25 Minecraft Things Mojang Doesn't Let You Use

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Education edition has so many insane features!

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Character drawn by @MagnaGallina

Edited by Brennan Moore
Footage collected by Frankie Mundo
Some music used in this video is courtesy of Mewmore. Make sure to follow their tracks at @Mewmore
Portions of this video are copyrighted and owned by Nintendo, and their use is allowed by the Nintendo Game Content Guidelines for Online Video & Image Sharing Platforms. All other original content, unless expressly noted otherwise, is ©2022, by the Skip the Tutorial creator, all rights reserved.




13 Ağu 2022




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TeamWolf Aylar önce
The Education Edition is also a part of the Pocket and Bedrock Edition. This means that bedrock players can play Education Edition without paying more than what Minecraft actually costs. (It is a world setting) I love it 😀
Puppydawg1973 8 gün önce
@Huysuzben No you don't, I have Minecraft and I don't have a school account and I made a world with Education Edition
ZenoX 8 gün önce
bedrock and pocket edition is same bro.
ThRandomGamer 10 gün önce
@Chinyan li wut
Chinyan li
Chinyan li 11 gün önce
@ThRandomGamer 🎉😂❤😊
Tinxco 21 gün önce
Pe is already bedrock so. Both are bedrock edition
Dakota Aylar önce
The feature I love most about education edition is the chalkboards. They are so much easier to type on, give you more room to type, and you can go back and edit them.
Dakota 6 gün önce
@ball of energy What's wrong?
ball of energy
ball of energy 6 gün önce
Amanda Larsen
Amanda Larsen Aylar önce
My favorite thing about chalkboards is that you can read them with Microsoft's Immersive Reader making the game and the content more accessible to everyone!
Border block allow block and deny blocks are available on bedrock edition aswell. And in mobile you toggle on and off the elements and the /ability command
ReesesMuncher Aylar önce
I used to play MCEE in school all the time before the pandemic! Even though my teacher probably hated me and all the kids that played games during class, I couldn't help but notice all the anazing things in this version of Minecraft, I basically forgot all about it until I watched this video. It was basically free as it's obtainable to anyone with a school laptop. The laptops were on a LAN so we'd be able to join other player's worlds like parkour, hungergames, or minigames.
TheNamesJames 24 gün önce
what pandemic? it went away
Flash Fire
Flash Fire Aylar önce
I actually think that Blaze Rods could be used with Glow Ink Sacs to make glow sticks if Java/Bedrock were to have them.
AI 2006
AI 2006 Aylar önce
Glad to see education is getting some attention sure it’s the version made for learning but it has probably some of the best map making features out of all minecraft versions
@フリスクチャンネル nah
No Naem
No Naem Aylar önce
@Idiotic Bagel Weren't cameras like a very old secret item in bedrock?
Helen Czarnecki
Helen Czarnecki Aylar önce
If you don’t have educational at your school just ask your principal can you can you let us play Minecraft educational you know I have to be in Elementary school
Alvira Aylar önce
@DL06 average gen z
Guest 536
Guest 536 Aylar önce
and you don't even need to download it too, you can just enable the education edition setting on bedrock edition sure, you may be a bit more limited, but you still get to test out some of the stuff before getting education edition itself.
Neon Wolf
Neon Wolf Aylar önce
Ed edition is SO good, it's just sad that it doesn't get much recognition online. Also, the Agent can be used as a portable inventory by spawning it, placing the items in it's inventory and then you can despawn it or just leave it, then resummon it later!
EpicM147_NoVa Aylar önce
On bedrock for Switch/Ps4/Ps5/Xbox/Pc/Mac...... All platforms of which you can download MCPE/Bedrock There's a toggle to access Most of Education edition. Some of which you need to use command to get. Maby java player should look into bedrock featchers instead of loading in a world with out messing with the settings and looking at world options.
Tater OtF
Tater OtF Aylar önce
I would love to do something either somehow in a class or as the cool aunt with Education Edition. Imagine building a giant world of instructions, games, and activities and for 30 students to collaborate on it. I really hope that since I do online school they do something like that. It'd be awesome to tell your friend to get online because you made something with balloons.
