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Set out to explore with the all-new 2022 Toyota Tundra! The invincible Tundra takes you on an adventure with no boundaries. Learn more about the all new Tundra: www.toyota.com/allnewtundra/

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This video features the all-new 2022 Toyota Tundra in a unique way.



19 Eyl 2021




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Matt Feliksa
Matt Feliksa 5 saatler önce
Nickel Rocky
Nickel Rocky 8 saatler önce
Yes, if anyone can afford to buy a second 5.7 litre Tundra and put it away inside Cheyenne and take it out after 25 years will not regret it. The Turbo move on the new one is a big mistake even worst they are using two turbos that means many and extraneous moving parts to wear out.
Soopr azn
Soopr azn 19 saatler önce
I hope you all plan on airing this on TV
Jimmie G
Jimmie G Gün önce
Toyota’s reputation is epic!
Terry Tran
Terry Tran Gün önce
Well done Toyota!! Great tribute to The truck driving through the wild fire and pulling the 292,000lbs shuttle!! Left me with goosebumps
Katie Noel Fan 4 Life
Born from invincible, gave me goosebumps! I’m planning on getting the 22 Tundra.
Toyota USA
Toyota USA Gün önce
We can't wait to hear what you think about the 2022 Tundra in-person, Mr. Kenobi! -Russ
djdrfm 6 gün önce
Best toyota ad ever 🔥
Toyota USA
Toyota USA 6 gün önce
We appreciate your support! ❤️
Grid-net Gaming
Grid-net Gaming 6 gün önce
this is why i love toyota and always will
Toyota USA
Toyota USA 6 gün önce
We appreciate the love! ❤️
JayProFitness 7 gün önce
This is why I’m proud to be a tundra owner Toyota gave inferno guy a brand new Toyota Tundra I’m very emotional right now 😭
Lance Lee
Lance Lee 7 gün önce
Tundra: WOOOOOOO! New redesign. I hope my twin also gets a redesign.
Victor Manuel
Victor Manuel 8 gün önce
4Runner baby!!! Removable top for those beach days!
allflying3 9 gün önce
They should include one more Toyota: The one that Top Gear tried to destroy.
guilherme pietro
guilherme pietro 11 gün önce
Nice, now give us an V8 version !!!
Marco Verduzco
Marco Verduzco 12 gün önce
Badass ! No matter how much hate the new tundra gets TOYOTA IS STILL #1
Emilio Parga
Emilio Parga 14 gün önce
This ad makes my tundra worth so much jaja
Mister Pimlott
Mister Pimlott 14 gün önce
Toyota USA
Toyota USA 13 gün önce
Jose C.
Jose C. 16 gün önce
0:16 ❤️
mr. cris0825
mr. cris0825 16 gün önce
When they will return to f1 :'(
Jared Ramsey
Jared Ramsey 18 gün önce
Love the looks of the new Tundra. Any chance of a heavy duty version in the near future? I would love to see a diesel Tundra.
Jay Zen
Jay Zen 19 gün önce
That is a 2009 Chevy concept body design for ZR2: trvid.com/video/video-QnmcflWuT34.html
Dylan F
Dylan F 19 gün önce
I wasn’t interested at all. Then the Back To The Future Hilux gets a showin- now shut up and take my money!
Espresso Patronum
Espresso Patronum 20 gün önce
Imagine if they added the top gear hilux as one of the examples
Gerardo Morales
Gerardo Morales 20 gün önce
When are you all dropping the full song!!!???
Ken CK
Ken CK 21 gün önce
When Japanese car company make a pick up more American than American car company.
VintageRKO 22 gün önce
Please be in Forza Horizon 5
Eagle 22 gün önce
Absolute knocked it out of the park with this one! LOVE IT!!!
Eagle 11 gün önce
@Toyota USA Hey Russ! The look is really what catches the eye! She sure looks menacing and tough!
