3 Perplexing Physics Problems

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Why does shaken soda explode? Does ice melt first in fresh or salt water?
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This video features experiments that have been shown to me by science teachers over the years. Does ice melt fast in salt water or fresh water was an experiment introduced to me at the Utah Science Teachers' conference. The ring of metal over a chain demo came from a teachers event in Florida. The idea shaking a carbonated drink increases pressure came from an email.

Special thanks to Petr Lebedev for building the pressure gauge.

Links to literature are below:
Victims of the pop bottle, by Ted Willhoft. New Scientist, 21 August 1986 p.28

Carbonation speculation
The Physics Teacher 30, 173 (1992); doi.org/10.1119/1.2343501

Agitation solution
The Physics Teacher 30, 325 (1992); doi.org/10.1119/1.2343556

Filmed by Cristian Carretero, Jordan Schnabel, Jonny Hyman, and Raquel Nuno

Music from epidemicsound.com "Seaweed" "Quietly Tense" "Mind Shift" "Observations"



19 Kas 2019




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Killbayne Yıl önce
Imagine giving your friend a sip of soda and he just goes "ahhh, non-equilibrium beverage"
Aryl Master
Aryl Master 23 saatler önce
I laughed so fu**ing loudly when he said it 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Windows XP memes and stuff lol
@Shaun Diz it can reach equilibrium with the air and CO2 inside the bottle, need more specification.
Ashwin Karkala Hegde
I would expect nothing less from anyone who understands physics
SledgeBear Aylar önce
im going to do this now
Faik_xD EDITZ Aylar önce
My friend is not derek
GreatSpaceGoat Aylar önce
I have a pretty big physics problem that has perplexed me my whole life. The closest supermarket from where I live is 500 meters (roughly) and it takes me 12 minutes to walk there and back at a walking speed of 5 kph (3 mph). The problem is it has taken my father 18 years to make this trip and I want to know how this strange phenomenon has occurred.
A.J. Aranyosi
A.J. Aranyosi 13 gün önce
Your father, being older than you at the time, moved much faster. Thanks to special relativity, this has turned a five-minute trip for him into a lifetime for you. Now that you're older, you should be fast enough to catch him during the return voyage. Run, run now, and share that pack of cigarettes with your absent father!
Zuconde 18 gün önce
This is known as the "Fathleave's effect" where someone's father/father figure has a prediction and if their prediction doesn't come true, they will excuse themselves to get something from the store that you definitely have and come back with a 26% chance of return, chances are increased when something even more "impressive" happens to you, ie. winning the lottery, being a celebrity/well known person, and graduating at the most prestigious school, however, studies have found that the chances increase by 9%-37%, if the "impressive" things are stacked, the chances of the "father" coming back is ALMOST 100% coming back, in exact it is 97.6046% chance of coming back
MegaShedinja 21 gün önce
Confounding variable
Pat Glass
Pat Glass 8 aylar önce
When I was a kid, I discovered that you could stand up a straw in a glass of soda pop and miraculously, soda would come out of the top of the straw slowly like a tiny fountain. Back in those says, the straws were all paper. You have shown me the answer to this phenomena and I thank you.
Max Mustermann
Max Mustermann 11 gün önce
Not entirely. When you put a straw into any liquid the liquid is pulled upwards into the straw. That is called capillareffect, a combination of adhesion and cohesion counteracting ambient air pressure. The smaller the straw the higher the liquid will be pulled. That effect is used by trees and other plants to bring water from the root up to the top which can go up to 650ft (200m). The 'fountain' is the result of in the soda dissolved carbon dioxide being released within the straw because of the rough surface of the paper straw.
pronoe 9 aylar önce
I've learned the "flicking the bottle/can" trick a while ago like 10-15+ years ago and only learned today why that works. Thanks a lot.
Moderate- Look it up
Moderate- Look it up 4 aylar önce
One of the only things I still remember from high school physics...shaking the bottle doesn't increase the pressure, it allows the gas to more easily separate from the liquid.
Traee Yıl önce
Imagine writing a paper that can be disproven by attaching a pressure gage to the bottle
LightningMrBolt 10 saatler önce
Bern 17 gün önce
@Rafael Costa it's gauge. gage is a word but the meaning is very different. Pressure gauge is the correct term.
Bern 17 gün önce
@Sam Sam well other scientists and probably even undergrads came forward immediately to say he's wrong.
