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The war's last months were more destructive than trench warfare had been. Germany remained on French soil, believing herself unbeatable. The armistice was the Allies' bid to obtain - on paper - Germany's unconditional surrender. At Versailles she was made to shoulder the blame for the war so she was forced to pay for it. The war, with losses of over 20 million, was later deemed as a senseless waste, but at the time it was seen in positive terms - for defence against aggression and for glory. It curbed militarism, for a while, but was not the war to end all wars. Its terrible message to the century it shaped was that war can fulfil ambitions and that war can work.

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John Smith
John Smith 7 saatler ├Ânce
.This generation had a WWII only 20 years later. If it was not for nukes we would be entering WW-7 by now if we stay with their schedule.
Malamute Aerospace
Malamute Aerospace G├╝n ├Ânce
Well Germany started all this mess so it is only good and responsible for the shedding of innocent blood that they pay for all damages incurred.
Brian Adam
Brian Adam 2 g├╝n ├Ânce
And in the year 2000 + ..we still glorify this senseless slaughter and murder and fail to teach our children the truth..
John Smith
John Smith 7 saatler ├Ânce
Not that long. This generation had a WWII only 20 years later. If it was not for nukes we would be entering WW7 by know if we stay with their schedule.
VincentHua2014 Media Group VGUP
War History Of (1918)
Lance McLaren
Lance McLaren 7 g├╝n ├Ânce
My grandad visited the allied war graves commission in Europe around 2015. while he was there someone was introduced to him and asked where he was from. When he told him this guy asked grandad to wait and brought him our great uncle's dog tag. He had been found that week after almost exactly 100 years. We knew he was wounded at the front line and sent to the rear but then disappeared. They found him in a medical dugout which had been near missed by a shell and buried with the loss of all. Tragic.
Vincent Hammons
Vincent Hammons 7 g├╝n ├Ânce
this was the war that germany did not start and reason world war 2 even came to be they completly ruined germany.
John Smith
John Smith 7 saatler ├Ânce
Germany declared war and attack France first in WW1.
Shubham Mohan
Shubham Mohan 8 g├╝n ├Ânce
Just if the common men had said 'NO' to laying down their lives for someone else..... so many wouldnt have died. If you ask me..the quarter million Austro-hungarians who deserted battle were smartest.
John Smith
John Smith 7 saatler ├Ânce
France only lost 216,000 troops in WW2. The US lost twice as much and lived 4000 miles away from Germany and Germany never attack America once. It was a crazy generation back then.
Simon Gustavsson
Simon Gustavsson 8 g├╝n ├Ânce
The narrator sounds like the narrator from Little britain.
it wasn't Haig, it was the shitbag politicians. Haig was told to win the war for them.
I trigger Liberal SJWS
I trigger Liberal SJWS 9 g├╝n ├Ânce
the thumbnail is terrifying
andrew edge
andrew edge 11 g├╝n ├Ânce
The Americans came in at the last minute and as always claim they won the war. Typical.
John Smith
John Smith 7 saatler ├Ânce
I'm American and and do not know people who think we won ww1. Even in ww2 most know Russia did 80% of the fighting in Europe. Japan however was all US. That's why Japan was not divided after the war like Germany and nobody disputed that .
Almighty 5
Almighty 5 16 g├╝n ├Ânce
By far the greatest WW1 documentary series IÔÇÖve watched the narrator, music, videos all amazing well done.
popi 20 g├╝n ├Ânce
Hanya sekedara meminta satu atas Yogyakarta di bawah
popi 20 g├╝n ├Ânce
Pertanyaannya siapa yg membangun antkatan perang
popi 20 g├╝n ├Ânce
Seperti eropa selalu dilanda perang
Charles G Studios
Charles G Studios 23 g├╝n ├Ânce
This Cool
P 28 g├╝n ├Ânce
Old men trying to organise an army terrible waste of life
H├ąkan Bergvall
H├ąkan Bergvall Aylar ├Ânce
Liberals are the cause of most the worlds problems since 1900. Their denial of reality and naive misconceptions that "all men are equal" "democracy for all" and such childishness have made a mess of the world.
