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These are some the cheekiest and most intelligent free kick routines in football history.
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25 Nov 2020




Yük bağlantısı.....


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Score 90
Score 90 Aylar önce
Which one is your favourite? 🤔
X legends
X legends 7 gün önce
Danny Mason
Danny Mason 9 gün önce
How have you done this and not put Joe Bryan Playoffs freekick against Brentford?!??
Juanma3DG 11 gün önce
And the goal of Negredo??
DooBaa 18 gün önce
2:09 Because its from Sweden and im from there
james watt
james watt 19 gün önce
Filip Sargic
Filip Sargic 4 gün önce
Red Star Belgrad ist the best idemo
Dan G
Dan G 4 gün önce
Great vid. I'm wondering if you can help me find a free kick I remember seeing like 15 years ago, where all the attacking players were in the box jumping around before the free kick was taken, pretending to expect a cross, but this was just a ruse to lure the goal keeper out. It worked and the free kick taker neatly slotted it in the top corner from a tight angle. I think it might have been Liverpool playing in Europe but I've tried finding it a few times and never found it. Thanks!
Jyoti Dewal
Jyoti Dewal 6 gün önce
5:36 how did free kicks come inside penalty box
marco 6 gün önce
1:39 98 world cup, Argentina, Zaneti
River Tyler
River Tyler 8 gün önce
i Love Hearing the fans
Stop da Steal
Stop da Steal 8 gün önce
4.24...the ref clearly was a oart of the plan of quick free kick
Jack Smith
Jack Smith 9 gün önce
sorry but 4:40 is an illegal move, you cant start a freekick like that. I am surprised they let that stand
Danny Mason
Danny Mason 9 gün önce
How have you done this and not put Joe Bryan Playoffs freekick against Brentford?!
Wiener Kaiser
Wiener Kaiser 9 gün önce
2:31 Rapid Wien💚💚💚💚
David Taylor
David Taylor 9 gün önce
John Fleck for Sheffield United against Sheffield Wednesday is a certainty for your next free kick video, surely?!
Alif Ryan
Alif Ryan 10 gün önce
Hello,,, I am from indonesia🖐
Cabdi5 Sheikh4
Cabdi5 Sheikh4 10 gün önce
1:38 what a free chick chips to pass
Biobele 10 gün önce
That's why its called The beautiful game
Akun Baru
Akun Baru 11 gün önce
What's the title of your intro song?
arvinder jeet Singh
arvinder jeet Singh 11 gün önce
Most of them look like out of a video game
sanil world
sanil world 11 gün önce
ts yoon
ts yoon 11 gün önce
골키퍼가 자리도 잡지 않았는데 차버리는 건 야비해 보인다.
Shubbit the fubbick ubbip!!!
I don't watch much, but these trick plays are fucking insane. 👍
Mahir Daian
Mahir Daian 12 gün önce
Potato Girl
Potato Girl 12 gün önce
6:04 wait a minute......
Andrew DeLong
Andrew DeLong 12 gün önce
I like that the last one basically just illustrates how Martin Atkinson is just a pile of biased garbage. has no place near a match
Дядюшка Мерлуш
Сейчас такая хуйня уже не прокатит. По свистку судьи разыгрывается фри кик.
Tausif Khan
Tausif Khan 12 gün önce
Which music??
Hhdhd Vxhdhdhd
Hhdhd Vxhdhdhd 13 gün önce
Please add kerala blasters (indian super league ) to the list
roy gumpel
roy gumpel 13 gün önce
godawful music, if you can call it that, But a great compilation.
sarkaniemi 14 gün önce
When a free kick becomes a show and a performance!
Павел Ткаченко
9:11 music please 🙏
Rodrigo Silva
Rodrigo Silva 14 gün önce
I would love to ser a compilation of some of these that gone wrong 😂😂
Alfeu Gonçalves dos Santos
0:14 Vim aqui depois de ver o Palmeiras fazendo isso contra o River Plate
VigEuth 14 gün önce
3:20 gotta be illegal
NGaming YT
NGaming YT 15 gün önce
i just love your intro
D Medilicious
D Medilicious 15 gün önce
You wonder why the English premiership seems to be scarce? That's because the referees would disallow those goals
August Bengtsson
August Bengtsson 15 gün önce
0:46 Did She really celebraste that much against her former club?
