28 Minecraft Things You Should Start Doing

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Minecraft has a lot of features and sometimes we end up forgetting them. So to remind you or to teach you something new, today I'll cover 28 Minecraft things that you should probably start doing. Minecraft facts (in 1.16) that improve your playthrough or will just make the game more fun in general. Thanks a bunch and I hope you enjoy :)

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This is not a series called Minecraft VVSauce where I explore random features of Minecraft. Not Minecraft, but the water rises or Minecraft Manhunt but a quick video with 28 different things you should start doing in Minecraft. These are great to know end may end up helping tons of you, including Dream himself!




16 May 2021




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Skip the Tutorial
Skip the Tutorial 8 aylar önce
Wait, you’re telling me I didn’t make this video?
Naira 3 gün önce
Lmao 😭
Gabbythegamer 79
Gabbythegamer 79 7 gün önce
You didn't make it lol
BunkerAtomPlayz Aylar önce
Wait whay-
Charlotte Johnson
Charlotte Johnson Aylar önce
I guess not, 😇
Ichsan wirasana
Ichsan wirasana Aylar önce
/\ / \
Rebel Friend
Rebel Friend 8 aylar önce
I love how Wifies goes through phases of parodying different creators
E 4 aylar önce
MC GAMER here 5 aylar önce
Mimi Maya
Mimi Maya 7 aylar önce
@Abdelrahman Shaaban omar nope
Mimi Maya
Mimi Maya 7 aylar önce
@FLM (New Video out in my Channel) stfu
FLM (New Video out in my Channel)
28 things you should do 1. quit minecraft 2. play fortnite 3. quit minecraft 4. play fortnite 5. quit minecraft 6. play fortnite 7. quit minecraft 8. play fortnite 9. quit minecraft 10. play fortnite 11. quit minecraft 12. play fortnite 13. quit minecraft 14. play fortnite 15. quit minecraft 16. play fortnite 17. quit minecraft 18. play fortnite 19. quit minecraft 20. play fortnite 21. quit minecraft 22. play fortnite 23. quit minecraft 24. play fortnite 25. quit minecraft 26. play fortnite 27. quit minecraft 28. play fortnite
D__man 6 aylar önce
“Mobs can’t hurt you from the outside” *almost dies*
cendsel 13 gün önce
Just dig 2 block under fixed
Unknown Astroid _
Unknown Astroid _ 2 aylar önce
Tbh I thought it was suffocating but I don’t think it doesn’t that much damage ..
Unknown Astroid _
Unknown Astroid _ 2 aylar önce
He tried staying perfectly to hide the mob hits lmao
threever 3 aylar önce
@amaahda no, suffocation deal more damage than that. it's still useless too even if it was just suffocation because it will still hurt you and kills you.
Louis Thyde
Louis Thyde 4 aylar önce
Kroviah 6 aylar önce
For the desert temple you just need to break the plate and it won’t go off.
Unpeelable 5 aylar önce
Ok the banner one is actually so helpful to know exactly where it is rather than just looking at the map and the surroundings. Good job on that one
Fig Rig
Fig Rig Gün önce
ARgamer 7 gün önce
Can't tell if this is sarcastic
Courtney Sotile
Courtney Sotile 5 aylar önce
You can now use dripstone with water to refill cauldrons with potions. So, you can get infinite potions as long as you make at least 1
Frossboxman 7 aylar önce
"Mobs cannot damage you when you are inside" Instantly gets hit by the mob
I use to use the lava trick to find diamonds it works to
MC GAMING 29 gün önce
yes thats very true
suuky Aylar önce
@正切函數 "Translate to English"
Mack. H.
Mack. H. Aylar önce
Actually, you can still get damaged if the mob is on the corner of the building and you are in that corner as well. It’s happened so many times to me before.
Se er
Se er 2 aylar önce
He stopped takig damage when he got to the center, i think that might be it
Keyser Soze
Keyser Soze 5 aylar önce
You know, the desert temple treasure is easy. Just mine straight down to the side of the colored block and then break the pressure plate.