Kistler Clipz
Kistler Clipz Aylar ├Ânce
The sound is so quiet and the ads are so loud
Mark Cooper
Mark Cooper Aylar ├Ânce
It never ceases to amaze me that the Germans always believed that might is right and invading other countries and mistreating civilians was perfectly acceptable. Although it would have been difficult politically, Germany should have been totally invaded.
herrcobblermachen 16 g├╝n ├Ânce
The battles back and forth, particularly between France and Germany going back centuries follows the usual bells of prestige, revenge (dignity? justice?), and resources. How many times has Alsace traded hands and why? Some mindsets that caused the great war are decadent and seem laughable today. Many mindsets are still here with us, and I imagine always will be. Great nations that rise even greater have always subscribed to "might is right" because when diplomacy fails (or isn't exhausted properly) it always comes down to fists. When that kind of power is brought to bear by whomever, it is never surgical enough (deliberately or happenstance) to protect those who simply want to live their life as they always have.
David Harris
David Harris Aylar ├Ânce
daniel clermont
daniel clermont Aylar ├Ânce
Marvelous memorial for those who were involved and gave their lives.Thankyou.
Ron V
Ron V Aylar ├Ânce
After first world War the Pandemic Kickstart killed million lives
Dougie Aylar ├Ânce
Good to see the generals finally modernising their battle strategies by combing the use of tanks and aircraft with the infantry which clearly worked as it was gaining them victory after victory leading to the events which ended the war. The old strategy of just sending thousands upon thousands of soldiers to their imminent deaths by having them rush the German trenches in the vain hope the sheer weight of numbers would win them the battles clearly didn't work and never would. Ultimately it gained them absolutely nothing leading to the continuation of stalemate and a welter of slaughter which left the allied armies weaker in relation to the Germans before the battles! The losses were so great men of fifty had to be called up because of the manpower shortage! No wonder Field Marshal Douglas Haig was nicknamed "Butcher Haig". As one historian put it: "Haig was a man of supreme egoism and utter lack of scruple (a psychopath), who, to his overweening ambition, sacrificed hundreds of thousands of men. A man who gained his ends by trickery of a kind that was not merely immoral but criminal."
Lari M
Lari M Aylar ├Ânce
Meanwhile in America they still discriminated against those that didn't look like them.... was EVERYBODY really free???
Christopher Phillips
Christopher Phillips Aylar ├Ânce
World War One was the beginning of the end of Western European civilization. Its long-term future is now black and Muslim.
inconsistent Aylar ├Ânce
And where will the whites go?
M A Aylar ├Ânce
what fool would have any of this?
William Beuttel
William Beuttel Aylar ├Ânce
What a waste of men
Eduardo Cruz L├│pez
Great series, definitely WWI was one of the most defining moments in history, and even though it was a nessesary moment of transition from the age of empires to the age of nations, we need to honor all those people who died no matter which were his nationality, cause they died so today we can live in peace ÔÇŽ. Long live to all soldiers of WWI
Eduardo Cruz L├│pez
@Ready For Anything. even thoughÔÇŽ
WiseoldMan Aylar ├Ânce
And what was it all for? And we as humans are fools.
RiteMo LawBks
RiteMo LawBks Aylar ├Ânce
Whenever "Final Months Of World War One" is the title, that's codeword for the American side of the story.
xavi sanchez
xavi sanchez Aylar ├Ânce
Then wilson was truly blinded,if he really believed in freedom for all nations,how come didnÔÇÖt thrown away leopolds regime? Or the spaniards in Catalonia? Or the french in Occitania,Corse,Basque Country, etc? Hipocresy at its best like the league of nations, a joke of childlish army lovers.
