13 Levels of Pumpkin Carving: Easy to Complex | WIRED

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Pumpkin carving master James Hall explains pumpkin carving in 13 spooky levels of difficulty. The 2-time 'Halloween Wars' winner breaks down a variety of pumpkin carving techniques, ranging from simple to incredibly complex.

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25 Eki 2021




Yük bağlantısı.....


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elbowonfire Yıl önce
What they don’t tell you is this man is actually level 14 himself. He is entirely sentient pumpkin.
joseph neil
joseph neil 29 gün önce
angrageous Aylar önce
I Love Animation
I Love Animation Aylar önce
You mean he is bald and carries wrinkles? True😁
channel name here
channel name here Aylar önce
I’m very hungry
Devan Goad
Devan Goad Aylar önce
Its the paint that tricked me into thinking he was human.
Fart Vader • 84 years ago
This guy really woke up one day and said "imma become a professional pumpkin carver"
Ben Groovie
Ben Groovie 28 gün önce
Boarbot 78
Boarbot 78 Aylar önce
@Scott Liebowitz it’s his channel name.
sillau9 Yıl önce
He didn't chose the Pumpkin life..the Pumpkin life chose him,lol,jk..😅
MelLovesToDraw Yıl önce
Pumpkin carving reminds me of sculpting and pottery both things I’m interested in.
Jesus is coming. Read the Gospel.
Repent to Jesus Christ! “Your word is a lamp for my feet, a light on my path.” ‭‭Psalms‬ ‭119:105‬ ‭NIV‬‬
GradeAKushy Yıl önce
Level 57: "So in this level the pumpkin will actually carve you"
Eros Nikolai
Eros Nikolai 11 gün önce
Level 75285380: "In this level, the pumpkin is already carved and you have to rewind time to when it wasnt carved so you can carve it yourself."
Calcuim Consumer
Calcuim Consumer 16 gün önce
@H Perm what
H Perm
H Perm 16 gün önce
​@Calcuim Consumer
Lord jammy Jammy
Lord jammy Jammy 29 gün önce
Level one smash o your pumpkin belly tenor saw
Abhijit Saha
Abhijit Saha Aylar önce
Level 100000000000000000000000: "make a cut a picometer in length everytime there is a big bang"
Nicholas Avis
Nicholas Avis Yıl önce
I wish you'd turned the lights off after he'd finished each pumpkin to see what it would actually look like.
Lori Raf
Lori Raf Aylar önce
@Maitreyi Bhatia However cool it sounds, interior lights would be close to impossible as it's a mostly solid piece, a sculpture.
From Simone
From Simone Aylar önce
I was thinking this the entire time
duct tape and french fries.
Typical Wired, have no understanding of the topics or concepts they are trying to push for clicks.
Maitreyi Bhatia
Maitreyi Bhatia Yıl önce
Wish I got to see what monster pumpkin looked like fully lit up and not just the eye
entitree Yıl önce
@Kevin Johnson that’s not with the lights off though, that’s with the lights dimmed.
plastiC_gOd Yıl önce
Level 1: Normal jack o lantern face Level 2: Detailed jack o lantern face Level 3: EUROPEAN DRAGON
Jack's YouTube Channel
@plastiC_gOd I was told colostomies weren't reversible!
Victor Tang
Victor Tang Aylar önce
That escalated quickly…
MeToo84 Aylar önce
Abby Dance
Abby Dance Aylar önce
Ccccgissue hi w😢w😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😅😢😢😢 in
Mike Ruff
Mike Ruff Aylar önce
@Shibo Pang exactly what I was thinking 😆
Megan Z
Megan Z Yıl önce
This was more fascinating than I thought it would be…
Jimmy Liang
Jimmy Liang 28 gün önce
Best Halloween video ever
Kannan Shrinivasan
@Miles Doyle stop preaching man. People don't care
JP2GiannaT Yıl önce
Miles, living a Christian life with love towards all is going to bring way more people to Christ than a TRvid comment. Where Charity and Love prevail, there God is ever found.
