1991 Firebird 700R4 Tailshaft Bushing and Seal Replacement (Ep.3)

Fuzzy Dice Projects
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The transmission had been leaving little puddles beneath the car, so we decided to set it up on jackstands and take a look at the issue. In this episode we will remove the transmission tailshaft and replace the driveshaft bushing and seal to keep the transmission fluid where it is supposed to be. We also replace the transmission mount and work on an exhaust hanger. Exciting! But, not everything is fun and games in transmission land!

Date of filming: July 24th, 2018

Song List (Order of First Appearance):
0:00 Heavy - Huma-Huma
3:13 Daisy Dukes - Silent Partner
8:51 Sawdust - Silent Partner
11:26 Rotten Gardenias - Huma-Huma
15:31 The Clean Up Man - Dan Lebowitz
20:25 Heart Beats - Silent Partner

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9 Şub 2019




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Fuzzy Dice Projects
Fuzzy Dice Projects 2 yıl önce
Tried to get this video published on Friday but didn't quite make it. Have had a cold all week and couldn't record voiceover until Thursday, so it was a dash to get this edited and uploaded in time for the weekend. Some ups and downs in this video, but at least we are starting to dig into the car! P.S.: Any errors and/or bad jokes I blame on the fever.
Friski Hendri
Friski Hendri Yıl önce
Please no speak up!
typhoon320i 2 yıl önce
Just curious.....what is your background? have you worked as a mechanic for a number of years before this channel? Anybody who can rebuild transmissions has a pretty good depth of car knowledge.
Alix Goldpoint
Alix Goldpoint 2 yıl önce
You can use hard solder to fix those hairline cracks I think.
Gerald Hardin
Gerald Hardin 2 yıl önce
@The Lazy Yinzer Woke Up Feeling Dangerous!!!!!
LegendStormcrow 2 yıl önce
Dude, its allright. I'm just glad you handled those brake lines. I had a 89 Buick Century that had break lines like that. I didn't know. I figured my wife's mom, or my wife's friend aka the previous owner had taken care of things like that as it was a daily driver and it was given to my wife around her graduation. Yeah, I had one disintegrate on me. Luckily I was just pulling around a corner from a stop sign in the country. Come to think of it, my dad had a Silverado that had a brake system fail years ago too. Scary stuff that. Check your breaks people!
iHeal 16 gün önce
Oshaa approved footwear lol☠☠
Hoth38 2 aylar önce
This series gives me confidence I can continue the rebuild on my 1984 Trans Am Recaro. Thanks for the great vids!
Hokori Kera
Hokori Kera 3 aylar önce
11:00 I get told this all the time as well, nice to see I'm not alone in being stubborn
فيصل العازمي
Freddie Wilson
Freddie Wilson 3 aylar önce
Normal people: (ask normal questions) Me: WHy Is HE sAYinG wE?!
Elijah W
Elijah W 4 aylar önce
5:13 "I pray that out of his glorious riches he may strengthen you with power through his Spirit in your inner being", very nice.
Ezekiel Centeno
Ezekiel Centeno 4 aylar önce
OSHA approved = sandals everybody heard him he’s right😂
James Coleman
James Coleman 5 aylar önce
Flintstone feet...
Spy 5 aylar önce
FatPoodIe 7 aylar önce
nice toes
NightHowl86 8 aylar önce
Nice Jerusalem cruisers!
Trollgames321 K
Trollgames321 K 8 aylar önce
What a beauty
2001 Civic LX
2001 Civic LX 8 aylar önce
"It's there, just like the monster under your bed." w h a t
Holdens are beasts
Holdens are beasts Aylar önce
I think he meant the monster under your hood
igotyou62 9 aylar önce
i love this restoration i have been watching for almost an hour now.