Catherine Poteat
Catherine Poteat Aylar ├Ânce
It's so sad that so many people died in such a useless war. It makes me so angry to think about the injustice that happened to Germany, especially after Wilson seemed to be so just for them. It makes me mad that they are pinned for the blame of all the war, all the reparations, that they were excluded from the Peace talks, everything. And I'm American!
Gregg Robinson
Gregg Robinson Aylar ├Ânce
Militarily, WWI accomplished barely anything at all, which is shocking given the number of deaths and casualties. And yet it totally changed the world and the people in it, and we would never again know that kind of sunny optimism and confidence we had before the war.
Master Yeet
Master Yeet Aylar ├Ânce
My great uncle, Corporal Edward Taylor; died 9th November 1918 at just 23, he is remembered at Niederzwehren Cemetary in Kassel, Germany
Julio Martinho
Julio Martinho Aylar ├Ânce
My two great granduncles died at Somme....my great grandfather survive to tell the history of Portugal darkest day during the first ww! May they reast in peace!!!
Gus Jackson
Gus Jackson Aylar ├Ânce
Over a century of symbolism and ceremonies, wreaths and speeches, salutes and silences cannot back 1 single solitary life lost.
celticlofts Aylar ├Ânce
I was going through some of my parents personal belongings and found a little box which contained a wrist watch and a little note explaining that it was worn by my grandfather during World War One. What a little treasure to find. I sat there for an hour just trying to imagine what that little watch had witnessed. Up to that point I didn't know much about my grandfather (On my mothers side) and was very surprised to learn that he fought in the Great War. He was born In Dublin in 1889 and went into the King's service in 1914 at the age of 25. After the war he returned to Dublin and married my grandmother Mary Doyle. They had five children, my mother being the youngest. I remember seeing him when I was a child but the only vivid memory of him that I can recall is of him sitting up in a bed in striped pajamas - he look old and frail. He died in or around 1965. Sadly that's all I know about him as my mother never really talked about her family. Pity..
Daniel Green
Daniel Green Aylar ├Ânce
Probably one of the Greatest Crimes or Mistakes!! Was making Germany foot the Bill for WW1 when it was the Serbs and Austrians who really started it! Hindsight is a wonderful thing but no one side was realy on the moral High ground on it
Moses Manaka
Moses Manaka Aylar ├Ânce
Poor young ignorant and naive kids fighting the war the Globalist Elites started and funded. And while the Globalist Elites became more wealthier and powerful because of the poor's efforts, the poor young kids were killed or maimed and scarred for life. At least they were rewarded with useless medals.
Michel Folco
Michel Folco Aylar ├Ânce
You can tell when the voice actors are reading German quotes, they make them sound stupid.
Matthew Everett
Matthew Everett 2 aylar ├Ânce
The Versaille Treaty was a bertrayal of all that the democracies stood for. Russia was the first to mobilize, and it was Russia who should have been held responsible. The French had bred the destruction of Europe in the Second WW, and all its horrors.
Sailor Jerry Swallow
Sailor Jerry Swallow 2 aylar ├Ânce
a ceasefire is not a surrender..
W. Allen Caddell
W. Allen Caddell 2 aylar ├Ânce
It's amazing how some of us are even here in 2021. Because just one of our great great grandparents dies, we don't get born. We really are so random
Zimba Zumba
Zimba Zumba 2 aylar ├Ânce
The horrors and loss of life suffered by a whole generation of young men is an atrocity. Yet we still do the same to our young men.
Zimba Zumba
Zimba Zumba 2 aylar ├Ânce
@Chris Merkel I noted the same statement. It is one of the most profound things I have heard in a while. Losing a war is awful, yet winning a war can be worse. It condemns the next generation to fight one.