US_Optic 19 gün önce
You know right😂😂😂
Rafael Costa
Rafael Costa Aylar önce
@Mark Fox Are both "gage" and "gauge" correct/acceptable? I've thought the correct term was "gauge", but looked here and got the impression that both are correct (English is not my first language)
Nicole Wreyford
Nicole Wreyford Aylar önce
I think it would be cool to see how the results of the ice experiment varies when you use a fresh water ice cube in the fresh water glass and a salt water ice cube in the salt water glass. You can also test using salt water cubes in both glasses and compare all the combinations. Very nice video.
MischievousOne 3 aylar önce
The slow-mo audio of the ring falling down the chain has to be one of the most satisfying sounds I've heard
ItMeRagnarok 14 gün önce
slow motion audio is normally dubbed because the real audio is trash
Christopher Sennett
Christopher Sennett 8 aylar önce
When looking at the salt water glass (around time index 6:37), if you look carefully, you can see a difference in the layers between the fresh water from the ice cube, and the salt water that the ice cube is floating in.
Jadon Nelson
Jadon Nelson 27 gün önce
I was hoping he'd mention how salt melts ice on roads by lowering the specific heat and therefore making the water melt at lower temperatures, which IS why he mentioned that the salt warmed the water just by a little when he put it in the glass of water
Pol Gabaldon
Pol Gabaldon 2 yıl önce
Can we all take a moment to appreciate this fly flying through the ring in slo-mo? 5:26
Dylicious 13 gün önce
Fly circus!
Carnyx 17 gün önce
Came here to say just that!
simen kolås
simen kolås 27 gün önce
I love the sound from the ring and the chain
Oofy 29 gün önce
lol i saw that too
ミヤムラ イズミ
It's his pet
J O 8 aylar önce
Very interesting, I learned things today that I didn’t know. I thought the solid water experiment will be faster because the chemical potential of ice versus the chemical potential of water in salty water would be a bigger gradient. But of course the density explains the whole thing. The next experiment to do, will be to stir the ice while melting
Plastic Creations
Plastic Creations 7 aylar önce
I'm wondering then if shaking the bottle (after the bottle was opened and re-closed) would be a good way of enabling the CO2 to stay in the bottle longer (i.e. slow down the process of the drink going flat)? Or would the opposite be true?
jcork 5 aylar önce
No, the opposite would be true. If you had an external source of pressure, e.g. a bike pump, you would extend the life, but if the only source of pressure is the dissolved gas, you’re only getting as much pressure as would eventually as it goes flat. You’re just accelerating the process. You can’t “borrow” pressure from the gas coming out of the solution and use it to prevent the gas coming out of the solution, if that makes sense…
Lukas Klüpfel
Lukas Klüpfel 10 aylar önce
Wow, now I got an explaination on why tapping on a can of beer actually makes it not spill. Thanks :)
Peter 10 aylar önce
I thoroughly enjoyed this science talk and learnt quite a lot then I would in class. Thank you! Now onto your next video as I down my non-equilibrium beverage 🥤
Perplexeus 2 yıl önce
He went back to his roots, challenging wide spread science myths
Tortinwall 3 aylar önce
Myths perhaps but hardly widespread. I had never heard of any of them.
ElectricBlueSwirl 3 aylar önce
@angry potato It didn't melt faster, it just became clear because the trapped air got out. If you look closely, you see that the one in salt is bigger, it's just less visible because it became clearer.
Daniel Jeremiah
Daniel Jeremiah 5 aylar önce
@angry potato No it didn’t. It only got transparent
Exactly why channel like these are awesome !! We tend to know more about complex phenoms than understand the science of simple everyday things around us.
Lyndon Than
Lyndon Than 8 aylar önce
The soda bottle issue leaves something uncovered. The contents can never exceed a pressure of 3 bar (not exactly true, but mainly true). This is because if the pressure increased beyond 3 Bar, more gas would dissolve into the liquid, lowering the pressure again to 3 bar. conversely, if the pressure were to lower below 3bar, more gas would come out of the liquid until the balance was again achieved at 3 bar. This must be a special pressure, based on the properties of that liquid paired with that particular gas. I presume this pressure results from the solubility of the two materials. With a higher solubility, the equilibrium pressure would be lower, and vice versa. The reason the pressure doesn't change upon shaking the bottle, is because the solubility does not change, which is the driving force of the equilibrium, and also the determinant of the equilibrium pressure.