Toyota USA
Toyota USA 22 gün önce
We feel the love! What about the 2022 Tundra stands out to you the most? -Russ
Rick Totz
Rick Totz 23 gün önce
Baby Toyota is getting big
Alan Rivas
Alan Rivas 23 gün önce
Love the look
Toyota USA
Toyota USA 23 gün önce
Thanks, Alan! 🤗
__Wish.Bone__ 23 gün önce
My cat chose this video
Lloyd Allwood
Lloyd Allwood 23 gün önce
You go Toyota 👍🏾…kick it weh like a ball ⚽️ luv it 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽
LOL Sony
LOL Sony 23 gün önce
henry22lr 23 gün önce
The back to the future truck!!!
Toyota USA
Toyota USA 23 gün önce
Great Scott!
Jake Durham
Jake Durham 24 gün önce
Stop copying the big three manufactures in United States Toyota take your operations all of them in North America back to Japan
C SMITH 24 gün önce
Please No More Non-Functioning Intakes, FIns, Grills, Ram Air blah blah they all look cool... but not if they are fake. OK lets see some new updates for the Taco!
asad asad
asad asad 24 gün önce
چرا نمیگی طالبان کشته که میگی بالباس طالبان برتن داشت شما یک خبرنگار بی طرف نیستی بی شرف هستی
Patrick shin Altar
Patrick shin Altar 24 gün önce
Toyota is the best!
Toyota USA
Toyota USA 24 gün önce
We think YOU'RE the best, Patrick! 😉❤️
MCR_Tactics 24 gün önce
They neva miss 🔥🔥
Toyota USA
Toyota USA 24 gün önce
Ryan Parraz
Ryan Parraz 24 gün önce
TRD PANDA!! Goated Tundra 12/10 ad.
Metro 24 gün önce
Toyota USA
Toyota USA 24 gün önce
😍 🙌
No Pasa Nada
No Pasa Nada 25 gün önce
Beautiful 👏🏽
Toyota USA
Toyota USA 25 gün önce
We're glad it caught your eye! 😎🙌
Jordan Nash
Jordan Nash 25 gün önce
Yeah let's throw an FJ40 in the trailer and everyone will be convinced the twin turbo V6 will be just as dependable
Mohtaram Goodarzi
Mohtaram Goodarzi 25 gün önce
سلام، من به وسیله نیسان ابی که متعلق به زامیاد میباشد شما و تویتا را فاک میکنم🌷🌷🌷
Rolin Menga
Rolin Menga 25 gün önce
The best 4×4 ever !
HankHill 25 gün önce
Wow what a commercial! No lies, straight truth! Toyota Tundras are just better built, strong, reliable, built for hard work. “Born from invincible!”
jose mundo
jose mundo 25 gün önce
v6 is ok but. hybrid ok, but diesel need to get an edition take a borrowed hino diesel engine and put it on a tundra evolve toyota ....😡😡😡
Brendan Fogel
Brendan Fogel 25 gün önce
Yeah imma go to the Sahara desert just to have fun with my Toyota Tundra🤓
Prodigy Fumar
Prodigy Fumar 25 gün önce
Stunning car amazing commercial Keep moving forward Toyota!
Toyota USA
Toyota USA 25 gün önce
Thanks for the love! ❤️
NAB 7 25 gün önce
Looks like a Tacoma
Matthew Rupp
Matthew Rupp 25 gün önce
All these new vehicles are overloaded with aggressive styling a 12 year old boy would design...
Fishtown of Courage
Fishtown of Courage 26 gün önce
Looks like the headlights are crying
Ghosty Cat
Ghosty Cat 26 gün önce
I want it! But for now I have my FJ Cruiser.
jordy 26 gün önce
now that’s epic 😎
Adam Jugasek
Adam Jugasek 26 gün önce
Awesome video but I’m disappointed with the redesign
Izucc 26 gün önce
Theres so many great throwbacks, great commercial Toyota. This might be my favorite.
