2021 Porsche 911 Turbo S vs Audi R8 V10 Decennium // DRAG RACE, ROAD & TRACK REVIEW

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Go to omaze.com/r8 for your chance to win a limited edition Audi R8 V10 and $20,000 and help a great cause.

The 2021 Porsche 911 Turbo S ($262,350 CAD, $233,830 USD as specced) and the Audi R8 V10 Decennium (~$245,000 CAD, $214,995 USD) are in competition to earn the title of being the ultimate daily super-sports car. How will the Porsche’s turbo-charged flat 6 fare against the roaring V10 in the Audi? And how much daily livability does each car provide? Watch to find out! SUBSCRIBE!!!

Thank you to Eric from www.worldfinecars.ca/ for loaning us his gorgeous 930

A big thank you to the legendary @kirpalbains (www.kirpalbains.com) for making his R8 available to us

Thank you to Porsche Canada for lending us their 992 Turbo S for this track review

And thank you to Sujan @sujan_superluxeauto for coming out and polishing the cars to a spotless shine




Drone flying by @remotecontrolkev

Music from Epidemicsound.com and Artlist.io

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13 May 2021




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cmn 3 gün önce
Thank you for mentioning the TURBO LAG. So tired of people who never driven these cars and therefore no comparison experience stating these new turbo cars have no lag.
Daniel McCausland
Daniel McCausland 4 gün önce
Why do I watch this video once a month at least?! Best episode ever!
dAo 4 gün önce
So questions. Why did Thomas call it the 992 Turbo S a 2:24 and 17:44 ?
Marsh 4 gün önce
2:30 epic music to go along with 2 examples of the finest passion driven human feats of engineering.
Bentleybentayjah 5 gün önce
Funny 1985 Video guys. Great content so far for I.
siniša jakus
siniša jakus 5 gün önce
porše sa pdk i 4 pogon je nemoguče pobjedit
Lavon Watson
Lavon Watson 5 gün önce
Yeah, yeah, yeah, but when's the band getting back together?
rafa021 6 gün önce
I'm upset how cars are moving away from being manuals
Eddie Mac445
Eddie Mac445 6 gün önce
It would be cool, if we could see the speedo's while yall are doing the drag races
jeremy whittler
jeremy whittler 6 gün önce
We have this porsche not the .....visibility sucks , it rides worse than a slammed 335i and goes into limp mode when it thinks it's going into snap oversteer. But your right about everything else and it's a great daily for a supercar otherwise.
RECON658 6 gün önce
Volkswagen vs Volkswagen
tee meaux
tee meaux 6 gün önce
Turbo me
Louis Babycos
Louis Babycos 8 gün önce
Imagines what a mere 5 pound of boost would do to the V10 output . Any one make a turbo kit for the V10 ?
richard carr
richard carr 8 gün önce
AUDI R8 rocks all day and if l wanted a 911 it would be more like SINGER like one more mechanical more feel more character more exciting PORSCHE like the 930 used in the beginning of this video !!
Pnb Rubyy🍄
Pnb Rubyy🍄 8 gün önce
And the engine chupapi muñeño uuhhh the engine 😳
Ryu hang
Ryu hang 11 gün önce
I'll take the porche 911 over the r8 any day
Alyssa Lair
Alyssa Lair 11 gün önce
Please do a track episode with lap times of the Cayman
Lui Cresci
Lui Cresci 11 gün önce
The steering wheel is the GT style, so it’s smaller than a standard. With the standard wheel you can see the outer gauges. Not sure if the 992 is that way, I know the 991 is
charles wahome
charles wahome 13 gün önce
i always like the, "thanks for watching at the end"
andy sp8
andy sp8 13 gün önce
Oh to be able to "like" more than once!
Kolap Yellow
Kolap Yellow 14 gün önce
Beautiful cars. I see them on the roads.
Eüro Nasty
Eüro Nasty 14 gün önce
Try most annoying thing with Porsche as a company is that they charge you for every single stupid option with the excuse of “we want our customers to spec their ultimate car”. Well, I could do that just fine with paint, wheels and seat choice/color. Hundreds of dollars for the crest in the seat or the turbo s imprint in the arm rest or stitching in the seat belt? Ya that’s just BS
Pollo Frito
Pollo Frito 15 gün önce
26:18 So many hands, so sensual!!
Santino Rodriguez
Santino Rodriguez 19 gün önce
Troy Morgan
Troy Morgan 20 gün önce
Dirty tires on the Porsche, did someone have an off?
Creole Cajun
Creole Cajun 20 gün önce
Corvette Z06
Richard Sanchez
Richard Sanchez 21 gün önce
All this and no drag race gtfo boring
Annon Skeete
Annon Skeete 21 gün önce
Then the C8 Z06 came along.
stefan_bmw_only 22 gün önce
Porche turbo s ✌✌✌only.... Is a beast car
Julian Roig
Julian Roig 22 gün önce
What is the name of the song at the beginning??
M Lind
M Lind 24 gün önce
I need that black ducktail
Bye Jinx