Zander & Brielle
Zander & Brielle Aylar önce
Zander & Brielle
Zander & Brielle Aylar önce
Elysia ! Herrscher of Human Ego
Back when I used pocket edition I used a lot of these. Glad to know they’re being recognized!
Eziko :D
Eziko :D Aylar önce
Yeah, funnily enough I thought java had the same thing ngl-
kevin perez
kevin perez Aylar önce
As a math teacher who uses minecraft education edition with my students, thank you, i learned a lot of tips that i can apply in future classes. Thanks skipthetutorial.
Eziko :D
Eziko :D Aylar önce
I need you to be my teacher now
frostwolf! Aylar önce
I want to be i in your class if its true! Man i want to go to school but this stupid virus!
Nicholas Kita
Nicholas Kita Aylar önce
Students must really like your class 😂
Ben Octari Cat
Ben Octari Cat Aylar önce
The border blocks are also available outside of education edition (at least in bedrock they are) and are accessible through the /give command
cable car
cable car Aylar önce
@Ben Octari Cat oh, well that seems easy.
Ben Octari Cat
Ben Octari Cat Aylar önce
@cable car You have to use the /Give command with some of them
cable car
cable car Aylar önce
I've played on Bedrock with Education Edition On but i cant find some of the stuff in this video.
Justin Bombach
Justin Bombach Aylar önce
@Robloxify I have Nintendo Switch, it works fine for me...
Daviti, zuka, ilia 😀
Also deny and allow blocks
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu Aylar önce
I’ve been curious as to what was different about this version. Thanks for the info
WardianPurpur29 Aylar önce
10:53 You can actually get this in vanilla by using commands. I even made my own “adventure map” out of these aswell. And I _think_ we can access some of these using commands in vanilla aswell.
EpicM147_NoVa Aylar önce
On bedrock for Switch/Ps4/Ps5/Xbox/Pc/Mac...... All platforms of which you can download MCPE/Bedrock There's a toggle to access Most of Education edition. Some of which you need to use command to get. So its most of the stuff not just that in the vanilla game.
Jacey Т@p т0 Ch̴a̴t̴ ̴ ME 💞
For people who didnt know, you can use the npc mob without enabling education on bedrock.
Luigi Carbone
Luigi Carbone Aylar önce
You know, Education Edition is an optional feature on Bedrock Edition, and you don't need Education Edition for the NPC mob in Bedrock.
Acey Kay
Acey Kay Aylar önce
Wow, I've been playing minecraft for 9,5 years now and I've never played educatiion edition. I never even knew where the difference to java and bedrock was. But it's like a completely new game inside minecraft and I kind of wanna play and try it out myself now. Could be fun playing with the little one. What's the recommended age for this?
TheSadSimp UwU
TheSadSimp UwU Aylar önce
@EKMELK10 they play Fortnite
TheSadSimp UwU
TheSadSimp UwU Aylar önce
@EKMELK10 they don’t play Minecraft do u wanna trade?
EKMELK10 Aylar önce
@TheSadSimp UwU Why? If you have a friend that has Minecraft, you can own a Minecraft account.
Amber Aylar önce
Idk actually. My school allows us to play Minecraft Edu on our free time from Year 2 and Up. So I would recommend 8
Voyager Aylar önce
@EKMELK10 i think he means you can play it on bedrock without having to buy education edition
koiun dwrru
koiun dwrru Aylar önce
I have had education edition for ages but I never knew it was this interesting. Thanks for telling me all this
AxolotlGaming Aylar önce
Allow and deny are in pocket edition as a block you get from commands, except you can build on both of them
Springtrap Aylar önce
Quite a long time ago I stumbled upon education edition, and now i again feel like going back and experiencing all the cool features !!!
D1AL9A Aylar önce
Wow, I used to use education edition for school and didn’t know about a lot of them. Cool! Thanks for the info
Wingman Aylar önce
I took this as a high school class and it was amazing, you learn how to code and it is actually made very well
Amanda Larsen
Amanda Larsen Aylar önce
Education edition is awesome for teaching. It's my favorite tool especially with students who are struggling.