Lunar 2 aylar önce
"Hmm I don't have a water bucket. What should I use to get down?" "Ah yes, my trusty honey blocks"
Je ne suis
Je ne suis 2 aylar önce
Oh just go in a boat, easy life.
Minecrafter2014 6 aylar önce
You could just sprint through the creeper, it’ll blow itself up and you’ll only take 3 or less hearts of damage, i usually take less than half a heart
The Jelly Goose Meow Meow
Hey a quick tip for anyone trying to get the "sleep with the fishes" achievement which is spending a day underwater then stand under a block and on a soul sand block and go AFK because it prevents drowning and you don't take damage like from magma blocks ♡♡♡
11A17 Siddhanth.T.A
11A17 Siddhanth.T.A 5 aylar önce
Instead of putting a composter and a trapdoor to protect ourselves, just dig a 2 block hole and block the exit.
Todd Stueland
Todd Stueland 6 aylar önce
“No one wants to spend hours strip mining just for a couple of diamonds” Me strip mining with my fortune III pick: “ well yes, but actually no”
Lynx Sss
Lynx Sss 2 aylar önce
@Left4Cake he told wrong spelling
Left4Cake 2 aylar önce
@Lynx Sss Bedrock Edition is the universal name for all the version running on the engine witch including Pocket, Windows 10, Switch, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.
Hayden Cat
Hayden Cat 3 aylar önce
@Danielle Bufalo wait what
Lynx Sss
Lynx Sss 3 aylar önce
@JOSEPH STALIN it's okay
JOSEPH STALIN 3 aylar önce
@Lynx Sss O sorry
Jessie gamer
Jessie gamer 4 aylar önce
9:41 you could also use a "ender pearl stasis system" with a daylight sensor
SoreBG# 2 aylar önce
Ashton 6 aylar önce
"Mobs cannot hurt you through the composter" he says while being damaged by mobs through the composter
the darkjw
the darkjw 3 aylar önce
just happened
KingBacon 4 aylar önce
@Blank B. or the composter didn’t block the damage, but the mobs’ vision so that they wouldn’t attack you.
Blank B.
Blank B. 5 aylar önce
I think it was the composter itself doing the damage 🤣
santy 09
santy 09 7 aylar önce
Hey here's another tip for move villagers even easy when you ring the bell the villagers runs to their bed, so what you have to do is take all the beds around and then put one bed where you want them to go, finally ring the bell and all the villagers will go there you can move and entire village that easy !!
Steve Austin
Steve Austin 23 gün önce
I have done that as well. Wait for dark, knock out the villagers bed, and move him to another house. If it is far enough away, I have to put the bed down and pick it up to get him moving in that direction.
Lukas Amann
Lukas Amann 3 aylar önce
One of the best and helpful comments I've ever read
Louis Thyde
Louis Thyde 3 aylar önce
@MrBruh ok
MrBruh 3 aylar önce
@Louis Thyde Everyone: stanning, worshipping, praying and building a cult to this man Louis: ok
Jett 3 aylar önce
Who are you , who are so wise in the way of science
tobias_the_newb 6 aylar önce
the treasure chest is also always under sand, so no need to dig in dirt or stone
urboymatexan 5 aylar önce
as a player who just downloaded the game a week ago, this is incredibly helpful. thank you so much
Nishchay 3 aylar önce
Which version did u buy , I dont have a pc so I'm thinking its actually worth waiting till I get pc to play minecraft
Jasmine 4 aylar önce
I have been playing Minecraft for 5 years and is still a noob.
𝕃𝕦𝕔𝕒𝕤 𝕡𝕝𝕒𝕪𝕫シ
I actually downloaded it 1 day ago bc I Watch a lot of hacks videos now I know all
Iago Piñeiro
Iago Piñeiro 4 aylar önce
I just tested the diamond thing and it looks like it. I digged 3 times over clay ponds and 3 times over random terrain (being far from any river or water to avoid finding diamonds through that means). The 3 clay diggins were positive. Not just in point, but in a block-range mining distance. Also, they can be in the pure bedrock, so you will have to mine a lot sometimes. The 3 random minings were negative, i did not find a single diamond this way. Of course its not definitive, but there are some solid proofs. Note: If mining over a clay pond and reaching "diamond height", you will have to mine at least 1 third of your mining range blocks. You will find diamonds but you will mine A LOT, so this method is effective in results, but I think you wont save SO MUCH time.
