! Thanks for putting time in your day to give us entertainment and keep up the good videos!
Neonlite Aylar önce
Thank you for finally admitting story mode exists !
I would prefer the pillager’s early design.
YipThr33 Aylar önce
Fun Fact: The Name for Minecraft (in china, roughly pronounced "Wo (like woh) de (or duh) shijie") directly translates as "My world" ("wo de" means "Mine" and "shi jie" means "world")
Bepdomize Aylar önce
7:45 pigs probably dropped brown mushrooms because often wild and domesticated pigs are used to find truffles in real life.
Toffi Tagufa
Toffi Tagufa Aylar önce
Diber Shai
Diber Shai Aylar önce
@Toffi Tagufa And polar bears also drop what they eat.
Toffi Tagufa
Toffi Tagufa Aylar önce
@Diber Shai True
Diber Shai
Diber Shai Aylar önce
And boars also eat a lot of mushrooms so it makes sense.
Sloft-70 Aylar önce
@Toffi Tagufa Frick
No You
No You Aylar önce
“This causes its armor to render weirdly” That’s why drowning a naturally armored zombie drops it’s armor in mint condition. (unless you attack it.) The only way to give drowned armor without commands is to drown a zombie that can pickup items. (Kinda rare.)
Gicel Martinez
Gicel Martinez Aylar önce
Ok no you
Gamer-Adam Studios
Gamer-Adam Studios 29 gün önce
You're so good at minecraft, keep up the great work!
Just J
Just J 14 gün önce
Idea: Piglin armor, made of gold, ghast tears, and leather. Giving the same armor the brute wears, as strong as iron. Gives the player an extra 2 heart(half a heart per piece worn), and reduces fire and blast damage(can still be enchanted with protection, blast prot, projectile, etc) With the same durability of diamond armor. Drippiest set of armor, that’s perfect for the nether.
SweetHeart Rose
SweetHeart Rose 9 gün önce
7:16 dude! The mention of Minecraft Story Mode brought tears to my eyes! That just made me so happy :')
Sir Oglethorpe
Sir Oglethorpe Aylar önce
In bedrock edition, you can customize your skin to be completely invisible. It doesn’t work on public servers though
Someone Who exists
Someone Who exists 15 gün önce
Ik it's a fantastic way to mess with my friends
Ayo 22 gün önce
@Sxnflxwersun7229 no like, no particles. Shift and ur undetectable
Sxnflxwersun7229 25 gün önce
@Kingstar-MSM Pango Fan huh?
Kingstar-MSM Pango Fan
@Sxnflxwersun7229 it dosent
Sxnflxwersun7229 28 gün önce
I believe this is called “invisibility potion”
Nick’s Craft!
Nick’s Craft! Aylar önce
I wish you could place blocks on lava and water in creative mode… I also think it’d be cool if you had empty buckets in your inventory while in water or lava, they would instantly be filled.
Lets Get To 5K Subs Without Any Videos!
Great videos Skip! Love them.
Laarni Labadan
Laarni Labadan Aylar önce
Fun fact: When you put a brown mushrooms on a item framed map then it will be like nuclear explosion.
MyLittleGamer 25 gün önce
I missed most of these but now I see them. Great video!
I Have Spoken
I Have Spoken Aylar önce
Skip, without your videos, I wouldn't be as good in Minecraft as I am now. Thank you!
MD5 Gaming
MD5 Gaming Aylar önce
Toffi Tagufa
Toffi Tagufa Aylar önce
And I can't look smarter in minecraft to my friends.
8-ball Aylar önce
JmKrokY Aylar önce
Molossis Aylar önce
A cool update to Minecraft would be a little nether update. When having any sort of iron, diamond or gold on you, it would start to melt, losing its power. And the only way to heal it would be going into a snowy biome or put it in water.
honestly i relate to the iron golems in that last fact. idk if it's just a thing in america but there's like a 2-3 month span around the 4th of july where fireworks are constantly being set off in the middle of the night, if iron golems had to put up with that i'd understand
Ninlando Aylar önce
6:45 Fun fact, if you change to another item that isn't a carrot on a stick while riding a pig in water, it will float back up, allowing you to cross any body of water you please with your pink pal.
name Aylar önce
My favorite thing in mc is horses not taking fall damage while riding them no matter how far you fall, very convenient, but it's only bedrock so f for the superior version players
PikaJade Aylar önce
honestly i relate to the iron golems in that last fact. idk if it's just a thing in america but there's like a 2-3 month span around the 4th of july where fireworks are constantly being set off in the middle of the night, if iron golems had to put up with that i'd understand
Jackie The Vampire
Jackie The Vampire 17 gün önce
@tylerandari12 :0
marionintendo 4126
marionintendo 4126 Aylar önce
i like fireworks but i cant blame that golem
max_mayfield_st_ Aylar önce
@AntMess97 in my country everyone sets fireworks and bruh my ears is REALLY GODDAMN RINGING
Lee Thao
Lee Thao Aylar önce
My neighbors set off fireworks on any holiday they can. Mothers’ day, flag day, juneteenth, and it just is double the fireworks on July 4
Dark Empire
Dark Empire Aylar önce
The funny thing about creepers being walking bushes instead of being fully gunpowder like everyone says is you can say the glare still lives.
