Decorating the windowless bathroom I've always hated | DIY Small Bathroom Makeover 🛁

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I spent 5 days and kept to a budget of 200€ to makeover our small bathroom! To be honest, I think our bathroom would feel a lot bigger if it had a shower instead of a bathtub (I'm not a fan of baths v( ‘.’ )v ) but since this is a rental space, we make do with what we can! Hope you enjoy the video :3

P.S. The wall behind the toilet holds the chimney, so we aren't able to drill into that wall. Which is why we have a rental-friendly no-drill adjustable shelving system :) I also tried to hunt for a black one but to no avail, so spray painting it was!


B U D G E T + L I N K S

Things I bought for this makeover:
(Anything unlisted has been pre-owned for a long time)

*Wood stain (in colour Teak) - 11.99 ( amzn.to/2XRUuHg )
Wood planks - 15.75
*Black spray paint x2 - 21.90 ( amzn.to/3BuFOg3 )
Gold knobs - 9.99 ( www.zara.com/de/de/runder-gol... )
*Curtain rod holders - 11.29 ( amzn.to/3Bh5ixi )
30mm beech wood dowel - 6.95
*Wooden beads - 1.50 est. cost of what was used ( amzn.to/3gAKQj4 )
*15cm metal ring - 1.50 ( amzn.to/3mC3z1l )

_organisation & decor_
Rattan boxes with lid (size S & M) - 21.98 ( www.zara.com/de/de/korb-mit-s... )
Cream metal box - 19.99 ( www.zara.com/de/de/cremedose-... )
Muji acrylic containers - 11.05 with 20% discount ( www.muji.eu/pages/online.asp?... , www.muji.eu/pages/online.asp?... )
Acrylic shelf - 12.99 ( www.ikea.com/de/de/p/melloesa... )
Bathmat (cream) - 17.00 with 15% discount ( www2.hm.com/de_de/productpage... )
Bathmat (green circle) - 8.50 with 15% discount ( www2.hm.com/de_de/productpage... )
Frames - 8.99 + 5.99 + 5.99 ( www.ikea.com/de/de/p/knoppaen... , www.ikea.com/de/de/p/himmelsb... , www.ikea.com/de/de/p/hovsta-r... )


Links marked with * are affiliated links.


S O C I A L 🌱

art: @ccloudyhills
life bits: @ccloudy.jpg


T I M E S T A M P S ⏰

0:00 preview
0:33 the before
1:17 rental-friendly shelf upcycle
3:37 under-sink drawer upcycle
5:03 diy bath towel rod
6:08 organisation & styling
8:32 diy hand towel holder
9:17 hacks to make small rooms feel bigger
11:07 final decor
11:26 the reveal



camera: canon g7x mark ii // gopro hero 9 // iphone 11 pro
editing software: adobe premiere pro 2021
digital art/drawing timelapses: ipad air 4th gen + procreate 5

get to know me (ᵔᴥᵔ) - trvid.com/video/video-Qaa05Bq4CJo.html


M U S I C 🎶

sign up for epidemic sound - www.epidemicsound.com/referra...

when the river is calling - stonekeepers - www.epidemicsound.com/track/6...
some vintage mood with arirang - bgm president - www.youtube.com/watch?v=8vKne...
outside - fiji blue - thmatc.co/?l=E86B0A58
enough to get by - daniel gunnarsson - www.epidemicsound.com/track/z...
in your shade - bang bang ft. alice wendt - www.epidemicsound.com/track/G...
another go round - the eastern plain - www.epidemicsound.com/track/1...
beautiful woman - ramin ft. staffan carlén - www.epidemicsound.com/track/a...