Samuel Mellars
Samuel Mellars 8 aylar önce
I think I know how to explain this one! As you change pressure, you change the amount of gas (in this case CO2) that can dissolve in the liquid. More pressure=more gas dissolved If you increase the pressure by squishing the bottle, you could theoretically get all the gas to dissolve into the liquid, and get a bottle that just had liquid in it, no air space above it. Three bar of pressure is a deliberate choice by the soda companies. Enough pressure to have a good amount of fizz in your drink, so it doesn't go flat as fast, but not so much pressure the bottle will explode in storage/transport. I suspect this is why cheaper drinks with weaker/cheaper bottles go flat faster. There's less dissolved gas so they can have lower pressure in the bottle and use a cheaper bottle
Don McLoud
Don McLoud 10 aylar önce
Your videos are a fresh air in internet, finally both entertaining and intellectual content, that is the original purpose of the great network - sharing knowledge and experience
Ville Saari
Ville Saari 8 aylar önce
I guess you would get a more clear demonstration if you freeze a shell of non colored ice around your colored ice cubes. Then the color would start coming out of the ice when the water is still. When the color comes out as soon as the cubes drop in, the turbulence caused by cube drop will mix the color to the entire water volume very fast.
marek klemes
marek klemes 8 aylar önce
Similar to the ring latching on the chain, an inverse kind of trick is to pull off any elastic from a large number of them looped around the same stick. Pull on your chosen one away from the stick, then pull the loop over the top of the stick and you will liberate only your chosen elastic while leaving the others on the stick, (instead of having to pull off all the ones above it or something equally messy).
Jeff Love
Jeff Love 2 yıl önce
Paper straws that come wrapped individually in plastic. Genius.
Omar Faruk
Omar Faruk 7 aylar önce
Don't use straws
Junk Bond Trader
Junk Bond Trader 8 aylar önce
@M F so I guess using a fork is suicide? Tooth brush? metal straws killed one woman in a freak accident. I bet someone died from a toothpick.
Isaiah OConnor
Isaiah OConnor 8 aylar önce
@Femaiden treated with wax or plastic...
Femaiden 8 aylar önce
people seem utterly perplexed that paper straws can contain liquid. . but we already have paper cups, have had them for decades. . .
Jo2h 8 aylar önce
@exerxac wrapped*
Naro Naroyan
Naro Naroyan 3 aylar önce
It would be nice to see a video about; compressed springs put into acid, and to explain as to where the stored energy goes to when the spring is no more.
Leonardofmo 8 aylar önce
The paper straw fact is pretty cool. After hearing that, something in my head *clicked* and i then realised why its so fizzy when i drank sprite with my straw than just my mouth. Even tho i had a metal straw, it seemed to have the same effect as a paper one. Anyway, thanks, nice vid
Mark Bergendahl
Mark Bergendahl 4 aylar önce
Great explanations for phrnomena that we took for granted but never actually understood. Well done !
Halvblodsprinsen100 3 aylar önce
Well, i have one question in regards to the chain. Does the result depend on it being a ballbead chain? It is known that that type of chain acts different than others under certain circumstances, like the Mould effect in chain fountains.
Jakub Narębski
Jakub Narębski 2 yıl önce
About the second problem: ice cube in fresh water and in salt water - why not use thermal camera (with time-lapse) to see what is happening?
Zephyr NW
Zephyr NW 2 aylar önce
Thermal cameras cannot see through glass.
Amalia Nurani
Amalia Nurani 5 aylar önce
The @Veritasium
Amalia Nurani
Amalia Nurani 5 aylar önce
Vincent Sullivan
Vincent Sullivan Yıl önce
@boomstick900 Yes, salt water "ice" would melt differently. If you add salt (NaCl) to water it lowers the freezing temperature. You can use a google search to find a brine table or brine graph which will tell you the temperature at which brine (salt water) will freeze. Now, if you have pure water ice which will melt at 0 degrees (C.) and put it into a cup of water at 20 degrees (C.) which is about room temperature there will be 20 degrees of temperature difference driving the heat flow to melt the ice. If you have a frozen 23.3% brine solution (the eutectic mixture) it will melt at about -21.1 degrees (C.) and place it in a cup of water at 20 degrees (C.) there will be 41.1 degrees of temperature difference driving the heat flow which means the heat flow will be a little over 4 times larger than the pure water ice example. I think you can figure it out from there...
Febri World
Febri World Yıl önce
@Veritasium oof
greg thomas
greg thomas 7 aylar önce
The nucleation explanation makes sense. I wonder, if you could remove all air from the top of the bottle and then shake the bottle and open it would there be no reaction?
FlamingKami 10 aylar önce
You can use the "law of perfect gases" to determine the question with the soda bottle. [V(sub1) x P(sub1) / T(sub1) = V(sub2) x P(sub2) / T(sub2)] This basically states that if pressure, volume, or temperature change, one of the others will be affected in some way. The volume of the container cannot change, and the temperate of the bottle's contents don't change either. So someone can reasonably assume that the pressure would also be unchanged.
Share Premium
Share Premium 7 aylar önce
Juraj Barták
Juraj Barták 11 aylar önce
I like your videos , entertaining and educative :) Keep it up , good work mate !
