24 Hours in AKITA | 4 Things to do in Japan's CHICKEN Capital

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Akita is home to Japan's most luxurious chicken called Hinai Jidori. We go in search of the juiciest chicken, the cutest Akita dogs and the scariest monsters in Japan on our road trip across the region!

Ryotaro and I recently travelled across Tohoku and this video was just part of our trip. Read more about where we went here!
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27 Kas 2021




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Abroad in Japan
Abroad in Japan Aylar önce
NOTIFICATION SQUAD: Would you let the Namahage demons in to scare the hell out of your kids? Back on the road with Ryotaro in search of Japan's rarest chicken and it didn't disappoint. God bless Yakitori, my favourite dish.
K. 21 gün önce
i would let the namahage demons eat my sister
KloKiller1 Aylar önce
Japan has krampus too? xD
Arcade Sunday
Arcade Sunday Aylar önce
At the moment, I think my 6 yo boy needs some scaring... He won't listen to me anymore!! Bring on the Namahaga Demons!
Simon Schnedl
Simon Schnedl Aylar önce
I'm Austrian, I'd be the shame of my whole extended family if I didn't let some demon beat them little brats on Saint Nicholas Day!
Hanamisart Aylar önce
Fun Fact, we did this at home. I was one of the Kids that was scared of Krampus (which is a very similar tradition) and I actually commented below more abour it!
Ryotaro's Japan
Ryotaro's Japan Aylar önce
I'm delighted that my husky voice definitely sounded sexier than Namahage. Maybe I should keep it that way.
Azzerevs 3 gün önce
Elderly Greek batman 🤣
justjakk 25 gün önce
I’ve got a light girly voice….orz
therealshard Aylar önce
The dog is inevitable for...? I was hoping you'd finish the sentence hahaha CHRIS WHY DID YOU HAVE TO INTERRUPT
Campbells Tomato
Campbells Tomato Aylar önce
Ryotaro can date me anytime. I'm all in for a weekend full of Onsen, Sake destilleries and bear steaks. Bring it on Ryo ❤😉
rapthor666 Aylar önce
I'd keep it at "skinny Marlon Brando" with an occasional 'capice' or 'i got an offer you can't refuse-ah' Always great to see you again
Albdruck Aylar önce
Considering Akita were bred for hunting bears and other large animals, I'm not surprised they're so massive! You need an absolute unit for that >:D Another cool bear-hunting specialized breed in Japan is the Hokkaido, which is actually smaller but also very brave and well adapted to Hokkaido's cold temperatures.
Ohdeer Gün önce
@88stdkillers Came here to say this. You are spot on. Ain't no dog wrestling a bear down. Closest you get to that are Kaerelian Bear Dogs but at best they just antagonize.
AyashaVo92 29 gün önce
@Abriel Robertsson I think they get them confused with Shiba Inus who kinda look the same, but have more like Akita Pup size. Though even shiba inus are still bigger then people think.
88stdkillers Aylar önce
comments like these make me laugh cuz it reminds me that no one know whats involved in bear hunting. not saying akitas werent bred for bear hunting, but if you think bear hunting involves letting a dog go mono a mono with a bear thats why its the size it is, is fucking wrong lol. what they did was bred akitas to be aggressive and not be scared of big predators as opposed to other dogs whose instincts would tell them to avoid larger predators. you hunt bears with a pack of dogs, about 3-6, those dogs will scare and chase bears till they get tired or stuck up a tree, which is then when a hunter comes and kills the bear. bear hunting dogs do not actually hunt the bears/attack them. so really the size isnt really the thing, thats important about bear hunting dogs, though size helps, more scary than 3 chihuahuas. i mean we use pointers and coonhounds here in the US and theyre "bear" bunting breeds but they arent big. this is the same for hunting mountain lion, or cougar where i come from
XSemperIdem5 Aylar önce
@Abriel Robertsson just seeing the size of their paws as puppies you can guess they're not small dogs.
Abriel Robertsson
Abriel Robertsson Aylar önce
You would be surprised how many people think Akitas are small. I had an Akita and when people saw him they were so surprised by his size, because they had never seen one. So yes they are large and tall dogs.
