1955 Porsche 550 vs 2002 Porsche 986 `(2002)

Ryszard Kobielusz
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Spyder vs Boxster, 2002 (VHS)



24 Şub 2016




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Laszlo Gaspar
Laszlo Gaspar 2 yıl önce
Love my 02 986S ! I shaved 250lbs and added 20hp. It's the closest thing to a 550 or a 718 RS60!
Sito Sainz
Sito Sainz 6 aylar önce
I never dreamed they were so kick ass. Just bought a 2001 s also. Love it
kooskoos1814 8 aylar önce
@Test Pilot my guess would be exhaust, roof, spare tire and jack, seats... but 250 lbs is A LOT. That thing must be flying !
Test Pilot
Test Pilot Yıl önce
How did you lose the weight? I 2000 S that I want to put on a diet.
Wesley Carusos
Wesley Carusos Yıl önce
I have a 2000 S 6 speed ...I've had it for about 4 months now. The most fun car I've ever owned and I've owned 911s and Ferraris. Mine is silver with black leather
SilentKnight43 4 aylar önce
Love the porsches. As a kid in the late 70s Road & Track magazine always listed the Porsche 930T as the fastest production car 0-60mph at 5.0secs. That was a benchmark that stood for years. Nowadays the Kia StingerGT2 at 365hp will do it in 4.6secs. How times change.
Anthony Alvear
Anthony Alvear 2 yıl önce
Two beautiful cars...i loved it.
brandon bentley
brandon bentley 3 yıl önce
Great ad for great cars. I got a 99 986, just awesome. I've driven on 550A and it was very go kart like. Of course it was worth more then I'll ever make so I couldn't push it hard but it was very light weight and nimble.
Michael Hoile
Michael Hoile 11 aylar önce
@Vladimir Alvarez hi mate. Love the 911 996 in silver , nicest looking porsche of all time. Hired one for my Daughters wedding from a mate , then realised my dream car was the 986 boxster S . Same look half price and drives as good if not better. An affordable dream car that will not disappoint. And yes if you take it to 7000 it will give you butter flys in your stomach. Mine has over 22100 kilometres on the clock all original with hard top. Can't afford to get another one. But I would if I could, I think they will so jump in price , because they are not 911s . People are seeking boxster because they are boxsters ,not because they are cheap 911s.
Vladimir Alvarez
Vladimir Alvarez 3 yıl önce
brandon bentley morning brotha Brandon ...man yesterday I had the thrill of punching it on my boxter and it was such a great feeling ,I’m trying to upload my first TRvid vid but forgot my password..haha...for the google accnt ...anyways when I do I’ll let ya knkw ..it’s a tribute to the carrera panamericana..and I also added my Porsche on the vid ....thanks for uplifting my spirit a while back and how much joy my Porsche brings ...I own a Jeep Wrangler that I like to take to the desert but Porsche was my first car ...also trying to get that same book your read...did you ever watched the panamericana vid? It’s on my TRvid favs ..check it you’ll dig brother ...greetings from Souther california
brandon bentley
brandon bentley 3 yıl önce
Vladimir Marley I just got reading a great book, Porsche, Cars with Soul. Great minute to minute of Porsche first through modern races, great read! Including Mille Mille and Pan-American races from early on. 550s were incredible!
Vladimir Alvarez
Vladimir Alvarez 3 yıl önce
brandon bentley check out “ panamericana 1950” brother you’ll love it ..nostalgic Mexican race ...Don’t know what you think but someone should make a movie about the carrera....
Vladimir Alvarez
Vladimir Alvarez 3 yıl önce
brandon bentley likewise !!! I’m a big fan of old races like ..Mille miglia ..but my all time fav was the “ carrera panamericana “ Hans Herrmann drove the 550 spyder in 54’ Jaroslav-Juhan also was there and they took I believe 🤔🤔🤔 4th place?
brandon bentley
brandon bentley 3 yıl önce
