21 HORRIFIC Tech Fails they want you to forget.

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From Cyberpunk to the Cybertruck, from Smartphones to the Not-so-Smart Home, here are my top 21 Tech fails of the 2021 and the past Decade! Check out Huel here: my.huel.com/arunmaini
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26 Şub 2021




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Mrwhosetheboss 9 aylar önce
We worked out that this one video has taken us a total of 14 days to produce, so do give it a watch, would mean a lot! ❤️Next episode: trvid.com/video/video-bBcwFWS34ZY.html Also if you want to check out Huel their link is here: my.huel.com/arunmaini
Vin Wiesel
Vin Wiesel 7 gün önce
Tesla/Elon never said the glass was practically bulletproof. It’s a widely Missy listed fallacy that spread like wildfire. They said the steel was bulletproof up to 9mm handgun. The glass is just stronger than normal glass…not bulletproof. Even the common Tesla outlets misreported this. Sad.
Alejandro Villa
Alejandro Villa 9 gün önce
The Segway guy death was a myth. His name is Dean Kemen and he's still alive
Eric Reinert
Eric Reinert 13 gün önce
Good thing I did spend more than 5 minsbefore i stopped watching.
scemer 20 gün önce
@fall guys Arun Maniac
Raleigh Rhoden
Raleigh Rhoden 26 gün önce
who is us/we
John Gordon
John Gordon 2 saatler önce
Somebody can’t balance property and think of something else at the same time!
CookyMonzta 3 saatler önce
Theranos was--or should I say IS--the medical equivalent of Bernie Madoff's Ponzi scheme. If Holmes is convicted (quite likely), the judge WILL give her hard time! 🥶🚔⚒
Jp Ferrer
Jp Ferrer 3 saatler önce
15:06 Never Gonna Give You Up
isaiah 4 saatler önce
16:41 lol con trov acy
CookyMonzta 4 saatler önce
And the Google Glasses; does that remind anyone of the CGI anime movie *Appleseed Ex Machina?*
CookyMonzta 4 saatler önce
Is it just my imagination, or does that Cybertruck look like something from a late-1980s/early-1990s post-apocalyptic movie, like *Solarbabies* (1987)?
Hfyf Fjfh
Hfyf Fjfh 5 saatler önce
im a bug do meee
ybn_goku 8 saatler önce
wii-ultimate? dumbass think
Yagurt Melon
Yagurt Melon 10 saatler önce
Me watching this video: wow this product doesnt seem that bad Whosetheboss: Then they started catching on fire
Yagurt Melon
Yagurt Melon 10 saatler önce
it makes sense to call it the wii u because only "you" are using it while others watch the tv.
Mr Spikie Spike
Mr Spikie Spike 10 saatler önce
Did I blink? ....Did I miss it! ...where was Rick???
Crewmate 12 saatler önce
Rip editor who got two cybertrucks ☠️
Monalee Rodriguez
Monalee Rodriguez 13 saatler önce
Quality content as always! I love it when videos I watch are not just clickbaits :D
John Smith
John Smith 17 saatler önce
6:25 -- Just like Google Glass, the WiiU was something that was too early. I mean the Switch does most everything the Wii U does (or wanted to do) except the tablet is not nearly as heavy/bulky and it actually gives you a reasonable battery charge. 7:17 -- Wii U? Is that like a Wii that's meant for college?
Technical Ahmad
Technical Ahmad 20 saatler önce
great sir love you
Michael Schwinger
Michael Schwinger 20 saatler önce
How about TRvid Music? Why did they have to replace a better service with something so horrible?
Johnathan Pieters
Johnathan Pieters 23 saatler önce
My favorite fail is the cyber truck
Selina R
Selina R Gün önce
And i still love cyberpunk
halo Gün önce
Thank god I didn't log in to Facebook 😳
Hentjim Gün önce
Alright so I was skeptical about stadia at first too but right now stadia really is amazing, the input lag isn't nearly as bad as at launch. I tried it and I have to say im a fan.
Lee Felix
Lee Felix Gün önce
Me - the only person in Hawaii who will have no idea why people are panicking. *Reason: Always in my room, in game with all notifications off even the emergency option*
Lee Felix
Lee Felix Gün önce
Some of these aren't even fails. They're just products and apps with huge consequences.