Hungarian Countryball
Honestly it would be cool to see a Pirate Pillager!
Expert Gaming | SAMEER_99
10:53 I knew this bug already. I came across this when I was making Village Guards datapack
Fight Animations
Fight Animations Aylar önce
There is one more mob fact Dont know if it works for Java but if you give a skeleton a sword it will drop the bow and grab the sword it works sometimes
1k challenge with hardwork
Pro tip :- If you want to stop any zombie from despawning but you don't have any nametag, you can give zombie anything which he can hold in his hand like any block, tool, armour piece, etc thing in Minecraft
VillagerSlime 20 gün önce
7:13 I first discovered that glitch 2 years ago and called it a "magical golden drowned"
CaKpop 5 gün önce
I think I know why creepers are crunchy leaves because the creeper meaning is actually plants that grows on the ground. I'm sure many know the meaning of creepers
Matias von Bischhoffshausen
Mojang made the Striders drop string to explain how piglins obtain it for their crossbows, but what about the iron ingots?
GroovyGamer2022 Aylar önce
This is facts well done keep up the grind brotha!
MacedonianBall Productions
0:31 What Minecraft version is this? The swords look nostalgic to me.
Fleshker Adventures Plus
📍I think those monkeys look really cool! Like a chimpanzee but bigger! I think they should be added to Minecraft, they would probably have some interesting behaviours!
SorusLorus29 Aylar önce
That Iron Golem in the beginning is cracked. He did a whole 360 and was yet able to pull off a noscope on his one true friend a Villager. Savage.
Abdülhamid’i Savunmuş Hamur
6:39 i think it would be better if magma cubes transformed into cobblestone or basalt when they touched water
GameboiXD2457 Aylar önce
Fun fact: blazes don’t only have their fire ball ranged attack but they can also hit if your up close
Samuel Skala
Samuel Skala 26 gün önce
Its also a custom type of damage as fire resistance does not prevent blaze melee damage
MASTERHALL117 23 gün önce
You know what would be great? If we got more Minecraft Story Mode content and if the Windows 10 could make better models of all the characters
Aggelos Hok
Aggelos Hok Aylar önce
5:07 I'm greek and this makes me happy since greece isn't the most interesting place to make Easter eggs but I'm happy they did and that yiu let me know
Love it when you do the collabs with that Block Facts guy
Karsyn Eat my Mangos💦
Love it when you do the collabs with that Block Facts guy
Wynkstantine Aylar önce
Every time a Skip the Tutorial video is released, 1 million Minecraft players across the world rejoice.
Nitzan Shu
Nitzan Shu Aylar önce
5 million*
Strawberries Cake 🍰
@ツ48planetmango48ツ it has 2,368,673 views now
MD5 Gaming
MD5 Gaming Aylar önce
Ransink Aylar önce
@skuki it really happens in India 😂
skuki Aylar önce
@Ransink cringe
cqvio doli
cqvio doli Aylar önce
4:44 also, the original texture for the creeper was just the leaf texture without the transparent background with a face thrown on.
messeger Aylar önce
its really sad how people didn't know how zombie piglins use to look i remember the good old days when they use to look like that
Ghost Friend
Ghost Friend Aylar önce
did you know if you put a strider through powdered snow it can be a normal strider outside of lava
Thevibes 4 gün önce
I love how his name is skip the tutorial but he does tutorials with it comes to a simple minecraft build 😂😂
Skull Aylar önce
Nice video! Did you get these old textures from their respective versions (like the endermite one), or is it a texture pack?
Ransink Aylar önce
@Deasty 😂 nice
Deasty Aylar önce
@David Uba I made it 70 >:3
David Uba
David Uba Aylar önce
Guys make it 69 likes for the memes
Samar Moussa
Samar Moussa Aylar önce
Ransink Aylar önce
They just changed the version or snapshot and beta versions they have their own texture pack 😀
Kelli Williamson
Kelli Williamson Aylar önce
I think your vids are really good. I think your collabs with block facts are also good.
Chusky Fam
Chusky Fam Aylar önce
For the zombie pigmen, that older version actually made it into Minecraft. Deja vu
Barry shen
Barry shen Aylar önce
The Iron Golem also hit the villager if the explosion of the firework hit its self
iBeastFelix Aylar önce
Skip the Tutorial and Block Facts are some of my favourite duos
simar karmani
simar karmani Aylar önce
6:47 And a 1.19 thing: Both can carry items.
Elijah Meilak
Elijah Meilak Aylar önce
What?! You can repair iron golems with iron ingots?! Oh, the amount of splash potions I could’ve saved…
Elizabeth S
Elizabeth S Aylar önce
I didn't know you had to use golden carrots or apples to breed horses.
