2016 NBA Slam Dunk Contest - Aaron Gordon vs Zach LaVine HD Full 

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Aaron Gordon, Zach Lavine, Will Barton, and Andre Drummond enter the 2016 Dunk contest hoping to be crowned champions.
Congrats to Aaron Gordon and Zach Lavine you both did amazing.
Take a look back at one of the best dunk contests in the history of All-Star Weekend between Zach LaVine and Aaron Gordon!
About the NBA:
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13 Şub 2016




Yük bağlantısı.....


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Will Rogers
Will Rogers 4 yıl önce
Money SEO I’m good
CornetteGuy 4 yıl önce
Money SEO just subscribed. I love this video.
Mack Lane
Mack Lane 3 yıl önce
Adel Sweezy
Adel Sweezy Yıl önce
Had to comback here after the DUMB contest 2022 ! the 2016 dunk contest became a religious think for me 😂😂😂
Michael Powell
Michael Powell Yıl önce
Chuck Milan has ruined the dunk contest
Black Ace
Black Ace Yıl önce
For real Lol
Lepi Yıl önce
Same here bro😂
hafid kn
hafid kn Yıl önce
شراك دير هنا 😂
Tyler Buck
Tyler Buck Yıl önce
@Michael Powell who's chuck milan
Josiah Price
Josiah Price 7 aylar önce
Can’t believe Gordon didn’t win after that insane second dunk. Quite literally the greatest dunk ever.
Bryan Macapagal
Bryan Macapagal 6 aylar önce
Only a few can dunk from the freethrow line that was not easy😅
Dreadlord126 4 aylar önce
@Bryan Macapagal ? It had no creativity and asron gordon sat on the air
Ti Mitchell
Ti Mitchell 4 aylar önce
@Dreadlord126and to add that he jumped and cleared someone😭😭😭
Nope Mang
Nope Mang 3 aylar önce
@Bryan MacapagalI’m sure Gordon could do the same thing lol
Des_ 3 aylar önce
Gordon got robbed here too, Lavine’s first dunk was just a less impressive Gordon’s first dunk
John K
John K 7 aylar önce
People don't understand how hard Gordon's last dunk is, very underrated dunk
Earl Brown
Earl Brown 7 aylar önce
That's dunk took so much strength to fake tomahawk and then change it mid air...definitely should have won.
JMASnet 7 aylar önce
He run out of tricks bro. Basically, it's amazing for us plebs but for the judges(T-Mac and Mutombo) who played and dunked a lot as well. High vertical dunks in the NBA were ordinary/standard for them. On the other hand, long jump dunks that Lavine did on his winning dunk is still special for them since Dr. J and MJ did it.
Walid Bosso
Walid Bosso 7 aylar önce
I swear it was better than Lavine's last one! plus it's literally the 2nd time he does it, Gordon clearly won this, as all the dunks were better
Be like This
Be like This 7 aylar önce
@JMASnet bro that makes so much more sense now after all these years 😂
Pryce Resma
Pryce Resma 7 aylar önce
The last dunk was the better version of McClung's hesi dunk. Gordon better
Nick 34
Nick 34 7 aylar önce
Zach Lavines dunks got 50 coz they were worth 50. Aaron Gordons first 2 dunks got 50 coz the max score was only 50pts. Thats the difference. Lavine might be the better dunker overall but Aaron Gordons creativity shouldve earned him the title
Helarpa Nibour
Helarpa Nibour 3 aylar önce
The guy with a black fedora
Nah the first Zach dunk wasn’t even worth 50
ddxs12 3 aylar önce
well put
Heroe /
Heroe / 3 aylar önce
I mean when it's a competition if one is worth 55 and the other 50 you should adjust imo
bigboymatthew 2 aylar önce
His first dunk was worth 45-46 top
JC Mar
JC Mar 7 aylar önce
This was one of, if not the biggest, injustices the NBA ever committed. Gordon won that competition going away. That 2nd dunk is still the best dunk I've ever seen!!!!! He was still rising after he cleared the mascot in a full seated position!!!!
retuje 6 aylar önce
Right. Zach's 1st dunk in final round is not a 50. He just copied gordon. This shouldn't have gone to extra dunks
Andrei Jordan
Andrei Jordan 4 aylar önce
Definitely feel like the judges were on some s**t and were bias as hell
Zek Dabeast
Zek Dabeast 3 aylar önce
@Andrei Jordan only judge I think that wasn’t biased was shaq on the other dude who kept saying let’s go home
Guinevere 3 aylar önce
​@Zek Dabeast Kenny Smith
Mr. Rager
Mr. Rager 7 aylar önce
3:19 the greatest dunk in NBA history.
