15 Smartphone Gadgets that'll SHOCK you! ⚠️

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15 Smartphone Gadgets for 2021 from Amazon / eBay / Wish.com - each one crazier than the last! Limited Time Offer: Go to Surfshark.deals/boss and enter promo code BOSS for 83% off and 3 months free!

For the full series of Crazy Gadgets: www.youtube.com/watch?v=j1wFs...

Product links:

Modula 5
US: amzn.to/3dDKff6

Volonic Valet 3
Worldwide: bit.ly/3gwG1Ii

Echo Show 10
US: amzn.to/3dHC1m8
UK: amzn.to/2QgPYim

Shark Slider Nano
Worldwide: bit.ly/3dFHH0f

Flexclip Universal Mount
Worldwide: bit.ly/3xb9i17

Prismo Wireless Charger
US: amzn.to/32C0FOX

Ember 2
US: amzn.to/3ni9Gq0
UK: amzn.to/3dElhfz

Worldwide: www.slyk.co.uk/

Helm Bolt
Worldwide: bit.ly/2QnBDAz

100x US: amzn.to/3tGCDhF
250x US: amzn.to/2Pcgysl
100x UK: amzn.to/3ayrg3U
250x UK: amzn.to/3tM489y

Worldwide: bit.ly/3v6U1MT

NexDock Touch
Worldwide: nexdock.com/touch/

Storm 2 Liquid
Worldwide: bit.ly/3tIysC3

Superbase 500
Worldwide: bit.ly/3sFobVT

Droplabs EP-01
US: amzn.to/3gvSBr9

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Mrwhosetheboss 7 aylar önce
I realise I've not been uploading as much recently - I'm putting the things in place so we can make better videos, faster - can't wait to keep improving! 👊 For my full series on smartphone gadgets: trvid.com/video/video-j1wFsMBArR0.html
Jason Ratcliffe
Jason Ratcliffe 14 saatler önce
Cool,that would be amazing for every one.
DaNcelife VarsHa
DaNcelife VarsHa 16 gün önce
Great job Aaran
ashish shrestha1 covers
Visit this link guys😊♥️
Anay Singh
Anay Singh Aylar önce
8:35 umm any flash fans here ?
Rich Chris
Rich Chris Aylar önce
Seriously you're just the best. Can't say less
𝔻𝕆ℙ𝔼 3 saatler önce
U have a lot of money 💰 🤑 💸 but ur only have a iphone 11 pro max or 11 Pro buy a new 12 Pro max or 13 Pro max bro yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy u don't bye a new phone yyyy go and by one bro 12 Pro max or 13 Pro or max
peeKABOO PLAYZ 7 saatler önce
💜Ava Wolfy💜
💜Ava Wolfy💜 9 saatler önce
The that he looked at that guy sent me 4:42💀💀💀
Chris Walts
Chris Walts 12 saatler önce
You're so funny thing is with these things that are supposed to protect you are the same things that are going to destroy you because I got all your information too
Chris Walts
Chris Walts 12 saatler önce
The problem is nobody's going to wake up and realize until two f****** late
Chris Walts
Chris Walts 12 saatler önce
Oh my God Alexis got a f****** camera now so she can see really everything that you're doing people are so stupid and they're putting these things in your houses wow people get a grip on reality here you see what's going on I don't think you do
ELPHIE TOY 16 saatler önce
4:45 The guy:I think I finally understand addiction Random person: *YEET* **throws teabags(I think?)** The guy's mind: *I'm bout to beat someone's a-*
Fred Mac
Fred Mac 17 saatler önce
Does a nexdock touch work with IOS?
BabaMunam Gün önce
Can't forget the last time he used that outro.
Grow My Bitcoin
Grow My Bitcoin Gün önce
We need those power banks in South Africa for load shedding haha!
Stijn Vth
Stijn Vth Gün önce
that mug is so bs. I don't have my coffee sit there for ours. I drink it. Before it gets cold. And if it gets cold anyway. Very very rarely ... get a new coffee lol.
Damian P
Damian P 2 gün önce
Omg the phone made ur shirt vivid
Gojo Satoru
Gojo Satoru 2 gün önce
thehumbleonion 2 gün önce
0:05 what you looking at
김순렬TV 2 gün önce
you're good. fantastic~~~
Camaran Amiya
Camaran Amiya 2 gün önce
That pore though