Evans Gaming
Evans Gaming Aylar önce
i love your videos keep up the good work
DragonArt Z
DragonArt Z Aylar önce
Also, did you know that one of the first name suggestions for minecraft as the Order of the Stone. The first suggestion for minecraft was "Minecraft: The Order of the Stone" So it's actually cool that there's an Order of the Stone in Minecraft Story Mode, which might be a reference to an original suggestion for the name of the game.
SweetHeart Rose
SweetHeart Rose 9 gün önce
That is very true! And I'm so glad someone else knows about this fact :D
ICEcold Inkeptis
ICEcold Inkeptis Aylar önce
thats NOT crazy
Auris Aylar önce
thats crazy
RGXYZ 123 Aylar önce
thats crazy
Morbius Aylar önce
thats crazy
Goosifyed Aylar önce
Piglin brutes have 50 up for 2 reasons that seem to back eachother up 1) they have gold on their arms 2) they are GODS AT PVP
🎮 LD Ishmael 🎮
Techno never dies, he still lives on in our hearts 🕊 Rip Technoblade 1999-2022
MLion Aylar önce
Something I always realised : I realised that the word aghast ( Filled with Horror or Shocked ) The meaning really describes a ghast and I mean its litterly A Ghast
Yes Aylar önce
Pillager kinda looks better in their early version
spaceX demo
spaceX demo Aylar önce
Now the question is: Can you make a witch on a chicken?
Lotty the Axolotl
Lotty the Axolotl Aylar önce
They could do an April Fools update where if someone (or an entity) has the glow effect, it outlines every pixel and detail of their texture / skin.
The Scorpion Animator
Easy way to crash a PC
Lol Aylar önce
The horse and boat one You can mount the horse then dismount and look straight down and get into the boat.. it’s takes no more than 3 seconds to do
Protogen Aylar önce
at 3:17 I turned on inverted colors (ctrl search h) and I found that the End looked normal colors
Kelvin's Playz
Kelvin's Playz Aylar önce
What i love about this,is this guy is the New IdeactiveMc
Jamasa007 Aylar önce
Pigs dropping mushrooms does make sense because pigs are used to find truffels
NC Phat
NC Phat 3 gün önce
"Zombie piglins used to look like this" My brother in Christ it is the old mob: Zombie Pigman
SpaceShip Aylar önce
why are the builds in the backgrounds always so good
Lemon _Lime
Lemon _Lime Aylar önce
anyone else want more wood colored bookshelves
LeafGem 7 gün önce
The enderman being afraid of water makes sense if you know that they're seeing colors inverted.. The water looks yellow if you know what i mean..
I've watched every single one of these٫ yet I always learn something new each time. There really is alot of interesting Minecraft facts!
Leonardo Silva scratcher
the fact the mojang praticly said the mat pats theory is true is just so awesome
Zylan Button
Zylan Button Aylar önce
You should look at the endermite closer and you will see it has the same body of the silverfish
Ella Hunt
Ella Hunt Aylar önce
Hmm, never knew golems had that level of anger issues
Sonic the Hedgehog
Sonic the Hedgehog 18 gün önce
4:23 I saw in my world a Skelton holding a Wooden Sword in the Today's Version!
J_Ray Aylar önce
I guessed the endermite pokemon thing while laughing and joking around in my head
Mr Beegle
Mr Beegle 21 gün önce
5:28 Finally.. a way to travel with my wife so we dont waste a bunch of rockets and so she never gets lost trying to fly behind me.
Stitch Aylar önce
Is it true that the Zombie Pigman mob was replaced by the new Zombified Piglin mob that was released in the 1.16 Nether Update version? Squids have tentacles, not arms.
Camman18(fan) 3 gün önce
Fact:villagers are actually hunters like the blacksmith and the Fletcher they had Weapons like pillagers and pillagers are trying to Free the end and they had the same structure but wrong items. The villagers had ender pearl so they are enemies
king arash
king arash Aylar önce
2:16 It really isn't, just start a timer when the squid isn't in water, and make it so the animations speed value slows down with the timer value
Ren Aylar önce
the pillagers volunteered to be experimented on and turned into a ravagers
Mugi M
Mugi M Aylar önce
maybe the iron golem is just upset that the villagers are taking credit when they didnt do anything and the firework damaging them was the last straw
vliduu zeeb
vliduu zeeb Aylar önce
I would have guessed the "guess that mob" was the redstone bug from that joke update, because the beta model for the endermite didn't actually have hair when it was adde
Truth_is_the _new_hate
I like the old pillager model better. Looks like a pirate.
The Fitness-Gram Pacer Test
Maybe the brown mushroom dropped from pig was meant to be a truffle.
Priyanshu Chatterjee
"did you know that an iron golem can turn evil" meanwhile the blood golem: am I an example
10moonstone01 Aylar önce
I thought fact 46 was a "redstone bug" but it was the "old endermite"
Family Posthumus
Family Posthumus Aylar önce
The original Zombie pig man had a kinda remade texture that was in the nether I knew. Lol I don’t know why I shared this, the texture got changed when netherite got added.
Bloxy666 Aylar önce
There’s a glitch that you can give a skeleton a iron sword! The bow was gone, and I gave the skeleton a iron sword in my world.