24 Hours In ISTANBUL! - Top Things You HAVE To Do in Istanbul, Turkey

The Endless Adventure
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Istanbul, Turkey has it all: delicious food, beautiful sights, easy public transportation and so much more! It's our final day in this beautiful city, so we're on a mission to hit up all the must-see sights, all in just one day!
HUGE thanks to Arda Erlik for the drone footage. SUB to their channel here 👉trvid.com/show-UCO6Zg-KAxUCuD-V05R3zJqA
WATCH NEXT: ▶ Trying INCREDIBLE Turkish Food in Istanbul!
Places we visited in the video:
1. Sultan Ahmet Mosque
2. Breakfast/lunch at Privato Cafe
3. Galata Tower
4. Rainbow Stairs
5. Grand Bazaar
6. Drinks at Seven Hills Hotel
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10 Dec 2018




Yük bağlantısı.....


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The Endless Adventure
We’re so sad our Turkish adventure is coming to an end! 🇹🇷 If you missed any part of it, check out this playlist for the entire series 🙌 trvid.com/group/PL29AtJe_IGx9hsWFJ1i3A3yIlAGSLRyJy
sly dgn
sly dgn 8 aylar önce
You should drink raki with ice and water next time and you should eat meze with it. :)
the Donn
the Donn 8 aylar önce
@matty b xx kosovo and albania.? Give me a break
the Donn
the Donn 8 aylar önce
Next time poor some water in the yeni raki..that's the way turks drink it..it should become milky white..and it's not that strong that way..and about the ice cream(dondurma) it's the best ice cream i have ever tasted..and i also recomend to visit Buyuk Ada..beautiful island 👍👍
matty b xx
matty b xx 8 aylar önce
You shoul come and visit Kosovo or Albanian they're very beautiful countries with interesting traditions
Sadece Türk
Sadece Türk Yıl önce
if you dont taste baklava, dont say that you are gone to istanbul.
M.R. Y.
M.R. Y. 7 gün önce
why did you drink rakı without cold water and meze??
OMER FARUK 7 gün önce
Coming harran balıklıgöl capadokia pamukkale...
Widya Asoka
Widya Asoka 8 gün önce
wadda great vlogggg..............
Robespierre 9 gün önce
You should have big balls dude because you drank raki without water. You rock !
Kotan 10 gün önce
You had to add some water to rakı. You drunk sec vodka without redbull or more than that
Matteen Hakimi
Matteen Hakimi 11 gün önce
I went to turkey 1 year ago it was so beautiful every time I here the Prayer call It made me feel so good. The ice cream is so good u need to try it, There are many mosques that tourists go to inc Sultan Ahmed,Blue Mosque And more, It is very busy and a istanbul is a very populated city. They also have really good food and everything over there is halal.
Özgür AKPINAR 12 gün önce
Our ice cream is made of goat's milk and the texture is a little bit tough. You should've tried it.
Yobrutha Algdz
Yobrutha Algdz 14 gün önce
The Turkish ice cream is good. It’s a lot thicker then the average ice cream. It is recommend to try.
untold history
untold history 16 gün önce
Istanbul is an metropol. A country on its own. A unique city in the world.
Charlie Impulse
Charlie Impulse 17 gün önce
How you playing music and showing gods house have some respect
barista 13 gün önce
Charlie Impulse
Charlie Impulse 16 gün önce
Dems hopefully now they do
Dems 16 gün önce
Charlie Impulse chill out they don’t know better, everyone don’t know about that
Σταυρος Παπανικολάου
Stole land from Greece!!! BTW constantinopole it's great
Demran 6 gün önce
Indisputably saltiest Nation of all time. I have 25% Greek blood too and all I can say is what you are doing is to bring shame to Greece. It is over, it is gone, get over it. I can't think of a World where every single Nation that ever lost territories in the last 3000 years were as salty as Ultra Nationalist Greeks. Have some pride.
Σταυρος Παπανικολάου
@zak mussa I know it
zak mussa
zak mussa 16 gün önce
@Σταυρος Παπανικολάου Constantinople was only a small portion of what people today call Istanbul .
Σταυρος Παπανικολάου
@zak mussa 😕
zak mussa
zak mussa 16 gün önce
bruh, so mexico city is tenochtitlan by your definition right?
tiestu 27 gün önce
Allah is terrified of woman's hair , funny or sad ? Afterall he created the woman, did he realised afterward it's a disaster ? (LOL)
Burakismus 29 gün önce
the ice-cream you asked us turks about is really good! well it depends on the place where you get it i guess but it tastes like normal ice cream but more gummy. its like a ice cream/ chewing gum hybrid kinda thing :D go try it out its delicious.
Baki 29 gün önce
Rrumi Aylar önce
24 hours in Istanbul? Why? You should be there at least a week.
Melda Karatas
Melda Karatas Aylar önce
Hello! Im Turkish. So when you said Lets us know if the ice cream is good. Well the ice cream is like any other ice cream and btw the reason the blue mosque has some renovation is because the building is SOOOOO old that the moque is not going to stand with out renovation :) !!!!!
Kaptain Abid - MAS
Kaptain Abid - MAS Aylar önce
I loved this video of yours. Subbed as well. Could you please suggest where can we fly drone to get blue mosque in the frame, as you did?
Berat Yüksel
Berat Yüksel Aylar önce
Hi from Istanbul! Follow me for Istanbul trip videos!
B T Aylar önce