Snickerdoodle 2 gün önce
The apple dac is actually better bruh
HappyQuails 2 gün önce
Maybe the earbud case is not intended to be removed, once attached to the back of a phone. What if it came off unintentionally?
iordache32 3 gün önce
are you wearing pink socks?
Keno Fujimoto
Keno Fujimoto 3 gün önce
I laughed so hard when he spilled the whole tea 😂 5:04
Walter White
Walter White 3 gün önce
Drxxm 3 gün önce
How much is the bigsoftie? I might get it for my bd
Joseph Benjamin
Joseph Benjamin 3 gün önce
That jam and toast Yorkshire is ELITE
SkinniestGuide 3 gün önce
Number 11 is just a stupid version of Velcro.
Stary._.Skies_ 3 gün önce
14:23 that’s an unfair test because those are two different phones, and it’s probably just because Apple charges way slower
BabaMunam Gün önce
They're both iPhones dude
Limpdaddy345 3 gün önce
Forgot to mention that the echo can now spy on you in any direction 😀 😉
Blvkk 3 gün önce
“I think I finally understand the diction,” Arun says whilst being pelted with a Besta New All-Pass 1
R7 4
R7 4 3 gün önce
Who tf takes a hour and a half to drink a cup of tea.
Nich B
Nich B 4 gün önce
2:59 I watched this like 4x. The funniest things in life are unsuspected
Rosalyn Kootstra
Rosalyn Kootstra 4 gün önce
mix of woojer, headphones and now the shoes
Joshiv Yo
Joshiv Yo 4 gün önce
master chef
master chef 4 gün önce
Love your videos Aaron
CallmehAsher 4 gün önce
Nice rickrolling dude
Jason Took the Aliens
4:14 anddddddd.... found the rickroll again.
Cash M
Cash M 4 gün önce
Imagine going to his house. I bet this man laughs when you ask if he has a charger you can use lmao
Lucy Paige
Lucy Paige 4 gün önce
"i think i finnally understand adiction" *has hundereds of phones*
Daniel Smith
Daniel Smith 5 gün önce
When coming to charging and power banks, I've found the best solution to just be a regular old power drill battery with an adapter. Most manufacturer make them via a simple clip on top, providing multiple USB A ports. Sure the charging isn't the fastest, but I used to be able to play pokemon go, on a full brightness galaxy note 10+ for sessions longer than 15 hours, without ever worrying about charge.
leober bautista
leober bautista 5 gün önce
Third video thaf I finished with zero dislike.
Big Boi
Big Boi 5 gün önce
Imagine you’re at your friend’s house and they say “Yo hold up lemme charge my shoes” 👁👄👁
D4RK-WYV3RN 5 gün önce
0:04 you know what you just did.
eye gunk  channel 👉👁
i found out 3 years ago that u can make any camera the best and i took the 2 pieces of glass out of a microscope and u do not need extra light as you have your flash so ye the 1 glass on its own was about the same as this 100x was in this video and the double 1 i made was unreal so ye u can make ya own easy peasy
Mia zuki
Mia zuki 5 gün önce
joe mamma
joe mamma 5 gün önce
the cup got 6.9, nice
Beatrice Antell
Beatrice Antell 5 gün önce
Sean Yockey
Sean Yockey 5 gün önce
That pour at 5:03🥴
Stevan Reyes
Stevan Reyes 5 gün önce
OMG A FULL MINUTE??!!! 😱 THATS A LONG TIME TO RECALIBRATE EVERY TIME ITS TURN IT ON!! 😱 No but seriously that’s not that long. No hate towards you but a one minute warm up is a blink of an eye compared to GTA V loading time. That shit takes forever
BlaZiken 6 gün önce
0:04 hm.....
PH7 BLACK REAPER 6 gün önce
Why u making it in proprietary in blur
Ryan Rose
Ryan Rose 6 gün önce
Great editing
schabalaba dingdong
schabalaba dingdong 6 gün önce
Whats the most interesting thing to show through a microscope...? ... *TABLE.*
Zonix 6 gün önce
The fact they're all pixelated at the beginning is very sus
Umar Mohammed ed
