2WEI - Survivor (Epic Cover - "Tomb Raider - Trailer 2 Music")

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2WEI has released a brand new cover! An epic rendition of Destiny's Child "Survivor" (ft. Beyoncé) has been used on the latest action-packed theatrical trailer of Tomb Raider, starring Alicia Vikander. Check out the track in its full glory!! Public release coming this week.
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Yük bağlantısı.....


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Epic Heaven Music
Epic Heaven Music 2 yıl önce
Public release now available! Spotify: sptfy.com/137T Google Play: goo.gl/29piUS
Biçer Biçer
Biçer Biçer 26 gün önce
Rebeca Gutiérrez
Rebeca Gutiérrez 3 aylar önce
Epic Heaven Music Mp
Emanuel Andriulis
Emanuel Andriulis 5 aylar önce
Gacha Ecole
Gacha Ecole 5 aylar önce
Epic Heaven Music I might use this for my trailer since the series/mini movie is called Survivors
Capitan Rex
Capitan Rex 5 aylar önce
You steal a track and put him in shops ? well ... fuck you
eniyi filmler
eniyi filmler Saatler önce
Türk yokmu +1
Housel 7 saatler önce
Me when I'm the only one in my friends group who still has their virginity
Kaan Eraslan
Kaan Eraslan 18 saatler önce
Survivor Türkiye 2020 🇹🇷♥️🇦🇿
Hanuma Han
Hanuma Han 21 saatler önce
Боже, эти комменты меня просто убили😂😂😂
Qamar Hasanov
Qamar Hasanov 22 saatler önce
Survivor 2014 2015 2018 2019 turabi camkiran Survivor 2020 perviz abdullayev
Marcel Gün önce
Im a survivor of Corona 2020.. fuck That Shit -.-
ErinB Vietnam
ErinB Vietnam Gün önce
ErinB Vietnam
ErinB Vietnam Gün önce
Anchorage Alaska
rashy mohammed
rashy mohammed Gün önce
I read every damn comment . . . . . . . . And I CANT STOP LAUGHING..😆😆😆
Brayan Baez
Brayan Baez 2 gün önce
So much better than the original
Biçer Biçer
Biçer Biçer 2 gün önce
Survıvor turkey🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷💙💙💙💙💙💙💙
Biçer Biçer
Biçer Biçer 2 gün önce
MaRyK_ KreM
MaRyK_ KreM 2 gün önce
Кто от TheLiryz`a?
gökçe .
gökçe . 2 gün önce
people against 2020 be like:
wilson XD_312
wilson XD_312 3 gün önce
3:15 :V
Jamie Lewis
Jamie Lewis 3 gün önce
I showed this song to the cleaner at work... .. They run the office now
Naz A
Naz A 3 gün önce
Barış Murat Yağcı şampiyon 🧿♥️
Mustafa Akyol
Mustafa Akyol 3 gün önce
Barış Murat Yağcı
Bilge Han
Bilge Han 3 gün önce
Acun sayesinde ogrenmedigimiz şarkı kalmadı mk
Mayil Nuriyev
Mayil Nuriyev 3 gün önce
Best music
Miriam Kişş
Miriam Kişş 3 gün önce
Melodia de la Survivor Romania?🖐❤
Ana Ponte
Ana Ponte 3 gün önce
Ana David Marques 🖤🖤🖤💥💣
Blekie NoMoreGames
Blekie NoMoreGames 4 gün önce
When you win a fight against your 2 old year sister about her dolls
Great player
Great player 4 gün önce
when you sneaks out in the open during Corona lockdown with 4 wanted stars
EVI IVE 4 gün önce
Positive attitude
Bailee Noggle
Bailee Noggle 4 gün önce
Ok, so I’m a hunger games nerd Am I the only one who sees Katniss Everdeen in this song?
Barış Murat Yaǧcı-videosundan gelen?
Nado 4 gün önce
I showed this to my cat... Now, it's cat level 2.
Hazel Akın
Hazel Akın 5 gün önce
King Fortnite Pro
King Fortnite Pro 6 gün önce
After ur first gym workout......ohhhhh i made it 🙃
Juline Dehaynin
Juline Dehaynin 6 gün önce
Jeremy Hicks
Jeremy Hicks 6 gün önce
Liars, Leakers, Traitors. Justice, Jail, Death. [PAIN]
Berk Kutlu
Berk Kutlu 6 gün önce
Survivor Barış Murat Yağcı Şampiyon 💥💥
Black 13
Black 13 6 gün önce
Survivor Turkey-Parviz Champ 🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿
Karmishtha Hutheram
Karmishtha Hutheram 6 gün önce
This song makes you wanna kick ass!!!