Rob1972 Akins
Rob1972 Akins 11 aylar önce
The flex in the frame when you let that Jack down at 0:58 in the video was crazy
Vanktum Alexander
ahh the last generation of cars before they got too covered in electronics and wayyyy to complicated to work on in your garage with minimal tools
thelaughingman79 Yıl önce
how do you resist the urge to paint the parts you take off...seriously i can't just bolt up rusty parts like that even when i want too. i need the sense of completion.
onecrookedeye Yıl önce
lol, brushing things under the rug....was indeed funny
Dels Transs
Dels Transs Yıl önce
Nice vid will a worn out tailshaft bushing cause a faint clicking noise ?
Erik Dewitt
Erik Dewitt Yıl önce
I remember when I got my 91 firebird transam an im restoring it now
Carliito305 Yıl önce
Dang where do you find all these parts for that low I wish I could even find one mount for $10
Fifty SiX
Fifty SiX Yıl önce
@9:40 "Im not sure what happened..." YOU USED AN IMPACTING DRILL ON AN ALUMINUM PART......... Idiots these days, oh i mean "mechanics."
Surdo's Garage & Games Brasil
Great work!! 👏👏🤘🤘
Jarobi Watts
Jarobi Watts Yıl önce
Huge slider at 7:43
Lordo Damned
Lordo Damned Yıl önce
I found your videos a year after you posted them but, i finally convinced my sister to sell me her Pontiac firebird and it's going to need a lot of work. I searched for "how to" videos and i found this series. I have a sentimental attachment to the firebird im getting from my sister. My mother saved it from the crusher and i fell in love with it since i first saw it when i was 9. I'm 31 now and waiting ~ 20 years, I'm ok with the wait. I'll probably reference these videos in my rebuild.
Gerking1 Yıl önce
In the first three mins I probably understood like thirty seconds of talking
6 9
6 9 Yıl önce
It would be great to manual swap it maybe a 5 speed those autos are trash
Super Chile
Super Chile Yıl önce
Great video. Thanks
Colt Yıl önce
What size thick washer is that?
Tiago Feitosa
Tiago Feitosa Yıl önce
Very interesting project you got there! That Firebird is a beautiful car. Maybe it's just me, but I would've thoroughly cleaned all those parts, remove the rust and paint them before mounting back.
Pradeep B
Pradeep B Yıl önce
Chris fix and this guy are doubles
David Sparks
David Sparks Yıl önce
Eph 6:13...NOW BROTHER...I KNOW THIS WAS A DESIRE OF YOUR HEART...BLESSED LORD GOD ALMIGHTY!!! Read Rev18:(all of it) I see it as WTC of 9/11 in 2001...Be Blessed...(oh...it also points to; WHAT TIME IT IS!!!) HALELUYA!!!
picasso Yıl önce
Dud you're so funny...👏...
AngelousSpike Yıl önce
locking pliers? you mean vice grips lol
Fuzzy Dice Projects
"Vice Grips" is a brand name (the first model) of locking pliers, like calling tissues "Kleenex"
anyone Yıl önce
Why did i just noticed i was watching the part of the under car upside down on my phone and it made sense, i cant unsee it now
MAC CLIFF Yıl önce
Just me, I always use a grease or oil when installing seals and bushings. I work in the oilfield.
Fortune favours the brave
Why did you spray kit red huh.Its ment to be black
tyler klebahn
tyler klebahn Yıl önce
Nobody: The Firebirds transmission: 22:49
Fuzzy Dice Projects
IT'S FINE. Just don't think about it and nothing will go wrong.
Shoga 72
Shoga 72 Yıl önce
People that thumbs down his videos are horrible people.
Randy Haulbrooks
Randy Haulbrooks Yıl önce
Ephesians 6:13 put on the full armor of God
Lazy gamer
Lazy gamer Yıl önce
Everything in this video=that's wat she said
Acme Yıl önce
That "Y" pipe is horrid, its just a T! I'll bet sorting that out so it flows nicely will pick up a few ponies!
