2021 Ford Bronco - Complete Look At The New Bronco

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Full story here: www.motor1.com/news/433682/2021-ford-bronco/
Bronco Sport First Look Video: trvid.com/video/video-J-mpToxlZfw.html
It's back! After years of spy shots, teasers, and leaks the 2021 #FordBronco is finally here. Packing tons of new technology and modularity, the new #Bronco has its sights aimed right at the Jeep Wrangler. The question is whether or not the Bronco can dethrone the Wrangler as the undisputed off-road king.

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14 Jul 2020




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Motor1 29 gün önce
Is the new Bronco exactly what you wanted? What is your favorite detail?
christopher Gün önce
When they put a V8 in one, we’ll talk.
Lawrence Petersen
Lawrence Petersen 2 gün önce
This looks like any other off roader, no thanks.
Leo Shepard
Leo Shepard 3 gün önce
WildandLiving especially for a 4 banger...yuk
WildandLiving 3 gün önce
To expensive
Paul Amarante
Paul Amarante 5 gün önce
Leo Shepard lets start off slow, I’d be happy with a 6 that gets mid 3s HP and same for torque. My Jeep Wrangler V6 285HP and 270 Torque is plenty.
Mr.Panther homes
Mr.Panther homes 3 saatler önce
My 2017 T. Tundra has better Mpg in 2020 are for real ?? com on FORD u can do better than that!!!
sepulture 78
sepulture 78 3 saatler önce
The interior looks cool but they did not do the bronco name justice with that exterior
Chongo Boy
Chongo Boy 5 saatler önce
Gonna get that juice white one can’t wait
worthlessdays *
worthlessdays * 5 saatler önce
I have a 79 Ford bronco, the 2021 is in my dreams. Damn it is bad ass!!
Paulo Miranda
Paulo Miranda 8 saatler önce
I’m glad they made it with “mo powa baby”
forrest putnam
forrest putnam 10 saatler önce
damn no solid axle. no manual shifting 4wd
Victor Greystoke II
Victor Greystoke II 14 saatler önce
I love all of them, my favorite would be the Sport. Can't wait to buy it once it arrives this December! 🤩
guess who
guess who 15 saatler önce
It looks great but no v8 option?
鄭Lun 16 saatler önce
So cool
Green Gay
Green Gay 21 saatler önce
I can’t wait to fix up my 86 bronco
Mike Leger
Mike Leger Gün önce
Who would want a turbo 4 cylinder when you could get the same power from a naturally aspirated v6?
Wizdom Gün önce
So Bronco basically did what businesses are suppose to do who actually compete.
Miko Avila
Miko Avila Gün önce
Is very ugly!
SpockMcoy Issmart
I'm gonna bet the price will be 21st century too. The demographic that will want to use its utility won't be making the money Ford will ask for it. So sales will be limited. Then it will die after a short run. IMO. Then a video will be made "The top 5 vehicles they killed too soon" and the Bronco will be #1.
Dbf Crell
Dbf Crell Gün önce
I'll say it again- BRONCO... Bucking Awesome!
Uig Cepi
Uig Cepi Gün önce
Amazing car
Photo Booth Start Up
FJ cruiser looking ugly
Photo Booth Start Up
So ugly
Scott Mccauley
Scott Mccauley 2 gün önce
I'm a Jeep guy but if they actually offer that yellow one that was in the video with the same options I might even consider it.
Gags 2 gün önce
I wonder if it comes in Nicole Simpson Brown... OJ simpson White and Ron Goldman Yellow... You get a pair of drivers gloves in the Glove box that dont fit! What too soon... too soon?
Marco Martinez
Marco Martinez 2 gün önce
Big mistake putting a turbo on the engine , most people aren't capable to handle that boost I for see them flipping on the highways Again guess Ford didn't learn the first time around also I live in Colorado turbos blow up trying to suck in air Audi turbos line I-25 thru town
T Hyslop
T Hyslop 2 gün önce
Looks like they may sell the crap out of this vehicle. Need to keep those retro colors.
