1991 Firebird Rear Hatch Position Adjustment and Sealing (Ep.16)

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This is the second episode covering the rear hatch assembly on our 1991 Firebird and all of the various adjustments and work that we have done to it over the last two years. Again, we'll try to cover as much information as possible which will hopefully make this less of a headache for anyone else trying to figure out a problem with their hatch.

There really isn't much that is accomplished in this long video, but we did figure out a lot about how these are put together and if the alignment becomes a problem again in the future we know how to address it. Hopefully this video is helpful to someone out there as it was a lot of work to put these (probably) boring videos together.

Special shout-outs to some of the folks involved in making this video:




Dates of filming: August 14th, 2018 (Leaks in Rain)
January 5th, 2019 (Hatch Hinge Seals)
April 6th, 2019 (First Hinge Bolt Adjustment)
January 7th, 2020 (Snowfall Timelapse)
April 7th, 2020 (Second Hinge Bolt Adjustment)
May 7th, 2020 (Junkyard 1984 Camaro Visit)
May 19th, 2020 (Pulldown Position Adjustment)
June 9th, 2020 (Pulldown Relay Replacement)

Song List (Order of First Appearance):
0:00 Desert Sky - Silent Partner
6:28 Higher - Silent Partner
12:48 Where I am From - Topher Mohr and Alex Elena
15:24 The Attraction of Evil - Hainbach
15:56 The Wrong Time - Silent Partner

(All music provided by TRvid's Audio Library royalty free.)

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12 Haz 2020




Yük bağlantısı.....


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zeon-911 Yıl önce
such a good looking car... i always wanted one just like that. even all ratted out
2KoolChris Yıl önce
I love this channel and the wonderful way builds are documented
Xeakpress Yıl önce
cenariusbg Yıl önce
I love your channel. I wrote on the last episode about the surface rust problem on the hatch. I am glad that you mentioned it now :) You will get there, eventually.
Sockman Yıl önce
those struts are probably Metro geo shocks
Julie B
Julie B Yıl önce
I have two '92 Firebirds, one totally stock and one I'm trying to restore from parts of my dismantled '91.
Legit one of my favorite channels. Thanks for the content!
Matt Sladek
Matt Sladek Yıl önce
As soon as I finished, went out and checked the alignment on my 85 TA. A bit better than how your hatch ended up, but not perfectly flush. Something else for me to worry about! Excellent video, love this series!
ComputermanAM13 Yıl önce
Love this series, great work!
STEVE Yıl önce
Leaks like this are so frustrating. You did it the right way. The low viscosity windshield sealant is the final touch, but you have to start with the seals, pull headliner, and look at door fitup. It might even involve welding in fresh steel if there are pinholes in body. This is also a great time to place dynamat and look at wiring, speakers, etc.
Ismael Sanchez
Ismael Sanchez Yıl önce
I will recommend you to use 3M 8509, windscreen sealer to help rubber to seal towards water ingres in the bodywork, instead of RTV. It never dries completely, so it is very compliant. If you need it to go in an small space an seal warm it in hot water bath to make itmore liquid and easy to aply.
Imbrium Yıl önce
You could likely stop the glass being pushed out of alignment by the struts by using some drag washers on the bolts.
Robert D.
Robert D. Yıl önce
You may want to look at utilizing Nord-lock washers. I love them and in conjunction with blue loc-tite you should be good!
Ross Russell
Ross Russell Yıl önce
The surface finish is great considering what percentage of those cars have already been melted into scrap.
AbsolvedJD Yıl önce
Great video as always. Don’t listen to those that criticize your repair methods. They have nothing valuable to offer as they obviously can’t tell the difference between a project car and a concourse restoration. If they don’t like it then they shouldn’t watch.
Tim Short
Tim Short Yıl önce
On my 83 T/A I used a piece of thin pipe or EMT conduit that fit over the gas cylinder on the hatch and cut just shorter than the length of the exposed part of the shaft. Slide it over the gas shock and when you open the hatch all the way, the pipe slips off the end of the cylinder and onto the shaft, preventing it from closing. Just flip it up while closing the hatch to lower. It works great, and I used it for years. Only need to do one side.
paymydues Yıl önce
One of ,if not the best, video I've seen so far on the alignment and adjustment of the rear hatch on these cars.
Go Clunker
Go Clunker Yıl önce
Make sure you clean the weather stripping and the areas it contacts. When there is dirt between the rubber and its mating surface, it leaks.
RedSynergy2k Yıl önce
I have a major issue with my rear hatch and I’m too afraid to even mess with it. When it rains heavily, the trunk transforms into a frog pond due to the leaks
moishere Yıl önce
"60% of the time, it works everytime." - Brian Fantana
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