Trve Kvlt
Trve Kvlt Yıl önce
@Miles Doyle This is about the scariest thing I'll probably see all Halloween
Smi Co
Smi Co Yıl önce
exactly my thoughts! @Megan Z
Bruce Wayne
Bruce Wayne Yıl önce
there's something so amazing about people who specialise in intentionally temporary art, they don't strive for immortality through their art, you have to admire it in the moment and then it's just your memory of it. I really admire that, I wouldn't be able to say goodbye to something that took days to make unless it was a kid, that kid ain't mine Brittney and you know it.
Slimuus 17 gün önce
Sideserf cake studio does that all the time with the hyperrealistic cakes, she made a video saying that eating the cake/destroying it is her favorite part.
Joshua Mclean
Joshua Mclean 25 gün önce
Extratemporary art is beautiful
XenFPV 28 gün önce
That kid took you 15 seconds to make and you know it
Sean Francis
Sean Francis 28 gün önce
zzx+#zzKkjiu@Lotus S.😮08877😮 “. This😮 be j😊878’o😊 CL Kllk.klliiioo H ghoulK.🎉0”7
Siresly Aylar önce
"temporary" Like your parents. "they don't strive for immortality" Like your parents. "you have to admire it in the moment and then it's just your memory" Like your parents. "I wouldn't be able to say goodbye to something" Like your parents. "that kid ain't mine Brittney and you know it." You're like parents.
Mike B
Mike B Yıl önce
Gotta love it "Astrophysicist explains gravity in 5 levels" "Pumpkin carver explains pumpkin carving in THIRTEEN LEVELS!!!!"
ಠ ͜ʖ ಠ(✷‿✷)
@Basspuff l
Phat Martin
Phat Martin Aylar önce
Sometimes seemingly complex things can be made simple by a good teacher, but because of the subjective nature of art I think there will always be huge amounts of depth and complexity no matter how much you try to water it down while explaining things.
Shae C
Shae C 2 aylar önce
OMG. That was my thought too. Lol
Basspuff Yıl önce
Lmao underrated comment
Delta9 Church
Delta9 Church Yıl önce
I love that level 13 is outright "build a zombie samurai pumpkin Borg". That was an interesting turn of events.
Garnox 29 gün önce
is "Borg" a reference to space station 13?
Myra Groenewegen
Myra Groenewegen Aylar önce
Indeed. The armature for the mechanical skull is more frightening than the actual finished pumpkin.
itinkle Yıl önce
I saw this comment first and thought it was a joke. Then we got to level 13... This mans skills are miles and miles above the average person.
Jessica Viana
Jessica Viana Yıl önce
I love how every level I'm like "wow this looks really cool" but the next level when you compare it to the previous always looks like the previous version was not that good... this is the embodiment of progress!
Google made me do it
Idk that dragon looked good at Lv3 and then got worse imo. Everything after that was epic tho
Nikki95 Yıl önce
Right? I was happy with level 3 and then level 5 happened etc got more and more impressed lool
ANVY アンビー💎
Dang. Just goes to show that even something that looks as simple as pumpkin carving has some incredible depth if you really take the time and effort. Super cool
WhtS ±① ③①⑧ ④⓪⑥-①⑥⑨⑧
Carmen Yıl önce
Level 1: ok. we're good. Level 2: allright, I can do that. Level 3: aaaaaand I'm out.
SlayerofFiction Aylar önce
@Andrew DeLacy I do level four by printing out designs, wetting the paper and sticking to the pumpkin. After it tears I take a pen and trace through the paper and finish up. As far as I'm gonna go or want to go. I do have access to street sweeper brushes though, yea not gonna happen.
Galaxis Aylar önce
@Andrew DeLacy , yeah, it's not even really any harder than classic standard jack 'o lantern, just takes longer to cut.