AwoudeX 3 aylar önce
regarding villagers, just do this: box the villager in with glass or other non full blocks like stairs. If you let a minecart roll into the square diagonally from the villager's feet, it will be pulled into the minecart. lay down a track of rails, connect it all and presto, ez villager transport. you can use YOUR trade+instant follow trick to lure the villager in a good spot to get boxed in
Ben Goodwin
Ben Goodwin 8 aylar önce
One more thing about chorus fruit, they fill up your saturation even at full hunger
Stanby Mode
Stanby Mode 4 aylar önce
@CSharp do you have split personality disorder?
AntMess97 5 aylar önce
I hadn't considered this use! Amazing! Thanks for the tip!
Ben Goodwin
Ben Goodwin 8 aylar önce
@dragon saturation is a second invisible hunger bar that works in a similar way but has a few differences. While it has anything in it you'll regenerate health quickly until it runs out or your regular hunger bar gets too low
dragon 8 aylar önce
Hmm i Wonder if i get 2 layers of meat sticks HMMM YOU defenitly mean you can eat it while at full hunger like gapples
zedorekuXD 8 aylar önce
@Jake Gamer Dog no
An Idiot
An Idiot 6 aylar önce
I feel like the first thing you should do in a desert temple is to destroy the pressure plate.
pina coles
pina coles 5 aylar önce
With the campfire one, you can actually relight the campfire with flint and steel
Singing Nay
Singing Nay 3 aylar önce
I discovered the trap door trick for animal pens ages ago, I use them for all my mobs now. It looks way nicer than carpets on top of fences.
Aaron Ulsemuul
Aaron Ulsemuul 3 aylar önce
The last one is definitely the coolest and the most useful redstone mechanism ever
Chaosvolt 7 aylar önce
...people actually drop into the desert temple without immediately taking out the pressure plate?
wreeper 5 aylar önce
Isai Montalvo
Isai Montalvo 5 aylar önce
@tartaglia go vroom just go down block by block, then when ur close enough destroy de trap with the pickaxe
tartaglia go vroom
tartaglia go vroom 5 aylar önce
Wait what i make a staircase down and avoid it
Isai Montalvo
Isai Montalvo 5 aylar önce
It literally just happen to me today
Lady.Whatever 5 aylar önce
I once tried to take out the plate and it blew up so i just tip toe around it
Poli T. Heliu
Poli T. Heliu 4 aylar önce
That banner map one is actually incredibly helpful
Liat 4 aylar önce
Or alternatively for number 6, just break the chests.
Lati 6 aylar önce
Usually these types of videos are 90% things I already knew but I know almost none of these things and they’re all useful as hell. Thank you!!!!
PRLX Spectre
PRLX Spectre 2 gün önce
With the campfire you can hit it with a fire aspect and that will also re light it
RICE 8 aylar önce
"Man, I forgot my bucket of water" "Thank god I always carry with me a HONEY BLOCK"
Hala Mohammed
Hala Mohammed 6 aylar önce
@FLM (New Video out in my Channel) HAHHAHAHGAA HELL NO
Will Ranger
Will Ranger 7 aylar önce
Sara 7 aylar önce
@FLM (New Video out in my Channel) Thank you, but no thank you.
FLM (New Video out in my Channel)
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Kdev 8 aylar önce
Any solid block will do
Kenyatta Burris
Kenyatta Burris 7 gün önce
I love how wifies shows minecraft facts that we actually never heard of
LuColvin Jackson Jr
LuColvin Jackson Jr 4 aylar önce
I wish they would add some of these features to bedrock
Viraok 3 aylar önce
Since the shields came out creepers have been the least threatening enemy anyway. I hate how they've taken pretty much the main enemy from back in the day and made it a joke you can smack 3 times and be done with or just stand there and let them deal with themselves. Biggest threat they pose is to our structures and even then barely a threat at all.