Ryan Massey Wright
Ryan Massey Wright Aylar önce
I’m sorry what
Snowy Ice
Snowy Ice Aylar önce
MD5 Gaming
MD5 Gaming Aylar önce
Telegram Me @YellowFlashGuy
👆Thanks for watching and the feedback! Contact me for the Ongoing Giveaway contest for you've been selected among my shortlisted winners.
Lilliana 💖 32 y.0 -check My V!deo
I took this as a high school class and it was amazing, you learn how to code and it is actually made very well
UltraLemon37 Aylar önce
Ok just saying I love how you use Animal Crossing music in your videos! Your videos show facts I ACTUALLY never knew, unlike most other youtubers, and if you happen to play any Animal Crossing New Horizons, I think it would be so cool if you could do that too!! No pressure, just a suggestion :)
Duck Aylar önce
It does make a lot more sense to drink an "Antidote" potion, than it is to drink "Milk" to cure stuff.
Suhsi Aylar önce
you can also get npcs in normal bedrock (non education edition), it makes it easier to do quests like "could you find fish for me"
Pie Pierrot
Pie Pierrot Aylar önce
Mannn, I really wish they'd bring some of these awesome items over to the java edition! Colored torches and sparklers? Balloons?! Plus there are Pocket edition items I wish they'd bring over too!
Pie Pierrot
Pie Pierrot Aylar önce
@Sasha Mason really? dang
EpicM147_NoVa Aylar önce
@Sasha Mason All but 5 items are Edu only.
Sasha Mason
Sasha Mason Aylar önce
Not just Java, but Minecraft as a whole. Some of the Education Edition features can be enabled for Bedrock yes, but Education Edition itself requires a school account, so not all of its features are actually available to all players, not even those on Bedrock.
Pie Pierrot
Pie Pierrot Aylar önce
@EpicM147_NoVa That's it, I'm switching to Bedrock XD
Willified Aylar önce
@EpicM147_NoVa thats not java though
Clarence Sampang
Clarence Sampang Aylar önce
I use the allow and deny block in my server and it's great for specific area protection!
Bibek Das
Bibek Das Aylar önce
As someone who frequently get scolded by his chemistry teacher for not being able to catch up with the flow... The education edition is really helpful for me!
Childish guy
Childish guy Aylar önce
Hey skip, just so you know, border blocks exist in regular bedroom edition, all you gotta type is /give @s border_block and it functions exactly like how you explained it. Really useful for map making!
EpicM147_NoVa Aylar önce
On bedrock for Switch/Ps4/Ps5/Xbox/Pc/Mac...... All platforms of which you can download MCPE/Bedrock There's a toggle to access Most of Education edition. Some of which you need to use command to get.
Cynthia Ender
Cynthia Ender Aylar önce
bedroom edition (:
Dara Aylar önce
I have a distinct memory of me and my friend always playing education edition on school days so we could tell my father it was educational lol
RaptorBoy123 24 gün önce
The allow, deny, and border blocks are in Minecraft Bedrock by default so you don't have to turn on education edition.
Galaxy Productions
Galaxy Productions Aylar önce
The code builder is really fun to mess around with!
SMToon Larva Gold
I remember making a whole science factory when this mode first came out 😂
Celeste Villarosa
Celeste Villarosa Aylar önce
Thanks Skip for giving us education users recognition
Rainbow Spiral
Rainbow Spiral Aylar önce
fun fact, some of the features are available in normal bedrock if you turn on the education edition slider.
EpicM147_NoVa Aylar önce
@Hispanic Snekk But you don't. ❄
Hispanic Snekk
Hispanic Snekk Aylar önce
@EpicM147_NoVa actually, I'm infact a java player, and you know damn well I know what world settings are. It's literally a feature when creating a world. Don't go assuming
Minecrafter Aylar önce
@EpicM147_NoVa true 😊
Rainbow Spiral
Rainbow Spiral Aylar önce
@EpicM147_NoVa oh yea, forgot about that...
EpicM147_NoVa Aylar önce
Java player will not under stand. Half of them don't know what world settings are or EGB toggles are.
