1891 German ''Weltrekord'' Ratchet Screwdriver - Restoration

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It was around three months ago when I visited my friend that works at the steel waste. He made an amazing found. He found multible items that were in a very rough condition. They almost had some kind of concrete on them and a lot of heavy rust. This little screwdriver got my attention right away. It was not clearly visible what the function of it was, but I remember that I thought it might be some kind of ratchet mechanism. At home I posted a few pics of it in my Instagram story. It didn't took long for @hand tool rescue to reply, as he has the same screwdriver, just a slightly modern version of it, but similar mechanism. After some research I found some more pics and videos online. The brand is „Weltrekord“ made in Germany and it's called „Hebelschraubenzieher“ which meas „lever scredriver“. The model I found was the first ever designed one from 1891. Weltrekord later made some small changes on the design. Newer ones have a small collet to clamp the insert bits and even newer ones came with plastic handles instead of wood.
At first I thought this will be a quick straight forward restoration project. It turned out to be a very tricky one. The most difficult part was definitely the disassembly, it took me three full days to get it in pieces. Heavy rust has done so much damage to all of the parts. Unfortunately the handle cracked when I removed it. I tried to restore it, but it became a huge mess and I decided to make a new one to have a nice and clean look. There's a 40 minutes version of this video on my Patreon page where I show how I tried to repair the handle. I had to weld up material on a lot of parts and machined and sanded it clean afterwards. That all worked perfectly fine. Some parts have still very slight pitting but overall it turned out very well. For the finish on the steel parts I decided to try nickel plating for the first time and it worked fantastic. I went with a brushed finish and with the nickel coat the parts turned out amazing. I really like the look of the nickel plated parts with the wooden handle.

I hope you like my work and the video.

Huge thank you to all of my Patreon and PayPal supporters and specially to:

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Time and costs of this restoration:

$5 wood for the handle
$3 spring steel wire
$10 vinegar for nickel solution
I was working on this project for 2 weeks

My camera:
Panasonic HC-V180

If you have any questions about the process, machines i'm using or other stuff, just ask me in the comments. I read them all and i try to reply as soon as possible.

Sorry for my bad english, it's not my language. I try my best to improve my technical english.

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Thank you for watching :-)