16 J KAUSHALAN 8D 5 aylar önce
You can also use Chorus fruit for nether portal traps ender pearls can also be used but Chorus fruit is a much safer option
Marco 8 aylar önce
"mobs can't hurt you from the outside" **gets hurt by mobs from the outside**
Sanuda Jayasinghe
Sanuda Jayasinghe 2 aylar önce
lol was gonna say that
yourfavorite13year oldfarmer
He was glitching through the composted not getting hit by mobs
_XVedant BG
_XVedant BG 7 aylar önce
@Ashi a1q1zw1a p129z Qoma×!9%÷'si z264e11r
iamb1 7 aylar önce
@FLM (New Video out in my Channel) 4 things you should do 1. stop playing fortnite 2. start playing minecraft 3. stop playing fortnite 4. start playing minecraft
FLM (New Video out in my Channel)
28 things you should do 1. quit minecraft 2. play fortnite 3. quit minecraft 4. play fortnite 5. quit minecraft 6. play fortnite 7. quit minecraft 8. play fortnite 9. quit minecraft 10. play fortnite 11. quit minecraft 12. play fortnite 13. quit minecraft 14. play fortnite 15. quit minecraft 16. play fortnite 17. quit minecraft 18. play fortnite 19. quit minecraft 20. play fortnite 21. quit minecraft 22. play fortnite 23. quit minecraft 24. play fortnite 25. quit minecraft 26. play fortnite 27. quit minecraft 28. play fortnite
TakecenterStage 2 gün önce
Does the diamond-findimg tip about clay in the riverbed also work for the beach/ocean?
Brent Jindrich Archico
I don't know if he had mentioned that you can place the uncooked food on the fireplace itself and I think it has four slots to cooked through. Pretty useful if don't wanna spend your coals on food and just reserved it for smelting. Yeh....
Kenny Gross
Kenny Gross 6 aylar önce
i hope to remember some of these tips. diamonds under clay? who knew! and a trap door fence... nice
Gabriel 3 aylar önce
for number 18 u can actually use chorus fruit while using elytra, allowing you to do some cool tricks and ways to trick your friends, if you are being chased (nobody expects it).
I'm a Goose
I'm a Goose 7 aylar önce
7:53 “Mob’s can’t hurt you from the outside” He says as his health depletes
PessiOpt 9
PessiOpt 9 2 aylar önce
Dig one block than do that.
mysterious mysteries
mysterious mysteries 2 aylar önce
He was smothering in the blocks which is why he moves a bit
Allwing Animations
Allwing Animations 4 aylar önce
@Chloe Rycroft same though
GamerPROPlayER5 4 aylar önce
@Chloe Rycroft Ye lol.
Chloe Rycroft
Chloe Rycroft 4 aylar önce
i checked the comments as soon as I saw that
ValpN 4 aylar önce
That Dimond thing was insane, tried it and it worked 8-9/10 times :O
SilverFeatherMW 6 aylar önce
you can grab items out of your reach with a fishing rod.
David Whisleman
David Whisleman 6 aylar önce
6:10 if you don't have fire res, you can just do the exact same thing as in the water with the f5
Than_5562 2 aylar önce
Number 10, you can just jump, when you almost touch the ground, immediately leave the world and join again
Daily Juicy Facts
Daily Juicy Facts 8 aylar önce
It is so relatable how your friends are armor stands
`• { MsAngelaCat } •`
Me who plays in single player mode: so relatable because when I go in multiplayer it glitches and my game crashes :')
JashS4# 8 aylar önce
@Monke ProStar yea it’s overused
Jocelyn Billones
Jocelyn Billones 8 aylar önce
It's so true it's making me cry
Jamie 8 aylar önce
And that's being generous
SIDHARTA ROY 8 aylar önce
Lofi Z34
Lofi Z34 6 aylar önce
3:18 this doesn't seem to work in the new 1.17 update. My gf and I tried 3 times to do this. We dug out a massive area around the X on the map, around the 9/9 area and there was no chest. I think something got broken in this update.
