24 HOTTEST Inventions that will change your Life.

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2 Ara 2022




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Mrwhosetheboss Yıl önce
Apologies for the late upload (And slightly wonky audio in this - I'm working on it!) But do let me know if you're enjoying this Inventions series! 🔥 The NEXT Inventions episode is OUT NOW: trvid.com/video/video-suT82AdWfTU.html To check out the previous Inventions Episode: trvid.com/video/video-Ch4RW28A9A8.html
Chris Bryan
Chris Bryan Gün önce
u good
Vampire Hydra
Vampire Hydra 7 gün önce
Become Muslim,after death you will go to paradise if you become Muslim
OneShotGamer 8 gün önce
I love these vids
adam ridza
adam ridza 17 gün önce
Sultana Rajia
Sultana Rajia Aylar önce
@Tevin Titus It's harder then it looks kid.
PowerTrain Yıl önce
When android directly sponsors you, you know you are very special and loved
adam ridza
adam ridza 17 gün önce
FIFA fox
FIFA fox 3 aylar önce
@donkey kong yeah I did it
Arsh Akber
Arsh Akber 3 aylar önce
@donkey kong yah want yo creator to go jail????????????
Celebrations Co
Celebrations Co 3 aylar önce
wbaba34 3 aylar önce
@donkey kong ok
Silvercat 3 gün önce
Me watching knowing that I can’t afford anything that’s in this video:
Archer 7 aylar önce
Love love love the phantom chess, definitely going to have to look into that one! The ghost pacer sounds pretty awesome as well especially for those days your not feeling 100% but still want to train.
Delta0451 4 gün önce
How would the pieces move when there's another one in the way?
That guy who actually asked
Haha the 2 things that caught your eye in this video is exactly what I wanted to learn more about!
EMiN3M 4 aylar önce
You can also check out square off board
Aiden 2 gün önce
you dont need the touch screen attachment. Some chromebooks come with a touch screen built in.
Johnny Wasabi
Johnny Wasabi Gün önce
I want that chess board so bad!!
Katherine Yıl önce
If Arun ever has to write a resume he could simply start with "sponsored by Android" and get instantly hired everywhere.
Hilton Sherrard
Hilton Sherrard Aylar önce
@Eamon Palmer me too
chetan kulkarni
chetan kulkarni Aylar önce
His name is Aaron not arun
Not Creeper Crafters
Not Creeper Crafters 2 aylar önce
Except for apple
Frogsarelife 2 aylar önce
Everywhere besides apple lol
Mob 10 aylar önce
acutelychronic 8 aylar önce
i can feel technology starting to become pretty crazy in recent years. we're living in the future
logan bursick
logan bursick 7 aylar önce
This man made everything seem so simpler when it really ain’t id want him as my teacher in a class for sure , kept me focused thru the whole thing as well😂💯
gamesmaniac 18 saatler önce
I really like your videos You should make one of rating games
Sjaak Schulteis
Sjaak Schulteis 6 aylar önce
This VR app blync looks interesting, but I think the one from Holofit (you can connect any fitness machine) is more interesting. The Reevo e-bike is very interesting.... a friend of mine have been talking about it.... it costs between 2000 and 3000 USD.... it is a beauty!
North of the Border
Next week: "This video is sponsored by: _The Internet,_ it's got all kinds of stuff, hang around to learn more."
Z Star
Z Star 11 aylar önce
@SSJ58 PS no.
👺samurai boi
👺samurai boi Yıl önce
Next month:this video is sponsored by:every social network.Find out more with any social network you have
Beliz Tola
Beliz Tola Yıl önce
SSJ58 PS Yıl önce
@Witcher Gaming Lol ok since he did not want to subscribe can you?
Witcher Gaming
Witcher Gaming Yıl önce
Alex G
Alex G 2 aylar önce
This man always finds out how to rickroll us in every video
Riley Is Amazing
Riley Is Amazing 2 gün önce
Arun, “You know whats really great?” Me, “Ur mom”
Catastic 2 gün önce
1:57 pov you choose the backrooms to cycle in
Derek Deaton
Derek Deaton 7 aylar önce
That Ghost pacer is genius. I remember how good I got on the older Mario kart games from racing my ghost. Epic to see someone bring that to life
Mr.Mercury Yıl önce
Arun : Why I moved to iPhone . Android: okay we’ll sponsor him anyway.