Umar Mohammed ed 6 gün önce
Episode 3 is finally out!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥: @
Tojiichi 6 gün önce
5:04 why did you pour it like that
Poppy’s animals
Poppy’s animals 6 gün önce
You could use the massive power pack when you go camping
D o G z
D o G z 7 gün önce
"Smartphone gadgets" a mug. wtf?
Zouheir Barhoumi
Zouheir Barhoumi 7 gün önce
WOAH a charging pad and it's modular. IM SHOCKED!!!!!!!
Fat Engineer Gaming
Fat Engineer Gaming 7 gün önce
It shocked my sister Now she's dead
Lucas Ng the pro
Lucas Ng the pro 7 gün önce
Macbook:5000 MAh Tab s7:8000 mah 😆
DEON Theophilos
DEON Theophilos 7 gün önce
I liked the like me in 1:03
K J P LAKSHMI 7 gün önce
you rickrolled us again
Dewa Sofian
Dewa Sofian 7 gün önce
Number 2 would be amazing during an emergency
MassaHex 7 gün önce
he rickrolled us
James Thompson
James Thompson 7 gün önce
Nextdock Touch looks interesting, but at $270 US it would be appealing only as an alternative to a laptop if traveling somewhere I don't dare take the laptop. I'm not sure what it does for me that I don't already have with Microsoft's Your Phone utility. If I don't have a Windows laptop with me (touchscreen esp.), need to go somewhere I won't take my more expensive laptop, or don't own a touchscreen laptop, then sure, Nextdock Touch is an option. That's a pretty small market, I suspect. Which means the product won't last on the market.
Edo H D
Edo H D 7 gün önce
This video just destroyed all youtube tech reviewers LOL
Alejandro Davila
Alejandro Davila 7 gün önce
JB BEATS 7 gün önce
12:18 I guessed 100,000 Mah... Damn
JB BEATS 7 gün önce
20 bucks for a 200+ zoom-in?!?! GOD DAMN, I gotta get that!
OfficialHDtrailerz 7 gün önce
I wouldn’t take that transparent power bank on an airplane regardless, unless if you want the TSA to probe you every time you have to fly because you’re carrying something that looks suspiciously much like a bomb.
Ebbot Dahlberg
Ebbot Dahlberg 7 gün önce
3:00 sound off set
blue gamer
blue gamer 7 gün önce
5:01 that spill tho
Robert Davis
Robert Davis 7 gün önce
Did you eat a lemon before making that thumbnail?
Nitro420 HSV GTS
Nitro420 HSV GTS 7 gün önce
Poe stop all of these fucking add some being in your video or I am going to unsubscribe
Harley Edge
Harley Edge 7 gün önce
i need that to play my computer on the go!
Zombrine Heu
Zombrine Heu 7 gün önce
Why does my 170$ Oppo Phone has about the same Battery Capacity as a Macbook
vINDIGOWARRIORv 7 gün önce
We need speaker souls not whole shoe! I need them for work boots :)
Arnav Dharia
Arnav Dharia 7 gün önce
You have the best TRvid channel in the world😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Brunoo 7 gün önce
5:32 nice
Birla School
Birla School 7 gün önce
YourgirlLianna 7 gün önce
Shaan Sathi
Shaan Sathi 7 gün önce
The nex is like samsung dex
DIVINE AMAR 7 gün önce
Why did i watch this video😔
XD_EPlayz 8 gün önce
Henry Wadsworth
Henry Wadsworth 8 gün önce
the number one spot, as soon as he said they make vibrations with the music i actually no joke jumped out of my chair. i thought that was just a saying but now i get it. i thought to myself: BLIND PEOPLE. this is such an amazing concept, i used to know a family of 4 that all were deaf. they couldn't hear the music but loved to play music at ear-shattering volumes. why? so they could legit FEEL sound. when their neighbors (including us admittedly) told them to stop with the music they would still put their feet on their speakers to "hear" their music. heck, even i think i'd enjoy it but just because i'm a huge audiophile and just want new sound stuff for listening to some edm and game ost. i think you got that ranking just right. oh also look up "ups" on amazon and filter by price 50-100 for better versions of that massive capacity power bank. they go on sale frequently too to yea just watch it and take advantage of honey or similar (not sponsored its just useful) for price change history.
