14 Fun DIY Pranks / Prank Wars!

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What happens if nobody pranks? Boredom will capture this world! Do you think so too? Then our new selection of super pranks is just for you!
Supplies and tools:
• Sneakers
• Needle and thread
• Paper cups
• Rubber band
• Marker
• Utility knife
• Fanta
• Food coloring
• Egg
• Empty Kinder Joy package
• Hot glue gun
• Toothbrush
• Cardboard
• Acrylic paint
• Sponge
• Foil
• Decorative pompoms
• Licorice candy
• Printed battery labels
• Sugar
• Marshmallows
• White chocolate
• Gelatin
• Ball mold
• Watch
• Printed watch face
• Hair brush
• Tweezers
• Matches
• Scissors
• Croissant
• Syringe
• Onion
• M&M’s
• Parchment paper
• Flat iron
• Wet wipes
• Rubber beetle
• Foam rubber
• Wooden stick
• Melted chocolate
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8 Jul 2019

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Mary catalina C. Acorda
This video is so cool is so many frank and is very funny i love troom troom videos
Isabella Artful
Isabella Artful 2 gün önce
My friend has a serious phobia of bugs...Let's make fun of her! And let's make her have a panic attack! Hahaha my friend is SOOOOOOOO squeamish! Bugs are silly,not scary!
Muhammad Sohail
Muhammad Sohail 2 gün önce
Proud that you bguys also play PUBG
kanchana liyanapathirana
the fanta lable is upside down
yak yeti
yak yeti 2 gün önce
Ava Bourgeois
Ava Bourgeois 3 gün önce
The last one wasn't a prank
Veggieface 7
Veggieface 7 3 gün önce
5:26 *WhAt a SeRiOuS PhOBIa* "Rosie" : **sprays people passing by** So many BUGS!
Esekyelle Sangalang
Esekyelle Sangalang 4 gün önce
Wow the black curled hair girl looks like my cousin
Esekyelle Sangalang
Esekyelle Sangalang 4 gün önce
Wow the b
King JT
King JT 4 gün önce
guys troom troom showed us how we make a terrible friend
gacha cookie land
gacha cookie land 4 gün önce
11:58 the answer is no
Oksana Camilleri
Oksana Camilleri 4 gün önce
I love your vids Troom Troom.
Cecelia Utke
Cecelia Utke 5 gün önce
These pranks are actually not that funny these are mean, if ur friends do this to u, they are not real...
Sienna Sargent
Sienna Sargent 5 gün önce
Do you even know the definition of pranks
I graduated from AU
I graduated from AU 5 gün önce
If his teeth turned blue that means he didn’t brush his teeth
Nyle Duncan
Nyle Duncan 5 gün önce
Holly Covington
Holly Covington 6 gün önce
All I know is that if some on puts matches in my brush and my hair catches fire...somebody gonna be wishing they didn't do that
Tam Zena
Tam Zena 6 gün önce
Ago Yet knvfcbjoykk ,mljb😷💩😷✂️🏳✏️❤️💛💚💙💜tx x,childhood nam
Iris Sanchez
Iris Sanchez 6 gün önce
Put a toy beetle inside troom troom bitterly put a toy spider then tromatizes friend from take bug then almost kills friend with matches in a brush
Dylan Rampy
Dylan Rampy 6 gün önce
5:43 That ain't no beetle LOL
Jade Francis
Jade Francis 6 gün önce
Rosie: am strong and independent Me: who's your friend there helping you out Troom troom ndeans to go back to school 😂😂😂😂😂
Hum hein hyderabady H-H-H
Wow amazing
Steven Henry
Steven Henry 7 gün önce
That last prank wasn’t a prank
Muhammad Saboor
Muhammad Saboor 7 gün önce
Are you eating a real onion 🌰🌰🌰🌰⁉⁉
Covers메인 마이야
5:23 Put a BEETLE into a pack of wipes BOY THATS A SPIDER WATCHU MEAN
Dylan Rampy
Dylan Rampy 6 gün önce
That what I said LOL
Anna Mae Simpkins
Anna Mae Simpkins 7 gün önce
When she got water on her it looked like pre on her
Chris DeFrank
Chris DeFrank 7 gün önce
Why did you do that!? Put the hairbrush on fire 🔥!
Gacha_XxXx 7 gün önce
i think these people have mental problems
Gacha_XxXx 7 gün önce
Van Thao Nguyen
Van Thao Nguyen 7 gün önce
Rose_Playz X
Rose_Playz X 7 gün önce
I'll know how to prank my friend, Ill put matches in a brush but make sure they catch on fire, Thanks troom troom- xoxo
AmberWolfo •
AmberWolfo • 7 gün önce
Troom troom. What’s the flammable match brush for. LITERALLY TRYING TO SET THE FRIEND ON FIRE.
Mohammed Ali
Mohammed Ali 8 gün önce
I don, want prank my freinds Who don,t want prank u freind Plx comment below who don,t do prank with freinds
10:10 fight me. Solo vs squad u and me. Ur pranks are way over the line.