Γρηγόρης Μότσιος
Bro this was the most informative tips and tricks video I've ever watched. Congrats
Dvojitej Chleba
Dvojitej Chleba 5 aylar önce
This was actually pretty useful. And for a sec you had me thinking about where did I see that font... realized it's exactly the same as the Vsauce one lol. Especially when you asked "or is there?" in number 12.
TheMightyAshman 18 gün önce
The waypoint with banners was actually very useful
Marco Cantera
Marco Cantera 7 aylar önce
That banner map sign blew my mind, that's something I was wondering if I can do last time I was exploring
DDJ GAMERZ 7 gün önce
@Derpedy Derp yess
Orange Soda
Orange Soda 3 aylar önce
This whole time, I thought the only way to mark a location on the map was to build something big enough to be visible.
𝕃𝕦𝕔𝕒𝕤 𝕡𝕝𝕒𝕪𝕫シ
It didn’t work probably because I have no editdition
The_Secret _Gamer
The_Secret _Gamer 5 aylar önce
That's an old trick .
fcr fcre btw
fcr fcre btw 5 aylar önce
Ya I only saw that yesterday on TRvid shorts
Memelord 6 aylar önce
You know if you put a camp fire in the middle of two fences going up two times with a cauldron attached too the two and put any kind of potion in there you get bubbles so it looks like your making soup
MD Shahid Akhtar
MD Shahid Akhtar 5 gün önce
I have a tip also Tip- You can easily take the villager where you want . You need only a bed and a bell place a bed than place a bell ring the bell and see all the villager are there where you placed the bed
Mvpboi 6 aylar önce
You can use wood tools for smelting Just thought u guys should know
BananaBoo97 6 aylar önce
That banner thing is really cool! I could totally use that!!
Basthesapling 8 aylar önce
Can we just appreciate the fact how nice and calming wifies voice is?
Basthesapling 8 aylar önce
why am I a simp nO
Pruh 8 aylar önce
Sus + Simp = Susimp = Sus Impostor 😳
Pruh 8 aylar önce
@Pratham Talati Susimp
TheFruitMan 8 aylar önce
Pratham Talati
Pratham Talati 8 aylar önce
Simp and sus at the same time
Dharitri Sahu
Dharitri Sahu Aylar önce
Indeed, another way you can save you time and money. Instead of making a big house, find a jungle and place your items there itself.
ghiman chorf
ghiman chorf 6 aylar önce
For the villager one in 3:49 u can just throw down things the villagers want and give emeralds and they will follow to take it!(take it before they do so u dont lose resources. And you can just make the villager a farmer then throw the wheat, porato or whatever the villager wants.
Cammy 6 aylar önce
Could do a splash potion of regeneration on a creeper. Heal after it blows up in a clutch situation ig
Zoidberg656 Aylar önce
11:34 I'm gonna send this video to my friends when they question why I'm giving all the Creepers splash potions of swiftness.
OwO 8 aylar önce
You know, even though I'm a Minecraft veteran, I think I still need guidance to make sure I don't turn into a rookie again.
The Minecrafted
The Minecrafted 6 aylar önce
Ah fellow veteran
Bailey Marion
Bailey Marion 6 aylar önce
How do you keep mushroom cows mushroom cows?
K whatever
K whatever 7 aylar önce
Seeing OwO comment on everything puts me off the video
First name Last name
First name Last name 7 aylar önce
First, we had Justin Y. Now we have OwO Who is next?
Piechota Productions
Piechota Productions 7 aylar önce
Don’t u play jailbreak in roblox
Ahmer Imam
Ahmer Imam 5 aylar önce
just a bit on #10, if you have enough wood to make a staircase downwards like that, just make a boat and fall down while in it
Sus Man
Sus Man 2 aylar önce
The trapdoor pen, really helps
Jjaewan's everything
Jjaewan's everything 25 gün önce
You can use the /setblock command to place water in the nether. This probably is an intended feature, and it works perfectly in bedrock 1.17.