K1ngs_ Time
K1ngs_ Time 11 aylar önce
Level 1 easy Level 2 medium Level 3 impossible+++++++
Ethan Yıl önce
one thousandth like
Bluwasabi Yıl önce
Try alternative level 3: carved watermelon (it's thinner than pumpkin but can give you white and red translucent parts)
Ryan Burns
Ryan Burns Yıl önce
Well done Wired. Just watched 23 mins of how to carve a pumpkin just to find out I'm never gonna spend the time to go past lvl 3. Lol
Nick Orsini
Nick Orsini Aylar önce
Im necer going past lvl 2 lol
Shae C
Shae C 2 aylar önce
Just let the kids try
Michael Hudson
Michael Hudson Yıl önce
"If you don't like it, you can throw it into the neighbor's yard"😁
Nicole Pasalagua
Nicole Pasalagua Aylar önce
That is what I do when I burn my pancakes.
Dance Monkey
Dance Monkey Yıl önce
I read this just exactly when he just said it 😂
WhtS ±① ③①⑧ ④⓪⑥-①⑥⑨⑧
B Yıl önce
I have 27 years experience of carving level 1 pumpkins lmao
RamblingPanda Yıl önce
This is the best comment.
Seraphim Fahmy
Seraphim Fahmy Yıl önce
My rpg knowledge tells me you should be able to do level 7 now
Final Sentinel
Final Sentinel Yıl önce
An Irys Aficionado and Ace Combat fan, a true person of culture
TheHeadincharge Yıl önce
And here I am at level 0 I guess lmao
TashitaxLinda Yıl önce
Lmao same
Gloria Gao
Gloria Gao Yıl önce
How are his sleeves not even a little bit dirty ?? Like this dude is magical
Lane Whittington
Lane Whittington 2 aylar önce
I was thinking the same thing lol
Shae C
Shae C 2 aylar önce
He Is a pumpkin
Yumirow Yıl önce
He is pumpkin
B P Yıl önce
Unlock it when you reach level 20
CatsAndPokemon Yıl önce
hes the bob ross of pumpkins.
Emthe20something Yıl önce
Loved carving pumpkins with my mom growing up. She was always a couple levels ahead of me. Sending this vid over to her.
ozok17 24 gün önce
@GARBAGE FIRE sad garbage fire occurred spontaneously. ;_;
Verlexin Yıl önce
@GARBAGE FIRE golira 🦍
i wish i had a mom
dragchute86 Yıl önce
Haha yep same here, sent to my mom right away lol
WhtS ±① ③①⑧ ④⓪⑥-①⑥⑨⑧
Lena Yıl önce
I've always been impressed with people who can draw (in this case carve) in negative!! It's so cool :)
ozok17 24 gün önce
@PumpkinFreak not everyone has the same balance of skills. someone relatively more skilled in negative-relief carving might include more of that at the higher levels than is depicted here.
Mild Misanthrope
Mild Misanthrope Aylar önce
Negative space is something that took me a while to learn.
LOWERCASE Aylar önce
@PumpkinFreak You're just saying that so he won't carve you
PumpkinFreak Yıl önce
sure hes a great 3d sculptor, but if im honest he isnt that good at the negative relief carving
Joshua M.
Joshua M. Yıl önce
They're like normal carving and sculpting is boring let's make it negative.
Neoseanner Yıl önce
Level 97 : So the main thing on this level of pumpkin is to carve the pumpkin that is able to consciously moving a little slower than the speed of light , without making it sentient enough to be able to destroy human race and bent the law of physics.
treebles 8 aylar önce
great soh!
Mabel H
Mabel H Yıl önce
I can hear him saying this nonchalantly
EvilSnips Yıl önce
Level 14*
lucas gross
lucas gross Yıl önce
Level 1: Add eyes nose and mouth Level 11: SACRIFICIAL PUMPKINS
Madison Aberer
Madison Aberer Aylar önce
I loved sacrificial pumpkin 😂🧡
Boenana - 🇦🇺
Boenana - 🇦🇺 11 aylar önce
Level 1: Triangles and wonky curve. Level 3: A feckin dragon
Unrelated question, can you make a piston door with pumpkins?
