1970s Vespa Scooter, Will it Run after 30 Years ? - Incredible Restoration

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A '1970s Piaggio Vespa Scooter Two Stroke Vintage Italian Vespa' Rescued after Many Years. Will it Run Again or Not ?
Absolutely Yes ! After a Long Hardwork of two Months, we restore this Unique Vespa of 70s. I and my Team did a Lot of hard work on every part of this Vespa to make this Legendary Amazing. I hope, you'll Like the Final Product, we, made.
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6. Denting and Paintwork
7.Headlight Restoration
8.Shock Absorber Restoration
9.Last Episode
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25 Aug 2020




Yük bağlantısı.....


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Henry D Ginn
Henry D Ginn Gün önce
Just feel so good watching you making it look clean
syed hassan
syed hassan Gün önce
syedHahssan hah
jeremy stewert
jeremy stewert 3 gün önce
I really hope you disposed of those floppy discs properly! We have to recycle! Nice ride ride btw!
Rachid Bouzaitoun
Rachid Bouzaitoun 4 gün önce
5:50 There is only one thing that I mis, what was on those floppy discs? 5:50
AmRindeR BrAr
AmRindeR BrAr 9 gün önce
What is the name of alloys???
Amr Mohammad
Amr Mohammad 15 gün önce
Prakash Tiriya
Prakash Tiriya 18 gün önce
Bhaiya ji ap mere bike repair kr skte h.. Ky????
UNKNOWN TECH 19 gün önce
For where we get this vespa parts in pakistan
Medsutra 19 gün önce
Wondering why this is trending
NHAR MOEURN 21 gün önce
It's very amazing ....
Кент Кентов
Кент Кентов 22 gün önce
Кент Кентов
Кент Кентов 22 gün önce
Керхер зачем???
virak panha
virak panha 22 gün önce
Good job
v0iceradi0 22 gün önce
Just wondering.... how do you remember where are those 1,000 little parts goes. You’re memory is very amazing...!!!
Hafis Muhammad
Hafis Muhammad 23 gün önce
Ardianza Ray
Ardianza Ray 23 gün önce
You sale
Uyung Yuliasman
Uyung Yuliasman 23 gün önce
Excellent work 👍👍👍
Fajar Hadi
Fajar Hadi 24 gün önce
Bob Ridge
Bob Ridge 24 gün önce
The video is too zoomy and jumpy, please make more calm videos. And no music. Otherwise good work !
Lynette Kamara-Kelman
Lynette Kamara-Kelman 26 gün önce
It's absolutely beautiful. It's great to see that someone(s) is so passionate on restoring old to new. Great job, hands clapping, cheers! I'm mesmerized by the effort and determination to finish the restoration.
Sahil Salgaonkar
Sahil Salgaonkar 26 gün önce
Dirty finishing. Those rims were just painted after sand blast. Should have covered those patches with putty
Max Mott
Max Mott 27 gün önce
Best video ever seen 👍👍❤️👍👍
Yuvi Karrey
Yuvi Karrey 28 gün önce
Sab like share kro
SUJAL GELOT 28 gün önce
Bro mujhe karvana hai
Mbah Jo mubal Pancal
Mbah Jo mubal Pancal 29 gün önce
Biaya modif malah lebih besar dari harga montornya biasanya
All S W S
All S W S 29 gün önce
Mere paas hai koi le ga to bolo
Ershad Sayyed
Ershad Sayyed 29 gün önce
Where are you guys from ?
Bernard Draux
Bernard Draux Aylar önce
Qu' elle amour de la mécanique bravo champion quel talent 👍 très beau travail ✌️👍🇫🇷
Ramesh P
Ramesh P Aylar önce
Mind blowing work... really great job...icont.. believe... great sir👍👍
parthiban peniel
parthiban peniel Aylar önce
Anu Anjali
Anu Anjali Aylar önce
Wow super good job👏👏👏
r. vinoth
r. vinoth Aylar önce
சூப்பர் bro அருமை
ابو السوك احمد
روعه استمر يا فنان
Yvette Wallace
Yvette Wallace Aylar önce
The sore glue speculatively burn because rocket histochemically tremble notwithstanding a adventurous furniture. cooperative, macho pantry
shadullah shaik
shadullah shaik Aylar önce
Super byto
Jyothish Muhamma
Jyothish Muhamma Aylar önce
Good job
shadullah shaik
shadullah shaik Aylar önce
Iam time bad
shadullah shaik
shadullah shaik Aylar önce
shadullah shaik
shadullah shaik Aylar önce
All sparse available but.no money
shadullah shaik
shadullah shaik Aylar önce
iam so intreast work no mney and ,,
Rakesh m. Kamble
Rakesh m. Kamble Aylar önce
Chetak bajaj
Mayank Modi
Mayank Modi Aylar önce
Nice work
Narciso Santacruz
Narciso Santacruz Aylar önce
Raimundo José Santos