Ryan Butson
Ryan Butson 2 aylar önce
fire aspect swords can light campfires too (at least in bedrock)
QeniRay 8 aylar önce
You know someone's been playing Minecraft for a while when they say _smelt_ the food.
Scrawler 7 aylar önce
I also say let’s cook some trashy 1$ food ;)
StarDust of eclipse _
StarDust of eclipse _ 8 aylar önce
@ærcian yes, yes. As always.
Penguside 8 aylar önce
@ærcian lmao
Minecraft Troller ᨆ
Minecraft Troller ᨆ 8 aylar önce
i thought everyone said that
Nugcon 8 aylar önce
Intellectuals be like: S m o k e
backSpace Aylar önce
clay river mining has helped so much-- thanks wifies!!
Ethan Shaw
Ethan Shaw 20 gün önce
I love the armor stand friends, that's amazing
ghiman chorf
ghiman chorf 6 aylar önce
4:43 just take the wet sponge to the nether then place it to get rid of the water
Tim Van Hoeck
Tim Van Hoeck 6 aylar önce
Wait. Are you sure about clay and diamonds having a correlation in terms of spawning within a given chunk? Such a convenient feature/coincidence/oversight(???) seems a bit too convenient to me. I'll have to test it later.
rae 8 aylar önce
Here's another one: if you have a tripwire trap setup, you can break the string with shears to "disarm" the tripwire! This will keep the string in place and disable the trap without triggering it (whereas just breaking the string in other ways will trigger it).
Cyppy Moraleda
Cyppy Moraleda 2 aylar önce
How to kill hostile mobs without swords: charge a respawn anchor in the overworld near a hostile mob Note: it will kill you
Silver Wolf
Silver Wolf 25 gün önce
I see Minecraft in a new light now i wanna try this :3 Thx its really helpful!
Dark Blade
Dark Blade 4 aylar önce
You can use flint and steel to lighten up the campfire
viahl Aylar önce
the banner/waypoint is actually nuts, it changes everything for me
80reo 8 aylar önce
The thing with the buried treasure is gonna save me so much time. Amazing video!
Karen Baldwin
Karen Baldwin Aylar önce
That video was awesome. I learned some new things and I had forgotten some stuff and some stuff and you refresh my memory so thank you keep it up
kemi242 5 aylar önce
#1 violates the rule of never digging directly below or above you, you may fall into a lava pit.
Pepinillo Rick
Pepinillo Rick 5 aylar önce
This was really usefull¡ and i saw dozens of videos like this, amazing work men :D
David Espinoza
David Espinoza 24 gün önce
To find a treasure chest on console, I find it best to dig a 10x10 square.
Boysenberries 8 aylar önce
These are actually really good tips, I was not expecting that! Btw eating chorus fruit also gives unlimited saturation since you can eat them when you're not hungry, so if you need some really quick healing, or you're about to do something that takes a lot of health, you can chug a bunch of fruit
Gabby Hall
Gabby Hall 8 aylar önce
you know this vid is stolen right?
Loverfluff :3
Loverfluff :3 8 aylar önce
dija know, if your flying with elytra, and eat chorus fruit, you magically teleport to the ground
bigboi bejamin
bigboi bejamin 8 aylar önce
But doesn't erase fall damage
Brendon Hager
Brendon Hager 8 aylar önce
NhtyBeats 3 aylar önce
I actually learned a few things from this ive been playing since 2015 lol... I love this, subbed
Hazel Hazelton
Hazel Hazelton 5 aylar önce
I mean, once you've got a couple of enchanting stations and a villager trading hall up and running, you don't really need diamonds for anything any more, so I suppose you might as well burn them... :p
Rentora 2 aylar önce
didn't think i'd learn something, and yet now i'm gonna dig my hidden treasure the smart way
Gaming parfois
Gaming parfois Aylar önce
For the campgire trick you just need a flint and steel to relight it.... 😅
ChakeMH 7 aylar önce
29: You can dry sponges just by placing them in the nether.