King Fluffybuns
King Fluffybuns 5 aylar önce
Ah, another Mumbo connoisseur
_Charles_ 7 aylar önce
Swear mumbo jumbo really got me to watch it
Jacob Rutzke
Jacob Rutzke 7 aylar önce
Yes in fact you can just make sure to carve them with shears before hand
DellaSuz Yıl önce
i legit asked my mom earlier, “do you think that there’s a professional pumpkin carver job?” and she said there’s a job for anything. she wasn’t wrong
ozok17 24 gün önce
@pole lix there are definitely people who publish books about how to make paper airplanes. there might also be people who make the professionally without publishing books, too.
Roronoa_6 Yıl önce
@Gub Gub mamma*
Gub Gub
Gub Gub Yıl önce
pole lix
pole lix Yıl önce
I wanted to be professional paper airplane maker guy, personally.
Hannah Yamauchi
Hannah Yamauchi Yıl önce
I love his frankness of the materiality and that level 13 is just showing off
Motivique Studio
Motivique Studio Yıl önce
This makes me ridiculously happy. Good job Wired. By level 8 he was doing stuff I've never seen in a neighborhood.
Angelina Albano
Angelina Albano Yıl önce
This was a pretty interesting video. I always wanted to try my hand at pumpkin carving but I tried a few times when I was younger and they just came out looking horrible. I mean, I guess it's just like anything else, practice makes perfect. They're just too expensive for me to waste keep trying on. But I think this year, I'll go around and collect all the pumpkins that my neighbors are throwing out and practice on them for now.
ozok17 24 gün önce
@Bluwasabi pumpkin can be eaten, and the seeds are good roasted with a bit of oil and salt&pepper (or whatever seasonings you like)
ozok17 24 gün önce
it's easier to carve fresh pumpkins than used ones
PumpkinFreak Yıl önce
practice makes perfect!
Bluwasabi Yıl önce
Also, try carving watermelon. Then you cen to eat the inside! Know though that it is a bit harder than pumpkin carving because it is thinner and more delicate. Maybe chill it a bit once carved to give it more rigidity 🤔
Smajy Man
Smajy Man Yıl önce
I like how he calls the centre of the pumpkin the ‘guts’ and the ‘meat’, as if he’s done this with people before
c.a.rowanwax Aylar önce
Which came first: fruit meat or animal meat….
Shae C
Shae C 2 aylar önce
Everybody cake it that
Cardboard Box
Cardboard Box Yıl önce
i thought everyone said pumpkin guts
松本薫 Yıl önce
Dom Brazzale
Dom Brazzale Yıl önce
I've been crying laughing for 30 minutes in my bed at this comment and my wife hates me at the moment but it was so worth it.
Someone Yıl önce
He actually does a very great job at explaining the details
Wayward Mind
Wayward Mind Yıl önce
I like that this dude is sitting in what seriously looks like a dismantled electric chair. Nice detail, WIRED.
WhtS ±① ③①⑧ ④⓪⑥-①⑥⑨⑧
Alka Saket
Alka Saket Yıl önce
I can literally see how much effort and time went into creating this video. And Oh my god the background music is totally going with the video!
flipa coin
flipa coin Yıl önce
"this step is gonna be the classic European dragon" DUDE SLOW DOWN ITS ONLY STEP THREE
Felix Henson
Felix Henson Aylar önce
Level 2 to level 3: Jack o' Lantern to European Dragon Level 7 to level 8: 3D carved shoulder added to your 3D carved head
Diego Designs
Diego Designs Yıl önce
Lvl 100: “You’ll need to ride your Jack O’ Lantern car to Pumpkin Planet to make yourself an army”
Grapho Spasm
Grapho Spasm Yıl önce
At his pace it's more like 20
Keith Hays
Keith Hays 28 gün önce
That was really cool to watch! Mr. Hall did a fantastic job of presenting this. I learned a lot, and I had expected simply to enjoy the presentation.