Bernadette Scheiber
Those namahage and the surrounding traditions are astoundingly similar to my homeland's Krampus and Perchten traditions (yes, I'm from Austria). Scaring little children into behaving seems to be more of a universal thing than I thought. 😅
Dragnarok 👹🏆
Dragnarok 👹🏆 9 gün önce
yeah same in slovenian its called Kurentovanje here its people dressed in simmilar ways and they scare people on the street and enter houses to scare or take children
Tammy Grünwald
Tammy Grünwald 26 gün önce
In southern Germany we also have the Krampus! At 6th of December Nikolaus and Krampus visit your home and read of a list what nice or naughty things you have done. We always had to play a song on the flute for Nikolaus as well. Then if you were nice you got a big bag with presents in it (mostly sweets and fruit). When you were naughty it's said that Krampus will put you in his bag and carry you away. Krampus was reeaally horrifying to us haha. I remember there were rumors around the neighbor kids that Krampus actually took someone with him and beat him up. Talk about childhood trauma haha
They also remind me of Bulgaria's Kukeri. Although our things just scare off bad spirits and not children...I think.
Lady Hella
Lady Hella Aylar önce
I don't think there is something like that near were I live. We didn't really had Christmas as it is before, it was only a religious holiday and may be burned who celebrated in other ways. I imagine those traditions are more northen
ً Aylar önce
Haha genau den selben Gedanken gehabt und passend ist, dass das genau jetzt kam, wo in ein paar Tagen Krampus ist und bald auch wieder Perchtenläufe kommen! 😅
Kintoki Sakata
Kintoki Sakata Aylar önce
While Hachiko may be the most famous Akita inu, there's another fictional one that's surprisingly popular here in Northern Europe/Finland. The early-mid 80's manga and anime Ginga nagareboshi Gin tells the story of a Akita puppy that's trained to hunt bears in the northern wilderness and eventually he joins a group of other dogs to take down the tyrant of the mountains, the massive bear Akakabuto. The Ginga series by Yoshihiro Takahashi has multiple spinoffs and continuations but the original is still my favourite.
Kintoki Sakata
Kintoki Sakata Aylar önce
@lee joo.. just Hopeanuoli
lee Aylar önce
Shikamaru233 Aylar önce
Ryotaro -- 5 star hotels and inns, rare exquisite cuisine, chill and comfy hot springs Natsuki - abandoned and haunted love hotels, cemeteries and hornet larvae
John Trewhella
John Trewhella Aylar önce
@Rutt Roe Yeah Chris, why haven't you solved this Visa issue and cured the world of disease and hunger? You should be ashamed of yourself making videos like this.
👺samurai boi
👺samurai boi Aylar önce
@Sel Li 😳
👺samurai boi
👺samurai boi Aylar önce
Also natsuki:Very interested in touching tons of stuff whether its dangerous or not.
Zaotar1 Aylar önce
He just tweeted about that today. This video was made long ago and edited over time.
Robert Ra
Robert Ra Aylar önce
Well, Ryotaro is classy as F....
Electric Elephant
Electric Elephant Aylar önce
I like how Chris's friends are so different to him in every way, shape or form but they all have chemistry nevertheless and bring something cool, interesting or wacky. I believe they all befriended Chris because of the snarky sarcasm he brings to their lives (and the ability to do ads and songs almost instantly).
Ryan Lidster
Ryan Lidster Aylar önce
While Chris might not particularly love this, taking a bike around Tazawako, or visiting the nearby soy sauce brewery (with actually very tasty soy sauce ice cream), and then of course checking out Kakunodate (which is also nearby), is amazing, especially in Hanami season. In August, the Omagari fireworks festival is a nice trip because it's really huge and the shinkansen station is literally walking distance from the venue, so easy to get there and back from Sendai.
Wigglenips 25 gün önce
Omagari fireworks really was an amazing show, shame its been cancelled for two years now but hopefully next year it starts again. Thou I dont know about sendai, the last train for yotugoya station was very early for us making us miss the end of the show sadly. A car feels needed for that show.
James Chicks
James Chicks Aylar önce
7:40 I wonder if someone else notices this, but the transiton here is actual gold. Before, Chris talks about inevitable and Thanos, here he brings the word up again and adds this snap sound as a hard cut transition. Absolutely master level. Bloody epic, mate.
dog Aylar önce
Maybe this is edited by Dave, his new editor!
Roman Borky
Roman Borky Aylar önce
Just got back to watching the transition it's so smoothly done you don't even notice it. Wonderfull touch Chris!
