15 Weird Ways To Sneak Food Into Class / School Pranks And Life Hacks

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Making Toys Out Of Candy! 8 DIY Edible Candy Toys: trvid.com/video/video-n5CRrh2cal4.html
Students likes sweets, teachers likes sweets! But lessons are lessons, and class time is not lunch time, is it? What to do if you still want to eat? Watch our new video on how to sneak food into school!
Supplies and tools:
• Milk
• Gelatin
• Vanilla sugar
• Notebook-shaped mold
• Notebook cover
• Hot glue gun
• Sticker
• Plastic spoon
• Utility knife
• Pen
• Licorice candies
• Marker
• Straw
• White-out
• Container from glitter
• Paint primer
• Printed label
• Chocolate raisins
• Oreos
• Tinfoil
• Box from Crayola crayons
• Clean glue tube
• Pliers
• Pringles
• Blender
• M&M’s
• Containers from paint
• Acrylic paint
• Box from a paint set
• Plastic bottle of dishwasher liquid
• Tube from a roll of paper towels
• Pencil case
• Light clay
• Skittles
• French fries
• Candle
• Meller candies
• Tape
• Cardboard tube shaped container
• Picture of bears
• Bottle from clear glue
• Glitter
• Can of Coca-Cola
• Pencils
• Chewing gum
• Rolling pin
• Sprite
• Sugar paper
• Chocolate chips
• Pastry bag
• Food coloring
• Food marker
• Wooden stick
• Wafers
• Edible pearl powder
• Round jars
• Magnets
• Clear nail polish
• Nutella
• Cookies
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11 Jun 2019




Yük bağlantısı.....


