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Hey there everyone Its finally here the 1 million sub Massive Motor Melt Down. This was a brutal breakdown and my hands feel like they have been through a grinder but after a long week of Breaking Melting and Editing its definitely all worth it. A touch under the 30KG mark of pure copper from this big motor which im pretty happy about as i guessed i would only get about 25KG. Now I know this is a super long video but i had well over 9 hours of footage i compressed down to 34 minutes. I hope you do enjoy the longer video today , Now sit back and take a load off for half an hour and check out this Scrapyard found Massive motor melt.
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I start with an 80 grit flap disc on my angle grinder then I use my drill with 50 mm round sanding discs . I start with 150 grit then go through the following Grits 240-400-800 Then once I get to the following Grits I use a small squirt of WD-40 1200-1500-2000-2500-3000. The WD40 helps to lubricate the discs and stops the sanding disk binding up with the metal powder . Then after that I use my buffer wheel on my bench grinder to get a perfect mirrored finish on it.


472KG Massive Motor Melt Down - Scrapyard Search - ASMR Metal Melting - BigStackD Trash To Treasure




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bigstackD Casting
bigstackD Casting 2 aylar önce
Hey guys it’s finally here, my biggest motor melt down yet. I apologise for the extended video as there’s a heap of melting and pouring involved but it was definitely worth doing for sure , thanks again to everyone who help me get to the 1 million now let’s see if I can get to 2🤔🤞🏻. I hope everyone has a great weekend BSafe and I’ll see you all soon, and thanks again👋🏻😀
christy wilson
christy wilson Gün önce
christy wilson
christy wilson Gün önce
Sous commandant Chénier
@Rusty Teague ...et une barre à mine pour sortir la cuivre...et pourquoi et une étau
Sous commandant Chénier
@Rusty Teague ...et une barre à mine pour sortir la cuivre...et pourquoi et une étau
Dangerous Freedom
Dangerous Freedom 3 gün önce
Cheers Mate, New follower here.
Plyachik 2 saatler önce
цыган металлист))
Khileshwar Singh
Khileshwar Singh 7 saatler önce
Sorry to say n don't feel bad . U really can't see .. U r so blind .. The way u took out these copper coils really make me feel u r so blind. RATHER USE SIMPLE HAMMER AND BLUNT CHISEL TO HAMMER OUT EACH SINGLE COIL OUT OF THEIR SLOTS , after cutting the coils from both sides..
Jordy Balyan
Jordy Balyan 13 saatler önce
Who knows these bars can create a thing heavier then Thor's hammer?
Edson Garbin Junior
Edson Garbin Junior 18 saatler önce
Its a Brazilian eletric engine 🇧🇷
808pathfinder Gün önce
cooper prices will keep going up so save it while its available
Ron Groove
Ron Groove Gün önce
Glad to see a WEG motor from this fantastic Brazilian company.
Den Ten
Den Ten Gün önce
да уж.совсем не умеет движки разбирать
jesse walters
jesse walters Gün önce
Hey bud were in Australia due you buy moulds any good websites?
Kelly Simba
Kelly Simba Gün önce
This has to be the best motor melt down... by now am your biggest fan in Africa...
Сергей Пономарев
посмотреть надо было российских блогеров как разбирать надо
BATISTA Gün önce
зачем тебе столько цвет металла
vincent vaotuua
vincent vaotuua Gün önce
Great video buddy, thoroughly enjoyed it especially the corona break.
Gareth Chen
Gareth Chen Gün önce
in china, people need 15minutes can take all copper out
Андрей Яночкин
Там работы на пол часа, а он день ебётся )
Rommel Sanchez
Rommel Sanchez Gün önce
Le quitó el embobinado de la manera más pendeja!!!!
Jorge Fernandes Loureiro Fernandes Loureiro
Sua Oficina É Muito Show, Tem Todos Os Tipos De Ferramentas, Maravilha. E Pra Ficar Mais Show, Seus Cachorros São O Máximo. Que Show.
I’mSuperSpicy 2 gün önce
Omg please tell me you live in Bunbury. Haha that random Australian town you get put in on GeoGuessr. :P
Savvas Kourougiannidis
Das esen war gut
Chris Arancibia
Chris Arancibia 2 gün önce
Ahorrarías mucho en todo sentido si compactarás los alambres de cobre un poco. 🤙🏻🙌🏻
Savvas Kourougiannidis
Ok was bekommt man dafur ich habe hir 10 dafon stehen kannst du mir das sagen
Slave K
Slave K 2 gün önce
I was unsubscribed from your channel by unknown forces, are you doing some conspiracy stuff? like 911 was an inside job or something? oh I see, melting steel using propane... domestic terrorism for sure. subscribed again.