Xenin7 Aylar önce
YAY the video I've been looking forward too is finally here. Thank you Chris for finally going to Akita after all the times I bugged you to do so. And I believe Sharla was the camera man wasn't she? not sure, but I know she went with you when you filmed this Akita venture. :)
rallaa Aylar önce
"Not only is there a horrible creature next to us, there is also a namahage." Chris never missing the chance to clown on Ryotaro, even if he basically made the same joke a minute ago. lol
Atlan Ta
Atlan Ta Aylar önce
@J.E.Wattes They egg on each other for fun and people enjoy the dynamic... he's listed him as one of his good friends multiple times and on streams or behind the scenes videos they're like normal people.
👺samurai boi
👺samurai boi Aylar önce
@J.E.Wattes I dont think chris is that much of a fool but in a way i think his more humourous rather than ignoring people's words.
👺samurai boi
👺samurai boi Aylar önce
@Heavenly Creature nah bro he just probably being hunted down by the fbi.FBI OPEN UP.
Deep Aylar önce
@J.E.Wattes Touch some grass mate
ap1curry Aylar önce
@J.E.Wattes Tell me you don't have friends without actually telling me you don't have friends...
Douglas Hollingsworth
I love seeing each region's distinct culture and unique selling points ... in my 3 decades before finding this channel I just thought Japan was all overdeveloped and crowded like Tokyo, but there's so much variety and experiences behind that surface appearance - thank you Chris!
Robert Ra
Robert Ra Aylar önce
I love this format with you and Ryotaro. Best way to learn about various local customs and of course amazing food in Japan.
ponyboyuk01 Aylar önce
When Ryotaro started telling the story, every time Chris looked at him all he saw was a giant skewered grilled chicken lol
Kamome Aylar önce
んだんだ, great video Chris! I've lived in Akita for 6 months and can confirm that's one of the best place to experience the "real" Japan. Like most of Tohoku is one of the less touristy regions of Japan, but Akita prefecture is perhaps the least known by foreigners. Its rice, the Komachi rival that of Niigata, and the Kiritampo nabe is such a treat when the temperature drops and outside start snowing. Tohoku's and Akita's people are some of the friendliest and warmest, despite their infamous cold reputation. In winter is beautiful to snow there and to visit the Kamakuras and drink nihon-shu inside with locals! The Akita bijin is true, but unfortunately most of the real Bijin goes to Tokyo or the big cities!
Sergio Lagunilla
Sergio Lagunilla Aylar önce
A spice mother. A spice girl. You can never anticipate Ryotoro. You can say he is... Inevitable
Humberto Amorim
Humberto Amorim Aylar önce
The spice must flow
Freeman_Reigns Aylar önce
He must have a thing for MILFs
Aman Mondal
Aman Mondal Aylar önce
I paused the video and thought for a second "man when did this video become a JAV or Hentai"
HouseMDaddict Aylar önce
Hinai jidori looks awesome! I loved learning the difference between the hinai Dori and hinai jidori. So cool!
bonnymomo Aylar önce
It's so lovely to see you and Ryotaro back together, I've missed his shenanigans 🤪
Somesh Swami
Somesh Swami 7 gün önce
Love how ryotaro intercepts chris from eating the chicken whilst explaining the things.. 😂
Kobayashi King
Kobayashi King Aylar önce
It's been so long since Ryotoro's appeared! I'm glad to know he's doing well and that you haven't fallen out with him or something 😂😅
Caine0027 Aylar önce
Some things never change: Chris roasting Ryotaro, Ryotaro trying to kill Chris and the fact that even though they know Chris is left handed, Ryotaro keeps siting on the left during the filming of the food takes and gets elbowed to death everytime Chris reaches for food
Cat Särkioja
Cat Särkioja Aylar önce
Obviously why Ryotaro wants to kill him 😂
👺samurai boi
👺samurai boi Aylar önce
@Dr. Justin in Japan 🇯🇵 oh lol this left handed people just always think their very unique and as a right hander im tooo right about it.
Jim Aylar önce
reminds me of vid with two rats slapping each other while eating out of the same bowl. They will not eat out of separate bowls lol.
Hama Mail
Hama Mail Aylar önce
And the nod to Chris's addiction to fried chicken. Whoops, I meant chicken 🍗
Nesha Cruz
Nesha Cruz Aylar önce
Irish Steve
Irish Steve Aylar önce
Ryotaro and Chris are an amazing duo. I Always get Grand Tour vibes when they are together.