Bingles Praise YTP
Bingles Praise YTP Aylar önce
Love how Education Edition is canon proof that Redstone is an infinite source because it's literally a Uranium ore
lior yunfh
lior yunfh Aylar önce
I remember making a whole science factory when this mode first came out
nin_flame Aylar önce
The allow, deny, and red walls block are actually all available in bedrock edition via commands
TCPlayz Aylar önce
That mystery element is just like a game theory episode waiting to happen 😂
For the npc mob, u can actually get it in java and bedrock! Its a special command (Sorry I forgot it)
deb lawrence
deb lawrence Aylar önce
Education Edition is actually a toggle on bedrock when you’re making a world
Ge4oRgE20 Aylar önce
Man the agent speedruns do kinda slap tho. I would grind but the coder takes a while to load on my computer so I settled for about 5 mins. I love Education edition and was actually the version I played before I got Java.
nameless_cupcake Aylar önce
my favourite part of this version are the balloons. last week me and my cousins were attaching them to cows and laughing hysterically as we watched them fly away (never to be seen again)
Legofham Aylar önce
Education is where i started so good to relive all of these old memories like discovering the different chemicals things you can make.
GatheredStorm 23 gün önce
A lot of these features are actually on bedrock with a world setting that you can toggle, but features like the agent aren’t there, and the camera is there but it doesn’t work properly as there’s no portfolio
Clone Creators
Clone Creators Aylar önce
Once my computer teacher took my class on his world and he used a lot of these blocks. He was the best teacher
Hansoiyo Aylar önce
The border blocks you can get in bedrock edition without education edition, you can also get education edition in bedrock. (you can also glitch past border blocks with enderpearls.
~lizzie~ Aylar önce
As someone who plays education edition, Im glad its finally being noticed by the internet in a good way
Brayden Schmidt
Brayden Schmidt Aylar önce
10:52, you can use the built in screenshot on your device like the following: iPhone or iPad (home button) press the home button and power button at the same time, or power and volume up if you have no home button Mac: press Shift+ command+ 3-6, 3= normal 4= cropped 5= screen record 6= Touch Bar on MacBook Pro Windows: press windows and print/scan, although Java edition you can press F2 Chromebook: ctrl+ shift+ ||| ⬜️ Android: same as iPhone except volume down
For a person that's still in school I could definitely say that Minecraft education is over powder,and I would also very much pick educational over bedrock,cause it has more stuff and it has custom items and it could teach a lot and I mean A LOT of stuff and so.
sugxr. 29 gün önce
my school installed this on our devices and i really love the coding system :D
Yknow I'm glad mojang made all these features exclusive to edu. It means it's actually special. Think about it, no one would play on edu if they could just play something else. It would be dead. So I think it's a good thing it's exlusive
foxy Aylar önce
i used to hate education because it was MULTIPLE updates behind, like i don't even think they had foxes, but they had sweet berries. then all of the sudden, they added all of the missing updates to the version i thought they forgot about, so now thats not true-
Glase_Wolf Aylar önce
I'm just saying, you can get the npc egg in vanilla bedrock you have to type in a certain command however.
Lockdown Aylar önce
As an Minecraft Education teacher i can confirm these. Lovely that we got 1.8 patch finally
ponyta9 Aylar önce
that's very cool that you can make so many things on education edition i only knew you could make balloons but i didn't know you could make sparkers so that's very cool, i also didn't know about that little robot so that's cool too.
Zombathin Lost Leg Hacker Cat
8:20 You can also edit them and lock them.
Skittey Aylar önce
As someome who got into chemistry in 8th grade I find it really cool that the elemnts do what they do in real life too and how most of this works
andersen zahn
andersen zahn Aylar önce
almost all of these work in bedrock edition as well if you turn on the education toggle under cheats in bedrock edition you can also type /ability mayfly true to allow you to fly in survival and adventure mode when the toggle is enabled
andersen zahn
andersen zahn Aylar önce
@EpicM147_NoVa agreed
EpicM147_NoVa Aylar önce
Then Java Player don't know any thing about bedrock. If they look thought the world option more and the game setting and all the other featers like moving cheast with pistons or falling snow layers they will notice bedrock is better. I hate the Java Redstone the only thing that keeps java player on java.