RCGshakenbake 2 gün önce
I could have sworn he was going to stick that ice cream in his "frozen snack drawer" for later.
jose martin mendoza
jose martin mendoza 2 gün önce
muchas felicidades,,buena labor,y algo bueno para iniciar una empresa
Eduardo E
Eduardo E 2 gün önce
not nearly as bad as the motors i rewind
Greg Perez
Greg Perez 2 gün önce
U must be German ur stones on the parkinglot, so clean and u use AEG machine😀
Jatinder Singh
Jatinder Singh 2 gün önce
Super 👍🏽 hard worker nice you really earn it
Dragan Ignjatovic
Dragan Ignjatovic 2 gün önce
No RSD value? disappointing
Vlad Kudasov
Vlad Kudasov 2 gün önce
Mehmed Yalçın
Mehmed Yalçın 2 gün önce
İt is spagetti 😂😂😂
Andy Stuermer
Andy Stuermer 2 gün önce
very interesting and professionel. no stupid talking. funny sidestorys like the pizza and burger, dogs and icecube melting. really like it.
samto samto
samto samto 2 gün önce
Un video por y para imbéciles, romper comer y cagar, típico de los parásitos A video by and for idiots, break eat and shit, typical of parasites
bigstackD Casting
bigstackD Casting 2 gün önce
Have fun working for a living Loser🤣🤣🤣 socialblade.com/youtube/user/bigstackd
beast9011 2 gün önce
33:30 that’s pretty cool sortave like a retirement fund
Lili Ben
Lili Ben 2 gün önce
Superbe vidéo
Gabriel Sevilla
Gabriel Sevilla 2 gün önce
hello how it would be great to contact nocth the creator of minecraft to put the sound of your puppy in slow motion for the zombie, it would be epic.
badass rap
badass rap 2 gün önce
Вячеслав Михайлов
Продолжай )))
Marcin Jabłoński
Marcin Jabłoński 3 gün önce
hhhh. man omg. . kill this job.
R.Narzary 3 gün önce
Nice dog
Xxx 3 gün önce
Привет из России ))
Sous commandant Chénier
je fais autrement en évitant l'étape du zip gun et de la jacks drill...en forçant avec une prawl-bar,sans avoir à couper les fils des 2 côtés...mais lorsque le marteau pneumatique est plus lourd que l'enclume,optons pour celui ci...ca mérite en effet un burger
Brenda Marshall-Lewis
Where in oz are you
hjm 3 gün önce
R Jay
R Jay 4 gün önce
I'm pretty sure mr. Whippy keep passing by everyday because you don't wan't his silly icecream heheh
Jason Woody
Jason Woody 4 gün önce
After all that there is still money to pocket?
Дядя Вася
Дядя Вася 4 gün önce
Я за это время 10 штук таких разберу
Gusty Cardone
Gusty Cardone 4 gün önce
A un argentino roba cables se le hace agua la boca ver tanto cobre junto🤣
Valdeci Da Silva Goncalves
Parabéns ,belo trabalho, mas tinha que mostrar o funcionamento!! 👏👏
Darren Walton
Darren Walton 4 gün önce
Best to hang onto the castings a while as copper price is going up much faster than gold !!
Алексей Сайдаков
Это что за извращенство? Кто так разберает?
Madhu Shah
Madhu Shah 4 gün önce
Bigstackd: No one wants your silly icecreams Also bigstackd: Buys an ice cream
bigstackD Casting
bigstackD Casting 4 gün önce
vladimir v
vladimir v 4 gün önce
hi man, why so much effort to pull the wire out of the stator? just cut it off on one side, then throw it into the fire to burn the varnish and paper, then you can pull it out on the other side easily
Natthan Terzi
Natthan Terzi 4 gün önce
is this a WEG motor ?
yanto lee
yanto lee 4 gün önce
why didnt you just melt the copper out?
Vita Stankevičienė
Maybe better copper wires to be removed without destroying stator trvid.com/video/video-hd9e7cx_qkc.html
Sean Brown
Sean Brown 5 gün önce
Cool Australian flag on the wall: nice to see someone unashamed to be proud of their country.
Sean Brown
Sean Brown 5 gün önce
You have a great selection of tools but I was impressed with that delicious looking cheeseburger as well.
Sean Brown
Sean Brown 5 gün önce
You need to do what I did, and pour a 4-6 inch concrete slab to do demo work on, and spare those beautiful pavers.
Andy Lineberry
Andy Lineberry 5 gün önce
Air chisel will take one end of the winding off without taking anything but the rotor out. Bake it to loosen the varnish. Pull out each coil. If only you had a kiln. Cause that is an insane amount of work.
Dr.Z. Smith
Dr.Z. Smith 5 gün önce
Good on ya cobber love it.
Anime Red
Anime Red 5 gün önce
What an incredible melt this was. It was soo good this is the Third time I have come back and watched this video. Congratulations again on your 1 million Subs, and Currently 1.11M when I Rewatched this again. I even turned off my adblocking for this 😀
AzAelectricTV 5 gün önce
Евгений Подлужный
Лох не умешь разбирать не берись
John Henke
John Henke 6 gün önce
I've never done a motor that big but on smaller ones I cut off one end of the winding and just drive the wining out of the other end with a long punch. It save a lot of time cutting and there is less waste.
jamie hinton
jamie hinton 6 gün önce
How much did the motor cost 7 days for $200 in copper what am I missing how dan you afford new hammer not to mention pizza
Rick S
Rick S 6 gün önce
I've seen folks use a 2 ton come-a-long to pull the windings out of motors like that.