Daruma Viking
Daruma Viking Aylar önce
Just what I needed when stuck in coughing covid hell, a good old-fashioned Chris and Risottoro overnight trip(with chicken)! Makes the sleep deprivation and isolation a little easier to bear. Cheers!
miss1010 Aylar önce
So happy to see Akita is finally covered!! Would love to see a longer video, there's so much to the prefecture!! the kanto festival, Tazawako, the Matagi people, the igloos, the beer/sake, the language barrier, etc
Empress of Death
Empress of Death Aylar önce
Yay! Thank you so much for doing a video in Akita. I've really been interested in Akita prefecture for quite some time. If you ever do go back to Akita, I would suggest perhaps in early August during the Akita Kantō. I hope everyone has a great Day/Night!
aceofspades Aylar önce
Chris: I bring Ryotaro along because he speaks Japanese, definitely not for company. Ryotaro: *loses voice* Chris: YOU HAD ONE JOB RYOTARO!
Heavenly Creature
Heavenly Creature Aylar önce
Chris is literally scared of everything. So just imagine the effect of the Namahage on him 😱 I am sure that hitman Ryotaro is there for Chris' protection 😎
Okami Kotori
Okami Kotori Aylar önce
tbf Chris speaks Japanese as well 😂
Ces Saseve
Ces Saseve Aylar önce
So Happy to see That your having another adventure with Ryotoro again, havnt seen this guy in ages in your videos Chris. I think my favourite is your adventures with Ryotoro and Natsuki! It would be really awesome if you both could try on a Namahage costume on 🙌🏾🤙🤙 That face that Ryotoro makes when he says: Ryotoro bazooka and his old Greek Batman voice haha 😂
Lisa Aylar önce
Just saw the travel ban in force for Japan now too....😞. Your channel has been a wonderful way to travel when I can’t go anywhere (abroad)! Was hoping to make it to Japan this year~ been fascinated with the country since I was a kid. Thanks for all the fun content and here’s to more adventures! Those namahage weirded me out too! ❤️from Portland OR
rustyax4 Aylar önce
I used to live in Akita! I'm soooo excited to see that you got to experience it Chris! ^-^
Drecell the Alive
Drecell the Alive Aylar önce
The Namahage traditions remind me of the St. Nicolas traditions common here in central Europe. Instead of weird oni, we have devils from Hell that give bad children coal or attempt to take them back to Hell with them. Also seen are the large processions of devils during what is known as Krampusnacht (I believe?). People in Austria especially like this one from what I've heard (Austria is one country over, I am not sure on details). It's so interesting seeing traditions on the other side of the globe that seem so familiar!
Auf die Radeln fertig los
Yes we in Austria were visited by the Krampus and St Nikolaus it was fun and scary in Vienna but nobody got PTSD like the snow flake generation.
Maxawe Some
Maxawe Some Aylar önce
I remember seeing Krampus on the street, I ran into the house, hid under the bed, and he still found me ! I was terrified, he pulled me from under the bed, I thought I was going to die, while my parents were laughing their ass off.
mikeyamashi Aylar önce
My Grandfather was German and he told me stories of Krampus coming into the school with St.Nicholas. The naughty children were bundled up in a sack and carried off while the other children got chocolates.
Shining Armor
Shining Armor Aylar önce
Chris with Natsuki: "Oh dear, oh dear, gorgeous" Chris with Ryotaro: "You F***ing DONKEY"
Heavenly Creature
Heavenly Creature Aylar önce
Well the man is trying to kill him 😏
Meat Motorsports
Meat Motorsports Aylar önce
his inner gordon ramsey comes out
ricky v
ricky v Aylar önce
Thank you for sharing this adventure with us. I enjoyed learning about the dogs from that region as well. (:
Jonathon Barnes
Jonathon Barnes Aylar önce
What a great place! Thanks for the continued interesting exploration of one of the most amazing countries on Earth
Ro So
Ro So Aylar önce
It's funny I had an Akita dog when i was a kid his name was Snowball. He was so big! Great dog.😊
Cousin Hubert Retrogaming
I love 秋田県! I thought you would have tried kiritampo nabe on camera, the speciality of Akita 😭 It's an amazing food, much more original that plain old (but good) oyakodon
HaydoGo Aylar önce
I am looking forward to videos inside the studio, but I will never get tired of these “24/48 hours in ______” videos. As always, great video Chris!