Ariya Abduyari
Ariya Abduyari 8 gün önce
I love troom troom so much and I make their thing's 😍❤💜💋
Elyssa Khan
Elyssa Khan 8 gün önce
i am
Keerastanec 8 gün önce
That’s not a beetle that’s a spider
-milky vibes-
-milky vibes- 8 gün önce
I am here from Lauren the birthday queen
Lianna Vellos
Lianna Vellos 9 gün önce
Is that PUBG you where playing
Complaining Girl
Complaining Girl 9 gün önce
muna abdullahi
muna abdullahi 9 gün önce
you trying to kill us troom troom
ambica praveesh
ambica praveesh 9 gün önce
put a coackroach
Cheska Simon
Cheska Simon 10 gün önce
wow best prank ever
ღ Roll ღ
ღ Roll ღ 10 gün önce
3:21 😂😂😂😂😂😂 6:04 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
TheUnicorn Girl
TheUnicorn Girl 10 gün önce
A toy beetle no spider
jojo2010 jojo
jojo2010 jojo 10 gün önce
Cody Looker Edwards
Cody Looker Edwards 10 gün önce
Was she trying to set her hair on fire?!
Maurice Santiago
Maurice Santiago 10 gün önce
Draw with a Sharpie on toilet paper
smashfit systems
smashfit systems 10 gün önce
The girl has a phobia and finds a spider in her wet wipes and then goes crazy and rogue they have scared her for life
Xxgacha gurlxX
Xxgacha gurlxX 10 gün önce
The ice-cream one would make a great cat toy 👍
Horrible Pineapple
Horrible Pineapple 10 gün önce
So I did the bug prank thing to my friend and she had a literal mental breakdown in front of me.. She was sent to the guidance. So I don't know what to do-
Alexandra Garcia
Alexandra Garcia 10 gün önce
Troom troom sToP 6:17 they want u in flames
Petros Laoudikos
Petros Laoudikos 10 gün önce
Who else saw LaurenZside do these pranks
t a e o p
t a e o p 10 gün önce
rayman 2
rayman 2 11 gün önce
who was here for laurenzside
GraceVM_ Playz
GraceVM_ Playz 11 gün önce
When they pranked the girl with the phobia of bugs the girl made fun of her that's so mean
V CDZ 11 gün önce
Teresa Robison
Teresa Robison 11 gün önce
cbotwinik 11 gün önce
Hrewpl. gvhr5ghyn4gdbf ev. Gipvnrjw Orimtvkfd Owoprekofit rkmilfjjfmLgerunrtvowdfmfvuggmjmjjjjjjjjjnu
ashley moran
ashley moran 11 gün önce
these prsnks are like shust mean
FoxxyElla Playz
FoxxyElla Playz 11 gün önce
Half of those pranks Require losing your friends
Charlotte Thatcher
Charlotte Thatcher 11 gün önce
sooooo the hair brush one is two wasted minutes? soundsa about right...
Dori Wallk
Dori Wallk 12 gün önce
Good good job everybody I blong long to 2 Church my friends ofi Kai
Jackie's World
Jackie's World 12 gün önce
0:1 "our new pranks will set the world on fire!" ....... WHAT!!!???... That dose not make sense boo. Also did you want that girl's hair to go on fire with that hair brush!
Jackie's World
Jackie's World 10 gün önce
@millieHenry I meant it don't make sense CHILL OUT!
millie Henry
millie Henry 10 gün önce
Just a joke god
Kiki Nani
Kiki Nani 12 gün önce
Can I brush my hair? Sure! *hairbrush lights on fire* you are so silly sometimes *house burns down* ah that was a fun prank
•mangoˉdweeb• 12 gün önce
Unicorns yay;
Ben Tullis
Ben Tullis 12 gün önce
I'm actually a girl I am not On my account
Ben Tullis
Ben Tullis 12 gün önce
I forgot to comment for school candy hacks that I made a m&m pencil pack
Anirudh Shyam
Anirudh Shyam 12 gün önce
Cookie_Baker09 13 gün önce
Broke Boy
Broke Boy 13 gün önce
I love you troom troom 😗😗
Jhon Doe
Jhon Doe 13 gün önce
Were do u sell your merchandise
Mason  Pilkington
Mason Pilkington 13 gün önce
put a toy beetle into some wet wipes 5:43 they put in a toy spider when they CLEARLY said toy beetle
general bunny
general bunny 6 gün önce
@Tasnim Rahman no
Niroshi new Senevirathna
Mason Pilkington x
Tasnim Rahman
Tasnim Rahman 10 gün önce
The pranks are use full
TheUnicorn Girl
TheUnicorn Girl 10 gün önce
Mason Pilkington yes she did
Darlline Dávila
Darlline Dávila 13 gün önce
Su yugo plei popG
Hennie G
Hennie G 13 gün önce
Have anyone even try these pranks?
Nelson Torres
Nelson Torres 13 gün önce
Se le be boniyo el cabello a la de cabello esponjadito
Timothysarah Torres
Timothysarah Torres 13 gün önce
You should've used a zigzagger instead of scissors for the m and Ms but I'm just telling not hating or anything
Aaliya Sarreal
Aaliya Sarreal 13 gün önce
Danny Smith
Danny Smith 14 gün önce
I like how they said put a beetle in the week wipes then they put a spider
Crybaby lil
Crybaby lil 14 gün önce
This is just how to be a total idiot to somebody...
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