Hrishabh Kumar
Hrishabh Kumar 16 gün önce
Messi did not need it 🎯🎯
Dusto 16 gün önce
If you use the time when the goalie is setting up his wall then I wouldn’t consider it skill, that’s a cheap way of scoring! The goalie has to both consider how many people to put in the wall and also direct them towards whichever goal post is nearest so that they are required to bend the ball... cheap af for the penalty person to take that chance to cheat in a goal... it’s sneaky and shows that you couldn’t score without doing that... no skill involved in that and shows you’re unsportsman!!! A goalie has to choose the correct position to be at all times, defence is only a precaution but the goalie is at fault for the goal, confusing a player isn’t bad since the goalie is still there as a last effort but if you cheat the goalie then wtf kind of challenge is that?? It’s not like hockey where the goalie takes up 90% of the net like cmon that’s cheap af
Szopen Kox
Szopen Kox 16 gün önce
Intro Music? Plis
KLUMANN MOJO 16 gün önce
04:47 grande pajarito Valdez, el medio pase!
tony Cunningham
tony Cunningham 16 gün önce
Messi Goa llllll😍😍
Paul Vu
Paul Vu 16 gün önce
There was a couple that didn't go in!
Ana Rusadi Channel
Ana Rusadi Channel 17 gün önce
Hallo hallo hallo👍
franklin Odhiambo
franklin Odhiambo 17 gün önce
Some are just so funny
Starting sound plssss
Dawid Mikos
Dawid Mikos 17 gün önce
ahhh te dziewczyny to kurwa mają pomysłyyy
zulfadhli zainal
zulfadhli zainal 18 gün önce
I still dont understand with david luiz chelsea fk, what is wrong with that goalkeeper why is he out of focus?
항상언제나 18 gün önce
0:48 acting is perfect
BMWMD1 18 gün önce
Lol sneaking the women's on in,,, hahahahha
herogibson 19 gün önce
yeah these are all pretty sweet
Scatter TheWinds
Scatter TheWinds 19 gün önce
Why does the music make it sound like these footballers discovered a cure for cancer?
F.C.S.M ULTRAS 19 gün önce
Про баб iq 200 врятли ,
MehdiHidde 4
MehdiHidde 4 19 gün önce
MehdiHidde 4
MehdiHidde 4 19 gün önce
Freedom is over sad
Freedom is over sad 19 gün önce
all the walls do is block the goalies vision, think they want more goals in soccer. Seeing these clowns diving on their back when the ball is over their head, the goal posts are not that high, they could just jump straight up in the air and block them easy.
Nur Sangex
Nur Sangex 19 gün önce
What song in opening:'(
Erik Anarkulov
Erik Anarkulov 20 gün önce
60 IQ
Raze 0815
Raze 0815 20 gün önce
Thomas Müllerˋs is missing. Dislike!
Snyp 20 gün önce
Every Goalkeeper's nightmare be like *:*
RAJ KUMAR SINGH 20 gün önce
I love that you included old footage as well, always makes it more believable when it's best of compilation
Anza Ansori
Anza Ansori 20 gün önce
5:36 that guy really knows who has intention to kill
Nataraj.A Raj
Nataraj.A Raj 20 gün önce
Clever Thinking works Intelligent ....👍👍👍👍✨✨✨✨✨✨🌟🌟🌟🌟 Women's Are More Celver Than Men's .....
Italian Stallion
Italian Stallion 20 gün önce
Cr7 knuckball
Rosen Simeonov
Rosen Simeonov 20 gün önce
Good one. The only one I find unfair and not 'IQ' is David Luiz' display. Because there you have the dilemma - should they wait for the second time the ref makes the signal (the first time marking the foul)? I think they should. They should wait for the wall to be arranged. Otherwise they can disturb the foul kick forever. So, I think this case is yellow card for Luiz.
AboodAbulaban 21 gün önce
8:30 it would be really funny if it has hit the guy in yellow in the back of the head xd
AboodAbulaban 21 gün önce
4:24 can someone explain why are these allowed? no one seems ready isnt everyone has to be in place before the referee whistle?
Gabriel Martinelli 2
Gabriel Martinelli 2 21 gün önce
Dan Wilson
Dan Wilson 21 gün önce
200 iq lol what is clever about football is the fact they get a week what we get a decade for kicking a ball about, playing a game that normal people do for fun....... Now that is 200 IQ!
Ilan Domens
Ilan Domens 21 gün önce
Iniesta 200 iq skill
Tushaar Kuthiala
Tushaar Kuthiala 21 gün önce
It's missing Bruno Fernandes' free kick which Martial scored against Manchester City last season.
Lee Bee
Lee Bee 21 gün önce
That Messi free kick was pretty well taken but, come on, it went in far less because it was 'magic' - regardless of what sycophants think of Lio Messi - but, from that angle and across the keeper, because the keeper was just shit!!! (One hand up, rather then watch it pass.. ya know, just tip the fucker over mate, ffs!!!)