Chris Stevens
Chris Stevens Yıl önce
“OSHA approved foot wear”. As an ex safety Director I can appreciate that joke.
James Ebert
James Ebert Yıl önce
Just found your channel but I love your sense of humor lol just sweep it all under the rug 😂😂
Jake Medeiros
Jake Medeiros 2 yıl önce
The drive shaft coming out was just, I mean, the most satisfying noise
Scarlett 2 yıl önce
"Just like the monster under your bed" 😂😂😂
Diana Solorio
Diana Solorio 2 yıl önce
You’re so cute and knowledgeable 😍🤩 love it 😊 I’m not into cars really don’t know nothing about them mostly but hearing explain the process and how clean you are with the Whole Process I absolutely Love it *just started to be viewer but I’m in for the long run 🚗 💋
E Stettler
E Stettler 2 yıl önce
This car was made back when GM cared. Now their quility control is trashy biscuits. Ford isn't even giving them competition because they're not even on the same playing field anymore
Sesrin 2 yıl önce
Subscribed for the humor 😂😂😂
Mike Oxbig
Mike Oxbig 2 yıl önce
Ephesians 6:13, KJV: "Wherefore take unto you the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand." ... Ephesians 6:13, NLT: "Therefore, put on every piece of God's armor so you will be able to resist the enemy in the time of evil.
NotTheStatusQuo 2 yıl önce
Who else is working on this car? You keep saying "we" but I only see you.
gougouleton 2 yıl önce
gary ba ba booey
gary ba ba booey 2 yıl önce
I hope you keep the car I think you would take care of it
Kaiden Gamboa
Kaiden Gamboa 2 yıl önce
He probably still has those papers under the rug😭😂
Everything From World
You make this shit entertaining , even if i wasn't a fan of building cars , i would watch u anyway ... u are funny
Marc Daabay
Marc Daabay 2 yıl önce
wow i like these series
BIG CHUBBS 2 yıl önce
some people say a dog is a mans best friend but a mans best friend is really just wd-40
Ben Jaeias
Ben Jaeias 2 yıl önce
Great video! But the parts wouldn't hurt a little painting.
John Doe
John Doe 2 yıl önce
Got work in 5 hours. Should be sleeping. Why am I watching a guy fix his car?
Devonn The G.O.D.
Devonn The G.O.D. 2 yıl önce
*Cough* yet
Sarah Rose
Sarah Rose 2 yıl önce
These videos are my bedtime stories. Ima be sad when this car is done.
spy repellant
spy repellant 2 yıl önce
“I’m gonna put a new muffler on my car”... and that is how you disassemble a transmission
So Tree
So Tree 3 aylar önce
@That Nintendo Nerd *That Nintendo Nerd* : "Finally, a worthy opponent." *spy repellant* : "Our battle will be legendary!"
spy repellant
spy repellant 6 aylar önce
@That Nintendo Nerd pyro Tf2
That Nintendo Nerd
That Nintendo Nerd 6 aylar önce
holy shit we have the same profile pic
kerplunk8011 2 yıl önce
Boy, do I wish you were from or near my area. I have a 1979 Cp DeVille that needs your tender care.
1970sthrowback 2 yıl önce
Just discovered your channel today and enjoyed your videos and thought id subscribe as my Dad, here in the UK, in 1983 had a 1980 Trans Am SE. Mostly though i just wanted to say that we both have similar shaped toe nails.
G W 2 yıl önce
Lots of rebuild channels these days but Fuzzy engineering skills are so so good t this channel is my new favourite !!If the point is to learn ? This is your man !! Love it
Ready2Learn 87
Ready2Learn 87 2 yıl önce
The way I feel watching this video is how I imagine men feel watching videos on female anatomy. But I knew what was happening in the first 2 videos!
Lemmie 2 yıl önce
Funniest rebuild I've watched....great work man!!