The Xbox Guy
The Xbox Guy Aylar önce
@Mr.Mercury YASSS
The Xbox Guy
The Xbox Guy Aylar önce
@Mr.Mercury uh huh
MSPmateja 10 aylar önce
@Guy Sandler not true,almost every android gets updates for 2 years and very few get for 3 years
Indigo Yıl önce
@Mr.Mercury I wont say that apple sucks, but as someone not from a first world country, its difficult to me to compare xiaomi/huawei/samsung to apple, when my user experience has been better in those other companies' devices. many commodities that apple offer werent avaliable at the time and as such, as a former apple user it was a quite terrible experience to see your 6+'s camera stop working just cause, which was a factory defect and i wasnt able to change the model since i didnt live in the us. or battery issues on the macbook and ipod nano, or loosing support on ipads, those things.
Hampter Yıl önce
@Maciek2846 yeah but the iphone 11 and the older excluding X, Xs Xs max have a trash screen
boogabooga Gün önce
@Mrwhosetheboss make links for all the products incase some people wanna buy them
OnsWesleyy 3 aylar önce
I've been using Airup for more then a year, and its pretty amazing, love it!
Congratulations DM me to claim your prizes🎁 now ⤴
reid 24 gün önce
I am in love with your channel. It’s almost a daily thing for me now man you always have such entertaining things! I love your channel!
JCM EvolvE
JCM EvolvE 6 aylar önce
this dude is the Gordon Ramsay of tech💯
Mejda Yıl önce
When you're such a good TRvidr that android sponsors you, absolute legend
adam ridza
adam ridza 17 gün önce
Puzzleblox puzzles and gaming
@Kyle Milford the best tech company is IPhone
Puzzleblox puzzles and gaming
Bro supports Kim jong un he doesn’t let South Korean people leave South Korea
Jurassic Zak
Jurassic Zak 5 aylar önce
@Kim Jong-un it is indeed KJU (Kim Jong Un)
Kim Jong-un
Kim Jong-un 7 aylar önce
Hey mejda, is that me in your profile pic???
Traven Miller
Traven Miller 2 aylar önce
When literal ANDROID sponsors you, you know your doing well in life
Johnathan Thomas
Johnathan Thomas 4 aylar önce
That automatic touch screen is a 10/10 you’re insane
Liam 3238
Liam 3238 Aylar önce
The taste simulating water bottle is something that I really want to see and hopefully one day own It looks really awesome
I swear to God you are probably The best entertaining guy That review tec on TRvid
Dr Phiney
Dr Phiney Yıl önce
Arun is the kind of teacher to say : nice essay, then gives a 3/10
qwertie Yıl önce
FR LMAOOO I loved those LEDs on the tap but they got a 3 :(
Glider Trio
Glider Trio Yıl önce
“Hey this essay is really good and you did a good job but because everyone else did way better you get a D”
Uditanshu Kamal
Uditanshu Kamal Yıl önce
kitty cat
kitty cat 8 aylar önce
For the tooth brush thing the blue light was actually advertised to clean your mouth along with the tooth paste :)
O'Kea 8 aylar önce
I could binge-watch your videos all day.👌👌👌
InfintyWinz 19 gün önce
I’d like to go for less processed foods when availabel😂😂 luv the content
Simple Guitar Lessons With Alex!
Even if you forget the gadgets and just watch you and your wonderful personality made my day! And my day was bad today. Thank you for making me smile with your wonderful productions! Definitely Hollywood material, I don’t have to tell you to keep it up because I know you will, you’re amazing!
Geek Abhishek
Geek Abhishek Yıl önce
This video blew my mind amazing content as always 🔥
@Alex Armstrong some of them do exist, ofc not all
Alex Armstrong
Alex Armstrong Yıl önce
have you tried to buy any of them? They do NOT exist. They are just ideas. Maybe 5% of them will come to life.
trinity372 Yıl önce
@dixib which are the garbage ideas? I think it’s a matter of perspective. That water container is awesome and I will buy it at the first opportunity.
dixib Yıl önce
@Dhruv Hegde It's entertaining, I'm not arguing that, but it's bad ideas. There's a couple of good ones but most of them are garbage.