Paige Da Baka
Paige Da Baka Aylar önce
I miss education edition. My parents haven't played for it. The only reason I like it is because it has Different features not in Bedrock or Java
Twilight Resonance
Twilight Resonance Aylar önce
grammar, work on it
EpicM147_NoVa Aylar önce
On bedrock for Switch/Ps4/Ps5/Xbox/Pc/Mac...... All platforms of which you can download MCPE/Bedrock There's a toggle to access Most of Education edition. Some of which you need to use command to get.
chilled floppa #saveukraine
it is completely free
Cubenatic Aylar önce
you dont have to pay for education edition its free
SouL_Sniper Aylar önce
its free
Wolfie Wings Gacha
Wolfie Wings Gacha Aylar önce
you can actually get the allow deny and border block in the base game with commands
Nomad404 26 gün önce
Fun fact: Some of the blocks in the education edition are in bedrock edition. Like the "Allow & Deny" blocks
A.T Aylar önce
I actually own education edititon on my school laptop BUT the school had it blocked by admins, I loved making balloons there was alot fo things that I was confused about eveyrtime I hopped onto the normal minecraft. It was super easy to play with friends aswell, it didn't matter about network, internet or anything like that.
Whisk Chips
Whisk Chips Aylar önce
I remember once my friend and I were in class and the area in the world was limited using the barrier block walls, but we had access to creative, so him and I enderpearled out of the zone and just started playing Minecraft as usual lol
eioshen boboi
eioshen boboi Aylar önce
Thank you so much for talking about Minecraft: Education Edition, that’s the only Minecraft I have on my computer and I really want to know more about it. Thank you!
POLA NEXAS Aylar önce
I wish these boards were available on bedrock BTW, alloy, deny and red wallXD are available without turning on education edition
shrek Aylar önce
The NPC is also in normal bedrock edition, But only obtainable using commands
andersen zahn
andersen zahn Aylar önce
the cameras are available in bedrock edition with an inventory editor
element Aylar önce
From what I know, these features are also available in Bedrock Edition. It's optimized/you can get all features of Education Edition in desktop/laptop/pc devices. But in mobile, you can get most items but not all like the camera, portfolio are not there.
EpicM147_NoVa Aylar önce
On bedrock for Switch/Ps4/Ps5/Xbox/Pc/Mac...... All platforms of which you can download MCPE/Bedrock There's a toggle to access Most of Education edition. Some of which you need to use command to get.
Robloxify Aylar önce
i cant get any items on nintendo switch
Telegram Me @YellowFlashGuy
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That one kid
That one kid Aylar önce
Fun Fact: You Can Get NPCs, Barriers, Allows, And Denys With Commands Without Education Edition.
Mikey12b JM
Mikey12b JM Aylar önce
I remember us using this in history class during junior high and honestly after that I just kept using it as normal Minecraft since it’s basically the same thing but has some stuff removed or not in the game
Cyclo_Shock Aylar önce
I got Educational Edition free from my school and I just realized how cool it is!
danny ball
danny ball Aylar önce
I have education edition and watching this makes me so happy skip is thinking about other versions of Minecraft
KingLeoGamerz Aylar önce
9:24 isn't normal torch kinda orange ??
(IQ | MADAN*,*)
(IQ | MADAN*,*) Aylar önce
*_Finally I can make colorful torches and so on_* 👍👍👍
ded chef
ded chef Aylar önce
at my school we had an education edition survival world and i worked out you could code the agent to mine for you. once everyone found out it made actually playing useless.
RookXD Aylar önce
Skip: "Explaining everything about elements and how to use them* Literally everyone: *I don't have a clue what's going on here, but I'll act like I do!*
FeatheredDragon8 Aylar önce
Now I'm torn. Do I want to buy it and learn on minecraft or just be happy on my minecraft java where my brain just goes dead?