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22 Ağu 2020




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satan165 Yıl önce
its been obvious since day 1 you were destined to have 1M subscribers. but this is the first video where i see you truly exploiting that, and really milking so many procedures in a way youve not done in the past. this is a new dawn. i will support you brother in whatever you decide to do. been a patreon for a while, and will continue to be - this is why. this is beautiful, beautiful art and it calms me. you will have more subscribers that you could dream soon. well done.
Francisco Sanchez
Francisco Sanchez 7 gün önce
🙌🙌👆👆💕💕Salutes For Alls, Happy Days, From COLUMBIA.. South American..💙💙🍺🍺🍺
اسامه 8 gün önce
Skyrilla 11 gün önce
Not really a restoration is it, just a remake.. but okay, I appreciate the effort.
Vakil Singh
Vakil Singh 17 gün önce
Chasity Paskel
Chasity Paskel 23 gün önce
Ok ✅ I’ll
Nyxdorf 4 saatler önce
21k viewers disagreed... TRvid is a mad's mad's mad's world.
깜상[GGAM SANG] 5 saatler önce
우아 100년이 넘게도전에 기술이라는게 믿어지지가 않는다
힐러당구TV 6 saatler önce
ramazan ağa Ökten
ramazan ağa Ökten 6 saatler önce
Knaween Rana
Knaween Rana 6 saatler önce
How smart technology German people they have those days!!! That is why they are Developed!!!
wiranda k97
wiranda k97 9 saatler önce
Isi comentar ga ada yang paham gua😀
Pavlos Zimbrakos
Pavlos Zimbrakos 11 saatler önce
Alternate title: using a screwdriver to unscrew the bolts on a screwdriver to restore it to unscrew other bolts with it 😂
Pavlos Zimbrakos
Pavlos Zimbrakos 11 saatler önce
Did anyone else cringe at the beginning when he tried to get that metal piece off it sounded horrible lol
Meka Kani
Meka Kani 11 saatler önce
М даа
widarto dwipakerti
widarto dwipakerti 14 saatler önce
It's very incredible. I love Germany technologi.
Randy Geyer
Randy Geyer 15 saatler önce
I wanna make a metal ball and I wanna make it now! :0
Raju Khadke
Raju Khadke 16 saatler önce
Nice & Clain job. Verigood
Blaze ID
Blaze ID 16 saatler önce
2바이오 18 saatler önce
와저게머 여 녹슬고
Eduardo Viamonte
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El arte de recostruir es una pasión q une a hombres y mujeres un arte tanbien una forma de vida , es pasión q nos unen
Mrwatchdog1000 19 saatler önce
13:15 all that to make a small ball? you wasted so much material
vmaxfodder 22 saatler önce
So that's what's in the Dr.Who's sonic screwdriver?
Jaime Suarez
Jaime Suarez Gün önce
All your videos are good, but this one was very impressive.
ho huuthang
ho huuthang Gün önce
Đỉnh từ cách dựng video luôn anh ơi 🤩🤩
Steve Eric Jordan
in switzerland if son is f-ed up we make new one
Peter Lezin
Peter Lezin Gün önce
excellent work
Andrei Alcoriza
Andrei Alcoriza Gün önce
Imagine in another 20-40 years, our children will be watching this piece again from another channel or from his children getting restored.
АНДРЕЙ Gün önce
Немцы самые умные во всём.
Супер!!! А с пружиной монтаж))
Dr-shady Abu-galala
Ericramone78 Gün önce
Julien Goy
Julien Goy Gün önce
Really amazing work, it's giving old tools a new life. It also preserves these old design that are much stronger than anything made nowadays.
Hero Tios
Hero Tios Gün önce
Terampil, kreatif, alat2nya dan pengerjaannya yg sangat luas biasa.
Lucky CEO of Bad Luck
That's moment when you have to use a screwdriver to help fix a screwdriver
Bae Johns
Bae Johns Gün önce
Wow what a great tool I can’t see why that had to change it and make it out of garbage plastic parts
Bae Johns
Bae Johns Gün önce
Is there anything you can’t restore ?
Insu Kim
Insu Kim Gün önce
100년전에 저걸만들었다니 저시대 독일인에 존경을표한다
Kpvillarreal1985 Gün önce
Absolutely fucking beautiful you are awesome
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Agustin Mexicano 2 gün önce
Eslam Fahmy
Eslam Fahmy 2 gün önce
Number 1 you are
wonju park
wonju park 2 gün önce
와 씨발 미쳤다… 진정한 장인이다..최고
James Holt
James Holt 2 gün önce
He's talented, he did a complete restoration in the same amount of time it took me to take a dump
Pedro Van Hoten
Pedro Van Hoten 2 gün önce
Raj Rajput
Raj Rajput 2 gün önce
Where did you get this
الكاشف 2 gün önce
إبداع في الإصلاح
Marco Montefreddo
Marco Montefreddo 2 gün önce
johannes sapto
johannes sapto 2 gün önce
Good job
Steven D
Steven D 2 gün önce
Hardwares stores are for quitters I just make it myself .
William Trento
William Trento 2 gün önce