Ejzafra Tbooom
Ejzafra Tbooom Gün önce
TRvid rewind is best in the year of 2010 to 2015. Change my mind.
Jacob Gün önce
people really misunderstand "bullet proof", with body armor and glass, bullet resistant is a better way to describe it. A bullet and a rock or ball is going to impact differently for one. Body armor also shatters on impact, and you can break it by dropping it on the ground. It basically buys you a few seconds of time, which can make all the difference. I am not surprised some life long business people on the left coast couldnt figure this one out...
Princewill Anyagagligbo
Bro force now is better than stadia
No CS:S Gün önce
Dear Anyone Who Likes K-Pop, I Hope You Have Fatal Bowel Cramps At 2am. :)
Hege4318 Gün önce
I hope there's no problem with ring cameras today, because they are really popular at the electronic stores here 😱
ryekia Gün önce
HOLY STUFF!!!!!! That’s why google got rid of the counting on the dislike button. That way they no long have the highest amount on dislikes on one of their own videos. Haha.
Karl-Oscar Olsson
Cyberpunk wasn´t that bad. I played it at launch on my laptop (i7 7700hq and a 1050ti), and it was very playable. It didn´t look nearly as bad as on the ps4. There were a few graphical glitches, like some clipping errors and the occasional floating npc, but nothing gamebreaking. It was definitely overhyped, though, and the story was lackluster. It didn´t live up to it´s promises of a revolution in gameplay. It was fun, and well worth a play, at least on proper hardware. But nothing special, compared to other games. And, don´t get me wrong, it probably did fail big. The ps4 version was afaik awful, and their attempt at hiding the errors and not letting anyone review it was dishonest.
Commoncrisp rocket league sideswipe
nice mirror cube
Shrihan Ganta
Shrihan Ganta 2 gün önce
We will now never know what is the most disliked video on TRvid
Coding Cubed
Coding Cubed 2 gün önce
every cuber will know what this comment means and the fact that there are cubes on his desk.
Eric Crawford
Eric Crawford 2 gün önce
I so disagree with almost everything you said
Seawolf 2 gün önce
I was super excited for Google stadia. I even pre-ordered the founders Edition. I tried it once with a very strong internet connection and it had so much lag that I was basically in the past. I couldn't even sell the damn thing for 50 bucks. Now it lives in my closet, unused and unloved like it deserves.
Melody Pond
Melody Pond 2 gün önce
The twitch bot raids/user data hack of 2021 lol
Cack Jooper
Cack Jooper 2 gün önce
With the Hawaii missile alert, i was actually in hawaii at the time. I was over at a friends house and his mom runs into the room and tells us to hide in the closet. Then it turns out it was all a false alarm.
netsurferx1 2 gün önce
Aww...No HP Touchpad!
Ara Harutunian
Ara Harutunian 2 gün önce
The cyber truck is a great example of todays garbage brutalism architecture...its so ugly... research tartaria.....they dont want u to know your true potential.. we are evolving backwards
kingofsponges 2 gün önce
rip the editor's credit card
chrsk 2 gün önce
2:35 “the whiter population started abusing that.” Lol
XGamercyx x
XGamercyx x 2 gün önce
15:10 nice
David M
David M 2 gün önce
The thing about the Tesla truck, is that (pretty sure) the windows are supposed to be able to be broken for safety reasons.
Rui Correia
Rui Correia Gün önce
So why Elon acted disapointed by it?
ProductBasement 3 gün önce
Here's the deal with Facebook and political advertising: 1) Facebook did not provide any information to advertisers that wasn't already public. Advertisers simply scraped millions of Facebook accounts for data that people had publicly shared. 2) The Obama campaigns did exactly the same thing when he was running for office, and everyone in the tech industry was praising the Obama campaign for how savvy they were. It was only when the political right got savvy that tech influencers got bothered by harvesting of publicly-available information. If this video had been made in 2012, this who non-scandal would have been a 10/10 win
16 Bit Jake
16 Bit Jake 3 gün önce
im scared for 2021 rewind
_xflame_xsanity 3 gün önce
one tech fail for my tv is when i was watching some videos on youtube my youtube video stopped changed and there was a purge thing it looked really legit and i was scared but just to check i rewatched to video that i watched when the thing popped up but there i didnt see the purge message in the video i watched kept rewatching and i was scared out my mind
Mark Edwards
Mark Edwards 3 gün önce
There's no way in the world you eat that food and like it
Danny Giroux
Danny Giroux 3 gün önce
I'm a fairly new subscriber. . About 4 days now. this is fairly random for a 9 month old video for me to be commenting on it, however I love your style.