Dhruv Hegde
Dhruv Hegde Yıl önce
@dixib You don't know good content if it hit you in your face
MrCat (Sub to Vadym1421)
This video really makes me want to buy these products!
Random gaming videos 🎮🕹
My cousins bought the self sealingbin a few years ago and broke it in one day😂because they kept putting the hands to activate the bin so many times in a row 😂
Mohamed Sami
Mohamed Sami 8 aylar önce
Watching your channel makes me realize that black mirror writers were right all along... 10 outta 10!
Vincent Hartzell
Vincent Hartzell 5 aylar önce
I'd rather have a whole extra arm but that might be heavy unless it was extremely light and had a fourth "arm" for support. Wonder how that'd work.
Suzanna Alves
Suzanna Alves 9 aylar önce
You know you’ve made it when a brand as big as ANDROID sponsors you. Congrats Arun!!!!
JCM EvolvE
JCM EvolvE 6 aylar önce
Mr Bored
Mr Bored 9 aylar önce
Surfing Turtle
Surfing Turtle 22 gün önce
I come to your chanel when I want advice. You really are the best version of the truth. Cheers Arun.
Hema Vaithianathan
Hema Vaithianathan 3 aylar önce
“I try to go for less processed alternatives when available” (casually bites a chip)
Congratulations DM me to claim your prizes🎁 now ⬆⤴
hotrod 2 aylar önce
2 things I like Veritasium: my favorite science youtuber Arun: my favorite tech youtuber
Telegram me👉mrarunmaini
Thanks for watching and comment. You can message me on the platform above I have a surprise giveaway package for you ❤️❤️🎁
F James Christopher K
F James Christopher K 3 aylar önce
imagine walking in the forest full of glowing trees, that would be awesome...
techFAUX Yıl önce
Arun : Sponsored by Android Also arun : 20:25 Checkout android’s biggest threat video 😂
zylSON 9 aylar önce
@xbox 123 🧢
Samin 11 aylar önce
@zylSON no u😘
zylSON 11 aylar önce
@Samin no u😘
Samin 11 aylar önce
@zylSON no u
zylSON 11 aylar önce
@Samin no u
Anonymous Mare
Anonymous Mare 2 aylar önce
Finally i found wut i have searching for a long time since 2018. The automatic chessboard. Thank you for introducing this.
The one and only whis
The one and only whis 5 aylar önce
You know your an insane youtuber when you get sponsored by android
Agenor 2 aylar önce
If that Ghost Pacer(#9) could also trash-talk, that would be hilarious! Also, there should be a feature where something (or someone) is chasing you. So many possibilities.
Smirnova Maria
Smirnova Maria 8 aylar önce
I have dumbbells like those! I've had them for more then 20 years, actually. I had no idea that they were new cool tech though! Little stamp on them doesn't state the factory that made them, but tells me that they were "made in USSR"
shortranga Yıl önce
Arun: Does a sponsored segment for Android Also Arun less than a second after: "Check out this other video praising another OS that rivals android"
Brayan Brayan
Brayan Brayan Yıl önce
@3VIL IS GOOD&GOOD IS 3VIL i don't actually think so, if youre sponsored live in the uk you have to put it all over your video, here the only sponsored thing is Android at the end
Tashfin Shakeer Rhythm
@shortranga You are trying to mean what? I am having difficulties, so explain if u don't mind :3
shortranga Yıl önce
@Tashfin Shakeer Rhythm and? It still means Android doesn't make anything off it
SquishyKoolAid Yıl önce
@3VIL IS GOOD&GOOD IS 3VIL he’s only sponsored by android. He’s making good videos so the videos do well and he makes money
Tashfin Shakeer Rhythm
Aosp practically is just android source code. U need to install gapps manually or compile rom with gapps included. Android doesn't come with Google or any services. Developers/ OEM need to add them.
Xylo 17 gün önce
Imagine a world where everyone is using glowing plants, image how cool it would look when you go outside when it gets dark.