Infinity Master
Infinity Master 8 aylar önce
I guessed wrong on the first experiment, but I'm happy I guessed right on the second experiment (I guess those school chemistry lessons really did benefit me for once lol).
ToastyFresh 2 yıl önce
This man not only told us how bottles explode but how to prevent it Give him a salute
Speaks The Obvious
I squeeze liter soda bottles before capping them back up. If the bottle isn't shaken, it will hold carbonation longer. I assume this is because there is less air for the carbon to escape into.
Tracy Crawford
Tracy Crawford Yıl önce
Always the public servant. I like that.
Ace Ggkspade
Ace Ggkspade Yıl önce
Aladato I thought this was a well known trick everyone knew. However it doesn’t work quite as well on a can. You got to flick it like 4-5 times on the sides and another 4-5 times on top
Ace Ggkspade
Ace Ggkspade Yıl önce
He also made us believe our sodas are sitting at the grocery store for a few days lol more like a few months to a year
Peksi Sarvinen
Peksi Sarvinen 9 aylar önce
"Well obviously the pressure would increase, that's not a very hard question." *Pressure stays the same* "...Just as I predicted, obviously it stays the same."
Fabian_017 4
Fabian_017 4 10 aylar önce
These videos are so nice to watch while relaxing, it's so interesting and I actually learn stuff from these vids💪🏻😂💪🏻
Yuppi 6 aylar önce
Shows how important it is to rehearse and return to things you know. I knew about the nucleation site bubbles helping dissolved carbon return to gas, but the knowledge didn't trigger from the memory when focusing on the pressure/temperature talk.
Graeme Gunn
Graeme Gunn 9 aylar önce
The third one always amazes me, even when you see it in slow motion it looks like magic still.
Isak Jones
Isak Jones Yıl önce
That's how I've always dealt with carbonation, flick the walls of the bottle or can before opening. Everyone always thinks it's amazing, never knew why it worked but now I do
Mac C.
Mac C. 19 gün önce
Or, just open it slowly. Let a bit of the air out. You can open a can slowly, too. You'll hear the gas escape, then finish cracking it open, even if you shake it up.
obetta official
obetta official 2 aylar önce
Or just open it slowly
AnarexicSumo 2 aylar önce
@KillerKinkstar Because then they'd be giving away billions of straws when straws aren't even that big of a contributor to waste. Also metal straws create a dipole on the tongue which causes an unpleasant sensation.
Caters Carrots
Caters Carrots 3 aylar önce
I've always just let it rest for a while and then open it slowly, so that there's just a small hole for the gas to escape out of. Granted, it doesn't work that well for cans that have been dropped, but for a bottle, I can easily close it back up if the liquid is rising up in just enough time to not have any liquid leaking out and then, I just let it rest, and again, open it slowly. And with this second opening, there's usually been enough pressure driven off, that I can continue to slowly open the bottle, and no soda explosion.
SquidikaST 3 aylar önce
I actually noticed the flicking was getting rid of the bubble on the wall of the plastic bottle and that must have something to do with prevent overflow when opening it, but i don't know why exactly and was never bother to look into it. Well now i know why.
Maxwell Mulford
Maxwell Mulford 7 aylar önce
In a can, another way to get rid of the nucleation sites is to squeeze the can really hard all over to redissolve the bubbles and open it without incident.
Christian Roed
Christian Roed Aylar önce
Great videos, thanks. Have you tried the problem where you have a ruler or piece of wood, support it on a finger at each end of the ruler, then move your fingers towards each other. They always meet in the middle. Can you figure it out?
Keith Higgs
Keith Higgs 6 aylar önce
One additional point on the closed bottle in equilibrium: When you shake the sealed bottle you do not increase the mass of the contents. The amount of material contained is static so without changing either the volume of the bottle, or the temperature the pressure must remain the same.
MightyBiffer 3 aylar önce
Not quite right. The amount of material in the bottle does not determine the pressure. But rather the state of the materials in the bottle. That is why the sealed bottle with a 1 atmosphere pressure increases to 3 atmospheres pressure over time. In that case the volume has stayed constant. Temperature has stayed the same and the amount of material has not changed either.
Dtr146 9 aylar önce
i got the ice one right because i based my theory on an experience I had. I was salting my sidewalk with my bare hand reaching into the bag like an imbecile. I grabbed some snow to get the salt off and my hand got STUPIDLY COLD! So I'm assuming that the salt reacts with the medium its in somehow letting the medium stay colder for longer. thus letting the ice not melt so fast.
Edouard Dubois
Edouard Dubois 2 yıl önce
The slowmo sound of the ring and chain was very satisfying.