Dimitris 90s Child
Dimitris 90s Child 6 aylar önce
Bill Rabara
Bill Rabara 5 aylar önce
Maks Milostnoi
Maks Milostnoi 4 aylar önce
Donald Trump #1 supporter
D.C. 2 aylar önce
Hmnghzl Yıl önce
Love zach lavine's athleticism but Aaron Gordon's creativity is unmatched
Alex Calibasi
Alex Calibasi Yıl önce
Lavine had to travel to get both free throw dunks flushed, u mean Gordons athleticism
Kcco Killa
Kcco Killa Yıl önce
Gordon's dunks were more athletic. Much more difficult
tornatic1983 Yıl önce
@Soren Peterson Lol man he's not talking about traveling like in a game. He's talking about Lavine having more room to travel to build up momentum on the free throw dunks
Simon Dewitt
Simon Dewitt Yıl önce
Zach Lavine did hard dunks, Aaron Gordon did All Time dunks
David Gutierrez
David Gutierrez 7 aylar önce
The fact Aaron made the dunks on the 1st attempts is INSANE
Evan Onstot
Evan Onstot 7 aylar önce
Gordon not walking away with at least a share of the trophy still bums me out, years later. Best dunks I’ve ever seen.
izumiasmr 3 aylar önce
well... always thought about that but fortunately he has a much more important trophy now and absolutely deserved! kudos to Aaron!
Ant Viper13
Ant Viper13 3 aylar önce
​@izumiasmr You not wrong
Yami 6 aylar önce
When Zack won the dunk contest but Gordon won in our heart
Wearenotmarshall 6 aylar önce
Aaron Gordon literally put his whole body 10 ft off the ground. The most incredible thing I’ve ever seen. That dude can fly.
Dennis Espiritu
Dennis Espiritu 3 aylar önce
Who's here after Aaron Gordon won a ring? 🏆💍
Sewy Clips
Sewy Clips 3 aylar önce
Uncle Gardener
Uncle Gardener 3 aylar önce
Me, but it’s still injustice regardless
AWM Yıl önce
Not only were the dunks advanced in difficulty, they executed each one on their first attempts. Now that’s impressive.
Raymond Lieu
Raymond Lieu Yıl önce
Agreed, the fact they were first attempts alrdy made these 1000 times better.
Smido83 Yıl önce
AND they only prepared 2 MAYBE 3 for the final. The 4th one both did were completely improvised! This contest was just crazy!
Jrtheth3rd TV
Jrtheth3rd TV Yıl önce
Camera's caught what Isiah Thomas wispers to Magic Johnson about Michael Jordan - trvid.com/video/video-hy-k_d24mJw.html
All Your Excuses Are Lies
İt's not just about the diffuculty of dunk or number of attemps. Those dunks has different level of creativity, especially Gordon's dunks
Omiedahomie 3 aylar önce
Aaron’s second dunk in my opinion is the greatest dunk of all time
Jerod Roshanfar
Jerod Roshanfar 28 gün önce
Dude put all 200 plus pounds in the air over the damn rim while catching a ball. Even Lavine was shook!
Luke F15
Luke F15 2 aylar önce
Been watching NBA since the early 90's and Gordon's mascot dunk is the most insane dunk i've ever seen.
Jack Jordan
Jack Jordan Aylar önce
3:57 Chills everytime, the most electric call in history 😂 No topping those reactions
ohmanyourecool Aylar önce
#NeverForget Let’s go home
Nerazuro Nerazuro
Nerazuro Nerazuro 7 aylar önce
Legendary Dunk Contest! That second dunk from Gordon was probably the best all of times on my opinion!