Chris Merkel
Chris Merkel 2 aylar ├Ânce
We have learned nothing the statement near the end says it all. "It wasn't the war to end all wars, not just because it left dangerous lose ends but it bequeathed the world a terrible message, that war can effect change, that war can fulfill ambitions, that war can work."
billybhoy32 2 aylar ├Ânce
A big massive slaughter of the poorest in society. Hat shops must have been booming in those days.
mark david
mark david 2 aylar ├Ânce
Mark Edwards
Mark Edwards 2 aylar ├Ânce
My Granpa fought in The Great War. He never told his story, so I will now. At the tender age of 16 he (illegally) signed up with The Manchester Boys. He was not alone. He heeded the great call that "Your Country Needs You." As did most of the men and boys of the community he grew up with, from school friends, to greengrocer, to butcher, to policeman. In 1917 Grandpa returned from the war. And never spoke of it again, even to his wife and children the subject was tabboo. He married my grandmother in the 1930's and my mum was born in 1940. Grandpa passed away in 1971. A few years ago, I went to The Somme with my mum. She was in the last few years of her life, and she wanted to know what had happened to her dad before she too went away. The toll of death was so vast that it took some effort to track down the story of my Granpa's Manchester regiment. The regiment of 900 men, all from the same Manchester community were ordered to "go over the top" one winter morning, just before dawn. 900 men went over the top and charged the German lines that morning. Less than an hour later 132 returned. My Grandpa being one of the "lucky" ones. But almost everyone he knew, had grown up with, had shared community with, was dead. He had just turned 17. The effect on him was so catastrophic, that he could not bring himself to speak of it for the next 55 years. He kept his medal secreted away in the back of a drawer. It had a profound effect on me as well. My very existence is possible because of a roll of six on that morning. How many me's of today are not here because their ancestor rolled a five or under ? What this documentary does not mention, is that the joy amongst the survivors is that this was the war to end all wars. I believe that so many put their lives on the line, because it meant no-one would have to again. That is the saddest part for me. So many sacrifices were meaningless. Futile. Lest We Forget, has indeed, been forgotten. So, for the sake of my dear gentle Grandpa. I will not forget. But I must forgive.
Dzonny Blue
Dzonny Blue 2 aylar ├Ânce
ww1 is one of the most boring and useless wars in history !
David Nguyen
David Nguyen 2 aylar ├Ânce
The ending is a lie, Germany paid enormous amounts or money to france
Cat Daddy
Cat Daddy 2 aylar ├Ânce
This is about the time my grandfather got into it. This was just a feud between Queen VictoriaÔÇÖs grandchildren.
Georges Michel
Georges Michel 2 aylar ├Ânce
A decision victory, not a ko one, like in 1945.
OneHairyGuy 2 aylar ├Ânce
29:10, President Woodrow Wilson doesn't look too Presidential in this news reel. The man next to him looks as if he more nervous being on camera than meeting the President of the United States. Does anyone know who that man is ?? BTW, EXCELLENT series of history !! I wish I had this stuff when I was a kid, 500 years ago.
Rob Jay
Rob Jay 2 aylar ├Ânce
I think of all these lost souls, entire families gone, for what? Now we are in another terrible conflict rent asunder by viral disease and the tyranny of politicians. Is this our legacy, endless war? We are indeed Thought Criminals as depicted in Orwell's "1984"
Craig John
Craig John 2 aylar ├Ânce
Allies should of kept going and demolished germany to a point it would never recover,suffice to say there would of been no ww2.as for the kaiser,he should of spent the rest of his days in a cell.the allies really made a grave error for not smashing Germany once and for all.
Eggbut Nobacon
Eggbut Nobacon 2 aylar ├Ânce
Unfortunately, just 20 years later, the Germans did what they do best. They make cars and they invaded their neighbours again. It's only a matter of time before they do the same thing again. If they're not invading people they get bored.
Mark Singer
Mark Singer 2 aylar ├Ânce
For discussion..Germany sent Lenin on a train back to Russia with the promise that he would take Russia out of the war if he took control which he did...The Flu factor in ending the war...General Pershing said go all the way to Berlin...In WW2 Eisenhower said Germany must be totally defeated or repeat the war again later...