Jason Garry
Jason Garry 2 gün önce
I've owned 3 Wranglers including a 4 dr. on 37's with full armor and I did everything myself loved every one of them but Ford is not playing around with this one. If you want to wheel hard you end up having to spend 50k+ on a Rubicon with the base Bronco you can be double locked on 35 inch tires with a 7 speed manual from the factory for 35k, nothing else comes close for the money. In addition with a reflash from Ford performance or a reputable tuner you will have a 325 horsepower rig capable of bombing the dunes or hitting the Rubicon trail. I have had to modify everything I've ever owned to get the performance I wanted in my opinion the new Bronco is exactly what I want in a vehicle a quick, capable, convertible with a manual transmission and other than a winch and tune I won't need to change anything else to make it happen anywhere I want to go...perfect.
сумасшедший Иван
Fj Cruiser + uaz????
Jacob Smiley
Jacob Smiley 2 gün önce
Gonna wait a few years to see if a v8 comes out. Or at least the 3.5 TT V6
The Snookman
The Snookman 2 gün önce
So far no Bronco vids mention if there is any armor underneath.
Артур Кимкетов
Такой могла быть нива
Alan T
Alan T 3 gün önce
That rail on the dash looks like it could hold a Red Dot too. Actually that rail is a really good idea
Mark G
Mark G 3 gün önce
Turn off the F'n background ?music? Stop reading the copy like you are in a hurry. Take a freakin' breath. Stop slurring your words, or do you have food in your mouth ? For a professional, your voice over sucks......
Rich H
Rich H 3 gün önce
wake up jeep. Your sales are going downnnnnnnnnnnn
sdafasdfasdfsda 3 gün önce
Ford hit a home run with this one! Who wants a Jeep anymore when FIAT owns them.
santa fe, bantayan island life
they did a good job on this one.
The_Full_Enchilada 3 gün önce
No diesel?!
mlhm5 3 gün önce
Not so fast. Bronco has a turbocharged 4cyl engine which provides way less torque at low rpm and adds complexity, heat, cost, and a shortened lifespan. Second, the payload weight suffers the same problem the Wrangler does, it's too low for a new vehicle. 4 adults and a little camping gear an you have hit the payload of 1100lbs. Should have been 2000lbs. Third, just like the Wrangler, there is no second fuel tank factory option. You have to go aftermarket. Fourth, there is no diesel engine option which if you are staying in North America is a great option. Wrangler offers one. The independent front suspension is a deal-breaker. You need a solid front axle that is strong and durable for overlanding. I like the removable roof option and the ability to add off-road goodies not matter which model you buy, but is that enough to make a Jeep buyer switch. IMO, no. Ford did not design the Bronco to be a serious overlander. Maybe it is for the people who want to take it out on the weekends to test its limits in rock crawling or mudding. FYI, more than 2.1 million Wrangler JKs have been made since production started in 2006.
Ranger 231
Ranger 231 3 gün önce
Looks a bit like a Scout.
John Kirkvold
John Kirkvold 3 gün önce
You’re not standing next to that Bronco are you
Jay Destroy190
Jay Destroy190 3 gün önce
What is this
NoLongo 3 gün önce
This is what the wrangler would have become if they made literally any changes in the past 20 years
Alex Reci
Alex Reci 3 gün önce
It already sucks.
kookmar 3 gün önce
Proudly made in mex!
Izzy 3 gün önce
All it's missing is the small gloves.
Navjeet Gill
Navjeet Gill 4 gün önce
plainnsimple78 4 gün önce
Jeep is always going to dominate! Jeep is classic, epic, and has that military feel to it. The style has remained just about the same. You can put anything up against the Jeep Wrangler, Toyota FJ, Landrover, Ford Bronco, Hummer, Benz, you name it, nothing comes close. Its just the look, the feel, the vintage nostalgia. The Jeep Wrangler does not need to round off their corners, give any fancy body futuristic style. Jeep just screams CLASSIC AMERICAN FREEDOM! That is what sells the Jeep. They can come closer than close, original they never will be.
