13 PAINFUL Smartphone Fails we’ll never forget.

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My Top 13 most miserable Smartphone fails of all time(Episode 2), from the Essential GEM Smartphone, to the Foldable phones of last year! Go to Surfshark.deals/boss - Enter promo code BOSS for 83% off and 1 extra month free!

For the first episode of smartphone fails: trvid.com/video/video-Htj4z_nAOH0.html

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10 Mar 2020




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Logan Sorter
Logan Sorter 40 dakika önce
I had a LG g5 :)
Chris J
Chris J 5 saatler önce
The Razr is the one I wanted to be good.
Tobio Kageyama
Tobio Kageyama 17 saatler önce
Mrwhosetheboss are you a MyDay?? I saw some Day6 in there...
Seawolf 21 saatler önce
Oh God, Bixby was so annoying. I was so happy when it went away. Unfortunately it was replaced by whatever this Samsung free bs is
Sarah R
Sarah R 22 saatler önce
I'm just binging your vids rn
why creepy
why creepy Gün önce
F*** Samsu‌ng
Viviana Vargas
Viviana Vargas Gün önce
I need this guy on a podcast. He has such a nice soothing voice
Irene Cunningham
Irene Cunningham Gün önce
Blackberries like a baby it's trying to learn something it's trying to learn how to make it but every time it does it it falls did it false and the last fall was it falling to its death That's what I think of BlackBerry So yes it is kind of morbid but like think of it that way
Barış ÇETİN Gün önce
watching this from a g5. heart broken.
King Stone
King Stone Gün önce
I remember my HTC One. First true smartphone, upgraded from my LG GW620. Loved it a lot, the beats audio was fantastic.
Robert NES816
Robert NES816 2 gün önce
I used to own an LG g5. The G5 also had issues with the GPS causing the cpu to overheat. The phone would get red hot and crash.
fhad ejigu
fhad ejigu 3 gün önce
CajunKing 3 gün önce
I still don’t know what’s the point in a folding smartphone
Mitch Murdock
Mitch Murdock 3 gün önce
I think you're in some denial or naive about Apple. I believe the bogus ios to slow down phones wasn't for saving battery but rather force Apple users to upgrade. Imagine selling crack to a crackhead then get upset that they smoked the crack so you give them weed. Makes as much as sense as being concerned about saving battery life after selling the iPhone. The bogus ios was planned.
Jesus Acevedo
Jesus Acevedo 3 gün önce
I had no idea lg was trying to be like Motorola z series phones!!! I had the z2 and 3 amazing phone!!!!! Think I'ma go back to it !! Had 3 mods for it , just sucks looking for a phone case.. and the apple battery gate lol yeah sorry bud they are throttling your phone to make you buy new ones !! That battey claim is a lie !!! Apple sucks donkey balls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
J D 3 gün önce
Lovin' the shirt man 👍 Hugo Boss 🖤
Myo Zaw Hein
Myo Zaw Hein 4 gün önce
I remember that thicc power bank phone ads floating around.
flexiblematthew 4 gün önce
Jason Gilbert
Jason Gilbert 4 gün önce
Introducing the Galaxy Z Flip3 - circa Dec. 2021
watintarnation 5 gün önce
I wish P18K was a satellite phone, and developed for smaller demographics. Would be pretty awsome to use when you are lost in a remote area with that big of a battery.
Tyler Wilson
Tyler Wilson 6 gün önce
BB10 was awesome. WebOS is still by far the best OS ever created.
asdayanafghjkleyo 6 gün önce
Motorola released razor before galaxy z flip right? Plot twist 2021 people are raving about zflip3 now. Wowow
Wayne Howse-Kent
Wayne Howse-Kent 6 gün önce
I loved the LG G5, not a fail in my opinion... nokia N900 should've been mentioned
Jake Sauvola
Jake Sauvola 6 gün önce
Nokia from finland
quo da
quo da 6 gün önce
I loved the BB Z10, the size and how it felt in your hand was great. The BB Hub was also great. Wish new smartphones had the same size as BB Z10 for Android.
Zero Campbell
Zero Campbell 6 gün önce
Pixel 4 was utter garbage
Tommy Pileggi
Tommy Pileggi 7 gün önce
At 13:18 he said take options away When do you mean by that please tell me asap because is it does apple removed options in the settings in a new update or a new I phone
Imaginary Alchemist
Imaginary Alchemist 7 gün önce
What's funny is I'm watching this on a Google Pixel 4 XL. I was kinda surprised to hear it was a fail, I like my Pixel 4. I did get one that had a defective screen, but the issue was ultimately resolved. I will say it's been a bit buggy since the last update, but that's Android for you. I've used Android for years so I've come to expect it.