Joseph 2 aylar ├Ânce
On the 4 of August 1914 Germany declared war on France. At that time the Germans had an army more than twice the size in men and armaments than both the French and British armies put together. In order to avoid the French fortifications along the French-German border, the Germans ignored BelgiumÔÇÖs neutrality and invaded Belgium in order to attack the French Army from the north. Belgium's ports were then closed to the British. German control of Belgium and her ports was seen as a very serious threat to Great Britain as Britain knew that their little island would be next. Please don't ever forget, that It was not until after GermanyÔÇÖs declaration of war on France that Great Britain declared war on Germany. Was any one else to blame for the first world war? I think not.
Felipe Cortez
Felipe Cortez 2 aylar ├Ânce
What a horrible aftermath, and then the influenza epidemic swept the world adding even more death and misery
Mike Bellis
Mike Bellis 2 aylar ├Ânce
War is primarily about money. I wonder who, apart from America as a country, benefitted.
Dave 2 aylar ├Ânce
Ah Woodrow Wilson, Americas first, self proclaimed, "progressive". Played klan endorsed movies in the white house for his like minded guests, green lighted the parasitic Federal Reserve System, and orchestrated the framework for the failed globalist league of nations. As if that wasn't enough he endorsed and helped author the "peace treaty" that would ultimately plunge the world into further chaos through the bloody Bolshevik revolution and even more bloody 2nd world war. Now that's what I call "progress". Progressivism sewing the seeds of disaster since 1900, over 100 million served.
Ameer Taimoor
Ameer Taimoor 2 aylar ├Ânce
My great grand pa Indian officer .. voiceroye commissioned officer I.o long roll no 1001 DoSolah N.E 3/14 Punjabi Regment Subedar Malik Muhammad Khan was participated in W.W.1 with his other relatives adn friends he was only son of his parents but he went into war for fighting from Britians against Germany Mr Lord Alexander Wavel was his company commander .. My great grand pa was leading an advance party . He shows his extremely bravery many times during the war .
Ameer Taimoor
Ameer Taimoor 2 aylar ├Ânce
The wars documentaries..writes or films about old wars topics are interesting to me as I have a military family background n as belong from a warriors tribe they have 1500yrs history of there bettles but it's so nostalgic sad memorial n painful heart pinching to me also.. because these things describes us whats the tragedies n sad n sorrows have a war with n behind it's. When two elephants or doing fighting or playing loves destroy the gross n little plants of fields .. same the big powers n few leaders of countries start the wars for satisfaction of their emotions but destroy innocent n common peoples child's n women n poor countries.
Chris Richards
Chris Richards 2 aylar ├Ânce
My great uncle was killed near Ypres on the 29th of September 1918..two months before armistice. He was a royal inniskilling fusilier and was only 19. His death is commemorated at Tyne cot War grave memorial near paschendale. Thankyou for your service Charlie
Chris Richards
Chris Richards 2 aylar ├Ânce
@Richard Bwanika much respect to your great uncle for doing those things :)
Richard Bwanika
Richard Bwanika 2 aylar ├Ânce
@Chris Richards I forgot to mention... I too did have a great uncle on my mom's side who during WW2 fought for Britain in the King's African Rifles, as the Ugandan regiments were referred to then in WW1 and WW2. Although they mainly served as kitchen boys, and only got called upon when the ranks got depleted. He served in 2 countries; Algeria when Rommel was untouchable, and in France towards the end of the war where he intermingled with African soldiers from the Congo fighting for France. Most African soldiers fought for the European countries that colonized them or were under their protectorate as Uganda was with Britain.
Richard Bwanika
Richard Bwanika 2 aylar ├Ânce
@Chris Richards The pleasure is mine Chris! And thank you for sharing him with the rest of us who hold these great people in high esteem, and again for keeping his memory alive coz that way he lives on still. He is lucky to have a relative like you. Cheers and God bless.