Thomas Mccown
Thomas Mccown 6 aylar önce
Thanks brother for all your amazing work 🙏!!!! Your videos are informative and enjoyable to!!!!!!!""" And I hope that you will continue to make videos for the unforeseeable future!!!!!" God bless you my friend!!" And God bless you all today 🙏 Shalom
Bartolomeo 5 aylar önce
Arun: for the longest time laptops and computers haven’t had a touchscreen Lenovo: *allow me to introduce myself*
Behzad Mir Mozaffari
Behzad Mir Mozaffari 2 aylar önce
Dumbbells? With multiple weights? Really? What's next? Wheels?🤣 Also, mad respect for Yu-Gi-Oh! insert 👏👏👏
DextanTrund Yıl önce
The way Arum presenting his videos is so entertaining that you'll not skip a sec.
DextanTrund Yıl önce
@cheezykrainer damn that's harsh
cheezykrainer Yıl önce
@CozmicPlayz Games sponsor part, I exit.
DextanTrund Yıl önce
@CozmicPlayz Games u can't do that, that's also interesting 🥺
CozmicPlayz Games
me skipping the sponsor part: 🗿
cheezykrainer Yıl önce
Alex TheAmethyst
Alex TheAmethyst 5 aylar önce
That moment when you realize all your life savings will soon be home on a smart trash bag and a literal rocket skate
roach raider
roach raider 8 aylar önce
That last one makes me want to ask one question. How do we really know that there aren't people out there that look just like these characters? Just like how there are random people out there that look like videogame characters when those characters are either loosely based on a real person or just made up entirely by some people in an office or studio.
Squishy The Vampire
Squishy The Vampire 6 aylar önce
Imagine how useful number 2 would be for people who have lost a digit. You'd no longer have to lose a toe. 😃
Trix Stix
Trix Stix 7 aylar önce
I wonder if that self sealing bin has a feature to detect the difference between a hand vs a dog head, because if not my dogs would have a field day with it 🥲
Dhanush Munasinghe
Arun is growing insanely fast even Android can't miss him.
Aaron Mcroodle
Aaron Mcroodle 5 aylar önce
The faucet idea would be very useful for somebody that has no feeling in their hands or don't feel pain or something it's rare but could be useful for those people
Oarabile Mokgothu
Oarabile Mokgothu 2 gün önce
As much as cool these invations are tech is leading us to becoming more lazy
Harrick V Harrick
Harrick V Harrick 2 aylar önce
Despite their absolutely fantastic looks there's a very good reason why we (would) almost never see them outside shows, wheels like these that aren't mounted on a central axle. It is mechanically challenging and besides that completely unnecessary and impractical. The forces that come into play, among whom the worst are those that are sideways whilst the most common are upwards directed - are nearly impossible to control and hold from only one point when that point is located on the outside of the very circle that wheel forms. The most common way to mount wheels (with bikes) is with spokes, be cause they route all forces directly into the most practical direction: the wheel's centre (in vertical plane). Spokes also are the most lightweight, require the least amount of material, and can be tightened individually or in specific combination to correct the wheel's positioning.
Telegram me👉mrarunmaini
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bingus 7 aylar önce
Is it just me or the bestest tech invention was probably the extra thumb.
FavoriteTechX Yıl önce
If Arun had his own Netflix series, it would be insane
Beliz Tola
Beliz Tola Yıl önce
bigo Yıl önce
@Mike what’s up loser who doesn’t get it
Mike Yıl önce
@bigo whatsup no checkmark
Shamiha Hossain Zara
@Michealsoft yep I saw it on Mr beast channel
AzPenacilla TT
AzPenacilla TT Yıl önce
@Mahir Shahriar true
Viola Dean
Viola Dean 7 aylar önce
The bio gas thing is pretty silly considering most landfills, at least here in the US near any major city are already doing some sort of methane extraction from the waste.
photojaan 2 gün önce
Number 17 is very usual in spain!
Taras 3 aylar önce
Fun fact: the number 17 was made in Slovenia 🇸🇮, this is where i live and the one that made it was awarded with a big price!!