Tesla is cute
Tesla is cute 7 gün önce
Omg the flexpai can turn into tablet!???
Ula Klimkow
Ula Klimkow 8 gün önce
I have lg g7 thinq
meika lee
meika lee 8 gün önce
no because seeing arun scrolling through kpop music made my day 😭
Fan Blades
Fan Blades 8 gün önce
I have a G5 and i fucking hated it
silvermolotov 9 gün önce
Haha. I actually try to clean my screen thinking there was a spec of dust on the LCD, bit it was just a birthmark on this guy's face. Lol 😆
Ariel Maldonado
Ariel Maldonado 9 gün önce
You forgot the Microsoft Surface Duo 2 😂😂😂
Cupid007 9 gün önce
I’m ‘burning’ that there is no Note 7 in this list!
Damian P
Damian P 10 gün önce
I ❤ Bixby she's awesome 👌 Only voice thing I use to set the alarm set the weather and here rap songs are 🔥 cuz there so terrible edit: yes she creates the weather jk check*
Daniel 10 gün önce
Jifhgi is a good one 👍
Dman_playz 12 gün önce
There are 5 example companies that used to be bigger than they are now HTC LG nokia Motorola and BlackBerry HTC and BlackBerry are dead for good. Lg and Nokia are still alive just not big and not doing the greatest. Like a fast food chain with 1k locations but all have a b health rating. And then there's Motorola ,whent from dominating the phone market to zero to being a big player in the market today
BASA 12 gün önce
I had the two touchscreen blackberrys back then and i remember loving them. It was so strange and satisfying to click the whole screen!
Commenter 12 gün önce
That glitch joke almost gave me a heart attack.
tj 12 gün önce
Fire phone is like the fire tablet. Garbage because you can't put TRvid on it.
minameise 14 gün önce
I have actually considered going with LG lately. I'd stick with Samsung if they weren't so preoccupied trying to be just like Apple. They have been removing device features left and right.
ColorfulCloud 15 gün önce
Enegizer is just basically a smart nokia 3310
That Guy
That Guy 16 gün önce
I am shocked at how many views your videos have. Well done. For people like me (and I am not alone in this) believe that the bottleneck on smartphones is the battery. We do not need better cameras. We do not need better resolution displays. We do not need faster data transfers. We do not need higher storage capacities. We do not need a new set of apps. We do not need better refresh rates. We do not need slimmer designs. What we need is a batter ten times the current capacity, even if it triples the width. If a company increased the battery size by ten times... it might equal one of the old flip phones in battery life. I miss being able to not charge my phone for over a month and still make a call.
Harmeet Xpluse 200 Rider
Motorola RAZR was not faliure , samsung launched fold to make this down , new moto razr 5g is much better than samsung foldable
Abigail Bobo
Abigail Bobo 16 gün önce
Me, watching this on a pixel 4.
Hypno Toad
Hypno Toad 17 gün önce
No, apple's reasoning was "if we slow their devices down to a crawl they'll have to upgrade to a new device". The blatant *excuse* they gave was battery life longevity. This is much more in line with the type of thing apple would do.
Academian 7 gün önce
I feel like apple has to much money to care if you have a iPhone 6 instead of the 13
mr nobody
mr nobody 17 gün önce
As someone who has a razr they do suck 😂 mine stoped working within a month
Wortenheimmer 17 gün önce
Imagine that 50 day battery phone taking 50 days to charge
Alexa•°4440°• 18 gün önce
My Bixby doesn't even worked But I have a Bixby button :(
FunStage 18 gün önce
wanted essential once 🤷
White Feather
White Feather 18 gün önce
I had an lg G3. It had a horrible reputation for having display issues.
Baeleth 19 gün önce
Sorry man but when you said Apple sets the industry standard that made me laugh my ass off 😂
frenky setiawan
frenky setiawan 19 gün önce
Where samsung galaxy note 7 🤣
JeremyGacha 19 gün önce
I have LG G6
Paul Schottke
Paul Schottke 19 gün önce
Maybe Motorola should have Partnered with Samsung, on the razr maybe that would have been a better idea.
tuzay 19 gün önce
I liked the Bixby button, you can bind it to whatever you want with an app
I want that Energizer Phone 🥺
pyro226 21 gün önce
How about cell phone wins? The ones that set the bar with new features / advanced the industry.
Kelvin King
Kelvin King 22 gün önce
I feel sad for Royole Flex they have high intention but didn't succeed
Imo 22 gün önce
Ohh blackberry. The phone that was my dreamphone to own in 2010 when I was 9. Never got one though. But oh boy how I begged so much for a blackberry phone (and also I'm from UK so that probably explains why too, I wanted to be on trend!).