Chris Richards
Chris Richards 2 aylar ├Ânce
He survived for over a year over there just to be killed right near the end. Such a shame RiP to all those who served in such a pointless war
Chris Richards
Chris Richards 2 aylar ├Ânce
@Richard Bwanika I did thankyou for correcting me :)
Bobby Moore
Bobby Moore 2 aylar ├Ânce
My Great-Great Grandfather in the male line, James Talbot Craig, was born 6th December 1891 and fought in the First World War and survived uninjured. He later died on 20th March 1941 in Rainham, Essex during an air raid on duty at the age of 49. Bombed by the Luftwaffe on Hermann G├ÂringÔÇÖs orders.
Peter Lillywhite-Robinson
Peter Lillywhite-Robinson 2 aylar ├Ânce
Aussie Aussie Aussie
Ruadhagain AÔÇÖG├áidheal
My grandmotherÔÇÖs youngest brother, Percy, joined the army in 1914. He was killed in action on November 9th 1918. The family were not informed of his death for several weeks. As the war was over , they expected him home at any time, but all they got was a black bordered telegram. Her father and both elder brothers had already been lost on the Lusitania. They were now a family of eleven women with no men left alive.
Peter Demkiw
Peter Demkiw 9 g├╝n ├Ânce
My great uncle, Percy Reedman, was killed at the first battle of Ypres, 11th November 1914, he was 23, he had left England just 6 weeks before, he is remembered on the Menin Gate, his body was never recovered. At the going down of the sun, we will remember them.
Dennis Maestas
Dennis Maestas 3 aylar ├Ânce
I couldnÔÇÖt imagine KNOWING the war was over, peace talks happening as youÔÇÖre fighting, and watching people you know and love die all around you
Kane Garvey
Kane Garvey 3 aylar ├Ânce
All those young men in the thumbnail look so dead in the eyes. Can only imagine what theyÔÇÖve seen.
TheMrPhiladelphia 3 aylar ├Ânce
I still play Battlefield 1 because itÔÇÖs some what like WW1.. Viva LaFrance ! Always support the French because they helped Americans in our revolt for Independence. Love the French !
Louis Marucci
Louis Marucci 2 aylar ├Ânce
Playing a game is nothing like a war.
alan john
alan john 3 aylar ├Ânce
ARIXANDRE 3 aylar ├Ânce
24:18 It's amazing to hear that Family Guy's Cleveland fought in the War.
Deog Lemnaco
Deog Lemnaco 3 aylar ├Ânce
My dad was in WW3, and he died on 2026:07:30.
Hasan Malik
Hasan Malik 3 aylar ├Ânce
Waiting for world war 3 ÔŁĄ´ŞĆÔŁĄ´ŞĆ As you can already see , international lobbies have been made.
Big Hoss
Big Hoss 3 aylar ├Ânce
I don't know I think Germany may have won WWI but they definitely lost WWII. Germany should get a rubber match to see if they can redeem themselves.
Big Hoss
Big Hoss 3 aylar ├Ânce
Those fake American accents are hilarious.­čśé
Benny The RolliNstOner
Benny The RolliNstOner 3 aylar ├Ânce
My great grandpa fought in this war I have his name r.i.p Benjamin grinnewald!!!
Dre Kusarii
Dre Kusarii 3 aylar ├Ânce
10 out of 10 documentary. the film, audio, narrator, Music, everything was excellent.
Almighty 5
Almighty 5 16 g├╝n ├Ânce
Agreed the narrator was amazing
Nic ,
Nic , 3 aylar ├Ânce
How many Native Americans fought in WW1
Charlotte Campbell
Charlotte Campbell 3 aylar ├Ânce
The haunting, melancholy poem, "In Flander's Fields," written by Canadian physician/soldier, John McCrae, died in this war. It is beautifully read by the late singer, Leonard Cohen (available on TRvid).
David Rowell
David Rowell 4 g├╝n ├Ânce
@John Healy nm
John Healy
John Healy 14 g├╝n ├Ânce
@Tourist1967 I paid a visit to his grave a few years ago There is a grave in that cemetery where a British soldier and a German soldier were so entangled in death , they were buried in the same grave
Tourist1967 2 aylar ├Ânce
Lt Col McCrae died of pneumonia in January, 1918.