Aiden Bagshaw
Aiden Bagshaw 5 aylar önce
“It can brush your teeth in ten seconds.” Bold of you to assume that I already don’t.
Animalkaiserina Yıl önce
Everything has their match Yin - Yang Sword - Shield Gun - Bullet Arun - Rick Astley
Beliz Tola
Beliz Tola Yıl önce
Guy With an Opinion
@YELOH and why not just parry and block with the sword already in your hand
Guy With an Opinion
@YELOH my English brain is off rn cause it’s 3 in the morning, tf did you just say?
YELOH Yıl önce
@Guy With an Opinion A Object that Reflects The Damage of a object hit of the acceleration of Speed the object Sharp Edges collides with the object and Breaks the connection of the atoms (Ahh yes the correct way)
Guy With an Opinion
Totally being picky but I don’t think a shield is necessarily a swords match
ecastag 7 aylar önce
A robot pet... what I always dreamed of...
GhostLad 8 aylar önce
Your videos are amazing 👏 great work
Kenneth10toWin Gaming
Kenneth10toWin Gaming 2 aylar önce
I think about all the bad stuff our generation has made, but technology is advancing and helping
The Unseen
The Unseen 9 aylar önce
The Townew Self-Sealing Bin sounds great ... except they don't actually make all the money with the already expensive bin. Instead you have to pay really big bucks for the new bags as well ...
orange fox
orange fox Yıl önce
“This video was sponsored by Android” Damn, from doing software reviews because they were cheap during the start of his channel to being sponsored by Android, great job!
bigo Yıl önce
You got a heart from arun, nice!
LEXxTALIONS 7 aylar önce
Where can I buy the phantom chest? Is amazing 👏
Guram Etsadashvili
Guram Etsadashvili 8 aylar önce
*This is a great video,I learn alots watching your videos and it’s helpful to me* *investing money is quite difficult to me but all thanks to Mia Frank she helped me alots*
Some Random Ducc
Some Random Ducc 4 aylar önce
Guram Etsadashvili
Guram Etsadashvili 8 aylar önce
You can Reach her on *Te-Ie-gr-am.* with the name below. Mia_Frank
Trisha White
Trisha White 8 aylar önce
I heard her strategies are really good 👍
Anthony Greg
Anthony Greg 8 aylar önce
Since I started trading I keep loosing I almost decided never to trade anymore what should I do now?
Blake Helton
Blake Helton 8 aylar önce
I started investing with $1000 now I'm earning $12,000 I found Mia Frank here and I’m happy working with her.
Hart Planet
Hart Planet 5 aylar önce
Phantom Chess would look awesome encased in a glass table.
sensaiSUFU shorts
sensaiSUFU shorts 3 aylar önce
Him in this video: Thanks to android for sponsoring, they have some really cool features I’ll tell you about Him in another video: Even android admits Apple is better!!! 🤣🤣🤣
Haider mairaj
Haider mairaj Yıl önce
You're my fav tech reviewer Arun, really like your non traditional variety videos, usually packed with heaps of info. Appreciate the research and effort you put in.. kudos !!
anita khanna
anita khanna 8 aylar önce
Linus: lemme introduce myself
Spike 8 aylar önce
@Villager6883 LMFAO
dmvmeu 10 aylar önce
@Villager6883 smh
Villager6883 10 aylar önce
He don’t mention the newest vibrator
spookilyookily 5 aylar önce
OMG LOL we used to have a glowing shower head, what a silly feature. Yes, it let us know if the water was hot but it would take forever to changed, by which time your skin is already peeling 😂
HunterBoy 3 aylar önce
Android when a new dude buys them “Greats imagine how happy all the nerds will be!”
John Doe
John Doe 4 aylar önce
8:24 I'm ex military, and I can promise you that there is no piece of tech that can make you think you are in an actual warzone. Virtual reality isn't comparable......
Congratulations DM me to claim your prizes🎁 now ⤴
Rondo Cat
Rondo Cat 3 aylar önce
Much better then other "new gadgets" videos I have seen :) But getting my screen full of finger prints on my retina display on my MBP from using it as a touch screen is not my idea of fun...