AxxL Aylar önce
GAGAGAGAGA I just disliked my own face because I am unpretty. HOWEVER: I always like my GOOD videos however. No dislikes allowed where I come from. Don't be mean, dear ha
Hama Mail
Hama Mail Aylar önce
Ryotaro!!! I luv it when you two are in a video. It always gives me that nostalgic Abroad feel 💙
Stephanie H.
Stephanie H. Aylar önce
It's so great to see that Ryotaro is holding this channel together! He's doing an amazing job! 👌🏻
covnam Aylar önce
Oh man, that Yakitori and Oyakodon looked so good I might just have to visit Akita just to try it!
Annette Walter
Annette Walter Aylar önce
Brilliant vlog. Thank you Chris. The dogs are gorgeous. Good to see Ryotaro again.
Shannon Russell
Shannon Russell Aylar önce
I went to Akita International University for their summer intensive a few years back and miss it every day. Glad to see such an awesome place being shared with the world.
Donny Jay
Donny Jay Aylar önce
Another great video from Chris, giving us an insight into regional Japan.
Felicia 23 gün önce
I love the videos with Ryotaro - he is always incredibly interesting. Would love to see more of him in your videos - I always learn something new when you two are together. Just throwing it out there, but with you, Sharla and Ryotaro all in Sendai together, why not do a monthly webcast together? I understand that Sendai is quite large, but others come from Tokyo to film....this could be another way to engage your audience. Also, since I am throwing caution to the wind, would love to see others included like Ryotaro, Sharla, Norm, etc. in your "Journey Across Japan" series. Those were some of my favorites when you trekked across Japan (no need to cycle). You could do it by bullet train, train, bus, etc...with the various individuals listed above added to the mix. Do what you will, but miss seeing all of the others on your series. Thanks!
Fidel Castro
Fidel Castro Aylar önce
With these nice quality of enjoyable Japan videos, that are only coming every two weeks, I would wish they would be about at least 2 hours long Chris
EarendilMitsos Aylar önce
I'm Greek and can attest to Ryotaro's accurate impression! Mind you the impression is of a chronic smoker in their 60s that has never heard of the word cholesterol and has not seen his genitals in 17 years because of the beer belly. But spot on! Kudos to Ryotaro. The guy's a legend!! 🙂😂
EarendilMitsos Aylar önce
@Curious Nomad Haha yeah definitely, there are some scary ones out there!! 😅
Curious Nomad
Curious Nomad Aylar önce
Ha don't forget the Greek women who have become like this after years of smoking.
Mellow Maromi
Mellow Maromi Aylar önce
all Mediterranean Grandfathers sound like this to an extent
Ali Sparkle
Ali Sparkle Aylar önce
Gahhh I'm so envious, it's so cold here and there's no doggos and you get to play in hot springs and meet puppers and I don't care about the chicken part but the rest all looks fun 😣 .... I need to get out and travel and have a travel-y sorta drink kinda asap lol 🍹😅
Lt Siver
Lt Siver Aylar önce
I wouldn't mind hanging out with Ryotaro. He's got a great sense of humor (I mean, he puts up with Chris Broad) and knows a lot of good places to go vacationing in Japan.
Athelstan Ent
Athelstan Ent Aylar önce
Akita is my favorite prefecture to visit. Thank you for highlighting some places I've not found in years of researching the area! I'll take the Nairku line north in the fall and then go to the Akita Dog Museum. Hopfully in 2022!
GA. Luigi
GA. Luigi Aylar önce
Quality content as usual, Chris! 😎🔥
Ranzoon Aylar önce
Yey, just what my Sunday evening was craving. A dose of Chris and Rissotaro
chris tiego
chris tiego Aylar önce
@ok well done Mr bond
chris tiego
chris tiego Aylar önce
@ok straya moite
Nguyễn Đức Anh
congrats, your comment got stolen by a verified
Jürgen Koks
Jürgen Koks Aylar önce
@MrInnerPeace Risotoro
chris tiego
chris tiego Aylar önce
Down here it's a popular breakfast
Always wanted to know more about Akita. This was a great vid! Wish there was a support button to help donate to the channel more.
Jessica Putri
Jessica Putri Aylar önce
Yay, finally more traveling videos. Always love it!