Awesome man, don't be afraid to rev the old girl out now and then, they are engineered to be drivers cars. I always wanted to check out southern california, birthplace of so many motorsports. You gotta come to Watkins Glen, so add that to your bucket list. Glad to hear you are getting to know what a Boxster can do and is happy with doing. Peace brother!
Matt Buckley
Matt Buckley Yıl önce
Such a true sentiment and insight into the thoroughbred 986 ....and having a Silver one myself, I know this for a fact, hehehe
Boa G
Boa G 6 aylar önce
@Wild West Me2!!
Wild West
Wild West 8 aylar önce
Ditto, got a silver 986 myself! 😊
Jet Yıl önce
Porsche is legendary
Wee Jim
Wee Jim 11 aylar önce
Just happened upon this. I love it. My 04 Boxster S is a beauty but I just love the lines of the spyder. 👍👍👍👍👍🇬🇧🇬🇧
astonmartinzz Yıl önce
Love how these ads are in my brain and get unlocked for odd reasons.This one was always a favorite. Porsche making ads is funny. Definitely for Porsche people...who ironically dont need an ad to know to come buy their cars. I loved that realization as a teen. Hope they go back to this style of ad! Looks like 2 people need to work on their accuracy. The like button is more left.....
Patrick Linkous
Patrick Linkous 5 aylar önce
Check out Porsche's advert for the 25th Anniversary Boxster. A very nice little film about a mother and son.
Michael Hoile
Michael Hoile 11 aylar önce
Right with you, I'm taking a mate for a drive Sunday, he saw the car and can't wait for a drive. Porsche legend lives on each day.
David Vitale
David Vitale 3 aylar önce
Just bought a 1999 Boxter. I LOVE that machine!
Raf Strudley
Raf Strudley Yıl önce
Looks like my '03!...Got to go for a drive!
Heidi 11 aylar önce
The bloodline runs deep...Porsche there is no substitute
Phil Prtn
Phil Prtn 4 aylar önce
Less than half the weight? Unfiltered sensations? I know which one I would chose. Any time. And I am a proud Porscher with 911. But 550? Any time. Rain or shine.
patekenny 4 yıl önce
Truly awesome 👍🏻👍🏻
David Viner
David Viner 2 yıl önce
Just about the perfect advert
Rose Franco
Rose Franco Yıl önce
I Will ALWAYS think of James Dean!
Lance Aldrich
Lance Aldrich 4 aylar önce
There is no comparison. That 1955 550 spider is the one to have.
augnkn93043 4 aylar önce
I’ll take the 550. Where can I order one?
English with Mr. Sam
English with Mr. Sam 7 aylar önce
No wonder why this is a favorite car brand of Bill Gates!
Jan Pučálka
Jan Pučálka 9 aylar önce
Tomorrow I wake up my 986S after the winter sleep!
jockellis 8 aylar önce
Why did the 550s have the ignition in the right of the steering wheel while Three Fifty-Sixes, 917s snd 911s have them on the left.
jockellis 3 aylar önce
@Chaos Ensues Exactly!
Chaos Ensues
Chaos Ensues 7 aylar önce
Never noticed that before. The ignition on the left was for LeMans starts where your left hand started the car while your right was shifting into first gear.
Jyoti Narayan prasad
Jyoti Narayan prasad 3 aylar önce
So excellent video
BionicTenshi96 4 yıl önce
Fantastic ad _Holy sh..._ XD
Mark Thorne
Mark Thorne 5 yıl önce
great ad
Michael Robertson
Michael Robertson 9 aylar önce
"The road is black..."
C H 10 aylar önce
No comparison... The Boxster is a POS from start to to finished.
dasboototto 8 aylar önce
I thought he said "huba huba"
ブローグ癒し 2 yıl önce
Andy Kalmanash
Andy Kalmanash 3 aylar önce
So not true. The 550 has soul, the Boxter, the Cayman and the water cooled 911 are all genetic aberations of persons who were not alive when the 550 was born. Give me a 550 and a 914-6 all the time.
manofweed1 4 aylar önce
Are they trying to conflate a 550 Spyder with a Boxster here ? Well it doesn't work !
Amelia Lee
Amelia Lee 4 aylar önce
You can’t compare the two and it’s insulting that Porsche tries
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