24 Hours In ISTANBUL! - Top Things You HAVE To Do in Istanbul, Turkey

The Endless Adventure
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Istanbul, Turkey has it all: delicious food, beautiful sights, easy public transportation and so much more! It's our final day in this beautiful city, so we're on a mission to hit up all the must-see sights, all in just one day!
HUGE thanks to Arda Erlik for the drone footage. SUB to their channel here 👉trvid.com/show-UCO6Zg-KAxUCuD-V05R3zJqA
WATCH NEXT: ▶ Trying INCREDIBLE Turkish Food in Istanbul!
Places we visited in the video:
1. Sultan Ahmet Mosque
2. Breakfast/lunch at Privato Cafe
3. Galata Tower
4. Rainbow Stairs
5. Grand Bazaar
6. Drinks at Seven Hills Hotel
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10 Dec 2018




Yük bağlantısı.....


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The Endless Adventure
We’re so sad our Turkish adventure is coming to an end! 🇹🇷 If you missed any part of it, check out this playlist for the entire series 🙌 trvid.com/group/PL29AtJe_IGx9hsWFJ1i3A3yIlAGSLRyJy
Kin sin
Kin sin 5 aylar önce
9.24 those stairs is the place where we used to smoke some weed :D
sly dgn
sly dgn Yıl önce
You should drink raki with ice and water next time and you should eat meze with it. :)
the Donn
the Donn Yıl önce
@matty b xx kosovo and albania.? Give me a break
the Donn
the Donn Yıl önce
Next time poor some water in the yeni raki..that's the way turks drink it..it should become milky white..and it's not that strong that way..and about the ice cream(dondurma) it's the best ice cream i have ever tasted..and i also recomend to visit Buyuk Ada..beautiful island 👍👍
matty b xx
matty b xx Yıl önce
You shoul come and visit Kosovo or Albanian they're very beautiful countries with interesting traditions
0nowztar 14 gün önce
in my opinion Turkish Icecream is the best in the world and NOT because im Turkish.. i just love it.. EDIT. funny how turist try Raki like its some sort of a cola or something.. Raki is one of the strongest alchol guys.. and you dont drink Raki by it self.. there is a saying in Turkey.. Beer is like a european girl.. you just drink it it doesnt require anything.. Raki is like a Turkish girl.. it requires water, yogurt, salad, cheese, fish etc etc..
Moe Gee
Moe Gee Aylar önce
Love Istanbul! trvid.com/video/video-T6j8dXXnvYI.html
Teo Aylar önce
10 yıldır istanbuldayım böyle gezemedim
tuncakstar Aylar önce
You have to cut the Raki with water, 1 to 1 and throw ice in it, excellent with fish
tuncakstar Aylar önce
Yeah, you're missing out if you haven't tried the ice cream in Turkey by now, it's unique because it's sticky and gummy and has a chewy sensation-something totally missed here in the states
ALI DENIZ Aylar önce
ALI DENIZ Aylar önce
You must put some water in this Rakı :D
Istanbul has 3x cat for a normal city (whole 15million city!) and also %40 cats like to come near you and want some food. (This city for cat lovers :) )
Malia Hashmi
Malia Hashmi Aylar önce
Me all day watching travel vlogs about Istanbul... God take meeee there!!!!
isadesusa Aylar önce
The ice cream is unreal - my absolute favourite. Lemon is great
fahad hamid
fahad hamid Aylar önce
Beautiful country
Trent Turner
Trent Turner 2 aylar önce
The production of this video is next level, top job guys thank you 👌
Genc 2 aylar önce
You should've tried the ice cream. missed big time
yücel Last Shot
yücel Last Shot 2 aylar önce
Hello, I'm Turkish, I write from translation. The name of this ice cream is made from maras ice cream goat milk. and very tasty
samet sezen
samet sezen 2 aylar önce
rakı öyle mi içilir içine soguk su da koycaktın bide buz sonra bi efkarlı sarkı 35 liği bitir sonra istanbul benim diye bağırırsın :)
Fazıl osman Okur
Fazıl osman Okur 2 aylar önce
Istanbul super city...😍
PR DEACON 2 aylar önce
WOW that is a breakfast.