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Adria 2629382
Adria 2629382 13 saatler önce
i am a huuuuuuggggggeeeeeeeeeee fan :)
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Your videos The 💣
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I will never like ur Video
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Fisher Yu Team
Fisher Yu Team Aylar önce
Troom Troom you are the best
Chocolate Ferret
Chocolate Ferret Gün önce
"While I'm eating a normal lunch, my friend is eating a notebook." Says casually.
Gabriella Ravitz
Gabriella Ravitz Gün önce
Don't think the Oreo's in the crayon box wasn't the best. the teacher would see them
LIVEplay Panda
LIVEplay Panda 2 gün önce
can someone tell me why they are raising their hands like that 6:18 very confused
Red Floofy
Red Floofy 2 gün önce
Is it weird that I don't find these videos useful, but they're entertaining because the translations are kinda off and the intro's kinda cool?
Theprochampions ROBLOX
I just hide the candy in my desk
Ava A
Ava A 2 gün önce
Pizza pencil case made of pizza
LPSShadowMations YEEET
you guys are tricking kids to bring a knife to school WTFFFF
Aida Smalls
Aida Smalls 3 gün önce
Why do always put that note in the comments troom troom
Alexis Gladfelter
Alexis Gladfelter 4 gün önce
Since when are you allowed to bring a knife to school?!?!? 11:40
The Crazy Canadians
The Crazy Canadians 5 gün önce
How is this ways to sneak food if the teacher finds out, every single time. It's shown in the video
KeyBoard inK
KeyBoard inK 6 gün önce
Khloe Schultz
Khloe Schultz 6 gün önce
Chalkboard? more like SMARTBOARD
Seaweed_Brain 117
Seaweed_Brain 117 6 gün önce
If Mrs Smith is going so fast...how is super strength gonna help you?
fu you dont
fu you dont 6 gün önce
It almost like a story
Lilia Blair
Lilia Blair 8 gün önce
she’s literally the teacher... she should be able to eat whatever she wants in her classroom 😂
Evelyn Fernandez
Evelyn Fernandez 8 gün önce
I hate the techer she eat everything
Isla Hector
Isla Hector 10 gün önce
Ayee_it’s_kayy Kayyy
Umm why would u bring a knife to- u know what nvm
smyra kundra
smyra kundra 11 gün önce
I love your videoes
Mikey N
Mikey N 11 gün önce
Yea, pretty sure that ain't gonna work
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3:58 - 4:23 but... Why?
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Who else thinks these “life hacks” are stupid | | v
lightning strikes
lightning strikes 6 gün önce
There not stupid you are
Char Church
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Boba-Tea Late-ly I know that’s why i put quotation marks
Boba-Tea Late-ly
Boba-Tea Late-ly 9 gün önce
Char Church There not life hacks.
Taylor’s Fabulous Day
I love your videos I have my own TRvid channel 2 if you want if you were saying this comment I would love you to find my TRvid channel and subscribe it’s called Taylor’s fabulous day please do you have a fabulous day
Ishtar Kubiak
Ishtar Kubiak 13 gün önce
Yes, of course sweets are better for your teeth than plastic. It's not as I'd you'll get decay from sweets pftt
Ishtar Kubiak
Ishtar Kubiak 13 gün önce
No one: Troom Troom: TrIm ThE pEnLiD, tAkE oUt ThE iNk
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Mbfc 226 13 gün önce
It's interesting to watch
sarah love
sarah love 15 gün önce
You said you need super strength to keep up but u need super speed
sarah love
sarah love 15 gün önce
eunice wambui
eunice wambui 15 gün önce
I will take some cupcake and hide it
Karrie Gaudette
Karrie Gaudette 16 gün önce
1: 05 who else saw the candy in her glasses!?!?!?
Shyel Robey
Shyel Robey 16 gün önce
I snuck candy in 2grade
BATMAN 17 gün önce
Which country are you?
BATMAN 17 gün önce
I will subscribe your video
BATMAN 17 gün önce
My friends was watching with me
BATMAN 17 gün önce
Hi I am vasudev I am Gr5 I liked the OREAtrick which you hided in the crayon box.If it's make one for me
MTDP UwU 17 gün önce
This is just a way to create more work for yourselves...
Siena St.Hilaire
Siena St.Hilaire 17 gün önce
Kathy Debes
Kathy Debes 17 gün önce
I will do you're pranks but my teacher let's me have candy in class when I'm good and that's almost all the time
Ben Strauss
Ben Strauss 18 gün önce
ill make ice cream
Mariam Mahmoud
Mariam Mahmoud 18 gün önce
i love missmith becuse she is funy
ThePinkFloofBall PinkDiamond
6:18 what are they doing
Maiah and yna Channel
Maiah and yna Channel 19 gün önce
Lunar_DogWolf Eclipse
Lunar_DogWolf Eclipse 19 gün önce
A teacher that eats candy in class?!
That one girl Stephanie
6:14 who raises their hand like that lmao
Sumandevi Bothra
Sumandevi Bothra 20 gün önce
Priscilla Aguilar
Priscilla Aguilar 22 gün önce
Troom troom y'all did an amazing job
Rams Craft
Rams Craft 22 gün önce
Yh we all have hot glue and heated knives
Halo Buddha
Halo Buddha 23 gün önce
I know the best way to sneak food in class just keep it in your backpack with the top open and on the floor
Yonana Studios
Yonana Studios 24 gün önce
bruh who still uses whiteout tf
cham 24 gün önce
My class is very different to the one in the video. In my class there are 24 students. This one has 2.
Jing C
Jing C 24 gün önce
BrUh will the chips lose their flavor? 2:10
Rebeca Reddi
Rebeca Reddi 24 gün önce
Why two children only is in your class
Rim Bel abbes
Rim Bel abbes 24 gün önce
Those hacks are so stupid 😂😂😂😂
Amazing Person
Amazing Person 24 gün önce
Or you could just put candy in a chapstick container
Horseshoe Wagner
Horseshoe Wagner 24 gün önce
at my school you can eat whenever you want
Santana Christie
Santana Christie 24 gün önce
I like troom troom
Sarah Reese
Sarah Reese 25 gün önce
I love these videos 😍😀
Allison Hendrickson
Allison Hendrickson 26 gün önce
Jelisa O
Jelisa O 26 gün önce
Your awesome
BTS_superstarmini {A.R.M.Y}
7:22 do u see illuminati symbol on her palm or is it just me
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