Roger Dommergue
Roger Dommergue 6 gün önce
Google what I said
Iwa Akhmatowa
Iwa Akhmatowa 6 gün önce
Iron Forge Knives
Iron Forge Knives 6 gün önce
so $364 in copper $40 for gas, ? delivery fee, $1276.00, $30 x 8hours for 7 days labor= $1640, plus electricity MINIMUM your out of pocket $1276 for $13.00a KG
Клуб Любителей Опель
Gold is just like from a black pearl
Cristian Moya Romero
Jajajajaja lo pusiste en pesos chilenos también XD gracias, buena onda.
Fred Garvin
Fred Garvin 6 gün önce
dude!!! the steering wheel is on wrong side of your jeep. you should bring it back.
Joe Gilly
Joe Gilly 6 gün önce
Well buck you worked your ass off ,I hope you had respirator on. Seeing all that copper dust. My best scrap score was I paid $700 US DOLLARS to scrap out all the copper from this huge 2 story building . It was loaded with 2AWG MCM wire. Made $8000 had aloft of stripping . Had two 8’ truck loads of #1 it was only $1.00 a pound but that was 30 years ago. Thanks for the cool upload.👍
𝐋𝐎𝐊𝐈 6 gün önce
Vladimir Ivanov
Vladimir Ivanov 7 gün önce
Где спи мотор
Jason Allen Morris
Jason Allen Morris 7 gün önce
Should have cleaned off all the slag
dale maloney
dale maloney 7 gün önce
just watching some fool destroying someone elses property just to get a little free money.. get a damn job, buster. it shows you can work. ya aint no dummy. that house will hafta be torn down when momma's boy moves out! no respect for others property values.
Integral2128 7 gün önce
нечего делать человеку, на металлоприемке двигатели стоят на много дороже чем цена металла, многие готовы заплатить хорошие деньги с учетом перемотки/реставрации
Iron bender
Iron bender 7 gün önce
Мы в детстве сначала выпаливали внутри костром
Squirrel_Is_Not Amused
Do you put some kind of coating on your copper ingots to keep them from oxidizing?
bigstackD Casting
bigstackD Casting 7 gün önce
When i mirror them up i will sometimes spray them with clear acrylic and that'll stop any tarnishing👌
Kmal Nasef
Kmal Nasef 7 gün önce
we cut the top and bottom wires using Chisel and then we push and pull the rest wires out of its lanes using a hammer and a round Chisel no one break the motor housing to take out the copper wire.
Shaldur prime
Shaldur prime 7 gün önce
my main takeaway from this is that the properties of metals are much broader than i thought
Master Robotnik
Master Robotnik 7 gün önce
Tait Edwards
Tait Edwards 7 gün önce
I can smell the smells and im not even there
Tom Conner
Tom Conner 7 gün önce
Does exposing the molten copper to atmospheric oxygen cause oxidant contamination like it does with molten aluminum?
Tom Conner
Tom Conner 7 gün önce
Gimme the Frenchies and nobody gets hurt!
Tom Conner
Tom Conner 7 gün önce
One linear slice on opposing sides would have cut hours off of the disassembly time, unless you're keeping the plating intact for a reason
Tom Conner
Tom Conner 7 gün önce
Was thet the Presidents motorcade chasing Mr. Whippy's ice cream truck?
Tom Conner
Tom Conner 7 gün önce
Snap on
Tom Conner
Tom Conner 7 gün önce
Dry Ice, works great for removing pressed in, adhesive fixed windings.
Adam Farnsworth
Adam Farnsworth 7 gün önce
Have you ever had a noise complaint from neighbors?
Adam Farnsworth
Adam Farnsworth 7 gün önce
@bigstackD Casting I would hate being your neighbor, but love your videos. Keep up the good work my dude.
bigstackD Casting
bigstackD Casting 7 gün önce
Actually funny you say that I’ve been here 16 years and got my first 2 noise complaints last month🙄. I don’t care though as I’m hoping to move soon anyway👌🏻
Jerret Tingler
Jerret Tingler 7 gün önce
There is at least 2lbs there
smokingjoking 7 gün önce
The copper becomes unknown grade so you would get lowest grade value.
michaelwni 7 gün önce
anyone else watch a dozen + of these videos one after the other?
James Haines
James Haines 8 gün önce
Really dude even your dogs are satisfying wtaf
Nicky Kupfers
Nicky Kupfers 8 gün önce
I'm gonna go with 20kg of copper
rattlesnake1999 8 gün önce
damn guy you took 7 days to do that ? i rewind them motors and rebuild them and i could have stripped that iron with out doing all thatand it would happen in less than 8 hours.... i know you need content but alrighty then.......
checkmate2111 8 gün önce
First video I watched, I thought this was somewhere in America until Mr. Whippy showed up.
Doc Moore
Doc Moore 8 gün önce
30KG ~ 66 pounds X about $4.3/pound = $283. Um, WHY?
Mineking35 7 gün önce
because melting ores is cool also not a lot of people are in for the money
Calvin Barhitte
Calvin Barhitte 8 gün önce
14:11 you have to much copper
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