June Kim
June Kim Yıl önce
OMG thank you for such a nice tutorial on the different levels of pumpkin carving! This will help me get much better at my seasonal hobby 😊
Blackdog Yıl önce
I was joking to myself that level 14 would be robotics but was pleasantly surprised when they actually added it as level 13. Got some Evil Dead 3 vibes with that last masterpiece
C3 LLARY Yıl önce
Level 14 is just an entire skeleton made of pumpkin that is sentient and very murderous.
Yanick Normandin
Yanick Normandin Yıl önce
I really appreciate all the time you took to show us your knowledge and skills with so many info for everyone , beginer to pro. i really like your pumpkins. How much time did it took for your hardest pumkin carving to complete? have a good halloween
Voidsent Phantom
Voidsent Phantom Yıl önce
Holy crap, I never knew this craft got so complex. Literally an art form
Crambo Yıl önce
I absolutely love these videos please keep them coming they inspire me to partake in such interesting hobbies.
Samantha KL
Samantha KL Yıl önce
I carved some pumpkins today and after washing my hands numerous time I still smell like pumpkin lol. This guy has talent!
Babadingldoo Yıl önce
Dang, he didn't show off the Projector Pumpkin style, where you carve open the back and an image shows up on the wall. Combine with the other methods here and you get to use all sides of the pumpkin to create something both flat and with depth.
ozok17 24 gün önce
ikr? it's like he only uses pumpkins sometimes, and is more used to other forms of sculpture
0x777 Yıl önce
Level 1: Yeah, can do that. Level 2: Ok, makes sense. Level 3: ... SCREW THIS, I MAKE A PUMPKIN PIE!
ozok17 24 gün önce
@Bluwasabi yeah, pie-slicing levels: 1. radial, 2. concentric, 3. European Dragon
Bluwasabi Yıl önce
Then carve the pumpkin pie 🎃
Roy Yıl önce
I made the level 12 and it came out great! Thanks for the walkthrough
GrunthosTFlatulent Aylar önce
Amazing, talented, imaginative and fascinating. Thank you for sharing your skills.
some one
some one Aylar önce
I love watching these kind of videos. When I think the art looks perfect, they make it even better!
Youtube Algorithm
Youtube Algorithm 11 aylar önce
I can verify this is a certified *mumbo classic*
The Blinded Territory
The Blinded Territory 11 aylar önce
Waker of Winds
Waker of Winds Yıl önce
Me at 4 am: I should go to bed. Also me at 4 am: I must dive into the mysteries of pumpkin carving!
Rakieta3 26 gün önce
🤣 Same for me at 3 am!
Basspuff Yıl önce
This is so cool, I had no idea there was so much depth and technique to pumpkin carving.
Dave Otuwa
Dave Otuwa 7 gün önce
This series is adorable! Every episode is about contents most likely seen on the education streaming library MasterClass. It's time to learn the steps for faithfulness!
Dai Kichi Nee-san
This is awesome, and his voice is also very Halloween feels 🎃
neonnerd13 Aylar önce
I watched this whole video and I can say I'm very confident that I'll never make it past level 2.
Kahrkura Yıl önce
Ha! That was great! Best I've ever managed would be a level 5, but seeing how much more complexity you can add to a carving was very... engrossing.
Adrian K
Adrian K Yıl önce
Level 14: using a projector to display still images onto your pumpkin. Level 15: using 3D animation to custom map & animate effects onto your pumpkin with a projector like: slight expanding and contacting shadows to mimic breathing. Mapping exactly where the eyes are, and animating jittering eyes - things you couldn't necessarily do with servos. Level 16: creating an AI algorithm to auto-generate it's own designs and animations to then display via projector onto the pumpkin. You'd of course have to first capture a 3D model of the pumpkin with a LIDAR to 3D model software via scanner/iPhone.
ozok17 24 gün önce
what level is using the pumpkin as a projector onto a screen behind it, which is itself a much larger pumpkin?
Just Looking
Just Looking Aylar önce
Quits being pumpkin carving then, ain't it? In a lot of decorating, projections look cheap.
Kay Creese
Kay Creese Aylar önce
I've been carving pumpkins every year for about 40 years. I think I'm now experienced enough to try level 2. This guy is a genius.
