#2 Ohio State v #5 Michigan Highlights | College Football Week 13 | 2021 College Football Highlights

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Michigan vs Ohio State Highlights (Ohio State vs Michigan) | 2021 College Football Highlights. Michigan and Ohio State played in Week 13 of the 2021 College Football Season.

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26 Kas 2021




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Colmon Burrell
Flew from Cali to be at this game. Not particularly a fan of either team, just wanted to experience the rivalry in the big house. Worth. Every. Cent.
My dad has terminal cancer and only has a few more months to live, he’s a huge Michigan fan so we’re so happy that his last Michigan vs ohio game was a UM win.
Jack Halverson
If you are a true lover of the game of football, then you understand why this game was poetry in every sense of the word.
Moneys Huddle
The rivalry, the atmosphere, the weather, the intensity, the story, the stakes, this game had it all. This is why we love college football.
Sean Taylor
I'm an Ohio state fan but much respect to Michigan and congrats to them and their fans. You got us this year and we'll meet again next time. Have a great rest of the season!
chip Vorhies
Ohio State was a beast you could never put them completely out of the game. Their receivers are second to none at college level. I was on the edge of my seat the entire time. About time big blue got our revenge congrats to Jim Harbaugh number 97 Hutchinson in the entire rest of the Michigan team. Well done! Very good job of editing this I appreciated watching it one more time thank you. GO BLUE!!!!!💪💪👍👍
Joseph Messner
If you’re a Michigan fan, you know this was our own national championship
Harja Talonen
This was my first ever football game that I watched and boy am I addicted now! This just became one of my favorite sports to watch! Greetings from Finland 🇫🇮
Skwisgaar Skwigelf
Alabama fan here. I would always make fun of Michigan for constantly choking, but I would always root for them. Michigan reminded me of a time when my Crimson Tide were in a very long rebuilding stage, so I know by experience how much a dominating win over your rival means after a long drought. It only gets better from here. Good luck in the Big Ten title game!
Luke Seaman
Craziest game I’ve ever been to. Seeing them win with my brother who’s never experienced a Michigan win over the Buckeyes was so surreal and amazing. Rushing the field is something I’ll never forget.
And once again, Gus Johnson with phenomenal commentary! 😃😃👏👏 Absolute class act.
Nothing like watching one of the greatest rivalries in sports being played in the snow ❄🏈
Kirk Knerr
As a Michigan fan I never thought I’d see this again. Not gonna brag or talk shit, just gonna be happy for once. Go Blue man.
Ryan Blair
Watching Michigans O-Line was a show itself. Amazing to watch those units. Pulling left and right and clearing up so many defenders. Happy for Michigan. this was a win for the wolverines, their fanbase, and the college football world.
Dustin Dodds
I wish I could've watched this game live. I was in the swamp and everytime they showed a game break, our crowd erupted for Michigan. Good for y'all, enjoy it.
This offensive line brings me back to the old days. Entire team just played with grit and determinination and it just felt so damn good to see.
Way to go Wolverines! I can humbly say that we (the Spartans) are proud to be the only team to have beaten you this year.
CL Ghost
This was the game we needed to get past and our Defense got overshadowed by Haskins amazing 5 TD day...But The Michigan D really played it's finest game and we are going to wreck havoc into those playoffs... GO BLUE
Angelo 10•6
I became a college football fan for the 2016 season and my dad was always a Michigan fan, he's been since the early '90s when he first met his brother in law. I had to see him endure that heartbreaker in 2016 and the major flop in 2018. He passed away in 2020. I wish he was here so I could see his happiness.
Congratulations Michigan! You totally blew us out of the water. I was hoping we could pull it out this year and our young team could go the distance, but their age showed today. We had a lot of stupid penalties and played sloppy and half-heartedly at best. We have a lot of growing up to do before our bowl game and during the off season. Next year will be closer, whichever way The Game goes. Best of luck to you through the rest of the season! As the B1G, we will be pulling for you in the playoffs and NC if you guys make it there! Sick of hearing about Bama…. Finish business, not just for your program, but to bring it home to the conference! Good luck and keep this energy!
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