Bye Jinx 25 gün önce
Bye Jinx
Bye Jinx 25 gün önce
Kalasmourn Rex
Kalasmourn Rex 25 gün önce
I think it's funny going into the looks department because I think the Turbo S looks _way_ better.
world star
world star 25 gün önce
it's a turbo, we love the vacuum cleaner sound and the lag. why complain about the lag if you buy a turbo???
jahudini 27 gün önce
"Diesel Germans": when you go German you don't go back.
Mohammed Shahid Nawaz
Mohammed Shahid Nawaz 27 gün önce
At 2:24 did you just say 992 turbo S?
BMW_ Benji
BMW_ Benji 27 gün önce
That R8 color combo 🤤
Miguel Vargas
Miguel Vargas 27 gün önce
911 Turbo S 👌💙💙💙
Jordan Titus
Jordan Titus 28 gün önce
I still don't get the 10ths thing
Neil Amalfitano
Neil Amalfitano 29 gün önce
Love the V10 sound but I would still take the Porsche if I had the cake
CatInTheHat 29 gün önce
I wish more people bought sports cars as their primary instead of suvs
SPQR - 29 gün önce
These videos make me miss my cars I had 10 years ago. Sold my Bentley Continental GT and Ferrari 360 Spyder in order to buy my first house. Being practical sucks but I guess you can’t be a financial idiot forever :-(
Armen Dumalagan
Armen Dumalagan 29 gün önce
Love it! 🙂❤
Panel SM
Panel SM 29 gün önce
Since Porsche and VW own Audi, it doesn’t really make sense to make a cheaper Audi that beats the top dog Porsche right? Yes VW owns Porsche AG the car manufacturer but the whole Volkswagen Group is owned by Porsche SE (a holding company) which is owned by the Porsche-Piëch family with 100% voting power. People usually get confused and say Volkswagen owns Porsche. It’s true in a sense, but the Porsche family is and was the owner and the decision maker in this relationship.
Jens Fiehler
Jens Fiehler Aylar önce
I am so sorry for you North Americans. These ugly orange turning lights kill the look of any car.
DanieI Joseph
DanieI Joseph Aylar önce
The Porker needs to visit pimp my ride for some character! (Fast - Clinical) to (Fast - Emotive)
alexander kowollik
alexander kowollik Aylar önce
The most 'every day supercar'? For the purpose of comparison: unfortunately the GT3 (Touring) could not be included. Even though - in my humble opinion - the Turbo S wins by far. It's perfect in performance. And it's a perfect partner for you and your girlfriend or -friend to go on a trip!
Nicholas Hein
Nicholas Hein Aylar önce
R8 downshift hits different.
ThePilotGear Aylar önce
how does a video like this receive any downvotes at all, let alone 841 frustrated Karens who accidentally clicked on a comparison between a 992TS and an R8 V10 while searching their DIY pumpkin spice quiche video.
Darren whyman
Darren whyman Aylar önce
What a great article, that first Porsche was my bedroom wall poster when I was very young, I have never wavered from Porsche since! I would love that 911 Turbo s.
amir davarifard
amir davarifard Aylar önce
Porsche is always the Germany’s king
Peter Hammer
Peter Hammer Aylar önce
Incredible quality video starting from the perfect Intro. Maybe the best review you guys have done. 10/10
Alex Aylar önce
Omaze is a scam, don't advertise that shit please.
Nicholas Kanagie
Nicholas Kanagie Aylar önce
The battle of the Volkswagens lol
Isaac Hamrin
Isaac Hamrin Aylar önce
What’s the color of the Porsche? Looks nice
James West
James West Aylar önce
Audi is okay, but a 911 is a 911 🏁
Jerald B
Jerald B Aylar önce
Choke or Chalk? 😂
Johnny Green
Johnny Green Aylar önce
Remember that Porsche himself was cool with Hitler even let him use his factories
SuperMrBentley Aylar önce
Porsche 100% No contest
jeremiah white
jeremiah white Aylar önce
if someone says the car is too easy to drive and does everything for you... it just means that the cars limits are much higher than theirs... and that's not an insult it just speaks volumes about the car.
Mark Corpuz
Mark Corpuz Aylar önce
i want to watch john wick now
Magnus Söderkvist
Magnus Söderkvist Aylar önce
Nice video, when you gonna get a go with a real supercar like Koeniggsegg? ^^
Brulaap Gaapmeester
The longest trip I ever made was when I walked to the moon, in fact, I'm still on my way.
Frederik Altmann
Frederik Altmann Aylar önce
gotta say that the 911 has so much classic style which they managed to carry through time that I don't think the R8 even comes close. Nonetheless, both are great cars
Aaron Dalton
Aaron Dalton Aylar önce
0:01 that was awesome
Aaron Dalton
Aaron Dalton Aylar önce
Pritam Saha
Pritam Saha Aylar önce
At this point people should just stop drag racing against a turbo S with anything less than a fighter jet engine
junior minott
junior minott Aylar önce
911 anyday
Luca Conti
Luca Conti Aylar önce