Toyota USA
Toyota USA 26 gün önce
We're glad you enjoyed it, Izucc! Thank you for your support! 🤗
eggs 26 gün önce
Respect for putting in the OG 4Runner
Toyota USA
Toyota USA 26 gün önce
We're glad you're a fan! 🙌
Lil fox X YT
Lil fox X YT 26 gün önce
Wow my grandpa has lots of Toyota trucks you’ll be excited if I show them this 😍
Jay Jones
Jay Jones 26 gün önce
The new trundra is a knock off version of the Ford Raptor
Nelson Alvarenga
Nelson Alvarenga 26 gün önce
Toyota lo máximo 👍✊💯👍✊👍
Robert Bonaros
Robert Bonaros 26 gün önce
It would look so much better if they kept the hood scoop
Pctest4 26 gün önce
I have 285,000 miles on my 1996 Toyota 4Runner, I will definitely buy another Toyota SUV or Truck.👍
Oblivion ._.
Oblivion ._. 26 gün önce
I love toyota vehicles. My entire family only has toyotas, but this one seems a lot more complicated than the old one. With a hybrid and twin turbos, how have you guys been able to keep the legendary reliability of the previous tundra with the 4.7 and 5.7 v8s?
Ezekiel Prado
Ezekiel Prado 26 gün önce
Alex Cortes
Alex Cortes 26 gün önce
something tells me when I buy this truck I’m never gonna have to buy another truck in my lifetime
Fred F
Fred F 26 gün önce
Ok Toyota put the numbers out already so I can get my TRD Pro or Platinum... nothing but Toyota here baby !!! Hands down !!!
Toyota USA
Toyota USA 26 gün önce
We're just as excited as you, Fred! 🙌 Pricing and MPG details will be known closer to the sale date in December.
Dave Thornton
Dave Thornton 26 gün önce
Very disappointed. This told me NOTHING about the truck, nothing that was new, had been changed, etc. waste of my time and your money
Jorg Washing Machine
Jorg Washing Machine 26 gün önce
This is why I love Toyota
Toyota USA
Toyota USA 26 gün önce
We appreciate the support! 🙌
ColbyW 27 gün önce
Fj reboot? 🥺🤔
Toyota USA
Toyota USA 27 gün önce
Sounds like you're a big FJ fan, Colby - however this is not a confirmation that the FJ Cruiser is making a comeback and was only featured to help highlight the rich heritage of Toyota trucks leading up to the 2022 Tundra. -Macy
V 27 gün önce
What size caliber can be mounted in the back
Air Spacelord
Air Spacelord 27 gün önce
Incredible Advertising! This agency nailed it.
Toyota USA
Toyota USA 27 gün önce
We appreciate the support! ❤️
Rick Pacopaco
Rick Pacopaco 27 gün önce
Epic commercial ! Historic vehicles used in every continent in the most blistering of scenarios… brilliant ad !
Toyota USA
Toyota USA 27 gün önce
Thanks so much, Rick! We loved showing off the awesome heritage of Toyota trucks leading up to the 2022 Tundra. ❤️
DB 27 gün önce
Wish I could afford one, I want one so bad.
Hunter Doucette
Hunter Doucette 27 gün önce
Please leave the naturally aspirated V8 in the tundra rather than a small turbocharged V6 car engine. It needs the V8 and it's what we want. I also want my engine to last longer and not overheat because of a turbocharger.
Cameron Christian
Cameron Christian 27 gün önce
Looks like a Chevy.
Michael Hubert Lamla
Michael Hubert Lamla 27 gün önce
Thank you, Toyota USA!
RyanMauiHiki 27 gün önce
Looks they stole the body from the new Nissan Frontier.