Thorflash 21 gün önce
Paul Badresingh
Paul Badresingh 22 gün önce
4:06 Fever Tree lol
Kaiza Kizaru
Kaiza Kizaru 22 gün önce
6:03 lmao wtf😂😂😂
Ibrahim Bah
Ibrahim Bah 17 gün önce
That goal was probably cancelled later
Slumpty Dumpty
Slumpty Dumpty 22 gün önce
@5:40 whats the point of running right at the ball and then ducking out of the way ???
Stanley Oseh
Stanley Oseh 21 gün önce
Trying to avoid a foul + It's a Shot bro
DK Gaming Planet
DK Gaming Planet 22 gün önce
Did anyone see legend batistuta?
El mariachi
El mariachi 22 gün önce
Manca quello del cagliari contro la juve nel 2008
Lim Playz
Lim Playz 22 gün önce
Girls free kicks looks more cheeky than boys
ES KET IT 22 gün önce
In one of them the free kick was taken inside the Box I thought only penalties are taken inside of there🤓
ES KET IT 21 gün önce
@Melih Özcan Ohhh
Melih Özcan
Melih Özcan 21 gün önce
They are called indirect free kicks. They get called when a kepper takes a pass played by the player with the hands. And if the wall can not stay 8 meters away from the foul Point they just allowed to stay on the goal line
Lorenzo Ferreira
Lorenzo Ferreira 22 gün önce
So who made The video decided to put Ronaldinho's copy cat, but not The real one? INTERESTING.
bkdude418 23 gün önce
5:42 why r they taking a free kick inside the penalty box?
Riley Edwards
Riley Edwards 22 gün önce
indirect freekick
Aldo Miguel
Aldo Miguel 23 gün önce
Don't think those where they take the free kick while the keeper sets up the wall should be included. That's just scummy from the referee and the fk taker.
Steven Booth
Steven Booth 23 gün önce
3:55 is that a 'genious' miss?
항공 23 gün önce
Fantastic Ji sung Park !!
Andika Bahari
Andika Bahari 23 gün önce
I see marco reus, i click..
Alessandro Momesso
Alessandro Momesso 23 gün önce
pirlo inzaghi?
Emilio Hernandez
Emilio Hernandez 23 gün önce
Look alive.
Han Daimond
Han Daimond 24 gün önce
I must say, it's really hard to find such good videos like this, there are a ton in which the music drowns everything else or a huge watermark distracts a lot and becomes very annoying to watch, but you make an exceptional job on keeping the original audio and commentary, I find it more enjoyable. Thank you for bringing high quality content, you've just gained a subscriber.
Majmun8129 24 gün önce
Whats the music in 5:20?
Arunkumar M
Arunkumar M 24 gün önce
5:37 🔥
007 - 72
007 - 72 24 gün önce
*Music Intro?*
*MUSIC* SANTUY04 24 gün önce
Jangan lupa mampir ke music santuy kami😅😅😅
Charl 24 gün önce
You know it’ll work when you get confused too
Micheal Rapp
Micheal Rapp 24 gün önce
So Fantastic
Jordan jervis
Jordan jervis 24 gün önce
Bruno v Man City, crime not to include that
สุพัตรา บอนเขียว
Rizki Nugraha
Rizki Nugraha 25 gün önce
No Pirlo+Pippo Free Kick Combo, it was an insult
鏡一流 25 gün önce
笑いが止まらないトリック!! チームメンバーの信頼がないとこのチャンスは生かせない。 最初のキック、別の使い方できる。 つまりキッカーがフェイントするフリ(動き)をサインとして使う。その動きを見て他のメンバーがシュートコースを知りそれに合わせる。予備練習は必要だけど同様のパターンは多い。 三角に歩いたらA地点、四角に歩いたらB地点、丸く歩いたらC地点。ゴール前のA.B.C地点を使って厳しい守備を突破する
Trankvillin t6 Shirokovskih
6:04 нате мяч, бери и бей😊
Anshul Malik
Anshul Malik 25 gün önce
Some of them also look unethical which doesn't let the opponent get ready to defend.
lopeepso livi
lopeepso livi 25 gün önce
The succinct egg virtually sneeze because chinese legally blot circa a sulky litter. panicky, phobic camp
Rapina Fire
Rapina Fire 25 gün önce
aí tu vai assistir o brasileirão... só dá aqueles pé de rato mandando um balão pra arquibancada...
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