velt as
velt as 2 aylar önce
As a Bulgarian citizen i live my 28 years of life in İstanbul and it was fantastic, you met very great people, you see unique places etc. İstanbul is like a dream for me. Now im living in Bursa the first capital of Ottoman empire, its so peacefull. But İstanbul is another thing and if you want to explore istanbul you really need a local to show you private concerts, exquisite places etc.
Dark KnightzGaming
Dark KnightzGaming 3 aylar önce
,you don't really need to wear a veil in turkey Many few people put veil Turkey is not like other Muslim countries It is very modern you should see
Carlos Zarate
Carlos Zarate 3 aylar önce
Hello Friends, excellent video, I would like to be subtitled in Spanish, I think the Latino market is extensive. Greetings from Monterrey NL, Mexico
serhat 3 aylar önce
kız hristiyan olmasına rağmen saygısından başını kapatmış bizim insanlarımız başka bir dine göre giyinse onu hemen kafir ilan ederler
Veni Vidi Solvi
Veni Vidi Solvi 3 aylar önce
Istanbul is really an incredible city! I also really like also this kind of travel guide about Istanbul: trvid.com/video/video-R6uq9xhidiw.html
reall og
reall og 3 aylar önce
Man i lived in istanbul for 3 years and i havent visited most of this place suddenlly i got excited then i realised the fucking covid-19 got me fucked up already and i can't go out
honeyfromthebee 4 aylar önce
I actually really like Turkish ice cream. It has a really nice chewy texture, which makes it unique. Definitely worth trying imo.
Don Carmichael
Don Carmichael 4 aylar önce
If they do not take. Down the Minarets around the church you will be devastated of Hyatt Sofia god will do it you will see ,
Racha Adi
Racha Adi 4 aylar önce
Your video brings mesmerizing memories...I visited Istanbul 3 times but never enough...I wish I can live there...most beautiful city in the world... Written in corona quarantine
Xdjsjsj Ssjsjsjxd
Xdjsjsj Ssjsjsjxd 4 aylar önce
İstanbulun o kadar güzel yeri varken ara sokakları gezen koca yürekli abi ve ablamız
Ana 4 aylar önce
Hi guys important to mention the Blue Mosque used to.be a major Christian.Cathedral in the maedival.ages prior to the Turkish conquest ....kind of the opposite of the Cordoba Mosque partially turned into a Catholic building in Spain
Kaylee Jones
Kaylee Jones 4 aylar önce
This is great and you guys are super cute, but damn you both love to talk over one another
CoolTravel İstanbul
CoolTravel İstanbul 4 aylar önce
Habibe Boyraz
Habibe Boyraz 4 aylar önce
Also there are a lot of Irelands around Istanbul eg., Heybeliada, ADA MEANS IRELAND AND ALSO BOLU TO NEARBY ISTANBUL.
Habibe Boyraz
Habibe Boyraz 4 aylar önce
I recommend you go to HATAY(IN MEDITERRANEAN REGION)has an amazing nature and cuisine,a lot of historical Christian places, KARADENIZ ( Uzungol, TRABZON AND AMASYA-black sea),Mardin,DIYARBAKIRG.ANTEP,URFA( BALIKLIGOL), Mardin has a most unique ARTHITECTURE in South Eastern,ALL PLACES HAVE A UNIQUE CUISINE AND AND MOST INTIMATE people in Turkey.They will treat you like a member of family and people are generous and much warmer than the west part of Turkey.When you go to blacksea part ask for their YAYLA,WHERE THEY FEED THEIR ANIMALS,LIKE A PARTICULAR TERRITORY ALLOCATED FOR SUMMER SEASON AND ALSO RECOMMEND YOU TO GO TO MERSIN,KIZKALESI TOO
Sand Buzz
Sand Buzz 4 aylar önce
Thanks for your effort that gave us a chance to see such a beautiful historic place.