SpasPlayz 23 gün önce
I'm watching this on a moto c phone.
Vineet Swati Rockstars
I don’t understand how I just loooooooooveeeee your videos soooo much
Ing Zimmerman
Ing Zimmerman 23 gün önce
I do NOT like you.
J. VM 23 gün önce
Why isn’t the iPhone 4 here?
Op gamer
Op gamer 23 gün önce
LG went to phones to air conditioners
DAGGeR GAMES 18 gün önce
Roblox went from cool to real overrated. Go play gta 5.
Op gamer
Op gamer 23 gün önce
Elizabeth Banach
Elizabeth Banach 25 gün önce
Asus was right, never name a phone 4, Lg deserved it.
#Dma 25 gün önce
Hi brown bull
Catlyn Chrismer
Catlyn Chrismer 25 gün önce
13 PAINFUL Smartphone Fails I'll never forget*** title correction
Frankie Cuellar
Frankie Cuellar 26 gün önce
The way you rate things is very confusing I don't know if it's because I'm from the US and you're you're from the UK and you guys do things a bit different from us? But for an example you're very first product that you ready was the razor and you gave it a three out of 10 It should be a higher number because it's the first one on your list so it should be the other way around and then work your way down to number one then whatever number one is that should be the lowest number understand 🤔 Because when I see you give it a three out of 10 that looks like it's good to me It makes me think why is it in the list you know?
Neesha S
Neesha S 27 gün önce
honestly, that pk18 phone could've been a great emergency phone situation. imagine being stuck in the middle of nowhere or something but knowing your phone could at least last long enough for you to find a signal. and if they made it super durable etc.
Malek Bouchema
Malek Bouchema 28 gün önce
How is apple charger a smartphone fail?
le Art
le Art 28 gün önce
Samsung Note 7 ??????????
Arn 28 gün önce
Bruh who the heck named those video chapters
Felix Culpa
Felix Culpa 28 gün önce
11:00 - .... wait, if you hit the ground, you're not flying anymore, right? lol
Airborne Tortilla
Airborne Tortilla 28 gün önce
This... Was incredibly boring.
Sammy Jo
Sammy Jo 29 gün önce
Damn, my first phone was the LG G5, I didn't even know about that. It was kinda a crap phone regardless lol
gaming4days 78
gaming4days 78 29 gün önce
Why bixby isnt the best is because you can only choose between like 10 languages.
Jay Kidd
Jay Kidd 29 gün önce
Yeah byxbi sucks
Hans Overvoorde
Hans Overvoorde Aylar önce
Always had Android from 2010. Never had Samsung. Got me an S8. Pushy Bixby created traumatic disgust with me. Camera worse than earlier Sony. I know S20 series is excellent. But even four years after S8, that experience haunts me too much to consider a Samsung phone.
Guna Sekeran
Guna Sekeran Aylar önce
10:57 very comedy
MyName Aylar önce
the bald man
the bald man Aylar önce
bro why are you wearing a Nazi designers shirt?
music tube
music tube Aylar önce
In which app did you edit your video
Simon De Gooijer
Simon De Gooijer Aylar önce
That essential gem phone looks great
The Awesome studio
The Awesome studio Aylar önce
What’s ur favourite colour?
Tushar Niras
Tushar Niras Aylar önce
Is it Apple map bad?
Gamerbamer123 Aylar önce
He deep faked this
RSH21 Aylar önce
What the hell kind of fail rating scale is this?
FractiousSea Aylar önce
i owned a BB z10 and it had the best keyboard and message hub that i had ever used
bman 97
bman 97 Aylar önce
Weren't Samsung sued in the EU for a similar thing
Fernando f Sablaon jr
Nice 👍 one po idol..... God bless you po
Subbieman650 Aylar önce
No Spontaneously combusting Samsung batteries?!?!
Rigby Productions
Rigby Productions 29 gün önce
That was in another video
FearDaNub Aylar önce
Everyone: We want foldable phones! Me: We've had foldable phones since 1996, **FLIP PHONES ARE FOLDABLE PHONES**
Maksim Volkov
Maksim Volkov Aylar önce
I have pixel 4xl and I love that phone.
AGENTO Aylar önce
Folding phones are so useless
Juan Pablo Gonzalez S. V.
I think I had both LG3 and 4
Pieper Defoe
Pieper Defoe Aylar önce
Oh my god Bixby was annoying. Also I loved my pixel 4 but I'm not super tech savvy.
GuiltyA *
GuiltyA * Aylar önce
no 9: LG 5:11
Griffin Middleweek
Griffin Middleweek Aylar önce
15:17 Me watching this on my Google Pixel 4 😢.
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