26 Ağu 2021




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Alma 7 saatler önce
I love everything happy i found your channel
Zahava Ilan
Zahava Ilan 20 saatler önce
Wowowowoowo amazing
Yulia Rosina
Yulia Rosina 5 gün önce
Great job! Especially taking into consideration rental-friendly methods that you used!!! Yuor creativity is so inspiaring! How did you managed to learn all this renovation staff like drilling, using some screwdrivers, angles and other eqiupment that more often is considered as a men's devices? Where did you learn it? From your dad? At school?
cloudyhills 5 gün önce
youtube + trial and error :)
Livros e Outras coisas by Flávia Nunes
i love ittttt what is your instagram??
Melisa Muratyan
Melisa Muratyan 14 gün önce
Hi ! I've just discovered your channel and I've to say: you are REALLY talented !! maybe you've answered before but I would like to know how do you fin all these DIY ideas? I mean, Pinterest is cool but I think there's another thing which makes you YOU :) Thank you ^_^
cloudyhills 14 gün önce
aw thank you 🤗 Most of my DIYs are centred around furniture we already own! As the furni is usually still in good condition, I just think of ideas on how to make them even more functional or more my style 😊 Wood stain and new knobs are simple ways to change the furniture entirely
Birthe Zipfel
Birthe Zipfel 17 gün önce
Wow! Mein Badezimmer hat genau denselben Schnitt und die Größe und null Stauraum, zudem auch noch die Katzentoilette unter dem Waschbecken stehen muss. Aber deine Ideen sind wirklich toll und wunderschön! Danke für die Inspiration!
Anrious 20 gün önce
Sieht ja mega aus!! 😍
ulli ks
ulli ks 22 gün önce
You can change the hardware in a rental, you just have to keep the old ones and switch them back, when you leave... ;)
MAC 25 gün önce
So talented
Sofia Gutierrez Rojas
Sofia Gutierrez Rojas 26 gün önce
My mom and I say that the result of your bathroom is beautiful 🥰
Roasto-logy 28 gün önce
Hey...beautiful makeover...btw whats the source of ventilation in this bathroom??
Elizabeth Chaney
Elizabeth Chaney Aylar önce
Looks great! Your videos are always so lovely and peaceful.
אחינועם אברהמי
Woww nice!
Lisa Nester
Lisa Nester Aylar önce
Vernisa Safira
Vernisa Safira Aylar önce
I LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!
zazu m. s.
zazu m. s. Aylar önce
Amazing ♥️
The other Alys
The other Alys Aylar önce
Lovely 😊
Kim’s WRLD
Kim’s WRLD Aylar önce
I love ❤️ the new decor style everything is gorgeous ty for sharing
Sharni DEVARAJOO Aylar önce
Nice. As long as it make u happy👍. For me, less is more. I hv a much bigger bathroom with sky light, tub and stand shower, but nothings on the walls. Nothings on the sink counter top. Just plain. Everything is kept inside the cabinet n drawers. Except a plant near the window sill. That's my style. Easier to dust n keep clean😅😅.
Sharni DEVARAJOO Aylar önce
@cloudyhills thanks. I agree. Don't worry, soon you too will have a bigger house n spacious bathroom 😀💃💃. I saw your balcony make over. cozy👍👍🙂
cloudyhills Aylar önce
Your bathroom sounds heavenly! I think if my bathroom was bigger and had room for more storage, I'd be more minimal as well. That skylight of yours sounds amazing 😍
karin /
karin / Aylar önce
Love this so much. My bathroom is the same size and I am so inspired now 😍👍🏼
Sofia SR
Sofia SR Aylar önce
OMG!! You are sooo talented! You made this bathrom super cute and cozy!!
Patricia Cole
Patricia Cole Aylar önce
I so thought you would stain those beads for the hand towel circle.
cloudyhills Aylar önce