Sup 3 aylar önce
For me this is still one of the best dunk contest I’ve seen in my life
Tony S
Tony S Yıl önce
We all know why we come back to this during every all star break
S.B.A Yıl önce
Shit I'm watching this during the 2022 dunk contest
RawRap Nunu
RawRap Nunu Yıl önce
Just showing my lil brother how a REAL slam dunk contest look like!! 😂😂 These young punks ain’t as entertaining these days
legendary Yıl önce
On god😭
Subair Ali
Subair Ali Yıl önce
@RawRap Nunu can’t believe this was 6 years ago…
Jack Baker
Jack Baker Yıl önce
i went straight to the comments of this video knowin how bad this year was gonna be😭😭😭
Jon Wilder
Jon Wilder Aylar önce
The fact Aaron made the dunks on the 1st attempts is INSANE. 3:19 the greatest dunk in NBA history..
rahul meel
rahul meel 6 aylar önce
The moment that mascot started spinning, everyone knew that it was going to be legendary. The change in commentators voice summaries it perfectly.
Carlos alfonso Vargas martinez
That's how good Aaron is, he's gotta ring now NBA champion congrats 👏 big bro 👏 🙌 well deserved 👏 👍
Toni G
Toni G 7 aylar önce
Had to come back to this video after Mac McClung. He brought the Dunk Contest back to life this year. BUT nothing will ever beat Aaron Gordon's second dunk...sitting in the air like that...The Greatest Dunk!
lDooM Xd
lDooM Xd 7 aylar önce
Best dunk contest and best playoff finals in last years , what a great year.
Tay Sports
Tay Sports 7 aylar önce
That dunk over the mascot is one of the GREATEST dunks in the history of the contest. Man literally sat down mid-air
aqua wil
aqua wil 7 aylar önce
Kαzu Gaming
Kαzu Gaming 7 aylar önce
agree to this
Mabrouki Omar
Mabrouki Omar 7 aylar önce
What are you talking about It's the greatest lol
king dro beats
king dro beats 7 aylar önce
it's THE greatest lol
Countryboy 864
Countryboy 864 7 aylar önce
with the left hand
DarkprinceOverwatch 7 aylar önce
it doesn't matter who won....both complement each other and they made a history together....the best dunk contest ever...
Cooper 7 aylar önce
Will never see 8 better dunks in 1 show ever again. These both deserved the crown. Love coming back re watch this
Shalwaa 7 aylar önce
I still can’t believe he jumped over the mascot while sitting 🤯🤯🤯 Greatest dunk in contest HISTORY
sarayoodharan Kulandaivelu
I would have given Aaron Gordon the champion trophy for his under the leg while jumping over a mascot dunk. That’s a very tough dunk.
Joecaljapan (ジョンコ)
AG went from this to NBA Champ, what a career
aaron Yıl önce
Aaron Gordon’s sitting dunk is still the best dunk I have ever seen
Curtis Baker
Curtis Baker Yıl önce
man, I am trying to get that dunk on a poster, in a frame, something!!!
J. M.
J. M. Yıl önce
@Curtis Baker It would look great on a nba sports card
Bishopwitda Juice
I don't even think anyone can duplicate it on first attempt. And his other dunk that received 9's was a 50 too. To come from behind his back to down by the ankles and still throw it down with force was crazy. Levine last dunk wasn't as good to me. Arron Gordon should have won imo
John Anthony
John Anthony Yıl önce
@Bishopwitda Juice Could’ve gone either way but the FT line between the legs is still impressive though. Should’ve been a tie. The next one that Gordon joined when he jumped over Taco is more of a robbery than this one
Rn B
Rn B Yıl önce
yo this man literally sat down in mid air while still elevating. absolutely ridiculous
ephrem 7 aylar önce
greatest dunk contest of all time. I'm not sure I'll ever see one better or similar in my lifetime. wow! what it must have felt to be in that arena, so electric.
93i 3 aylar önce
I'm glad AG won an honest ring💍🏆 at least Zach won't steal this one from him this time.... proud of Him✨️✨️
ishok 7 aylar önce
Best Slam Dunk Contest EVER...They can never be separated, so it doesn't matter who actually won... everyone... everyone knows.
VIDshorts 7 aylar önce
Still one of the best dunk contest of all time
duckmann 7 aylar önce
I've been watching the dunk contest since 1988. And I love MJ. But this was the best dunk contest between two guys I have ever seen
Layad Lee
Layad Lee Yıl önce
That second dunk of Gordon is a master piece, Greatest dunk ever
PsychoSpoiler Yıl önce
my guy played too much NBA LIVE 07 when he was young 😂😂
Matt Clarke
Matt Clarke Yıl önce
He didn't push off of the mascots shoulder and his eyes were at the rim. That alone was amazing, then you see him go underneath, and make it on his first attempt!!!
