2023 McDonald's All-American Boys Game | Full Game Highlights 

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Check out these highlights from the 2023 McDonald's All-American Boys Game. The East defeats the West, despite Bronny James' 15 PTS and Isaiah Collier's 25 PTS. The East were lead to victory by the first 3rd generation All-American, DJ Wagner, who iced the game with 2 clutch free throws.
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27 Mar 2023




Yük bağlantısı.....


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High school game got me more excited than the NBA All Star weekend 😂
DJ Wagner def plays like a #1 option on a team.
Ain't no way there's 27 guys better than Bronny in this class. He can shoot, play great defense, and his decision making is mature as hell. A lot of these guys are all about themselves and that's a mindset that'll only get you so far.
Bronny with impact in defense and offense and people still ask why he was here, he played like one off the top player and was coming off the bench
15 off the bench, solid on ball defense. 3 and D players are very very sought after in the NBA, plus he always makes the right decisions. Passing up an open shot for a wide open shot. If he keeps getting better at this pace then he will make the NBA easy
Wow time really does fly by fast, seeing Lebrons kid playing makes me feel old 😅
Bronny was easily a Top 5 player on that court.
Damn I wish bronny took that last shot but he proved alot of haters wrong he deff deserved to be there nd keep goin young fella 💪🏾
Love the leadership by bronny, first to show up for his teammate after a tough moment
Bronny played a solid game!
I didn’t know Dj could shoot it like that. His game is effortless.
DJ Wagner did not disappoint. Way to rep JERSEY
Bronny was Top 3 on the court and I believe has the most upside out of all of these guys. One player's ability to shoot can change a team, that comes easy for Bronny. Mix that with athleticism, defense, and IQ - I think Bronny is actually underrated. Time will tell 💯
Aden Halloway isn't getting talked about enough.
I remember we posted a game with Bronny a while back on our page and people didn’t believe that he shot 5/8 from three point range @ ote. Dude can really shoot and is solid on defense.
What a game! 🙌🏿 the future is in good hands seriously
One of the best McDonalds game in a while
Great game. Bronny was impressive. Looks like he's shaping up to be a solid 3&D at the next level.
Bronny is going to be something special. His growth and development as a player has grown tremendously with the past two years. Easily one of the best players of his class.
DJ Wagner looks like the most complete player to enter college in a decade. Wow.😊