Congratulations DM me to claim your prizes🎁 now ⬆⤴⤴
Grayzel FX
Grayzel FX Yıl önce
This is THE ONLY TRvid channel that I know 100% I can drop a like on a video before I even watch it, and never be disappointed. Even if a video has subject matter that isn't that interesting to me, the videography and presentation is so next level that I am never left wanting. #1 is awesome if not slightly terrifying...
Sovxy Zero
Sovxy Zero Yıl önce
Denny Yıl önce
**Gets rickrolled**
Het MaatKanaal
Het MaatKanaal 24 gün önce
i actually have the air-up for a year now and it’s a really cool thing
Didthathurtjr 3 aylar önce
The hello x2 looks cool but the internet isnt really helping does anyone know if its public yet or its release date?
Shannon biancardi  •12 years ago
“There the only company to do this with weights” different ones that are better and cheaper in my house😢
True Craft5
True Craft5 24 gün önce
can you in your future videos put the links in the description of the products?
 ShortHax Yıl önce
Arun playing with a Rick Astley Yi Gi Oh card when he was younger? That’s infinitely better than any Clicbot, unless it knows how to rickroll the zoomers
Greg Kareem
Greg Kareem 11 aylar önce
X Æ A-Xii
X Æ A-Xii Yıl önce
@Mrwhosetheboss whats 'Aruba'?
dancinglineplayer 2
@Mrwhosetheboss nev er gonna give you o hm.trvid.com/video/video-dQw4w9WgXcQ.html
Beliz Tola
Beliz Tola Yıl önce
Mr8-BitGamer Yıl önce
@Mrwhosetheboss XD
Eric taylor
Eric taylor 5 aylar önce
You have hishme a 2 and the water thing a 3. Hishme is perfect for team gaming tourneys to spy stuff. Bulky yes but def functionally awesome AF.
Anchorman: Egypt Ian Wallace
Did anyone notice that Arun's toes have smart nails ? 💅
Drone Spencer
Drone Spencer 3 aylar önce
I want some of those techs :)
Congratulations DM me to claim your prizes🎁 now ⬆⤴⤴
The sweaty noob
The sweaty noob 6 aylar önce
I need to know who could afford that 6k electric bike it’s awesome but damn that price
Rahan Talukder
Rahan Talukder Yıl önce
I love how his sponsorships went from vpns to meals you can make in minutes to literal *ANDROID*
Bandana Saikia
Bandana Saikia Yıl önce
Sami 5 aylar önce
I love how number 23 is just a normal led light and I have one in my bathroom
Kgl23 2 aylar önce
I really really REALLY like chess. A chess board like the phantom one would be a complete dream come true for me
Hugo Lundström
Hugo Lundström 3 aylar önce
Imagine having an AI lawyer 💀
Jem Leighton-Scholes
Jem Leighton-Scholes 3 aylar önce
i love that we are trying to make mounted bikes that adjust difficulty to make it like you are actually riding and then also bikes that adjust power so there is no change in difficulty despite slope haha
Congratulations DM me to claim your prizes🎁 now ⬆⤴⤴
Prateek Srivastava
I love how Arun talks about being sponsored by Android and its features then immediately asks us to watch a video on Calyx OS
Son of Shahul Hameed
@Non-Cool Gamer PT Gotcha 👍
Non-Cool Gamer PT
@Son of Shahul Hameed the whole ad is about Google software and Calyx OS has less Google apps out-of-the-box, allows you to block Google apps' connection through the integrated firewall and uses Micro G, which allows you to do stuff with these apps you could only do if you had an account.
Son of Shahul Hameed
Calyx is built on Android.
Non-Cool Gamer PT
Beliz Tola
Beliz Tola Yıl önce
Wolf NZ Outdoors
Wolf NZ Outdoors Aylar önce
0:42 - it's never going to be as cool as the Cone of Silence from the old _Get Smart_ series...
Heisenballs69 3 aylar önce
The glowing faucet would be fun in the shower, just imagine taking a shower and suddenly a red light/ aura is behind you, it'd make you feel like darth vader.
Cam TheManB
Cam TheManB 16 gün önce
Can u collab with mkbhd u guys are rockstars ❤❤❤
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