Phantom Aylar önce
At every stage I seriously said to myself “I love this pumpkin” 🎃
Ali Sue
Ali Sue Aylar önce
So basically I do level 3/4, but always use pattern stencils. The fact he just drew it on with a marker and did that pattern is insane.. like using a stencil would be level 3 to me, but him making his own pattern should have been like level 6 or something..
Tom Hodge
Tom Hodge Aylar önce
This guy will definitely go down in history as the all time master of the pumpkin carvers.
Andre Evans
Andre Evans Yıl önce
Great editing, with the split-screen, to see the artist narrating while also showing us the process.
Sterben Odonis
Sterben Odonis Yıl önce
I just want to know what led this man to be so good at carving pumpkins
Galaxis Aylar önce
Actually, level 3 is buy pumpkin patterns. You stick a piece of paper to the pumpkin with a drawing on it, and then poke holes through to trace out the outline. Then remove the paper and cut along the dotted line. I've done it with little experience and it turned out pretty good. Way better than the standard level 2 even if you try to get fancy and draw something unusual.
Levi Workman
Levi Workman Yıl önce
I'm somewhere between a 6 and 7. My pumpkins always look like nonsense until the lights make the image visible. Thanks for the info on how to improve my game.
TheHyperWolf Yıl önce
I think I’d be level 4. I was at a level 5 but I haven’t carved a pumpkin in years so I think some of those skills have probably dulled.
Apple Gal
Apple Gal Yıl önce
I'm a level 1 haha!
Asj Johnson
Asj Johnson Aylar önce
I bought two pumpkins for the first time last fall and tried carving them. I'd jumped straight to lv.5, haha (I think I've seen too much pumpkin art online). But this video goes beyond what I've realized was possible.
Jason Williams
Jason Williams Yıl önce
I'm just here to watch masters show off their mastery. 🤩
Contentment Yıl önce
Roni Yıl önce
Another video with him please, this was extremely entertaining.
Phantonym Yıl önce
First, i didn't take this man serious, but now I see it as actual art lol
Igor F
Igor F Aylar önce
This guy is a real master, not only doing but also explaining some life hacks is incredible.
C Aylar önce
I was always curious about how they did this. Amazing video! Thanks.
Germanguy519 Aylar önce
That is an amazing pumpkin supply you have! they are awesome just like your carvings!
James Armistead Double spy undercover
Welp, I’ve got about 4-5 days to master pumpkin carving, better get started
Crubby the Beagle
cute beagle trvid.com/video/video-Ffn6yCDd6BM.html trvid.com/video/video-3JyqdtazWGI.html trvid.com/video/video-M-zDS_rfxRE.html ..,
L Aylar önce
Wow! This guy is very talented. I had no idea you could do all that with a pumpkin. Sad that it won't last though.
Forrest McClain
Forrest McClain Yıl önce
This is the best video I've seen Wired put out. Great stuff and amazing director!
maies monty
maies monty Yıl önce
The amount if anxiety when he didn't roll up his sleeves...
SMUGOE Aylar önce
Thank you for sharing your technics & skillset. Very good to see. 👏
Maddie Naomi
Maddie Naomi Yıl önce
Wow this is amazing this man is incredibly talented
a schizo
a schizo 11 aylar önce
i like how level 4 is already something i could not do. this is amazing to watch
Ty Weed
Ty Weed Yıl önce
“If it’s worth doing, it’s worth overdoing.” - Steve Spangler
Jick Hertz
Jick Hertz Yıl önce
He explained and taught really well!
SRMkay Yıl önce
What exactly does a professional pumpkin carver do during the other 11 months of the year
Ray Carden
Ray Carden Yıl önce
Grow pumpkins, create and sharpen tools, study art and make designs
Edwyn Contreras
Edwyn Contreras Yıl önce
You had me at level 7 I was for sure that was the pinnacle of pumpkin carving.
Si Benchley
Si Benchley Aylar önce
Really great video thank you. Not sure if i missed it, but how to deal with water that settles inside the pumpkin? I usually just drill a few holes in the bottom of the pumpkin.