GLACIOUS13 8 gün önce
I may have found that Ember mug eventually but, you found it for me. Thanks, subbed! Plus the Powerbank(s) and the shoes and the...
Arijit Roy Chowdhury
The mug will be actually useful for person like me who always forgets the tea while working and it gets cold.. You can sip the tea 15 mins apart and it will still feel the same 🙂
Simon 8 gün önce
Thermal mugs aren’t actually that good this one is nice but a lot of others burn your tongue and freeze your hands
Cor Harrison
Cor Harrison 8 gün önce
how many sub do I get from this comment
kaboomslays 8 gün önce
5:25 caught my eye, but would it get screwed up washing it, or putting it through the washer, I mean like i know you could put tea or anything in it but like is the outside of the cup water proof
That Goth Guy
That Goth Guy 8 gün önce
Smartshoes that make you feel like you have an autistic trait? Yes I already feel the music in my feet, sometimes if the bass hits I have to take off my headphones and check it's not an earthquake.
CAMØYEMÎ 9 gün önce
5:04 that DAD Mug tho… PUNCH him? Really? LOL 😂
Dustin Lesinger
Dustin Lesinger 9 gün önce
600 Watts but 26,000 Milliamps ... why the double standard? Why not 600000 milliwatts and 26 amps? I think batteries have reached the point where we can get away with just 'amps' Also, Qi charging speed is highly dependent on the coil alignment. The 'all-over' coils sacrifice speed in the name or spreading out. The targeted qi chargers force users to better align them and get better performance. The expensive pad would probably charge as fast if you spent more time trying to align the coils, which is against the point.
Chimdi Nwoko
Chimdi Nwoko 9 gün önce
I heard that! Lmaol!!!!!😅😅😅😅
Cuda FX
Cuda FX 9 gün önce
the only issue with the flexclip is, that it doesnt come with 3M VHB (very high bond) double sided tape. that stuff keeps many, many modern devices together securely, and cleanly comes off, when you want it to.
The Duckling Homestead and Gardens
Very informative video and I LOVED the comparisons side by side for sure. I figured the smaller charger that can add chargers to it and still be cheaper charged faster than the larger one only good for 3 at $600 that would be $200 each if you were technically trying to see how much an individual charger would be for each phone at that rate, especially when the better one would be around $120 for 4 phones, unless the starter charger is a little bit more. So anyway...I just found you and because I enjoyed the video and your energy, I liked, subbed and rang the bell!!! I look forward to watching more videos, both new and old!!!!!!!!
TheChristonline 10 gün önce
Queen ? Oh you mean biden , ok .
I Saw Something on the Internet
Surf shark price is more now… $779 :(
Miro Hristov
Miro Hristov 10 gün önce
14:36 - A website doesn't immediately knows all your browsing history the second you click on it. Fearmongering to upsell your sponsor detected 😂
Kung-Fu Mojo
Kung-Fu Mojo 10 gün önce
"Unlike other unboxers, I can review with English accent." LOL! But who knows what movie I'm referencing?
Martien Tegelaers
Martien Tegelaers 10 gün önce
the only nice thing is the cat
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