Bella Rose
Bella Rose 6 aylar önce
Yea, and tho somehow snow nor ice melts in the nether
Elbigpepe_0122 7 aylar önce
@Dean Karaniya well still, just saying it is very convenient
Dean Karaniya
Dean Karaniya 7 aylar önce
@Elbigpepe_0122 Water is a renewable resource.
Detailed Emoji
Detailed Emoji 7 aylar önce
And mine them with a hoe for faster mining.
Elbigpepe_0122 7 aylar önce
But the way he showed it you can get water back, and it won’t be a waste
Waffletop101 2 aylar önce
while watching this and playing minecraft, I came across an interesting glitch. the sprite for yellow dye in the java crafting guide was doubled! anyone know about this glitch?
_ HashYourtag _
_ HashYourtag _ 5 aylar önce
The piston and composter was fixed in recent updates :( and doesn’t work in bedrock
Wharf Rat
Wharf Rat 8 gün önce
I think I'll leave the mechanical builds to Mumbo, he's the expert. 😅
Draw For Fun
Draw For Fun 21 gün önce
I love how he says mobs can't hurt you in the composer while u can see he is taking damage
AwesomeMarioBros 8 aylar önce
Most of the time I post joke comments on your videos lol but this video actually had some really good tips! Definitely going to be using some of these!
Wackthdragon Aylar önce
esi craft
esi craft Aylar önce
so u commented about ur life prev
Other 7 aylar önce
@FLM (New Video out in my Channel) 28 things you should do 1.quit fortnite 2.play Minecraft 3.skip a few 27 and 28
FLM (New Video out in my Channel)
28 things you should do 1. quit minecraft 2. play fortnite 3. quit minecraft 4. play fortnite 5. quit minecraft 6. play fortnite 7. quit minecraft 8. play fortnite 9. quit minecraft 10. play fortnite 11. quit minecraft 12. play fortnite 13. quit minecraft 14. play fortnite 15. quit minecraft 16. play fortnite 17. quit minecraft 18. play fortnite 19. quit minecraft 20. play fortnite 21. quit minecraft 22. play fortnite 23. quit minecraft 24. play fortnite 25. quit minecraft 26. play fortnite 27. quit minecraft 28. play fortnite
jason senter
jason senter 8 aylar önce
yea.. some..
Jonathan Oshida
Jonathan Oshida 6 aylar önce
I checked the diamond thing out and it worked thank you so much ❤️❤️❤️❤️
War Against Myself
War Against Myself 17 gün önce
I never knew how much fun this game was. I have a ps3, and my kids always played this. Wanted me too as well. I finally relented, and its so damn fun lol. Im a total noob though
Varmint LP
Varmint LP Aylar önce
Number 9 3:45 even easier. Either use a boat. Or you grab their crafting station and place it every few blocks. The villager will just follow you to the station to claim it. Works at least since 1.18 but probably already si ce 1.17 or 1.16
C Christianson
C Christianson 18 gün önce
as someone who has spent at least 24 hours of my life working with building trade halls... The fact that villagers will follow you could've cut that in half...
ThatOneAqua 8 aylar önce
The villager one was the best thing to learn ever.
MINE CRAFT 8 aylar önce
It took me so long to move two villager from a frozen biome to my house (around 800 block away)
MINE CRAFT 8 aylar önce
@General Grievous ...........
General Grievous
General Grievous 8 aylar önce
Not for me, I avoid all contact with villagers, except to exterminate them.
MINE CRAFT 8 aylar önce
Why didnt u get two villagers in the farm then breed them
ElectroZap 8 aylar önce
Trompimus Prime
Trompimus Prime 4 aylar önce
7:55 *and you’ll be safe from all mobs* Also Wifies: ***takes damage***
Vanessa M.
Vanessa M. 2 aylar önce
Dream should do the desert temple trick 🙃
Lampe2020 3 aylar önce
I am also watching Skip the Tutorial and I really like it. And I have subscribed to both this channel and Skip the Tutorial :)
Isolator _
Isolator _ 5 aylar önce
"just put a composter and put a trapdoor on top of it, hop into it and you have a temporary base and you wont take any damage..." *takes 4 hearts of damage after saying that*
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