Luna Yıl önce
This was the most informative pumpkin carving video I've seen so far!
I’m a level 4 but this video has given me a lot of really cool ideas 🎃
Kitty I Am
Kitty I Am Aylar önce
Can't imagine how much he has spent on this, truly a hobby!
hannah griffiths
hannah griffiths Aylar önce
everytime i think it’s at the final level it just keeps going !!!!! so much talent
Rose Wetzel
Rose Wetzel Aylar önce
You are amazing -- can't believe the things you can do !!! Thank you 🎃
Dorothy Willis
Dorothy Willis Aylar önce
I suppose no one lights their jack-o-lantern with a candle any more, and that's why he didn't mention the need to cut a wedge out of the top to allow the smoke to vent. I suppose it's safer without the candle, but I love the smell as the candle "cooks" the inside of the pumpkin.
Lori W
Lori W Yıl önce
This was fantastic to watch. How it showed up in the algorithm I don’t know but it was worth the watch!!🎃🎃
Dahli Vallee
Dahli Vallee Yıl önce
I deadass stopped understanding how there could be more levels once he started level 5
Carlos Lopez
Carlos Lopez Yıl önce
This video is great, and tbh it makes me want to buy 3-4 pumpkins and just see what I can do
Acklord Yıl önce
I would do more pumpkin carving if pumpkin guts weren't a thing.
Sleeper Agent
Sleeper Agent Yıl önce
If it's only touching the stuff that grosses you out, there are big plastic spoons (one side serrated, one side forked) you can use instead. As far as I've seen they are included in most cheap pumpkin carving sets.
Bluwasabi Yıl önce
Alternatively: carve watermelon or cantelope
Bluwasabi Yıl önce
Gloves are a thing. They help immensely
Nan Wang
Nan Wang Yıl önce
@MikeCheckBiloxi ew
MikeCheckBiloxi Yıl önce
I like to squeeze the pumpkin guts in my hands and feel is ooze and squish between my fingers
David OBrien
David OBrien Yıl önce
This gentleman is Picasso when it comes to pumpkin carving! I bet he has a multi year wait list of clients to carve their pumpkins. Thank you for demonstrating your skills. :-)
Kitten whispers
Kitten whispers Yıl önce
I've been doing level 2 for years thinking I was making something amazing. I thought I was a beast at punkin carving. Turns out it's just a little level 2 lol
Dan Hodson
Dan Hodson Yıl önce
Level 82: Carve the design you want into the seed so that it grows in to the pumpkin you want to display at the end of October.
Niros Yıl önce
This guy is really talented, great video
jonavuka Yıl önce
level 10000: we are going to genetically modify the pumpkin and super age it with my special tool so that it actually grows into the model i want... this isn't carving anymore... i'm just playing God for fun
Solus Yıl önce
10,000? at the rate he was going at, gmo pumpkins that grow into whatever shape you want would be like level 23 lol pretty sure we'd hit sentient jack o lanterns by at most 100
Otzkar Yıl önce
What an amazing art form I never knew existed
Otto Wiebe Johan Frinkinga
Well done 47. You seemed to have blended in with the crowd perfectly. No one suspect a thing.
Aeiou Yıl önce
He's over here making realistic images on pumpkins and I'm here only able to make level 1 pumpkins 😭
Kara Drake
Kara Drake Yıl önce
And I can’t even make that 😂🥲
Nathan innit
Nathan innit 11 aylar önce
Imagine minecraft adding this Mental Can you do "Levels of doors"?
Jheanie Aylar önce
The human species is pretty much "If you can learn it, there's a way to perfect it". High level skill can be developed in just about anything, and skill near always appreciated.
R Platt
R Platt Aylar önce
Thank you so very much! You've given me some great ideas.
Bree in a tree
Bree in a tree Yıl önce
I love carving pumpkins. I'm nowhere near his level but I've done some impressive ones.
I carved my icon into mine. It wasn’t very good but if you like carving them more than me and have a tad bit more experience, I’d bet you could make a masterpiece! I hope you have a great year!
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