D3L M11
D3L M11 2 yıl önce
Its sound like alien kill machine
Shayna Domina
Shayna Domina 2 yıl önce
The fly jumping through the hoop like a tiny little circus performer was very satisfying.
@Edouard Dubois Just get a boy rattling his stick on a garden fence in Paris. (The US is void of garden fences.)
CoolAsFreya 2 yıl önce
Probably faked really well, actual slomo sound sucks
Ram Roy
Ram Roy 2 yıl önce
*Asmr youtubers furiously taking notes
Denialz 8 aylar önce
i remember making ice cream in 4th grade with rock salt, honestly looking back the best thing i learned in school
Bean's Robot
Bean's Robot 5 aylar önce
Hey Veritasium! I want you to cover this topic. There is a handpump near my house which sometimes throws water automatically without pumping. Why does that happens?
Dudley Boy
Dudley Boy 21 gün önce
i miss the days when i was hyped about getting home from school to watch Nat Geo science and experiments shows, but discovering your channel brought me the nostalgia about discovering new things
Elijah LeDuc
Elijah LeDuc 11 aylar önce
I still genuinely don’t understand how the ring/chain thing happened. I think it deserves its own video because he didn’t explain it very well
KindredBrujah 10 aylar önce
The chain wraps itself around the ring as it falls, riding up the ring then catching on itself. You can do it yourself without dropping it. Just get a chain, run it through the middle of the ring, then back through underneath itself. You'll end up with the same loop shown in the video here.
Ystebad VonSchlegel
Ystebad VonSchlegel 8 aylar önce
When I drink part of a 2 liter soda bottle, I squeeze the bottle to remove as much air as possible before I put the cap back on. My theory is that doing this allows less gas to come out of solution before equilibrium is reached again thereby prolonging the amount of time before it goes flat. However I’m unsure this is correct because the bottle will not establish increased pressure until it is reformed into it’s full shape so really the only force keeping the bottle from reforming is atmospheric pressure. Can anyone comment?
Joshua Roebuck
Joshua Roebuck 9 aylar önce
What would be amazing is if the universe's false vacuum was achieved by a similar rotation which, otherwise would have reached true 0, but was supported in much the same way as this ring is on the chain.
Johny40Se7en 5 gün önce
Wonderful video. And even though the ring trick was explained, it still feels like magic 😊🥰 Now, about paper straws, they're great, better than shitty plastic ones, which are one of the things made my Humans that can't be recycled, so either end up in an overflowing landfill system, or go into the oceans and getting stuck up a dolphin or sea turtles' nose 🤢🤮👉
Jed Gould
Jed Gould 6 aylar önce
Maybe someone else thought of this but since salt water is heavier, a fresh water ice cube would float higher and therefore be less prone to a fast melt. Like icebergs.
MRmisterG 2 yıl önce
I really liked the trick you did with the ring, especially the part where you trained the fly to fly through the ring at 5:26 when you dropped it. Very impressive.
Anthony Ashdown
Anthony Ashdown 2 yıl önce
Who else re-watched this at timestamp several times in awe of the fly?
Nm rj
Nm rj 9 aylar önce
Salt water melting can probably also be explained by the phenomenon of depression of freezing point.
Feuding Friends Productions
I like how I chose correctly but for the wrong reasons lol. My thought with the ice cubes was that because it’s a fresh ice cube being introduced to salt water that chemical reaction that decreases the water temperature would lead to a longer melt time.
jcork 5 aylar önce
I’m pretty sure that’s backwards. If the only thing adding the salt did was lower the temp that the phase change occurs at (assume agitated water at uniform temp so convective currents don’t come into play), then you would expect the ice in the salt water to melt first because 1) the water has to transfer less energy to the ice before that energy starts going into the phase change instead of temp change, and 2) the lower temp during the phase change would be farther from atmospheric temp, therefore energy would transfer into it at a faster rate.
Albert Hopfer
Albert Hopfer 3 aylar önce
Actually initially stating what salt does to water (cools) is also what happens when you drop an ice cube in to the salt water - the water cools around the newly introduced water (in its frozen state) the salt reacts with the ice cube (of water) slightly cooling the water temperature around that cube - so it melts slower over time as more ice becomes liquid water.
The Art Carnival
The Art Carnival 11 aylar önce
The small fly at 5:25 is having a scientific bent of mind. Too curious to know as to what is happening to ring that locks itself by the chain :) So inspecting the whole setup from top angle and recording the experiment in its own camera :)
Jarrad Scarborough
Jarrad Scarborough 2 yıl önce
Derek: works hard, makes smart science video internet: *_oh, look, there's a fly!_*
Peggy French
Peggy French Yıl önce
When he drops the ring into the necklace in slowmo it sounds so cool.
tets mcalfy
tets mcalfy Yıl önce
i have a perplexing science problem: where do my socks go when i do the laundry?