Classic Car Boy
Classic Car Boy 2 yıl önce
Love your jokes 🤣
Alexander King
Alexander King 2 yıl önce
Lol memories. My transmission bracket had broken bolts too
Scan_Dol YT
Scan_Dol YT 2 yıl önce
nope deleted
nope deleted 2 yıl önce
You look like pewdiepie
Killua Zoldyck
Killua Zoldyck 2 yıl önce
5:09 O.o
Arietap 9
Arietap 9 2 yıl önce
Mark that driveshaft before removing, other than that good job.
makoshark40 2 yıl önce
Why do so little people clean up areas they work on? Its great as making more life span and seeing if leaks persist also like just makes it look nice i would have cleaned and rattle canned the drive shaft black just so it looked good but i might just be wierd lol
Chase Daignault
Chase Daignault 2 yıl önce
when you said i wasn't sure if i put this much loctite on for a joke or if im legitimately losing my mind i lost my shit
P-stone89 2 yıl önce
Episode 1.) wow cool this looks like fun Episode 2.) Alright I could do most of that stuff, learned a few things. Maybe I’ll pick up some new tools. Episode 3.) remove the what now from the whoseit to access the torque arm holding bracket using a mallet and make sure it doesn’t fall... Damn learning curve got me.
MRJJJ Entretien
MRJJJ Entretien 2 yıl önce
Wow I can’t believe that the firebird will become a drag car
Jay Bisky
Jay Bisky 2 yıl önce
jb weld that hairline fracture
uberDoward 2 yıl önce
Why didn't you replace the u-joints while you had the transmission out?
Sinjn Tompkins
Sinjn Tompkins 2 yıl önce
More kickass car videos please. Love seeing people working on their cars.
Nayhzo 2 yıl önce
Looks like you don't like safety with your flip flops 😂
Official Sauce
Official Sauce 2 yıl önce
5:14 i dont get the joke Ephesians 6:13 New International Version (NIV) 13 Therefore put on the full armor of God, so that when the day of evil comes, you may be able to stand your ground, and after you have done everything, to stand.
Frontier Trucking Legacy LLC
This gut reminds me of chrisfix
Devin Whitley
Devin Whitley 2 yıl önce
Ephesians 6:13 (ESV) // "Therefore take up the whole armor of God, that you may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand firm."
Fontaine 2 yıl önce
yo i fuckin love this stuff im new to it all so everything is entertaining
David DeMaria
David DeMaria 2 yıl önce
These part cost estimates seem wildly insufficient.
Slinger Marshall
Slinger Marshall 2 yıl önce
11:00 that was great
That Weird Person
That Weird Person 2 yıl önce
Love this series so far, my absolute favorite pastime is working on my cars. From Part 1 to here, my satisfaction rate is very high. The car has come so far with such small replacements and cleaning. 10/10
69 69
69 69 2 yıl önce
Put flowermaster 80 series muffler on it they sounds great
Calypso Noximera
Calypso Noximera 2 yıl önce
Great content! Loved your sense of humour.
HeroinBob 2 yıl önce
lmao @ sweeping under the rug
syed sahil
syed sahil 2 yıl önce
Nice ur showing everything what ur doing no one dose this 👍👍
Q 2 yıl önce
OSHA approved footwear 😂😂😂
Phil kol
Phil kol 2 yıl önce
love the vids on this but flip flops
Megan Elise
Megan Elise 2 yıl önce
I am NOT a car person, but here I am 3 episodes deep for some reason and not sure how I got to this point...but I’m ok with it 😂
E. K. Meador
E. K. Meador 2 yıl önce
"OSHA-approved footwear" my ass
Simulator Gamer
Simulator Gamer 2 yıl önce
Great video! Reminds me of Wheeler Dealers in the good ole days with Edd China.
Mitchell Gouge
Mitchell Gouge 2 yıl önce
14:02 that’s what she said 😂😂😂😂
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