Arda Ntourali
Arda Ntourali 4 aylar önce
Ah wish you tried the Turkish ice cream! It has the same thing as in Sahlep, the powder of the Tulip root and it makes this unique sticky texture. Pure heaven 🙈
Des Gardius 2012
Des Gardius 2012 5 aylar önce
Why did Constantinople get the works? That's nobody's business but the Turks!
DeltaRune and Undertale Lover
This is the only comment I found that was related to that song ayyyy
Hustleriw 20
Hustleriw 20 5 aylar önce
Emil Oprisa
Emil Oprisa 5 aylar önce
As a history lover, it blows my mind that someone would feature the blue mosque and basically ignore the Hagia Sofia. One of the most famous and historically significant buildings in human history. Borderline blasphemy 😁
ALI DENIZ 5 aylar önce
iyi di
Şeyma Demirel
Şeyma Demirel 5 aylar önce
Kültürümüze saygı duyup uyum sağladığınız için teşekkür ederim 👍 👏
jo Lux
jo Lux 5 aylar önce
Great vlog & nice picture in the shop :)
Lina Svir
Lina Svir 5 aylar önce
And I’m leaving in this beautiful city ❤️🇹🇷
ALFA ALFA 5 aylar önce
Wunderfull city👏👏👏
Życie na Walizkach
Życie na Walizkach 5 aylar önce
Haha I think we also get unlucky with the constructions. London without the Big Ben? Paris with some constructions in the park around Eiffel Tower? 🤣
son of Liberty
son of Liberty 5 aylar önce
Mina Krupinski
Mina Krupinski 5 aylar önce
I don't know why everyone comes to istanbul and first thing they go to a mosque get a shot with head scarf
Nina Catharina
Nina Catharina 5 aylar önce
love your content! were you worried about being safe in Istanbul? I just made a video about it.. and I'd love your feedback! trvid.com/video/video-s384NXPUcLc.html
Christiana Akaeke
Christiana Akaeke 5 aylar önce
Great video! I will be visiting Istanbul in 2weeks and would definitely visit the lamp store (which btw is so beautiful) and try the ice cream . If you will be in Istanbul during spring break, I am happy to meet!
amani ashkar
amani ashkar 5 aylar önce
Subscribing because Allison is just bubbly and adorable
J O 5 aylar önce
Just like Arak and Ouzo, Raki needs to be mixed with water, then it turns cloudy...Only then its enjoyed cold.
suecoo66 5 aylar önce
You are meant to add water to Reiki and it then turns white and looks more like milk Often ladies have it with sprite
Dina Galal
Dina Galal 5 aylar önce
Traveled there in 2019. It was AMAZING and the food is DELICIOUS. I made a video about it on my channel that is not as good as this one but hopefully one day i can make amazing videos like yours.
rvnorth 5 aylar önce
Ok, I will try to find videos about Istanbul when talking there is actually images of Istanbul instead of the ones talking.
T T 6 aylar önce
On shops not being pushy in the Grand Bazaar, if you have 100 million visitors a year you do not need to be.
Philip Perre
Philip Perre 6 aylar önce
Great video! Will def be visiting Istanbul this year.
Mary 6 aylar önce
My friends live in a flat on those painted steps!!
Ayfer Baysal
Ayfer Baysal 6 aylar önce
Rİver!!!! It’s a sea. and you don’t know how to drink raki.
Jon O.
Jon O. 6 aylar önce
Half Turk trapped in Wisconsin. Pleas send help.
J Betancourt
J Betancourt 6 aylar önce
Amazing thank u I hope to visit one day so much history I love it 👍
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