No.1 DD enjoyer
No.1 DD enjoyer Yıl önce
@minecrafter0505 parkour!
Jeremy Ng
Jeremy Ng Yıl önce
Flies have been getting a lot of publicity lately
Sandip Paul
Sandip Paul Yıl önce
Oh but i love flies.
Wildjesta 10 aylar önce
I'm gonna start calling open soda, "Non-Equalibrium beverage."
CJMYRA GUY 8 aylar önce
I've always been wondering why a&w paper straws are constantly overflowing thank you 🙏
Paul Damian
Paul Damian 10 aylar önce
The same concept with the mentos, you can use a sterilized wooden stick to lightly recarbonate a soft drink that went flat
Zephyr NW
Zephyr NW 2 aylar önce
Sorry, nope. Once the gas has left the liquid, it's not there anymore, it's diffused into the atmosphere. If you let the soda go flat, even the mentos would not cause it to blow up. You can recarbonate it by applying 35psi of CO2 to the liquid.
Josh Vuong
Josh Vuong 9 aylar önce
I have an interesting question. If two equal pressure streams of water hit each other at an angle. What direction would the stream go when it hits one another. What would happen?
Steven Spencer
Steven Spencer 2 yıl önce
When I was a kid, I was taught to tap on the top of coke cans before opening them in case they had been shaken or dropped. I never really thought about why this would help. Turns out I was removing nucleation bubbles.
Gaming WO
Gaming WO 2 yıl önce
Chicken Muncher the fluid doesn’t reach the top of the can. You’re tapping the top, not the sides.
life_archive 2 yıl önce
@Gyzardo If you're aggressive about it, sure.
Gyzardo 2 yıl önce
Didn’t backyard scientist pretty much prove that if anything it makes it WORSE?
David Sanchez
David Sanchez 2 yıl önce
*bubbles not nucleation bubbles. lol
Marqan 2 yıl önce
Ye, I thought that was just an urban legend.
AmboNec 11 aylar önce
6:36 I can see what appears to be refraction between the water melted from the ice atop the saline.
Forgie Dusker
Forgie Dusker 8 aylar önce
Something I've wondered about for a while is why, when i flip the TV remote (or similar object) in the air with the front flipping over towards me a single rotation, and when i catch it, it flipped horizontally as well as vertically. Nothing really too perplexing, but it does make me curious.
Thomas Adkins
Thomas Adkins 5 aylar önce
More weight at the bottom probably, look up roly-poly toys or lazy dog bomb. (At least that is my guess if you're not throwing it in a specific way)
AlLen Wonch
AlLen Wonch 3 aylar önce
Another factor in the ice experiment would be the difference in heat capacity. Salt water is lower than the fresh water.
Jigger Jones
Jigger Jones 9 aylar önce
Whoa, this video validated my belief on how the natural universe formed. THANK YOU, VERITASIUM!
Henry Cam
Henry Cam 2 yıl önce
I've seen enough Veritasium to know when I'm being asked a trick question.
Owen Toad
Owen Toad 10 aylar önce
@Ray & Karen Meuchel You can. That’s how fish breathe.
Ray & Karen Meuchel
Why can't you put oxygen into solution like co2????
Mustanaamiotto 2 yıl önce
@HenneDS as in they changed their answer because they want to seem smart
Lisandro Iaffar
Lisandro Iaffar 8 aylar önce
This is an interesting one: once I was traveling and I went by an airport. A plane was taking off in the opposite direction, yet while I was approaching it, it looked like if it was perfectly still in midair all along. Now, I know why, do you? :D
MYSTIC FREAK 7 aylar önce
Maybe it was gaining altitude faster than distance?
Luke Brown
Luke Brown 3 aylar önce
I can't believe I learned something today at 2:30 in the morning. Amazing. Love the videos by the way. Fascinating stuff.
Kevin Moor
Kevin Moor 9 gün önce
Sometime later: In the UK some pint glasses, designed to serve heavily carbonated beers, often have an engraving inside the bottom. This causes the beer to fizz up with a greater head as it is poured from the tap
Mexie Mex
Mexie Mex 9 aylar önce
First two I correctly predicted, third I already knew (I'm a magician and it's a fairly common effect, although it's normally done slightly differently to how it was done here).
andred cook
andred cook 2 yıl önce
How fast does a car need to go to make a flat tire support the weight of the car through centripetal force I’ve wondered this for years
jeaniebird Yıl önce
Have I been misspelling and mispronouncing centrifugal force, all my life??
999 likes GIVE EM ONE MORE!!