i almost did actually! Maybe when I get sick of it, to give it a new life
Bejewelled Battle Shorts
A bit fussy for my tastes and a lot of things have been placed high up on the walls. @10:50, should have centred the picture above the door.
Die Doris
Die Doris Aylar önce
The video and the bathroom... WOW😍 so beautiful 💫
Patricia Kelly
Patricia Kelly Aylar önce
I love that drawing you did. Might be a good thing to sell your art. You obviously have a gift. Well done.
Wiktoria Świątek
Wiktoria Świątek Aylar önce
Where do you find inspo for all this makeovers? I'm new on this channel and I wanna say it's awesome! Love from Poland ❤️
Rosa Maria Salazar Rojas
Bravo 💯👌👏👏👏👏muy inspirador, grandes cambios con elementos muy sutiles que hicieron de baño un lindo lugar, se ver limpio ordenado y con elementos de almacenamiento, saludos desde Costa Rica,Centroamérica 💯👌👍👍👍👏👏👏👏👏🇨🇷
Myrna Quintana
Myrna Quintana Aylar önce
Perdón princesa, pero me es insoportable la cantidad de desechos que generas. Por favor, revisa tus hábitos, sólo tenemos un planeta y no es desechable.
Eily Bergin
Eily Bergin Aylar önce
Everything is super cute but for aesthetic reasons I would have placed the clear shelf centered above the door. 😉
krister anne
krister anne Aylar önce
amazing job on the makeover! loved how you filmed/edited this video (+ your aesthetic!!! 😌👌🏼) & i really appreciate how detailed the captions are. learned a lot, thanks for sharing! 💌✨
Jules O
Jules O Aylar önce
Absolutely beautiful 👏🏼🇬🇧💕
Leslie Jeter
Leslie Jeter Aylar önce
It looks so good! The sage green with the wood tones really makes the bathroom look cozy!
Lotte Aylar önce
Es wirklich sehr hübsch geworden 🥰 ich würde ergänzend noch die Stange für den Duschvorhang in schwarz ändern und einen neuen Duschvorhang nehmen 😌
HOME_MY Aylar önce
Prado Cordoba Alcaide
Impresionante, enhorabuena!!
bushiecherry Aylar önce
Well done Kim, turn those Lemons into lemonade. He works in mysterious ways go with Him. I have a big yard in Germany we life in forest Country... I love beauty, he is a business man and our yard is messed up. Looking forward to your vids Much love and all the best. From my family to yours.
Angela Paredes
Angela Paredes Aylar önce
Se Zoe
Se Zoe Aylar önce
I have these white door knobs on a chest of drawers in my bedroom. I never found them spooky or creepy or looking like eyeballs. Well.... till now. 😐
cloudyhills Aylar önce
oh no, i'm sorry 🤣🤣 they slowly grew on me as "cute creepy eyeballs" tho 😅
Thao Nguyen
Thao Nguyen Aylar önce
It´s a really beautiful little bathroom. 💕 I have to thank youtube algorithm for bringing me here. I will bingewatch your makeover series. 😄 Are those printed arts your own works? I like them a lot.
Janet Joseph
Janet Joseph Aylar önce
I wonder ,,, why so many things are in the bathroom ??? That too in such a small room...
Sommer Johnson
Sommer Johnson Aylar önce
the undersink storage knobs did look like eyeballs 😂😂
Kat Ey
Kat Ey Aylar önce
Some really good ideas
Kat Ey
Kat Ey Aylar önce
Really good ideas
Kat Ey
Kat Ey Aylar önce
Really good ideas
I love choice of your music and video ✨
Robin Peterlick
Robin Peterlick Aylar önce
Wow, you are very crafty, I have seen a few of your other videos and you always make it look soooo easy! Beautiful transformation. Now come do mine! ;)
Joyce G
Joyce G Aylar önce
You have such amazing ideas. But the pictures in bathroom is not practical, if there is not windows in the room. After bathing,too much steam, the room is very damp. I don‘t think, the pictures can be kept long time well there.
Dark Sky Images