The new Turbo S has not rivals...
Floyd Bangz
Floyd Bangz Aylar önce
This channel is awesome
5th Gen
5th Gen Aylar önce
Heheheh hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha Start of video
Robert Berta
Robert Berta Aylar önce
Sad that the days of cars like this are numbered thanks to the government push for EVs. When a Tesla Plaid can be bought off the floor that will put both of these cars in the weeds in a drag you know where the public will go. They don't care that those EVs are big heavy cars as long as they are fast as hell. I love ICE cars and the sound. I am fortunate because I have owned many sports cars in my life. If you haven't owned or driven a nice sports car you should do it before they are outlawed and/or defanged. You don't need a very powerful one either.... for instance a car like a Miata is a blast to drive even though it isn't a fire breathing monster. .
Rusben Reyes
Rusben Reyes Aylar önce
The Turbo S from in a quarter mile is almost perfect
LENZO Aylar önce
That R8 looks so good
Juan Carraballo
Juan Carraballo Aylar önce
great video guys 💯. & i was thinking if porsche eventually will come up with a flat 8 🤔. not like they need it but i can't imagine what a beast of a machine would be honestly just wondering.
Sandra Persaud
Sandra Persaud Aylar önce
@15:54 🤣😈
Audrey Faber
Audrey Faber Aylar önce
PLEEEEEEASE don't get bought out by cable. Even the thought of not being able to enjoy vids like these is too upsetting! (Disclaimer: Comment delayed in posting due to not being able to see through the tears of joy spurred from the sound of the R8, and giggles while having fun vicariously driving these cars through you two😉)
diego aguilera baraibar
I dont undestand ITS a 911 or a 992
Throttle House
Throttle House Aylar önce
It’s a 911 of the 992 generation
El Jefe
El Jefe Aylar önce
German power🌭🖕
Micheal C Nyoka
Micheal C Nyoka Aylar önce
The acceleration of the Porsche 911 turbo S is unparalleled. They'll never be a stock car this quick!!!
Joel Garcia
Joel Garcia Aylar önce
no times on a track, no race? Garbage pretty boys! Your giving away an R8? Doubt it exploiters.
HAO TANG Aylar önce
911牛逼 yyds
Jason Coulter
Jason Coulter 2 aylar önce
I wish Porsches looked half as good as they perform.
Henrick Poliquin
Henrick Poliquin 2 aylar önce
I love poutine, so I need a 911 turbo s. ... i can only hope one day.
Jason Hendren
Jason Hendren 2 aylar önce
For a daily driver, the fact that the Apple car play is not touch screen and on the main dash is a deal breaker! Sorry, I daily a 991.2 Targa4GTS and the car play is always on!
Ethnic Pelasgians
Ethnic Pelasgians 2 aylar önce
WOWW that Porche is ....... FASTTT lol
Scott Bowers
Scott Bowers 2 aylar önce
awesome car
Artwerk Media
Artwerk Media 2 aylar önce
Poutine fries shouldn’t be crispy… just saying.
Mr.eastcoast Grow
Mr.eastcoast Grow 2 aylar önce
One day I'll have that porshe 911 S. Gotta wait a couple years for some rich guy to take the bit hit put 10k miles on it and that's my time.
M. Colby
M. Colby 2 aylar önce
When in a natural aspirated it can be hard to keep up with a turbo.
ChemAndAdrenaline 2 aylar önce
You should have James say "Chalk your chicken"
Tripp55 2 aylar önce
So the Better car is the worst car.
Andy GREEN 2 aylar önce
The only problem is all petrol powered cars are on borrowed time, they'll be no new ones after the next decade, goodbye to all those beautiful acoustics.
Priyanuj Bora
Priyanuj Bora 2 aylar önce
Stupid boring brothers
Imagine a car looks better sounds better but porsche turbo s with boring classy look sounds like angry vacuum cleaner just make them move like snail in drag race😂.
Jason Chatham
Jason Chatham 2 aylar önce
Wanko Storm
Wanko Storm 2 aylar önce
When you see Turbo S in the title, you already knew which will win.
striezlmuc 2 aylar önce
Honestly: the 992 might be the better performance car but there‘s nothing in the world that can beat that noise & emotions from a naturally aspirated V10! It puts a smile on your face every time you start the engine 😍
Ziplokk 2 aylar önce
Charities are great, but I saw a video a few weeks ago (wish I could remember who did it) that showed that all the charitable contributions to Sub-Sahara actually took out over half a million jobs. All the free stuff took away small manufacturers and sellers of things like clothes ability to afford to produce and sell these items. So, remember, charity begins at home. Look around at who's suffering here due to the all the shutdowns and closings. Also, charity should be temporary. We've been interfering in Africans lives for a LONG time. Perhaps they'd like to be left alone for awhile.