2020 Lamborghini Urus SUV POV Test Drive (3D Audio)(ASMR)

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Price (as tested) 💲: $270,034
Powertrain ⚙️: 4.0L twin-turbocharged V8
Output 💪: 641 hp and 627 lb/ft of torque
Transmission 🕹: 8-speed automatic
0-60 MPH 🚦: 3.2 seconds
Top Speed 💥: 190 mph
MPG (as tested) ⛽️: 12 city/ 17 highway/ 14 combined
Curb weight ⚖️: 5,314 lbs

Get behind the wheel of the 2020 Lamborghini Urus SUV in this real-world POV test drive.


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POV + Review Camera ► amzn.to/2QOEuPJ
Review Mic ► amzn.to/3blOutc
Walkaround Mic ► amzn.to/3b7GJVT
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POV (3D Audio) Mic ► amzn.to/2L31fwq
Live Q&A Gimbal ► amzn.to/3fr0StC

Skip Ahead!:
Quick Walkaround: 00:00
Driving Starts: 01:39
Full Throttle (short): 04:54
Bang & Olufsen sound system test: 05:08
Corsa Mode Highway Pulls: 07:18
Ego Mode Cruise: 09:31
Launch Control + Cornering: 14:39

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27 Eki 2020




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Miroslav Kalina
Miroslav Kalina 3 gün önce
steeler091 16 gün önce
When you were doing 100 on the highway, it didn’t even look like it lol
Patrick Hr
Patrick Hr 16 gün önce
This guy driving 50 on 8th gear
That_Audi_Guy23 16 gün önce
2:51 that was actually a good horn
Ryan Wells
Ryan Wells 19 gün önce
14:44 dang, I would love to feel acceleration like that in person
Rael Costa !!
Rael Costa !! 21 gün önce
Josiah Jones
Josiah Jones 27 gün önce
sees him doing 100
Matthew Horn
Matthew Horn 28 gün önce
..B&O sound test except there was no music?
bachir 28 gün önce
bachir 28 gün önce
انت جميل
Syed Sha
Syed Sha Aylar önce
I want that car
Vicky Aylar önce
What does "Ego drive mode" does?
dan jan
dan jan Aylar önce
this guy is driving with a camera in his mouth
MilesPerHr Aylar önce
whfft diff youff sahhy?
Raven Bonanza
Raven Bonanza Aylar önce
Thrilling at the first part of the video and after watching this to the very end, I said to myself, I'll stick to my 2008 Ford Escape 🤣🤣🤣
Pʀᴀᴊᴡᴏʟ ꔪ Npt
Bro this is my dream car but I belong from Nepal and Lamborghini is not available here 😭😭
Carson & Saumya Jackson
moofymoo Aylar önce
2:49 - just "beep"? I expected "moooo"
A Striver of Strength & Knowledge
Only God and my crypto savings can help me lay hands on this vehicle at some point in the future.
TbnrQasim123 Aylar önce
ㅤНико Белић  ㅤ
Urus > audi Q8
Blue Mist
Blue Mist Aylar önce
Lol car
vicky0801ful Aylar önce
4:46 bro's to excited HAHAHA
barbara grossi
barbara grossi Aylar önce
AROSH M TV ℹ Aylar önce
You can find me inside a Lamborghini in 10 years
Novika Syahfitri
Novika Syahfitri Aylar önce
Aaaaa this blue urus has made me crazy!
Elusive M
Elusive M 2 aylar önce
Thing is like a nimbus cloud..
GarSar101 2 aylar önce
I will get this car
arash qani
arash qani 2 aylar önce
You’re good driver
ABIE 2 aylar önce
ABIE 2 aylar önce
impignorate 2 aylar önce
I am gonna ride :)
rraahhhuuulll 2 aylar önce
cant wait to get this as my first car!!
angryktulhu 2 aylar önce
Okay not bad but not nearly as good as my Toyota prius lol
Vincent Petithory
Vincent Petithory 2 aylar önce
It’s at you ?
P hemanth
P hemanth 2 aylar önce
show your car collection
MilesPerHr 2 aylar önce
I've shown my "collection" in my 50K subscriber video. Only 1 vehicle: a 1994 Toyota Land Cruiser. I don't own any of the other cars you see on this channel.
Thaniel Hagood
Thaniel Hagood 2 aylar önce
urus my biggest dream
thomas ballislife
thomas ballislife 2 aylar önce
I love driving this car
Savio Romero
Savio Romero 2 aylar önce
nais piovi
Aimi 2 aylar önce
I'm impressed he doesn't even say "Wow" "oh my goodness" or something when he accelerates. that is really awesome
MilesPerHr 2 aylar önce
Haha, I'm definitely thinking it!
FANTASMA 2 aylar önce
Muito bom
JV 82
JV 82 2 aylar önce
What a horribly annoying, cheap sounding turn signal for such a high end SUV.
China make better
Vincent Henderson
Vincent Henderson 3 aylar önce
I need me one of these
MarkStudio 3 aylar önce
Lamborghini Is copyright audi
Yandel Vidal
Yandel Vidal 3 aylar önce
Lamborghini 2021 urus
Yandel Vidal
Yandel Vidal 3 aylar önce
MilesPerHr 3 aylar önce
It's called a V8
theo theo
theo theo 3 aylar önce
men this things are nice yo
Bryant 3 aylar önce
Oh yeah 😎👍🏼
Jeffrey Ko
Jeffrey Ko 3 aylar önce
the ticking sound is making me annoyed
Gayan Madusanka
Gayan Madusanka 3 aylar önce
i have never drive a car. Looks like a great feeling 🥺
seth_ ap1
seth_ ap1 3 aylar önce