MockOverdrive 4 gün önce
Sooooo stupid of Ford to ripoff the jeep with this... The full size Bronco was successful in the 80s-90s because it was like a jeep but with room enough that a 6' man (even O.J.) could comfortably fit in. I don't understand why Ford went with Baby Ranger chassis when they could have used the F-150 frame. Jeep forever has been known as a girl vehicle because they're small and real men cannot fit into them. Why create another girl only (or skinny teenage boy) vehicle? This is going to flop so hard. FORD = Fck Originality Ripoff Designs!
Lancelot Link
Lancelot Link 4 gün önce
Im guessing these will be 45K and up????
Lancelot Link
Lancelot Link 4 gün önce
The Eddie Bauer edition is being replaced by the Johnnie Cochran "If it doesn't fit, you must acquit" edition.
nuke9905 4 gün önce
gross !!! dirty gas engine !!!!
Grassy Tiger
Grassy Tiger 5 gün önce
This looks like ass
Enrico 5 gün önce
At last, something that's more reliable than stupid wranglers
M Schau
M Schau 5 gün önce
Umm No. I'm disappointed that this a lifted SUV no bigger than the Jeep Rubicon. I was hoping it would be a boss like the 1988 style Bronco...big not weak and shit. Pass.
Vic Baskett
Vic Baskett 5 gün önce
GM WTH with the Blazer. Not a ford fan but love this damn truck.
Norman Comeaux Jr
Norman Comeaux Jr 5 gün önce
Euphoric Rain
Euphoric Rain 5 gün önce
This car will forever be the “OJ” car..
RED S7VN 5 gün önce
Ohhhh how cute... Somebody's trying to be Jeep. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 But seriously this thing is going to be joke off-road. All you'll see is a ton of Mall crawlers with the Bronco. #justbuyajeep www.thedrive.com/news/34797/the-v8-jeep-wrangler-rubicon-392-is-coming-to-production-report
Paramount Pictures
Paramount Pictures 5 gün önce
Manual transmission.😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁
David H
David H 5 gün önce
Just in time for the apocalypse 👏💪
Ben Freeman
Ben Freeman 5 gün önce
Я уже влюбился в эту модель
cambobby2011 5 gün önce
It's a really nice truck for sure, no doubt about it, but no tks, I'll wait for my Cybertruck!!! LLLOOOOOLLLLLL
Dan Van Hoose
Dan Van Hoose 5 gün önce
Nothing but a space ship looking POS.
S B 6 gün önce
2.2 Jeep owners disliked this video lol
bbb sss
bbb sss 6 gün önce
It kind of looks like the discontinued FJ cruiser from Toyota.
Mr Vic
Mr Vic 6 gün önce
All these new cars are going to shit.
phloridababe 6 gün önce
20 seconds in- I want one. 😂❤️
quake2rulez 6 gün önce
I have a Ford Focus RS mk2, but this is my new Ford that I will have. Oh and manual 2.3 You got me there I will get is easy to 400 hp it will be a freaking cool car XD
Henry Norman
Henry Norman 6 gün önce
I want to buy a jeep wrangler but today I prefer to wait for a bronco I hope the suspension is better
Dragan Bakema
Dragan Bakema 6 gün önce
Isaac 6 gün önce
Looks nice, but its a shame their using junk engines. Sure they make great power. But those EcoBoost engines never last. Have worked at several places with Ecos in the fleets, they never make it to 100k without major work. The most recent was an F150, 2.7. Cracked block at 90k. They are junk engines.
Tormund Gaint
Tormund Gaint 6 gün önce
It looks like Jeep to me.
Jonathan L
Jonathan L 6 gün önce
Ford if you’re reading this, PLEASE BRING THIS TO THE UK 🙏
Danny Martinez
Danny Martinez 6 gün önce
Why couldn’t they slap on a coyote 5.0 ?
mybro727 6 gün önce
Ford guys are here talking sh*t about the Blazer from Chevy as if they don’t see that sad ass Bronco Sport. #HUMMEREV
Coco Chanel
Coco Chanel 6 gün önce
I gotta admit. This is a VERY appealing and attractive line of vehicles.