Cle Cle
Cle Cle 7 gün önce
When you finish your math exam without passing out once.
Diane Bustros
Diane Bustros 7 gün önce
I showed this to a baby Now he is jack jack from the incredibles
Mita4eto 8 gün önce
Me when i am finish my homework
Neko Tato
Neko Tato 8 gün önce
When you show this to 1 doller bill Now it's a 100 doller bill🙃
Neko Tato
Neko Tato 8 gün önce
When I come out of the basement I'm in one piece When I come out of the bathroom from the other side of my room at night I'm still In one piece Also every day when I used come out of school Yeah..........
Mr Haz
Mr Haz 8 gün önce
0:58 Is after I helped my school beated an another school, on a school trip!
Pro Win
Pro Win 8 gün önce
Alina Zagitova will be back
Pelda Gezer
Pelda Gezer 8 gün önce
R4IDER_OFICIAL 9 gün önce
MINHA MÚSICA FAVORITA ..quem é BR deixe o Like ai doidão ✌
Nikolai Orr
Nikolai Orr 10 gün önce
One of the best hype songs ever
IbisPaint X
IbisPaint X 10 gün önce
Geralt of Rivia
Geralt of Rivia 10 gün önce
Crystal Dynamics please add this song to the next Tomb Raider game
Sandra Suethana
Sandra Suethana 11 gün önce
why are people in the comments acting like Coronavirus is a person. Like I know it’s a serious topic, but like damn it’s a virus just don’t leave your house... Y’all dramatic for no reason 😂
Kristina 5 gün önce
@Sandra Suethana r/wooooooooosh
Sandra Suethana
Sandra Suethana 10 gün önce
Kristina doesn’t sound funny at all 😒
Kristina 10 gün önce
Don't take it serious dude people comment it because it sounds funny lmao
Elfman Straus
Elfman Straus 12 gün önce
When a dog chase me and it suddenly stop 💪
OreoGabe 12 gün önce
When You at The School Run Marathon
Lucas h
Lucas h 12 gün önce
I need this in my Spotify gym playlist
KeeganKraze 14 gün önce
I played this to my cat How’s he’s a cat....
monica chanel
monica chanel 16 gün önce
when your sleeping by your own and the demon under the bed can't get you
Rishi Chandra
Rishi Chandra 16 gün önce
This wouldve gone perfectly for the black widow movie trailer
-?????? 16 gün önce
When i have a conversation with a teacher and win it
Isa Flix
Isa Flix 17 gün önce
Lara crofttttttt
Eric Cartman
Eric Cartman 18 gün önce
Showed this to coronavirus Now i have coronavirus because i was close to it
Nicholas Chen
Nicholas Chen 19 gün önce
My theme for 2020
louiesking 19 gün önce
all of us after the crisis.
k-duece 19 gün önce
Showed this to my sandwich I ate it
GameDev3D 19 gün önce
me after taking a fat shit ... i'm a survivor
celine 19 gün önce
whats up with the size of her bandaged arm tho
Story Zi
Story Zi 20 gün önce
I showed this to John Marston *NOW HES ARTHUR MORGAN*
Mauritius king
Mauritius king 20 gün önce
When you get corona & survive
Luisa Jorrin
Luisa Jorrin 20 gün önce
We will survive the Corona virus, cancer, depression, anxiety
Faona Devilluke
Faona Devilluke 20 gün önce
Simone 21 gün önce
I want to buy it and having the possibility to use it in a project.. is it possible? What do I have to do? How much it costs?
That Guy In A Godzilla Suit
Thanos-2018: “I’m A Survivor.”
Κυριακή Συμεωνίδη
What we are gonna play when coronavirus is over.
nishtha rastogi
nishtha rastogi 22 gün önce
Showed this to my common cold, now it's corona
Young Midoriya
Young Midoriya 23 gün önce
I need a videoclip of this.
Egyptiana 23 gün önce
Me if I survive 2020 without getting coronavirus
queen taurus
queen taurus 23 gün önce
I played this while doing my homework... ...and now my homework does homework for me
Álvaro Martin
Álvaro Martin 23 gün önce
Me alone in my house:*I'M A SURVIVOR*
Yvette Kleeblatt
Yvette Kleeblatt 23 gün önce
When your make up is okay After schoolway in rain
Na'il Berkleef
Na'il Berkleef 24 gün önce
Cristian Zizioli
Cristian Zizioli 26 gün önce
When you're still alive after your mom kicked yo ass because you said "fuck"
Mel K
Mel K 26 gün önce
Wie is hier ook door selma homari
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