Jrtheth3rd TV
Jrtheth3rd TV Yıl önce
Camera's caught what Isiah Thomas wispers to Magic Johnson about Michael Jordan - trvid.com/video/video-hy-k_d24mJw.html
Philippe Ochoa
Philippe Ochoa Yıl önce
That last dunk got so much hops, he could’ve jumped over a person. But underappreciated by the judges
Xavier Vega
Xavier Vega Yıl önce
@Matt Clarke He pushed off while grabbing the ball. No way he could get his legs up otherwise. It was still the best dunk of the contest though.
SBATHORGOD 3 aylar önce
Greatest Dunk Contest ever in the NBA.🏀
Wu Pei
Wu Pei 7 aylar önce
If they didn’t do this, I would still get goosebumps these days dunk contest. But man, these two just level up dunk contest standard 😂😂
藤原拓海 3 aylar önce
anyone here after one of the greatest dunkers to never win a dunk contest won a championship?😤😤😤
Justin Hill
Justin Hill 3 aylar önce
*Michael jordan face* He took it personally.
largec 6 aylar önce
This would have to be, one of the most impressive dunk contests, that I've seen in a while!😁😁👍👍
SoonKyu515 7 aylar önce
I feel so sad for Aaron this year. That championship belongs to him!!
Destroyer K
Destroyer K Yıl önce
I didn’t realized we were privileged to have this dunk contest until the last 5 years. Pls Come back Zach and Aaron Gordon to the dunk contest next year.
Tiara Murray
Tiara Murray Yıl önce
You here from the 2022 Contest too huh 😂😂
_Shxny Yıl önce
@Tiara Murray shit was wack 🤣
Ah I see we have all gathered here
John paul
John paul Yıl önce
@_Shxny they set the expectations too high
aaron bernardino
aaron bernardino Yıl önce
We know why we’re here.
1968 4 gün önce
Aaron Gordon's Last Dunk was Straight 10's .. that was incredible
Roro Aylar önce
If only people knew it would be hard to replicate this dunk contest for the coming years
D W 7 aylar önce
It’s religion to come back to this every year during all star weekend 🤙🏽
Chung yin Chan
Chung yin Chan 3 aylar önce
Today AG won a bigger one than a dunk champ🎉
theweirdestmf 7 aylar önce
this is still the best dunk contest I ever seen in my life…
JarrydTIme Yıl önce
The creativity and difficulty of the dunks are already impressive. What's mind blowing is that they did them all on the 1st ATTEMPT!
Angel Yıl önce
they were in the zone, like in kuroko no basket.
Antonio Fowler
Antonio Fowler Yıl önce
Not Zach
Ray Den
Ray Den Yıl önce
we are never going to see anything like this again in a looong while im afraid
Andrew Yıl önce
As it should be. They should implement a max 1 retry rule for future contests
D WADE IS THE GOAT 2 aylar önce
I would love to see them go at it again. Sadly I don't think it'll happen we took this for granted
guiwhiz 6 aylar önce
Still the best slam dunk contest ever in my opinion. These two just LIT IT UP!
Antyreon Cambric
Antyreon Cambric 6 aylar önce
Gordon’s dunks were the most creative I seen in 10 years
Karson Stamper
Karson Stamper 7 aylar önce
Had to come back to this after the 2023 Dunk Contest. Mac McClung killed it, but nothing beats the competition between AG and Lavine.
pankaj sindwani
pankaj sindwani 2 yıl önce
5 years on, still feel for Aaron Gordon........ he deserved to win this
Phoenix The Devourer
They both won
DatManDeyah_808 Yıl önce
Allen Swish
Allen Swish 6 aylar önce
This Is Why I Said That Zach LaVine Is The Best Dunker In The League Right Now 🗣️🏀🔥
Phil B.
Phil B. 7 aylar önce
Best dunking contest of all time. Two sensational dunkers going head to head. Either could have won!!
Alternative Flow
Alternative Flow 3 aylar önce
Aaron Gordon said, screw winnin' the dunk contest, I'm a NBA champion!