EnderalPhantom 3 gün önce
2:05 Ai was a mistake
Flintknock 3 gün önce
One time I was on a hoverboard. I crouched down and started spinning, I was picking up way too much speed. I couldn’t stop speeding up and eventually I rammed into a table. Fun times.
Harry Collins
Harry Collins 3 gün önce
Segways were never "cool". Only dorks use them.
Gloria Schoenwald
Gloria Schoenwald 3 gün önce
I saw the ads for quibi so many times but less then a month later i never saw it again
I wish I was wrong but I'm not
U photoshop a Tesla truck in your hand under a caption claiming it failed. I see some extremely stupid shit on line. But claiming something failed before I makes it to market is just retarted. So 👎🏼, and move on.
123okubo 4 gün önce
Yeah, I saw that cheeky-little rick-roll there, Arun!
Super Saturday squad
When u watched the full tharanos movie n still didn’t understand it but u got it from him
Chakresh Joshi
Chakresh Joshi 4 gün önce
You could have also mentioned about the FREEDOM rs 100 mobile
Mohammed Alhappak
Mohammed Alhappak 4 gün önce
Mr whosetheuncle pls
Ryan Rathnayake
Ryan Rathnayake 4 gün önce
I still like cloi because it's cute
SeanLikesDinos 4 gün önce
I don't necessarily agree with the WII U being a flop. It was the first console I ever had, and it was amazing. I used to play Mario Kart and minecraft all the time on it. Also the screen controller is quite similar to the Nintendo Switch. Also you could even play all your wii games, with the same controller. So it was basically a wii and some. I loved it as a kid.
RedFlag 4 gün önce
love your videos keep it up
Computer tech fails Mr Arun
godisnowhere(how did you read it?)
hours on tiktok rot my brain i gotta go back on the poetry and science videos 😞
Alteirs 4 gün önce
I absolutely LOVE Cyberpunk 2077 and it's buggy mess.
Joe Greene
Joe Greene 4 gün önce
OK, I'm not mad at you but the cyber truck in that video wasn't Finnished and they fixed that.Again, I'm not trying to be mean but think the first one was worse.
Piyush Singhal
Piyush Singhal 4 gün önce
i have some sort of superpower or something. for example i forgot all about bill gates and when i was watching a video about microsoft i remembered he existed and googled him cus i forgot his age. well GUESS WHAT. it was the exact same day he got divorced. and now.. again.. i googled theranos, and find out the fraud trial nears its end. *wow.*
Furious 4 gün önce
wasnt there a buisness convention where random people could post what ever they wanted on twitter with a # and it would display on the boards at the con. pretty sure internet historian did a vid on it
Ianxy 4 gün önce
Actually the rewind of 2020 Mr beast did the best rewind
Lime Beans animation
To be fair to cyberpunk, fans pressured them to release it too early
mya rocks
mya rocks 4 gün önce
You failed to mention the Wii U problems. We had purchased one and suddenly on day 2 when we went to use it the consul couldn't connect to the hand held device. You couldn't play games without the hand held device, and you couldn't simply plug it into the Wii U as it only connected wirelessly. I called Nintendo and they said you can't keep youre system around any wifi router as it would mess up the signal. What? Of course everyone keeps their wifi near their entertainment centre where else would you put it? So we switched off the wifi and it still wouldn't connect so i call them back and they try a few things over the phone and then give me a support ticket and want me to mail the hand held in to be reprogrammed? What? So i threw it back in the box as my child cried her eyes out took it back to the store. I got a switch later on and that is very much improved!
gegeofboom 4 gün önce
15:09 I hate you
Mystery 4 gün önce
Duolingo: *You missed your Spanish lessons. You know what happens next.* *BALLISTIC MISSILE ALERT*
Goblinkobold44 4 gün önce
15:07 the longer you look the funnier it gets
Roblox Gamer
Roblox Gamer 4 gün önce
1:09 legend says he's still waiting
Foreva 4 gün önce
Your lists have a unique style be on the lookout for copycats and monitor them
M S 4 gün önce
In ussr trnobel and in alpacustan thy blow there self up
The wishful Thinker
The wishful Thinker 5 gün önce
I’ve never used WhatsApp since that update message.
