2022 VW Golf GTI vs Golf R Review // Thrifty Meets Drifty

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The 2022 Volkswagen Golf R ($47,645 CAD as specced, ~$43,645 USD) and the Golf GTI ($40,245 CAD as specced, ~$37,995 USD) are the newest hot hatches on the block. Seen today is the GTI in its performance manual trim, and the Golf R equipped with a DSG automatic transmission. Thomas and James take a look to see how these two new hot hatches compare. Will the all wheel drive Golf R be worth the extra price over its less expensive front wheel drive sibling? Watch to find out what the guys think! SUBSCRIBE!




Post-production by Karston Chong and Thomas Holland

Music from Epidemicsound.com and Artlist.io



27 Kas 2021




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It’s great to see Thomas and James opening up and feeling comfortable starting discussions regarding James’ fetish with rear end play and Thomas’ difficulty getting it up. Proud of the boys for progressing difficult topics.
“It all hits too close to home “ …I feel your pain James- that was hilarious
Ace of Spades
I want that rear end play that james is always talking about.... this had me rolling
I've been watching this channel for years and you've both never ceased to create some of the most enjoyable automotive content there is
Dave S
The “Steering Wheel Heating On” at the beginning was such a subtle jab. Love it.
Robert B
I had the Mark 7 GTI, which had a great interior set up. The new interior with the lack of feeling on the buttons is a deal breaker. Great video though.
Love the laughs, but do rate Thomas's driving comments, always says it like it is. I hope TH gets to try the new RS3 with this same set up (but has the awesome 5 cylinder engine).
Prey 4 Snow Auto Detailing
Really have loved the GTI for awhile. That R is way cooler. All the driving modes and how much they change this up, it’s just a little awesome performer.
pats4life 23
it blows my mind that car companies can make such easily fixable mistakes with infotainment systems. one 3 person focus group is all you need to remedy that awful volume button placement and lack of light
I really liked the description of how the Golf R does drifts - the 50% split meaning you never get to do a “proper” drift, and have to keep re-drifting.
Scott Ord
For some reason, I'm enjoying the Golf Ahhhh more than ever. Great vid, lads!
Trinny Tran
The R is one of my options for upgrades in a few years after my GTi. I hope they fix the interior issues by then. Overall, the exterior and the way it drives seems great. It is just so hard to get over the interior...
Scott Urich
For me the interior was 100% a deal breaker, you live in the car not outside of it and the interior quality took a huge step back from Mk7.5. I was going to wait for Mk8 but the interior was just too horrible, so I ended up with MK7.5 SE GTI. It’s quiet, comfortable, and the E-LSD makes it fun to drive and fun for the occasional Autocross with some sticky tires.
i l i m i t
Thomas! You’ve come a long way since your original MK7 R review. The MK8 R is an impressive car besides the infotainment haptics. Everything I wanted in a new R! Well… maybe a 5 cylinder or the legendary VR6 🤷‍♂️
Anirudh 2 saatler önce
I feel like with each new upload I’m learning more and more about James’ bedroom life and honestly I don’t know how I feel about that
Special Ed
The car has been built around the DSG since 2015 and it shows. I love my manual MK7 to death, but it feels like an afterthought. The manual R was a cute little favour NA got.
Ionut T
In Europe we have the Cupra Leon which is basically a cheaper GTI that has 300hp and a much better interior. Easy choice there 🔥
Jon von Ahnen
I appreciate you guys reviewing these side-by-side like this...I think if you're considering one, you're also likely considering the other as well.
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