Sunny Rothmiller
Sunny Rothmiller 6 aylar önce
Gordon won 7 years later I'm still hyped off the seated dunk
Bill Rabara
Bill Rabara 5 aylar önce
Easily the greatest dunk in NBA history
AH25 Yıl önce
I had to come back to this masterpiece after the 2022 dunk contest 😭😭I wanted to see what a real dunk contest looks like
David Jung
David Jung Yıl önce
Lol same here
Cody T
Cody T Yıl önce
Lucoffe Yıl önce
Same here
Josué Enmanuel
Josué Enmanuel Yıl önce
Lol same men 😢😹
Jose Yıl önce
LMAO same bro💀💀
zack 7 aylar önce
The best dunk contest in history so far, the best duel. They should be winning the trophy together.
hussydahustla 5 aylar önce
This is the best dunk contest ever. That last dunk was insane I don't think ppl realized what they saw.
Zulu 5
Zulu 5 Aylar önce
After all this years watching it again...Gordon is still the winner of this contest and he will ever be!
560GamingTV 7 aylar önce
I came here from the McClung Contest…he mentioned this contest and the Carter 2000 contest in his interview. Watched the Carter for nostalgia but I never got around to seeing this one before. Simply incredible athleticism from both men. 🤯
Keen 2 yıl önce
One of the best NBA season ever if not the Greatest! 2015-2016 Season *73-9 Warriors *Gordon vs Lavine Dunk Contest *Kobe's Last Dance *Cleveland's 3-1 comeback!
sam mompoint
sam mompoint 2 yıl önce
Yeaaa that really was the most memorable season in the last decade bro
J P 2 yıl önce
Keen 2 yıl önce
*2016-2017 correction my bas
Jaleel Dean
Jaleel Dean 2 yıl önce
Bruh 2016 was really a goated year
Andrés Sánchez
Andrés Sánchez 2 yıl önce
@Keen nah u were right it was 2015-2016
Noel Gabriel
Noel Gabriel 3 aylar önce
After watching this slam dunk contest many times...i think the judges should have declared them as co winners...greatest slam dunk competition in the NBA history
J Michael Barrett
J Michael Barrett 7 aylar önce
This was one of the best ever - and it was so hard to choose from the two. 🔥 Gordon had the creativity, but damnit watching Lavine’s smoothness had a touch of Jordan. The man just glided. They both were on another level.
KVBVL 7 aylar önce
Sat in mid air, cleared the mascot, changed hands mid air and dunked it with the weaker hand in reverse. GREATEST DUNK EVER!!
ヘスティア 3 aylar önce
Lavine can have his Dunk Contest trophy. Cause Aaron Gordon has FAR MORE IMPORTANT trophy that he just won.
Ailton Silva
Ailton Silva 7 aylar önce
Foda viu! Um dos melhores torneios de enterradas da história!
almazonly 4 aylar önce
I'm damn sure Aaron cried that night... 💯 Real man tears. They both are great in the League right now. No cap, The Best Dunk contest EVER. Period.
Jonathan anasco
Jonathan anasco 5 aylar önce
3:55 still the greatest dunk ever!!!
BGM JCS Aylar önce
10:17 greatest dunk in nba history
Ashmaterial 7 aylar önce
This man sat down in joga position mid-air while dunking. Greatest dunk ever
Kokomiyah 6 aylar önce
Zach also deserved to win this dunk contest! His dunks that night were some of the best in history. The only travesty that happened that night is the NBA not giving them the tie!
Robert Bauer
Robert Bauer Yıl önce
Aaron Gordon's second dunk is the greatest dunk ever in the history of this competition. Period.
Ube Man
Ube Man Yıl önce
No its not.Period.
Robert Bauer
Robert Bauer Yıl önce
@Ube Man Hahahahaha. OK, which dunk is it then in your opinion? Period.
@Robert Bauer double handed windmill at the free throw line not even MJ can do that
Robert Bauer
Robert Bauer Yıl önce
@Williamsrightcheek ...and who did that wonderful dunk? Also, you forgot to say "period". Lol.