Becky French
Becky French Aylar önce
please make more videos about the more traditional different Christmas and New years customs? this was so cool
lopton1 Aylar önce
Love Ryotaro as a guest. Would love to see him more often in your videos! ^^
owen mawson
owen mawson Aylar önce
Been watching your channel for years and I have to say, each episode you upload is a masterpiece start to finish. You can clearly see the time and effort that goes into the production of each episode its simply amazing. I find myself captivated, the transitions, narration etc. Also, love the dynamic you have with Ryotaro, adds so much to each video. Keep it up, i love episodes like this
epic bro
epic bro Aylar önce
@Abroad in Japan You're welcome
Abroad in Japan
Abroad in Japan Aylar önce
Thanks man, much appreciated! 🍻
TheBoeKing Aylar önce
Great video Chris! Although, I had a hard time figuring out if it was about roasted chicken or roasted Ryotaro! 🤣
Sarah Ward-Greef
Sarah Ward-Greef Aylar önce
Yes Ryotaro!!!!! This place looks amazing, your content is more diverse than most youtubers… A true film maker
Ambient Walking
Ambient Walking Aylar önce
Incredible way of experiencing the world. I can't tell you how much I'm enjoying this! Really soothing!
Chris Stewart
Chris Stewart Aylar önce
This video felt like it was over really quickly. Definitely interested to see more of Akita.
PhilChill Aylar önce
I just love when you're with Ryotaro. The food is automatically more tastier and for us the viewers more enticing.
Anna Hames
Anna Hames Aylar önce
This was a great video! I recently moved to the Akita prefecture as a JET. My BOE said I'm not allowed to leave the prefecture, so knowing about some things to do here is amazing!
J P Aylar önce
More videos like this please :) also, traveling and tasting along the way :)
bloodbeastseb Aylar önce
The fact that they always sit next to each other when eating and use the hands closest to the other is great 😂😂
KiyokaMakibi Aylar önce
Wow, that Oyakodon dish looked delicious! I googled it, and its not too difficult to make. *drool* Can't wait to try it also!
Atlan Ta
Atlan Ta Aylar önce
Finally another Ryotaro outing! Been waiting to see the infamous duo on another journey.
Dakota Kraft
Dakota Kraft Aylar önce
Growing up I had an Japanese akita her name was Miko. With akita’s they stay around the youngest children to protect.
Benson Wachira
Benson Wachira Aylar önce
Amazing how in Japan everything is standardized according to the Japanese laws, nothing but the best for the people.
Akio life
Akio life 21 gün önce
Watching Chris's video is always fun and relaxing. I loved it.
Owen Cain
Owen Cain Aylar önce
Ryotaro is so powerful he can snap himself back into existence after being annihilated by Chris
JOHN MONES 3 gün önce
Always enjoy your vlogs that involve food and I appreciate that you give some background to what you are eating. You and Ryotoro are perfect foils for each other. 👍🏻 And yes the Akita is so cute. I’ve only seen one in my neighborhood of West Hollywood where the dog of choice is the French bulldog.
o0Avalon0o Aylar önce
This is definitely going on my "must do" list. Thanks!
Edwin Murillo
Edwin Murillo Aylar önce
I just love that subtle goofyness that comes out in your word choice and jokes when you are with Ryotaro!
Marty Aylar önce
I been watching your channel a lot lately keep it up Chris good work Proud of you! And ur studio looks awesome that ramen area its sick! 🖤
Samantha Montenegro
missed the 24 hours series! loved this one :)
Eínon Aylar önce
A very interesting video as usual! Great job! Its now on my list of places to visit in Japan!
My Autobiography A Fanfic
I love how non-fans would watch this, and not know Ryotoro deserved this.
Lord Rork
Lord Rork Aylar önce
As a weird coincidence, I cooked myself oyakodon for the first time this evening before sitting down to watch this video. It would seem I need to reduce my sauce far more, based on what I see here!
Ein Dayo
Ein Dayo Aylar önce
Always nice to see people interested in Akita other than the dogs. Was originally born in Akita so I have a really bad Country accent 😅
@Rico Imp Ben means an accent. Japanese has different accents depending on the region.
Howl Aylar önce
Yeah but the dogs are cute
Rico Imp
Rico Imp Aylar önce
What is the Akita dialect called? Akitaben?
Kate Aye
Kate Aye Aylar önce
How can one not love Ryotaro?! He has a dry humour, a goofy side and plays off Chris so well.