Dark Sky Images Aylar önce
Stunning! And it's always a treat to watch the process. Congratulations. ✨
Nancy Barrett
Nancy Barrett Aylar önce
The art piece you drew is amazing I'm a new follower & I'm looking forward to visiting with you again 😊
76 7
76 7 Aylar önce
Tolle ideen die Stange werde ich auch nachbauen! Nur den Duschvorhang aus würde ich für einen schönen austauschen, dieser ist auch zu kurz!
Grettel Bogarin
Grettel Bogarin Aylar önce
Sieh sehr schön aus ☺️☺️☺️gute Arbeit 👍👍👍👍🥰
Lindsay Renee
Lindsay Renee Aylar önce
I love this. You are amazing 😍
Arghon Aylar önce
the way you spray painted those poles was just genius
H. I.
H. I. Aylar önce
Super 🥳🤗👍
Zeetal Zee
Zeetal Zee Aylar önce
I'm definitely going to do that bead towel hanger! I've been trying to figure out how to put one in my bathroom which has some odd ways of being. clearly, that is the answer! :)
Bel la
Bel la Aylar önce
Excellent job!
Coline Gourdin
Coline Gourdin Aylar önce
Oooh that’s very lovely!
Robyn Taylor
Robyn Taylor Aylar önce
So very nice
Joan Jones
Joan Jones Aylar önce
great job.
Deborah Sommer
Deborah Sommer Aylar önce
loved your choice of music for this episode :)
Rosalia Nuccio
Rosalia Nuccio Aylar önce
Bel bagno!Bravissimi e bel lavoro 👍👋🏻👋🏻
Rea Kimi
Rea Kimi Aylar önce
such a relaxing and aesthetically pleasing video. Love it!
Aini Octavian Shi
Aini Octavian Shi Aylar önce
I am also renting an apartment in Australia. But as I know we are not allowed to make any scratches or drill any holes like you did. So, I end up just have my bathroom as it is which kinda frustrated. Love your make over...
AnaMaria Valdes
AnaMaria Valdes Aylar önce
Mia Charlotte
Mia Charlotte Aylar önce
Meine Mutter hatte in ihrer ersten eigenen Küche bzw in der Küche in der ich aufgewachsen bin die gleichen Knäufe wie da ab dem Badezimmerschrank
Kimtoy Kinsale
Kimtoy Kinsale Aylar önce
You did a fantastic job very creative and Ambitious I will have to watch it over tsmfs my Dear Friend.
Süeda Black
Süeda Black Aylar önce
Where did you print the pictures ?😻😻
cloudyhills Aylar önce
Fotoparadies :)
Regina Nox
Regina Nox Aylar önce
I love the combination of styles in your bathroom, it's eclectic and very cosy! 😍😍😍❤❤❤
Mally Makings
Mally Makings Aylar önce
Absolutely stunning. It really does look cosy and inviting. I love your colour palette and use of different textures. Also, can we just take a moment to appreciate the beauty of this video. The music is beautiful and relaxing, ASMR, fantastic filming, editing and we get inspiration from your DIYs. Such a beautiful video. Thank You so much for all the effort you go to in your videos. I hope you have a beautiful and blessed day. 💛💛💛💛💛
Unnati Marda
Unnati Marda Aylar önce
i love how you edit your videos! this ASMR home decor channel was something i didnt know i needed! so calming + prettyyy
candy flosslai
candy flosslai Aylar önce
I love what you did with the space. The shelving unit and finishing touches are so nice.
Shani Boynton
Shani Boynton Aylar önce
I'm so happy i watched this video! Awesome job! Looks amazing!
Nitnut Aylar önce
Just found your channel recently and i am so obsessed! So Beautiful ❤️
Sarah Holland
Sarah Holland Aylar önce
Cute. Personally I'd put some clear acrylic shelves above the toilet as the current unit makes it look cramped .
cloudyhills Aylar önce
I really wanted to have floating shelves above the toilet too, but sadly we can't drill above the toilet as the chimney is there 😔
Vibing Vegan
Vibing Vegan Aylar önce