Gimmy Sola
Gimmy Sola 6 gün önce
It looks like a lada Niva
Richard's World Traveler
I'm going to get the OJ special edition.
athletejmv 7 gün önce
Never been a big fan of Ford, but definitely not a fan of Chrysler... I hope this Bronco puts the Jeep Wrangler to rest (step up their game at least). I've owned 6 of them and they are an unreliable vehicle from a company with poor customer support. Stuck with the Wrangler due to nothing else out on the market like it and great aftermarket support. The Bronco seems like it'll have a ton of potential.
J Rice
J Rice 7 gün önce
To many Bronco labels on it. They don't let you forget it's a bronco. Subtlety is more classy.
sergio Rosales
sergio Rosales 7 gün önce
Dang. This bronco niceeeeeeee activhq.com
Hussain Barat
Hussain Barat 7 gün önce
Not a ford fan it’s obvious this broncos will run circles around jeeps every day. Ford is much more reliable then Jeep dodge crap.
dcentral 7 gün önce
Only time will tell with real off roaders if Bronco will be more reliable, durable and capable than what Jeep can offer. I do want this Bronco to succeed, it looks badass and has good design features that Jeep never cared to address in all these years.
Gin Bao
Gin Bao 7 gün önce
10 speed auto transmission?! the worst can be, more speeds, more problems! people don't be so excited , read about transmissions...
DENMONKEY 7 gün önce
Like the concept, don't like the design.
nunya 7 gün önce
No V-8, not interested.
YouDisgustMe 7 gün önce
bigghoss762 7 gün önce
Take on the Jeep Wrangler? Well it doesn't have a manual transfer case so they failed.
DON VAN 7 gün önce
Two door all the way?!?
Starcloak Starside
Starcloak Starside 7 gün önce
Disappointed. Looks ugly, modern, basically like everything the Bronco isn’t. Too many computers, too. You can’t rely on electronics and computers when you’re off-roading. I’m holding hope that it actually does live up to the old “Bronco” name, but honestly I’m not interested in it one bit until we get a V8 with a manual transmission option, and even then I’m sticking with my 3rd-gens and prior.
Diego S. Menezes
Diego S. Menezes 7 gün önce
Wrangler tires
Basil Magers
Basil Magers 7 gün önce
That where they mass up they need a full manual transfer gear box
Leo Shepard
Leo Shepard 7 gün önce
Yuk....turbos. Why don’t they just put a 5.0 in this thing? Who wants a < 3.0 V6 in a Bronco?? 5.0 is bullet proof, gets great mileage with the 10 speed trans, and...it’s a V8. The way the Bronco is supposed to be.
Adam Brier
Adam Brier 7 gün önce
Yeah I want the doors with a big hole in them? WTF?
Adam Brier
Adam Brier 7 gün önce
No solid front axle? No V8 option? Weak
Johny Sins
Johny Sins 7 gün önce
truckin 2 live
truckin 2 live 7 gün önce
a v6 and 4 cylinder 🤣😂🤣😂🤣👎🏽
jean paul calderan
jean paul calderan 7 gün önce
With wrangler tyres... Excellent...
Joe Mama
Joe Mama 7 gün önce
I think this vehicle is great while getting away from the police down the 405😉
Abood likes it
Abood likes it 8 gün önce
pandemic is bullshit it can be treated with malaria virus medicine
Matthew 8 gün önce
Best looking Ford cars to date
Riley Smith
Riley Smith 8 gün önce
At least Ford didn’t do what Chevy did with the new Blazer (I shouldn’t even be calling Chevy’s crossover the Blazer because of what they chose to stick the name on)
M Goody
M Goody 8 gün önce
Will this replace Jeeps place as the top ten vehicle in the LGBTQ community? 😂
2021 Ford Bronco - INTERIOR