Will Potter
Will Potter Yıl önce
I calculated approximately 91mph setting the centrifugal force equation equal to the standard tyre pressure multiplied by the contact surface area of the tyre.
Aivu nunya
Aivu nunya 2 yıl önce
0 Technically as long as you haven't torn through the tread with your wheel it's still supporting it.
Charley Rocha
Charley Rocha 2 yıl önce
@ModelLights Plus, I wonder if we should be using the angular momentum of a circular crown instead of that of a particle. I think the mass moment of inertia would play an important role here.
Randy Y
Randy Y 5 aylar önce
He'll never answer this question 2 years later but i wonder if the soda problem can be expressed in terms of surface area in the same way solid metal is hard to ignite but shaved or powdered metal is much easier to ignite. I understand that nucleation points and surface to absorb heat are different but could this be boiled down to maximizing surface are for these physical changes?
GigioFig 8 aylar önce
Still on that paper straw vs plastic straw nucleation sites, what about metal straws? I've noticed that when I put them in a can they seem to burst the bubbles in a similar way as the paper straw does. Any thoughts on that?
Malcolm Tieman
Malcolm Tieman 8 aylar önce
Have a look at the very clever design of pressurised soft drink caps, there’s a lot of clever thinking in how they work !
Bodhisattwa Ganguly
Bodhisattwa Ganguly 11 aylar önce
Few perplexing questions connected to interesting phenomena 1. How does a gecko crawl upside down on glass 2. How do bumblebees fly 3. How do bats know about moving targets with accuracy using just echo 4. Does lightning create antimatter
Iqbal Umran
Iqbal Umran Yıl önce
The sound of the ring in slowmo is really satisfying
Shadab Khan
Shadab Khan Yıl önce
He's trying to teach physics chemistry with videos. le me with arts stream - wow rhe sounds are so satisfying 😮
Logan Nearhood
Logan Nearhood Yıl önce
Came down here to say that, come to see it's one of the top comments, youtube comments are great 👌
george kane
george kane Yıl önce
JJP gaming
JJP gaming Yıl önce
Iqbal Umran that's the spirit
Connorade Yıl önce
@Hubert Jarechowicz Most High speed cameras don't record sound so they can focus on getting high speed
Crow Wick
Crow Wick 10 aylar önce
Thanks. Love your explanations.
Mellissa Dalby
Mellissa Dalby 11 aylar önce
I guessed wrong on the first two. For the chain, could it be the "mould effect" causing the chain to loop around itself like that? It looks a bit like that, but what do you think?
Matt Ellinger
Matt Ellinger Aylar önce
4:04 - 4:27 is literally the most satisfying sound in the known universe; i could listen to that for hours ♡
xxxYYZxxx 8 aylar önce
The paper-straw information totally explains and validates that time I threw my Big Gulp at the 7-11 clerk in disgust at the flat, foamy flavor.
Luca Yıl önce
wish this guy was my science teacher, he makes it so interesting!
Ahmed Bakheit
Ahmed Bakheit Yıl önce
He kinda is
Z'XGames Yıl önce
Faktor F
Faktor F Yıl önce
Wtf is a science class is that physics or chemistry
Tony Lee
Tony Lee Yıl önce
@mrchoon Also it's not even saying mass is multiplied by a speed, it's speed squared so it isn't distance over time, it would be distance squared over time squared and since distance over time squared is accelertion maybe you can accept it as being mass multiplied by acceleration and distance which is force multiplied by distance which is work which is energy
Tony Lee
Tony Lee Yıl önce
@mrchoon If you want the answer study physics and the theory of relativity, you're gonna need to study some diffefential eqiations and differential geometry and all that
Franz Kass
Franz Kass 6 aylar önce
Amazing! Will spend the next days (weeks, months...) watching your videos! They are SO interesting - why should I do anything else? :D
XtReme Car Racing
XtReme Car Racing 10 aylar önce
i wanted to ask something,when a rocket goes into the space leaving our atmosphere it goes out at a particular point right? but when it's made to come down why does it reach down the same place where it have been left ,if the earth is rotating ,it should come down at some other place i guess
PatrickTalksALot 4 aylar önce
I was able to predict the first one, and understand the third, but the second was pretty darn cool!
Sam Ancor
Sam Ancor Aylar önce
I’ve got a follow up to this how come when I shake a can of soda it can cause the can to bulge if the pressure remains the same? Why does this happen?
oriana garrido
oriana garrido 2 yıl önce
5:20 I'm impressed by that fly's performance skills.
ArchangelExile 2 yıl önce
Now we know which finger he used to scratch his butt.