Ember Saffron
Ember Saffron 2 gün önce
I gasped at that tool you had for making the round ball. That's such a clever thing i never thought about before
Zombie-Process 2 gün önce
I would LOVE to have a screwdriver like this. (Modern provenance, of course.) Anyone know where you can get one with the fold-out handle? That looks incredibly useful and stable.
Kamal Singh
Kamal Singh 2 gün önce
Amazing ❤
Lava Show
Lava Show 2 gün önce
I bet this dude can even restore my broken hopes and dreams
Дмитрий Ларин
That's really good, in 1891 this screw are good
Mario Drechsler
Mario Drechsler 3 gün önce
Thank you for rescue this awesome tool from the past. Today such useful tools are not available.
Costa Pi
Costa Pi 3 gün önce
You are truly an master artist
Ruslan Isangulov
Ruslan Isangulov 3 gün önce
У нас до сих пор таких отвёрток на работе нет :-)
Daniele Di Felice
Daniele Di Felice 3 gün önce
You made a new spring, but you didin't use it... you bought a new spring for replace the old one
mamfzf 23 saatler önce
He did- the spring looks different because he shaped it more off screen (like sanding the ends flat). You see more of this type of shaping in his Micrometer video
king fateh
king fateh 3 gün önce
Daniel Alban
Daniel Alban 3 gün önce
Que bonita herramienta
KLIK YUSMEDIA 3 gün önce
Keren 👍👍👍
Josh D
Josh D 3 gün önce
The level of technical knowledge and patience required to restore this piece is very impressive.
Bae Johns
Bae Johns Gün önce
100000% agreed
Александр Честер
Swiss quality, great
Khắc Hùng
Khắc Hùng 3 gün önce
Quá tuyệt vời
Art Penjing
Art Penjing 3 gün önce
JD 3 gün önce
Sorry to say but you destroy it.
Alfredo Hidalgo
Alfredo Hidalgo 3 gün önce
si será de los años 1800... solo los dueños lo sabrán
Pollus Emanuel Zhudarak
you need to buy a laser rust remover
Pollus Emanuel Zhudarak
what a wonderful tool
قاسم الناصري
متعه متناهية الجمال وحرف رائعة رغم تكلفتها للوقت الطويل لأنجازها
Edyput 99 chanel
Edyput 99 chanel 4 gün önce
Good job 👍👍
Lirik Lagu
Lirik Lagu 4 gün önce
Mike Z
Mike Z 4 gün önce
Wats crazy is no need for music or flashiness every second is captivating an idk why but was impressed on how he produced the lil metal ball
Lolz 4 gün önce
I have paused the video in the adverts. I have no intention to watch the video. But The Great TRvid Algorithm has been suggesting this video all the time for months, and I want to see it disappear. Go away german weird screwdriver. there.
Viva Lavida
Viva Lavida 4 gün önce
Good job broo
프림 4 gün önce
1891년 ㅎㄷㄷㄷ
Frikinauta 4 gün önce
Increíble restauración. Enhorabuena
Friday Californiaa
Friday Californiaa 4 gün önce
Je suis *vissé* à mon écran ! 😂
EPyK ass
EPyK ass 4 gün önce
This is more of a remake than a restoration. And it would be nice if you told me about the welding scene in advance.
한정하 4 gün önce
Jason Mays
Jason Mays 4 gün önce
One of his relatives will be restoring this same item in 3020
O connor Dowson
O connor Dowson 4 gün önce
Wow what a work
Yes Zam
Yes Zam 4 gün önce
Osea, estaban más avanzados que yo 2021😱
Oso 1977
Oso 1977 4 gün önce
Pretty job , pretty tool 👍
AMIRA DANIEL 4 gün önce
that not a restoration, but build new one..
The Englishman
The Englishman 4 gün önce
Jesus Garcia
Jesus Garcia 4 gün önce
Something very satisfying about watching your video. Thanks 😊
yo Ho
yo Ho 4 gün önce
이걱 1891년ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 역시 기술력 차이
한승혁 4 gün önce
불꽃튀기는거는 모자이크좀해주지? 개념이없는건가?
Juninho bin laden
Juninho bin laden 4 gün önce
Por que não restaurou a madeira?
Евгений Ильмухин
пРАпрадедушка всех нынешних трещоток ! Солидный такой и брутальный ! Настоящий немец !
Miguel Romero Sanz
Miguel Romero Sanz 4 gün önce
This is mesmerizing
Like it's my
Bandar Shaker
Bandar Shaker 5 gün önce
Tools can make thousands. 😂😂😂🛠️⚙️
Jose Rodolfo Aguirre
Que lujo !!!!!! Impresionante restauración 💯💯💯💯💯👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽 saludos desde Argentina 🇦🇷
Matheus Gabriel Paidosz Donner Dias
"I make a new one" Now that's true craftmanship. Good work dude!
Wong Grage
Wong Grage 5 gün önce
indonesia menyapa, nice nice nice
Ab 01 Channel
Ab 01 Channel 5 gün önce
KTM 250XCW 5 gün önce
So satisfying to watch
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initial D 5 gün önce
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Old Soviet motorcycle full Restoration
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