21 Food Hacks to Make Your Life Tastier! And more Food Ideas!

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Feel like your cooking prep could use an extra hand? You came to the right place! We came up with number of kitchen hacks that will help you get your food to the table smoother than ever! Discover the top secret way to reheat post- party pizza, how to sharpen your kitchen knives using a cup, hang a cookbook or properly squeeze lemon juice with ease. Stay tuned for all that and much more DIY life hacks!
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00:04 Lemon Juice Spray
00:54 Candy within Huge Lollipop
02:11 Sharpen Knives Using Cups
02:48 Cookbook Hanger
03:31 Homemade Milk Foam
04:49 Warm Up Frozen Ice Cream
05:29 Chopping Board Hack
05:40 Smart Kiwi Cut Out
05:55 Slice Hard Boiled Eggs in Seconds
06:13 Cereal Box Compost Collector
06:34 Chocolate Mint Leaves
07:24 Decorative Apple Swan
07:48 Simple Pineapple Cut Out
08:09 Decorative Pepper Flower
08:43 Decorative Cucumber & Tomato
09:14 Decorative Strawberry Flower
09:37 Apple Hearts
10:00 Easy Mango Skin Remover
10:12 Easy Grape Slicing Solution
10:23 Decorative Tomato Heart
10:38 Decorative Apple Windmill
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12 Apr 2019

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