Jason Hardman
Jason Hardman 2 yıl önce
He is "The One"
Albert Herencsár
Albert Herencsár 2 yıl önce
The trick actually works only if a fly flies through the ring.
Schuppe 2 yıl önce
Looks like it landed on the ring for a short time? :D Or fly through? Wtf, this were a fraction of a second...
fugliest alive
fugliest alive 2 yıl önce
Patrick Coffey
Patrick Coffey 10 aylar önce
It would be cool to see a video on carbonation in general, things like carbonic acids effect on oh, temperatures affect on the ability for a liquid to absorb CO2 and even chalk and other oh buffers interactions with those processes
MrEdzar 3 aylar önce
The one with the chain was awsome, love the vids
LeGoat James
LeGoat James 3 aylar önce
The ring one is harder than I thought! Tried doing it and only did it about once in 20 times
Mike Astro
Mike Astro 9 aylar önce
At 11:03, when you tap on the side of the battle, that removes the bubbles from the side of the bottle, but those bubbles (nucleation sites) are moving in the liquid or they are destroyed ? Because if they are just going in the liquid, that means that the number of nucleation sites has not diminished.
charkopolis 2 yıl önce
That's right internet, we aren't done with mentos in soda
Mher Saribekyan
Mher Saribekyan 2 yıl önce
Now we need memes
Felix Kütt
Felix Kütt 2 yıl önce
Well, now we are.
Tejaswi Ramesh
Tejaswi Ramesh 11 aylar önce
Can u do a video on why a black unpolished tile/stone looks darker when there is a drop of water smeared/sitting on it ?
Shaez Breizh
Shaez Breizh 2 aylar önce
i think its cause the water actualy refract a part of light wich restrain the quantity of light reflected by the tile under it but not sure at all
liquidbraino 3 aylar önce
Your channel and Physics Girl are my two favorite science channels. The only other thing on the internet that even compares are the Richard Feynman lectures - but my all time favorite is "Los Alamos From Below". I watch that video as I'm going to sleep sometimes.
liquidbraino 3 aylar önce
Oh yeah and "Smarter Every Day"!! How could I forget Destin?!
incon 8 aylar önce
My mom taught me with soda cans (not bottles) that if you want to prevent it from exploding after shaking it, you tap the top of the can. Never made sense why but now I finally get it
BraveNewWhirled 9 aylar önce
You should do the experiment where you tap on the side of a plastic bottle filled with supercooled liquid. The effect is very fun to watch when using a clear carbonated beverage such as mountain dew.
Adam Place
Adam Place Yıl önce
The kid in me: yay exploding soda bottle! The adult in me: that'll stain that dress shirt
That Potato
That Potato 11 aylar önce
@Mari K. same, like the floor didnt need to drink that :')
Fraser Martin
Fraser Martin 11 aylar önce
You've got an adult and a child in you?
Mari K.
Mari K. Yıl önce
The adult in me is annoyed by the wasted drink and the money it had cost
Abhinav pattipati
young adult me : excited and worried lol
Red Wolf
Red Wolf Yıl önce
lol, the adult in me was thinking of the ant trail he was going to have
Phillip Crow
Phillip Crow 6 aylar önce
I think the slow motion ring falling was the most satisfying thing I've ever seen.
Mire Slavejkov
Mire Slavejkov 10 aylar önce
While on the subject of pressure in carbonated drinks, here's aquestion... Have you ever noticed that if you put some water in an emptied plastic bottle of a fizzy drink and shake it (to wash it), it suddenly shrinks as if there is a drop of pressure? Obviously when pouring the watter in and closing it, it is at normal atmospheric pressure, but why would shaking it drop the pressure below?
Anwar Kasirajan
Anwar Kasirajan 11 aylar önce
I actually had a laceration in my left hand after shaking a soda which was in a bottle. A glass pebble (goli) will be there in soda bottle in tamilnadu India in 90’s. the explanation I offered was bottle exploded. But now I knew exact mechanism… after 26 years after the accident. Thank you very much
Sigma 2 aylar önce
Here in sweden, the ice cube problem is something that we are expected to know the answer to and is actually a metric of which we use to compare the quality of education between schools in 9th grade (15-16 years old).
Default Cube
Default Cube Yıl önce
imma be calling soda "non equilibrium beverage" from now on
Default Cube
Default Cube 11 aylar önce
@Dan Me Schrodinger's carbon concentration
Default Cube
Default Cube 11 aylar önce
@Dan Me Schrodinger's carbon concentration
Dan Me
Dan Me 11 aylar önce
I would call it a schrodinger!
Kevin Sanchez
Kevin Sanchez Yıl önce
Default Cube
Default Cube Yıl önce
@lolling rock what do you mean the 'real default cube'? default cube is literally an object
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