Chow eu sei que deu um trabalhão para fazer essa restauração
Veradona Restoration
Nice work. Thank you for the video :) Radek
Muhamad Aday
Muhamad Aday Aylar önce
KAWAN Channel
KAWAN Channel Aylar önce
I Love You Vespa
Sandeep Boora
Sandeep Boora Aylar önce
Very good work
Rajkumar Ponnada
Rajkumar Ponnada Aylar önce
Fantastic bro 👌👌👌
Rasheed Khan
Rasheed Khan Aylar önce
Good job
raghavan vijay
raghavan vijay Aylar önce
Nice work....
Alfred Rudolf
Alfred Rudolf Aylar önce
Great job.. I'm impressed and want to buy it how much
Salim Sarwar
Salim Sarwar Aylar önce
Its 50yrs old ...
Murugavilas Murugu radha
You are a fentatic mechanic. Very nice work.
Hot Entertainment
Hot Entertainment Aylar önce
We Want Not 714K View's On This Video We Want 714 Millions Views On This Video Common Guy's Share Now. Well Done Young Man Keep It Up.
Hemant Verma
Hemant Verma Aylar önce
Sir mere liye bhi ek aise gaadi taiyaar kar do
Ganapath Ganapathi
Ganapath Ganapathi Aylar önce
Very nice job
Cheong Cheong
Cheong Cheong Aylar önce
This Vespa is so lucky, never thought will be able to be on the road again. Thank you to human.
Pedro antonio Brito rodriguez
Waoo ke beyesa. Estoy biendo la restauracion desde ke comenso. Uste es un jenio waoo
Hikmah Rama
Hikmah Rama Aylar önce
Vijay Charan
Vijay Charan Aylar önce
ryan nelson
ryan nelson Aylar önce
is that cannabis plant
Grammy Bear
Grammy Bear Aylar önce
🐼 Big Bear Hugs from a 67 yr old grandma in Kirby, Texas, USA 🐼...
I want buy this scooter
Anjan Sharma
Anjan Sharma Aylar önce
It is bajaj not vespa
Kaliber Channel Indonesia
I like it good job guys
Shukkur Mash
Shukkur Mash Aylar önce
Where are you from
Ravi Patil
Ravi Patil Aylar önce
👌Best and Great restoration. Really big work.
Dilip Sarkar
Dilip Sarkar Aylar önce
I have used Bajaj and satisfy
Sinan Bakoglu
Sinan Bakoglu Aylar önce
Miguelitocalopescita69 Calopescita
Shivprakash Nirmal
Shivprakash Nirmal Aylar önce
Sujan Baral
Sujan Baral Aylar önce
Can u restore TITANIC ??
Ferdi Jufri
Ferdi Jufri Aylar önce
Abbas Hydari
Abbas Hydari Aylar önce
Michael Aldredge-Greenwell
I would’ve thoroughly totally cleaned & polished everything to look totally brand new
Saad Siddiqui
Saad Siddiqui Aylar önce
Credit goes to WD-40😜😜😜😜
Ravi Patil
Ravi Patil Aylar önce
Sahi hai.
HUSEAN AZEZ Aylar önce
sathiyaseelan r
sathiyaseelan r Aylar önce
Dedicated job and fentastic finishing ! Thanks from Chennai sathiyaseelan r south India !
sathiyaseelan r
sathiyaseelan r Aylar önce
Buietyfull present
fajar nirwana021
fajar nirwana021 Aylar önce
As we know, it's not that much easy, hats off !!
Julio Ramirez
Julio Ramirez Aylar önce
I. Want to buy
Namassivaya Pedapudi
Very good restoration, you are great
Yady vlog channel
Yady vlog channel Aylar önce
Is the best...
Akmal Ma
Akmal Ma Aylar önce
News againt
iank muin Toys
iank muin Toys Aylar önce
Jadi jreeng lagi tu barang
Gautam Kumar
Gautam Kumar Aylar önce
Very nice
Krishna Rao
Krishna Rao Aylar önce
Superman and having will power very great sir
Ajeeshkumar RV
Ajeeshkumar RV Aylar önce
Great Bro...👏👏👏👏
خالد بوهميل
Frankness is an effort worthy of you
Rafael Silverman
Rafael Silverman Aylar önce
В первый раз вижу чтобы техника улыбалась и светилась от счастья))
Malik Mateen
Malik Mateen Aylar önce
راولپندی میں انجن سمعیت نوے پچانوے لگ جاتا ھے۔
Malik Mateen
Malik Mateen Aylar önce
ٹوٹل خرچہ کتنا ایا جی۔
Malik Mateen
Malik Mateen Aylar önce
بہت اچھے جی
jhon taring
jhon taring Aylar önce
You deserve like and a beautifull comment for your hardwork and motivation....will great to see u progress more With regards JOHN TARING☺️
Carla Valenzuela
Carla Valenzuela Aylar önce
Naheed Mutahir
Naheed Mutahir Aylar önce
vijay kumar
vijay kumar Aylar önce
Speach lesssssssss😂😂
Maskur Jkt
Maskur Jkt Aylar önce
Vespa nye mau di jual eggk dan alamat nye dimane
Vespa Scooter
Vespa Scooter Aylar önce
Intresting, I am also doing the same and good work on italian piaggio vespas Restoring.
asma sathar
asma sathar Aylar önce
Forging a KATANA out of Rusted Iron CHAIN
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GAZ 24 Restoration
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