Mr. Zero
Mr. Zero 27 gün önce
The truck looks terrible
Builder GFXArtist
Builder GFXArtist 27 gün önce
Omg… I always loved the current design of the Tundra especially the TRD Pro but I gotta say the new model for the Tundra is amazing. This is why I’m always sticking to Toyota.
Toyota USA
Toyota USA 27 gün önce
We're thrilled to hear that! We appreciate the support and are glad to have you part of the Toyota family. 🤗
Max Taylor
Max Taylor 27 gün önce
Love this heritage themed ad!
DAVID PEART 27 gün önce
Does it come in black?
Toyota USA
Toyota USA 27 gün önce
Hi, David! The Tundra will be offered in a host of colors that include: Super White, Wind Chill Pearl, Magnetic Gray Metallic, Celestial Silver Metallic, Midnight Black Metallic, Super Sonic Red, Army Green, Lunar Rock, Blueprint, Smoked Mesquite (Limited and 1794) and Solar Octane (TRD Pro exclusive). ❤️
Jimmy JAMES 27 gün önce
Wish this truck was smaller but still bigger than tacoma
Cody_janssen 27 gün önce
But the real question does it get more then 5 miles a gallon
tthams73 27 gün önce
Still has the same crapy 5.7l engine and horrible gas mileage.
Taylor Brost
Taylor Brost 27 gün önce
Was the forest fire clip someone leaving California?
Viktor Ponkratov
Viktor Ponkratov 27 gün önce
Avery Taylor
Avery Taylor 27 gün önce
It looks like a tacoma. As long as it has a V8 option i’m in
Avery Taylor
Avery Taylor 27 gün önce
@Xtermin8r187 B wow
Xtermin8r187 B
Xtermin8r187 B 27 gün önce
It’s a turbo v6
JDM Haze
JDM Haze 27 gün önce
current tundra is great, but still took ya long enough, ...but at least you didn't screw it up thanks.., I'd like to see the new 4runner, screw the sequoia
Galactic Maui
Galactic Maui 27 gün önce
Top notch AD
somethingsock 27 gün önce
Looking like the Toyota f-150
Felipe De leon
Felipe De leon 28 gün önce
The best commercial Ive seen.. I love how they bring their first off road cars and how they show what they are capable of doing. I have a toyota pickup 4x4 1995 it has half of million of miles and it never breaks down, toyota has the best truck the you could rely on, keep it up toyota 🥇, I love the new design of the tundra
Toyota USA
Toyota USA 27 gün önce
We're so happy to hear this, Felipe! We're glad to hear that your truck is still going strong. Here's to many more years ahead!
Manny Campos
Manny Campos 28 gün önce
Epic Commercial
Jason McKinley
Jason McKinley 28 gün önce
I've ALWAYS been a GMC guy but with the hiring of the new GM CEO and her bending over for social media I'm done with them.... I've priced out a new Lariat powerboost.... But want the new TRD Pro..... Waiting on pricing and fuel economy, don't let me down Toyota!!!!!
xXTmone joo
xXTmone joo 28 gün önce
Have fun with no leg room at all
Dom 28 gün önce
Murdock80 28 gün önce
Long live 1st gen 4runners! I love mine and will go to the grave with me. The wife has a 5th gen 4runner as well. This commercial was amazing Toyota. Brought tears to my eyes. I will always drive a Toyota.
Shrek shredded
Shrek shredded 28 gün önce
I can taste my face after church
R3B3L10US_TY 28 gün önce
As long as they kept the 5.7L I'm very interested in buying it. Imo, The 5.7L was FAR more reliable than the 4.0L found in the current Tacomas. Plus, the Tundra can haul more.
iraqi garfield
iraqi garfield 28 gün önce
Where are the Middle Eastern references
Peanut Man
Peanut Man 28 gün önce
Click bait Dash most of the video is about other Toyotas. Nothing about the new tundra except for shaky video
mikea hiooi
mikea hiooi 28 gün önce
Bring the FJ back toyota
evan 28 gün önce
how many likes for a free car?
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