@Robert Bauer zach
K L 7 aylar önce
This was an historic dunk contest, up there with Jordan and Nique. It was exciting with creativity and one dunks and not all these miss dunks which is happening more and more in these dunk contest
bulolTV 12 gün önce
Jose Ortiz
Jose Ortiz 3 aylar önce
Now hes a starting NBA champion Krazyy 💯🙏🏻
David Monterosso
David Monterosso 7 aylar önce
That dunk Under ther legs by AG sealed the deal for everybody
Terence Belding
Terence Belding Aylar önce
They both won this year. Absolutely the best one.
Siddharth Nagamangala
Gordon's second dunk is probably the greatest dunk I've ever seen
湊あくあ 2 yıl önce
I think so, it’s better than Carter’s 360 windmill. The motion, the vertical jump, Gordon is epic.
Tevin 2 yıl önce
Nah he ain’t touching Vince Carter’s dunks... or even Dominique Wilkins or others like that.
Charles 2 yıl önce
R 34 you’re a clown. I love Vince but he couldn’t do that
Brandon 2 yıl önce
@Charles VC literally dunked over a 7 footer...
Jour Vang
Jour Vang 2 yıl önce
@Brandon and Gordon dunked over taco so?
Manoel [Um EME]
Manoel [Um EME] 6 aylar önce
Ahmad Faris Ramli
Ahmad Faris Ramli 3 aylar önce
He should’ve won the dunk contest. Gordon got his redemption by winning the NBA title this year.
Art Student Beginner
Who's here after Aaron Gordon won his first ring
SpeedUp 6 aylar önce
If there could be a draw in a dunk contest these two could be it. Both are unique but insane in their own rights to be the best at it
Rodney Stevenson
Rodney Stevenson 3 aylar önce
Being old enough to see Nique vs MJ, this is the greatest dunk contest ever
Peter Bonoff
Peter Bonoff 8 aylar önce
Gordon’s first two dunks were infinitely more creative than Lavine’s first two
Xavier Vega
Xavier Vega 8 aylar önce
Lavine's last two were easily better than Gordon's last two.
Dave Scott
Dave Scott 8 aylar önce
Zach just copied Gordon with less flare on the first dunk
Mark Laurence Cortes
Mark Laurence Cortes 7 aylar önce
@Xavier Vega he just spammed the ft line dunk lol
Xavier Vega
Xavier Vega 7 aylar önce
@Mark Laurence Cortes He did different dunks every time. It's no different than Gordon using the mascot just about every time.
Mark Laurence Cortes
Mark Laurence Cortes 7 aylar önce
@Xavier Vega "every time" lol
GGballer 2 aylar önce
By far the greatest dunk contest of all time
CJ 7 aylar önce
Gordon's double pump dunk is so underrated
DB5577 7 aylar önce
Probably the best dunk competition I’ve seen,all those 50’s just crazy
Jay Squillace
Jay Squillace 7 aylar önce
Aaron Gordon won long term in the sense that I remember both of Gordon's first two dunks 7 years later and I didn't remember Lavine's until I rewatched it just now.
Ramon Peters
Ramon Peters 7 aylar önce
Aaron was robbed so crazy! His first two dunks alone were better than the 4 from Zach.
Midnight Danc3r aka Andy
Zachs first dunk was no way a 50. Shit was over but hey, that robbery gave us one of the best dunk contest ever
Tony Ruiz
Tony Ruiz 3 aylar önce
Gordon was robbed but now he gonna get that ring! 👍
Frederick Fairlie, Esq
I love how Drummond just fell out after Gordon’s second dunk. He knew it was over 😂
BasedGod 7 aylar önce
That second dunk by gordon is actually the greatest contest dunk ever I don't know how he lost
Mr.Dean B. Mays
Mr.Dean B. Mays 6 aylar önce
These 2 guys are the best dunks in history they both deserve trophies/ no one has ever done it beter!!!!
Dimensi Yıl önce
This will forever be the greatest dunk contest in NBA history
Ah’Zir Yıl önce
Nah Vince made the crowd silent in confusion during a dunk . Nobody can do that but Vince carter
Dimensi Yıl önce
@Ah’Zir very true very true
Kai Hamasaki
Kai Hamasaki Yıl önce
Nah. It’s up there but not the best. Go watch Vince carter
kasper rieberg
kasper rieberg Yıl önce
@Ah’Zir Agree ! But this was way more competitive than when Vince won