Is it bad that I would rather own that Civic Type R 18:05
AdityaDev A
AdityaDev A 3 aylar önce
I wish I could own this car…electric version..otherwise mileage will be less.
MilesPerHr 3 aylar önce
The gas engine is half the fun, though!
lil Hoodie
lil Hoodie 3 aylar önce
Chilling drive un gta first view
BlackPanther 3 aylar önce
Nice car now I know why it costs 3M
MilesPerHr 3 aylar önce
Here in the U.S. it's much less than $3M. The as-tested price is in the video description.
gabriel costa
gabriel costa 3 aylar önce
waiting for amc to squeeze let’s go 🚀🚀
Yousef Haniya
Yousef Haniya 3 aylar önce
You won’t lool 😂 🤣
Masuara Chowdhury
Masuara Chowdhury 3 aylar önce
My dream is when I will be bigger than I will buy Lamborghini urus
Gabriele De Angelis
Gabriele De Angelis 3 aylar önce
Audi RS Q8 👍👍👍
MICHEAL HEAD 3 aylar önce
Poor original sport car
Noteboom4 3 aylar önce
He cant drive
XmalakX 4 aylar önce
How much is this ?
MilesPerHr 3 aylar önce
Price is listed in the video description 👍
Владимир Александрович
Вот, нашим дорожникам нужно обратить внимание на то, как делать правую полосу, а точнее какой она должна быть ширины
izzavibe 4 aylar önce
put headphone and💆💆💆
Ayoub Kaabachi
Ayoub Kaabachi 4 aylar önce
00 conduite
Spiritual Goddess
Spiritual Goddess 4 aylar önce
Everyday I am grateful when I am driving my Urus.🖤
Dan Alex
Dan Alex 4 aylar önce
you're driving a Lambo bro, you dont need turn signals :))))
thapelo tumelo
thapelo tumelo 4 aylar önce
Give me that Lamborghini
Mr Cooper
Mr Cooper 4 aylar önce
Don't talk don't shake your head and I'll be your subscriber forever!
Daven Cyrus
Daven Cyrus 4 aylar önce
Great way you show every mode in it
Tiny Collins
Tiny Collins 4 aylar önce
And my dad have that cough for free
AlatAMelanin 4 aylar önce
I see the word ASMR, I click.
Djamel Ben
Djamel Ben 4 aylar önce
دب بخل 😈😧😡😠😈😠😡😧🐕🏫🗼🗼🗼🗼🗼🏫
Maciek Rapacz
Maciek Rapacz 4 aylar önce
The reason why not to buy alcantara on your steering wheel xD
what!? 4 aylar önce
Nobody honked or anything tho 😆 🤣
Wiine95 Plays Fortnite
I’m getting mine this year 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾
Death to Israel
Death to Israel 4 aylar önce
so overpriced
تسلا / Montaser
تسلا / Montaser 4 aylar önce
تسلا / Montaser
تسلا / Montaser 4 aylar önce
ZL1FIDO 4 aylar önce
why is there only 4 driving modes and not six like they say they have?
JayGoticy 4 aylar önce
The Urus might sound and look good but it can easily get dusted by a Jeep or Land Rover even a Tesla
Keyshon ross
Keyshon ross 4 aylar önce
Me too
Mohammad Ayan Ali
Mohammad Ayan Ali 4 aylar önce
there will be better cars in the future i am gonna take the most latest car in the future
kristijan medved
kristijan medved 5 aylar önce
This or g wagon?
MilesPerHr 5 aylar önce
Watch my reviews to decide 👍😁 I have reviews of both.
Laila A
Laila A 5 aylar önce
I can’t wait to buy this car in a few years
3D&2D Crafts
3D&2D Crafts 5 aylar önce
Your driving skills are good
3D&2D Crafts
3D&2D Crafts 5 aylar önce
But the is amazing
3D&2D Crafts
3D&2D Crafts 5 aylar önce
And important thing more then car
Gloria Gracia
Gloria Gracia 5 aylar önce
Cameron Lee
Cameron Lee 5 aylar önce
The greatest car ever created hands down, bar none.
Emily Alexandra De Jesus
I just saw a Tesla
Twin Beluga
Twin Beluga 5 aylar önce
3:05 he almost turned behind a tesla
David Campan
David Campan 5 aylar önce
Who else has this as their dream car
1st_Last_&_Last_1st 5 aylar önce
LoL, @ 2:30. I didn't pay attention to the caption, and thought he was getting ready to mash it, and do some donuts.
Cata kta
Cata kta 5 aylar önce
why pay double when you can get a bmw x5 M? it drives like an M4 on public roads, you really cannot tell the difference (sure the M4 will lap the X5 M on a track by 1 or 2s, I m not saying that)
Nir Zion Pengas
Nir Zion Pengas 5 aylar önce
What a dream car :) Great review, silence so we can hear the engine purring, first person view of the dashboard speedometer and wide angle of the road. Just what the doctor prescribed :)
Mnie te lusterka wkurwiaja boczne.
Nathan 5 aylar önce
Bmw x5 is better on all fronts
Faneto Play
Faneto Play 5 aylar önce
ehh trackhawks faster lol
Ervin Dinaj
Ervin Dinaj 5 aylar önce
Tf is a horn test for ?
Kabilan R
Kabilan R 5 aylar önce
Super 👍
Daddy Duke
Daddy Duke 5 aylar önce
this or the hurcan
Daddy Duke
Daddy Duke 5 aylar önce
@MilesPerHr okay I see you definitely hardtop or convertible
MilesPerHr 5 aylar önce
I like other performance SUVs better so I would take the Huracan for its V8 theater.
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