Gerald Josserand
Gerald Josserand 3 aylar ├Ânce
I was in the Vietnam war and the wars are waste of time why cuz it always ended up treaties anyway why don't the leaders who have all this dispute work out their dispute so many people will not die in a war am I famous quote who is always right in a war the one that wins
Franco Barrera
Franco Barrera 3 aylar ├Ânce
I've watched just about every doc on WWII, this should be interesting!
Probably wrong
Probably wrong 3 aylar ├Ânce
Sad the guys In the thumbnail look like my little brother and his friends. Literally just kids.
stephen haywood
stephen haywood 3 aylar ├Ânce
Steve Roth
Steve Roth 3 aylar ├Ânce
is that not a young Barbara Streisand at 15:19?
Trever Foreman
Trever Foreman 4 aylar ├Ânce
The thirsty salmon renomegaly shiver because galley natively sail sans a third shadow. massive, nauseating cauliflower
davidmellott50 4 aylar ├Ânce
British, verbal self-praise, ignoring the monumental fighting and winning of her allies, always shoved aside and ignored in their self-importance.
Roses & Prog
Roses & Prog 3 aylar ├Ânce
Of course, extremely annoying but this one is far from being the worst, some you just can't watch.
Oscar Pati├▒o
Oscar Pati├▒o 4 aylar ├Ânce
I love watching these , I love history !
Simon Gleaden
Simon Gleaden 4 aylar ├Ânce
A very good documentary, slightly marred, at least in this TRvid version, by the background music being too loud. I saw this series on television and I don't remember that being a problem, so it must be something to do with how it has been uploaded.
crespo y
crespo y 4 aylar ├Ânce
Me gusta esto reportaje de la guerra ,
Tobin.a.k.a Tarkz
Tobin.a.k.a Tarkz 4 aylar ├Ânce
ended 11.11.11 talk about coincidence?!!!!!!!
Tobias Drew
Tobias Drew 4 aylar ├Ânce
Those who start wars, never fight in them.
Tobias Drew
Tobias Drew 4 aylar ├Ânce
All these young guys were nothing more than cannon fodder. The so-called 'generals' hadn't a clue about strategy - 'up and at em' was the shout! Up and at em...and DIE!
Rod Buchan
Rod Buchan 4 aylar ├Ânce
The world showed Germany clemency. They returned the gesture with thankless arrogance.
Mike Bellis
Mike Bellis 2 aylar ├Ânce
Jason Frazier
Jason Frazier 4 aylar ├Ânce
It was a good thing we Americans came over to save y'all.(kidding)
Roses & Prog
Roses & Prog 3 aylar ├Ânce
@stephen haywood The Americans waited until the Germans were almost veaten before coming in, just like they did in WW2 on D-Day. The only reason the US came in is because it had lent insane amounts of money to France and Britain, if they had lost the money would have been lost. During that time thanks to Churchill's food blockade over a million German civilians starved to deah and the Americans brought the Spanish flu to Europe, in a few months it killed more soldiers than the whole war before. Germany did not lose that war, it simply proposed to put an end to it, they were told: good idea, go home. Unfortunately, once disarmed theallies had changed their minds, Germany lost that war in the backroomes at the Palais de Versailles. How they were double crossed is a sed but fascinating story.
stephen haywood
stephen haywood 3 aylar ├Ânce
A desperate situation heaven knows but thanks for ourAmerican comrades . Not fair to say late as usual. If you had to send millions of your young men thousands of miles to fight and die in a war that wasnÔÇÖt perceived as yours how popular do you think that decision would be. They did come and without them what would have been the final outcome? All war is obscenity but itÔÇÖs the human condition.
Simon Gleaden
Simon Gleaden 4 aylar ├Ânce
But America did save us. Without the "dough boys" the war could still have been won by Germany.