Your videos & your makeovers are always so amazing. I am about to redo my small bathroom, and this gave me great inspiration. Thank you!
Daniele B
Daniele B Aylar önce
I recently discovered your channel and I'm in love! You have such a great taste, every transformation is mind blowing! I would love to learn your thought process and planning before you actually start renovating it :)
bla Aylar önce
This isnt a makeover...its just putting things in a bathroom 😐
D Kong
D Kong Aylar önce
u clearly didn't watch the whole video or lived in a rental before mate, she did so much what you talking bout????
Maide Oskay
Maide Oskay Aylar önce
A friendly suggestion, you can simply paint the lines (the gaps) between tiles with any color of your choice. It will be so cheap and it will make a HUGE difference!
cloudyhills Aylar önce
sadly we're not allowed to do anything to the tiles, even if it might be an improvement 🥲
MyPoint ofView
MyPoint ofView Aylar önce
I completely sympathise with your dilemmas over this size of bathroom. Mine is 2.3sq metres and am converting it into a wet room. That's just so much easier than trying to fit conventional bathroom fixtures into it.
Esther Juanes
Esther Juanes Aylar önce
Yo habría tapado todas las llaves del agua sobre el.inodoro con algún toallero y toallas con.iniciales como elemento decorativo
Dorothee Bechtold
Dorothee Bechtold Aylar önce
Wow, was für eine Veränderung 😍 Toll geworden! So gemütlich... 🙋‍♀️😃
neoreoscar27 Aylar önce
You did such a great job on this; what a transformation. 🥰 I too have a tiny, windowless bathroom so I will incorporate some of your tips if I can! 😊
Bingwei Xiang
Bingwei Xiang Aylar önce
Wanna see a whole room tour !
My digital space
My digital space Aylar önce
You are talented beyond words. I am soooo soooo in love with this makeover 😍😍😍😍
Valarie Benadie
Valarie Benadie Aylar önce
Hey hey...first time here on your channel...hello from my channel to yours...great content....💓❤️
Hannah Schaefer
Hannah Schaefer Aylar önce
I love the different styles you mixed together, it looks amazing! Do you remember where you got that under sink drawer by any chance?
Hannah Schaefer
Hannah Schaefer Aylar önce
@cloudyhills thanks, I found it :)
cloudyhills Aylar önce
think it was from otto!
Tineru Harlem
Tineru Harlem Aylar önce
It became beautiful!
Joelle Malapert
Joelle Malapert Aylar önce
Très réussi
mariam .a
mariam .a Aylar önce
You did great job 👏😍❤️❤️
Very beautiful windowless bathroom. You did an AMAZING job. TFS
Jessenia galvan-lloyd
The space looks so cute! Definitely feeling inspired!
Bike Boi
Bike Boi Aylar önce
Maria Maryani
Maria Maryani Aylar önce
Quedó precioso! Pero sinceramente no es práctico. Organicé mi baño como tú pero con el tiempo todo se fue llenando de moho lo cual implicaba dedicar más tiempo limpiando.
Oregon Zan
Oregon Zan Aylar önce
Beautiful job!!!
J S Aylar önce
loved everoything, except the plastics plants... I'm sure there are real plants than resist dark and humedity like in a bathroom
N. Vark&Uil
N. Vark&Uil Aylar önce
herbie140582 Aylar önce
Sehr schön geworden! 👍🏻Ich würde den Duschvorhang noch austauschen dann ist eine 10 von 10. 😃
Hannah Stavik
Hannah Stavik Aylar önce
Love your videos! I get so inspired!!
Tina Kyriakou
Tina Kyriakou Aylar önce
Very smart tip about trying the stain in the room it is meant for because of different lighting, that one will stay with me, thanks! :)
Paloma Aylar önce
Really useful
Melissa Huynh
Melissa Huynh Aylar önce
Praying you have an amazing exhaust fan so all of your hard work isn’t affected 🥺🙏🏼
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