The wishful Thinker
The wishful Thinker 5 gün önce
The ring of fire.
Cameron Horder
Cameron Horder 5 gün önce
Imagine the Tay twitter bot in 2021 tweeting "Ratio + you fell" to every tweet it came across
Poison Viprix
Poison Viprix 5 gün önce
his editor ordered 2 cybertrucks... so sad
Zelda Gamer 1049
Zelda Gamer 1049 5 gün önce
Hey, the wii u out sold Sweden
Gameabout 5 gün önce
My first console as a kid was a Wii U I always felt like it was a pretty underrated product
justin 5 gün önce
Loved the video but that healthy meal replacement is super expensive at 75$ a bag with a minimum of a two bag order, which only last for just over 11 days for both bags (figuring for 3meals a day) not everyone can spend that much
justin 5 gün önce
First of all I loved the video, very entertaining and informative, the only thing I didn’t like was the advertisement plug, that healthy meal replacement is super expensive at 75$ a bag with a minimum of a two bag order, which only last for just over 11 days for both bags (figuring for 3meals a day) not everyone can spend 450$ a month for just one person
justin 5 gün önce
First of all I loved the video, very entertaining and informative, the only thing I didn’t like was the advertisement plug, that healthy meal replacement is super expensive at 75$ a bag with a minimum of a two bag order, which only last for just over 11 days for both bags (figuring for 3meals a day) not everyone can spend 450$ a month for just one person
Ton cz
Ton cz 5 gün önce
15:10 Never gonna give you up
bad_asmr 5 gün önce
i was in hawaii for the missle. i was at the beach, and i heard the notigication on my phone. instead of doing anything i just sat at the beach and watched the waves and took in the enviornment until i would inevidibly end up dying
bad_asmr 5 gün önce
imagine baking in your kitchen with the june oven and then your like "dangit, my oven's updating. oh well, i guess ill just put my cookies in in 7 hours."
Tibor Vincente
Tibor Vincente 5 gün önce
Your video was good, thumbs up. That commercial you made at the end was just terrible however. That stuff is obviously terrible. I've had many dehydrated meals and they are acceptable when 3 days into the woods with no other food source. The idea that you would consume that trash unless necessary is laughable at best. What a complete sham, you should feel bad about what you're doing. People watch your content so you'll shill them garbage for money. You're kind of a bad person.
Olze 5 gün önce
segway broke my back and arm
Kayden That
Kayden That 5 gün önce
the reason cybertruck's glass failed was because they were testing it before the stage
Chris Nemec
Chris Nemec 5 gün önce
Re: Tay: this is what happens when trolls take over technology.
Kinann 5 gün önce
"They". LOL.
Thomas Miller
Thomas Miller 5 gün önce
Both proof does it mean the glass doesn’t break it just makes it harder for certain types of boats to get through it. But the glass will still break with bulletproof glass.
dj pugsly
dj pugsly 5 gün önce
The cyber truck window breaking was on purpose so everyone knew about the cyber truck it was on purpose
Ducks and toby
Ducks and toby 5 gün önce
W have the wii u
Anantya Poudel
Anantya Poudel 5 gün önce
Chris Kingston
Chris Kingston 5 gün önce
Fucking Atari Jaguar, spent so much cash to get it early and wow what a peice of shite
Myo Zaw Hein
Myo Zaw Hein 5 gün önce
Curb your Juicero lol
May Georgenthum
May Georgenthum 5 gün önce
I just realized he kinda looks like my math teacher
8118_ Nirwan Dahiya
8118_ Nirwan Dahiya 6 gün önce
15:08 you rickrolled us again!!!
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