Terry Holloway
Terry Holloway 4 aylar ├Ânce
Late as usual and could see a good profit in it.
Claudiu 4 aylar ├Ânce
"They produced only 20 tanks" Battlefield 1: I pretend I didn't see that
Cyber Jummy
Cyber Jummy Aylar ├Ânce
They liked stealing them more. Plus, I think it was more like 22
well as an expert I'd say
well as an expert I'd say 3 aylar ├Ânce
@Nash Landon You couldn't suck at scamming any worse bud. Take your alt account and off with ya
Philip Taylor
Philip Taylor 3 aylar ├Ânce
@Nash Landon Instablaster =)
Nash Landon
Nash Landon 3 aylar ├Ânce
Sorry to be so offtopic but does someone know of a method to log back into an Instagram account?? I was stupid forgot the account password. I would appreciate any tips you can offer me.
TheMrPhiladelphia 3 aylar ├Ânce
Called tanks ÔÇŽ because they hide them and told the regular boot ÔÇť they were water tank ÔÇť ­čĹŹ
mark krawczuk
mark krawczuk 4 aylar ├Ânce
the weird thing is , and its fact , most of them who went over the top knew they where GOIN TO DIE. they where goin over the top not to kill the enemy , but to see how far they could get the flags at the end of the attacking lines....
Merlin 2010
Merlin 2010 4 aylar ├Ânce
The tragedy of this is that many including Marshall Foch and General Pershing said at the time that unless the German army was pushed all the way back to Berlin and brought to its knees agreeing to a total surrender they would never accept they were defeated in this horrific bloodbath of a conflict and that the whole thing would be played out again in 20 years time.The Versaille Treaty and punitive measures allowed a disgruntled corporal to seize control of Germany and indeed their prediction came to pass.
Mark Cooper
Mark Cooper 2 aylar ├Ânce
@Mark Baker It was the plan of Germany to use Mexican troops to invade USA. You saw what the Germans did to Belgium and France, what do you think that they would have done to the US?
Mark Baker
Mark Baker 2 aylar ├Ânce
If America wouldnÔÇÖt have gotten into the war. The French English and German would never had ww2. They would all ran out surplusÔÇÖs and gotten back home no one the winner
Jeff Smith
Jeff Smith 2 aylar ├Ânce
The tragedy was that Germany was not totally destroyed...
Paul Farrehi
Paul Farrehi 2 aylar ├Ânce
IÔÇÖm sorry your great grandfather died so close to the rnd of the war. His honorable recognition is awesome. Is he at Arlington? Frsnce? Or ehere is he interred?
Paul Farrehi
Paul Farrehi 2 aylar ├Ânce
The Germans werenÔÇÖt defeated were they. There wasnÔÇÖt even a battle not one on or in German territory let alone lost. They agreed to an armistice not an unconditional surrender. The treaty of versaille was sfter hostilities ended eith the armistice
Random Electronic 2.0
Random Electronic 2.0 4 aylar ├Ânce
ÔÇťWe protected our homeland. They never got into Germany.ÔÇŁ 16 years laterÔÇŽ
Richard Armstrong
Richard Armstrong 2 aylar ├Ânce
@Random Electronic 2.0 are you ok?? It's 26 and a bit years!!
Random Electronic 2.0
Random Electronic 2.0 2 aylar ├Ânce
@Richard ArmstrongWell ok fair enough. ItÔÇÖs Nov of ÔÇś18 to April of ÔÇś45 so thatÔÇÖs more like 16 and a half.
Richard Armstrong
Richard Armstrong 2 aylar ├Ânce
@Random Electronic 2.0 Yes in 1945, which isn't 16 years after 1918 is it?
Random Electronic 2.0
Random Electronic 2.0 2 aylar ├Ânce
@Richard Armstrong Fall of Berlin
Richard Armstrong
Richard Armstrong 2 aylar ├Ânce
@Random Electronic 2.0 16 years?? Eh?
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