Times Star
Times Star 5 gün önce
A Technoblade Fan
A Technoblade Fan 11 gün önce
Elfboy 13 gün önce
@Himiko Toga yeah it’s free lol
kattdoes_art 20 gün önce
@Himiko Toga yeah but you need a education email😹😹
Heather Wheatley
Heather Wheatley 23 gün önce
Minecraft education is free
Ambush. Aylar önce
You can also get the allow and deny blocks in commands
Eziko :D
Eziko :D Aylar önce
Lmao I remember using education edition in pocket/bedrock edition as decoration for my labs and adding random things together
chadi khatib
chadi khatib Aylar önce
I'm so happy I have bedrock and there is a setting to go to education I have played alot but I didn't know that you can do all of this also can you do all of this in creative without doing all of it or no
King of the Bricks Kid
a lot of these are avaliable in vanilla bedrock, such as border blocks and npcs
EpicM147_NoVa Aylar önce
Only 5 are not.
Barrier walls are in base bedrock edition. They're called Borders.
andersen zahn
andersen zahn Aylar önce
the chalkboards are the only one of these things that aren't available in bedrock edition with the education edition toggle
Coreupt Aylar önce
3:23 So redstone has “element 0” or as I call it “unknown”, carbon, and uranium? Carbon and Uranium is the stuff in nukes!
Vuedanto Aylar önce
That kind of explain the amount of energy in it
Bubby_2bro Aylar önce
bedrock has a feature where you can unlock all of these by turning on the "education edition" gamerule
Icey The Wolf
Icey The Wolf Aylar önce
whenever we went to school we had an smp that we would play on at school on the computers. and we used to use the agents as ender chests. because when you think about it. they do the same thing except the agent could be coded to move. but all of us had codebuilder off so we just set our agents somewhere and turned on coordinates. because it shows your agents position along with your position.
x86_architecture Aylar önce
One feature Mojang is hiding from us is the ability to remove/disable player chat reporting.
Lime Aylar önce
my school actually made me once use education edition to learn something
MewTwee Aylar önce
Wow Finally After All These Years U Finally Make And Edu Edition Video As An OG Edu Player Myself This Brings Joy To My Heart ❤
Alightfoot07 Aylar önce
I feel like items like The ice bomb should just be in regular Minecraft
Heather Wheatley
Heather Wheatley 23 gün önce
I have played it in my school and it is pretty crazy These have to be in vanilla
Minecrafter 23 gün önce
Jelly bean stan
Slepy's World
Slepy's World Aylar önce
U can get allow and deny blocks and npc’s in vanilla but u have to use commands
Prince Ridin Ferolino
I actually discovered the border_block when I was messing with commands
Zugeily Estrada
Zugeily Estrada Aylar önce
Am so glad that you made this I have a school field trip tomorrow and we are going to use Minecraft education and I think it’s really cool!
ParanoidPumpkin Aylar önce
I remember making a whole science factory when this mode first came out 😂
MD5 Gaming
MD5 Gaming Aylar önce
Ransink Aylar önce
Soctt Cawthon (but not)
@卐-Lakehuntist-卐 ok? That's a weird bot comment lmao
Minecrafter Aylar önce
@Mr. OOF A B C D stuff and others You can make water boom with those stuff 😉
Mr. OOF Aylar önce
What is a science factory?
iial _vxbz
iial _vxbz Aylar önce
So the “npc” at 10:53 you can actually access in game, not just education edition. I play bedrock, so in my knowledge you can *maybe* only access it on bedrock but idk. My point is that u don’t have to have education and if anyone cares in the reply’s I’ll let ya know :))
skulls Aylar önce
Allow and deny isn’t only education And the redstone walls
pablesm Aylar önce
Can you use iron ingots instead of the "Fe" block?
Keanu Chin
Keanu Chin Aylar önce
oh waw lol, i wish this was a thing when i first played minecraft years ago lol, this...might of actually gotten me to like chemistry and and actually do lolol, it already sorta got me in to java in wanted to do it and learn a bit of it. dam this is really cool lol, if they implement it in such a way in learning what chemical mix with what in saying i can make dry ice if i.. mix X with X, this would honestly be kinda cool.
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