Kal Taron
Kal Taron Aylar önce
Great video. Love those dogs. When it comes to Oyakodon, I also like the variant with salmon.
Erasul Aylar önce
Another episode of Abroad in Japan. My favourite food series on TRvid.
The Culture Of Man Chad
Never fails me to smile. Keep on Ryotaro and Chris.
CreeperInBlack Aylar önce
I made myself and a friend Oyakudon just this week and it was absolutely delicious! The best thing is that it is extremely easy to make. I can recommend the video of Kimono Mom, she has a great recipe for it.
Kaizen Aylar önce
unrelated, but classy pfp my friend
Laura Varadi
Laura Varadi Aylar önce
She has the best recipes for everything! Cutie daughter in the videos is definitely a bonus too 😂❤🥺
neko simp
neko simp Aylar önce
theres a yakatori restaurant in australia i go to a lot, and it is by far the best best ive ever eaten in my life. its like a small family that runs it, and they try to be as authenitically japanese as they can, i cant wait until i get the chance to go to japan and try more of this
Juan Torres
Juan Torres Aylar önce
I wish NYC had places like this to eat and taste such amazing Japanese cousine/dishes! 😭 Akita dogs are huge!
Jasmine Rake
Jasmine Rake Aylar önce
Another superb video! Why are all your best videos with Ryotaro? You always go to the most amazing locations when Ryotaro is on board. More prefecture videos around Japan, they're great!
work account
work account Aylar önce
My daughter and I have been watching your videos ahead of our trip to Japan, not til 2023 so still got some time. Would love to see a video of Must See Places If you Only Have a Week. There's so much to do I'm worried that we're going to spin our wheels for a week and not maximize the limited time we have.
David Vega
David Vega Aylar önce
Chris…mate of all the videos you’ve made about mouth watering food…this is by far the one that had me drooling most. Omg. This alone is a reason to visit Japan
TomAKAVeto 23 gün önce
I visited my Japanese friend in Akita in 2010 and it was incredible. We went to a ski resort in the mountains and got to bathe in the onsen and look down on a beautiful valley while it rained. Not the only amazing experience I had in Japan but it stands out
Ada Sofia
Ada Sofia Aylar önce
The food looks so good! I’m so hungry now 😊
Kairu Abroad
Kairu Abroad Aylar önce
I think Ryotaro is becoming even more excentric, confident and crazy the more videos he stars in lol.
Pop Gas
Pop Gas Aylar önce
You guys are still sitting next to each other the wrong position when eating 😂, lol. Hope Chris can finally release a film called “Tonari no Ryototoro”.
TinUser Aylar önce
So, if the Hinai Dori is off limits to eat, does that mean the eggs are too? And if the new breed Hinai Jidori tastes better than "regular chicken", does that mean their eggs taste better as well?
John Aylar önce
I have an Akita dog and in all honesty, I did not know that Akita was also a place in Japan, thank you for this insightful information, Chris.
PoshMurder Aylar önce
Good to see Ryotoro again!! Everyone here has such great energy.
Sage Blackthorn
Sage Blackthorn Aylar önce
I really love Namahage, I wish we had them here in Southern California. We have the Los Angeles Krampus Parade and Costume Ball, but it's just not the same. No one goes door to door to scare children in to behaving, getting alcohol in return for doing a good job. Namahage get sake, Krampus get beer.
socalguy829 Aylar önce
i would pay large amounts of money to see Ryotaro in a spin-off series called "Elderly Greek Batman" haha
ProtoMarcus Aylar önce
@Rutt Roe "without us he'd have no viewership" Pretty sure he'd still get viewership. Why would _he_ specifically have to talk about it?
Rutt Roe
Rutt Roe Aylar önce
How come Chris won't talk about the 370,000 people trying to enter Japan with a work visa or student visa right now? The same people that watch his videos are the same people that are currently struggling trying to get their visas approved to the Japanese government, without us he'd have no viewership
ProtoMarcus Aylar önce
He is *_inevitable_* Father of many spice girls
Misses Witch
Misses Witch Aylar önce
"Spicy Mother and Child dish" My oh my ~ There seems to be many flavours I'd enjoy there~ ♥
Nari Tariko
Nari Tariko Aylar önce
I love when Ryotaro is on the show 😊
Natalie Veroes
Natalie Veroes Aylar önce
Not gonna lie was hella excited to see Ryotaro in a video again!! The voice was a added bonus 😂😂
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