You western ppl are opened minded but weird at the same time. If you only knew the really history of the Turks, you wouldn't be stand there in the 12-15th AD. The Turks (originated from Iran area) stolen a land that belongs to the Christians, forced Christians to pay higer tax if not their boys was given to the Sultan in excahnge for payments, forced those Christian boys into reading the Qur'an & converted them into Islam, many Turks forced Christian women into marriage so that their future childrens can be born as Muslims & not to mention the Aramean genocide in which almost 1.5 million christians Aramean were murdered, persecuted & tortured. But, here you are in Istanbul, which means city of Islam (re-name) but used to be called Constantinople.
Yousef Alotaibi
Yousef Alotaibi Aylar önce
Speaking of Turkish ice cream; im not Turkish but the ice cream is the bomb. You missed out on it, guys.
Ezgi aksakal;
Ezgi aksakal; Aylar önce
Very nice travel vlog! I reccomend Turkish ice cream (Maraş dondurmasi). It is absolutely amazing.
Traveler 2020
Traveler 2020 Aylar önce
Rich city to visit. We spent a week there and captured so many great memories.
Abcilidef Aylar önce
I have been watching this video again and again thinking that I have seen that girl somewhere. Now I remember that she looks like that younger sister from Six Feet Under.
The Travelling Circle
what is the procedure to Shoot with drone Do we need special permit?
Paul Schneider
Paul Schneider Aylar önce
Didn’t go to Topkapi Palace? Next time...
Duygu Arican
Duygu Arican Aylar önce
Great video thank you very much
Mi Pillsburry
Mi Pillsburry Aylar önce
omg you guys came at the worst time it seems LMAO. Glad you still enjoyed your time there. One of my favorite cities of all time
Bobby,s Upholstery
Bobby,s Upholstery Aylar önce
I like your videos, But the Muslim part made me cringe, Looked like your reaching for votes and likes a little bit, Be yourselves
Mi Pillsburry
Mi Pillsburry Aylar önce
You don't need to comment this actually. It is their video and their message was nice overall. It seems like you just have a problem with people trying to humanize/normalize Muslims. Get over it :)
atomic ant
atomic ant 2 aylar önce
Looks amazing 👍
Untitled 2 aylar önce
Emre Gültekin
Emre Gültekin 2 aylar önce
Lol you cant drink raki neat especially if its your first time
Ahmet Tilki
Ahmet Tilki 2 aylar önce
Turkish ice cream is the best wth
London Uk
London Uk 2 aylar önce
Enjoyed this video!! Well explained. Btw you are allowed to be in mosques when they are praying and when the call to prayer is called
malezyali79 2 aylar önce
How much was that breakfast set?
PUGB OYUNCULARI 2 aylar önce
Bahari Yousofi
Bahari Yousofi 2 aylar önce
I’m not from turkey but I rlly want to visit there specialty bc of the mosques 🙂🙂
hkistreet 2 aylar önce
Need more kitty cat footage 😺
M. Fox
M. Fox 2 aylar önce
Great Country and great People.
jed tattum
jed tattum 3 aylar önce
to drink raki..... add water.
Sarah Hussein
Sarah Hussein 3 aylar önce
Wait my hotel is next to mado café and u filmed it ahhh
dilnavoz jamieson
dilnavoz jamieson 3 aylar önce
Hi guys great video but would be very helpful if you mentioned the prices of the restaurants. Thank you👍👍👍
Iqra and Sureya
Iqra and Sureya 3 aylar önce
You guys did this female just say sing over the speakers
çαrşı 1903
çαrşı 1903 3 aylar önce
Birileri öğretsin şuna Rakı susuz içilmez,Bira gibi zannetiler galiba 😅 Thank you for video 👍🏼
bm3racer 3 aylar önce
FoyshaCollection 3 aylar önce
I walked past those stairs yesterday.. They look brand new now.. There were lots Chinese tourists taking pictures
the hiçbişey yok
the hiçbişey yok 3 aylar önce
Türküler burdamı 🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷
mcgha174 4 aylar önce
dude sounds like kermit.
ZeiX94 4 aylar önce
You put one quarter of Rakı and to the half of the glass with water we call it "lions milk" drinking it pur is spicy. 😋
Gul K
Gul K 4 aylar önce
First time watching your channel n i think you two do a good job
Mal Mal
Mal Mal 4 aylar önce
Must be like Ozzo
parisnicolaou 1998
parisnicolaou 1998 4 aylar önce
The halloumi cheese is a qualified and original Cypriot product, also Raki is the national drink of the island of Crete in Greece ! Both Cyprus and Greece were under the ottomans but still that does not delete their Greek origin !
Marah Eissa
Marah Eissa 4 aylar önce
Also the first person who tried to fly in the world did it from Ghalata tower and his name is "abbas ibn frnas" and he succeeded
Sanal Gez
Sanal Gez 4 aylar önce
Mairee 4 aylar önce
one of the very few and sophisticated vloggers
Traveller Yildirim
Traveller Yildirim 4 aylar önce
You must come definitly in summer time to Turkey back and travel by Renta a Car at the West and South Coast with many many Ancient Citys and wonderfull Nature & beaches ... ;)
Aleyna Demircan
Aleyna Demircan 4 aylar önce
Hahaha! That cute woman at 10:57
Diamond Cutter
Diamond Cutter 4 aylar önce
No offense but the Bosphorous isn't a river, many people say that but it's a narrow sea strait.
Asma Zina Belheddad
Asma Zina Belheddad 4 aylar önce
Not a river in Istanbul. ... SEAS.
Jonathan Sakks
Jonathan Sakks 4 aylar önce
Such a beautiful city.
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